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Statistics & Discrete Math Course Evaluation Please take a few minutes to share your honest thoughts based on your experiences in Statistics & Discrete Math this semester. You have the option of keeping your responses anonymous. Complete the following statements: 1) My thoughts on the daily homework assignments and how they were graded are...

2) I felt we spent too much time doing _____________________ in this course.

3) I felt we spent too little time doing ______________________ in this course.

4) The most important thing I learned in this course is....

5) Mr. Townsley could have helped me learn better by....

6) I could have helped myself learn better by...

7) If my friend told me that he/she was going to be in Statistics & Discrete Math next semester I would tell them that that they should do the following things in order to be a successful student...(at least three examples, please!)

8) On a scale of 1-4, rate the difficulty of this course. 1 (Too Easy) 2 (Easy)

3 (Difficult)

9) I would also like Mr. Townsley to know.....

4 (Very Difficult)

Course Evaluation  

Stats course eval.

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