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Written by: Jacob Graves

On a cold winter day, Mrs. Carlson went to the big Pet Co in Watertown. She went there to get a white mouse.

She reached into the crowded mouse cage and pulled out a very small mouse. Right there in that spot, she named the mouse Coolie.

Then Mrs. Carlson brought Coolie to school. The first night was fine.

But the next night little Coolie escaped!!!

First, she ran to the bookcase. Coolie climbed the book case. Then she found the Legos.

She chewed a hole in the Lego case. They all fell on her. Luckily, she dug herself out.

Then she was really thirsty. So she ran to the toilet. It was hard but she made it. But when she got in the toilet, she could not get out!!! Then a student named Jake walked in and saw her. So he pulled her out of the toilet.

Jake put her in an aquarium. Then he put a top on it that had holes in it, but not big holes!

She didn’t fell good because she tried to get out again.

But luckily, she did not!!! THE END

Ms. Coolie's Amazing Adventure  

The adventures of a class pet.

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