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MASTERS 20th Century



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TWO MASTERS 20th Century Typographers

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Adrian Frutiger



LET’S TA Unsaitisfied with the formal and cursive penmanship that swiss schools required, Frutiger experimented a lot with his own invented scripts. The shapes of letterforms fascinated Frutiger, and this fascination was what paved his career to designing and developing typefaces for the letterpress and eventual move to phototype setting. His first typesettting apprenticeship would be at Otto Schaefi AG, where he printed in interlaken Switzerland. Frutiger’s typefaces Univers and Frutiger are supposedly his strongest due to the extensive families, distinctiveness, and legibility.

"I think, for instance, that observation is one of the most important things. You have to look at things and you have not to forget them, but to store them up in your brain which is like a bank of knowledge." 6

- Herb Lubalin

S ALK Herb Lubalin was born in 1918 in New York City, 10 years earlier than Frutiger. Similar to Frutiger, Lubalin is also reknowned for making what some call the most abused type face ever. Lubalin was likely just as enamored with letterforms as Frutiger was, and spent his time in the American art school Cooper Union. His productions for the Eros, Fact, and Avant Garde magazines stood out from the work of other post-modern professionals and printers in the midst of the counterculture of the 1960s (NVCC).

Unlike Frutiger though, Lubalin did not actually have a history in metal type. Despite that, he is still most known for the typefaces that came out his magazine productions, most notably ITC Avant Garde of the 1970s.





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MOR Based off of Lubalin’s logo for Avant Garde Magazine, the geometric sans serif lost its overlapping and tightly set type, but retained its construction from basic shapes like lines and circles that were indicative of the 1920s German Bauhaus. It’s constant improper overuse lead Ed Benguiat, Vice President of Photo Lettering to say “The first time Avant Garde was used was one of the few times it was used corectly. It’s become the most abused typeface in the world.” (Synder, 23).

Despite being in similar time frames, two different movements of type had been influencing the two typographers in different parts of the world. Frutiger was mostly influenced by the clean, clear cut, and concise swiss design while Lubalin was exposed to the freedom movements of 60’s counter culture. Frutiger’s work in that case must have had a much more rigid structure to it, and like most swiss design, it was functional and efficient. Univers encompasses each of these qualities, and has become the king of sans serifs with its massive family of 21 different fonts. A testament to Univers’ usability came in the form of the magazine TM where editor Rudolf Hostettler started setting the entire magazine in Univers (Frutiger, 88).




In contrast, Lubalin’s ITC Avant Garde had spawned off of his Avant Garde magazine logo of an exciting construction of overlapping geometric capital letters. Just comparing the two movements alone gives the contrast of the two typographic modes of communication “reading and legibility” and “expression” where European type and swiss type of Frutiger represents the former and the American type being informed by German Bauhaus of Lubalin in the 1960s represents the latter. This may have been a product of the different wars going on at the different periods. During World War II, Switzerland had remained a neutral country (Middendrop, 114) while the United States was much more directly involved with the wars. This meant that Swiss design could focus their efforts on refinement and the distinctive legibility of their type while American design could place more emphasis on war efforts through posters, magazines, and other publications.




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TECH EVOLVUTION Technology also played a key role in the development of the two designer’s style. Lubalin, despite being born ten years earlier than Frutiger, had no experience whatsoever in metal type. His work was more focused on monotype imagery with hand drawn type. (Snyder, 18) which was indicative of the expressive form of his ITC Avant Garde and influenced from his experience at the Cooper Union school.

Frutiger on the other hand had the whole collection of metal type, photo type, and mono type. That said, Frutiger’s type was likely a lot more refined, and a his style was a lot more well rounded as a result.



INFLEUNCE With these technological changes defining their typography, both Herb Lubalin and Adrian Frutiger created various typefaces. Herb Lubalin had a number of typefaces including President and his most well known ITC Avant Garde. It was very expressive and reminiscent of the Art Deco period, but used for the EROS magazine.



Frutiger o n the oth er hand h a slew of ad functiona l typefaces, his most prominen t being U ers. It use nivd a uniqu e classifica tion syste m to elim inate nam and speci ing fying con fusion. It first used was with Univ ers, and w eventually as adopted for use in the Frutig er, Avenir, and Neue Helvetica typeface families.


The first number d efines weight w hile the se cond defines w idth and position, so a 10 fo r instance would be ultra/extra black and a 9 as the secon d number would be ultra cond ensed. Th ese two typefaces are the q u intessentials of bo th typogra phers and despite h aving the ir distinct difference s are both versatile sans serif typefaces. T hey relate back to the co ncept that Fruti ger was m ore refined, le gibible, a n d logical while Lub alin was e xpressive radical, a , nd dynam ic.

Of the m ost influe ntial tyop raphers o gf the 20th century, Adrian Fru tiger and Herb Lubalin h ad vastly different styles and trends ba sed on th nationalit eir y, cultura l influence and techn , ological b ackgroun Both of th ds. ese maste rs have th similaritie eir s and diffe rences in their earlie r years, b ut ultimate the comp ly, lete stark contrast between the legib ility and precision of the sw iss design informed that Frutiger a nd the fu expressiv n, e, and fre e america design of n the counte rculture that inform ed Lubalin separated the two d istinctive styles. Th things are ese what infle unced the mentality ir on typog raphy, an just as ho d w the infl uences o their move f ments sp read from country to country, th ese masters h ave left th eir mark to influence the world of typography wit h some u nique, fle and usab xible, le typeface s.


Designer: Martin Nera Typefaces: Avenir, Univers, ITC Avant Garde, Serifa Class: Typography III Faculty: Francheska Guerrero







Two Masters  

In our Typography class, we wrote papers on two typographers of our choice. I chose Adrian Frutiger and Herb Lubalin, so I thought the title...

Two Masters  

In our Typography class, we wrote papers on two typographers of our choice. I chose Adrian Frutiger and Herb Lubalin, so I thought the title...