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Table of Contents What is a Brand Ambassador?.............. 3 Brand Ambassador Program................. 4 To be the Best Supplier of Manufacturing Technology............................................ 6 What Makes a Great Life?..................... 8 What Makes a Brand Ambassador.............................. 10 A Day in the Life as a Brand Ambassador.............................. 12 How Brand Ambassadors Deal with Adversity.............................. 14 Life Beyond Phillips Corporation......... 16 Brand Ambassador Interview.............. 18

什么是菲利普品牌大使..................... 20

What is a Phillips Brand Ambassador? Why are They Relevant? by Alan Phillips

We all know that our company has a dual vision/

accomplish their purpose in life.

mission -- in a nutshell the two are -- creating a

Brand Ambassadors contribute mightily to our Phillips

community where we learn to live great lives and being

Community because they have found that by doing so

the world’s best supplier of manufacturing technology.

provides them the best means for accomplishing their

Our ability to make strong progress along the path

purpose in life.

toward our vision/mission is wholly a function of us.

Do you agree that the consequence of highly competent

Our best role models are our Brand Ambassadors.

people pursuing their purpose by contributing to a

These are the Phillips Partners whose performance

cause bigger than they are -- is the most powerful

is a reflection of our Cultural Performance Standard

human force imaginable? Throughout this edition

and our Code of Conduct. Our Brand Ambassadors

of Pathways to Virtuosity, our Phillips Brand

are dedicated to life time learning, that is they are

Ambassadors share their thoughts -- How can their

continually improving their competencies in order to

ideas and perspective be useful to each of us?


Brand Ambassador Program VISION We are a community of Brand Ambassadors. Brand Ambassadors embody the spirit of our culture and are recognized for their continuous improvement in performance.

MISSION To develop the world’s best culture of recognition thereby contributing mightily to creating a critical mass of Brand Ambassadors resulting in an increase in net promoters.

This prestigious award recognizes Phillips Corporation Partners who exemplify significant and continuous improvement in performance, exceptional acts of customer service, creating the better idea and communicating our culture that can be sustained throughout the Phillips community.


SELECTION CRITERIA - A minimum of 2-years of significant continuous improvement in performance by consistently overcoming roadblocks - A proven track record of great accomplishments - A role model for our culture by:

* Engaging Partners in dialogue to create the better idea

* Utilizing the best tools available in order to accomplish his/her audacious goals

* Building unique trusted relationships

* Is irrevocably in the learning mode

* Consistently partnering to create the better idea with all stakeholders

* Performs exceptional acts of customer service

HOW TO NOMINATE SOMEONE YOU ASK? Nomination Forms can be found in the OGTE! section of Lotus Notes. Recognize your fellow Partners and help create a critical mass of Brand Ambassadors!


What it means to be the Best Supplier of Manufacturing Technology John Harsha Federal Division What is the end result of achieving it? The end result of this is very similar to a marriage. You create a very deep mutual respect and trust where customers are actually finding ways to purchase from my team. I have heard several customers say that they weren’t sure about the solution that I was providing but they knew that it would always work out as long as they were working with us. In this day and age it seems that “legendary service� is not a good thing. The reality is that most of the companies in business today have less than par service practices, they have focused on sales to much and forgot to service the customer beyond their expectations If you can step up and serve your customers you will always win. When I started in this business I was always told that everyone in the company is a salesman, this would guaranty the sale.

Well I challenge everyone to think about it in a different way, everyone in the company should be a service person as this would guaranty all future sales. Anyone can get one sale, but it takes a special organization to get repeat sales. 6

Kim DeBruhl JeffreysMfg. Believing in your product and projecting that belief in all that you do. It is an attitude. My product is simply the best. The best product deserves full attention to detail. Whether it is taking the time to jot down detail notes from a phone conversation with the customer, to completing the forms, it is a belief that the product deserves the best attention I can give it. My version of customer service - we want our customers to have total confidence in what we say and what we do. This is reflected in all of our interaction with our customers. We treat our customers with an attitude of respect and professionalism, making their experience with us so great that they will return again, and again, and again. In order to continuously improve we need to listen to our customers, what do they want? What do they expect? How can we provide things they want in our product, in our service and in our organization?

Carolyn Griffin JeffreysMfg. Listen to the customer and what they need. If we have that information we can offer the best solution! With relation to my specific role, I listen carefully to the needs and requests of my salesmen. Not just listen to what is said, but think about what is not said, to fill in and offer additional ideas when appropriate. Then we want to respond to the customer’s request promptly and accurately. This allows our team to have the most up to date information at all times ---


read, read, read!

Listen. It’s the best way to find out how you are doing, what is working and what to improve. How you interpret and how you decide what is useful and what you do with this information is what separates you from the rest of the crowd. What makes the best Service Department for the best supplier of manufacturing technology? Remember this: Always talk to your Customer with respect, there is no need for you without him; Know or get to know who you are talking to on more than a professional level; Do not let go of a customer’s problem. If you know about it, it is yours as much as the person solving it; If the customer calls you it is important, help him; Always do what you said you would - it builds trust; Learn something Dushan Pufek (w/ Jean James) new about your product’s every day; Develop an exceptional relationship Engineering Technologies with everyone in your department, be there for them and they will be there for you; Never say “That’s not my job”; Love what you do and make sure you do what you can to help the others around you love it; At the end of every day ask yourself if you provided quality and if there was anything you could improve. 7

What Makes a Great Life?

Jack Xia with wife Wei Jiafeng Great life 就是一种成就感,影响到别人的生活。 当我们处在事业的巅峰时,回头去看,great life 就在眼前。逐渐完善完美自己的期望,就 像一双隐形的翅膀,时时刻刻提醒自己去成功, 成功就是我周围的人因为我而精彩。 Great life is a reflection of success/accomplishment which does influence others. When we arrive our career peak and review the way leading us to success, is the time to announce we are having great life. A continuously optimizing life plan is a pair of invisible wings to remind us to track the path to be successful. Success is changing people around me into higher level performers.

Ed Kilgallon (right) with sons Joe , Sean and wife Marianne I believe there are three things that make a great life. The first is the simplest – enjoyment. You learn to enjoy the sensory pleasures or experiences in life: good food, drink, music, colors, sex, exercise, sports, etc. One needs to savor the time, be mindful and appreciate the moment, for it doesn’t always last (and often is never repeated). This is the way it is with “enjoyment” – we all adapt quickly to these experiences such that it can become passé. Don’t take things for granted. Next is engagement. You become so immersed or engaged in something that it doesn’t bore you. (Remember a time when you were so engaged in something that you lost track of time?) It is likely you are so engaged because you are using your core strengths with something that really interested you, and you needed no external reward in order to do it. The last thing is meaning. Inherently, I think we want to serve something larger than ourselves. We want our life to mean something beyond just an accounting ledger sheet at the end of our lives. For me, it’s my family, my God, and my extended family at Phillips.


Michael Garner presenting Brand Ambassador Award to Mike Vaughan A great life by definition means different things to different people and what it means to me is hard to put into words. I am lucky to have a very beautiful and understanding wife. I have always worked my way up into positions were work demands a lot of my time. On my previous job I was the plant manager. This meant getting to work earlier than everyone and always being the last to leave. This left Carla patiently waiting at home more times than I can count. With Jeffreys it is kind of the same. And it is a treasure to have a wife that understands and who plays a big role in what I feel is a great life. I have a gorgeous, intelligent daughter who makes me very proud each and everyday. She never ceases to amaze me with her dedication to her studies and her passion for learning. She is a soft spoken, caring person who people love to be around and enjoy getting to know. My hobby is my work and I try each day to put my heart and soul into it. I love what I do and would not trade it for anything. Don’t get me wrong there are days when I want to run to the door screaming “I’m done”! We all have those days I am sure. To sum it up, if I were to describe a great life it would be: To know I have a god who loves me, family and friends who care about me, good health, a passion for work, and the ability to affect my destiny. As long as I have these I will leave this world knowing I have lived a great life.

Helene Kershaw with her daughters Rachel(left), Allison and husband Tom In pondering the deeper meaning of life–alone and in conversation with friends–I always come back to the same trilogy: to live, learn, and love. The three, as I see them, are interrelated in that one must live in order to learn and learn in order to love. I suppose I could add to embrace, to evolve, and to contribute, but I like the simplicity of the first three which for me sum up the core elements of why I am here. For me, live in order to learn is to keep an open mind, experience life, learn from others, and learn from your mistakes in order to improve your life. Learn in order to love was taught and shown to me at an early age by my parents. They taught me that love is the key to happiness, well being, and good character, and can be achieved at times, by sacrificing your own desires in order to provide for those who are special in your life. For me, God, my husband Tom, my daughters Rachel and Allison, other family members, and friends are what give meaning and form the cornerstone of a great life.



Fred Joseph with wife Sue and daughter Julia

Ashish Lala at HFO Mumbai 10

What Makes a s of August 1st my new role as President of Phillips A&E has offered me new challenges. This made continued learning a necessity which led to development of a new skill sets.

I believe it is critical that all Stakeholders share their dreams, concerns and suggestions. Not one person can know all, therefore teamwork and respectful listening is crucial for success. Brian, Jeff, Matt, Nian and I share ideas and solutions about our domestic and global endeavors constantly. At a recent team meeting, we had discussions regarding all areas of our current and potential business. Everyone learned and laughed while enhancing our relationships with each other.

s a mechanical engineer selling machine tools, one had no idea that some day I would be analyzing the implications of these obtuse terms- Double-V, global meltdown, hyper inflation, China effect etc. on our immediate future. I also had to struggle with learning about a plethora of concepts – like taxation, recruitment, balance sheets, logistics, cash flow and inventory. The Phillips Brand Ambassador Award was a reminder of the responsibility entrusted by my Partners to provide direction and leadership. Splintering complex problems in order to keep it simple requires one to analyze basic concepts, establish metrics and take people friendly steps. The only constant learning! Learn, Adapt and Implement. My immediate challenge is to create a road-map of strategic decisions which will lead to making CNC SSIPL the leading source for manufacturing equipment in India.

Brand Ambassador? I

n my opinion, that feat is best accomplished by representing Jeffreys as if it were my company and by meeting the customers’ needs with empathy, integrity, and a sense of urgency. Personally identifying with the customers well before they recognize a need, perhaps suggesting a solution that they do not see, and, most importantly, being a resource of knowledge that supports his interest and the willingness to spend time, as needed, to affect a solution will pay dividends. I con- Albert McDougald with his Brand Ambassador Trophy sider my position as an avocation with economic rewards. Be a teacher and a resource, and the sales will come!


eing in a state of continuous learning is the only way to summarize continuous improvement in performance. While this can be an obvious response, in a deeper sense it is not. Rather than clutching to old ideas, past or even current experiences, we must be willing to open up and learn from every step and every action. For me personally, this means analyzing both the pros and cons of the grandest of all lessons down to tiniest detail. In doing so, the key is to be open enough to recognize these opportunities and learn from each of them. Additionally, from an interpersonal standpoint, if your confidence, ego, or intellect stands in the way of learning new things, something about yourself or those you interact with, you have de-railed continuous improvement. Role models for our culture clearly exhibit a character based on the morality of law, strong work ethics, open and obvious states of learning, and a sincere compassion for our business community.

Jason Blair with his Brand Ambassador Trophy 11

A Day in the Life as a Brand Ambassador



How Our Brand Ambassadors Deal with Adversity? Brand Ambassador Shirley Koenig (right) with Jackie Eargle (left) at July 4th Haas Demo Day

We just finished putting together the South Tec Show in Charlotte, NC. This was all new to me. At first this seemed overwhelming to fulfill this responsibility. But without hesitation I took ownership and began making plans. In an adverse situation once you accept ownership and control you can then lay the plans toward completing and feeling awesome about the job. The unknown has always created a passion in me to explore/learn and conquer, so that I can continue to live a great life with all the passion of a Brand Ambassador which encompass living, loving, laughing, sharing and caring with all.

Matthew Nardangeli (middle) receiving award from fellow Brand Ambassadors Ed Kilgallon and Helene Kershaw


Uncertainty is the fun part! It is where our decision making could have a profound effect on our customers. It’s an opportunity to fill a need, to teach, to learn, to grow your competencies. It is important to be proactive and to have a ‘plan B’ but there are still frequently unforeseen circumstances arising and we need to be reactive. Uncertainty allows us to grow this skill - to think quick on your feet in order to give your customers what they need. And after all isn’t that the whole point? Doing what is necessary to make your customer happy? The Phillips brand is focused on “Creating Better Ideas”. My customers are mainly internal partners, and for me it is about asking the “better questions” which allows me to develop my decision making process. The better decisions I make, the less adversity I have to deal with.

Brooks Barwick relaxing on the sail boat before the Phillips Corporation Board meeting

In the right perspective, dealing with adversity does not have to be difficult. Adversity can be emotionally draining, it can be physically damaging, it can make you lose sleep at night and it can affect your personal and family relationships– if you let it. I am surprised at how often I hear from or observe people who are overly excited, mad, wanting to fight, wanting to argue or wanting to quit over perceived problems or injustices that life throws at each of us. What did I learn? I learned that when you face adversity, you are not alone. I had a support group of 70 people to help me and advise me. They all understood the challenge we were facing. I think this comes from years of good communications and trust in each other that we have worked for many years to build. The real adversity in this case was and is being experienced by those Partners we lost. Those of us remaining have not really faced adversity, only inconvenience. I will never forget the professionalism and compassion exhibited by each of our Partners that we lost. It is our friends and Partners who get us through adversity. Keep a clear head, develop your plan and depend on those folks the next time you face a problem.

Dana Smagala hard at work

Maintaining superior services to our suppliers and customers assists Phillips Corporation in being the best supplier of manufacturing technology. In my role at Phillips Corporation, I have to make sure that we come together as a team and create better systems/practices to meet and exceed the expectations of our suppliers and customers. In all cases this means that change and adversity is involved. Change is not usually something that is welcome to most and adversity is always challenging. In implementing better systems or ideas we must coach partners that change will make us stronger. Change is a challenge for most people and is necessary in growing and learning from our experiences in life. We don’t know when adversity will come; life is all about how we react to adversity. The adversity one faces throughout our lives affects each of us differently. We can either accept the adversity and face the unknown head on or run away and hide. Confronting the unknown in life allows us to grow from our experiences and challenges us that life is full of change. People who select to run away and hide do not learn from their experiences in life. In our role at Phillips Corporation, we have to not allow the roadblocks to hold us back from learning and growing in our careers.


My Life Beyond Phillips Corporation


or many people success is the achievement of great financial wealth. For others it is attaining a position of high status within the community or the organization. I measure my own success on a very different scale. Each and every day I start out with the same goal: DO THE NEXT RIGHT THING TO THE BEST OF MY ABILITY. While this may not seem like a very lofty goal it provides me with many opportunities during any given day to be successful in both my personal life and my business life.

call? Am I SUCCESSFUL? You tell me! I am a firm believer that developing and maintaining a compelling relationship with our customers is vital to our long term success. It is amazing to me how strong these relationships become over the years. For example, it is Saturday night around 8:30pm and I am watching a NASCAR race on TV (big surprise) when my cell phone rings. It is a customer of ours that owns a business in my sales territory. Let me set the stage a little before I continue. We don’t socialize outside of business. We don’t go to each others house for dinner. We don’t know each others children by name. For lack of a better term we have a business relationship only, or so I thought.

If I maintain focus on continually improving my personal character traits such as morality, ethics, and empathy during my interaction with others I am, little by little becoming a better person every day. Is this success? If I find something positive in a generally Now back to the negative situation phone call. His have I achieved opening words blew success? I view success somewhat like saving pennies in a jar. me away! “You won’t believe what happened to me today. Adding a few each day builds on the amount already there. There are a lot of people I could have called but I wanted to share this with you.” The story he told, which had nothing to How does all this personal character building stuff help me do with the machine tool business, is not as important as the sell machines? It is kind of like learning to play an instrument. strength of the relationship that prompted him to call me on The more you practice, the better you become and the more a Saturday night. Since that time he has made the following automatic certain things become. As I practice becoming statement on several of my sales calls, “ I don’t know why a better and stronger person in my personal life I find that you bother to make sales calls on me. You know when I need it automatically transfers to my business relationships. For something I am going to buy it from you.” example, given the current economic conditions, many machine shop owners are struggling to survive and I waltz What a testimonial to the importance of compelling in their door trying to sell them new equipment. Sometime relationships. I attribute my life successes to the prudent use during that visit I take their mind off of their worries and make of this Divine gift. them smile, even if only briefly.Was this a SUCCESSFUL sales 16

Winning the Brand Ambassador award has made me discover that there is an infinitely richer approach to life, awareness that the smallest action of every day have an internal impact. I felt successful which in return has built my confidence that reflects into all areas of my life Success is also about achieving personal fulfillment, overcoming something within myself regardless of the outcome. I have learnt to challenge myself, to be more positive, to keep on learning, a realization that you make progress you win. But along with the positives one has to learn to handle the yoke of expectations and pressures too. On a personal note: My sons felt that by winning the Brand Ambassador Award I have raised the bar for them. Receiving a Brand Ambassador Award was a huge honor and compliment, one I never expected nor felt I deserved. I am surrounded by many people who are considered brand ambassadors in my eyes & are more deserving of such an award. How humbling it was to have my name announced as the recipient. I never set out in my career to impress anyone or earn any recognition. Instead I have just always tried to do what is right regardless. Whether I am dealing with a customer or my own family and friends I always want to do the right thing. Doing the right thing also means doing my very best to help others however I can. I feel like if I treat people with respect and always try to do the right thing everything else will fall into place. I don’t want to be remembered for how I performed at my job, how much money I made, or how many machines I sold. I want to be remembered for the person I have been, and for how I treated people in my life.When others think of me I want them to consider me a good person, husband, father, friend and community member. It is my hope that my personal character will be a good reflection of the company I represent. I am honored to be considered a Brand Ambassador. Just the realization of how my daily duties impact not only our customers, but others within the company impresses upon me to always give my best . Taking shortcuts is not an option when you are responsible for shipping/receiving parts to and from customers, shipping/receiving parts to and from Haas. Sure sometimes , I get frustrated but then I have to remember it is not about me......that part I am packing up to go out “ UPS Next Day Air”(for example)..... is really needed by one of our customers or one of our service technicians. I have a very positive outlook on life and that definitely flows over into my work ethic. I get asked this question a lot “James, why do you laugh so much?”. To anyone who asks me that question I always respond, “Why do you frown so much?”. I truly believe in what they call the golden rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. 17

Interview with Brand Ambassadors I had the opportunity to interview four of our Brand Ambassadors, Faye Marsh, Joe Garcia, Frank Capaldi, and Michael Garner. I took the liberty of fusing the four interviews into one, as if the four spoke with one voice. Here are the highlights of what I learned -- Alan Phillips Alan: What are the responsibilities of a Phillips Brand Ambassador -- what makes a great Phillips Brand Ambassador? BA’s: The responsibilities of a Phillips Brand Ambassador are no different for me than the responsibilities of any Partner. This is MY Company and I take ownership and pride in the way our customers think and how they feel about doing business with us. We must lead by example, each day striving to make the next just a little better then the last. A great Phillips Ambassador goes above and beyond what is expected of them, turns a challenge into an opportunity, brain storms with their peers to create a solution resulting in the contribution of improving our brand goal of Phillips being an unsurpassed resource in manufacturing technology! Alan: How does what you learn (competency development) while working, affect your family and other life priorities? BA’s: I have learned to listen more intently, respect other individual’s opinions, perseverance, and patience. Even in this unsure economy I am secure in my roll as an employee and as a person in general. I did not even hesitate or question when we were asked to take the salary cut to get us through these times. It was understood, expected and in turn, prepared for. Our home is not quite an OGTE! based home but we have a set standard we all need to follow and I will honestly say everyone does their part to strive for that next level whatever it may be. Alan: One of our strategies is to create “Legendary customer service”, how are we doing? Is there evidence of progress? BA’s: We have branded this well. I hear Partners talk about performing acts of legendary customer service. We are doing this by responding to the customers needs with a sense of urgency and an attitude filled with respect. I believe that progress is evident in the emails, phone calls, and conversations I hear about how one of our partners acted in a remarkable way. The evidence is not only in the emails and letters we received, thanking individuals for the great service, but in the fact that we hold the largest market shares in our areas. We out sell everyone, we are the competition! We’ve moved leaps and bounds forward with each passing year.


Alan: The current market situation is one causing us to operate in an environment of great adversity, how does this adversity affect your performance?

new everyday and not just saying that to fit in to the culture of our company, but to take it to the next level so our kid’s kids have it a little better.

BA’s: We are surrounded daily with negative attitudes and we must Alan: Who are your role models? What are the constantly rise above this in order to accomplish our primary traits of your role models which interest you? goals. Adversity creates a challenge! A challenge urges BA’s: individuals to achieve great ideas and implement solutions. Mother Theresa - she is known as the saint of small things. She has taught me that by doing small things you can Great ideas result in extraordinary success! We as a great team have pulled together to help one another accomplish great deeds. My good friend Tonya - She always to continue on with each passing day. In my little part of tries to do what is right even when it hurts. I have learned this world economy I take each day at a time and pray it will humility from her. be a little better the next day. I have and will give till my My Wife - Who provides love and support at all times. last breath, so at to make all around me continue to move Jenette Rodgers, my kids called her “Grammy”!! -- I met this woman back in 1982. I’m to this day still amazed how forward. everything she shared is true to life today and I too will pass on her wisdom to my children to keep her memory Alan: What are you learning? on-going. BA’s: The biggest thing I have learned over the years is to listen to I have one great role model, my maternal grandfather, the customer. I mean listen. Second, do what you say you Dominic Aiello. He was the type of man whom we all strive will -- if it turns out you can’t call immediately, then fess to be; a VIRTUOSO in heart, mind and soul, humble, strong up to it. I am trying to learn to be more compassionate while but caring, giving, humorous, tenacious, forthright, honest demanding excellence from those around me. To go above and loving. and beyond, step out of my comfort zone, to focus on the positive, and be passionate in my beliefs and goals, to live Alan: I am much appreciative of the fine work that Faye, Joe, Frank, and Michael did in responding to my a great life. Well now I think with the older age of forty-three, I should interview questions. I trust that they will be OK with and need to speak out more to make a point or mark in life. my editing and fusing their words into one voice. I guess you can say that I am always learning something


什么是菲利普品牌大使 为什么他们可以指引我们未来的方向 by Alan Phillips

大家都知道我们公司有一个双重远景和目标-- 孪生相依 的两个一体目标--缔造让我们梦想成真的菲利浦社区,同 时成为制造技术的顶级提供商。朝着这个目标前进的动力 来自我们自己。在我们中间最好的典范就是我们的品牌大 使。他们是菲利普团队中最能体现我们的企业文化和行为 准则的伙伴。我们的品牌大使致力于始终如一的学习态 度,这样他们可以不听的提高自身的竞争能力以成就自己 的人生目标。 品牌大使一直不间断地为我们菲利普社区尽心尽力,因为 他们坚信这样做是他们实现人生目标的最佳途径。不断地 挑战自己就是不断提升自己能力的过程,这也是人生的最 大动力,你认为呢?本期的“通往成功之路”,我们菲利 普品牌大使将会和我们一起分享他们的感受--以此希望他 们的思想和经验可以帮助我们所有的人。


Pathways to Virtuosity - Learning to Live Great Lives Issue 5  

Our Mission is to be the best resource in manufacturing technology – partnering with our customers and suppliers to improve competencies for...

Pathways to Virtuosity - Learning to Live Great Lives Issue 5  

Our Mission is to be the best resource in manufacturing technology – partnering with our customers and suppliers to improve competencies for...