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Beautiful and well-kept 2-story design with 3 Bedroom, 2.5 Baths, Brazilian cherry hardwood floors, cherry kitchen with granite. 2-story entry way, fam rm with fireplace and more. Very private location. $285,500 Patrick Guanciale 740-258-3283


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Carol Goff & Associates

Rhonda Lampton 740-624-8887 OH-0001204137

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RE/MAX Premier Choice

Joyce Thorp 740-404-4368



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Coldwell Banker King Thompson

RE/MAX Consultant Group

Host: Thom Mckee 740.616.9693

Glenn Libby 740-366-1000

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HEATHER STASEL Realtor Partner Agent

20 S Williams Street and 65 N Buena Vista Street Attention investors!

43 S 3rd Street, Newark, Ohio 43055 www.herrealtors.com/heatherstasel


2 duplexes in Newark. Heather Stasel and Associates

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The Advocate » Saturday, March 10, 2018

Bare-root trees do well with careful planting LEE REICH ASSOCIATED PRESS

I got a look of disbelief when I told a friend I had planted a tree that had been shipped from a nursery 2,000 miles away. As I went on to explain that the tree had been sent “bare-root,” I could see him shudder. But then I showed off my robust young plant in its second year of growth. Bare-root trees are so named because the plants are dug from the ground when dormant (leafless), and then their roots are shaken free of soil. Kept cool, with their roots packed in some moist material, bare-root plants are easy to store or ship in good condition. They’re usually less expensive and are available in greater variety than potted or balled-andburlapped trees.


Care for your plant as soon as it arrives Of course, it’s not only the plant’s quality that was responsible for the good growth of my bareroot tree. Proper siting, care on arrival and planting were equally important. Two threats to a bareroot tree before it is planted are that it is kept too warm and that its roots dry out. Immediately after I receive a bare-root tree, whether it has been shipped or brought home from a nursery, I soak the roots in a bucket of water for eight hours. If planting must be delayed, I keep the tree cool and its roots moist by storing it on the cool, north side of my house with its roots covered with moist soil or mulch. Or I put it in the refrigerator with its roots wrapped in moist peat and then plastic. Keeping the tree cool delays growth of buds along the stems.

Just before planting, I inspect the roots, cutting off any that are dead, diseased or broken. I shorten any that are too long to be splayed out into a reasonably sized planting hole.

Plant it correctly The soil needs to be crumbly — not sodden and not rock-hard — before it’s ready to be dug for planting the tree. When I do dig, I make that hole just deep enough to get the tree in, twice as wide as the spread of the roots, and tapered down from its edges to full depth. After shoveling enough loose soil back into the planting hole to create a mound on which to set the tree, I start backfilling, tamping the soil in among the spread roots. No need to mix any other materials, such as peat or compost, into the plant-

ing hole. After I finish backfilling, I build up a slight ridge of soil around the outer edge of the planting hole to help contain water. If rodents are a threat, a cylinder of ¼-inch mesh hardware cloth will keep them at bay. Now is when compost can be put to best use; spread it on top of the ground an inch or 2 deep. A further topping of straw or wood chips no closer than 6 inches from the trunk will keep the roots cool, moist and happy in the months ahead.

Don’t forget the tree after planting it Large trees or trees in very windy sites need to be staked for a year, until their roots take hold in the soil. Tie the trunk to one or two stakes set alongside the tree, using some soft material or wire padded where it touches the trunk.

Allow for some movement of the trunk or else it will be too slow in thickening. The final step in tree planting — watering — is critical. I slowly and thoroughly soak the ground beneath my new plant. It’s important not to turn your back on any sapling after that last step in planting. Throughout its first growing season, longer for large trees, a weekly watering schedule must be diligently maintained. Figure on about 1 gallon per week per square foot spread of the roots. And that mulched circle is maintained for at least a few years. After that, the mulching can be continued or the ground could be planted with some groundcover, either of which keeps lawnmowers and weed whackers — hazards to trees young and old — at bay.

A cone-shaped hole about twice the width of root spread and just deep enough to get the tree in the ground is one step in getting this bare-root tree off to a good start. LEE REICH VIA AP

Premier Choice 124 S. Main St., Granville, OH 43023 NEW LISTING!


Joyce Thorp 740-404-4368 OH-0001202697

Come home to comfort! Great floor plan with room you need. Three bedrooms, 2 full baths with open floor plan with vaulted ceiling in livingroom & dining room. Inviting woodburning fireplace and spacious kitchen & laundry off the kitchen & MBdrm . Lovely MB with walk-incloset and soaking tub & shower. 3 season room off dining room. Great yard and a 2 car garage. $74,900 Call Joyce 740-404-4368



Here Is The Key ! Immediate Possession on this 3 bedroom, 1 bath and large fenced yard & 1 car garage. New carpet, updated windows and first floor laundry! Many updates with furnace, electrical, plumbings and great additional parking. Price is reasonable! $59,900.00 Buy to live in or Investment! Call – Joyce Thorp 740-404-4368


Those of us with outdoor-loving pets know the downside to all that freewheeling frolic: muddy paws, tangled fur, and often much worse. Animal behavior experts have many theories on why some dogs roll in noxious odors. Some researchers posit that getting one’s neck into a smell is an instinctive way to bring info about potential food back to the pack. Others think that rolling in rankness may simply be a dog’s version of teenagers dousing themselves with body spray. “Perfume or aftershave is used not just to make us more attractive to others, but because we like the smell too,” says Patricia McConnell, animal behaviorist and author of “The Other End of the Leash” (Ballantine, 2002). Alexandra Horowitz, in her book “Being a Dog: Following the Dog Into a World of Smell” (Scribner, 2016), points to a scent-oriented olfactory lobe in dogs’ brains that lights up when potent smells are nearby. Dogs, she suggests, don’t really differentiate between “good” or “bad” odors. To them, every smell — even rotten squirrel — is just

Bissell offers the Bissell BarkBath Portable Dog Bath. Less water used and less mess to contend with make the BarkBath appealing to those with minimal space and/or pets who are bath-averse. BISSELL VIA AP

more information. Luckily, whether you’re dealing with sand, mud or something more, there’s a lot of good gear on the market to help you get Fido clean and fresh-smelling. If wrangling your pet into the bathtub is nigh on impossible, consider Bissell’s Bark Bath portable system. Sort of a wet vac for dogs, the kit comes with a lowsuds shampoo. Fill the reservoir with

“We Always Have Time For You”

Carol Goff

& Associates

Newark 740-366-2121 Hebron 740-527-2710



whatever temperature water your pet prefers, and then use the handheld wand to alternately squirt on the water/shampoo mixture and to vacuum up water and residue. One touted feature: Whereas in a traditional tub you’d use about 19 gallons of water to bathe a Labrador-size dog, with the Bark Bath you’ll only use 40 ounces. It can also be used just as a vacuum to remove moisture if you’re dealing with a soggy but not sludgy pet. McConnell advises easing balky bathers in slowly. Start by lining the tub with treats and adding some to the inside of the tub. Turn the water on gently and reward your pet with a treat. Work your way up to the washing hose using the treats, and be patient. You may need several sessions before a fearful dog is comfortable with the bathing experience. Don’t use human shampoo on dogs; the pH level is much higher and too acidic for dogs’ skin. Just need to wash paws? Consider this gadget from Paw Boss: a low-profile water tray equipped with nubby pads in a wash cup, into which you dip paws. City dwellers might appreciate being able to quickly rinse the street grit off their canines’ feet. Bonus feature: vinyl skins



for the unit, so you can customize to suit your decor. Options include faux wood, pop-art geometrics, bubbles and metallics. Simpler still is Pet Product Innovations’ Paw Plunger, a rugged mug with a handle and a soft membrane over the mouth, where you dip the paws. It comes with a lid so you can tote the mug on a walk and rinse off salt or dirt. If you’re nowhere near water and need a quick cleanup, consider a gentle wet wipe like CleanWell’s, which is steeped in thyme oil instead of the usual disinfecting wipe chemicals like triclosan, benzalkonium chloride or alcohol. Babyganics is another brand made with plant-based ingredients, and no artificial fragrances or dyes. To deal with tangles and simple hair mats, consider using any inexpensive yet sturdy wide-toothed comb; gently work your way from the back to the head, combing in the direction of the fur. The FURminator tool, which gets under the top coat to remove loose hair, comes in both a long- and short-hair version. For short curly coats, consider Conair’s Top Paw, with boar bristles on one side and synthetic ones on the other.


Saturday, March 10, 2018 » The Advocate

Gear and gadgets for cleaning a dirty dog





417 Coventry Circle $367,000 3 bedroom, 2.5 baths

295 Cobblepond Rd $439,900 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths

6810 Temperance Point Pl $749,900 5 bedrooms, 4.5 baths

4207 N Bank Rd NE $324,900 2 bedroom, 2 baths

Carol Goff 740-366-2121

Carol Goff 740-366-2121

Rhonda Lampton 740-624-8887

Dylan Ruby 740-624-8856





793 Francis Dr $270,567 New Construction Linnview Crossing

8620 Stickle Rd $120,000 3 bedrooms, 2 baths

2765 S. Elliott Rd $79,900 2 bedroom, 1 bath

116 W Main St $450/month For Lease Upper Floor Office Suite

Rhonda Lampton 740-624-8887

The James Team 740-403-9049

Rhonda Lampton 740-624-8887

Rhonda Lampton 740-624-8887





www.carolgoffrealestate.com FEATURED AGENTS

Rhonda Lampton 740-624-8887

Bonnie Price 740-877-5091



The James Team Jason & Kishma James 740-403-4582 or 740-403-9049

10770 Twp Rd 67 $324,900 13 acre mini-farm

230 Treehouse Ln $234,000 3 bedrooms, 2 baths

3165 Dickory Circle $419,900 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths

1773 Longhill Dr $429,900 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths

Carol Goff 740-366-2121

Carol Goff 740-366-2121

Sherry Ziemer 740-607-8471

Carol Goff 740-366-2121


Dylan Ruby 740-624-8856

The Advocate » Saturday, March 10, 2018

Ancient stone structures have modern appeal CAIN BURDEAU ASSOCIATED PRESS

LOCOROTONDO, Italy – There’s no better place to understand how to build in stone than this hilltop town in Puglia, Italy’s boot heel, where master stone-builders have been sculpting rocks for centuries. Stone, of course, is a quintessential building material in Europe, and one largely gone by the wayside in the United States, where much of the construction is in wood, cement and brick. I’m interested in what to do with a pile of stones because I’ve got one. Angelo Pentassuglia, a master stone builder from Locorotondo in Italy’s Puglia region, talks about the stone work inside an old trullo – a stone structure built without mortar – he is incorporating into a luxury modern home. CAIN BURDEAU VIA AP

See STONE, Page 5R

Nationally Ranked #1 Sales Office Coldwell Banker, NRT Lis Ne tin w g 15/17 W Shields St, Newark • $119,675 Duplex. Landlord in process of cleaning out vacant unit & painting. Rent $650$525. Tenant pays utilities. Billie Allen 740.403.9488

Lis Ne tin w g

Lis Ne tin w g 17 Hazel St, Heath • $129,900 Bright ranch with full bsmt. in quiet rural neighborhood.. Jim Bidigare 740.587.2000

Lis Ne tin w g

11333 Mt. Hope Rd, Thornville • $60,000 Nice 5 ac. parcel w/gas & electric at the road. New survey & legal desc. Gentle roll w/pretty Eastern views. Melissa Johnston 740.258.3288

Lis Ne tin w g

Lis Ne tin w g

Lis Ne tin w g

157 Dartmouth Rd, Hebron • AUCTION Don’t miss the opportunity to purchase a fine home in Harbor Hills March 17th at 11am. Host: Jamie Householder 740.641.6690


351 N Granger St, Granville • $200,000 3 BR home with large kitchen and nice corner village lot close to schools! Jim Bidigare 740.587.2000

1220 W Main St, Newark • $289,900 Rare opportunity to purchase this classic property with updates & character. Located on lg. 1 ac. lot! Tim Hughes 740.328.9051

58 Highgate Rd, Granville • $210,000 Sharp and bright split level with large lot on cul-de-sac. Jim Bidigare 740.587.2000

277/279 Hudson Ave, Newark • $119,675 Duplex. 100% occupied. Rent $650$550. Landlord pays water. Billie Allen 740.403.9488

Laurel Hill Rd Properties, Thornville $60,000 a piece 2 lots – 5 acres a piece. New survey. Utilities at road. Melissa Johnston 740.258.3288

7422 Linnville Rd, Franklin Twnsp. • $359,900 Open plan ranch with wrap around deck, walkout LL, 6 ac. Million dollar views! Jim Bidigare 740.587.2000

574 Swansea Rd, C, Newark • $99,500 Glamorganshire Condo! Under $100k. Ready to move in! Mary Kay Booher 740.403.2199

Re Pri du ce cti on



In trac n Co

Lis Ne tin w g

3471 Deeds Rd, Granville • $325,000 Granville schools! Large 4 BR colonial on nearly 3 ac. Granit & stainless. Finished bsmt. Won’t last long – hurry! Host: Thom Mckee 740.616.9693

Lis Ne tin w g

5496 Toll Gate Rd NW, Somerset Don’t miss this charming updated ranch home on 3.73 ac. Country living at it’s best! Host: Mary Plute 614.975.4509


Lis Ne tin w g

1197 Brittany Hills, Newark • $285,500 Beautiful/well-kept 2 story with cherry hardwood floors, cherry kitchen w/ granite. Very private! Host: Patrick Guanciale 740.258.3283

OPEN SUNDAY 2-4 Lis Ne tin w g


Lis Ne tin w g


Lis Ne tin w g


17315 Brushy Fork Rd SE, Newark Corbin Dr Lots, Zanesville • $34,900-$38,900 Linnridge Dr, Lots 4&5, Newark 7525 Blacklick Eastern Rd NE, Pickerington 0 Township Rd 59, Mt. Perry 1185 Drexel Ave, Newark 12135 Marne Rd, Newark • $475,000 $109,900 13 lots available. 1.02-1.66 ac! Paved Build your dream home in Linnridge Don’t miss this beautifully updated Private, wooded, build or recreational Beautiful horse ranch, 33+ ac, pond & Spacious ranch, great location, lots of 11+ ac property w/breath taking views. roads. Public water available w/tap in fees Meadows! Each home site offers 2+ ac home! 1.21 ac. Updates throughout. 3 land. Convenient commuting distance. horse barn. 4 BR, 3 BA. potential for right buyer. A must see for your dream home plans! paid by seller! Mineral rights to buyer. of distinguished country living. BR, 3 BA, oversized 2 CG. Kathy Ford 740.817.2125 Kimberly Keith 614.561.8315 Kathy Ford 740.817.2125 Jessica Winland 740.819.0160 Kimberly Keith 614.561.8315 Kimberly Keith 614.561.8315 Kimberly Keith 614.561.8315 If your property is listed with a real estate broker, please disregard. It is not our intention to solicit the offerings of other real estate brokers. We are happy to work with them and cooperate fully. ©2018 Columbus LLC. All Rights Reserved. Coldwell Banker King Thompson fully supports the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act. Operated by a subsidiary of NRT LLC. Coldwell Banker and the Coldwell Banker Logo are registered service marks owned by Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. Real estate agents affiliated with Coldwell Banker King Thompson are independent contractor sales associates and are not employees of Coldwell Banker King Thompson.

Continued from Page 4R

A few years ago, my wife, two boys and I bought an abandoned and overgrown farm property in northern Sicily. On it was a big pile of stones from a collapsed circular structure of some kind at the property’s entrance. We wanted the rocks out of the way. So during our first winter a year ago, with nothing better to do on cold rainy days, I moved the pile. I carted them in a wheelbarrow to a field where once a vineyard had grown. The pile of stones was not recorded on the catasto, the land register, and I wondered what they could have been used for. I was told by friends they might have been an animal shelter or a kind of room in which to make charcoal. But what could I do with them? I was eager to learn more about stones during a visit to my father, who has lived for years in Puglia. In Locorotondo, I quickly learned, the locals are blessed with an abundance of limestone, an easy-to-work material. Megalithic temples on Malta and at Mycenae were erected with limestone blocks, as was everything from city halls to country walls in this part of Puglia. My guide into this world of rock building was my friend Amanda Roelle, an American architect studying stone construction. She drove me to meet Angelo Pentassuglia, a 33-year-old stone-smith carrying on a generations-old building enterprise. Pentassuglia knows how to build a trullo, which is a dry-stone construction – a technique using no wood. This involves constructing self-sup-

porting conical-shaped stone roofs. A trullo’s wall consists of two separate rows of stacked blocks with smaller stones in between them – and it all stands firm without the use of mortar. In the past two decades, the market in trulli – long considered unsuitable as homes due to their dampness and lack of light – has skyrocketed. Trulli vary in size. Often, several structures are attached to one another to form many cones, and thus many rooms. Pentassuglia, a limber and muscletaut thin man, is a wizard with stones. His work site was an old trullo that he and his cousin were taking apart to incorporate the stones into a luxury modern home. Moss grew on the trullo’s walls. The work site was dazzlingly complex and yet rather simple. There were only a few tools, and little noise other than the sound of a hammer chipping and striking stone. “To make a trullo, all you needed was a pail, a hammer, a pickax and a string,” Pentassuglia said. He picked up a pickax to demonstrate how to make a block from an irregular chunk of rock. “You start by making a flat surface,” he said, and began striking. Within a minute he had a nice block. He placed it on a growing pile of similar blocks, to be used to build new parts of the house. He stopped at a pile of oblong, stone roof tiles, preserved from the original cone roof. They are the chianche, flat limestone plates. Laid on top of each other in concentric circles, they constitute an impermeable roof. Pentassuglia said the chianche are See STONE, Page 8R

Saturday, March 10, 2018 » The Advocate


Andrea Pentassuglia, a stone builder from Locorotondo in Italy’s Puglia region, works on an old trullo – a stone structure built without mortar – being incorporated into a luxury modern home. Stone is a quintessential building material in Europe. CAIN BURDEAU VIA AP

Each office independently owned & operated.



















Locorotondo, a town in Italy’s Puglia region, is known for its master stone workers. CAIN

GLENN LIBBY 740-366-8877


The Advocate » Saturday, March 10, 2018

Barn doors – repurposed as indoor decor – keep hanging around




oanna Gaines may have brought the use of barn doors in homes into mainstream popularity on the popular HGTV show “Fixer Upper,” but designers were already using them to add function and flair. “Everything new is old,” said designer Barclay Mutz. “They became popular at the turn of the century when they were in rural places. Currently, they became popular about five years ago in design. The hardware became more accessible. I used to have to go to an industrial place to find the hardware, but now you can get in on Amazon.” Mutz loves using the barn door style for small places, such as kitchen pantries or closets, where there really isn’t space for a hinged door to swing. They also create a dramatic design effect. While a single door is often used to slide along a wall, Mutz also likes to use multiple doors, even using a double track to allow doors to overlap so that a large opening can be covered. “You can cover any amount of space with barn doors, just depends on how many doors you want to use. A lot of people don’t realize you can use four doors and overlap them,” Mutz said. When looking for a door to use, the sky is the limit. You can take any type of door and install it like a barn door. Mutz likes to head to Charles Phillips just outside of Mobile, Alabama. The family owned wholesale antique business has eight large barn-style buildings filled with antiques, architecturals and custom-built furniture. Whatever the style door desired, Charles Phillips probably has it. They receive weekly containers from Europe and have many styles of repurposed doors that can be used in many different ways to add to a home’s design.



“Because they are so functional, I don’t 6R » HOMES WEEKLY

think they are going anywhere. It’s just a really awesome design element taken from something really simple and part of our history — which make is it really interesting.” DESIGNER BARCLAY MUTZ A barn door is used to conceal a hall closet and can also slide to hide or show off a bar.

Saturday, March 10, 2018 » The Advocate

This master bath has 7-foot chocolate-stained pine barn doors. LOUISVILLE COURIER JOURNAL/USA TODAY NETWORK

Barn doors Continued from Page 6R

“Because they are so functional, I don’t think they are going anywhere,” Mutz said. “It’s just a really awesome design element taken from something really simple and part of our history — which make is it really interesting. “It’s repurposing something that has been around a long time that was traditionally used in just rural applications and making it something interesting and beautiful in our daily lives,” she said. A bright red barn door leads to a master bedroom suite. PHOTOS BY COURIER JOURNAL/USA TODAY NETWORK

Kelly Parker 740-334-9777

SUZIE SPURGEON, CRS 740-334-0546 www.suziespurgeon.com


Kelly@kellyparkerhome.com • KellyParkerHome.com




Multiple doors can be hung on a double track to cover any size space. PENSACOLA NEWS JOURNAL/USA TODAY NETWORK


New Price! Come see the beautifully rehabbed 4BR 2 full bath home on just under 2 acres! Features new hickory floors throughout, new kitchen and updated baths. New 2 car garage. Much to see! Jacksontown Rd is RT 13 S



183 Rugg Avenue, Newark

Older home, beautifully cared for, with incredible charm! 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths. Finished lower level and 3rd floor. Backyard is a park-like setting. Must see! $169,900.


111 N Galway, Granville

Beautiful home w/plenty of living & entertaining space! 5 bedrooms, 4.5 baths. Fantastic paver patio and outdoor kitchen, backs to open greenspace, with easy access to the bike path. $514,990.


The Advocate » Saturday, March 10, 2018

Stone Continued from Page 5R

highly valued because their quarries are depleted. Mounting them takes a masterful touch. If it’s not done right, water enters. “It’s risky,” he said. He added: “I’ve never had a problem.” He walked up the trullo’s steps, through its archways, over its floors. “There’s a lot of labor with rocks,” he said, stopping to admire the workmanship of the stone, worn smooth with time. Why did people make trulli? “What did you have? The earth and stone. So they used them to make a life for themselves,” he said. “It’s what you have under your feet.” He put his foot on a stone at the trullo’s entrance. It weighed about 330 pounds. Chip, chip, chip went the sound of his cousin’s hammer. Pentassuglia smiled. “You can be there chipping

for a month.” “It’s difficult to explain what we are doing here,” he said. “It looks like everything will fall and you can’t understand a thing.” But it was all going to be put back into place, he said. Afterward, Roelle explained that the type of stone found in the area was fundamental to understanding why stone buildings have been so successful in Puglia. “It’s workable stone, and that is what vernacular architecture is all about,” she said. “It can only be experienced in this place.” What did I learn? First, know your stone. I, for one, still don’t know for sure what kind of stone my pile is made up of. So, after I get it identified, I think the next step will be to find out what tools are used in Sicily for working stone. Then I too may try my hand at erecting retaining walls, terraces, steps along walkways, maybe even a structure like the one that once existed in front of our property.

LICKING COUNTY PROPERTY TRANSACTIONS The first name(s) listed is the seller and the second name(s) listed is the buyer. Reynoldsburg » 8655 Robbins Loop Dr, Gizunterman Simon and David, Phuyel Madhav and Acharya Ganga M, 2/14/2018, $259,500 » 859 Dinmont Ct, Lewis Nicole T, Tebbe Wesley S, 2/14/2018, $200,000 » 645 Thatch St, Ade Bandale I, Alemayehu Frewoini, 2/14/2018, $177,000 » 8555 Main St #43 E, Quesenberry Robert, Bell Mark C, 2/12/2018, $28,500 Etna Township

2/12/2018, $42,900 Granville » 403 Broadway E, Sosebee Johnathan P, Banks David A, 2/14/2018, $632,500 » 338 Pearl N St, Carey Michael T W, White Edward L Jr and Parsley-White Aimee L, 2/13/2018, $400,000 Granville Township » 1318 Burg St, White Edward L Jr and Parsley-White Aimee L, Rhodes Jamie A and Joshua A, 2/16/2018, $420,000 Hartford Township

» 14009 Sunladen Dr SW, Homewood Building Company LLC, Jordan Casey Allen and Cindy, 2/13/2018, $388,256 » 274 Glen Crossing Dr, Lough Anne Marie G and Thomas Gerald P, Meredith Donna L and Scott A, 2/16/2018, $243,000 » 181 Spring Flower Way, Armond Michael E and Rebecca L, Salazar Stephen and Milner Mallori N, 2/14/2018, $215,000 » 136 Glen Crossing Dr, Barbour Jonathan T and Tara L, Gurung Amit and Sovita, 2/12/2018, $205,000 » 9571 Lynns Rd, Banks Victoria Kay Trustee, Tate Robert J and Shannon Michele, 2/12/2018, $189,900 » 101 Dusky Willow Dr, Congdon Tyler W, Livits Dimitriy, 2/14/2018, $149,000 Franklin Township » 9325 Cinder Tipple Rd SE, Speeks Christine L, Siner Bradley J and Barbie L,

» Croton Rd, Lorabell Acres LLC, Thistlegate 6 LLC, 2/16/2018, $1,401,000 Licking Township » 1300 Blocker Dr, Coleman Dawn, Watson Kevin L, 2/15/2018, $10,000 Johnstown

Martha Raye, Wilson Kyle Z and Mary J, 2/16/2018, $140,000 » 199 Linden Ave, Wright Chad A and Amy N, Wollenberg Angela N, 2/13/2018, $128,500 » 291C Goosepond Rd, Hay Barbara L (Le) and Lawrence E and Wolfe Cynthia A, Norton Delmer E and Rita A, 2/12/ 2018, $125,000 » 343 Clarendon St, Williams Clarence L and Jennifer L, Ehrhardt Christopher A, 2/12/2018, $85,900 » 24 Bowers Ave, Mirage Investments LLC, Burchard Everett and Maria, 2/12/ 2018, $73,000 » 334 Wehrle Ave, Clark William and Jeanette, Lott Ryan M, 2/16/2018, $54,000 » 145 Williams St, Paper Moon Ventures LLC, Cullop Michael and Melick Ray A, 2/16/2018, $27,000 Pataskala

» 132 Tyler Pl, Wright Lowell A Jr, Whalen Joseph T and Valerie A, 2/16/2018, $295,000 » 138 Tyler Pl, Roush Cheryl A, Powers Ashley, 2/16/2018, $268,000 Newark » 1591 Independence Dr, Whalen Joseph T and Valerie A, Brownlee Evan, 2/13/ 2018, $215,000 » 52 Stone House Ct, Wagenheim Richard C, Stewart Lou, 2/16/2018, $158,000 » 14 Stone House Ct, Handschumaker

» 516 Stoneshire Loop, Foor Farms II LLC, Grasse Theodore E and Sarah L, 2/12/ 2018, $290,897 » 6990 Taylor Rd SW, Rea Investments LLC, Hurt Dennis R Jr and Lambo Myra Versales, 2/15/2018, $203,000 » 715 Faith Ann Dr, Paul Daniel F Jr, Mandelbaum Stanley E and Ross Carol E, 2/14/2018, $129,000 » 210 Cedar St Lot 259, Zimmerman Nancy J, Holcombe Hunter L, 2/15/2018, $1,000

www.allaboutlickingcounty.com Patrick Guanciale 740.258.3283 Andrew P. Guanciale 740.403.6444 Brittany N Freas 614.561.4437 EN -4P OP N 2 U S


1197 Brittany Hills E. - Off Londondale Parkway: Beautiful and well-kept 2-story design with Brazilian cherry hardwood floors, cherry kitchen with granite. 2-story entry way, fam rm with fireplace and more. Very private location. $285,500


North Newark - Move in condition! Professionally painted & newer flooring throughout, remodeled full bathroom w/ custom tile surround, 1st floor laundry, 1 car garage, front patio, loft area great for possible 2nd bedroom or den. $81,900

KING THOMPSON Independently Owned And Operated By NRT Incorporated.


West Newark - 3 level split home sitting on half acre lot! 3 Beds & 2 full baths, over-sized 1 car attached garage, formal living room & family room w/cozy gas log fireplace. Screened rear porch w/ lots of privacy! Great opportunity for a lot of square footage at an affordable price! $159,500

Hebron - Spacious 4 level split located in Harbor Hills, ample living space & room to entertain. 1st floor laundry, Owner’s suite w/huge walk-in closet, 4 car attached garage great for that collector car or workshop! 4 season room w/panoramic views, rear deck & patio, easy access to private boat dock on Maple Bay! $519,000

Pickerington - Nice home located Heath - Beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 and ½ bath condo located at The Villages in Preston Trails offering 3 beds, 2 ½ of River Oaks. Open concept, gas log baths, living room & family, room, loft, fireplace, 2 car attached garage, walk in closets, 1st floor laundry, 2nd level 2nd floor laundry, and fire place to stay bedroom could also be bonus living room cozy. $239,900 great for entertaining! $229,000

Saint Louisville - 9.6 acres residential, mini-farm/commercial use. Ranch style home w/updates offering great room & home office w/separate entrance. Private patio, large covered front porch. Large storage room for work shop or additional space w/double utility doors to side of home. $179,900

South Newark - Great opportunity to own a 3 bed, 1 bath ranch style home. Over-sized 1 car garage, covered front & rear patios. First floor laundry. Great starter home or for buyer looking to downsize. $79,900


Heath-River Oaks Subdivision Restricted home sites w/city water & sewer. Convenient to SR 16, SR 79 & 1-70. Great location for the commuter. Total of 40 lots available in subdivision. Prices vary.

Nor th Newark - Planter Ridge The Village at Morgan Woods - Quiet cul-de-sac offering wooded building lots, Subdivision- Several single-family all city utilities & pleasant surroundings. Many custom-built homes in subdivision restricted home sites w/electric, water meeting or above developer’s design standards. Builder discount available & sewer available. Prices vary. on multiple lot purchases. Prices vary.

Alexandria - Approximately 37.5 acres, 32 acres tillable, & 5 acres wooded. Small Stream, multiple buildings w/multiple uses, 3 hog barns, grain silos & large barn. Located between York Road and Outville Roads. $412,500

Heath - Equestrian Facility w/a total of 35.74 acres(10-15 acres wooded & 8-9 acres farmland), 166’ x 60’ new barn addition w/tack room, 2 wash bays, 8 stalls, 130’ x 60’ mirrored indoor arena, lighted outdoor arena, 66’ covered round

83 Fleek Ave, Newar k 910 Golden Dr, Newar k 15637 McCown Rd, Newar k Call the Guanciale Group today for fast & proven ser vice!

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3-10 Newark Homes Weekly  

Media Network of Central Ohio’s weekly real estate publication for Licking County.

3-10 Newark Homes Weekly  

Media Network of Central Ohio’s weekly real estate publication for Licking County.

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