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4 Bedroom, 2.5 Bath, 2 Story, 2+ Car Garage, Fully appliance kitchen w/ granite. Updated bath. Open concept. Finished Basement. 1st floor laundry. Extra lot.







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43 S 3rd Street, Newark, Ohio 43055


Heather Stasel and Associates

OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY, MARCH 4, 2018 2-4PM 15165 Township Road 493,Thornville • $192,845 Buckeye Lake waterfront! Get away in this 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath home with eat in kitchen, family room and log burning fireplace. First floor laundry, sun room, screened in back porch with patio. 2 car tandem garage and storage shed. Private dock behind home with no fees.



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Pruning time is here. The best time to prune small fruit is while it’s cold and the plants aren’t growing. Pruning is one of the more important practices that needs to be carried out in all fruit planting. It’s difficult to be motivated to prune this time of year. It’s cold. It’s wet. It’s inconvenient. But the payoff in the summer is worth the effort. When properly done, pruning has many advantages. When trees and vines begin fruiting, annual pruning is essential to renew fruiting wood and to adjust crop-load. With time, fruit wood may lose its ability to have fruit and/or large size fruit. Removal of some of this older fruit wood will stimulate the development of new, healthy wood that will have fruit buds in the coming years. A healthy, mature fruit tree will generally set more fruit buds than is needed for a full crop. If trees are allowed to overbear, fruit size will decrease, limb breakage may result due to the excess weight, and certain varieties, especially in apples, may go into an alternate bearing cycle. Since fruit buds are formed in most crops the summer of the year prior for the appearance of the fruit, pruning may be regarded as a fruit-thinning operation. While pruning will generally not eliminate the need for thinning the crop following fruit set, it will reduce fruiting stress enough to allow for better early growth of the plant and the crop than would otherwise be seen. Pruning can be considered as a pest-control operation. Good pruning practices result in increased light penetration

throughout the canopy of the plant. Light may also be regarded as a natural pesticide. Areas receiving adequate sunlight may be less prone to certain diseases. Along with improved sunlight penetration comes better air circulation and spray penetration throughout the canopy of the plant. Together, these factors should facilitate good pest control. Conscientious pruning involves removal of diseased wood which may harbor problems for the coming growing season. This is the second way in which pruning may be regarded as a pest control operation. Winter has always been considered the best time to prune fruit crops. See PRUNING, Page 3R

It’s difficult to be motivated to prune this time of year. It’s cold. It’s wet. It’s inconvenient. But the payoff in the summer is worth the effort. GETTY IMAGES/ISTOCKPHOTO

Premier Choice 124 S. Main St., Granville, OH 43023 NEW LISTING!


Joyce Thorp 740-404-4368 OH-0001202696

Come home to comfort! Great floor plan with room you need. Three bedrooms, 2 full baths with open floor plan with vaulted ceiling in livingroom & dining room. Inviting woodburning fireplace and spacious kitchen & laundry off the kitchen & MBdrm . Lovely MB with walk-incloset and soaking tub & shower. 3 season room off dining room. Great yard and a 2 car garage. $74,900 Call Joyce 740-404-4368



Here Is The Key ! Immediate Possession on this 3 bedroom, 1 bath and large fenced yard & 1 car garage. New carpet, updated windows and first floor laundry! Many updates with furnace, electrical, plumbings and great additional parking. Price is reasonable! $59,900.00 Buy to live in or Investment! Call – Joyce Thorp 740-404-4368

If trees are allowed to overbear, fruit

Your oven is gross – here are the best ways to clean it

size will decrease, limb breakage


generally set more fruit buds than is needed for a full crop.


may result due to the excess weight, and certain varieties, especially in apples, may go into an alternate bearing cycle.

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For many of the benefits outlined, this time period is preferred. Late winter is better than early winter. Since removal of diseased wood is a primary consideration, pruning should be done before

growth begins in the spring. Contact Anthony Tuggle at atuggle@utk, call the Extension Service at 615-898-7710 or visit the office at 315 John R. Rice Blvd., Murfreesboro. The Extension Program offers it programs to all persons regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability and is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Face it, your oven is filthy — but there’s no need to be ashamed. It seems like every time you use it some new spill or stain forms and slowly bakes into that once-pristine enameled surface. Luckily, most ovens include selfcleaning modes that can wipe away all that sticky grease and crusty residue. Even manual cleaning can be made easier with proper maintenance and the right cleaning products. So are you ready to say goodbye to all that grime? First you need to take stock of your options. Not all ovens are alike, so be sure to check your owner’s manual to see what kinds of self-cleaning settings are available to you, as well as what the manufacturer recommends. With that in mind, here’s the lowdown on the three most popular ways to

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clean an oven. 1. Use self-clean—but only if you can open every window in the house. Aside from luxury ovens, pyrolytic cleaning is the most common type of self-clean function, and also probably the easiest. Pyrolytic cleaning raises the oven temperature to a blistering degree — usually between 900 and 1,000 degrees. The cycle lasts a few hours and reduces all that grime to ash, which can be easily wiped away once the oven cools. While there’s some variation between ovens, you’ll want to remove the oven racks and wipe out any crumbs before running the cycle. Make sure you won’t need to cook anything for at least a few hours, as the cleaning mode will lock your oven and render it unusable for the whole period. When the cycle is over, you’ll be able to wipe away the remaining debris with a damp cloth. (Just wait until the cavity cools

down!) Pyrolytic self-cleaning tends to be the least labor-intensive, as it handles both small and large messes fairly well, and unlike manual cleaning it doesn’t require the use of nasty chemicals. However, there is one big downside: Your house will smell terrible for a few hours, as the high heat will create fumes from all the grease and debris in your oven cooking off. Get out your box fans, open your windows, and run your exhaust fan. Just don’t leave your house with your oven turned to such a high temperature. Seriously. Don’t do it. It also tends to release fumes that can be toxic to birds, so move your pet parakeet to another part of the house during the cleaning process. 2. Give your oven a steam bath. Not every oven will have this, but

Saturday, March 3, 2018 » The Advocate

A healthy, mature fruit tree will

See OVEN, Page 4R





13115 Flint Ridge Rd SE $209,900 3-4 bedrooms, 2 baths

4207 N Bank Rd NE $324,900 2 bedroom, 2 baths

10770 Twp Rd 67 $324,900 13 acre mini-farm

230 Treehouse Ln $234,000 3 bedrooms, 2 baths

Lori Frank 740-704-5511

Dylan Ruby 740-624-8856

Carol Goff 740-366-2121

Carol Goff 740-366-2121





3165 Dickory Circle $419,900 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths

6810 Temperance Point Pl $769,900 5 bedrooms, 4.5 baths

1773 Longhill Dr $429,900 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths

417 Coventry Circle $369,000 3 bedroom, 2.5 baths

Sherry Ziemer 740-607-8471

Rhonda Lampton 740-624-8887

Carol Goff 740-366-2121

Carol Goff 740-366-2121





1316 Linnview Crossing $271,023 New Construction Linnview Crossing

8620 Stickle Rd $120,000 3 bedrooms, 2 baths

2765 S. Elliott Rd $79,900 2 bedroom, 1 bath

116 W Main St $450/month For Lease Upper Floor Office Suite

Carol Goff 740-366-2121

Rhonda Lampton 740-624-8887

Rhonda Lampton 740-624-8887 FEATURED AGENTS


Rhonda Lampton 740-624-8887

The James Team Jason & Kishma James 740-403-4582 or 740-403-9049

Bonnie Price 740-877-5091

Rhonda Lampton 740-624-8887


Dylan Ruby 740-624-8856

The Advocate » Saturday, March 3, 2018

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some self-clean modes use the power of steam to clean the oven—often alongside a pyrolytic option. These ovens are coated in an enamel that releases grime when it encounters steam and low heat, allowing you to easily wipe it away when the cycle finishes. The steam clean option tends to work much faster than pyrolytic cleaning (one cycle usually takes under an hour). Furthermore, it doesn’t require nearly as much heat or energy, and it doesn’t give off any nasty fumes. That said, the clean isn’t as thorough or effective. If your oven has both pyrolytic and steam self-clean cycles, you may want to run the steam clean on a more routine basis. This will limit the need for the pyrolytic mode, which is more appropriate for big messy stains. 3. Don’t forget good old-fashioned elbow grease. Not all ovens offer selfclean options, and not everyone likes to use them. For whatever reason, if you find yourself relying on your own two hands to make that oven sparkle, we have some cleaning recommendations. It’s a good idea to first remove your oven racks and wash them according to

Cleaning ovens can include donning yellow protective gloves and wiping the surfaces with a sponge. GETTY IMAGES/ISTOCKPHOTO

the manufacturer’s instructions. Soaking the racks in a sink full of warm water mixed with a few drops of dishwashing soap can help loosen some of that grime, which can then be scrubbed and rinsed away. There are a lot of harsh chemicals designed to remove all sorts of burnt scum from your oven cavity. If you have a mind to avoid them, heed this tip from

wikiHow: Place 4 tablespoons of baking soda in a 1-liter spray bottle, then fill the rest of the bottle with water. Spray the oven cavity with a focus on the dirtiest areas. Wait at least one hour, then use a scraper to chip away at the worst parts. Spray again and wait another hour. Scrub with a rough sponge, then wipe the oven down with a solution of one part water, one part vinegar. If your oven still

isn’t clean, it may be time to try harsher chemical oven cleaners. You may also want to try a manual steam clean method to loosen caked-on filth prior to scrubbing. eHow suggests filling an ovenproof dish with one part water, one part vinegar, and placing the dish inside the oven cavity. Set the oven to 250 degrees and let it sit for 30 minutes. Afterwards, turn the oven off, remove the dish, and scrub with a sponge. 4. In the future, avoid the mess altogether. Of course, the best way to avoid a filthy oven is to not make a mess in the first place. That’s probably not a realistic goal—but it may help to place a cookie sheet or swath of foil under your food to catch any splatters and spills. Just know that placing extra sheets of metal may affect how your oven cooks, creating hot spots that may be a big problem for certain dishes and baked goods. Also be sure to clean up individual messes as quickly as possible. It’ll be easier to avoid stubborn stains when they haven’t been baking in your oven for a year! This is especially true of the glass, which can be far more tricky to clean than the inside. Oven maintenance will never be barrels of fun, but it can keep any cleanliness issues from spiraling out of control, and it can cut down on the amount of elbow grease you’ll need to use.

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14664 McCown Rd, Newark • $49,900 2 ac. lot in LV schools. Well, septic & electric to property. Josh Snodgrass 740.975.5081

136 Wilwood Ave, Newark • $54,900 Two story w/ lots of potential. Huge garage. 1st floor bedroom. Martha Oprandi 740.973.4109

17315 Brushy Fork Rd SE, Newark 11+ ac property w/breath taking views makes this a must see for your dream home plans! Kimberly Keith 614.561.8315

962 Villas Dr, Pataskala Great location. Immediate possession. 3 BR, 2 BA. All appliances stay. Jeffrey Barrett 614.204.4524

14414 McCown Rd, Newark • $499,900 4 BR, 2.5 BA brand new log home. 22 ac. Detached workshop. LV schools!. Josh Snodgrass 740.975.5081

7525 Blacklick Eastern Rd NE, Pickerington Don’t miss this beautifully updated home! 1.21 ac. Updates throughout. 3 BR, 3 BA, oversized 2 CG. Kimberly Keith 614.561.8315

157 Dartmouth, Hebron AUCTION Mar. 17 @ 11am Contact Tim Hughes or go to auctionzip. com #24498 for details.. Tim Hughes 740.328.9051

Lis Ne tin w g

Lis Ne tin w g


58 Highgate Rd, Granville Bright & spacious split level close to Granville Village w/ 3/4-acre lot.. Jim Bidigare 740.587.2000

Re Pri du ce cti on

Lis Ne tin w g

Lis Ne tin w g 5420 Lobdell, Alexandria Beautiful wooded parcel across road from Lobdell Preserve. Jim Bidigare 740.587.2000

Re Pri du ce cti on

14710 McCown Rd, Newark • $279,900 3 BR, 2 BA ranch w/11 ac. LV schools. 30x40 garage/shop. Secluded! Josh Snodgrass 740.975.5081

Re Pri du ce cti on

Lis Ne tin w g

Lis Ne tin w g Corbin Drive Lots, Zanesville • $34,900-$38,900 13 lots! 1.02-1.66 ac. Paved roads. Public water avail. w/tap in fees paid by seller! All mineral rights to buyer! Jessica Winland 740.819.0160

Re Pri du ce cti on

Lis Ne tin w g

642 Concord Village, Johnstown • $199,900 2 BR, 2 BA condo with full bsmt. PLUS 1 CG. Josh Snodgrass 740.975.5081

on Ba Ma ck rke t

Lis Ne tin w g

495 Garfield Ave, Newark • $94,900 2-bedroom, 2 bath Cape Cod with 2.5 car garage.. Rodger Beougher 740.258.8149

575 E Main St, Hebron Retail land. 2.73 ac. Billie Allen 740.403.9488

5496 Toll Gate Rd, Somerset Linnridge Dr, Lots 4 & 5, Newark 330 W National Dr, Newark 1530 Deeds Rd, Granville • $599,400 1351 W Main St, Newark • $349,900 1381 Meggin Melanne, Newark • $39,500 12135 Marne Rd, Newark • $475,000 Country living at its best! 3.73 ac w/ Build your dream home in Linnridge Beautiful secluded 20 ac. w/ in/outdoor Always dreamed of having your own Beautiful sloped building lot in North Beautiful horse ranch. 33+ ac. Pond Business and Real Estate for sale. charming ranch. 3 BR, 3 BA. New roof & Meadows! Each home site offers 2+ ac equestrian arenas. 22 stalls. 4 BR, 3.1 Flowershop? Here’s your opp! Contact West Newark. Water & sewer tap fees and horse barn. 4 BR, 3 BA. Call for your many upgrades! of distinguished country living. BA. Newer home. Kimberly Keith for more info! have already been paid. showing today! Billie Allen 740.403.9488 Mary Plute 614.975.4509 Kimberly Keith 614.561.8315 Jim Bidigare 740.587.2000 Kimberly Keith 614.561.8315 Rodger Beougher 740.258.8149 Kimberly Keith 614.561.8315 If your property is listed with a real estate broker, please disregard. It is not our intention to solicit the offerings of other real estate brokers. We are happy to work with them and cooperate fully. ©2018 Columbus LLC. All Rights Reserved. Coldwell Banker King Thompson fully supports the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act. Operated by a subsidiary of NRT LLC. Coldwell Banker and the Coldwell Banker Logo are registered service marks owned by Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. Real estate agents affiliated with Coldwell Banker King Thompson are independent contractor sales associates and are not employees of Coldwell Banker King Thompson.

Flat front cabinets are currently beating out framed (Shaker-style) doors by a small margin, and they look especially good in very modern kitchens. GETTY IMAGES/ISTOCKPHOTO

5519 LICKING VALLEY RD $379,900.

WOW!! Nothing left to do. Everything NEW. Over 3400 sq ft above ground living space. 5 Bedroom 3 Full Bath Master with fireplace Huge bonus room 2+ Car garage. Call Rick at 740-403-6031.







Move in ready, 4or 5 Bedroom. 3.5 bath. 2 Car attached garage. Setting on 2.3 Acres. Large Eat in fully appliance Kitchen. 1st floor laundry. Heated In Ground pool. Call Donna for more info at 740-403-6365.



Great Starter or family home. 3 Bedroom. 2


Quality Custom Built Over 6000 sq ft Cape Cod in Licking Valley Schools 6 Bedroom 4 Full and 2 Half Baths 5 Car attached Garage setting on 3 Acres Full Basement Large Fully applianced Kitchen Open concept to Family room Fireplace 1st floor master and laundry. A lot to offer Call Donna at 740-403-6365.




2 Bedroom 1 Bath RANCH Convenient west

3 Bedroom. 1.5 Bath. Ranch 2 Car attached

location. Large yard and Deck. Call Donna at

Garage Central AC. Full Basement. Close to Rt


16. Call Donna at 740-403-6365.







2 Story. 4 Bedroom. 2 Bath. 1st floor master.



Ranch Brick 3 Bedroom 1 Bath 2 Car Garage.

Story with 2 Car garage. Many up grades. Call

Family Room. Formal DR. Large Lot Garage.

Full Basement Close to Route 16. Licking Valley

Donna for more details at 740-403-6365.

Call Donna at 740-403-6365.

Schools. Call Donna at 740-403-6365.


Investment opportunity. 2 Houses 3 bedroom 2 Bath rents for 800. 2 Bedroom ranch rents for 450. Licking valley schools. Call Donna at 740403-6365.

Amazon Echo and Alexa are completely at home in a kitchen, helping you with recipes and meal prep, and controlling your appliances. GETTY IMAGES/IMAGE SOURCE

4 Bedroom 2.5 Bath 2 Story 2+ Car Garage Fully appliance kitchen w/ granite. Updated bath. Open concept. Finished Basement. 1st floor laundry. Extra lot. Call Donna at 740-403-6365

3 Bedroom Central AC. Call Donna at



417 N 11TH

1216 STRATFORD WOODS $ 269,900



3 Story. 4/5 Bedroom 2 full baths. Beautiful natural woodwork thru out. Large spacious rooms. Part finished basement. Vinyl siding. Newer roof. A lot to offer. Call Donna at 740-403-6365.

12582 MARNE RD


Great Starter or Family Home. 2 Story.





See KITCHEN, Page 6R

Office 740.366.5533 Mobile 740.334.8160


1. Painted cabinetry Paint is the most popular finish for cabinets, and lightly stained wood is upand-coming. Flat front cabinets are currently beating out framed (Shaker-style) doors by a small margin, and they look especially good in very modern kitch-

Don Ellington

100 Million Dollar Club Office 740.366.5533 Mobile 740.403.6365


Want a new kitchen that makes you happy? According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), keep it “clean, minimalist, and modern, with a touch of luxury.” That sounds great, but where do you start? First, consider the scope of renovation. If this is your forever home, you can pretty much do whatever you want, depending on your budget. But if you’re planning to sell anytime in the future, a modest renovation will pay off more than a large-scale remodel. So forget about changing the layout—just focus on these trends to update. Then, figure out the look you want. The NKBA says that Farmhouse, Transitional, and Contemporary styles are leading the pack. Pick a style that complements the rest of your house, or your kitchen will look like it belongs someplace else. Farmhouse doesn’t have to have shiplap on the walls (Sorry, Chip and Jo!), but

it can include sliding barn doors, apron sinks, and wood beams. Transitional offers a mix of past and present. Both fresh and classic, often with black and white as the main colors, a transitional kitchen may have quartz countertops, a stainless sink, and hardwood flooring. Contemporary is sleek and streamlined, with clean lines. This style can have open shelving or flat panel cabinet doors, and contemporary kitchens may also include smart home technology. No matter what style of kitchen you’re going for, these are the big design trends you’ll want to include.





Saturday, March 3, 2018 » The Advocate

The 7 hottest kitchen renovation trends for 2018

The Advocate » Saturday, March 3, 2018

Kitchen Continued from Page 5R

ens. If you’re using different colors for the upper and the lower cabinets or island, no matter what the style, the darker color always goes on the bottom. A kitchen with all dark cabinetry looks best when there’s plenty of natural light.

2. Quartz countertops Quartz is an engineered stone that is now more popular than granite. Because it’s not porous, quartz is low maintenance, and extremely durable. You can buy it in many colors, but you’ll do better if you stick to a neutral that matches your kitchen’s other finishes. Quartz is definitely a luxury item that costs more than natural stone. But, those aren’t the only countertop choices. Keep an open mind: laminates cost a lot less than any kind of stone, and some of the newer ones look just like the real thing.

3. Subway tile backsplashes Tile is the popular backsplash choice, whether you prefer ce-

Zillow, the real estate listing site, did a paint color analysis last year that concluded that homes with pale gray-blue kitchens actually sold for an average of $1,800 more than other homes. GETTY IMAGES/ISTOCKPHOTO

ramic or porcelain. Choose a tile color that relates to your counter and cabinets. Subway tile is a reliable choice in any style of kitchen, and it comes in a wide range of colors, sizes and materials to fit any kitchen.

4. Blue-gray everywhere White and gray dominate the kitchen color palette. Zillow, the real estate listing site, did a paint color analysis last year that concluded that homes with pale gray-

blue kitchens actually sold for an average of $1,800 more than other homes. No question: cool neutrals are the way to go— for now. But, seriously, paint is easy to change up, so feel free to choose a color you love for your new kitchen.

Tim Hughes


Tim Hughes Real Estate Consultants Compassionate. Knowledgeable. Honest.


From Granville, take Welsh Hills Rd. to Hankinson Rd. for 1 1/2 miles, right on Lincliff Rd. OH-0001216610


240 Lincliff Dr., Granville

Pinkerton Real Estate Call Sue Henry 740-344-2476

Jamie Householder 740.641.6690

REAL ESTATE AUCTION Saturday March 17th - 11:00 AM Harbor Hills - Hebron, Ohio

157 Dartmouth Road

Privately located ranch on 6+ acres with walk-out LL, 3 BR, 3 BA, Great rm with stone FP, 3 season porch, den, & 1st fl laundry. LL family rm, hobby rm, exercise rm, office & full bath. 30 x40 pole barn with two 9’ doors & shop. 3 car att garage, deck, patio & generator.

Using silver and gold in the same room is a hot trend, and it will give any style kitchen a layered, sophisticated look. So, if you have a chrome faucet and stainless appliances, don’t be shy about accenting with brass light fix-


EVIE VIA GRI 740-366-1000 $75 Million Club

Visit for more listings

See KITCHEN, Page 8R

OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY, MARCH 4th, 2-4 pm 240 Lincliff Rd., Granville

5. Mixed metals

Fine 3 bedrm, 1.5 bath well maintained home 2 car garage, carport, whole house generator high efficiency gas furnace, c/a, Andersen windows and situated nicely on .24 acre lot.

Two Lots selling as one .24 acre desirable building site. These lots back up to the 157 Dartmouth Road property. Bidder on Dartmouth may want to purchase for additional rear yard.

7695 Pioneer Dr. Blue Rock Franklin Schools $375,000 3 Bdrm, 2.5 Ba open concept waterfront home (app. 1,936 sq ft) on 2.3 +/- ac on the Muskingum River plus Retreat/Guest House/Event bldg. (app. 1,920 sq ft) and boat ramp. 12 mi. south of Zanesville off SR 60.


Wilshire Drive

FOR TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE #24498 Tim Hughes – Realtor Auctioneer Coldwell Banker King Thompson 740.328.9051


48 Hampden Dr. Granville Granville Schools $729,000 Luxurious, custom 3 Bdrm, 5 Ba brick home on 8.4 +/- ac. 1st floor Master Suite w/fireplace, formal DR, Great Rm. 3 car heated att gar, plus 3 car det gar w/office and full Ba. Approx. 3,659 sq ft.

0 S. River Rd. Blue Rock $225,000 Business Opportunity! – Event Venue Potential! – Established tree farm on 19.35+/- ac with 40’ X 60’ insulated workshop with electric, gas (not hooked up) and a/c. 12 mi. south of Zanesville on SR 60.


2129 Taylor Lane Newark Newark Schools $212,900 Condo living at its best! 2 Bdrm, 2 Ba in desirable Reddington Village in west Newark. 4-season room and 2 car garage. Clubhouse, fitness ctr and htd pool available. Approx. 1,626 sq.ft.


You know what game I never want to play? Find that smell. It never ends well, especially when the smell is coming from your fridge. I’ve spent years working in an appliance lab, and I’ve seen some fridge disasters in my day. However, every disaster that came my way became an opportunity to test out a new solution.

The stink of microbes The long and short answer is that bacteria and molds cause the foul odors coming from your fridge. These menacing microbes thrive in areas that have moisture. That moisture can come from spilled food, condensation from the fridge, and humidity from the outside. Once moisture gets in, microbes will start to multiply, taking over any space they can get a foothold. When they reach a critical mass, you can start to detect their presence via their smell. Now you know what causes odors in your fridge, and knowing is half the battle – but not the whole thing.

How to get rid of the smell Let’s start with the simplest things to do work our way down to the most labor intensive. We’ll begin with something as easy as a flick of your wrist. Step 1: Lower the temperature Sometimes just lowering your fridge’s temperature will get rid of odors. Turning down the temperature is probably simplest solution. Optimally, your fridge should be between 35 and 37 degrees. If you live in a

very humid place, the recommended settings might not be enough to stave off the build up of moisture. If you don’t have a thermometer in your fridge, you can pick up a decent one on Amazon for under $10. Step 2: Check the door first, then elsewhere When looking for spoiled food, check the stuff on the door first. As common sense as it may be, people tend to forget that food on the door spoils fastest. So even though the expiration date might be weeks away, milk, eggs, and other foodstuffs may already be a feast for germs. After the door, work your way to the back of the fridge, sniffing and peeking at all your past purchases. Step 3: Get some chemical assistance Silica mats can help absorb excess moisture from produce. Silica mats can keep odors away by preventing premature produce rot. They’re inexpensive (under $15 on Amazon) and fit inside your crisper drawer. You can also try placing a dish of something odor absorbent on a shelf. Baking soda is probably the most popular, however coffee grounds and charcoal can be used too. If even this does not work, then it’s time to attack the source. Step 4: The deep clean Where plastic meets glass is where moisture and grime collect. Much of the time, the solution may come down to a little elbow grease. If your fridge still smells after steps 1-3, it’s time to start clearing out the fridge. Get a cooler, stuff all your food in it with some ice, and get cleaning. Lots of fridges these days have spill-proof shelves. While they keep small spills from becoming big messes, where the glass meets the plastic is the perfect place for odor-causing bacteria to hide. With your disinfectant of choice, I’d start going at these areas first.

A.C. (After Cleaning) If even after cleaning, the smell persists, then it may be time to make that dreaded service call. The bad smell could be coming from the drip pan underneath the fridge. Sometimes a damaged or used up water filter can emit odors. It could even be a buildup inside the fridge’s drainage system. Either way, you should find out if it’s something major.


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Saturday, March 3, 2018 » The Advocate

Reasons why your fridge smells, and how you can stop it

740.345.4001 to find out!


3680 Creamery Road NASHPORT

Multiple updates! Spacious, 4 bed, 2.5 bath home on .93 Acres! Move in ready! $264,900 Vanessa Beneze 740-403-2856

OPEN! Sat. 2-4


14940 Willey Road FRAZEYSBURG

17+ Acres! Large Stocked pond! 4 Bed, 2 bath farmhouse! Several large outbuildings! $349,500 Ryan Dossett 614-795-1564


Charming Ranch with loads of updates! Finished basement area! 1.5 car garage! $99,900 Marie McCray 740-973-0807


1005 Camden Drive NEWARK

Building lot in desirable West Newark location! Morgan Woods! Recently cleared! $56,000 Aaron Parks 740-405-3585


566 Maple Avenue NEWARK

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The long and short answer is that bacteria and molds cause the foul odors coming from your fridge. GETTY IMAGES/ISTOCKPHOTO

Marie McCray 740-973-0807

Jesse Ours

309-531-5245 Each Office Is Independently Owned and Operated

Aaron Parks 740.405-3585


Great investment property! North Newark location! Off street parking! $54,500 Janessa Tedrow 740-974-2902

The Advocate » Saturday, March 3, 2018

Kitchen Continued from Page 6R

tures or brass hardware on the cabinets.

6. Black stainless appliances Black stainless steel is the latest appliance color trend for all kitchens. Though the high-end look of black stainless can really elevate your kitchen, each brand’s take on the finish is different, meaning it’s hard to mix and match. If you do choose black stainless appliances, coordinate them with other elements in your kitchen — a countertop in black or gray, or black lower cabinets, for example.

7. Smart devices Planning to keep technology in the kitchen? That’s practical. Amazon Echo and Alexa are completely at home in a kitchen, helping you with recipes and meal prep, and controlling your appliances. And the best part: you don’t need to renovate your kitchen to get the benefits.

LICKING COUNTY PROPERTY TRANSACTIONS The first name(s) listed is the seller and the second name(s) listed is the buyer. Bowling Green Township » 10771 Mt Hope Rd, Stauffer Transportation Co Inc, Mason Matthew, 2/8/2018, $119,000 Reynoldsburg

» 2551 Summit Rd, Farber Gerald D and Jane M, Rice Arterra Renee, 2/9/2018, $165,900 Licking Township » 11441 Jacksontown Rd, Roberts Christine J, Wilson Brian L, 2/9/2018, $225,000 Liberty Township

» 8820 Kingsley Dr, Dewees David E and Vicki S, Poland Jordan T and Stephanie, 2/5/2018, $217,500 Harrison Township » 115 Woolard Park Dr SW, Westport Homes Inc, Hudson Carl L and Battle-Hudson Margaret T, 2/7/2018, $300,248 » 351 Cherokee Trl, Kamppi Josiah M and Anna M, Kostyak Neal S and Amanda M, 2/8/2018, $182,000 Etna Township » 180 Copland Dr, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC, Adhikari Tek and Sharma-Adhikari Leela, 2/5/2018, $272,249 » 152 Stirling Way, Perdew Laura R, Doles Mark A and Nicole A, 2/7/2018, $250,000 » 1199 Pike St, Estep Sarah E and Kuhn Jacob F, Moore Kimberly A, 2/7/2018, $189,500 » 136 Pebble Creek Dr, Campbell Mary G Trustee, Koch Arthur W III and Beverly A, 2/5/2018, $174,900

» 8270 Windy Hollow Rd, Franks Thomas J and Jacquelyn S, Vanlandingham Stanly P Jr and Tamyra J, 2/7/2018, $500,000 Johnstown » 616 Concord Village Cir, Peters Susan A, Weant James K and Peggy L, 2/6/2018, $204,900 Monroe Township » 9122 Sportsman Club Rd, Cook Robert A and Lucy A, Murphy Richard and Courtney L, 2/7/2018, $238,000 St Louisville » 267 Moreland St, Hollis Bryan, Davis Angela Lea, 2/7/2018, $73,500 Union Township » 4813 Granview Rd, Struthers Wood C and Holly W, Keller Jason A and Megan M, 2/8/2018, $410,000

Granville » 101 Bedwen Bach Ln, Miller Matthew R and Alison M, Dyett Christopher Donald and Mann Kara Lynn, 2/7/2018, $445,000

Heath » 744 Windsor Ln, Marinik Barbara J, Vansickle Christopher D and Amanda D, 2/5/2018, $135,000

Jersey Township

» 1828 Bradford Cir, Bortle Chad Michael and Kristen M, Timbrook Christopher K and Tracy, 2/8/2018, $372,000 » 553 Mt Vernon Rd, Roth Mark E, Schwartz Savannah R, 2/6/2018, $195,000 » Jefferson Rd, Roth Mark E, Schwartz Savannah R, 2/6/2018, $195,000 » 522 Derby Downs Rd, Constantinescu Monya A, Kaufman Christina, 2/7/2018, $148,900 » 116 Stonington Pl, Thomas Robert E and Mary Ellen, Nincehelser John D, 2/5/2018, $145,000 » 536 Hemlock Pl, Gosney Jeffrey Trustee, White Eric H, 2/7/2018, $145,000 » 1005 Lawnview Ave, Schoedinger J Randall, Mehl Alicia N, 2/7/2018, $131,000 » 67 Ramona Ave, Mckay David and Vicktoria, Boley Trent, 2/9/2018, $107,900 » 317 Belle Vista Ave, Tackett Terry and Moran David, Beck Katalin Shey, 2/7/2018, $97,500 » 565 Maple Ave, Hawkins Tara B, Staggers Trenton, 2/5/2018, $95,500 » 193 Rugg Ave, Goldsberry Thomas C, Lang Brian, 2/5/2018, $91,225 » 727 Meadow Dr, Morrison Susan L, Grove Lana and Robin E Et Al, 2/5/2018, $86,500 » 246 Eddy St, Wheeler Lisa D, Miller Johnathan W Trustee, 2/7/2018, $14,000 » 13 Arrow St, Haines Larry W, Scottco Investment Company, 2/5/2018, $1,100 Pataskala » 1025 Oxford Dr N, Duhl Seth D and Katelyn M, Croasmun Ariel and Pinson William, 2/9/2018, $235,000 » 263 Isaac Tharp St, Dodge Np Jr Trustee, Mitchell Gregory W and Katie M, 2/8/2018, $235,000

Newark Patrick Guanciale 740.258.3283 Andrew P. Guanciale 740.403.6444 Brittany N Freas 614.561.4437 W G NE TIN S LI


North Newark - Two story w/ nice deep lot! 3 beds, 1 and ½ bathrooms, hardwood floors, replacement windows, 3 season front porch, full basement, 2 car detached garage. $106,500

KING THOMPSON Independently Owned And Operated By NRT Incorporated.


Northwest Newark - Beautifully maintained home on cul-de-sac lot offering extra privacy. Formal & informal entertaining areas. High quality finishes throughout. Main level laundry room, vaulted ceiling Owner’s suite includes a large loft area. Full unfinished basement with poured concrete walls. Large deck, covered front porch. $285,500

Newark - LV area, .5 acre hilltop lot for extra privacy. Completely remodeled w/updated floor coverings, furnace, kitchen w/ large amount of cabinet space & SS appliances. Family room w/ wood burning stove, 2 remodeled baths. Deck, play set/fort and more. $139,900

Hebron - Spacious 4 level split located in Harbor Hills, ample living space & room to entertain. 1st floor laundry, Owner’s suite w/huge walk-in closet, 4 car attached garage great for that collector car or workshop! 4 season room w/panoramic views, rear deck & patio, easy access to private boat dock on Maple Bay! $519,000

Pickerington - Nice home located Heath - Beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 and ½ bath condo located at The Villages in Preston Trails offering 3 beds, 2 ½ of River Oaks. Open concept, gas log fireplace, 2 car attached garage, baths, living room & family, room, walk in closets, 1st floor laundry, 2nd loft, 2nd floor laundry, and fire place level bedroom could also be bonus living room great for entertaining! to stay cozy. $239,900 $229,000

Saint Louisville - 9.6 acres residential, mini-farm/commercial use. Ranch style home w/updates offering great room & home office w/separate entrance. Private patio, large covered front porch. Large storage room for work shop or additional space w/double utility doors to side of home. $179,900

South Newark - Great opportunity to own a 3 bed, 1 bath ranch style home. Over-sized 1 car garage, covered front & rear patios. First floor laundry. Great starter home or for buyer looking to downsize. $79,900


Heath-River Oaks Subdivision - Restricted home sites w/city water & sewer. Convenient to SR 16, SR 79 & 1-70. Great location for the commuter. Total of 40 lots available in subdivision. Prices vary.

North Newark - Planter Ridge The Village at Morgan Woods - Quiet cul-de-sac offering wooded building lots, all city utilities & Subdivision - Several single-family pleasant surroundings. Many custom-built homes in subdivision restricted home sites w/electric, meeting or above developer’s design standards. Builder discount available on multiple lot purchases. water & sewer available. Prices vary. Prices vary.

Alexandria - Approximately 37.5 acres, 32 acres tillable, & 5 acres wooded. Small Stream, multiple buildings w/multiple uses, 3 hog barns, grain silos & large barn. Located between York Road and Outville Roads. $412,500

14 Stone House C t, Newar k 16 506 Flint Ridge Rd, Newar k 281 Central Ave, Newar k 1210 Hillview Cir, Heath Call the Guanciale Group today for fast & proven ser vice!

Heath - Equestrian Facility w/a total of 35.74 acres(10-15 acres wooded & 8-9 acres farmland), 166’ x 60’ new barn addition w/tack room, 2 wash bays, 8 stalls, 130’ x 60’ mirrored indoor arena, lighted outdoor arena, 66’ covered round.

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3-3 Newark Homes Weekly  

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