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Letter from the Executive Director

North Bay Pets INSIDE

Better Together These two words have developed a much deeper meaning for many of us here in the North Bay. Having just experienced our second devastating fire in the last three years, working together is not a choice, it is a necessity. Our community members have suffered tremendous loss and stress and yet, just like the animals who come into our care, they are resilient. The kindness and compassion exhibited for one another, for the animals and for the first responders by our community is unparalleled and crucial in times like these. One thing that became apparent to all of us at HSSC this October is that your local animal welfare community has created an incredible safety net. Well before HSSC was forced to evacuate our shelter, we were already networking with partners. First to ensure we had open space to support Sonoma County Animal Services and then, when we

were evacuated, to move our animals to a temporary safe space at North Bay Animal Services in Petaluma until our partners were able to pick them up and take them to safety. There’s no denying that animals are an integral part of our lives. They provide healing, compassion and unconditional love to children, seniors, underserved families and every one of us here in Sonoma County. We also know animals suffer the same stress and trauma that people do when they are forced to uproot their lives and leave their routines. Whether it’s the fires or another life stressor, we often turn to our animals for comfort. This is why it is so important for HSSC to help owned animals through our Community Veterinary and Spay/Neuter Clinics as well as unowned animals who haven’t found their human companion(s) yet. As you snuggle up to your furry ones tonight, allow us to thank you for your support which has enabled us to continually address the needs of our community - and for your compassion for your neighbors and the animals of Sonoma County… we are truly better together. With gratitude,

h dy Wen

Wendy Welling, Executive Director




ou t

wi th Hon ey,

HSS C d o g

Fear-Free Certification. . . . . . . . . . . Happy Tails. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . News from Healdsburg. . . . . . . . . . Public Dog Training Classes . . . . . Cover Story, Lucas. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Thanks to Our Volunteers. . . . . . . . Community Veterinary Clinic . . . . Planned Giving. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bequests. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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The Humane Society of Sonoma County—ensuring every animal receives protection, compassion, love and care. We are a locally-founded, locally-funded nonprofit organization supported through donations from our community. Tax ID# 94-6001315 North Bay Pets is a publication of the Humane Society of Sonoma County. Content Writer/Editor Signe Ross-Villemaire Contributors Julie Compton Priscilla Locke Senior Designer Val Smith Contributing Photographers Val Smith Ciara Pegg Cover photograph © 2019 The Labs & Co., On the Cover Lucas came to HSSC in need of hope and healing. Along the way, he brought a smile to everyone who crossed his path! Thanks to your support, our shelter veterinary team was able to treat his multiple medical issues and allow his sunny disposition to shine through. His joy, and your compassion, are contagious! Read more on pg. 12.

North Bay Pets


North Bay Pets

HSSC Implements Shelter-Wide Fear Free Certification The word shelter invokes a feeling of safety, protection and stability. And for pets in transition, shelters can provide the pathway to a new life in a loving home. As shelter professionals, our main goal is to ensure that all animals who come through our doors feel safe, at ease and well-cared for. Not always an easy task when you consider that, depending on the environment, a shelter can be a stressful place for animals suddenly confronted with so many new sights, smells, sounds, people and other animals.

dogs are saying in terms of their ability to handle interactions. Giving dogs a choice is a hugely important part of directing their care and it is something our Canine Behavior team embraces wholeheartedly.”

At HSSC, we work hard to ensure that each animal’s stay with us is as comfortable as it can be. We provide frequent outlets for exercise, socialization and enrichment based on the individual animal’s needs. We prioritize best practices in sheltering and remain committed to staying on the forefront of forward thinking and progressive sheltering methods. One current way we are doing this is by providing Fear Free training methods for our staff.

The same can be said for cats in the shelter environment. Saffron Williams, our Feline Behavior Program Manager, notes, “When it comes to cats and administering medications or getting them in a crate, a lot of handlers may jump straight to scruffing and full body restraint techniques. While these are still necessary in certain circumstances, it’s always preferable to try to start off with no or minimal restraint. This less-is-more approach can have a hugely positive impact on the stress levels of cats, and can often be less stressful for the handler, as well! If they aren’t having a negative experience every time they need a medical procedure, their future trips to the vet are going to be that much less stressful for pet, owner, veterinarian, and vet tech.”

Fear Free is a certificate program for veterinary professionals, pet professionals, shelters and pet owners that is designed to provide education on emotional wellbeing, enrichment, and the reduction of fear, anxiety, and stress in pets. The Fear Free philosophy was developed by Dr. Marty Becker, who has spent almost four decades being an advocate for the human-animal bond by working toward better health for pets and the people who love them.

Ultimately, the entire shelter benefits from using the Fear Free method. Angelise Alexander, Senior Manager of Medical Operations, sees the Fear Free method helping firsthand in our clinics. “The goal of the Fear Free movement is to make coming to the vet a pleasant experience. Many people don’t take their animals to the vet because it’s so stressful on the animal and therefore the person. Fear Free makes it easier on everyone: the animal, the owner and the staff.”

Sue McGuire, HSSC Canine Behavior Program Manager, tells us, “The Fear Free program compliments our shelter’s mission of reducing stress and treating all animals with compassion. This is an approach we have embraced for years, so it’s nice to see it has developed into a certification other shelters in the country can adopt. The Fear Free program teaches shelter workers how to listen to what the

We’re looking forward to fully implementing the Fear Free Program in our shelters and seeing first-hand the difference it makes for not only the animals in our care, but also for the animals who come in for clinic visits. It’s just another way we can positively impact the well-being of every animal who comes through our doors. 


North Bay Pets




Genevieve came to HSSC looking to adopt a dog who was a little bit like herself: easy-going, fun and a lover of nice sunny spots. Clover, a sweet senior Staffy with a hearing impairment, had been here a couple months when Genevieve came in. When she saw Clover sprawled out in the grass basking in the sun, Genevieve knew they’d be a perfect fit. Since joining her new family Clover has enjoyed lounging in the backyard, going for walks and meeting new people. Genevieve tells us, “Every morning and every night we explore the neighborhood. She may be 12 years old, but she’s not going to let that stop her from investigating all the interesting smells. Above all, she loves naps and treats. And, she’s especially motivated to learn new cues when there’s a treat involved!” Genevieve ended the update with, “I would tell you more, but excuse me, we’re going to go take a nap!”

Cathy and her son Dustin came in to see if we had the right dog for their family. They met Louise, a sweet senior pup with some special needs. Louise had some neurological issues that meant she couldn’t walk very well and needed a stroller to get around. Cathy walks with a cane so she completely connected to that! They were thrilled to take this sweet dog home! According to her new family Louise is doing fantastically. “She fit into our home immediately,” Dustin tells us. “She and my mom are inseparable - I call them Thelma and Louise! The neighborhood children love her and everyone around town loves to see my mom walking Louise in her stroller. She’s very happy and we love her. We want to thank all of you at HSSC for everything you guys do and for bringing Louise into our lives!”

Bailey is a handsome, laidback 15-year-old cat with hyperthyroidism who’d been waiting several months to find a home. Charles had been on the lookout for a feline companion when he saw Bailey’s classified ad in the Press Democrat. He came in to meet him and quickly decided that Bailey was his guy. Well, he was right and it sounds like it was the purr-fect match! Charles says after making a few changes to Bailey’s diet, he is happy, active and looking really healthy. Charles tells us that Bailey really enjoys sleeping, snuggling and chasing toys. Charles also wanted to let everyone know that “older pets are awesome and need love too”. We couldn’t agree more!


North Bay Pets

Did you know HSSC offers senior discounts on pet adoptions?



Panda came to us as a survivor of the Camp Fire and had been in the shelter for 7 months waiting for a family. As an older cat (8 years old), who is FIV+, we knew it might take a while to find the perfect match, but the wait was worth it! His adopter Missylee writes, “It was my 12th birthday and my dad gave me permission to adopt a kitten. We went to HSSC to play with the kittens. There were only two so we went to look at the adult cat room. My eyes first traveled to Panda. Panda just jumped up onto my lap and cuddled with me. My dad was hesitant about adopting a full-grown cat, but I talked him into it. When the employees found out I was adopting Panda they were very happy! We are super excited that he is adjusting so well. We just adopted him, but it feels like he has always been with us.”

These super-sucking Plecostomus fish were brought in when their previous owner could no longer care for them. Michael, a high school math and science teacher, came in and adopted Al for his classroom, and told his students that they were getting a new student who was “very quiet and a little shy.” Al was such a hit with the kids that Michael came back and adopted Alex. He tells us, “Al and Alex are both doing great in their new homes: 55 gallon tanks with Fire-Mouth Cichlid babies in one, and assorted mild-mannered fish in the other. The students are amazed at their size and enjoy it when they start cleaning the tank with their sucker mouths. No one taps on the tanks and the fish are eating well every day. Thanks again for letting them come to our school!”

Several of the animals featured in our Happy Tails are not only senior pets, they were adopted by senior people too! The Humane Society of Sonoma County is pleased to offer special senior discounts to help all our senior friends find unconditional love, comforting companionship and smiles. Through our partnership with the Pets for the Elderly Foundation, seniors 60+ receive a 20% discount on adoption fees. If you choose to have your adoption photo taken with your new pet, we’ll take an additional $50 off the adoption fee! Our Silver Whiskers Club is for seniors 60+ who adopt senior pets age 7+ at a special adoption rate of $95 for dogs and $75 for cats! Discounts may be combined. For more info, please call 707.542.0882. Thank you for giving a pet a loving home!


North Bay Pets


from our Healdsburg Shelter Welcome Karrie Stewart! We’d like to thank our former Healdsburg manager, Angelise Alexander, for the hard work and skill she brought to the Healdsburg Shelter! Among her many contributions, Angelise was instrumental in getting our Special Care Unit up and running. This has greatly increased our capacity to bring in and treat animals with ringworm and other highly contagious conditions who wouldn’t have a chance at most other shelters. She also established Kitty City, an innovative new feature at our Healdsburg Shelter (see below). Angelise hasn’t strayed too far however, she’s been recruited to the role of Senior Manager of Medical Operations, overseeing the shelter hospital and our Spay/Neuter and Community Veterinary clinics at our Santa Rosa campus. Stepping into the role of Healdsburg Shelter manager is Karrie Stewart! A former realtor with a business degree, Karrie made a career switch to veterinary medicine in 2010. In fact, she got her start with HSSC’s Spay/Neuter clinic! She later went on to work in both private and corporate practice as a Registered Veterinary Technician - including doing relief work


at five different VCA locations throughout Sonoma and Marin Counties and Benicia and serving as a technician supervisor with VCA Sequoia in Santa Rosa. In addition to her new role at HSSC, Karrie is an instructor in SRJC’s Veterinary Tech Program. She’s also mom to three college-age kids and three rescue pets: Chi-mix Oliver, Poodle-mix Lucy and orange tabby Gideon – an HSSC alumni. Karrie’s compassionate nature, veterinary background and can-do approach make her a wonderful addition to our team. Her first weeks on the job saw multiple power outages, a nearby grass fire and evacuation of the Healdsburg Shelter during the Kincade Fire. She oversaw the safety of all Healdsburg animals like a pro. “I came back to the Humane Society to make a broader impact in animal welfare,” she tells us. Welcome Karrie, we think you are off to a fine start! Greetings from Kitty City! Imagine enduring a long and perhaps perilous journey only to be welcomed into a Shangri-la where your every whim is catered to. There are fountains of fresh water to quench your thirst, soft beds to nap on, your favorite foods, treats and exciting toys, spaces to socialize with friends, spaces to get some alone time and meditate. No, you’re not experiencing a hallucinatory utopia – you’ve arrived… at Kitty City! Kitty City is truly a “city” designed for feline fun and relaxation – a rest stop, if you will, for cats on their journey to adoption at HSSC’s Healdsburg Shelter! The concept for Kitty City was born from a consultation with

North Bay Pets experts from the U.C. Davis Koret Shelter Medical Program to learn how we could maximize space at our Healdsburg Shelter to care for even more animals. The team was impressed with our facility and said we were doing a great job – if anything, we might consider turning our large admin office space into a communal cat room. That really got the wheels turning! We wasted no time in kicking out the humans (who now toil away in smaller rooms formerly inhabited by cats– oh, the irony!) and started building Kitty City. First we engineered the infrastructure – complete with a safe outdoor “catio” - made possible with generous funding from Healdsburg volunteers Dan Mason, Dean Gross and Clay Nesbitt. Their support has enabled us to furnish this beautiful space and install a secure double-door system designed to keep free-roaming felines from going outside Kitty City limits. Our goal was to create a space where cats could engage in natural behaviors (such as resting, stretching, foraging, hiding, climbing, perching and interacting) that aren’t always possible in smaller, one-cat habitats. Our generous community of cat lovers contributed DIY materials and other items we’d need to make the dream a reality: cat-sized hammocks, scratching posts, carpeted spiral staircases, a kitty treadmill, batteryoperated toys and speakers to pipe in cat-calming music and sound therapy. Wine barrels, custom crafted into cat cradles, were provided by Virginia Dare Winery courtesy of volunteer Sandy Walheim. And you’ll never look at your car the same way again after you see the cozy cubbies four tires donated by Big O of Healdsburg have created. We excitedly welcomed the first group of cats to check in to Kitty City – a group of 10 cats in need of a second chance from an overcrowded East Bay shelter. Saffron Williams, HSSC Feline Behavior Program Manager, was on-hand to oversee the introduction and make sure all cats transitioned comfortably. Not all cats will adapt to a communal environment – we still have several single-cat rooms – but of this first group of 10, nine began taking advantage of the amenities right away. The tenth stayed in his carrier for a bit before finding a hiding hole to retreat to, then ventured out to make friends a bit later!

their conspecifics depends on their life experiences and environment.” Provided with enough space and resources, she says “cats tend to be non-confrontational, so even ones who may prefer not to hang out with others do well in an environment like Kitty City.” Not only is Kitty City a welcoming and enriching environment for cats, it’s a wonderful spot for humans to enjoy a peaceful respite too. “It’s a very social, warm and inviting space for cat and human interaction,” shares Healdsburg Shelter Manager, Karrie Stewart. “It mimics a home living room.” There are comfy (slipcovered!) sofas so our two-legged friends can relax in the company of cats and we invite you to visit anytime. We even have plans to partner with a coffee cart and local wineries for the ultimate sit-sip-and-snuggle sessions! Even though we encourage you to linger, we’re finding that cats don’t tend to stick around Kitty City for too long – they’re finding forever homes almost immediately! “This space gives adopters a good feel for what an individual cat would be like in their own home,” Karrie says. Consider yourself duly warned: you just may leave Kitty City with a new feline friend (or two)! As Saffron points out, “We’ve had many double adoptions so far. Adopters are seeing how friendly the cats are with each other and how much enrichment they are for one another.” Getting more cats into loving homes faster? The Healdsburg Shelter is making it happen!  

“While many people view cats as solitary creatures,” Saffron explains, “domestic cats are what can be referred to as ‘facultatively social’, which means sociability with


HSSC Public Dog Training Classes

North Bay Pets

AKC Training Is your dog an upstanding citizen, an ambassador for her species? Or perhaps it’s a goal the two of you are working on together? We are pleased to now offer all levels of AKC Training, including Canine Good Citizen and Urban Canine Good Citizen. Instructors Brian Galindo and Bonnie Wood are here to guide you through requirements and testing in these exciting courses!

Photo © The Labs & Co, taken at our Santa Rosa Location

The Art of Teaching Dogs Looking to develop the skills you need to nurture lifelong learning with your dog? Join HSSC Canine Behavior Program Manager Sue McGuire in this 6-week course that unravels the mystery of how dogs learn to help us gain insight into what motivates them. “We start with how the teaching process works and develops into clarity of understanding for our companion animal,” Sue explains. “We cover the reinforcement process and ethics of teaching a behavior, and empower dog owners to advocate for their dog.” Sue is one of only five trainers in the world to have received competency as a Trainer Accredited by Kay Laurence.

Tricks So, you and your dog have completed Basic Training and Manners, Companion or Small Dog 1 (or equivalent) and are wondering what fun things you can do next. How about HSSC’s Tricks Class? In four fun weeks, instructor Yuching Desch will help you gain a foundation for training tricks – it’s easy once you know how to break it down into steps. Get ready to wow your audience with tricks such as the Chorus Line Kick, Leg Weaves, Jump Through Circled Arms and many others! Beyond the razzle dazzle factor, Tricks Class is a great way to help nervous dogs build confidence and create an amazing bond between you and your dog!

Check out our training calendar for class descriptions, dates and times!


North Bay Pets





North Bay Pets

Lucas upon entry to HSSC


North Bay Pets

Lu c a s : There’s Always a Reason to Smile

“I’m not aware of too many things. I know what I know, if you know what I mean. Philosophy is the talk on a cereal box. Religion is the smile on a dog.” –Edie Brickell Animals have a way of making us smile, in spite of whatever else is going on in the world. They have the ability to help us see joy in the present moment. They inspire us with their acceptance and resilience and bring out our most compassionate selves. And for the Humane Society of Sonoma County, they are beautiful, constant reminders of why we are here. Lucas embodies these Zen like qualities to a T. He came to us with stitches on his rump, his backside hairless and crusty. His eyes were gunky, his fur was filthy and matted and he walked with an abnormal gait. He had a hardened, oozing growth on one of his front legs and overgrown nails. And don’t get us started on the condition of his teeth. In other words, Lucas was perfect. As part of our partnership with the ASPCA’s Closer to Home program, Lucas started his journey at a municipal shelter in southern California. The middle-aged Lhasa Apso mix had been

surrendered to Los Angeles Animal Control in rough shape with an open wound on his lower back. The wound was old and infected with maggots. Their veterinarian was able to clean up and stitch his wound and start treating him for a severe ear infection, but knew he’d need more intensive medical attention than they had the capacity for. So Lucas was lovingly loaded into a van headed for HSSC along with many other perfectly imperfect pets who were in need of a little hope. It broke our hearts to think of the neglect, trauma and pain this sweet spirit had experienced in his past, yet in spite of whatever came before, he was able to put his trust in us. Smiling through clouded brown eyes, Lucas greeted our shelter veterinary team with shy wiggles during his intake exam. Our veterinarian, Dr. Katherine Menard, checked to make sure Lucas’s previously sutured wound was healing appropriately. She noted that his skin and ears were still infected – requiring continued treatment – and took stock of his other medical issues. Radiographs showed that Lucas had spondylosis – a type of arthritis - of his spine, as well as thickened, arthritic knees. We started him on a joint supplement to help improve his mobility. An antibiotic solution


North Bay Pets and ophthalmic ointment would help manage his chronic eye inflammation, while medicated baths would help soothe and heal his skin. Lucas also had severe dental disease, with several missing and loose teeth. During his dental procedure, he ended up needing 11 teeth removed. At the same time, we removed the mass on his leg. The day after his surgery, Lucas spent some time recovering in one of our admin offices. His energy was boundless! He zoomed around the office like a puppy and did a jazzy little dance to be picked up for snuggles. And that smile of his was downright contagious!

Lucas attends an important meeting at HSSC

We knew it wouldn’t be long until Lucas would be making a new family smile, safe and carefree, in a real home. It’s what we want for every single animal who comes through our doors. They - and the hope that they will be loved for the perfectly imperfect beings they are - are the reason we show up day after day. Sure enough, just hours after getting the “all clear” from Dr. Kat, Lucas had potential adopters lining up to meet him. We matched him with a gentle, compassionate person who became just as enchanted with this sprightly little fellow as we were - and committed to managing his chronic health issues for the long haul!

Thank you to our friends at Pax Mahle Wines for letting us use their warm and welcoming tasting room at The Barlow to stage our cover shoot for this issue of North Bay Pets! Check out their Syrahs or maybe the spicy Gamay Noir next time you’re in Sebastopol. The Pax team is super friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating. You know you’re among good people when you see not one, but two, fresh water bowls set out for canine visitors who wander in throughout the day!

Thank You, Pax Mahle Wines, for letting us use your gorgeous space!

Lucas shows off his hairstyle

“Lucas was one of those patients that had the type of conditions that were so visual and we could really see a dramatic difference in his appearance from the time he arrived to the time he was adopted,” shares Dr. Kat. “He was also one of those patients who was so happy every time I went to go check on him. It was lovely to watch him improve under our care and get to know his great personality.” There’s no doubt about it – working in the field of animal welfare can be stressful and heart-wrenching. It is also lifeaffirming and inspiring in ways that are hard to describe. At the very moment we feel wrung-out or spread too thin, we look into an animal’s eyes and connect to their sense of hope and trust that good things will come. It fuels a passion within our hearts and keeps us going for another day, knowing that we can make things right in these precious lives. What else keeps the lifesaving work going? You do – literally. Your donations to HSSC’s Angels Fund directly support the medical care of each homeless animal who comes through our doors. Your compassion enables us to meet the animals wherever they are in life and give them the hope of a better future. We are so grateful for your support.  Please visit and select ‘Angels Fund’ from the drop down menu.



North Bay Pets



North Bay Pets

COMING IN 2020: Summer Camps at both our Santa Rosa & Healdsburg Locations!

furry friends


DEC 23, 26-27 GRADES 4-6

DEC 30, JAN 2-3 GRADES 2-4

Calling all animal lovers! Join us for our Furry Friends Winter Camp. Celebrate the holidays with us and our shelter animals and learn how to care for our furry friends! Our camp offers socialization with the shelter animals, art and craft activities, educational presentations from staff and guest speakers, and farm animal meet and greets! Cost is $195 per week ¡ We look forward to seeing you there!

Register online today! 16

Humane Society of Sonoma County | 5345 Highway 12 West | Santa Rosa, CA 95407

Questions? Contact Brenda Rynders, Humane Educator, at 707.577.1902

North Bay Pets

If you ever need your faith in humanity restored, come visit the Humane Society of Sonoma County! Our 700+ volunteers make our lifesaving work a reality through their unwavering commitment and compassion. Each day they show up for the animals in so many ways: from getting our shelter dogs out first thing for morning constitutionals to suiting up and snuggling litters of ringworm kittens in our shelter hospital. We rely on them to provide loving foster homes for animals in need of extra TLC. They also help us welcome guests at our adoption centers and greet clients at our Community Veterinary Hospital. Out in our community, they are engaging ambassadors at outreach events and in animal assisted therapy programs at local libraries, schools, hospitals and senior centers. Our hardworking volunteers are a bright ray of light in each homeless animal’s journey to adoption and we couldn’t do it without them! We are truly grateful for the difference they make.

Giving the gift of your time to help homeless animals feels so good! Check out the many ways to serve at

Nobody loves your pets like you do, but nobody takes care of your pets like we do at

Paradise Pet Resorts!

Doggy Day Care, Dog, Cat & Small Animal Boarding

2120 Bluebell Dr. Santa Rosa, CA 707-595-3834

5800 Commerce Blvd. Rohnert Park, CA 707-206-9000

Thanks for making a difference in our community Bank of America recognizes the Humane Society of Sonoma County. Community leaders like you are a vital resource and inspiration to us all. Thanks to you, progress is being made and our community is becoming a better place to live and work. Visit us at

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Improving Access to Vet Care — Something to Smile About Since day one, the goal of our Community Veterinary

Many of the animals we provide dental procedures for

Clinic has been to provide access to veterinary care for

are senior pets who have advanced stages of dental

those who would otherwise go without. Thanks to your

disease. Dr. Ada describes treating conditions that have

support, Dr. Ada Norris, lead veterinarian at our CVC,

gone without vet care for so long as “disaster dentistry”

and her team are making an incredible difference for

but says “the payback is almost immeasurable,” with

our community’s low- to no-income pet owners and

animals experiencing immediate improvement to their

heir pets. More animals are able to stay with the

quality of life.

families who love them (and not end up in local shelters!) – and they are enjoying much better health

A big factor in making sure recovery is as smooth as

and quality of life as well.

possible for older pets is her “obsession” with making sure there is “minimal chance that any intervention we

For a large segment of our CVC patients, dental issues

perform will make them feel worse.” In addition to pre-op

are of major concern. As Dr. Ada explains, “the need

bloodwork to make sure older patients can tolerate a

for affordable veterinary dental care in our community

2- to 3-hour anesthetic procedure, Dr. Ada and team

is significant. About 25% of our appointment requests

administer pre-emptive analgesia, pain control

are for dental evaluations and we are scheduling non-

medications and craft anesthesia plans to suit the

emergent dentistry out into May 2020. We could easily

pet’s individual needs.

open a dentistry clinic five days a week!”

An update on Tiny: “Since her horrible teeth were extracted, she acts like a puppy at 13! Thank you for extending her life and probably John’s as well. Tiny was his mother’s dog. John lost his only relatives – mother, brother, sister – all within a year. He only has those two dogs. You have really improved the quality of all three of their lives. Heartfelt thanks to you.” Message to Dr. Ada on behalf of CVC client, John

Our Community Veterinary Clinic would not exist without support from, well, our community! We’d like to thank our friends and local animal welfare partners at Dogwood Animal Rescue Project for their generous $25,000 Matching Challenge Grant to benefit the CVC. With their support – and YOURS! – we have been able to expand our CVC hours this fall to accommodate more procedures, like dental surgeries. To Dogwood and everyone who so generously contributed to this campaign, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Every bit helps. Your support improves access to veterinary care for our community members in need. Together we are creating a safer community for all animals! Please donate to the Community Vet Clinic at

Beyond the immediate relief dental patients experience, the long term benefits are just as important to note. “What we’ve found in our most recent cases is that a few patients who did show some degree of kidney compromise before the procedure, actually improved after the dental procedure. This confirms the importance of dental health. It’s not just theoretical or cosmetic, but a critical contribution to overall systemic health,” Dr. Ada explains. Practicing good dental care at home with our own pets can go a long way in preventing “disaster dentistry” and improving their health in general. Dr. Ada says even just doing “one thing once a day can make a big difference. The statisticians amongst us say that pets can have up to 70% improvement of oral health by daily brushing with a plain, soft-bristled damp toothbrush (never use human toothpaste on pets) - or the use of dental chews.” She recommends checking out the Veterinary Oral Health Council’s scientific evaluations of chews shown to be most effective for dogs and cats: A prescription dental kibble as your pet’s primary diet or as a treat can also help.

Photo © The Labs & Co., taken at our Santa Rosa Location

For as little as $15 a month, you can bring comfort, healing, love and joy to our animals all year long. Become a Humane Partner today with your sustaining monthly gift. For more information, please contact Marie Witt | 707.542.0882 x265

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Melina Stambolis, Registered Veterinary Technician at our CVC, shares a couple stories to illustrate what a difference having access to dental care – and vet care in general - can make for pets and their families. Blackjack After losing their housing in the Tubbs Fire, Christina and her son went to stay with Christina’s mother in Lake County. They fell in love with Blackjack, a friendly middle-aged stray cat who’d been living in grandma’s yard, and adopted him when they moved back to Santa Rosa earlier this year. He adjusted to indoor life quickly, but they noticed he was having trouble eating and his lower jaw seemed crooked. Since Christina was still getting back on her feet, she couldn’t afford to take Blackjack for evaluation and treatment at a traditional veterinary clinic. She was relieved to learn about the CVC and brought Blackjack to us for help. When we examined him, we found that his lower jaw twisted sideways, causing one of his teeth to jab into the roof of his mouth and puncture the tissue. He also had fractured teeth, significant underlying periodontal disease and resorptive lesions (an auto-immune condition which causes painful open cavities on the crowns of the teeth). Full mouth extractions were warranted, which we were able to perform and Blackjack recovered well. A week after the procedure, his family let us know that he was not only eating much more easily, but he was much more playful. They also noticed he’d started grooming himself regularly – something they had never seen him do before!”

Louie Louie is a 13-year-old Chihuahua who was brought to the CVC by his owner Stephanie and her mother. Several years ago, Stephanie had gone through cancer treatment and recovered. Earlier this year, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor for which she is undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. Louie has been with her since her first bout with cancer and is her emotional support Chihuahua. She brought him to us because she could no longer stand to let him snuggle with her or sleep with her in bed because his breath was so bad and her chemo treatments were making her nauseous. Louie had started having difficulty eating and they had begun to feed him only soft food, which he still had trouble with sometimes. We discovered severe dental disease in the back part of Louie’s mouth. Many of his teeth were missing and the ones that remained were covered with tartar, most were loose. His gum and cheek tissue were ulcerated from contact with the bacteria-laden teeth. X-rays showed that one tip of his jaw was completely missing, most likely disintegrated from severe periodontal disease and infection. He also had a fracture further back on his jaw – the bone had been so weakened by disease. This fracture had healed and his jaw was relatively stable, but we had to be very delicate when extracting the associated teeth to avoid re-fracturing the jaw. This was another case where full-mouth extractions were warranted. Louie recovered well and several days after his procedure, we had reports that he was back to sleeping on Stephanie’s pillow!” 

Melina and dental patient


North Bay Pets

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When you create your estate plan or will for your family and property, please remember to plan for your pets. You can designate specific family members or friends as their guardians, or designate someone to bring your pets to a shelter or animal welfare organization like HSSC. Your attorney or estate planner can help you with the appropriate language to include in your will or estate documents. What peace of mind – knowing your beloved companions will be cared for. Thank you for thinking of them! For more information, please contact us at 707.542.0882


North Bay Pets

The Smart Way to Save More Animals:

Planned Giving Planned Gifts provide you the opportunity to receive some exceptional tax benefits while providing the Humane Society of Sonoma County with the resources to sustain its life saving programs over the long term. Gifts may be made through a variety of tax saving vehicles, designated for a specific purpose or for the Humane Society to use where the need is greatest. You have many options when approaching planned giving, each of which offers its own set of benefits to your financial wellbeing and to the animals’ long term support. Following is a summary of the most common and popular planned giving programs. Your financial advisor or estate attorney will work with you to determine which will be of greatest benefit to you.



come to HSSC tax free and may provide your estate with an

to your adjusted gross income on your taxes and can count

estate tax deduction. HSSC will receive your gift once it has

toward your IRA’s required minimum distribution (RMD).

Bequest in your Will – working with an estate planning attorney, you can designate a stated amount or a

percentage of your estate as your bequest gift. The gift will

passed through a court probate process, or you can set up a living trust through your attorney to avoid probate (as noted in 2., below).

Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs) – if you are 70 or older, you can transfer money from your traditional IRA

or Roth IRA directly to HSSC. Those funds will not be added


Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) – a gift of assets establishes a trust and names HSSC as ultimate

beneficiary. You receive tax benefits during your lifetime and


Bequest in your Trust – the same as a bequest in your will, but you are able to avoid probate of your bequest.

This typically requires the assistance of an estate attorney.

retain the income generated from assets given to the trust.


Charitable Lead Trust – a trust is established as for the CRT, above, but income from the trust is donated to


Donation of Life Insurance - donating a fully paid or partially paid life insurance policy provides you with a

current charitable income tax deduction. You can also keep the policy and simply change the beneficiary designation to HSSC.


HSSC during your lifetime. After your lifetime, the trust assets pass without further tax to your heirs.


Donor Advised Fund (DAF) – an account held by a nonprofit sponsoring organization, such as a Community

Foundation, to which you contribute your tax benefitted

Beneficiary Designation on a Tax-deferred account –

charitable funds. The sponsoring organization administers

very simple to do, can be done at any time and does not

the funds, investing and distributing them according to the

require the assistance of an attorney.

direction of the donors.

If you are interested in helping HSSC through planned giving, thank you. Your interest in helping us sustain our lifesaving work for the long term fills our hearts with gratitude and appreciation. If you have any questions, please contact: Priscilla Locke, HSSC Director of Development & Marketing at or 707.577.1911.


North Bay Pets


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