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Towards Nano Psychology Remodeling psychological status Prof . ZakarIA A. AlSherPENY * Department of Psychology

Faculty of arts and humanities

King Abdul-Aziz UniversityJeddah Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ` Man approached the wall from which researches were launched to study the behavior that takes a very small time (fraction of a second) among adults or between adults and children, as well as studying the effects of first glance to face things such as seeing colors, food, constrains and successes, and their psychological impacts. In addition to detect the minute components of behavior and actions. Of course, material is not only to be plant, or food or a living organic matter or even an inorganic matter, but also to be an extremely thing machine or a very small chip (dwarf or Nano ships) concerned with measure and adjust psychological and mental aspects and disorders of man that

match his life and the projected environment in the near future. This paper aims to identify: 1. The inevitability of research in Nano-psychology and the removal of ice from a future psychology. 2. Definition of Nano-psychology. 3. Nano-psychology in the service of human development and sustainable environment. History and Science A French writer Jules Verne who wrote 300 years ago about a strange world with electric elevator, submarine, and a plane. In 1959 in a lecture before the American Association of Physics Richard Feynman said: it is useful to move from 1 investigating the virtual aspects of things to investigate such aspects in-depth, in particular engage and concern in molecules and particles and move them in the level of Nano, so as to be able to reach the secrets and applications of things. Starting from that time, scientists and searchers didn't ignore such idea and its significant dimensions in writing the entire famous Encyclopedia Britannica on an edge or a hole of a needle. In 1966, Isaac Asimov presented his movie "Fantastic Voyage". Where a five dwarf surgical team was sent in a Nano vehicle to the abdomen of a scientist to destroy a compartment in the brain. Paul Ziolo : In 2003, from Liverpool University, in Psychology Dept., during the PISTA international conference of Information & Systems. Ziolo mentioned the importance of making use of Nano technology and Nano sciences to form the basis of an integral network of renovations not only in food & nutrition, economy and war, but also in culture, medical & psychology treatment, that is, with the current and future wave, it could be a mean through which we can challenge not only in military, economic and political fields but also social structures, as well as cognitive, sensory emotional and psychological configurations in general and human nature. Nowadays Designers of modern technology are still working within constrains of deep restrictions and classical theories of psychological construction as envisaged nearly 100 year ago. Simply In Modern Technology thickness of human hair equals

50.000 nanometer , and we can see in Nano domain the next diagram Intersection Point Between

Solid & Liquid


Natural & Artificial

Alive& Growing & non-Living



Combination Manner: combining electronic components with alive organic materials in human body, that is, combining electronic components in DNA molecules (DNA without oxygen). • Or combining electronic components in RNA molecules (components of nervous system). • Meaning to make an electronic planting in the human body (dwarf ships). • Developing Sense & Respond process within humans. And this is the objective of the American Agency of Science in its reports in the term "Converging Technology for Improving Human Performance. Classical Psychology: was and still (for more than one century). Classical Psychology was reformulated since one third of the century [thus we have Pre-natal Psychology – Perinatal Psychology- NeurobiologyBrain Dynamics Since ]. So, what do we want ? We need psychological construction with Nano technology….For Measurement and Evaluation Treatment & Counseling in Psychology . And In studying the interaction of the person

with others as well as within the person himself‌. Otherwise, current psychology shall not cope with current progress. A great part of current psychology is still constrained by the ice era or semi-ice era. Is there psychology that commensurate with the challenges of time? Paul Ziolo stated that: There are social, political, economic, psychological and cultural complications that face the emerging technology.

Energy & Transition Systems 3 Materials Science Earth & Space Sciences Nano science as a Information & Communication model directing or Technologies about to direct or Robot & Artificial Intelligence should direct Quantum Engineering Medicine & Psychology Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology Also and already Drexler developed an expected list for Nano technology applications which include: Postpone aging

Through nano-technology for cell repair

Food production

At home

Without resorting to cultivating or breeding birds or animals

Modern technologies may able to connect Nerve Cells . With a Nano device that could translate, understand the functions of these cell and their capacities and reactions through electromagnetic spectrums. And thus repair reduce spacing between Gestalt's ideas, Psychoanalytic Theory, Theories of Self-concept, Bandura views,

perceptions of Physiological Psychology , and the interpretations of Memory & Learning theory that tried to detect the hidden mysterious of psychological construction in a more advanced era. Connecting those separate currents which are modern technologies and psychology suggests the possibility of re-construct or remodeling human status through intervention at the level of superstructure and Nano analytical infrastructure. Such intervention, of course, shall be carried out by researchers who still restricted by psychology taken from adoption environment and classical development, then, what is the result of such intervention? The challenge that faces such modern technologies is only the possibility of qualitative guidance that include artificial reproductive techniques, and reconstruction and building basic baseline of genome and advanced artificial intelligence beside4 the innovation of a quality of real robot that could be envisaged. But these new forms shall differ from ordinary humans; humans tend to emphasis on their past and longing to its ideals as advocated by philosophy, and strongly recommended by religion. As for the developed forms of robot which is programmed on specific aspects, desired and undesired emotions. As for creatures of artificial intelligence, past for them is valueless as the perfection path and the utmost self-realization is only through a future that overcome all limits and boarders and not restricted by any kind of limits or boarders. These significant differences shall exceed all difference among humans, and may arise fear and disgust for humans, that always believe in their superiority throughout a long history of upgrade, or what could be called "Species narcissism", ""Man is the measure of everything". Earlier scientific progress had and still has its role in fields such as Growth Theory and Centrality of Sun in physics, nutrition, medicine, psychoanalysis, psychological measurement and Psychotherapy have undermine each other strongly, or, in the near future, shall undermine such narcissism. While Nano sciences and modern technologies shall fire the bullet of mercy on such narcissism, till this undermining; Jean Louis

Pautrat said in 2004, "If you don't worry about Nano as a science, it shall worry you".

• A matter of choice before crying: The transitive point we face currently may raise a worldwide evolutionary challenge, that is, a nationality or a race shall be able to skip and overcome its traditional research basics and roots that dealt with individual style of psychological development in traditional methods, and finally shall be convinced to participate directly in revealing the hidden aspects of human psychological construction in a more developed age. The question remains: Is human civilization is destined to be a flash of lightning in a world that started from unstable circumstances and shall return to the same circumstances once again? It is a matter of choice, human freewill. If we choose this path5 with the assistance of the impending technical wave, not everyone shall desire to participate. In fact, the majority may choose not to participate. While those who choose actually to assist in this transition, they shall need to develop perfect longterm strategies, and cooperation exceeds the scientific reaction and relations among faculty members in Psychology Departments, and economic blocs, or financial expenses and budgets of some faculties and may be universities. Either the result is cry or joy upon subsequent shift, it will be their own and shall be witnessed by humanity and science.

Concept of Nano-psychology Anyone when suddenly sees a beautiful place, maybe he/she expresses his feelings towards the beauty of the place within a very, very small fraction of the second. Also, when the person sees a room or a hall of brilliant colors and consistent equipment, he/she may express his/her impression in a very small time. Just upon seeing a delicious dining table, the time of reaction is very small, which in turn reflects Nano reactions, and Nano behavior. When suddenly we see the boss in an usual state, we may think that the boss is absent-minded, or he may be sad or angry because of something

according to his state. When the crying baby sees his mother, who was away, we find the baby within a very small fraction a second becomes relax. In addition, the mother's look into the eye of the baby changes the status of both of them within a very short time, Nano-psychology lies behind all of that, or psychology for reactions within a very, very short time. Of course, there could be little differences based on different levels of mental abilities such as intelligence, character aspects and may be health and psychological status that could be measured by dwarf or Nano devices and chips in future. Nano-psychology is a branch of psychology " the psychology of very very Small Behavior Field " the expected psychology that part of it shall depend on dwarf technology that swims in blood to measure, evaluate, treat and amend the levels of characteristics and capacities as well as interpret and analysis behavior, stimuli, and usual and unusual 6 responses into their small particles, even their time just a flash. In addition to detect their impact on human responses or other creatures- or even robot- and its nervous since its formation up to aging, in accordance with the prevailing values in society. Accordingly, the concerns of Nanopsychology shall be various, different and overlapping handling different branches of psychology such as psychological measurement, environmental psychology, educational psychology criminal psychology, socialization, social psychology in general and psychotherapy, and even parapsychology and artificial intelligence. These concerns shall benefit the human and its psychological environment in light of Nano-psychology : • Detecting mental abilities, intelligence, and some personal aspects through sending dwarf ships in the blood of subjects that could reach the locations of such abilities within the human body. • Improve and treat some abilities and mental illnesses of genetic origin.

• Identify the streaming successive steps that reveal psychological and mental process, and types of thinking by sending nano-psychological knowledge capsules with blood to specific barin sites. • Identify the possibilities and probabilities of risk of some diseases, or disorders or syndromes such as depression, schizophrenia or autism, etc or even the approach to commit certain crimes. • Interpretation of some psychosomatic symptoms in terms of identifying the most important sites or genes in human body. • Identify the critical moment in the life of the organism, short-critical or semi-immediate transactions for interactions between mother and child as well as among individuals, through programmed nano segments that could start with trials on other creatures other than humans. Answer questions related to human environment: (through minute 7 programmed cards fixed or swim with the body and send rapid signals to a computer outside the body); such questions include: 1. What are the interpretations and impacts of some emotional attitudes Or Situation ? Love, anger and jealousy emotions

….. 2. What are the implications on babies' behavior in general due to some significant stimuli in their future psychological construction ? 3. What are the rates specified for appetite toward some foods and their psychosomatic implications, or the most appropriate psychological moment to influence the mind ? 4. Combine the organic with the non-organic with a robot so as to develop unconventional components that could think, cheer, grieve and have feeling useful in the life of the natural man. 5. IN alight to the above and In addition to the above, we should expect the following from the nano-psychology:

Interpret feelings and emotions - Interpret wisdom and love at first sight. - Implications of certain behaviors on others - Moment of seeing a weeping person - Interpretation of desire - The moment the person hears about his/her illness - Nano-marketing - Nano-stimuli - Body language (Nano) - Mental processes (Nano) and their stages - Impacts of interact with others, things or clashing with the same - Behaviors in the form of quick reactions for other's behaviors - First impression - Analysis of non-verbal inaction among humans Nano-analytical approach for psychology of love.

Actually, Nano-psychology started quietly the same way psychology in general about 100 years ago. It’s a step on ice and removing ice away of a new psychology, however, a lot is expected from such field. It seems that its rapid progress shall be characterized by rush and accelerate .

Prof . ZakarIA A. Al-

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Twoards Nano Psychology  

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