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Poseidon’s Revenge Once, in the 1400’s B.C., there was a man named Aarōn who was trading in the Mediterranean Sea. He lived on the island of Crete. He was a known trader who made almost no money. He went to the sea at the wrong time because a half an hour before, someone who looked just like Aarōn made Poseidon angry by throwing garbage in the sea. So he was humming to himself when Poseidon put monsters in the sea to get his revenge. The monsters were a blue so they camouflaged with the water so Aarōn couldn’t see. He finally saw them but it was too late. Aarōn struggled to keep his boat stable and

himself alive. The monsters were to powerful and they pushed him off the boat. He was about to die when Poseidon noticed that he wasn’t the one that was doing all the trouble. Poseidon saved him and gave him a map for a treasure that no one could find that had thousands of dollars. He went to look for it and found it and never had to go work again and he could stay with his wife and children. Poseidon then learned he should check before he something to hurt someone.

Moral: Check if it’s true before you do or say something.

By: Rina Lokaj

ZEUS MORAL “The best intentions will not always ensure success.” Once upon a time there was a young man named Joseph. Joseph was young, handsome, and a very popular guy from Athens. He was a part of rich and powerful aristocratic family. Young girls from all over Athens dreamed of one day being chosen by Joseph to be his wife. Joseph had an older sister named Elizabeth who has always been over protective of him. She would often tell people there wasn’t a girl alive worthy of her brother Joseph. This always worried Joseph because he knew Elizabeth could be very violent if she didn’t get her way. Joseph realized the god Zeus was the only god he could talk to about his sister’s over protectiveness. Zeus was a very powerful and strong god. He is the king of gods. Zeus is known as the type of god that understands relationship problems. People often went to a very famous oracle on top of an acropolis to talk to the god. Joseph went to the oracle one day to talk about a beautiful girl named Melissa. He wanted Melissa in his life but was afraid of what Elizabeth would do to her. Joseph asked Zeus if he should bring her to his home to meet his family or keep her a secret. Zeus said “you must be open to your family and bring her home.” So that’s what Joseph did. Joseph came into town looking for Melissa. He found her at the market. Joseph told Melissa he wanted her in his life. Joseph wanted Melissa to come home to have dinner with his family that night. When Melissa got to Joseph’s house his sister acted very excited to meet her. Elizabeth asked Melissa if she wanted to take a walk and see the family’s horses. Melissa really wanted to meet the horses and went with Elizabeth.

Once they were outside and out of plain sight, Elizabeth took out a machete that she had hidden behind a tree earlier in the day and chopped off Melissa’s head. Within a second a blood-ridden head was rolling down the walkway that led to the horses. Elizabeth ran back to the house and told Joseph that she had killed Melissa. She explained to Joseph that Melissa could never be worthy of him. Later that night Joseph went to the oracle on top of the acropolis to talk to Zeus about what happened to his girlfriend. Zeus told Joseph that he had a treasure for him. It was a girl that was born with lifelong protection by the gods. This would always keep her safe from Elizabeth. The girl was beautiful but did not have a good personality. She was selfish, stuck up and greedy. But Joseph loved her and wanted to spend eternity with her. Even though she was difficult they lived happily ever after.

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6TH Grade Research

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