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Summer 2011

The Jungle Book, Kids! Millhopper Montessori Elementary/Middle School presented the Jungle Book on Friday, June 3, 2011. The PK Yonge stage was jumpin‘ with jazz! Ben Brandt (Baloo the Bear) said ―I had a lot of fun and I would do it again. Everybody working on the play helped me be more comfortable in my part.‖ Ms. Sylvia said ―The students amaze Ms. Martha and me every year, It‘s part of what makes being an MMS student so unique. On Friday, while I was at PK Yonge setting up the stage, the students were at school doing math, literature, taking tests, etc. then they came to the theater at 3:30pm and at 5:30pm and performed liked professionals! – Nowhere else but at MMS do children get such an opportunity to create, discover, excel and lead.‖ All the kids had so much fun performing this play! Tiffany Milian, who played a monkey, Kaa, and a tree, said. ―It was a lot of hard work but all worth it in the end.‖

by Sylvia Aslanian

Students in first through eight grades are shown here for the performance of Jungle Book Kids! The year end show is a tradition at Millhopper Montessori School and is part of the Montessori curriculum. The directors, teachers and students work very hard in an effort to present a professional, polished show. Our sponsors allow us to perform a show at the PK Yonge Performing Arts Center, build sets, purchase sound equipment, and many other incidentals necessary to put on a show. The playbill ads, along with the student production fee help with the cost of our costumes. It is an MMS Community Production, that we all look forward to each year. Rehearsals were scheduled through-out the week, in between school work and other classes. During our rehearsal process students learned how to work as a team, to take pride in their work, to stay in character, entrances, exits, transitions, stage talking, voice projection, voice articulation, focus, concentration, discipline, choreography, blocking and the commitment it takes to put on a show of this caliber. All of this is designed to I instill self esteem and build confidence. We teach respect for theater and for each other. We also tell the students that it takes all of them doing their part to make the show great! This year they have been learning about India since, ―The Jungle Book Kids,‖ is set in the jungles of India. The lessons learned during the year end show never leave a student even long after they have graduated from MMS. This year an introduction to the show will be presented by our MMS Alumni. Thank you to Gini Bernal, (Freshman at St. Francis High School ), Meghan Kessler and Kayleigh Bush, (IB Juniors at Eastside High school) for volunteering their time on Fridays to help with the run-throughs.

Christina J. Miller — President —

Dear Ol’ Dad May‘s article was about mothers and the important role they play in their children‘s development. June is the month that gives fathers a chance to be honored and appreciated. A good father is known to be one who is important to the emotional, material, and physical well being of his children. Grandfathers and other men other than the actual father can also fit this role. For me, it was my grandfather. These days fathers have taken on more of a role in the family other than just a traditional bread winner. New research is showing that actually mothers and fathers play a more similar part in their children‘s adjustment than dissimilar. Moreover, research is finding that the warmth and sensitivity shown by both fathers and mothers are more important than actual time spent with the children. It has been thought of for awhile that fathers specialized in more boisterous and energetic play with their children while mothers played with their children in calmer ways and have been concerned with nurturing and caring for their children. Fathers are more and more taking on a nurturing role as society changes and male and female stereotypical roles of the past are giving way to a team parenting style. I have personally seen how fathers are playing a more prominent role in their children‘s schooling in the thirty-four years I have had my school. They attend more parent-teacher conferences, join their children for lunch, drive and chaperone on field trips, volunteer, and drop off and pick up their children from school. Sometimes it is a father who first comes to look at the school to decide whether the school will be a good match for his children. I have a Father‘s Day Field Day in March at my school for the first through eighth grade students and their dads. The children play a series of relays, water balloon toss, tug of war, etc. with their fathers following a pizza lunch, much to the delight of all. It is usually 100% attended with an occasional uncle or mom stepping in for a dad who cannot be there. It is a very special day that can often be ignored at schools due to its timing (after the school year has ended). Father‘s Day is celebrated all over the world, albeit on different dates and in different ways. The common thread is to honor your father for his support and love. In the United States, Sonora Dodd, after listening to a Mother‘s Day sermon, chose a day in June to celebrate and honor fathers. The date chosen by the Mayor was June 19th because that was Sonora‘s father‘s birthday. Thus, the first Father‘s Day was June 19th, 1910 in Spokane, Washington. President Lyndon Johnson recognized Father‘s Day and set it to be observed the third Sunday in June beginning in 1966. President Richard Nixon made it a permanent national holiday by signing it into law in 1972. However, the first Father‘s Day card is said to have been one carved out of clay wishing a father good health and long life. This card was made 4000 years ago in Babylon! As I mentioned earlier, for me, my grandfather was my father figure. He believed in miracles and never set limits to life‘s possibilities. He gave my mother the belief and strength to walk again after she had polio at age four. For me, I remember sitting in his big chair squeezed next to him while he removed the skin of an apple (all in one perfect piece). We would take turns eating slices as he would bestow his pragmatic wisdom. He would tell me things such as I could be anything I wanted in life. I remember asking, ―But Granddaddy, I stink at math, what if I want to do something that requires a lot of higher math?‖ He replied, ―Hire someone to do the math.‖ I hope everyone had a Happy Father‘s Day! To all the dads, I hope you enjoyed your neckties and your children; they grow up very quickly.

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Beginners Ms. Crystal Sorrow, Ms. Elizabeth Sheehan & Ms. Lonnie Phillips

The Little House had a wonderful month of May. Our month was filled with fun activities all month. We had bubble days, dance party day, fairy Friday, and spirit week. We enjoyed popsicles on the playground provided by Lucas' parents and had fun playing percussion instruments during drumming day. Our work inside has been filled with fun activities to end the school year.

The students have grown so much this year. When we look at pictures from the beginning of the year it scarcely seems like the same children. They have learned so much and their skills have grown exponentially. What a wonderful age! Please enjoy pictures from our fun-filled month. Many students are back in the Little House for Summer Camp where fun activities are abound.


Ms. Renee Brohamer & Ms. Lily Tajalli It‘s hard to believe the school year is over. The children have grown tremendously and learned so much. This is such a great age for discovery and rapid growth. Many of the children have applied their new found knowledge of letter sounds to creating their own stories to be shared with others. Using the movable alphabet even the youngest authors can share their stories by spelling them out phonetically. Here are a few examples. It has been a wonderful school year!

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Preschool Ms. Christina Eckstein & Ms. Martha Dolan

My Favorite Work This Year Andrew – picture patterns Brendan – mystery number Charlotte – parts of the bird puzzle Emya – sound/no sound basket Evelyn – addition Flynn – mystery number Jackson – bubble making Jeremy – mystery number Kennedy – painting Kome – painting Lia – role playing with puppets Mariasole – bead chains Marissa – magnetic shape patterning Melissa – bubble making Molly – push pinning Ori – parts of the bird puzzle Penny – color box Prithika – the five senses sorting work Ryan – making objects on the alphabet roll Seoyon – tanagram puzzle Sofia – parts of the bird puzzle Viveca – hammering

Grading Colors

Nutmeg Grating

Matching Geometric Solids

Still-Life Painting

Multiplication with Objects


Ms. Elizabeth Falls & Ms. Widline Senecharles It is so hard to believe that this school year has come to an end! We would like to thank all the parents for the support and help they have given to their children and to the school. It seems like the first day of school was only yesterday! In March, our Kindergarten students took the IOWA Standardized Test. The children actually enjoyed this new experience and they did very well! In the classroom, many of the children worked with the Stamp Game to better understand the Place Value concept. They worked in the thousands; learning Dynamic Addition, Multiplication, and Subtraction. We also worked on Money Values, Telling Time and working with Fractions. A favorite activity this semester has been the Number Roll; writing numbers into the thousands! In Language, the children learned the difference between antonyms, synonyms and homonyms; and put together compound words. Lessons on beginning punctuation and function of words (i.e., nouns and verbs) also presented. In the Second Semester, the Kindergarten students were introduced to the concept of a spelling test that

focused on words containing phonograms. The children looked forward to learning new words each week! For Parent Appreciation the children performed the musical/ play ―How Does Your Garden Grow‖. This play gave the children an opportunity (through acting and singing) to learn how children, regardless of one‘s culture, can grow into beautiful and flowering adults! The children learned their lines, new songs, choreography and even painted our backdrops! They did a wonderful job! I believe we have some budding actors and actresses amongst us! Even when the play was over, they still want to sing the songs (as well as perform the Weed Dance!). I want to thank all the parents for helping with their child‘s costume! Developmental Art is carefully woven into our academic curriculum. Fine and gross motor skills are constantly being developed through the various projects we do in the classroom. Two major art projects were completed this semester with the help of Ms. Rhea Bush (Karson‘s mom). The first project involved push-pinning the Planets of the Solar System (to compliment our Unit Study of the Solar System). The

children then added yarn to each planet and suspended them from a wire circle to create a mobile. The second project involved the children creating hand-print butterflies. In the past, each child would make a panel to sew together to make a quilt to be auctioned; with only one lucky family being able to take the beautiful piece of art work home. This year I decided to turn each child‘s panel into a pillow they could take home. Needless to say, the children are very proud of their one-of-a-kind butterfly pillow creation!

to take home a peacock feather to share with their family. Each year I continue to be amazed at how much the children have grown emotionally, socially, and academically. They have come so far since first entering our classroom.

Kindergarten Graduation! is bittersweet for us. Ms. Widline and I have watched the children grow so much in the short time they have been a part of our ―family‖. On Graduation Day, we will not be say good-bye; we will send Our final Unit Study for this them on their way to further exschool year; the Study of Birds perience inner satisfaction and found the children noticing and achieve pride in his/her accomappreciating things about birds plishments. Wherever they will they had never really thought be attending school next year, about. Each day a child would they will be terrific! They are come into the classroom and share very proud of themselves and we with us a fact about a bird they want to wish them the very best! either saw or heard. It was a joy Thank you for allowing us to be a to see the children be so excited part of your child‘s early learning about something they were experience. We had a wonderlearning about in their ful year! Your child has definitely environment! As part of our study, impacted our lives and we wish the children learned about the you much luck and success! parts (and specific facts about Children are our future! each part) of a bird. They were Take care; we love you! Have a amazed to find out that feathers nice summer and we will see you have so many different parts. They especially enjoyed learning in August! about the treasured peacock feather and had fun learning how to balance one on their finger, hand, foot and nose! At the end of our study, the children were able


Ms. Jackie Johnson & Ms. Kathleen Bastien

Practicing for our Performance

Our final months of the year are always busy. We spent a lot of time practicing and preparing for our Parent Appreciation Performance about Australia. The performance weaved together songs, dance, poetry, and corny jokes. The children were fantastic and absolutely loved practicing and performing for their parents; parents and teachers alike were very proud. For the last few months we have had an in-depth study of Australia. The children were most fascinated by Aboriginal music and art and the many exotic Australian animals. The children will be bringing home books that they made about Australia which will be nice keepsakes of this unit study.

Aboriginal Inspired Art


Kindergarten graduation was beautiful! It Was tough saying good-bye to such an outstanding group of students. Ms. Kathleen and I would like to thank our parents for another excellent year and for the privilege of teaching their children. Please have a wonderful and safe summer!

Having fun with our music teacher Ms. Gosia

Learning to Tie our Shoes!

Joining the 1000 number roll club

Joining the 2000 number roll club

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First & Second Grades Ms. Anita Bender & Ms. Susie Long We wrapped up the end of our wonderful year here in top gear, ready to rally together to produce a wonderful End-of-the-Year Performance. The children diligently practiced to prepare for ―Jungle Book‖. The performance was great! I am sure you enjoyed the amazing costumes; some of the costumes are shipped straight in from India. Gorgeous! The children in first and second grade lured the audience into the jungle as they snagged everyone into their vines. Here is a glimpse into the classroom; we finished an amazing Mother‘s Tea where the children took life in the garden and realized that it came full circle! The garden is a never-ending source of cultural entertainment and learning. Prior to this special event the children picked flowers to decorate the tables and it was lovely. Moms were wooed by a talent show put on solely by the children. In Science, we studied plants and flowers from our garden and performed experiments. They learned about the chemical chlorophyll and the process of photosynthesis. The children were amazed to learn that chlorophyll absorbs red and blue light and reflects the green light back to our eyes. Looking into the future; what you do with your child this summer will make all the difference next year. Keep your upcoming first, second or third grader up to par with addition, subtraction and math skills. There are many good websites for timed math dashes that I recommend you do each week. Go to where you will find great links with many educational and helpful websites. A few favorites to try are;, maths/units120.html, and Please look for the summer packet for returning students and newcomers. First and Second grade welcomes those who are coming into the next school year. The Summer Reading List is extensive and will be sent out with your Orientation Packet but read with your child 20 minutes every day whether it be Phonics Early Reader books or Chapter books like the Magic Tree House series. There are wonderful choices in the Scholastic Book Order Forms that come out monthly. When you order from Scholastic through your child's classroom it allows you a discount on current books and they are usually first in offering a paperback edition. By ordering from Scholastic Books it adds books to our classroom library as well. You can login online with the scholastic code GPFKF and the books will be shipped to the school. Don‘t forget to sign up for summer camp! We look forward to seeing you all this fall 2011-2012! Good Luck second and third graders going into Mr. Richard‘s classroom. You will be missed but we know you are in good hands.

Congratulations to Atharva Pathak for getting first prize in the Spring 2011 Alachua County Scholastic Chess Association Grand Prix (ACSCA). Congratulations to Alex‘s family for winning the Classroom Quilt this year. Congratulations to big brother, Venumadhava and his family on the birth of Bindu! End of School Year and Summer Birthdays! May — Analia, Sophie, Lucas July — Maui August — Aviv

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Second & Third Grades Mr. Richard Aslanian & Ms. Suzi Rumsey

It was a fast moving and dynamic year. We are very fortunate to be learning together in such a warm, comfortable environment. The students have worked very hard and maintained a great attitude all year. In Science, after finishing our studies of land and water forms and the oceans, we turned our attention to studying Botany. We have learned about the process of photosynthesis, classified fruits and vegetables, and learned about the different classifications of seeds. We learned about India as part of our geography studies. This went together very well with the end of year show, The Jungle Book. Special thanks to Liji Jacob and Chandra Nataraj for their presentations on the culture and customs of India. They helped take us to a whole new level of cultural experience. Speaking of the Jungle Book, our practices went very well and we were excited to be present our part of the show. Special thanks to Ms. Martha, Ms. Sylvia and Ms. Anna for all the extra time and effort they spent with choreography and blocking direction. We hope we made everyone proud! As the end of year drew near, we anxiously awaited to see which house will be crowned House Cup Champs. It‘s was tight race right up until the end. On the last day of school we found out that Gryffindor pulled out the victory for the first time in classroom history! We would like to say thank you to all the families for volunteering their time and efforts to help make this year successful. We couldn‘t do it without your support. Enjoy your summer!

Fourth & Fifth Grades Ms. Christina Miller, Ms. Susan Salvatore, Ms. Erin Sorel & Ms. Martha Horter Ms. Tina‘s class congratulate the winners of our

4th Grade Spelling Bee: 1st Place- Shreya 2nd Place- Esteban 3rd Place- Bella

All of the students did a great job participating! In Florida History, fourth graders took a field trip to Payne‘s Prairie to learn more about this history and ecology of the area. We explored the visitor‘s center, climbed the observation tower, and had a picnic by Lake Wauburg. Students learned about some of the changes taking place in Florida during the WWI and WWII eras, and focused on the skill of reading road maps. As a final project, students created road trips to various destinations throughout Florida and presented them using Google Earth. In US History with Ms. Susan Hansen, students learned about the growing tensions between the North and the South. Students participated in a simulation of the Underground Railroad in which they had to find safe houses and escape to Canada without getting caught by a bounty hunter. In the end, only seven slaves made it to Canada, while the rest were sent to do hard labor in the Deep South. 4th graders finished up their gardening activities. We had fun making tabouleh for Mother‘s Day Tea using our parsley and mint plants from the garden. We also harvested potatoes, tomatoes, and yellow squash for students to take home and share with their families. We have had a wonderful school year and would like to wish everyone a safe and fun Summer Break!

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Middle School Ms. Sherilyn Farris & Ms. Susan Hansen

Middle School End of the Year Trip Another year has come to a close and as a way to celebrate the accomplishments of the 6th, 7th and 8th grade class. The middle school‘s end of the year trip was to Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure and Aquatica. Universal Studios offered the students a unique blend of thrilling rides, live shows, restaurants, shops and games. We spent the day exploring the park, some of us enjoyed the roller coasters, while others braved the water-rides. After a fun day at the park, we checked in to our hotel rooms for the evening of swimming in the pool and having a poolside pizza party. Friday was spent at Aquatica. It was a great way to spend a hot Florida day enjoying the rapid river and racing each other down the slides. I would like to offer a special thanks to our trip chaperones Bill Hrvinak, Steve Palmer, Jessica Milian & Ana Hanley. Also, a continued thanks to Ms. Susan H. and Coach Cam for all their help. Thanks guys, you were great!!!! Mother’s Day Tea It is always nice to show our appreciation to our Moms and celebrate all the wonderful things they do for us. The annual Mother‘s Day Tea was one way we were able to say ―THANKS!‖ to those special ladies. On the day of the tea, the students made the always-enjoyed cucumber sandwiches and strawberries dipped in chocolate. They arranged the tables and set them with all sorts of finery. Soon the Mothers arrived and tea, sandwiches, and desserts were served. A highlight to the tea was entertainment provided by the students. The students wrote special Mother‘s Day messages to their Moms telling them how special they are and what a difference they have made in their childrens‘ lives. The Mother‘s Day Tea was a wonderful way to celebrate our Moms and tell how much we love them.

Middle School Graduation Another year was swiftly passed by and we are in the homestretch to summer break. As always it has been a wonderful year and I have enjoyed the times that my students and I have spent together.

State Science Fair Awards Congratulations to Jacqueline Kessler for her First Place Award in Behavioral and Social Science, Junior Division for her project. Jacqueline also received a nomination to compete in the Broadcom Masters Science The middle school Competition, a certificate students are currently from the American working on their graduation Psychological Association, ceremony. It is an event that $75 in cash awards, and two requires all of their tickets to Wonder Works. involvement. Each sixth Also, congratulations to grade or seventh grade Ashley Frye for placing 3rd student has written a speech in the Medicine and Health introducing an eighth grade Junior Division. student. Each eighth grade Have A Great Summer! student has prepared an I wish the graduating 8th extemporaneous speech about grade students success in their time at MMS and their high school and I look plans for their future. I have forward to work with next always enjoyed this event year‘s middle school stubecause the students‘ dents. Have a great sumspeeches remind me of so mer. Stay safe and wear sunmany fond memories I have screen! had with my students over the years. I wish my eighth grade students the best of luck in high school and hope they will strive to realize the potential that exists in all of them.

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Spanish Ms. Jeanne-Marie Clune-Hrivnak

In all the Spanish classes we explored gardens and landscapes. We learned the names of many flowering plants, herbs, garden tools and chores, and reviewed our fruits and vegetables. We also studied springtime activities and weather. As we discussed ―Living in Harmony‖ with others and the earth we learned songs and vocabulary that focused on conservation and preservation. We even learned words and songs about ―Reducing, Reusing & Recycling‖. We celebrated many holidays and learned how to discuss St. Patrick‘s Day, Passover, Easter, Earth Day, Cinco de Mayo, and holidays celebrating Benito Juarez and Cesar Chavez. We continued to explore the geography and cultures of the Spanish-speaking countries. In the Beginners, PK and Kindergarten classes we also studied different kinds of homes and items we use in our homes, more animals by continent, birds and different habitats. We finished the year by discussing summertime weather and activities, the ocean and beach and more adjectives to describe ourselves, others and our environment. In 1st-5th Grades we discussed sports, pastimes, our likes and dislikes and adjectives in depth. We finished out the year by doing self portraits and describing ourselves in Spanish to our classmates and by playing review games. The 6th Graders learned many more adjectives to describe themselves, others and their environment, their likes and dislikes along with more advanced grammar. Their culminating project for the year a skit in which they will use the vocabulary and grammar they have studied this year. The 7th & 8th Graders studied food, table and restaurant vocabulary in more depth. They learned many new verbal forms and uses as well as studying more complicated Spanish grammar and syntax. Their final project, which they presented to the class, will be a menu they have created by hand or on PowerPoint or a restaurant skit. It has been a wonderful experience to teach Spanish to these bright and energetic students of all ages.

Physical Education Coach Cam Parker

Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive & Dodge To end the school year the students got to participate in a good, old-fashioned DODGEBALL UNIT!! When the proper equipment is used and the activity is governed properly, dodgeball is a great way for students to work on throwing and catching skills, agility, spacial awareness and sportsmanship. (But please don‘t tell them, they just think that it‘s a fun perk after a year of hard work). Middle school students form a league, with a regular season that has standings updated daily and an end of the season tournament. The Smurf Whales were this year‘s regular season champ. Jump Rope Winners Announced The winners of this year‘s annual Jump Rope completion are: 1st Place – The Oompa Loompas - Jacqueline Kessler, Ashley Frye, Stephanie Kim, Ashley Petty & Chandrika Balkheimer 2nd Place – The Yellow Jackets - Sarah Lentz & Dallas Tealer 3rd Place – Bacon & Sausage -Tiffany Millian & Elizabeth Mills Presidential Physical Fitness Awards The students worked so hard this year and it showed in the results. This year over 64% of MMS students in 1st through 8th grade were awarded the ‗Presidential‘ title. This means that those students are in the top 15% of all students in the nation, for their age and gender, in all five fitness events. Our number has steadily climbed over recent years and Coach Cam will be submitting our results in hopes of being State Champions for our school size in physical fitness. The students may not always enjoy lap day, but this year 76% of our students met their Presidential mile times. Also of note, 90% of our school met Presidential standards in push-ups. Overall, 87% of the students meet at least National standards (top 50% for age and gender) in all five events. Way to go Knights!

Spring Scholastic Book Fair Our spring Book Fair was a huge success! Not only do the students enjoy choosing wonderful books, but the younger students look forward to working with the older students to make their “Wish Lists”. Our total sales amounted to $4000! Our profit, for MMS, totaled almost $1,600. This money will be used to supplement the teacher’s classroom book collections, add new materials to the library, purchase new software for the technology program and keep our Sunshine State Reader library current for the next school year. The book fair would not be possible without the amazing efforts of our volunteers: Shachar Amdur, Mohini Krueger, Niya Dix, Eileen Pesantes, Michelle Kessler, Jennifer Curcio, Christina Chang, Robert Mackritis, Laura Robertson, Cedric Tealer, Chuck Callesto, Ana Mohseni, Marie Daniels, Jeanne-Marie Clune-Hrivnak, Rhea Bush, Trish Petty, Lonnie Phillips, Erin Jaszczak, Ahyea Jo,Lassie Patterson, Beth Mills and the MMS Middle School class. Going above and beyond with multiple shifts, handling finances, sending out emails and coming to Ms. Martha’s rescue include: Jeanne-Marie Clune-Hrivnak, Irma Alvarez, Rhea Bush and Amilda Clark. A HUGE thank you to everyone that made our book sale a success!!! Florida Writes for 4th Grade As part of the 4th grade writing program the students completed the Florida Writes exam of basic writing. This 45 minute test requires the student to write a 5 paragraph expository essay based on a given prompt. The essay is scored on four essential elements; focus, organization, support and conventions. The essay is then given an overall score between 0 and 6 with six being the highest score awarded. A score of a 3 indicates average essay writing ability. A score of a 6 is hard to obtain and is rarely achieved. The essays are evaluated by a committee of teachers at MMS who then determine the student’s final score. The students prepared throughout the year for this test and everyone worked hard to succeed. We are proud to announce that our 4th grade group did an amazing job. Individual scores ranged from 4 to 6, with the majority scoring a 5. These are terrific scores and we are very proud of our writers!

4th/5th Grade to Dudley Farm As a culminating activity to the reading of our book, A Land Remembered, our 4th/5th grade class paid a visit to Dudley Farm historical site. The setting of our book was Florida in the mid 1800’s. Through reading the book we learned about pioneer life, cattle ranching and the joys and hardships of the time period. The trip to Dudley Farm allowed us to step back in time and experience what life was like for the early Florida Crackers. We enjoyed washing clothes in tubs, drawing water from the well, grinding corn, feeding chickens, plowing a field, watering the garden, pumping water and picking fresh mulberries. We discovered the hardships of this time period and decided we are happy to be living in the 21st century. Sunshine State Reader Books One of our reading incentive programs at MMS for the 4th/5th grade students is the optional reading of the Sunshine State Reader Books. To complete the program each student must read at least 5 books from the list of 15. Those students that meet, or exceed, their reading goal are able to participate in the state-wide voting to help decide the year’s winner, and enjoy a pizza/movie party. This year’s participants included: Kyleigh Beecham, Ava Bender, Becca Bernal*, Sumin Choi *, Shreya Pathak*, Bella Kemp*, Anna Tosolini, Charlie Meyerson, Shadee Tajalli and Juliana Valentine. The Sunshine State Young Reader's Award Program is a statewide reading motivation program for students in grades 3-8. The program, cosponsored by the School Library Media Services Office of the Department of Education and the Florida Association for Media in Education (FAME), began in 1983. The purpose of the SSYRA Program is to encourage students to read independently for personal satisfaction, based on interest rather than reading level. Sunshine State books are selected for their wide appeal, literary value, varied genres, curriculum connections, and/or multicultural representation. Students are encouraged to read books that are above, on, and below their tested reading level in order to improve their reading fluency. You can visit the site, and get a head start on the books for the 2011-2012 school year at: Congratulations to all who participated! * students who read all 15/15 books

5th Grade to Camp Crystal This year’s 5th grade class enjoyed a wonderful, fun-filled, educational three days at Camp Crystal Lake. This three day event included team building activities, high adventure programs, science, canoeing, archery, hay ride, camp fire, Smore’s, hiking and swimming.

The science portion of the program allows the students to engage in hands-on science activities by learning about the natural environment, the importance of water quality, scientific method and species identification. The highlight of our adventure is always the high adventure portion. The students are challenged to climb the 50 foot Alpine Tower, using different routes on the tower to achieve their individual goal. In addition, the campers enjoy being hoisted high into the air, at night, to swing on the “Night Swing”. This takes teamwork, hard work and courage. Camp Director, Tony Oyenarte, and the other CCL teachers always complement our students on their impeccable manners, patience, kindness and intelligence. Every year the CCL team looks forward to the MMS students coming to camp. We are looking forward to our return trip next year!

Science Ms. Nia Haynes

The 4th and 5th graders wrapped up the year with the Landforms module. We studied maps, learning how rivers shape the land, and investigating mountains and other landforms. The 6th graders are learning about the water cycle and weather. We were transformed into water molecules for the Water Cycle Game and got a first-hand look at how water moves around our planet. The 7th and 8th graders learned about motion, forces, and energy. Our last project was to create a paper towel tube roller coaster that will propel a marble through a thrilling set of loops and hills.

The Spotlight Kids ended their season with an awards ceremony and pool party on Friday, May 13, 2011. The troupe discussed the year and contributed ideas for next year. What A year it has been… They helped with the Fall Festival with a ―Toss A Pie at the Shakespeare Booth.‖ They performed ―Gumshoe High a Totally Teen Mystery,‖ at school and at the Film Noir Dinner Theater in December. They rehearsed and performed at the Shakespeare Festival while preparing to compete at the National Performing Arts Festival in Walt Disney World. Their hard work paid off as they earned an excellent rating for their twenty minute performance of Gumshoe High- A Totally Teen Mystery. In April they hosted a Drama Fun Day for fifth -eight graders and lent their talents to the Relay For Life Fundraiser at SFC.

The Spotlight Kids is offered to past and present students of Millhopper Montessori School under the direction of Sylvia Aslanian. You must be in sixth grade or above to be considered as a member. We are an award winning competitive drama troupe. If you are interested in being a member of the The Spotlight Kids 2011—2012 Season, please read below! The following information has been provided to better prepare the performers and families. You will attend the following meeting and registration process and an actual audition. Step One: Informational Meeting – for all participants/families To fully understand the year long commitment of being a member of The Spotlight Kids, please attend an informational meeting. This meeting is for performers and their parents/ guardians. During the meeting, veteran parents will talk about The Spotlight Kids, its history and mission. The director will go over the audition process and answer any questions you may have. All meeting participants will also receive an audition packet, conflict calendar, general rehearsal schedule, and Spotlight Kids Policies form at that time. (Or we encourage you to download an audition packet from our website or pick up one prior to the audition day). If you don’t fill these out before you arrive, you'll be asked to complete the audition packet, conflict calendar and Spotlight Kids Policies form following the Informational Meeting. This year we will participate in the Florida State Thespian’s District (Jacksonville) and State (TBA) Competitions. The District Competition will be in early December. Step Two: Review of Conflicts Calendar Next, you will review your completed conflict calendar with a production representative. Conflicts will not be accepted the last 10 days of rehearsal before our performance or during performances. Or last ten days before a competition. If you have too many conflicts on your calendar, you may not be eligible for lead roles, or it may be recommended that you not audition. We will meet every Friday with the exception of two weeks prior to our performance/and or competition(s). (TBA) Step Three: Registration Once your conflict calendar and Audition registration form has been signed, you will be ready for your audition. Step Four: Audition Auditionees will be given a short scene to recite, You may be asked to audition with other members as well.

Mission: The Spotlight Kids is dedicated to providing a professional theatrical experience that educates, challenges and inspires young people, while promoting discipline, respect and teamwork. Believe, Achieve, Spark, Inspire, Create!

Motto: All For One, One For All, Together the Spotlight Shines Brighter!

Policy: Students must maintain a C average in all subjects, turn in assignments, have a good attitude and adhere to the MMS Behavior Policy at all times. This includes the school day as well as after-school and off campus activities sponsored/and or endorsed by Millhopper Montessori School. Teachers will consider past and present academic and behavior performance including behavior and attitude in after-school and off campus activities sponsored/and or endorsed by Millhopper Montessori School when considering a student.


Kindergarteners have been researching birds, Australia and learning about several interactive sites to practice skills during the summer. They visited many virtual zoos and witnessed pandas in their habitat in the Panda Cam. In Brain Pop they learned about centimeters, meters and kilometers. They also created their own pictograph using tally marks and a key. First graders learned basics of Microsoft Word and created a Father‘s Day Card. They also have visited many virtual zoos. In Brain Pop they learned about many different types of music. They ventured to create their own music in several sites located in Millhoppertech. Second - Third graders have enjoyed

creating Power Points about Oceans. They also researched weather and volcanoes. Fourth and Fifth Graders have been working in Google Earth, creating a trip, Power Point creating games for History and Publisher creating a comic to go along with their Literature Unit, ―The Westing Game.‖ Fifth graders also have been creating their own news spots in Newsmaker. A ―Day in the Life Video,‖ has consumed the Middle Schoolers in Technology and in Video Production. They also added their talents to designing the t-shirt for the Presidential Fitness Winners. Recently they have been creating PSA‘s using Pivot stick animator. Please be sure to go to Millhoppertech during the summer.

Working on the Day in the Life Video. Using Typing Pal to help keyboarding

Learning Sony Vegas Pro

Middle School students, Cristina and Marisa assist in Technology Class.

Congratulations to the MMS 3rd/4th Grade Volleyball Team for winning First Place at the Girls Place Spring Volleyball Championship. Great job girls!!

Kyleigh & Sarah before the Girls Place All-Star Game

Congratulations to Jacqueline Kessler for being selected as one of only 400 State Finalists in the Google 4 Doodle competition. There were 107,000 submissions from all over the country this year!

Congratulations to the 2011 Bell Award Winner Jacqueline Kessler!

PTO News As we wrap up the 2010-2011 school year, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your support of the PTO. Everyone came together to make this another great year at MMS. Our success came through the efforts of everyone. Many of you attended meetings, volunteered at events, and helped plan activities. Thank you to all the parents, teachers, and administrative staff. We were able to accomplish many things together. Some of the activities that your PTO supported were: The Fall Festival Provided snacks for MMS Relay for Life Donated money to the Mystery Dinner Theater Sponsored Safety Patrol Appreciation Sponsored Teacher Appreciation Week Hosted the Wine & Cheese FUNdraiser Sponsored The Jungle Book, Kids! production I'd like to encourage you to continue your support and participation in the PTO for the 2011-12 school year, under the leadership of Irma Alvarez and the new officers. Please plan to attend meetings and consider serving on a committee. It is a great way to get to know other families in the school and to give your input into school activities. And, it is a lot of fun! Once again, thank you all for your support and I look forward to seeing you next year! - Lonnie Phillips

MMS Volunteers! Thank you to all of our 2010-2011 Volunteers! MMS would be nothing without you!!!

Ahyea Jo Akshaya Nataraj Alex Olcese Amanda Elwart Amilda Clark Ana Hanley Ana Mohseni Anita Bender Anna Olcese Antonio Pozzi Barbara Black Benjamin Vivas Beth Mills Bill Black Bill Hrivnak Bobby Adkins Brooke Wilson Carla Reynolds Chandra Nataraj Christina Eckstein Christina Chang Daphne Balkheimer Dara Smith David Aguilera Deon Winchester Dede Dodds Deeta Adkins Donna Niehaus Eileen Sosa-Pesantes Emily Simmons Erin Jaszczak Ernest Milian Gabriella Castellanos George Demopolous Grace Kim Holtzhower Family Hyunjoo Lee (Alex Choi's mom) Irma de la Puerta James Schlachta Jeanne Marie Jeff Hanley Jeff Kelley Jeff Reynolds Jennifer Curcio Jennine Brandt Jerry Beecham

Jessica Milian Karina Newman Kayleigh Bush Kirsten Van Weigel Lassie Patterson Laura Clark Laura Robertson Liji Jacob Lisa Greene Lonnie Phillips Marie Daniels Mark Clark Martha Horter Meghan Kessler Melinda Pooler Melissa Akey Michelle Hazen Michelle Kessler Mike Akey Mohini Krueger Mr. Mansoor Nance Leedy Nicole Corwine Niya Dix Paula Pifer Paula Webb Pothu Family Pragash Sundaraja Rachel Osborn Randy Enos Rhea Bush Richard Aslanian Rober Mackritis Sara Walters Sarit Sela Shachar Amdur Sharvari Pathak Sherilyn Farris Stephen Bender Steve Palmer Susan Hansen Sylvia Aslanian Teresa Brewington Tracey Valentine Trish Petty Var Thelin

Over 88% of our first through eighth grade students are Presidential or National level Physical Fitness award winners!

Presidential Award Winners!

National Award Winners!

Calendar Summer Camp Calendar of Events (Week II-Week V) Week II June 20-June 24

Woodworking; Basketball; Astronomy; Junior Counselor

Tuesday, June 21

Field trip to the Planetarium 10:00-1:00 for Astronomy

Thursday, June 23

WKZY Live Broadcast 10:00-12:00

Thursday, June 23

Dress-up day for Beginner and Pre/K classes — theme: Insects/Bugs

Friday, June 24

Splash Bash: Ms. Crystal’s Class 9:30-10:15, Ms. Crystal’s Class 10:15-11:00 & Mr. Richard, Ms. Sylvia’s, Ms. Erin’s & Ms. Nia’s and Coach Cam’s Class 1:30-2:00

Week III June 27-July 1

Under the Sea, Mad Scientist, Club Sports, All the World’s a Zoo, Junior Counselor

Thursday, June 30

Field Trip to Santa Fe Zoo 10:00-1:30 for All the World’s a Zoo

Thursday, June 30

Dress-up day for Beginner and Pre/K classes — theme: Under the Sea

Friday, July 1

Splash Bash: Ms. Crystal’s Class 9:30-10:15, Ms. Liz’s Class 10:15-11:00 & Mr. Richard, Ms. Sylvia’s, Ms. Erin’s & Ms. Nia’s and Coach Cam’s Class 1:30-2:00

Week IV July 5-July 8

Ahoy Pirates!, Invention/Animation, Foot Related Sports, Recycled Arts & Crafts, Junior Counselor

Monday, July 4


Thursday, July 7

Dress-up day for Beginner and Pre/K classes — theme: Pirates

Friday, July 8

Splash Bash: Ms. Crystal’s Class 9:30-10:15, Ms. Liz’s Class 10:15-11:00 & Mr. Richard, Ms. Sylvia’s, Ms. Erin’s & Ms. Nia’s and Coach Cam’s Class 1:30-2:00

Week V July 11– July 15

Shiver Me Timbers!, Drama Camp I, Baseball, Production Crew, Junior Counselor

Thursday, July 14

Dress-up Day for Beginner and Pre/K classes — theme: Pirates

Friday, July 15

Drama Camp I Drama Show in the Big Room at 11:30 AM

Friday, July 15

Splash Bash: Ms. Crystal’s Class 9:30-10:15, Ms. Liz’s Class 10:15-11:00 & Mr. Richard, Ms. Sylvia’s, Ms. Erin’s & Ms. Nia’s and Coach Cam’s Class 1:30-2:00

Summer 2011 Montessori Monitor  

Summer 2011 Montessori Monitor (Newsletter)

Summer 2011 Montessori Monitor  

Summer 2011 Montessori Monitor (Newsletter)