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Written by: Katie Best 4th grade student Copenhagen Central

I am Ms. Coolie. I was at the livestock store. One day I was playing with my friends when a thing picked me up by my tail and put me in a bag. Then the thing took me to this place. It was a big place for a little mouse like me place for a little mouse like me.

The next day, these little things came in. They kept starring at me. I wished they would stop! They made me very scared. Then they were gone. It got real dark. I was happy they were not staring at me.

Then I planned an escape, as you will find out in the next chapter.

This was my plan. When they were all gone, I decided to slip through my cage bars and I did. I went and hid in the bookshelf where no one could find me. I liked the bookshelf

Then Craig came in. He tried catching me but I was too fast .I was very happy that he did not catch me.

When he left, I squeezed out of the bookshelf and went back in my cage. Then I went to sleep. I woke up and squeezed out of my cage . I went back to the book-

The next day the little things came in. They looking for me but they did not look hard enough. They looked for me everywhere in the room.

The next day when the things came in they found me in my cage. Craig came in and he caught me. He put me in a new cage. I went in my cage and they took me out {holding me tight} and put me in an aquarium. I can’t get out now.

I run around in my cage. I still am a little scared. I crawl on top of the cage. It is weird how I do it, I will jump up on it and put my claws in it then I run around on top hanging upside down..

I, Ms. Coolie, had an awesome adventure. I can’t believe I had such an adventure.

Ms. Coolie's Amazing Adventure  

A story about a mouse that comes to school.

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