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feature home

1015 BAM LN.

580 Morgan Rd. $249,900 Call Office 740-454-6777

1429 Deercreek Dr. $344,900 Sherry Ziemer 740-607-8471

417 Coventry Circle $399,900 Call Office 740-454-6777 OH-0001207784

Beautiful 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath ranch home with river frontage. Nice open concept living room, kitchen and dining area. Living room features a gas fireplace. The full finished basement has family room and additional living space. Covered front porch. 2 car attached garage and paved driveway.

Call Office 740-454-6777

5075 Pine Valley Dr. $289,900


3625 Old Wheeling Rd. $164,900

1188 Pfeifer Dr. $135,900

John Wells 740-617-9748

Sis Todd 740-454-8468

Shannon Adams 740-819-1641

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Zanesville Times Recorder » Saturday, Dec. 30, 2017


www.YCityRealty.com 844 Adair Avenue

Y City Realty Wishes You and Yours a Seed packs are great little reference tools. While the front of the packets show how the seeds will look when they mature, the rear describes everything needed to grow them from spacing and soil depth to light conditions and moisture requirements. DEAN FOSDICK VIA AP

Pocket-size seed packets speak volumes Dean Fosdick



A seed packet may be small, but it speaks volumes. While seed catalogs promote thousands of types of plants, seed packets tell gardeners how to grow one. All the information is printed on the back of a paper pouch slightly larger than the size of your wallet, and at prices that won’t empty it. Although the cost of seeds has risen over the past few years, they’re still an economical way to garden, said Elsa Sanchez, a commercial vegetable crops spe-

cialist at Penn State University Extension. “The other option would be to buy transplants, which is generally more expensive,” Sanchez said. “You also find a lot more options for types and cultivars when you start from seed.” Seed packages have been a gardening staple in the United States for well over a century, although their look is frequently changed. W. Atlee Burpee & Co., for example, has begun shipping re-designed packets for the 2018 growing season. See SEEDS, Page 4D

Happy Safe New Years! EGXQ+?DD2 QN

R-3 .K== #93'93'KC -I#K 3 EI8K ?' OK9CA T BKC( II# S B94-I#K/ D9)K T @9 )99)K PI IPP 4KK4 V9:3') 3' K9 9'C 9' K049 =9)K A9C/ R-K K9 @I8KKC CK@: 3 VKPK@4 PI K=903') I K'4K493'3')/ M9== 6KI)K $1W-!!J% 2H((; 4+') ?++) /6H)--)1 JHA" KA"+0 D==) BH+++0 5)10) /6)11; ?H1";+ /6)11; OH-0001164325

F>&-#8*->8&< F>&-#8*->>*& F>&-C#<-F&CC F>&-#8*-*&#: F>&-C#<-<:&& F>&-<8*-F*@>


?F+2QRE2FR JOHJ2ORX W LKCII# S B94- -I#K/ <9C.IIC P=II/ T'C B94- 3' B9K( #K'4/ FKKC I#K RDM B54 .I5=C #9:K 9' 9.KI#K 3'8K4#K'4/ J3@KC 4I K== 94 754 UT,&,11/ M9== R9##A $ 1S-*S*G% .'1H+ 7H(+E ?6)1;" B'; ,) 4)"" ?6H' 91$E D)33) /1)+)+ ?61=+) D100

F>&-@C:-<#C& F>&->&#-@:&< F>&-C:>-C><: F>&-C&F-&>># F>&-:@:-:>F@ F>&-#*8-&C>#

Search For Property Online@

www.mccollister.us Leianne Barnes

Mary Bates

John Bates

Christy Buck

S. Jay Butler

Stephanie Cowgill

Mollie Winland

Tom Frampton

Gail Garland

Tamara Green

Dick Pryor

Lynda King

Real Estate Sales 740-455-4300

Cindy Luburgh

3065 Northern Place

Susan McCollister Shirley McCollister Kevin McCollister

3901 Sundown Drive



Tamara Porter

Sandra Rucker

10456 Rankin Road


Samantha Schlater

Kathy Seward

Rick Staley

258 Corwin Avenue


Ruth Weekley

Jerry Wolfe

Rebecca Wolfe

6760 National Road


Dixie Zigo

Property Management 740-455-4303

3090 Newark Road


Christy Buck, 819-0582

Tamara Porter, 607-6476

Mary Bates, 607-2320

Thomas Frampton, 819-0092

Mary Bates, 607-2320

Thomas Frampton, 819-0092

1040 Blue Avenue

1317 West Main Street

1340 West Main Street

1363 Chestnut, Dresden

6315 Canterberry Road

9450 Mulberry Road







Shirley McCollister, 607-1100

Mary Bates, 607-2320

Mary Bates, 607-2320

Tamara Porter, 607-6476

Christy Buck, 819-0582

Mary Bates, 607-2320

5210 Country View Dr.

362 Jessamine St.

303 Broadview Lot

Dresden & Fairview Rd

Orchard Park/ Maysville Pike

Tranquility & Fairview







Christy Buck, 819-0582

Leianne Barnes, 586-8144

Rebecca Wolfe, 683-6092

Shirley McCollister, 607-1100

Kathy Seward, 819-2555

Shirley McCollister, 607-1100

Timber Run Road

8240 St. Rt 669

Park Ave. Land

1737 Forest Hills Circle

4408 Hunt Road

1840 Aspen Drive

Gail Garland, 819-3190 OH-0001196367

$20,000 Shirley McCollister, 607-1100

$18,500 Rebecca Wolfe, 683-6092

$449,900 Shirley McCollister, 607-1100

$459,900 Tamara Porter, 607-6476

$19,900 Shirley McCollister, 607-1100


River Front


Saturday, Dec. 30, 2017 » Zanesville Times Recorder


Zanesville Times Recorder » Saturday, Dec. 30, 2017

e s tt ew aze ld e G ie th s o an lic Bold. Engaging. Urgent. M hil | C | ar Dynamic. Useful. St tte n e z io ar Ga With a variety of subscriptions | M gle to choose from, you can enjoy the um Ea or ter print edition along with 24/7 access F has ap anc to all tablet and smartphone apps, r g |L le the e-Newspaper edition and Te der s r u a 30-day article archive. yr eco c R u | B es d m l i a T er H ville s s ew ne N Za n | e to lin bun C i Tr rt Po ton | c r ge sho n o se C es e | t M sca ew dvo N A t on ark m w e e Fr N N

Seed packs are great little reference tools. While the front of the packets show how the seeds will look when they mature, the rear describes everything needed to grow them from spacing and soil depth to light conditions and moisture requirements. DEAN FOSDICK VIA AP

Seeds Continued from Page 2D




u Jo

“We made the picture (of the plant) virtually the entire front of the packet, so there’s a very strong shout-out of what it is,” said Burpee chairman and chief executive officer George Ball. “We have just a few things on the front – the name, price and weight, such as we need to have. “But turn it over and you’ll see that we’ve amped up the type of gardening information you’re going to get – the what, the how, the where and the when. The most important is the when,” Ball said. “We use USDA (hardiness) zones and maps for that.” Company founder Washington Atlee Burpee used to call seed packets his “silent salesmen,” Ball said. “It’s important that the seed packets be seen from 15 feet for in-store sales rather than 15 inches for a catalog. So we go for a more varnished look to make a good first impression,” he said. The kind of information to expect from these miniature reference guides: Days to seed germination and maturity. Expect those to vary somewhat,

though, based on sun exposure, soil temperature, fertility and moisture. Seed count and packing date. “Seed longevity is dependent on the type of seed and also storage conditions,” Sanchez said, recommending that any leftovers be kept cool and dry until another planting season rolls around. “Over time, viability and germination rates will decline.” Plant profile and size: whether it’s a hybrid, open pollinated or an heirloom, an annual, biennial or perennial. Planting instructions, including seed spacing and soil depth, light conditions and moisture requirements. Then there’s the bonus information available through “QR” or quick-response coding, those usually square, artistic designs appearing more frequently on the flip side of seed packets. Download a free QR code reader app into your smart phone or tablet so you can read links and find information online. “You can use smart phones to scan QR readers for a great many plant-particular details – information that just wouldn’t fit on the back of seed packets,” Sanchez said. “It is a good idea to hang onto the seed packages after sowing as references for future care and harvesting,” she added.

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A loom and indigo dyed fabric at Wanariya workshop in Tokyo.

Indigo dyed shirts are for sale at Wanariya workshop in Tokyo.

Indigo dyeing makes everyone look good There’s talk about “feeding” and keeping it “healthy,” like it’s a living thing. Indigo needs an alkaline environment, which is achieved by using substances like wood ash lye. Then, natural materials are added: Ellis may use sugar or henna; the Japanese use plant material or sake. “What happens is what’s called a reduction,” Ellis


See INDIGO, Page 6D


Ria Masterson (740) 605-1604

H Michael Davis (740) 350-4185


An instructor demonstrates a folding technique for designing indigo dyed fabric at Wanariya workshop in Tokyo.

2 Story in the North End!

(740) 453-2424 Lisa Morgan


Jodi Durst



Country Delight!

fenced back yard, in town with public utilities!

Wooded 13 acres with drilled well/septic1996-14x70 well-kept mobile home with 2 bedrooms and 1 full bath. Open floor plan with large living room and eat-it kitchen. Close to interstate for easy commutes! $49,900.



This 2 story 3 bdrm, 1.5 bath, home. Features

they’d been made by children, but I’ve never done a craft where the first attempt was so surprising and satisfying. Indigo dyeing is complex and unlike other natural dyes. It’s not easy to get indigo to dye fabric, which is why it’s good for tie-dying: A rubber band is enough to stop it. Most dyes are soluble in water, but not indigo, says Catharine Ellis, textile artist and co-author of a forthcoming book on natural dyes. “Even if it’s a fine powder, you stir it up and you just have fine particles in the water,” she says. To make the indigo soluble takes “magic and chemistry.” The Japanese method involves composting the indigo leaves. Then, creating and tending the dye vat sounds something like caring for a sourdough starter.

2416 Bell Street Zanesville, OH 43701

a detached garage, screened rear porch and

Overlooking Muskingum River!

Home features nice hardwood floors through most of 1st floor, 4 bdrms,eat-in kitchen,1st floor laundry room, living room w/ fireplace. 2 bedrooms & 1 bath on 1st floor, 2 bedrooms & 1/2 bath on second floor, full basement,one car garage. $59,900.

Nice Two Story Home

Home has many updates-newer windows, gas furnace, plumbing, some new wiring & Bathroom remodel. Enjoy the view on the Front Porch or relax on the back porch. 1 car garage w/ room upstairs you could use for a workshop or extra storage. $69,900.


When the outcome of a craft project is a surprise, it’s often not a good surprise. My recent experience trying indigo dyeing in Tokyo was an exception to that rule. Dye from the indigo plant has been used for centuries all over the world. It’s the familiar blue of blue jeans, and in a class at the Wanariya workshop in Tokyo, the technique we used was also familiar: A simple version of the craft called shibori, it reminded me of tiedyeing in school art classes long ago. Using some scraps as examples, the teacher first explained how to wrap the fabric around marbles with rubber bands, or twist bits of it up with rubber bands, depending on the pattern we wanted. He also showed us a couple of folding techniques, but to me these screamed “not for beginners,” so I stuck with the rubber bands and marbles. We were each given a lovely indigo-dyed apron to cover our clothes, and two pairs of rubber gloves to wear on top of each other. The reason for the latter was obvious: The instructor’s blue-stained fingers looked like they probably never come completely clean. He warned us that the vat of dye would smell strong. It wasn’t pleasant, but not awful either. Just as striking was the look of it — this wasn’t just a tub of colored liquid. The surface was covered with froth, with a big bubble in the middle that he said was called “the flower of indigo.” The instructor soaked my piece of fabric in plain water first so it would take up the dye better. Then he told me to dunk it in the vat and knead it “for as long as I say.” That’s where the process gets complicated. After kneading, you lift the item out of the dye and hold it in the air for a few moments, while the color changes from a sort of dull brown to blue, as oxidation takes place. Then you dunk and knead it again — and possibly again. The duration and number of dips is how dyers get so many shades of blue — traditionally there are 48 — out of the same pot of dye. Rinsing was left to a small washing machine. When the other two people in the class unwrapped their items, all three of us gasped at how beautiful they were. I assumed they had some talent that I lacked, but when I unwrapped mine, we all exclaimed the same way. No doubt to a real artisan, the results looked like



Saturday, Dec. 30, 2017 » Zanesville Times Recorder

A person kneads cloth in indigo dye at Wanariya indigo dye workshop in Tokyo. PHOTOS BY LINDA LOMBARDI VIA AP

Zanesville Times Recorder » Saturday, Dec. 30, 2017

Indigo Continued from Page 5D

says. “During the fermentation and reduction, the oxygen molecule that is bound to the indigo very strongly become less strongly bound, so the indigo can become soluble in water.” As the natural materials break down, conditions become more acidic, so you have to keep “feeding” the vat. “All that froth on the top, you learn how to read it — the size of the bubble, the color of the bubbles,” Ellis says. “You take the pH, you do dye tests with it, you just have to observe.” Indigo and cotton have a special relationship, sticking to each other “like no other dyes and fibers,” says Teresa Duryea Wong , author of “Cotton and Indigo from Japan.” Most people think of silk when they think of Japanese textiles. But Wong says cotton holds a special place as well. “Raising cotton in Japan started about 600 years ago and it changed everything,” she says. Back then, when the nobility controlled all aspects of everyday life, peasants could grow cotton on the edges of their fields and experiment with it, since it was unregulated. Indigo-dyed cotton was first used for farmers’ clothes and fisherman’s and fireman’s jackets. Gradually it became more decorative, eventually growing into an art form. There is a synthetic version of indigo. It still has to go through the reduction process since it’s chemically identical to the real thing, but it’s less expensive, so the natural dye has become much less


Materials for shibori tie-dyeing are ready for dyeing at Wanariya workshop in Tokyo.

Dec. 11 1857 Joseph E. and Janet L. Risch to Tyler and Hannah Marling, 520 Brown's Drive, Zanesville, $232,000 1858 Paul W. Meyer to Vance



7950 Twp. Rd 29, NE, Somerset

Call: Tabby Wollard, 740-221-3858

3380 Gorsuch Rd., Nashport Great family home on over an acre in Nashport boasts 4 BR, 2 full BA, large family rm., open kitchen & huge workshop space in the garage/basement. $159,900 Call: Dylan Parry, 740-584-2287

1051 Terrace Ct., Zanesville Private 2 BR and 2.5 BA home on the north end of Zanesville features a large living room w/FP that flows onto the private back deck. $143,900 Call: Jay Phillis, 740-319-1818




Charming ranch home is move in ready! Freshly painted exterior and new updates including light fixtures, carpet & vinyl. Attached 2 car garage & nearly 1/2 acre with wooded views. NOW $134,100 with a $1200 appliance allowance. Call: Bobbi Lepi,

855 Richey Rd., Zanesville

6193 Branch Flat Rd., Zanesville Relax and enjoy the views from the expansive front porch of this 4 BR, 2.5 BA home nested on 9.7 acres with flowing creeks and a spring fed pond! $279,900! Call: Dan Robison, 740-221-3749

Amazing sprawling ranch home offering 4 BR, 2 full Ba, new eat-in kitchen with appliances, spacious LR, 1st floor laundry, new back deck & 1 car detached garage in a quiet country setting! $139,500




300 Trappers Hollow Rd., Zanesville Well kept 3 BR, 3 BA home offers cathedral ceilings in the kitchen & living rooms, partially finished walkout basement & more. This home is move in ready! $189,900 Call: Kurt Winsley, 740-297-6062

141 Mead St., Zanesville Great investment property or 1st time homebuyer! Nice clean, 2 BR, kitchen dining room & living room with 1st floor laundry and 2 car attached garage. $29,900

Convenient north end location for this 4 BR, 2.5 BA home with 2 car attached garage and fenced in backyard! some updates include furnace and flooring.

Call: Connie Null, 740-819-2099

Call: Cindy Jacobs, 740-408-0018




Beautiful move in ready ranch home situated on 3 acres in the country offers over 3,000 sq. ft. of finished living space that includes 5 BR, 3 full BA and a fully finished walk out basement. $249,900

Wanariya workshop in Tokyo, offers a variety of indigo dyed products for sale.



common. “In Japan, there were about 40,000 acres of farms growing indigo at the beginning of the 1900s, and making the indigo dyestuff,” says Wong. “Today it’s estimated to be less than a hundred.” The craft itself, though, seems to be doing fine. In her research, Wong saw many trendy uses of indigo-dyed fabric. One is based on the traditional yukata — a sort of light cotton kimono-like robe worn to summer festivals and after a bath: “There’s a high-fashion spin on that, with hand-dyed indigo and wearing it with jeans and boots.” Modern uses are not confined to high fashion. The Wanariya shop, like many others, dyes T-shirts, sneakers, baseball caps and tote bags.



C. Turnewitsch, Lots 107 thru 111, Brooklyn Terrace, Zanesville, $88,000 1859 Wendy L. Shaw to Barbara K. Cavinee, 13865 Parks Road, New Concord, $23,000 1860 Steven E. and Brenda K. West to Allison Leigh Glass

Blagg, 12955 Longview Lane, Zanesville, $157,000 1861 Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to LKMM LLC, 6880 Newark Road, Nashport, $33,000 1862 Brian D. and Megan M.


1258 Rankin Dr., Zanesville

Floor to ceiling bay window, exposed beam ceilings, covered patio and fully applianced eat in kitchen for this 3 BR, 2 BA home on beautifully maintained lot. $249,900 Call: Terry Ludman, 740-819-3000

1337 Coopermill Rd., Zanesville

Gleaming floors for this 3 BR, 2 BA home with many updates! 1st floor owners bedroom, & a 2.5 car garage with wood burner! $69,900 Call: Elyse Luburgh, 740-819-1459

www.LepiRealEstate.com “The Best Address in Real Estate”

4570 East Pike, Zanesville

Call: Christy Woodburn, 740-252-8414

3292 Fairway Ln., Zanesville


2999 Maple Ave., Zanesville

Care & love have been put into this home for many years! Boasts 3 BR, 1 BA, beautiful hardwood flooring throughout and nice floor plan! $99,900

Call: Bobbi Lepi, 740-455-3730


Newton to Austin B. and Joseph L. Settles, 35 W. 11th St., Dresden, $75,000 1863 TBMS Properties LLC to Seth M. Brown, 909 Echo Ave., Zanesville, $76,000 1864 Zachary W. Myers to Dustin J. Wilson and Emma Clare Ross, 6600 Denwood Drive, Nashport, $172,000 1865 Ronald J. Donna K. White to Ricky James and Laura Inman Cowell, 950 Maple Ave., Zanesville, $259,900 1866 TicketCrush LLC to MDLSB LLC, 1901 Dresden Road, Zanesville, $160,000 1867 Eugene E. and Clata L. Sowers to Bradlery S. and Amber Lynn Savage, 7255 Cedar Court, East Nashport, $189,900 1868 Randy E. and Melissa Mummey-Lyons to Lisa M. Krause-Getter, 217 Brighton Blvd., Zanesville, $18,700 1869 Timothy J. Nolan, TR, to Lee Ann Flanagan, 3180 Nolan Road, Zanesville, $72,100 1870 William R. and Rita J. Culp Archer to Marcus A. and Shawnta N. Foster, 4597 Norfield Road, Zanesville, $27,200

Dec. 12

Dec. 13 1881 AFNOCO LLC to Dennis L. and Viola J. Boone, 960 Sunflower Road, New Concord, $59,900 1882 Secretary of Housing and

1892 New Putnam Tetrahedron LLC to Josh Kennedy, 704 Putnam Ave., Zanesville, $13,300 1893 Gregory A. and Marjorie S. Bromley to Jeffrey B. and Kelley D. Rhoades, 548 Woodlawn Ave., Zanesville, $12,500 1894 Clay L. and Julie M. Winland to Tammy C. Lawson, 2250 Adamsville Road, Zanesville, $124,900 1895 Allissa S. Gregg Wilson to Shawna N. Duffy, 320 Trappers Hollow Road, Zanesville, $229,000 1896 TCT Rentals I, Ltd. to Mindi A. Dix, 840 Echo Ave., Zanesville, $85,000 1897 Anne C. Lance and Brian C. Shepard to Mandi D. Robb, 3490 Colony Park Court, Zanesville, $215,850 1898 Just One Properties to JT Bab Properties LLC, 25 N. Third St., Zanesville, $56,785 1899 Andrew E. Hostetler, et. al., to Herman J. and Orpha H. Shetler, 9100 Bell Road, Adamsville, $12,500 1900 Brian K. Mitchell to David E. Smith, 5915 Poverty Ridge Road, Blue Rock, $10,000 1901 Frederick E. and Dawn K. Lichtner to Clay A. West, 3860 Chandlersville Road, Zanesville, $80,000 1902 Benita Salgado Roman to Silvano Soto Arias, et. al., 6325 Arnies Drive, Nashport, $180,000 1903 Miriam D. Cornett to Neil J. Cornett, 3360 Foxfire Drive, Zanesville, $68,750

— Call Olde Town Realty For The Service You Deserve! —

Dec. 11 E1183 Jon E. and Rebecca L. Allen to Jon E. Allen Rentals LLC, Lot 1 Dugans and Lots 484 and 489 Brighton, Zanesville E1184 Richard Barr to Roger Barr, 8550 White Eyes Road, New Concord E1185 MCCF II LLC to Muskingum Valley Park District, 1720 Euclid Ave., Zanesville E1186 Eagle Crest Ltd. to Cottages at Stonington Place Phase II, 3435 Regans Way, Zanesville E1187 Jon E. and Rebecca L. Allen to Jack E3 Allen Rentals LLC, Four Parcels, Zanesville E1188 Ronald Earl Newton to Nancy D. Newton, 3245 Nolan Drive, Zanesville

Dec. 12 E1189 George H. and Barbara J. Roberts to Roberts Family Trust, 2955 Coopermill Road, Zanesville E1190 Jason A. Ankrom to Alison D. Ankrom, 5080 Finwood Drive, Nashport E1191 Douglas C. Joseph to Whitney Joseph, 535 Main St., Zanesville E1192 Sylvia R. McGlade to Mary Beth Tippie, 3220 Riverside Airport Road, Zanesville

Dec. 14 E1193 Jimmie D. Shepherd to Vickie S. Shepherd, 326 Sixth St., Philo E1194 Eileen L. and Gerald C. Untied Jr. to Janeen L. Fell, et. al., 7349 Frazeysburg Road, Nashport E1195 John H. Diveley to Susan C. Diveley, 1849 Euclid Ave., Zanesville

Dec. 15 E1196 Richard E. and Patricia R. Bale to Richard E. and Patricia R. Bale, TR, 4730 Foster Road, Dresden E1197 Suzanne Driscoll to Ronald E. Driscoll, 1077 Eastman St., Zanesville E1198 Alice Cain to Cecil E. and Alice M. Cain, TR, 479 Roemer Drive, Duncan Falls E1199 Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Muskingum Property Management, 343 Linn St., Zanesville E1200 Ralph L. and Sally F. Fusner to 7th St. Rental Properties, 40 W. Seventh St., Dresden E1201 Thomas J. Burkhart Sr. to Thomas J. Burkhart Jr., et. al., 529 McConnell Ave., Zanesville E1202 Richard H. and Joyce A. McClelland to Richard H. and Joyce A. McClelland, TR, 5495 Maysville Pike, Zanesville

Alan Wilson

Deb Graham

Marsha Young

Larry Dennis

607-4750 221-9101



Amy Pieper

Joe Baker

Ron Buchanan

Dave Foster

Danielle Fikes





Brooke Carpenter


Located in Philo this house is offered at $50,000, 3 bdrms., 1st flr laundry, one car garage. Listing Agent Danielle Fikes 740-607-8124


Large home offering 2151 sq. ft. of living area, 4 bdrms., 3 new baths, 2 car garage and ready For immediate possession. Listing Agent Joe Baker 740-297-0823


This 1800+ sq. ft. home features gorgeous Bamboo flooring, wood burning fireplace, super large living rm. w/full length windows and 3 large bedrooms. $139,900 Listing Agent Deb Graham 740-819-0217


Beautiful Tri Level Home with 2572 sq. ft. of living area, lots of new throughout. 3 bdrms., 2 ½ baths, 2 car garage and ready for immediate possession. Listing Agent Dave Foster 740-819-7685


3 Bdrm, 1 bath home with large fenced yard, 1st flr. laundry, large detached 2 car garage and ready for immediate possession. $59,900. Listing Agent Joe Baker 740-297-0823


This home has stunning upgrades throughout. 3 bdrms., kitchen w/granite countertops, 2 car garage, New windows, furnace and central air. Listing Agent Alan Wilson 740-607-4750

819-6022 607-8124


Price Reduced! Lovely 2-3 bdrm. home with finished attic space, hardwood flrs. under carpet, Nice deck and ready for immediate possession. Listing Agent Deb Graham 740-819-0217


Charming 3 bdrm., 2 bath, home with 2392 sq. ft. of living area, large extra long garage and bonus room off 3rd bedroom. Listing Agent Brooke Carpenter 740-704-2913


Stunning 4 bdrm. home featuring new kitchen w/ quartz countertops, sunroom like breakfast nook, Ceramic flr. and back splash. Must see property Listing Agent Alan Wilson 740-607-4750


You will be impressed with the structure of this building, all brick w/ exposed brick on top 3 levels, Freight elevator and full basement. Listing Agent Deb Graham 740-819-0217


3 Bdrm., 2 ½ bath home on nice flat lot, semi open flr. plan, large private deck, master suite, Full finished basement and large 2 car garage. Listing Agent Joe Baker 740-297-0823


All brick ranch home w/full walk out dry basement, 2 full baths, 2-3 bdrms., wood burning fireplace, Great for Newark, Zanesville commuters. Listing Agent Alan Wilson 740-607-4750

2406 Maple Ave. | 453-OLDE (6533) | OldeTownRealtyOH.com


1871 Stephen King MVL to Properties LLC, 560 Brookover Ave., Zanesville, $25,300 1872 Loren E. Prouty, TR, to Myron and Nancy L. Lacy, 3703 Leasure Court, Zanesville, $156,000 1873 Pending 1874 William L. and Stephenie K. Taylor to John Pipp, 204 E. Main St., Zanesville, $165,500 1875 Amy M. Stires, by Sheriff, to US Bank, NA, 817 Larzelere Ave., Zanesville, $34,960 1876 Richard Lewis Martin, by Sheriff, to H&K Equities LLC, 821 Ohio St., Zanesville, $14,000 1877 Michael A. Miller, by Sheriff, to Bayview Loan Servicing LLC, 77 Richards Road, Zanesville, $8,000 1878 John A. and Teeresa R. Dunlap to John D. and Julie R. Dunlap, 2945 Spinks Circle, Zanesville, $110,000 1879 Lorinne Wilson, TR, to James Maxwell and Sharon Ann Haldeman, Trust 0.781 acre split, Old Wheeling Road, Zanesville, $6,500 1880 Jamarcus and Emily B. Hershberger to Becky J. Winsley, 1924 Euclid Ave., Zanesville, $92,000

Dec. 15



Continued from Page 6D

Urban Development to Bradley and Kimberly S. Dye, 12640 Third St., Trinway, $30,888 1883 Thomas E. and Jessica L. Joseph to Michael D. Thomas Jr., 5480 Narrows Road, Frazeysburg, $170,000 1884 Century National Bank to Ronald J. and Lolla R. Brydon, 2550 Boat Dock Road, Zanesville, $120,000 1885 Ian Hellems to Amanda J. Huck, 227 Main St., Philo, $97,000 1886 Mary Ann Prouty to Jakob M. Ethell, 1632 Adamsville Road, Zanesville, $69,900 1887 Cindy K. Bryan to Brenda L. and James W. Layton III, 6820 Wentworth Drive, Philo, $8,280 1888 Bryan Little to David B. and Tasia Nauer, 6201 Welsh Road, Nashport, $268,000 1889 Norma J. Edwards to Perry County Broadcasting Co. Inc., 210 S. Jackson St., New Lexington, $4,500 1890 MTSP Holdings LLC to Elegy Investments LLC, 429 Van Horn Ave., Zanesville, $65,000 1891 Thomas R. Mathers to William S. Mathers, 624 Seborn Ave., Zanesville, $40,000

Saturday, Dec. 30, 2017 » Zanesville Times Recorder


Zanesville Times Recorder » Saturday, Dec. 30, 2017

“We Always Have Time For You”

Carol Goff & Associates Carol Goff 819-2301 Owner


(740) 454-6777

Happy New Year

from Carol Goff & Associates

Lori Frank 704-5511 Broker


1108 Maple Ave. Zanesville, OH

Zanesville • 740-454-6777 South Zanesville • 740-454-0246 New Concord • 740-826-7557


539 MILL ST. $47,000

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Spacious family home offers huge great room, large kitchen, formal dining room and huge living room. Home offers 5 bedrooms on 2nd level with 2 full baths, first floor laundry area. Basement has been portioned on for additional rooms. Nice detached garage and level lot. Lots to offer here with some TLC. Nice curb appeal and design.

2039 NEIL AVE. $44,500

1632 ½ ADAMSVILLE RD. $54,900

SHANNON ADAMS 740-819-1641


626 LENOX AVE. $89,900

Great north end location! Original woodwork and hardwood floors. Lower level family room area with bar and half bath with ceramic tile flooring. Updated furnace, hot water tank, electric box and roof. Nice level yard, off street parking in 2 car 2 detached garage. Attic area could be finished for additional space but makes great storage area.

SHANNON ADAMS 740-819-1641


Shannon Adams 819-1641 Realtor

Bonnie Dearth 819-3197 Realtor

467 YALE AVE. $69,900


Great north-end location close to all the conveniences: doctors, hospital, restaurants and shopping. This 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo has just been painted and has new carpet ready for new tenants. All kitchen appliances and washer and dryer included. Attached 1 car garage. Owner will allow pets and looking for long term tenant. Tenant pays for electric and gas.

Nice family home on Zanesville’s north end, spacious rooms, eat in kitchen, dining area or could be used as a family room, covered front porch, large covered deck in the back & a level fenced in yard, there is also a large garage with extra storage, priced to sell!

BONNIE DEARTH 740-819-3197

SIS TODD 740-454-8468

Nice large mobile home on a level lot with a country setting. Deck/porch covered on front. Deck on back. Storage building stays. Great location on a quiet street close to restaurants and post office. Just far enough out.

SIS TODD 740-454-8468

Nice 14x70 mobile home sitting on 1.38 acres in Tri-Valley school district. This home features 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, and a new rubber roof with transferable warranty. This home also includes 3 out buildings, an 18x32 pole barn, 16x20 out building and a storage shed. This home has public water and has a septic tank and is surrounded by a beautiful wooded setting. With lots of room for a garden.

JOHN WELLS 740-617-9748

785 LARZELERE AVE. $62,500

Cute 1 1/2 story home sits close to Muskingum County fairgrounds. Hardwood floors, newer windows, roof, siding and water tank. This 3 bedroom home with a little TLC would make a great starter home or a good investment for the right person. 1 car garage and plenty of on and off street parking, a fenced in back yard for kids to play or pets to enjoy.

JOHN WELLS 740-617-9748

Ric Dodson 221-9946 Realtor

Stacie West 408-7533 Realtor

Kendra Swiney 740-297-1863 Realtor

846 LARZELERE AVE. $69,900

19 YORK AVE. $114,900

Well maintained 2 bedroom, 1 bath home with 2 car attached garage. Wood floors in both bedrooms, dining room and family room. Full unfinished basement. Paved driveway with plenty of off street parking.

SHERRY ZIEMER 740-607-8471

1188 PFEIFER DR. $135,900

Much bigger than I look!. 1680 sq ft of living space. 3 BR, 2 full baths, 1st floor laundry. Lots of updates in this home, including new roof, vinyl siding, spouting, porch. Updated bathrooms, new floor covering throughout. Updated electrical, plumbing. 90 % efficiency furnace, newer central air, vinyl windows. All you have to do is move in. There is a large yard on the side and in the rear of the house.

Great northend location with a nice level yard. 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath ranch home. Front porch. New roof in 2012. Fully applianced kitchen. Corner lot with extra half lot. Close to hospital, doctors, bus line, etc. Large family room on back. Move in ready. 70x141 lot size. Garage has work bench and lots of cabinets for storage.

1700 CLARICE DR. $184,900

6200 FRAZEYSBURG RD. $250,000

CALL OFFICE 740-454-6777

LORI FRANK 740-704-5511

BONNIE DEARTH 740-819-3197

SIS TODD 740-454-8468

526 MAIN ST. $179,000

580 MORGAN RD. $249,900

Upper Level Condo remodeled! Amazing Quality Design, High Ceilings, Beautiful Cherry Floors Throughout, Open & Spacious 2 Bedroom, 2 Full Baths. Cherry Cabinets & Granite Counters in Kitchen, New Windows and Laundry Room. Spiral Staircase to Remodeled Roof With/Private Deck and Wonderful Views! Entire Building With Condo and 1st Floor Office Space.

Private wooded setting with 5 acres features 4 bedrooms, 3 full baths, fully applianced oak kitchen, covered front porch and covered rear deck with above ground pool. Beautiful private in-law suite. 24x40 barn with electric and fenced pasture. 32x40 garage with man cave. 24x12 dogrun with kennel.

105 WHITES RD. $460,000

5010 NORTHPOINTE DR. $997,000

SIS TODD 740-4548-8468

CALL OFFICE 740-454-6777

PHIL MUSE 614-949-3482

CALL OFFICE 740-454-6777

Dustin Bronkar 740-704-4443 Realtor

Susan Crews 819-5829 Realtor



1429 DEERCREEK DR. $344,900

Sis Todd 454-8468 Realtor

Room for everyone in this 5 br, 4.5 bath home situated on a 2.28 acre lot in the Wilkins Meadows subdivision in the Maysville SD. Two master suites, eat-in kitchen, formal dining room and fully finished walkout basement. Plus attached and detached garages for all your storage needs.

SHERRY ZIEMER 740-607-8471

Ron Thompson 683-7089 Realtor

Lisa Finnell 221-5431 Realtor

Coleen Tiffner 680-0681 Realtor

Sherry Ziemer 607-8471 Realtor

5 unit apartment complex in very quiet and private setting close to town. All units are 1 bedroom, 1 bath with washer and dryer hookups. Currently 2 strips of apartments. Tenant pays water and electric. Owner pays sewer and trash collection.

Dan Wing 823-3775 Realtor

Bruce Crutchfield 630-1459 Realtor

Lori Dickens 255-0182 Realtor

Car Wash for sale. Immaculately maintained! Great investment opportunity. Built in 2004 with 2 manual bays and 1 automatic wash. 3 vacuuming stations. Automated change machine. Lots of vending machines with car wash supplies. Has private well and public water. Has camera system which stays. Private restroom inside. Large concrete areas. High traffic area with lots of residential homes.

Rhonda Lampton 624-8887 Realtor

Dylan Ruby 624-8856 Realtor

Phillip Muse 614-949-3482 Realtor

High visibility, just 1 mile from I-70. Great location for a business. Commercial vacant ground with 35 acres in Zanesville, Ohio. Ideal location for a hotel, etc. Just 2 miles out of town between US 40 and Interstate 70. Located next to Goodwill Industries.

Judy Covella 270-9504 Realtor

Jalil Carter 260-4749 Realtor

John Wells 617-9748 Realtor

Great commercial building that could be used for many different purposes. Over 9,000 sq ft of space, this newer brick building has a paved parking lot and is situated on 2 acres of land. Convenient location. Additional land is also available.

Sean Barnhouse 740-562-9831 Realtor

Daniel Bennett 740-607-7729 Realtor


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