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Silver Candle Holders - Jewish Candle Holders _____________________________________________________________________________________ By Balis - Who doesn't remember that sight every week, when his mother stood glowing, lighting the Shabbat candles in the gorgeous family silver candle holders? The candle holders, like the Kiddush cups, are a symbol which is highly recognized with Judaism; always bring back sweet memories of warmth, light, happiness and family.The Jewish tradition states that in every household, candles should be lit at the beginning of every Shabbat and Jewish holiday. Although it has long become the custom that the women light the candles, when there are only men, they can light the candles as well. One of the main reasons for lighting the candles is to add light and piece to the home. Although the minimum amount of candles to be lit is one, it is accepted that at least two candles will be lit - one for Shamor - keep the Shabbat, and one for Zachor - remember the Shabbat. Click Here

As stated above, it is usually the mother who lights the candles. In some households the daughters join the mother and light their own candles - usually one candle each. There are different traditions as to the number of candles which are lit. Many people light in two silver candle holders, yet some light seven candles according to the Kabbalah and some light a candle for every member of the family. It is also a custom for a woman who missed lighting the candles one Shabbat, to light another candle for the rest of her life.Most households use white wax candles in their Shabbat candle holders. There is also a custom to use oil as the candles, and if people.

Want to glorify the commandment, they use olive oil which is considered the best oil to light candles with. There are some people that use wax candles but add drops of olive oil as well.There is no question as to the fact that among the many Judaica gifts available for purchase today, silver candle holders are amongst the more prestigious and practical gifts. These are especially great as Bat Mitzvah gifts. I know that most people think that the most appropriate gift would be some sort of Bat Mitzvah jewelry, but truly, if you consider the essence of the occasion, candle holders are a fantastic gift.

Probably many people may think that such a gift is too expensive for a twelve year old girl, but there are wonderful pewter candle holders as well. These are much less expensive, don't require a great amount of cleaning, and are very beautiful as well. As a Bat Mitzvah is a celebration of a young girl entering the adult Jewish life, and accepting the Mitzvoth - the Jewish law, candle holders which are used to light the Shabbat candles - a widely known female mitzvah, is a perfect gift.

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