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Prayer, the Power to Possess What You Already Own ORIENTATION Yet the Lord will command His loving-kindness in the daytime, and in the night His song shall be with me, a prayer to the God of my life.

Psalm 42:8

This study incorporates the use of a daily journal. On the first page of each lesson you will find words to define and a list of daily scriptures. These verses are your daily assignment for your journals, a record of your dialogue with God. At the end of each lesson you will find lined pages with these same journal references at the top of each page. These pages are yours to use for recording the words that God will speak to you and for the answer you will give Him in return. Day One in Lesson One, for instance, gives you the scriptures 1 Kings 3:5-14 and James 1: 2-17 as the reference God will speak from. Spend time with every verse. Read, consider, meditate, and think about the meaning. Do the word studies assigned and anticipate the presence of God. Faith is the only thing that takes us into God’s presence, so in faith ask the Holy Spirit to write to you through you, the anointed words of revelation about what these passages mean. As the revelation spontaneously unfolds you will recognize the presence of God and the truth that sets you free. Please be sure to read the corresponding lesson in this manual. It will aid your direction and help you see the path more clearly.

The Journal and the Study This study will facilitate the use of keeping a daily journal. We will refer to this practice as “journalizing.” Your journal is a record of the conversation between you and the Lord. To commune with God through the Holy Spirit in this way is to


accelerate the mind’s renewal. We have confirmed in this manner what many others have learned who have gone before us, and that is, that we understand more in depth from what we write compared to what we simply hear or see. Writing increases learning. You will see this as you participate with it, but this writing is more, because it is interacting with the Spirit of the Living God who is actually doing the teaching.

But as for you, the anointing (the sacred appointment, the unction) which you received from Him abides (permanently) in you; (so) then you have no need that anyone should instruct you. But just as His anointing teaches you concerning everything and is true and is no falsehood, so you must abide in (live in, never depart from) Him (being rooted in Him, knit to Him), just as (His anointing) has taught you (to do).

I John 2:27 AMP

His instruction is revolutionary enough that in this ministry we encourage you to write it down. The scripture confirms this exercise thoroughly. Look up the word “write� in your concordance and explore this for yourself. Writing gives us the advantage of easy recall and it touches the deeper places within us. Journalizing is the dipper that brings wealth from the wells of the treasure within. We are seeking to tap into this anointing that dwells permanently within us. The Holy Spirit uses this vehicle, this dipper, to draw out the rivers of living water that flow from our inner man, so that we can drink and be thoroughly refreshed. This writing is not a work to be done to complete an assignment, it is an activity of faith. Our faith believes God will speak, and that our Teacher, the Holy Spirit, is here now. Hebrews 11:6 is a key verse for journalizing. It must be done in the faith that God is and that He is the rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. His reward to us is His goodness through personal communication, the vision imparted when we hear His voice. We desire to hear the words He wants to speak


to us today. Please read Hebrews chapter 4 and remember that it is the word we mix with faith that benefits us. We encourage you to begin each journal with the Holy Spirit addressing you by name. Writing your name will add depth to your faith because it portrays that it is you He is speaking with, not your sister, your father or your neighbor. John 10:3 confirms that He knows your name and that you, having sheep ears, do hear His voice. This shows that this practice is for sheep, or born again Christians. Christians have the ears that hear and the faith that gets the reward. We believe in the absolute integrity of God’s word. Therefore we will submit to the whole counsel of His word while doing this study. All that we write or hear from Him must be submitted to and line up with that counsel. Please plan to become very familiar with your Bible. Plan to read through it yearly and accomplish a portion of this daily, then if you hear and write something that later proves to be wrong, you will understand that it is you, not God, that is subject to error while growing, but don’t be afraid to make mistakes. If your mistakes overwhelm you and you quit, you’ll throw out the baby with the bath water. God is able to reach you with the truth and set you on the right path again in spite of yourself. Don’t allow your “self” to loom larger in your mind than God. You will probably make some mistakes but this won’t topple Him from His throne. Always return to faith and trust in His faithfulness. Remember, it’s quitters who never win, but the children of God are not of a Spirit that quits. If you’ll hang in there, I believe journalizing will prove to be one of the richest rewards of your life. May God’s abundant blessings be yours.