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Texas High Risk Pool - Texas Health Insurance Pools ____________________________________ By Ayla Daisy -

The Texas Legislature created the Texas Health Insurance Pool in order to offer health insurance to Texas residents that meet a certain criteria. This program is geared towards people that are not able to attain other health insurance from commercial insurers due to existing medical conditions.

To Learn More About Workmens Auto Insurance The high risk pool in Texas also guarantees portability of coverage to those who lose coverage under an employer plan, state plan, or church plan. It is a safety net for people with pre-existing health conditions that have been denied coverage from other companies even though they could afford the premiums. As of August 2010, there are 26,762 people enrolled in the Texas High Risk Pool.

Not only does the Texas High Risk Pool offer health insurance to those with pre-existing medical conditions, but also to people that recently lost their employer-sponsored coverage. If a person cannot obtain traditional health insurance coverage, than the Texas High Risk Pool is most likely the next most comprehensive insurance option. The Health Pool provides major medical coverage that is very similar to what is offered at the commercial level with a wide range of specialists and services. The rates are determined by the insured's gender, age, residential ZIP code, and tobacco use. Health status is not a concern for this program, but the rates can be as much as double the standard rates found in the individual health insurance market. To enroll in the Texas High Risk Pool, a person has to meet a few requirements such as proof of citizenship and documented proof of previous problems obtaining insurance. There will also be a question regarding the last time the applicant had full coverage health insurance. If all requirements are

met, an application can be completed. Applications can be printed from a computer and mailed in or the application can be completed online.

Read a lot of information about the plan, eligibility requirements, rates, deductions, and all other aspects of the Texas High Risk Pool insurance program. Then decide if it is the right plan for you. Continue to monitor the heath care industry as there are a lot of healthcare initiatives coming down the belt, such as strengthening and expanding state's high risk pools and the implementation of a new PreExisting Condition Insurance plan that may be available in every state. This new insurance plan is not expected to take the place of the Texas High Risk Pool.

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