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Written by: Kristopher Grissler

I was feeling great about our new mouse. Then two week later our class had a vote to name the new mouse. The choices were Snowball or Ms. Coolie. We chose Ms. Coolie. That’s how the mouse got her name.

Ms. Coolie rode to school. But I do not know how a mouse could ride to school. Did Ms. Coolie ride in the car with Mrs. Carlson or did Ms. Coolie ride on her scooter?

When Ms. Coolie first came to school she was little. Now she is kind of fat.

Ms. Coolie escaped. “Oh no! What should we do? Mrs. Carlson said she squeezed between the bars. The whole class is looking for her.

We found Ms. Coolie in a bucket. A person called Kim found Ms. Coolie in the bucket in the night.

Ms. Coolie is white and small. She has red eyes and looks like a snowball.

Now Ms. Coolie is back. “You better not escape again.”

Ms. Coolie is back. We hope she doesn't escapes again.

Man, we are looking for Ms. Coolie again. Ms. Coolie is smart . Maybe we have to get a new mouse.

Ms. Coolie's Amazing Adventure  

A mouse gets loose in the classroom.