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We specialize in loving care

~Tiffani Lawrence Veterinary Assistant

VCA Animal Care Center of Sonoma County


Kristin MacDonald, DVM, PhD Diplomate ACVIM

DENTISTRY Chris Carter, DVM Fellow AVD

DERMATOLOGY Nicole Eckholm, DVM, MS Diplomate ACVD

NUTRITION Lily Johnson, DVM Diplomate ACVN

707.584.4343 6470 Redwood Dr., Rohnert Park, CA 94928



Cona Anwer, DVM Diplomate ACVIM James Lavely, DVM Diplomate ACVIM

Elliott Brenner, DVM Greg Olson, DVM Ashley Parra, DVM Ralph Pettus, DVM Erika Salazar, DVM Robin Schaffner, DVM Laura Slater, DVM

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INTERNAL MEDICINE Caitlyn Glick, DVM Michael Magne, DVM, MS Diplomate ACVIM Sara Schachter, DVM Diplomate ACVIM


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MEDICAL DIRECTOR Nicole Eckholm, DVM, MS Diplomate ACVD


North Bay Pets


from the Executive Director

Ten months ago I had the extraordinary honor of being appointed to the position of Executive Director of the Humane Society of Sonoma County. It was the culmination of over eight years of preparation and experience in the day-to-day operations of a shelter with a multitude of programs all aimed at providing a safety net for the animals in our community. Since that time it’s been something of a whirlwind. I’ve been meeting with community members, donors, volunteers and other local animal welfare agencies and rescues, as well as supporting the dedicated staff of HSSC. With many of our programs aimed at educating our community and preventing animals from ever entering a shelter, the landscape of animal welfare is changing. But one thing hasn’t changed: Here at HSSC we still take pause to welcome each and every animal who enters our doors.

North Bay Pets INSIDE News from Healdsburg. . . . . . . . . . Wags, Whiskers & Wine . . . . . . . . . Happy Tails. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Annual Report. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Community Veterinary Clinic . . . . Bequests. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2018 Founder's Society. . . . . . . . . .

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I'm reminded of this as our foster manager bounces into my office to announce the arrival of a tiny kitten with an upper respiratory infection from our partners at Sonoma County Animal Services. Pulling the blue hospital gloves from my top right drawer, I find myself holding this magical little being, cooing that he has ended up in the right place. Why is this one tiny kitten - out of the over 600+ we care for - so important? Each one is. It’s the time of year when we see kittens arriving daily in baskets, boxes and any other readily available container. This year is a bit different though...we’ve only seen half the number of kittens we typically see by this time of year, which means the collective efforts of our community's spay/neuter programs are working. So what do we do with this success? Is our job done? We answer with a resounding “no”, then we turn around and offer our resources to help other shelters. Shelters like the one in Butte County, which has limited medical and foster programs, and urgently needed to place several mom cats and dozens of kittens. We effectively brought the start of "kitten season" to HSSC from Butte County this year! In the animal welfare community, we often talk about what would happen if and when we are able to reduce the number of homeless pets. At HSSC, we are working diligently toward this with programs aimed at keeping animals out of shelters and in loving homes: spay and neuter, training, pet food pantry, and veterinary care for qualifying low-income families trying to do their best to care for their beloved pets. Because of this safety net, the number of animals we received from the community this year was reduced by 50%. These programs are a result of your continued support, your donations and your belief that we can make a difference in the lives of animals in our community. In this issue you’ll read about the launch of our Community Veterinary Clinic which proves to be one of the greatest needs in our own backyard. I wish you could see the relief and gratitude on the faces of people just like you and me. People who, for one reason or another, cannot afford to pay for the care their 4-legged family members need. This is the future of animal welfare and we invite you along for the ride. We may hit a few bumps along the way, but with your support (and a healthy dose of kitten cuteness!), there's no stopping us! With gratitude,

Wendy Welling, Executive Director

The Humane Society of Sonoma County—ensuring every animal receives protection, compassion, love and care. We are a locally-founded, locally-funded nonprofit organization supported through donations from our community. Tax ID# 94-6001315 North Bay Pets is a publication of the Humane Society of Sonoma County. Content Writer/Editor Signe Ross-Villemaire Senior Designer Val Smith Contributing Photographers The Labs & Co. Val Smith On the Cover Each year, HSSC helps hundreds of tiny kittens get a strong start in life. OMG, LOL and House Panther are just three who have brought smiles and snuggles this kitten season. Our shelter medical team treated them for tummy troubles and a foster volunteer provided extra TLC. When they were mature enough, they were spayed and neutered just in time to get scooped up and adopted by loving families! Cover photograph © 2019 The Labs & Co.,

Wendy welcomes Odysseus to HSSC


North Bay Pets


North Bay Pets


from our Healdsburg Shelter Have You Heard the Mews? Recently we consulted with a team from UC Davis’s Koret Shelter Medicine Program to help us review best practices and capacity for care at our Healdsburg shelter. We’re happy to report that we received a glowing review! The team observed that our facility is functioning very well in the community and were especially impressed with our “return to owner” rates for stray pets – over 25% for cats and over 80% for dogs. “This is how we wish all shelters functioned,” Denae Wagner, DVM and Assistant Director of the program stated. In fact, she said our return-to-owner rates for cats was the highest in the US! Speaking of cats, the team observed that our cat housing areas, while already very good, could be expanded to accommodate more of this at-risk population. They helped us re-imagine our current admin office at the northwest corner of the building as a larger communal housing area for cats! Soon we’ll be moving the humans and their desks to a smaller, underutilized area to make room for more cats! We anticipate housing up to 10 adoptable cats in this space at a time, providing ample opportunities for socialization and interaction – behaviors that can help increase wellbeing in the shelter environment. Book Your Next Function at our Community Room! We’re always looking for new ways to be a resource to our Healdsburg community. In the coming months you’ll be seeing additional dog training classes offered in our Community Room. This space – we are excited to announce – will also serve as home base for the new Humane Education

camps we’ll be rolling out in Healdsburg for Summer 2020! We’re also excited to make our Community Room available to local groups for meetings and gatherings. Neighborhood meet-ups, scout troops, book clubs, business networking groups? Let’s talk about how we can accommodate your next get together! Please contact Angelise Alexander, HSSC Healdsburg Shelter Manager, for more information at (707) 395-8373 or email Brick by Brick We’re so lucky to have volunteers who not only help us nurture and care for our animals, but who also help us nurture the lush landscaping at our Healdsburg campus. This spring, our volunteer green thumbs are planting a small garden patch so we can grow fresh veggies and leafy greens for our adoptable rabbits and guinea pigs! We’re also grateful to landscaper extraordinaire Mark Perine of Nature’s Tailor who routinely helps out with maintenance as well as brick installation. There are over 100 bricks in place in our Memorial Courtyard and Mark is currently preparing to install many more. This area serves as the cornerstone of our garden and offers a beautiful setting to reflect on the joy animals bring to our lives. We invite you to commemorate a beloved pet with a personalized brick in our Memorial Courtyard - or honor a friend, family member or business on the Pathway for Paws! Your compassionate gift will be appreciated by visitors to our Healdsburg campus while ensuring a solid foundation for homeless pets in the years to come. For more information, please contact HSSC Development Assistant Jena Hunt-Abraham at


North Bay Pets

Voted BEST FUNDRAISER in Sonoma County 4 years in a row! People who are compassionate about animal welfare also know how to party! For the fourth year in a row, HSSC’s Wags, Whiskers and Wine Gala has been voted “Best Charity Event” by readers of the North Bay Bohemian. We may be a little biased, but we think it’s pretty special too! This year’s event, which will be held on Friday, August 9th at the stunning Kendall-Jackson Wine Estate & Gardens, promises to be the event of the season! Guests will be welcomed with a glass of bubbly to toast all that the evening holds: plenty of mingling with friends old and new, kittens to cuddle and pooches to smooch, as


well as exciting silent auctions. Later, we’ll relax under the twinkling lights and enjoy a sumptuous farm-totable dinner, delectable desserts and heartfelt stories about the lives we are saving every day. The evening will conclude with a fun and fast-paced live auction as we celebrate our shared efforts to ensure that all animals get the love, care and brighter future they deserve! What could possibly make this night any more fun? Having YOU there to join us! Last year’s event sold out early, so get your tickets now at

Coming together to make sure all animals get the love, care and brighter future they deserve.

North Bay Pets

ADOPT, DON’T SHOP. Winner of the 2018 Pulitzer Prize Visit:



North Bay Pets




Cinderella had been waiting for her own “fairy tail” ending and wasted no time enchanting Kim and Bob! Her loyal subjects report that the sweet pittie princess loves life in her new kingdom. Each day they go for long walks on their country road where “she loves frolicking in the sunshine and occasionally nibbling on the grass. Every evening she gets wrapped up in her Sherpa blanket so she is cozy and warm for the night. When company comes to visit, she is a real crowd pleaser and offers lots of snuggles and kisses. And now that baseball season has started, we have discovered that she is a die-hard SF Giants fan as she sits out on our deck listening to games on the radio.” Kim and Bob say they often wonder “how we were lucky enough to get such an incredible dog. We love Cinderella. She is the best dog ever!”

Little did Kurt know when he stepped out to run some errands on the morning of his birthday that it was going to be a very special day indeed. As he left his house, he noticed a group of HSSC volunteers and some shelter dogs out for a walk. One of the dogs, a beautiful German Shepherd named Bernadette, ran right over to him to say hello. He asked about her and learned that she came from an overcrowded shelter in Butte County where she’d been an unclaimed stray after the Camp Fire. He told our crew that he and his wife had been wanting to adopt another dog and he thought Bernadette might just be the one. Later, he and his wife came in to spend more time with her. She was definitely the one. Happy Birthday Kurt! Happy Trails Bernadette!

As a cat with FeLV (Feline Leukemia Virus), Dave was living a life of uncertainty at a shelter where his chances of being adopted were slim. Once safely in our care, Dave won our hearts with his sweet, affectionate ways. He’d circle around our legs and rub our shoes and socks with his whiskers! We knew he deserved someone very special to look after him for the long term. We found that special someone in Zoe! “Adopting Dave has brought so much joy into my life,” she tells us. She also reports that he has turned out to be a very “curious, social and chatty” companion. His hobbies include cuddling for hours, birdwatching, chasing his toys and being a social media star. You can follow his shenanigans on Instagram @davemeowthews.


North Bay Pets





Judy and Ron came in to HSSC in need of some feline companionship. They met several cats but were won over by the chubby cheeks of Dolph Ziggler, a handsome brown tabby cat who had survived the Camp Fire. They noted that Dolph was FIV+ and asked what that entailed and how they could manage Dolph’s long term health. After talking it over, they decided this special cat was just the charismatic friend they’d been looking for. They brought him home and Dolph now enjoys life as a bonafide family member alongside a senior poodle sister named Gracie!

The Davilas were on a mission to find a pet to make their family complete. Mom thought a rabbit might be good, so she came in to chat with our bunny experts and learn more. She took home some rabbit reading material and did her own research as well. After a few weeks, they felt prepared to welcome a bunny into their home. They came in for a meet and greet and fell in love with Gravy, a beautiful silver Lionhead rabbit who was found as a stray near the Laguna. Not only did Gravy get a new family, she got a new name. The youngest Davila (that’s her in the snazzy kitty slippers!) deemed her Flower Sparkle from now on! Mom reports that Flower loves being a part of the family. She runs circles around their feet and nudges them for pets. Hoppy Tails Flower Sparkle!

Teresa was a very cavy savvy person but had been without a guinea pig for several years. She searched the internet and saw Apollo’s sweet Abyssinian face staring back at her from our website – and knew she just had to come to the Healdsburg shelter to meet him. They fell in love on the spot and have never looked back! “Apollo is a wonderful addition to our home,” she tells us. “He loves to ‘popcorn around’ in the evenings and on nice weather days we bring a little pen out so he can enjoy supervised time on our lawn. We are very happy to have him in our family.” It sounds like Apollo is quite happy too – Teresa also shares that he often purrs like a contented cat!


North Bay Pets

Photo Š The Labs & Co., taken at our Santa Rosa Location

For as little as $15 a month, you can bring comfort, healing, love and joy to our animals all year long. Become a Humane Partner today with your sustaining monthly gift. For more information, please contact Marie Witt | 707.542.0882 x265


photo © The Labs & Co., taken at our Santa Rosa location



ANNUAL REPORT 2018 Humane Society of Sonoma County





Shelter Operations Strays 746 Transfers from other rescues 980 Owner surrenders 368 Animals rescued 2,094 Animals returned to their homes 324 Shelter capacity 240 Live release rate 98%

Medical Shelter animals with medical needs 1,801 (86%) Charity medical services rendered $10,960

Foster/Fospice Fospice Animals 97 Foster Care Animals 1,272

Behavior & Training Shelter Dogs Trained Public Dogs Trained Puppies in Puppy Socialization Classes

ANNUAL REPORT 2018 Humane Society of Sonoma County

1,016 685 265




SPAY/NEUTER SURGERIES Spay/Neuter Shelter Hospital Spays/Neuters 996 Low-Cost S/N Surgeries 1,509 Total 2,505

Volunteers Volunteers 700 Volunteer Hours 48,516 Equivalent FT Employees 23.37 Equivalent Employee Compensation $1,261,016

Forget Me Not Farm Children served 287 Fire victims served 101 Agencies served 15

Humane Education Summer and Winter Camps Animal Assisted Activities Program School Sites Adult Site Visits Library Visits Youth Tours and Outreach Mentoring and Community Service

249 200 345 708 1,471 130

Donations, Events, Bequests, Endowments & Grants $4,284,262 | 69.0%


Hospital, Adoption, Training & Services Fees $1,564,228 | 25.2% City Contracts $235,000 | 3.8% Investments and Rental Income/Loss $106,158 | 1.7% Pet Supply Shop Sales $23,333 | 0.4%

TOTAL $6,212,981 | 100%

ANNUAL REPORT 2018 Humane Society of Sonoma County

Adoptions and Animal Care Programs $4,076,404 | 76.5%


Donor Development and Fundraising $456,048 | 8.6% Education, Outreach and Abuse Prevention Programs $399,728 | 7.5% Management and General $399,424 | 7.5%

TOTAL $5,331,604 | 100%

85 CENTS OF EVERY DOLLAR donated goes directly to help homeless animals get the medical attention, behavior support and adoption services they need to go on to live full, happy lives with loving families. It also supports our efforts to prevent animal abuse and neglect through humane education.

GRANTS RECEIVED: (2017/2018 Fiscal Year) AKC Humane Fund, Inc., ASPCA, Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Community Foundation Sonoma County, Deupree Family Foundation, Ernest L. & Ruth W. Finley Foundation, Healdsburg Animal Shelter, Inc. Fund of Community Foundation, In-N-Out Burger Foundation, Junior League of Napa-Sonoma, Lagunitas Brewing Company, McDonald Family Foundation, PETCO Foundation, Petfinder Foundation, William H. Phelps, Carol J. Price, Shades of Light Foundation, Speedway Children’s Charities, Community Foundation Sonoma County Shirley Ann Spencer Fund, The California Wellness Foundation, Mendocino and Humboldt Redwood Companies, The Community Foundation of Mendocino County, The Funding Passion and Love Foundation, The James Irvine Foundation, The Wonderful Company Foundation, Inc., Tipping Point Community, Welfare League of Santa Rosa, Whole Kids Foundation, William Dean Charitable Foundation, Bank of America, N.A. Trustee.

Humane Society of Sonoma County Board of Directors

ANNUAL REPORT 2018 Humane Society of Sonoma County

Shannon Tracey, President Evelyn Mitchell, Vice President John Prouty, Treasurer Kati Aho, Secretary Jim Barnes Darlene Brazil Johnny Drake

Chris Kittredge Grace Lucero Maren McCloud Marty Olhiser Robert Quail Tim Wingard

North Bay Pets

The Subaru Ascent. Love is now bigger than ever.

2987 Corby Avenue Santa Rosa, CA

Your Pet Supply Store For Over 50 Years!


North Bay Pets

HSSC’s Community Veterinary Clinic -

We’re all in this together! This program, made possible with the support of our caring community, enables us to keep owned pets healthy and with the families who love them. “We feel it’s our responsibility as a humane society to help,” Dr. Reidenbach explains. “I’m very proud that HSSC is on the cutting edge of high impact animal welfare.”


magine that your pet is acting lethargic and has stopped eating. Now imagine not having the means to pay for a vet appointment to find out what’s going on. Imagine that your pet has been hit by a car and has an injured leg. You can’t afford vet care so you are faced with having to surrender her to the shelter. For many pet owners, these scenarios are not hypothetical – they are heartbreaking realities. Dr. Sarah Reidenbach, HSSC Veterinary Medical Director, estimates “there are over 20 million pets in the United States living with families who, for any number of reasons, don’t have access to veterinary care.” This is reflected in our own community as well. Since the fires of 2017, HSSC has seen an uptick in animals surrendered to our shelter due to lack of local housing that allows pets. We’ve also encountered increased numbers of residents who struggle to make ends meet and face difficult decisions when it comes to caring for their pets. To address the latter, HSSC launched our Community Veterinary Clinic (CVC) pilot program at our Santa Rosa campus this past February to provide vet care on a sliding scale for qualifying low-income pet owners.


The demand for services has been overwhelming. Currently, our clinic is open just one day a week and serves about 100 clients a month. Our team, led by Dr. Ada Norris, diagnoses and treats pets with a wide range of

conditions including skin, eye and ear infections, thyroid conditions and heart disease. Dr. Ada also performs lifesaving surgeries for pets who, in many cases, would not otherwise have access to medical attention. Currently, Dr. Norris and her team are prioritizing cases most in need and booking appointments several months out. The majority of clients are able to pay the reduced rate and are so grateful to have access to this care for their pets. No one is turned away. Dr. Norris’s background makes her an ideal fit for this endeavor. While working on her degree at

Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, she trained with the renowned Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program and interned with the Rural Area Veterinary Services field program. After vet school, she worked with a busy rural practice in Oregon. On days off, she volunteered vet services to an organization that provides feed for horses in lowincome families, and was a surgeon for a feral cat coalition. Together with her wife Melina, an RVT, she ran weekend surgery clinics for a cat rescue in Silverton, Oregon. The pair even considered starting a program to serve community cats throughout Oregon, but made the leap to Sonoma County and HSSC because they “wanted to be part of a bigger mission with an organization providing access to care for all animals in its community.” She says they “couldn’t have dreamed up a better team than the HSSC.” “Dr. Norris was chosen for this project because she not only understands our vision, it’s fundamentally who she is,” says Dr. Reidenbach. “She’s demonstrated her commitment to outreach medicine for years. We are very fortunate to have a doctor who embodies the mission and gives it 200% every single week.” ■

Q&A with Dr. Ada Describe a special bond between a CVC client and their pet that you’ve witnessed. We’ve designated one of our exam rooms as our Very Important Cat room! It gets amazing afternoon sun and, for some procedures, I like to have our cat patients recover from anesthesia in this room - on a bed in the sunshine. Recently we helped Tootsie the cat who has a wonderful caretaker named Jean. Tootsie had a terrible growth that had overtaken her right eye, destroying some of her facial structure. We operated to remove what we could of the secondary infection and to see if the growth was removable (it was not). We “de-bulked” what we could and placed a bandage to allow her to heal without the risk of an infected tumor encroaching on her brain. After all this, Tootsie recovered almost immediately. She was just purring in the sun and as happy as could be to see Jean at the end of the day. What are the biggest successes of our CVC pilot program so far? We are treating lots of pets with chronic ear and eye infections, severe dental disease and aggressive tumors that need to be removed. We’ve helped manage heart disease for half a dozen (and counting!) middleaged Chihuahuas, without which they would have died or needed to be euthanized. They are now able to enjoy their retirement with more energy and ease. We are seeing several geriatric community cats who are moving into peoples’ homes and going to the vet for the first time since they were spayed or neutered as a youngster – and senior pets in general, many who’ve been taken in by kind-hearted senior humans on fixed incomes. These are animals who would be surrendered to our shelter if we weren’t here to start them on thyroid meds, manage kidney disease, get them dental care and treat flea allergy dermatitis. They’ve already found their perfect homes and we are so happy to be able to support them just where they are. We’ve helped so many Spanish-speaking families with dogs and cats. Between Melina, our Customer Service Representative, Maritza and our volunteer Gerardo, we are able to support my entry-level Spanish and fully engage with these clients. What are the biggest challenges? Our single biggest challenge is not having enough time to see everyone who needs our help – scheduling three or more months out is heartbreaking. ■

From our CVC Clients “My cat has a very large kidney cyst that is growing very quickly. She has recently stopped eating most of her food and is losing weight. My daughter and I love her dearly. She is family. I am disabled and on a fixed income. I am glad that you are doing this for our companions. They are so loved, and when things like this happen, we have no other course of action, so thank you very much.” – D., Santa Rosa “I am on Social Security as my only income. My two little doggies need flea and tick control, nails trimmed and a general exam. I cannot afford to take them to their regular vet any longer.” - J., Forestville “Dr. Norris, I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the exceptional kindness and care you showed Fergie! You went above and beyond any vet I have ever met.” – K., Santa Rosa Special thanks to the Mendocino & Humboldt Redwood Companies in partnership with the Community Foundation of Mendocino County and Maddie’s Fund for grants supporting our CVC pilot program. Your support will help us sustain and grow this critical resource in our community. The CVC needs ongoing support to fulfill its critical mission and meet the needs of our community. Please donate at To sponsor the CVC, please contact Priscilla Locke, HSSC Director of Development & Marketing or (707) 577-1911. Your support will make a world of difference for pets and the families who love them. Thank you.

North Bay Pets

while reducing your tax burden

Donations from your IRA Charitable Gift Annuities Transfers of stock Donations of appreciated property

For more information, please contact Priscilla Locke ∙ 707.577.1911


photo Š The Labs & Co., taken at our Santa Rosa location

As well as Planned Giving options such as Bequests and Charitable Trusts


North Bay Pets

November 2018 – April 2019

Estate of Sandra Frances Angel

Richard Leone Trust

Barbara Baumgardner 2016 Revocable Trust

Estate of Christine Marie Lewin

Ronald and Catherine Fitzgerald Trust Patricia M. Gillespie 2012 Revocable Trust

Robert Moore Living Trust Virginia M. Terzian Revocable Trust

Everett H. Gregory 1995 Trust

Survivor’s Trust created under Violet and William Williams Family Trust

Vivian Elaine Hamilton Trust

Karen Woodruff 2015 Trust

Victoria A. Harris Revocable Trust

Melitta Wright Trust in memory of William K. Frisbie

Ronald F. Hoover Trust

A pet guardianship program at the Humane Society of Sonoma County


photo by Selmer Van Alten

Li Keiser Family Trust

lanning for the future of a precious pet is something every responsible pet owner wants to consider.

If the time comes when you’re no longer able to care for your pet, and you’ve been unable to arrange for a family member, neighbor, or friend to care for them, the Humane Society of Sonoma County’s Loving For Life program will be here for you. Loving For Life ensures your companion animal a safe and secure future and gives you and your loved ones peace of mind, knowing you have a plan for your pet’s long term wellbeing.

Proud Supporter of Humane Society of Sonoma County

For more information, please call Priscilla Locke at 707.577.1911 or email


2018 Founder’s Society

2018 Founder’s Society Special thanks to those who supported our annual Founder’s Society and Membership Drive. Their gifts, received between July 2017 and June 2018, have helped sustain our lifesaving programs and services. (While this list represents only Founder’s Society and Membership drive gifts, HSSC gratefully acknowledges all the many donors whose contributions were instrumental in helping us save lives this year. Thank you.)


Andrew and Jenny Christensen

Gaia Fund

Mike Draxton

Anthony George

AKC Humane Fund, Inc.

Virginia Fifield

Ali Ghorbani

AKC Reunite

Paula J Gibson

Cyna Ghorbani

Patricia Adams

Tony Crabb and Barbara B Grasseschi

Dean Gross and Harry C Nesbitt

James J and Claudette E Barnes

Stephen E and Mary M Graves

Nancy S Hair

Big John’s Market

Dan and Laurel Grow

David Henderson

Charles S. and Bennetta B. Schramm Endowment Fund

Elizabeth Hawkins and Daniel C Rubin

Thom and Marge Limbert

Chuck P and Donna Hussey

Ron and Christel Longo

Community Foundation Sonoma County

Michael and Susan Jaret

Grace Lucero and Bonnie Kline

Judith L Jordan

Steven Maass

Exchange Bank

Kaufman Family Fdn. at Community Financial Services Group

Donna Medeiros and Moe Gharahgouzloo

First Republic Bank

Bonnie Kay

Kathie Neese

Foley Family Charitable Foundation

Kent Pet Group, Inc.

Michelle D and Robert G Neumann

Marie E Galanti and Anne C PrahPerochon

Jo-Ann L Knight

PETCO Foundation

John and Kim Lloyd

Pacific Coast Drilling Company

MS Walker

Petfinder Foundation

Christina Maple

Philip E. & Nancy B. Beekman Foundation

Leslie Donaldson

KLA-Tencor Foundation Lisa D LaPorte Mary H Love Maddie’s Fund Evelyn Mitchell and Tom O’Hair William H Phelps John and Susan Prouty Merle Reuser Kate Schaffner

Gordon L and Terri E Martin Rogers Family Foundation Jane Rosenberg and Steven Deas Slootman Family William W Smead Martin and Marlene W Stein

Robert V Spencer, II

Wells Fargo Bank/Wells Fargo Foundation

Helen Straessle

Whistle Labs, Inc.

The Community Foundation of Mendocino County Inc.


William Dean Charitable Fdn., Bank of America, N.A., Trustee


Barbara Wolfe

Jeffrey Abramson Chris Stover and Lorraine Bazan Lawrence Blatt Warren Calvert


Bridget Antie and Scott MacVicar

Andrew M and Carol T Carciere

Artisan and Healdsburg Sotheby’s International Realty

Vicki Carrino

Deborah Bailey

Emeritus Vineyards

Darla E and Richard Bastoni

Robert P Enns

Roger A and Michele Burch

Jerry and Cindy Roach Karen J Rose Russian River Brewing Company Patrick and Susan E Ryan Sierra Oaks Dental Group Community Foundation Sonoma County Shirley Ann Spencer Fund Stephen R and Karen A Strain

Elizabeth R Sutton


Diana and Mike Prall

Christine Colgan

The Funding Passion and Love Foundation (F-PAL) The James Irvine Foundation The M&T Fantastic Family Foundation The Redducs Foundation The Sassy Peach Carol A Toth and Donna L Wheeler Shannon Tracey Jan Vannatta Judy Widger Mike and Katie Wright Debbie Yeakey

Gina Dallara

Stanley Lezman

Daisy and Kerry Damskey

Paul and Pam Ingalls

Kati A Aho

Carl Davis

Devon Jackson

Anela Alvidrez

Michael and Pamela Dayton

Christine M Jacques

Gail Anderson

Lia Debettencourt

Rod and Trudy Jamieson

Janeen Anderson

Mary Deckebach

Jayvee Foundation Charitable Trust

Mimi S Armstrong

Sylvia Desantis

Diane N and Theodore R Johnson

Leah Arruda

Victoria and Bryan A Dettman

Scott Kane

Roger Atkinson and Janet Arey

Deupree Family Foundation

Robert and Ruth Karlsrud

Tom and Julie Atwood

Colleen Dietmeyer

Francis V and Arlene Keesling

Steve and Betty Babas

Divco West Services, LLC

Linda Kendrick

Michael Baker

Susan B Dixon

Kevin and Jeanette Kennedy

Andrea L Bandy

Ron and Sandra Dodge

Margaret Kiley

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Cecily A Drucker

Bob and Chris Kittredge

Kevin Barnes

Dry Creek Inn - Best Western

Sandi Kochhar

Barbara S and Steven L Barney

Norman and Roselee Dunlavy

Wayne and Ellen Krebs

Scott P Bartley

George and Karen Dutton

Ruth Krishnan

Robert T Batterton

Stephanie and David Dyer

Robert and Catherine Lagorio

Eric H and Paula Bennett

Helen M Embree

Chris Larsen

Joseph and Diane Benziger

Kathleen L Engler

Randal Lee

Lynn F and Donna Best

Event Network in honor of Arthur Webb

Clark Lemaux

Max Bethanis

Sally and David Ewald

Ruth Levy

Sal and Treena Bonilla

Fishman Supply Co

Ernest Long

Donna M Born

Hardy Fox

William B Long

Debra Bottoms and Jose Contreras

Terry Furgerson

Marguerite Longtin

Clyde and Ruth Bowman

Fyfe Charitable Fund

Nicole Lundgren

Mark and Linda J Brewer

Henry Gammell

Leslie and Diane Lynch

Brotzeit Lokal, LLC

Lynda Gammell

Susanne Lyons

Bonnie Burchill

Anthony J Gardella

Trish Maharam

Katherine Burr

Zoya Gerhath

Doug Mahlsted

Cairdeas Winery

Rebecca Goldberg

Michael Gough and Cinda Mast-Gough

John A and Yvonne Cardinale

Julia L Grant

Mauna Loa

Gay N Carlson

Eric Grathwol

McDonald Family Foundation

Lynne A Carpenter

Hamish Gray

Jacqueline McGhee

Dave and Kelly Carroll

Sonya S. Grover

Susan McCloud

David and Gail Charp

Adrienne K Gunst

Renee and Joe Mengali

Whitney Chiu

Greg Hari

Merck & Co. Inc.

Linda L and John Christensen

Harnessing Happiness Foundation

Sonia Miller Phouthavong

Mark S and Jane P Christensen

Healdsburg Animal Shelter, Inc. Fund of Community Foundation Sonoma County

Morpheus Medical Aesthetics


Richard P and Suzy Clarke Kathryn Coffey Jay Cohan and Cynthia d’A Glenn K Coxe Ramona Crinella Ben Cushman and George Tuttle

Gary R Heck Chris Hiller and David A Gavrich Ken Hite and Connie Cservenyak Nicholas Hunt Glenn Hunter

2018 Founder’s Society

2017-2018 Founders Society List

Moss Adams LLP Cindy Myers Cathy Netz Joel Newell Beth Newman Norcal Irish Setter Rescue Inc


2018 Founder’s Society

SUSTAINING CIRCLE (continued) Terry L Norona and Paul Smick John Norris Patty J and Jack Nosecchi Howard and Pam Nurse Diane O’Neal ORO Salon, San Francisco Old Town Tap Azin Parhizgar and Daniel Derdula Bill Pedersen Britt Pedersen Charles H Perkins Pleasure Point Yoga Brenda Plotner John W Podboy Lawrence M Prager and Linda Myszak Susan Pressman Carol J Price Sarah Priest-Heck Jason Ramsay Peter and Trudy Rangaves Elizabeth Rawson Recology Inc Gale L Reeder Bill and Mary-Louise Reinking Richard Cunningham and Katie Doyle Charitable Fund

David Smith Karen A and Quentin B Smith Patricia A Smith Scott Smith, Inc. Stadlin Family Fund Eugene and Marjorie Stambaugh Mike Starkey Kathryn Stebner and Ellen Callaway Stevens Creek Toyota and Volkswagon Frances Stewart Tim Stewart and Tanya Narath Tim G Stewart Susan Stillman Deborah Sullivan Summit State Bank Neil Tanner The Madison Improvement Club Vicky Thompson and Peter Stanley Pat Thorton Gregory Todd Evelyn Tournahu Victor and Karen Trione Jeremy Wagner Mark C and Sandra B Walheim David D and Janet Watts

Rita Morgan Charitable Foundation

Alison Webb

Richard Robbins

Jane H and Nelson Weller

Bruce Kenner

Robert and Joyce M Wieck

Salinas-Monterey Agility Racing Team (SMART)

Wilderdog, LLC

San Francisco Veterinary Medical Association

Darlene Wright

Ron Sasina and Ken Burghardt Tim Schaefer Hilma Schaffer Louisa Schaffer Mark Schichtel Darren Schiffer Judy and Craig Schulz Dieter Seelig Tom and Carol Shall Barbara Shattuck


Shirlin and Cheryl Wong Foundation, Inc.

Teresa Williams Arthur and Carola Young Warren and Sandra Yuers Sandra A Zanotto Gordon Zlot

Enhancing the Quality of Life for Pets and Their Families


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PetCare East Campus Open 24 hours, 7 days a week Emergency, General Medicine, Specialists in Surgery, Internal Medicine and Oncology 2425 Mendocino Ave Santa Rosa 95403 T: (707) 579-3900

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East Campus 24 Hours

PetCare West Campus Open Monday-Saturday 8am- 6pm General Medicine, Vaccines, Puppy/Kitten Plans, Senior Care and Urgent Care 1370 Fulton Rd Santa Rosa 95401 T: (707) 579-5900

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