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Opener Forum 2014

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We Know Government Experienced Government Partner  Founded in 1939  Top financial ratings  Named #1worksite VB company by NAHU, 2010*  34 state governments  3,000 educational agencies  10,000 public sector accounts  Our policies protect 500,000 public sector employees Source: Colonial Life customer data as of May 2011

We Are Public Sector Carey Adamson VP Public Sector Sales Bill Heydt Regional Sales Director – Northeast Steve Vermette Regional Sales Director – Southeast Timothy Haynes Regional Sales Director – Northwest Todd Mason Regional Sales Director – West Nick Rutkowski Regional Sales Director – Southwest

Ginger McGuire Regional Executive Assistant

Account Manager Support Less than 500 New Accounts Public Sector Account Consultants are responsible for leveraging the prospect database and implementing new business for public sector accounts with less than 500 lives. More than 500 Inforce Accounts The Public Sector Account Management team is responsible for supporting and growing existing public sector accounts with more than 500 lives.



































Martie Summerford – x 86344 Sharon McCray – x 86970 Federal Allotment – Steve Doyle x 86898


Open AM – Mike Cox – Interim Support Mike Cox – x 85897 Heather Lozynski – x 86616 January, 2014

Acquisition Form Complete the Premier Account Business Acquisition Request form on Propr, and submit it to Dave Wallace to start the process.

Premier Client Manager State Assignments VT




































Sonja Carnaggio ext. 86436

Interim ext.

Catherine Bouknight ext. 85695

Windi Murphy ext. 86868

Glenda Martin ext.

Anita Pellicci ext. 85798

Karen Counts ext. 85328

Julie Espino ext. 83724

Nina Myrick ext. 86425

Barbara Nielsen ext. 86234

Rafael Labrador ext. 85686

Stephanie Devaney ext. 86612

Bridget Lytton, Assistant Vice President, Ext. 86428

Effective 03/01/2013

Public Sector Opportunity

Who is Public Sector? While the total worksite market contains 136.5 million workers, 22.1 million (16%) are in the Public Sector market. Education: 7 million K-12 public, private, charter, higher education Local government: 8 million Cities, towns, municipalities, counties, and special districts State: 5 million 50 state governments and all their departments Federal: 2 million 1 federal government and all branches June 2011 data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Growth Opportunity


Out of the 22.1 million public sector employees, we currently have approximately 500,000 public sector policies inforce, which is only 2% market penetration. This leaves 98% of the available for growth.

2014 Plan for Growth ● Develop Public Sector Openers

● Build Affinity Relationships ● Strengthen Broker Relationships ● Grow existing Public Sector business


TM Impact System To drive dramatically increased sales by ensuring all Public Sector entities are being prospected in a disciplined fashion with optimal solutions. Dramatically increase PS sales through refined activity.  Maximize professionalism by prospecting with one salesperson.  Maintain high regard for USCM reputation by working with a professional company.  Minimize sales confusion and conflict. 

TM Impact System Process Select Key Openers who will commit to regularly prospecting Public Sector cases and you can: Ensure Key Openers know and use the VALUE PROPOSITION tools and marketing materials.  Gather information on ALL public sector prospects and clients.  Document current prospecting activities.  Assign Public Sector cases.  Document new activity, report results.  Help manage regular follow-up.  Identify and engage key Public Sector Associations and Brokers (optional but suggested). 

Who are the Decision-Makers? Who is the primary benefits decision-maker in public sector accounts? Human Resources Director


Head of Administration (such as County Manager, City Manager, Mayor, or School Superintendent)


Chief Financial Officer / Head of Finance


Final Decision by Committee (Regardless of primary decision maker)


Other Key Influencers: Unions, Employees, Department heads, Risk managers, Brokers, Consultants

Multiple Decision-Makers

City Council  City Manager  Deputy Manager  Head of Finance  Head of Human Resources 

Decision-Maker: HR Heads of HR Director / Benefit Managers Typically, concerned with: Getting everything done with a limited staff.  Improving the quality of the employee work environment.  Enhance employee benefits packages on a limited budget.

Decision-Maker: Finance Heads of Administration and Financial Directors Typically, concerned with:  Lowering operating expenses.  Improving productivity.  Reputation and public perception.

Key Challenges

Discovery Form Easy to follow, the Discovery Form, located on Propr, will help you ask the right questions in order to recommend the best solutions for your prospect.

Leveraging Partnerships

Working with USCM Exclusive partner of USCM to help in their efforts of providing cost-saving measures for city governments. Strong and engaged community of Mayors sharing and working on visions of Success to make cities — and ultimately our nation — economically stronger. Chosen for our demonstrated pattern of success in Public Sector, our market reputation, and our dedicated sales and service specialists.

USCM Leadership President MICHAEL A. NUTTER, Philadelphia, PA Vice President SCOTT SMITH, Mesa, AZ Second Vice President KEVIN JOHNSON, Sacramento, CA, Education Reform Taskforce Chair Past Presidents ELIZABETH B. KAUTZ, Burnsville, MN, Small Business and Franchising Taskforce Co-Chair THOMAS M. MENINO, Boston, MA, Food Policy Taskforce Chair DONALD L. PLUSQUELLIC, Akron, OH JOSEPH P. RILEY, JR., Charleston, SC ANTONIO R. VILLARAIGOSA, Los Angeles, CA Trustees STEPHEN K. BENJAMIN, Columbia, SC, Vacant and Abandoned Properties Taskforce Co-Chair J. CHRISTIAN BOLLWAGE, Elizabeth, NJ, Brownfields Taskforce Chair JAMES BRAINARD, Carmel, IN, Energy Independence and Jobs Taskforce CoChair MICHAEL B. COLEMAN, Columbus, OH, Council for the New American City and Metro Economies Chair MICK CORNETT, Oklahoma City, OK, Tourism, Arts, Parks, Entertainment, and Sports Committee Vice Chair; Children, Health, and Human Services Committee Vice Chair T.M. FRANKLIN COWNIE, Des Moines, IA, Criminal and Social Justice Committee Vice Chair BOB FOSTER, Long Beach, CA, Mayors and the Business Community Taskforce Chair PATRICK HENRY HAYS, North Little Rock, AR, Transportation and Communication Committee Vice Chair MITCHELL J. LANDRIEU, New Orleans, LA, Tourism, Arts, Parks, Entertainment, and Sports Committee Chair BRENDA L. LAWRENCE, Southfield, MI JOHN MARKS, Tallahassee, FL, Transportation and Communications Committee Vice Chair

Advisory Board BRYAN K. BARNETT, Rochester Hills, MI RALPH BECKER, Salt Lake City, UT, Community Development and Housing Committee Vice Chair JUAN CARLOS BERMUDEZ, Doral, FL ROBERT L. BOWSER, East Orange, NJ, Census Taskforce Vice Chair ALVIN BROWN, Jacksonville, FL, Metro Exports and Ports Taskforce Chair ARDELL F. BREDE, Rochester, MN CHRISTOPHER L. CABALDON, West Sacramento, CA, Jobs, Education, and the Workforce Committee Vice Chair ROBERT CLUCK, Arlington, TX JOY COOPER, Hallandale Beach, FL, Environment Committee Chair; Community/Military Relations Taskforce Co-Chair BUDDY DYER, Orlando, FL, Energy Committee Vice Chair BILL FINCH, Bridgeport, CT, Energy Independence and Jobs Taskforce CoChair ANTHONY R. FOXX, Charlotte, NC, Small Business and Franchising Taskforce Co-Chair MICHAEL A. GIN, Redondo Beach, CA HARVEY JOHNSON, Jackson, MS WILLIAM P. KENOI, Hilo, HI RON LITTLEFIELD, Chattanooga, TN MARK MALLORY, Cincinnati, OH, Transportation and Communications Committee Vice Chair; Census Taskforce Chair KIM McMILLAN, Clarksville, TN KENNETH D. MIYAGISHIMA, Las Cruces, NM, Membership Committee Vice Chair GUS MORRISON, Fremont, CA LORI C. MOSELEY, Miramar, FL FRANK C. ORTIS, Pembroke Pines, FL, Tourism, Arts, Parks, Entertainment, and Sports Committee Vice Chair; Jobs, Education, and the Workforce Committee Vice Chair MIGUEL A. PULIDO, Santa Ana, CA, Energy Committee Chair MIKE RAWLINGS, Dallas, Work and Opportunity Taskforce Co-Chair RAUL G. SALINAS, Laredo, TX, Transportation and Communications

Co-Branded Materials

Topic Sheet

Partnership Detail


Cost-Savings Materials

Decision-Maker Materials

News Articles January – US Mayor GFOA Research Overview April – Government Finance Review Five ways to save money on employee benefits costs

GFOA Study Funded a grant for the Government Financial Officers Association to research employee benefit cost-management techniques being used in local governments. Validates our cost-savings strategies.

Proven Solutions Supplier Management • Purchasing Co-ops • Re-Bidding • ESP Enrollment • Shift BECs Expense • Self-funding

Cost Sharing • Increase Deductibles • Increase Co-pays • Increase Premium • Move Benefits to VB

Governance & Optimization • Dependent Verification • Benefit Waivers • Plan Redesign • Plan Restrictions • Section 125

Wellness • Promote Healthy Behaviors • Emphasize Preventive Treatment

ESP: External Service Provider BECS: Benefits Education and Communication

GFOA Marketing Materials

Topic Sheet

GFOA Spotlight


Direct Mail

State Association Listings â—? Knowing and being involved in state associations is critical for driving Public Sector business. â—? Public Sector Market Services will provide you a list of relevant associations in your state beginning next year.

Marketing Support

Decision-Maker Presentation

Value Calculator

Demonstrating Value Summarize and illustrate the "quantified value“ of our services – including the potential “hard dollar” savings from cost-management strategies. A “benefits statement” for the employer.

Positioning Statements Elevator Pitch: 100% dedicated to servicing the employee benefit needs of the public sector for more than 60 years, while providing proven cost-management strategies the employer needs and the financial protection the employee deserves. Key message: We can help you manage employee benefit costs.

Pitch packet

Public Sector Presentation


Case Studies

Value-add Calculator

Topic Sheets

Paul Revere Materials

Topic Sheets

Case Studies Bell County, TX; From manual to electronic enrollment. City of Dallas, TX ; Enrollment/communication savings of $5 million. Phoenix, AZ County Housing Authority; Positive participation levels in core and voluntary. City of Montgomery, AL; Increase FSA participation. Village in Miami-Dade County, FL ; Cost savings with Medical Bridge. Houston Educator; Cooperative purchasing. South Florida City; Cost savings via productivity. Georgia County Government; Increase participation in Colonial Life products. NC Technical College; Tax savings for the employee and college. MS Community College; Enrollment savings of $33,000.

References Online ● Available tool for new and existing accounts with1,000 or more benefits-eligible employees ● Used to send to decision makers to showcase Colonial Life’s services and capabilities ● Helpful in either closing a new account or gaining improved working conditions in an existing account ● The site contains audio interviews, case studies, white papers and GFOA topic sheets

References Online Asset Screen

Print Ad Campaign

National and Regional exposure.

Custom Ads State insurance departments have strict advertising guidelines that specify what’s considered advertising and what can’t be used as an insurance advertisement or sales material. Colonial Life producers are not authorized to use any form of advertising that has not received written approval from Colonial Life.

Custom Ad Requests

Advertising Co-Op Get your local advertising and marketing efforts funded. Must apply to be approved for funds.  50/50 pay  No Golf Tourneys  One per agent, per year.

Approved Co-Op Activities â—? Traditional Advertising o Print (i.e. newspapers, magazines), billboards, radio, web-based banner advertising, etc. o Must invest a minimum $1,500 to be eligible

â—? Tradeshows and Event Sponsorships o Must invest a minimum of $250 to be eligible o Must demonstrate a true advertising value with your application, how you will gain exposure outside of the immediate exhibit area o Co-op funds are not available for exhibit space only o Not available for golf tournaments

Proposal Support

Home Office RFP Support Proposal Services will provide support for fulfillment of RFPs regardless of how many employees are in the group. However, the type and level of support may vary by the size of the account. Proposal Services Team: Sheila Petty, Manager Matt Northam, Proposal Analyst Elaine McElyea, Proposal Analyst Loi Parsons, Proposal Analyst

Proposal Center Complete the Proposal Request form on Propr and submit to:

Request for Proposal A request for proposal (RFP) is a document that an organization uses to elicit bids from potential vendors for a product or service. The Public Sector has to select products or services as part of a competitive bid process due to tax payer dollars typically involved. Sometimes to get a feel for how the market will respond to an RFP the public sector entity will go out with a Request for Information (RFI).

Understanding the RFP Process ● The key to obtaining RFP’s is to be on the entity’s bid list which you register for in either their purchasing or procurement departments. ● Most often, larger PS entities will go out to bid for an Insurance Consultant and often they are paid a fee/retainer only. ● The response from the carriers is critical. We must meet all the specifications put forth in the RFP. ● It’s often not the best product or service selected but rather the most accurate response to the RFP. ● There is often a period of time when carriers can submit questions and sometimes a pre-proposer conference.

Understanding the RFP Process ● There is often a “cone of silence” once the RFP’s are responded to by the carriers. You can’t break this. ● Typically one response is what the entity is looking for from each carrier. Multiple responses can result in disqualification. ● Colonial submits one response and in some instances authorizes multiple districts if they have influence or brokers who can help win the bid. TM involvement is often required. ● We provide a cover letter which is a critical part to the response as often it’s the only thing read by the decision making body. ● Often times there is a named consultant in the RFP.

Understanding the RFP Process ● One response is what the entity looking for from each carrier. Multiple responses can result in disqualification. ● First come is not always first served. We’re looking for those who can influence the decision, whether in the hierarchy or brokerage community. The Home Office and TM will be involved in this decision if there are multiple submissions. ● Very often there is an incumbent carrier and we need to know that the competitor is loosing the ability to payroll deduct their products. ● MWBE (Minority/Women Business Enterprise) or DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprises) often times get preferential points in RFPs.

Responding To An RFP Read the RFP/RFI in its entirety, especially noting scope of work, products, and services to determine if Colonial Life meets the requirements. Also determine if a broker/consultant is involved. You can choose to either respond to an RFP yourself, or work with the Home Office.

Sample of an RFP

Executive Summary

Completed Proposals Timelines will be driven by the required due date. Allow for a minimum of at least 15 days prior to the proposal due date. Proposals are delivered directly to the account and delivery is tracked through Federal Express to ensure receipt. You will receive an electronic copy of the submitted proposal.

Cooperative Purchasing What’s the cost of going out to bid? $40-$60k According to James Landrum with Partners South, formerly with Arthur Anderson. Save the money, and the hassle, with Cooperative Purchasing/Piggybacking/Procurement Approach.

State Specific Cooperative Purchasing in Florida is authorized by the Florida Interlocal Cooperation Act of 1969: Title XI: County Organization and Intergovernmental Relations Chapter 163: Intergovernmental Programs Part I: Miscellaneous Programs 163.01 Florida Interlocal Cooperation Act of 1969. (1) This section shall be known and may be cited as the “Florida Interlocal Cooperation Act of 1969.� (4) A public agency of this state may exercise jointly with any other public agency of the state, of any other state, or of the United States Government any power, privilege, or authority which such agencies share in common and which each might exercise separately.

Operate Under a Statute Colonial Life is the Exclusive Carrier for State of Florida for Accident/DI and offer Cancer with Aflac – all pre-taxed. Other lines are offered post-tax year round. Florida Statute 110.123 State group insurance program. “Insurance providers offering or providing supplemental coverage as of May 30, 1991, which qualify for pretax benefit treatment pursuant to s. 125 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, with 5,500 or more state employees currently enrolled may be included by the department in the supplemental insurance benefit plan established by the department without participating in a request for proposal, submitting bids, negotiating contracts, or negotiating a specially designed benefit package. These contracts shall provide state employees with the most cost-effective and comprehensive coverage available; however, no state or agency funds shall be contributed toward the cost of any part of the premium of such supplemental benefit plans. “

Current Public Sector Entities under documented CONTRACT with Colonial Account Name City of Columbus (OH) City of Dallas SCANA State of Connecticut City of Portsmouth City of Tucson City of Kenner City of Kenner

Contract Start Contract Stop Date Contract CM/AM Date 1/1/2010 12/31/2013 Sharpe, Laura 7/1/2009 6/30/2013 McCray, Sharon 7/1/2009 6/30/2012 Myrick, Nina 1/1/2013 12/31/2013 Sharpe, Laura 1/1/2013 12/31/2013 McCray, Sharon 7/1/2011 6/30/2012 Counts, Karen 7/1/2011 6/30/2012 Ruffin, Beth Bischofberger, 7/1/2011 6/30/2013 Elisabeth

Account Contract Name Contact Helendra Ruiz, Buyer III Do Not Contact Steve Lynch Mark Nelhart Kimberly Johnson Kimberly Johnson North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts Aubrey DeVillier, Benefits Administrator North Carolina Department of Transportation

State of North Carolina


12/31/2014 Lozynski, Heather

Jefferson Parish Government


12/31/2011 Ruffin, Beth

State of North Carolina


State of Louisiana City of Tucson

7/1/2012 7/1/2012

12/30/2014 Lozynski, Heather Bischofberger, 7/1/2012 Elisabeth 6/30/2013 Counts, Karen

City of Durham County of Dekalb, GA City of Portsmouth

9/1/2010 1/1/2009 1/1/2012

8/31/2011 McCray, Sharon 12/31/2013 Myrick, Nina 12/31/2012 McCray, Sharon

Virginia Jones See contract Toni Smaw-Bembry

City of McAllen City of Durham City of Durham

10/1/2012 9/1/2011 9/1/2012

Jefferson Parish Government


9/30/2013 McCray, Sharon 8/31/2012 McCray, Sharon 8/31/2015 McCray, Sharon Bischofberger, 12/31/2013 Elisabeth

Jolee Perez Virginia Jones Virginia Jones Aubrey DeVillier, Benefits Administrator

City of Dallas


6/30/2014 McCray, Sharon

Helendra Ruiz, Buyer III

Cherokee Nation


3/31/2014 McCray, Sharon

Source: MART

Jodi Bullock Christina Schipansky

Notes Bid information does not state a contract end date Contract Renewed for 1 year beginning 1/1/2013 RFP Process Documentation of Award received on 10/21/2010 per Margaret Wiggins (Human Resources Officer) of NC AOC. SOQ Process Dates are actually 1/1/2011 to 12/31/2014. Documentation received on 12/30/2010 Formal annual renewal process to keep payroll deduction slots open Contract is still outstanding; waiting on response from City to our recommendations for indemnification language Rec'd renewal notification on 12/28/11 Karina Zamora is the Sr Adm Clerk from the Purchasing and Contracting Department - Award stipulates option to extend contract for 2 additional years in 1 year increments To get Ceridian Affidavits for the contracts, contact Lisa Schumacher directly. Rec'd email from Dolores Lewis on 03/27/13 indicating that our contract extension had been approved by council.

Account Information Form The Account Information Form can assist in qualifying Colonial Life as a considered vendor under a previous contract or agreement in existence with another Public Sector Entity as part of a Cooperative Procurement/Purchasing arrangement. Establishes a relationship and expectations, and thereby creates certain contractual expectations. Can be considered a previously created contract to which Colonial Life is a vetted vendor of services. It is, however, incumbent upon the entity that desires contracting to ensure that it satisfies any statutory requirements or obligations from their perspective.

Grow Existing Block

Inforce Strategy ● Define in-force blocks by TM using 2013 sales as a starting point for rework strategy

● Partner with public sector account managers to develop a strategy for large public sector inforce accounts

● Position AD&D offer

Complimentary AD&D A proven method for improving working conditions:

● Every employee who participates in a 1-to-1 benefits counseling session can register for $5,000 of complimentary AD&D insurance during enrollment

● No purchase required ● Employees may choose to continue coverage by meeting with their Colonial Life benefits counselor at the following year’s enrollment, subject to availability

AD&D Results â—? Build case studies and results

Field Resources

One Stop Resource: Propr Public Sector section on Propr is now organized into categories:

● ● ● ● ● ●

Public Sector basics Using the GFOA study Working with the USCM Case studies Resource center Public Sector Market Services

Propr Assistance Need some help on Propr? Contact your Public Sector Navigator Patricia Carson Tel: 803.678.5727 Email:

Know Public Sector Newsletter: Emailed every 3rd Tuesday National Sales Call: Held every 4th Wednesday Learn about the resources, partnerships, programs, and best practices for succeeding in Public Sector.


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