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October - November 2012

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Expansion of Sappi's Ngodwana Mill................................. 6 VWSA New Press Plant Commissioned ............................ 9 Editorial on the Sappi GoCell Project ...............................10 New-state-of-the-Art Research Facility..............................12 New No.1 Silo Project Underway.......................................16 UTi Pharma Building .........................................................17 Military Health base depot .................................................19 Bridge City Rail Link on Schedule .....................................21 New Massdiscounters DC KZN up and running ................22 Trade Centre Building gets a Refurbishment ....................28 R60million Investment for Lighting Innovation ...................30 The New Brits Hospital set to open in 2013.......................32 Iveco provides HPE Africa with improved ..........................36 village square shopping centre ..........................................38 New Value Logistics Cato Ridge Development on track ...40 The New Multi –Billion Rand Boardwalk Expansion .........42 The N2 Coega River Bridge ..............................................46 Brazil's Stadia well in Progress for the 2014 World Cup ...47 New Philipi Plaza Shopping Centre Opens its Doors ........48

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FOUNTAIN CIVIL ENGINEERING (FCE) is a multi disciplined civil engineering construction company which was founded in 1994. FCE has established itself as one of the leading contractors in the Kwazulu-Natal region and in 2010 opened an office in the Gauteng area. FCE is registered with the South African Federation of Civil Engineering Contractors (SAFCEC) and graded as a CIDB Grade 8CE contractor. FCE is a level 4 BBBEE contributor and have recently been recommended for their ISO 9011 certification. Over the past 18 years, FCE has assembled a highly trained team that is both quality conscious and motivated to achieve targets and stated goals. The company's extensive experience includes: · Earthworks & Roads · Infrastructure · Pipelines · Landfill Sites · Quarries and Materials Handling · Concrete and Other · Landfill Gas Extraction Notable achievements can be obtained from our extensive schedule of experience on our website. FCE has been nominated as the main contractor for the Phase 1 development of approximately 95ha of the Cornubia Industrial and Business Estate (CIBE) which forms part of the 1300ha Cornubia Precinct. Our works entail the construction of the building platforms for the industrial and commercial development which goes hand in hand with creating job opportunities for the local community. Major bulk earthworks are underway to level the undulating topography of the site. The bulk earthworks operation will be carried out to form approximately 28 building platforms of various sizes before the installation of the civil infrastructure. In order to service the various platforms, a 500mm diameter steel pipeline will be installed to bring water to the area from the Woodview Drive, Phoenix Reservoir area. The extent of the works under Fountain Civil Engineering's contract is as follows: · The construction of earthworks and building platforms with a total quantity of approximately some 900 000 m3 · The construction of approximately 35 000 m2 of asphalt surfaced main roads and internal roads · Stormwater drainage of approximately 4600m consisting of kerbs, stormwater inlets, manholes and various diameter pipes. Physical Address: Postal Address: · 4000m of water reticulation. 1st Floor, Cycad Block P.O. Box 1388 · 4250m of sewer reticulation. 3 Abrey Road KLOOF KLOOF Kwazulu Natal · The installation of 32,500m cable ducts Kwazulu Natal 3640 · Sub surface drainage 3610 · Wetland rehabilitation Construction is a people's business and the credit for the success of FCE must go to all the stakeholders, our employees, our clients, consultants and our shareholders. Along with the over 200 years of construction experience in the senior management team, the extremely experienced and competent estimating department ensures well considered prices and a constant supply of work. FCE are able to provide turnkey operations, from concept design, finance sourcing, CDM registration and EIAs, through to construction, installation and finally operation and maintenance. With FCE's stringent safety and quality policies and our other inhouse policies encompassing; social responsibility, employment equity, affirmative action, commitment to skills development and the continued effort to uplift the staff, the company has gained the respect and trust of all the construction industry.

Telephone:+27 31 764 5660 Fax:+27 31 764 5661 Share Call:0861 “CIVILS”


Expansion of Sappi's Ngodwana Mill The expansion and modernisation of the Sappi Ngodwana mill, including the introduction of 210,000tpa of chemical cellulose production at the mill, marks an exciting new phase of growth and development for both the mill and the company. Sappi's total production of chemical cellulose will increase to over a million tons per year, entrenching the company's position as the global leader in chemical cellulose production, a fast growing, business serving the textiles, consumer goods, foodstuffs and pharmaceutical industries. Chemical Cellulose is an exciting product and will ensure the sustainability of the mill, suppliers and contractors. The project (known as Project GoCell), will see various enhancements and changes to the mill, all aimed at further improving the mill's prospects as well as improving the mill's environmental footprint. Of significance will be the replacement of the current bleach plant with a new process which will be chemically more efficient and will generate less effluent. The project will further reduce mill odour through improved efficiencies and the mill will burn 61 000 fewer tons of coal per year which equates to 120 000 tons less Carbon Dioxide emissions. The current bleached hardwood paper pulp capacity will be converted to produce chemical cellulose. Ngodwana Mill site is situated in the Elands valley Mpumalanga, approximately 48km west of Nelspruit along National Road N4 at 25.578째S 30.665째E. The site is an extensively developed factory, heavily populated with operations personnel, plant, equipment and raw materials. Project GoCell is being built utilising the best available technology and energy efficient motors and processes, which will result in lower energy use. The mill will also be using more renewable resources to generate electricity, thereby reducing the reliance on fossil fuel and lowering the mill's environmental impact. Although the mill is already a world leader in terms of water used per ton of paper produced, the mill's water use will be further reduced when Project GoCell starts up, as the new plant will require less water to be heated, and less energy used.


The project of this magnitude comes with its own challenges, although the greatest challenge for this particular project is to keep to the timeline. This project would normally be executed over a longer time period. The time line for the execution of Project GoCell is about 3 to 4 months shorter. As a result there is much more emphasis on selecting and modifying methods and design. The greatest imminent challenge is the installation of the new pulp drier. Usually one would have a three month period, in which you would demolish the old equipment in situ, and then build the new in its place. We have only forty days in which to accomplish this task. We will be using a self-propelled modularised trailer to remove the old drier in one piece to demolish, and then drive in the new drier, which is completely pre-constructed elsewhere. It is the first time that this method will be used in a pulp mill to accomplish this task. Project GoCell is now entering a very intense construction phase. After months of watching reinforced steel and concrete being converted into foundations, columns and floor slabs, the erection of mechanical equipment and tanks are now in full swing. The face of the construction site is literally changing on a daily basis. During the civil construction phase, Aveng Grinaker-LTA did an excellent job in keeping to a very tight schedule. In this period they managed to install 1,500 concrete piles to secure the building foundations. These foundations consumed 1,380 tons of reinforcing steel and 14,000 cubic metres of concrete. A further 710 tons of structural steel was erected to complete the building works.


Ferromont SA (FSA) and their sub-contractors are now fully mobilised on site for the mechanical and electrical installation of equipment. In the new fibre line 3 cooking area the six new batch digesters have been installed as well as the digester building, which was designed as a steel frame structure. In the bleaching area, the oxygen and EOP reactors have been installed and the two bleaching towers have been erected. Work has also started on the pulp storage tanks as well as the pipe bridges. Erection and installation works are now proceeding in all areas. In the evaporation area three new concentrators, stripper column, reflux condenser, and the feed tank have been installed. The piping installation will soon commence. In the causticising area, the dregs centrifuge has been installed and commissioned and work is progressing on the erection of the new causticiser, which brings the total number of causticisers to four. Erection of the slaker will commence soon. In the recovery boiler area, the installation of the Ash Leaching Plant is proceeding and the chipper base has been installed in the Woodyard, and the log deck is partly erected.

The manufacturing of pipe spools is in full swing at the prefabrication workshop area where a total of 28 km of pipe and around 10,000 fittings will be welded together as specified in the detailed piping design drawings. This area is a hive of activity and the completed pipe spools will soon be moved to site for installation. Container loads of equipment are being delivered on site daily and the site laydown and storage areas are currently fully utilised. The next few months will be a very testing period for all, but it is gratifying to see that the plan is starting to come together Construction on site started in March 2012 and it's expected to go live in April 2013. The project cost is in excess of R2-billion.



Betterect Betterect (Pty) Limited was awarded the contract to erect the free-issue material and equipment supplied by Metso for the Digester, Fibre Line, Evaporator and Wood Yard Areas. This includes approximately 450 tons of structural steelwork and over 300 items of mechanical equipment, weighing in excess of 2 000 tons. In addition to this, Betterect is also responsible for the supply and installation of approximately 100 tons of structural steel for various plant frames, platforms, access ways, etc. We are working as subcontractor to Ferromont South Africa (Pty) Ltd (FSA), a wholly owned subsidiary of Austrian based company FMT (Ferro-Montagetechnik Gmbh), a worldwide project management and execution specialist in the pulp and paper industry. Challenges: Sappi Ngodwana is already a fairly complex and congested site, so to execute a large brown-fields expansion, locally. requiring intense activity on multiple simultaneous operating fronts and areas, involving several levels of contracting parties brings with it a unique set of challenges. Co-ordination, co-operation and the flow of fast and accurate information is the key to success. Strict procedures, processes and work flow have to be combined with flexibility and adaptability to keep all the crews busy and the schedule on track. So far the anticipated heavy annual rainfalls have not caused too much delay yet, but this could change at any time.


We currently have around 90 people to site and anticipate that the total man-power will be around the 120 mark. It has been relatively difficult to source suitably skilled and experienced mechanical fitters and other artisans that fullfill the stringent site labour requirements. Fortunately most of the semi-skilled and general labour could be sourced


VWSA New Press Plant Commissioned Volkswagen South Africa recently completed the constructed of its new Press Plant in Uitenhage. The turning of the sod took place in February 2011, and the installation of the Press Line was finalised in July 2012, with commissioning in September. Construction of Volkswagen Group South Africa's new R500-million Press Plant at its Uitenhage factory, installed capacity will cover the Plant production requirements for the manufacture of larger sheet metal components. This would enable further local content gains and improvements to overall competitiveness. The new Plant is VWSA's greenest building yet, a lot of thought went into the effect the building would have on the environment, and would have to complement many other water and energy saving initiatives already implemented throughout the Plant. The objective was to comply with the Volkswagen Brand's “Blue Factory” guidelines for environmentally friendly buildings. The elements under consideration focused on energy minimisation, the use of natural light, regenerative heating systems, rain water harvesting as well as the use of environmentally friendly/recycled construction materials.

Key Focus Areas Energy – The drive is to use as little electricity as possible. As far as the building is concerned this was done by insulating the wall and roof, installing skylights, the use of reflective colours, the installation of lighting management systems and energy saving lights, movement sensors to control internal lighting and daylight sensors to control external lighting. Regarding the Presses - The new Press Line will also play its part in energy saving. In the current, normal Start/Stop mode, the clutch and brake operation consumes additional energy. The new Press Line, however, will operate with continuous wave motion, thus there's no application of a clutch or brake. This will result in a projected 30% energy saving against a similar Start/Stop press line. As the price of electricity increases and the investment into renewable energy sources become more economical, the Company will continue to evaluate the application of these technologies in the future. Water – A rainwater harvesting system will harness runoff from the roof and supply the cooling tower with top-up water and irrigation when required. Water efficient facilities will also be installed in the ablutions.

Waste – A new, state of the art bailing system will optimally bail scrap steel for recycling. Materials – As far as possible, natural resources have been spared on this project. The steel used in the construction of the Press Shop has a 20% recycle factor – it's not just pure iron ore. The cladding used is primarily made from recycled aluminium. Noise/vibration – A 50mm layer of special imported insulating material called Sylodyn will prevent the transmission of vibrations through the bedrock to the surrounding building. The Press Line will also be enclosed in a sound insulating enclosure and the offices will be prepared with double-glazed windows to prevent noise transmission from the current Press Shop. These are some of the Key Elements in making the new Press Plant environmentally friendly, setting the standard for future installations in VWSA. The 11 000m2 plant – is the same size as the playing surface of an international rugby field. The Plant consists of the Main production hall – 8 429m2, Office facilities – 884m2, Learning Academy (to ensure the ongoing skills development of Press Shop employees) – 1 578m2 At its peak, the project created 250 new construction crew jobs in the form of contractual labour.


INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT AVENG Grinaker –LTA Editorial on the Sappi GoCell Project AVENG Grinaker –LTA were awarded two contracts by Sappi Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd: ŸPiling Contract – this contract involved the ground engineering installing 1300No 500dia. CFA piles as well as 200dia hollow core self drilling micro piles. ( This contract has since been successfully completed) ŸMain civil and Building contract - this contract entails the main civil and building works for Sappi's GoCell Project. The consulting engineers are CBI Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd, which have been incorporated into PD Naidoo & Associates Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd. The scope of the civil and building works includes the fibreline area, which has: ŸA four storey MCC Building ( containing electrical rooms and a control room) ŸA Digester plant ( complete with its tank area) ŸA bleach plant ( together with its tank area) ŸA chemical plant Other areas include: ŸSeven utility bridges ŸA woodyard control building, a log receiving and chipping plant ( complete with log receiving & loading deck, log chip conveyor foundations, water circulation plant, chipping

building and woodyard log receiving slab & paving) ŸA water clarifier for the re-circulation water and a refiner

building ŸAn evaporator plant and a demineralization plant ŸA liquor preparation plant (recausticizing) ŸAn Ash leaching plant (CRP Plant) ŸAnd other various conveyor foundations The type of Work involved is: ŸLocalized earthworks for foundations and surface slabs on prepared platforms ŸBreaking of piles to bottom of founding level ŸStructural concrete and reinforcing to foundations, columns, beams, suspended slabs and surface beds ŸBrickwork and finished to various structures ŸStructural steel to some structures ŸCladding to some buildings ŸSubsoil services Some of the challenges faced during construction ŸThe congested nature of the construction areas ŸAnd the fast track nature of the project The contract for the civil and building works is on program and progressing well. AVENG Grinaker –LTA has successfully achieved all interim milestone dates thus far.

Aveng Grinaker-LTA is a multi-disciplinary construction and engineering group, anchored in South Africa with expertise in a number of market sectors; Power, Mining, Infrastructure, Commercial, Retail, Industrial, Oil and Gas. The Group's multi-disciplinary capability is delivered through focused operating units acting in synergy.


CA Architects CA Architects is a Ballito based architectural company that designs the full spectrum of architectural projects through commercial, leisure ,residential and offices and recent projects include the Shepherds Tree Lodge in Pilanesberg and the new Radisson Blu safari Hotel in the Kruger Park. The new Radisson is designed as a low impact single storey development that blends into the natural bush surrounds and “touches the ground lightly”. The accommodation of 120 rooms follows the natural contour of the Timfunene tributary, with the main reception and conference buildings situated strategically on the banks of the Crocodile River. Back of house and support and maintenance structures are situated further inland and merge with the bush. The materials, forms, colours and style of the design can be

summarized as “contemporary bio mimicary”. The main roofs of the hotel form canopies not unlike umbrella thorn trees, creating shade and cool natural ventilation. Insulation and natural heating and cooling and lighting is carefully considered The design is as energy efficient as naturally possible with a view to a green star rating. The design and documentation is all prepared using state of the art 3d Autocad Revitt software technology, which particularly assists with the analysis of the natural contours of the site and the assessment of the visual impact of structures. CA Architects are confident that the new hotel will have a positive architectural effect on the park, and will be an asset that will add value.


EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPMENT Nelson R Mandela Medical School in KZN Welcomes the New-state-of-the-Art Research Facility The new state-of-the-art K-Rith Building at the Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine on the Kwazulu Natal campus in Durban Opens. The New Medical Research facility for the study of HIV and multiple & extremely drug resistant TB, Including Bio safety Level 2 & 3 Laboratories and support offices has been constructed at an estimated cost of R346million. The Kwa-zulu Natal Research Institute for Tuberculosis and HIV (K-RITH) initiative began as a collaborative undertaking by the university of Kwa-zulu Natal and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute – with public sector support through Lifelabs, the biotechnology investment arm of the South African Government and represents a bold commitment to developing new research capacity to study tuberculosis and HIV in Durban. The new eight-storey building has created an important physical connection between the medical school and Researchers on the campus of the Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine, including the Doris Duke Medical Research Institute, the centre for the AIDS programme of research in South Africa (CAPRISA) and the HIV Pathogenesis Programme. The K-RITH Building will house exceptional basic and translational scientists recruited from Africa and throughout the world, scientists on a mission to improve global health, with a specific interest in TB and HIV.





With the new highly sensitive research facility coming on line towards the end of 2012, it was essential that all aspects of the building security be taken into account. Systems Integrator, Davey Control Systems installed an IP based camera system utilising VIVOTEK cameras and Milestone Surveillance Software to monitor all entrances, Laboratories and a few essential outdoor areas. A total of 78 FD8162 (indoor dome) and the IP8362 (outdoor Bullet) 2- Megapixel cameras were installed throughout the building. Both models deliver excellent image quality allowing enhanced digital zoom functions ensuring that nothing is overlooked. The power supply by POE (Power over Ethernet) under an UPS base provides autonomy in situations like power outages allowing for continued video viewing and archiving. Both cameras utilise the H264 high performance video compression standard that boast a much higher compression ratio than MJPEG or MPEG-4, reducing the file sizes and conserving valuable network bandwidth. A local Smart Client viewing station allows for in-house monitoring with an additional Client installed in an offsite CCTV Control Room. Davey Control System (Systems Integrator) and Compass Visual Security (Vivotek and Milestone Distributor) are proud to deliver a world class solution to this leading edge medical facility.



The Gross Built Area of the structure is in the order of 18,000 square metres extending six floors above the Podium Level. It will also have 800 new basement parking bays below sea level. A Corporate Head Office, 30 Residential Apartments and various retail outlets. As with most projects No. 1 Silo has got its own challenges the key ones being: 타Logistical and planning issues regarding the integration of the project in and around existing road / pedestrian infrastructure, occupied office buildings, shopping mall, working harbour and tourist destination attraction facilities. 타Demolition excavating works to -2.35m below mean sea level to create a two-level basement carpark, together with associated engineering, heritage, archaeological, existing live and redundant services challenges and issues.

Cape Town's iconic V&A Waterfront, one of South Africa's most visited and recognised tourist destinations attracts more than 23 million visitors annually. The V&A Waterfront has always been known as a worldclass waterfront property and as Cape Town's premier destination to live, work, eat, sleep and play. The new owners of the V&A Waterfront, Growthpoint Properties are currently redeveloping the Clock Tower precinct and constructing the new No.1 Silo project. No.1 Silo project is being guided by the strictest global requirements for environmentally sustainable construction, as governed by the Green Building Council of South Africa. The New Building is L-shaped, fully glazed with a high performing facade and a full height Atrium in the middle, which will activate the space by creating internal interaction amongst the occupants, as well as perfectly transparent views of the Cape Town working harbour and Table Mountain. The Building which is expected to be completed in mid 2013 will have a green roof, which will be grassed and have low height controlled hedging. This will present a perfect and pleasant area for the occupants to escape and relax. The project managers are also looking to introduce wind turbines, solar photovoltaic cell electricity generation and using the sea water to cool the building. Recycling of waste generated from the building will also be integrated in the existing V&A Waterfront waste recycling regime.



Universal Storage Systems Completes Racking for UTi Pharma Building The Universal Storage Systems project was commissioned by UTi Pharma in conjunction with LGA Logistics Consultants and will be for the storage of pharmaceuticals. When completed the building Will be 138m long, 45m wide and 31.5m high and will hold more than 38 000 pallets. Elaborating on the project, Universal's sales director, Jan Breytenbach, emphasises that the warehouse must meet the exceptionally stringent standards set for storing medicines. “Our relationship with UTi Pharma dates back to the '90s when they traded as IHD and we supplied the racking for the warehouse in Linbro Park. In 2006 We were involved with a new warehouse in Longmeadow and with their branches in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban. Over 21 years we have come to understand fully that our client has to service the Storage needs of many leading pharmaceutical companies while ensuring that patients always get the original quality medicine they need, when and where they need it. High-rise rack building first in SA “In this newest structure,” Breytenbach explains, “all uprights and beams are made of pre-galvanised steel and they are all newly developed products designed for the clad rack system. “Working six days a week, this is a seven month project,” he says. Globally, clad rack buildings have come into their own because they offer optimal cubic volume storage space, they are relatively fast to erect and they are cost-effective. The system uses racking as the main structure, with cladding sheets added for walls and roof. The structures are easy to extend and thus offer the advantages of adaptability and flexibility. Although the UTi Pharma building is notching up several SA firsts, the concept of clad rack building is already widely accepted and demand is growing. Universal, founded in 1994, operates locally and internationally. Breytenbach says, “We offer a fully integrated approach to customers in any field that need to store and retrieve materials efficiently. The materials or products may be of any nature, size, weight or format. Our service encompasses concept design, feasibility studies, product development and engineering, validation testing, quality assured automated production, project management, installation, and after sales service.”








Military Health base depot

Symo Corporation is a steel manufacturing and sheet metal pressing company that was founded in 1931. The company is situated in Elandsfontein, Gauteng within close proximity t o t h e O R Ta m b o International Airport as w e l l as major freeways and operates from 30,000 square meters factory area. Our factory is renowned for i t s c o n s i s t e n t quality of manufactured g o o d s , w h i l s t constantly ensuring on time delivery to tight schedules. Symo Corporation is a division of Capital Africa Steel (Pty) Limited and consists of two divisions, Symo Storage and Sydmore Engineering. Symo Storage is the leader i n d e s i g n , manufacture and installation of storage solutions, including heavy d u t y r a c k i n g , shelving, mobile filing s y s t e m s , s t e e l cupboards, lockers, c o n t a i n e r s a n d mezzanine floors. We are proud to be associated with the New Military Health Base Depot project.




Bridge City Rail Link on Schedule Construction work on the R1.3-billion, 3.5 km new dual Bridge City rail link (BCRL), north of Durban, is on schedule. The Project is largely funded by the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa), with some contributions by the City of EThekwini and private developers. The new passenger link would connect the mixed-land use Bridge City development, which encompasses the communities of Inanda, Ntuzuma and KwaMashu (INK), with existing rail infrastructure, through an underground station at the new development. The rail link would tie in with the existing multi-use rail line at Duffs Road station. New train turnaround facilities will also be constructed at Dalbridge, south of Durban, to ensure operational integration with the north-south rail corridor. The north-south corridor was also earmarked for infrastructure modernisation, in preparation of the anticipated new rolling stock to be deployed in the passenger rail system by 2015. The new Bridge City station would also include a bus and taxi interchange. The new rail link is the largest rail infrastructure development project in the Durban area. The design of the BCRL was completed in July 2010, with construction kicking off in July 2011. Completion is expected at the end of March next year. The contract to design the infrastructure was awarded to a consortium led by Crowie Projects as lead project implementing agent. The consortium partners include LDM Quantity Surveyors, Focus Project Managers and Arcus Gibb Consulting Engineers. Construction and civil works were awarded to Grinaker-LTA as the lead contractor, with Tshireletso Business Engineering responsible for all electrical works, Actom for signalling and SIMS Perway for the rail infrastructure. The number of direct and indirect employment opportunities on the project will reach 2 000, using local contractors and labour. The BCRL project includes the construction of three viaducts, three aqueducts and one road crossing. One viaduct is being constructed in situ and the remaining two will be manufactured in a precast yard about 2 km off site. The entire project would require about 8 000 m3 of in situ concrete and 1 000 t of steel for railway track construction and concrete reinforcing. Earthworks included removing about 250 000 m3 of redundant soil, which includes sandstone, clay and shale, as well as importing about 300 000 m3 of the required grade of soil for filling and formation. Prasa would oversee an environmental rehabilitation process to ensure the integration of the railway infrastructure with the surroundings.



New Massdiscounters DC KZN up and running Massdiscounters required a regional distribution centre for their KwaZulu-Natal operation. The challenge in the Durban metropolitan region was firstly to find a platform that could accommodate such a large footprint, and secondly, to find a property at a price that would still allow the development to be commercially viable. Access to the freeway network as well as the harbour was crucial which ruled out Cato Ridge and other outlying areas where large platforms at good prices were readily available. Rental was also a huge consideration to Massdiscounters. The solution lay in sourcing a site where the usage of the land was extremely efficient in terms of FAR and coverage, which we were extremely fortunate to find. The site for the new DC was chosen for its prime location within the store network. Found in Riverhorse Valley outside of Durban, trucks driving to and from the new DC now travel the shortest possible distance when delivering goods to stores.This has helped in the reduction of fuel consumption and minimizing carbon emissions linked to


logistics at Massdiscounters. Rob Thomson Director at Zenprop said Zenprop had to come up with an A-grade office facility that would easily hold its own on Umhlanga Ridge, w i t h i n t h e development budget.


Rob said “We spent money on the office facades and cores which ensured the final product was at a level above offices normally associated with distribution centres and facilities within an industrial node�. Environmentally Responsible DC To ensure that the DC is ecofriendly, Rob explained Sensors on the lights

to the office block were installed; low energy lamps to lights throughout, heat pumps in the ablutions also installed a rain harvesting system and water recycling plant for the truck wash. We also crushed some of the rock on site and used the material as layer works under the floors and external hardstands thereby reducing our carbon footprint. Maximisation of natural light to the distribution centre. Shading of north and west elevations with perforated aluminium louvers to reduce heat loads to the office block. Installation of 100mm Starlite insulation to the west facade of the distribution centre to reduce heat loads. The KZN DC will not only be water efficient, it'll be energy efficient too. Energy saving light bulbs will be used and motion sensing light fittings will only be activated when each area is in use. This same motion-sensing technology will be used with the airconditioning systems to reduce unnecessary electricity usage. New technology in the forklift battery bay allows for



better management of the battery Charging cycle and will result in a 30% reduction in the electricity required to keep forklifts operational. The building is designed to make use of natural light and reduce the amount of heating and cooling needed to maintain temperatures inside the DC. A heat reduction covering was used on all the glass panel windows to reduce the electrical light and airconditioning requirements within the building. The building will also be making use of the available natural light by incorporating polycarbonate sheeting in the roof monitors and vertical cladding. This means that 74.5% of the floor will be lit by natural light for more than 80% of the day. The insulation materials incorporated in the DC were specifically chosen by developers for their ability to regulate interior temperatures. This means a reduction in airconditioning and heating requirements regardless of the season. An energy reclaim unit will further lower the cost of air-conditioning. The air, which has already been circulated throughout the building, will be used to precondition the incoming air. This means pre-cooling of Durban's hot air in summer and pre-heating of winter air. Construction commenced on site in November 2011 and was completed in March 2012. The new DC was built at a cost of R375million.







Trade Centre Building gets a Refurbishment Investec Property, in partnership with logistics company Thrutainers, recently completed the refurbishment of a strategically located site in Durban, opposite the proposed entrance to the new port of Durban, and the old airport. Durban is growing as a central location for businesses and a distribution hub of goods via shipments into South Africa and Southern Africa. The refurbished facility, with its modern features and excellent location, will improve delivery times and efficiencies for Thrutainers. The 18 000sqm project which involved the refurbishment and upgrading of the existing Trade Centre building was completed at an estimated cost of R40million. The existing steel structure was retained with a complete re-cladding of the building. Approximately half of the external hard stand was excavated to 1,5m to facilitate dock levellers. As the area is on reclaimed land so excavation went down into the water table which necessitated dump rock fill. The contractors used all the concrete from the demolition and sourced other demolished concrete as the dump rock effectively recycling what would be waste. The tenant has installed a water recycling plant in their vehicle wash bay. All alien plants were removed from site and, where necessary replaced with indigenous. The building has been fitted with state-of-the-art fire equipment and a 1 000m2 flammable store. The facility has been altered from an on grade operation to a warehouse that now has 42 dock levellers. The existing hard stand was removed and reinstated at the reduced level to accommodate the dock levellers. The height of the water table and the bad soil conditions were two factors that had to be addressed and major earthworks were required to achieve the necessary bearing capacity.



The property, which forms part of the Investec Property portfolio, has been redeveloped in a joint venture with Thrutainers and will serve as a central storage and distribution centre for the company. Refurbishment of the centre, which began in January 2012 was completed in October, was required to meet strict standards for storage and distribution and included a complete upgrade of both the warehouse and office facilities.

Professional consulting services in the civil & structural engineering fields, including: -General structural design - Bridge design -Bulk earthworks design -Stormwater & sewer design -Road design, investigations & reports -Industrial structures - Project management & programming

Tel: +27 31 2660755

Fax: +27 31 266 0588




R60million Investment for Lighting Innovation From humble beginnings more than thirty years ago, Lighting Innovations has become an international supplier of state-of-the-art lighting solutions and a leader of value added products in the South African lighting industry. With more than 140 employees, the company makes a major contribution to advancing local content in customised lighting solutions and is considered a benchmark for local content in the lighting industry. Investment in modern manufacturing facilities include an automatic wiring facility, precision CNC machines, a fully automated powder coating plant, rollforming line – to mention a few.


From humble beginnings more than thirty years ago, Lighting Innovations has become an international supplier of state-of-theart lighting solutions and a leader of value added products in the South African lighting industry. With more than 140 employees, the company makes a major contribution to advancing local content in customised lighting solutions and is considered a benchmark for local content in the lighting industry. Investment in modern manufacturing facilities include an automatic wiring facility, precision CNC machines, a fully automated powder coating plant, roll-forming line – to mention a few.


LIGHTING INNOVATIONS GREENBUSHES FACTORY MCM Property Developers is a small size company that specializes in turnkey type projects. Our dealings with our clients are based on building a long term relationship and we are not here to make a quick buck. We provide a “ONE STOP SHOP'' solution to our clients and by doing so we are in control of making projects work, delivering them on time and within budget. We do the liaising with the Professional's etc. on behalf of the client. We are service orientated and result driven and pride ourselves in the quality of work we deliver. Our management style is ''participative“and based on Godly principals. We lead from the front and get our hands dirty for our clients. MCM was appointed as the main contractor on the new Lighting Innovations Manufacturing Plant in Greenbushes Eastern Cape. This project has not been without its fair share of challenges. Port Elizabeth has recorded one of its wettest winters in history and since the commencement of the works; we have experienced no fewer than 35 rain days and consequential delays due to the inclement weather.

We also experienced a shortage of steel for the portal structure due to industrial action and delivery of materials from out of town due to the transport strike. With all these challenges, we have managed to stay on track with our program and foresee to hand over the project on time. The project which commenced on June 11 2012 entails the construction of a factory, warehouse, canteen and ablution facilities. Laser cutter foundations, powder coating plant channels and foundations and compressor room and fire fighting reservoirs and 800sqm of offices. Working for clients of the calibre of “Lighting Innovations” is a pleasure and “the extra mile” becomes part of your daily strides you take to achieve above the norm results for them. MCM Property Developers recently completed the following projects: · JD Group Distribution Centre (10500sqm) – P.E · Welfit Oddy factory expansions · Welfit Oddy workshop and warehouse factories

SPECIALISING IN Fax: 041 - 368 1424



The New Brits Hospital set to open in 2013 Located in the North –West Province in the town of Brits, approximately 90km north – west of Pretoria the new Brits Provincial Hospital is currently underway. Construction of the Hospital started in 2006 and was split into 3 phases; first phase of the project was completed in 2007 which entailed the demolishing of the existing hospital and disposing of the rubble: cut and spoil of the unsuitable clay material on the footprint of the proposed buildings and importing of weathered no rite and construction of engineered fill on which the new hospital has been built. The second phase started in November 2008 and encompassed the construction of a 4-storey reinforced concrete building on top of the engineered fill, the construction of an access road to the hospital, internal roads and parking area. Installing a 610sqm pressed steel water storage tank for domestic and fire – fighting water, and building a pumping station and water and sewer reticulation, this phase was completed in the first quarter of 2012. The Old Brits District Hospital was a 60-bed health facility where the new hospital will be a 215-bed facility which makes it necessary to employ a lot more staff. More doctors, nurses and other support staff will be appointed towards the last six months before the opening of the new hospital. The hospital is already recruiting specialist personnel. Once the hospital is open the services that will be available are as per the norms and standards for district hospitals in South Africa. This will include amongst others trauma and emergency, OPD, theatre, pharmacy, maternity services, clinical support like physiotherapy, psychology, dental services, radiology, HIV/ART services and a mortuary. Support services will include kitchen services, laundry, cleaning, transport, maintenance, and admissions. The hospital further boasts a neonatal ICU, a high care unit and day ward services. There will also be an observation unit for psychiatric patients. The new Brits provincial hospital is expected to open its doors around June 2013.



Masakhane Seating (Pty) Ltd was established in 1996 and currently a BEEE Level 3 Company supplying high quality fixed seating systems countrywide and into Africa. Masakhane Seating is proud to have supplied the New Brits Provincial Hospital with the Bonno Metal Public Seating System specifically designed for Hospitals, Airports and High Volume Public Seating Areas. The Bonno Public Seating System is a registered local design ,100 % Manufactured in South Africa and was specified in the Bill of quantities at the initial stage of the project seeing that it has been installed with great success in various hospitals and Clinics throughout the country, where it already proved itself as a superior product to other local and imported ranges .The durability, lifetime expectancy, low maintenance, as well as its clean line

design with no return bends or support channels where germs can accumulate is extremely important to Hospital hygiene and for this reason the product was specified. The product is available in mild steel epoxy powder coated finish or in stainless steel finish with 3mm thick perforated steel curved seat and backrest and laser cut leg and backrest support sections . The seating system was specifically designed to be a long lasting, indestructible robust product, giving easy access for cleaning floor areas underneath and around the units, keeping hygiene and safety as the main concern in the design. The Product is manufactured from interchangeable components for ease of maintenance and can be free standing or fixed to the floor. The Bonno Seating System is 100 % Recyclable and is exclusively available from Masakhane Seating (PTY).





Iveco SA provides HPE Africa with an improved Astra support network High Power Equipment (HPE) Africa, a local distributor of Astra articulated dump trucks and rigid dump trucks, is able to better service its customer base after entering into a new distribution agreement with Astra's parent company Iveco Iveco is a global leader in the manufacturer, marketing and servicing of a range of medium, heavy and extra heavy duty commercial vehicles. The company recently became a part of Fiat Industrial following a demerger of the of the Fiat Group's truck and commercial vehicle business and its agricultural and construction business.


Iveco South Africa product planning and special projects manager Marcus Hoffman points out that the demerger serves as the ideal platform to create better synergies among the brands in the local market, in order to better serve the end user. "Astra is an Iveco brand that specialises in the manufacture of custom-built vehicles for the mining and construction sector. Before the demerger, Astra did not have any major support structures on a local level, and there is now a great drive from within the company to link all businesses, and to become more competitive in the local market," he explains. HPE Africa general manager Neil Sauls notes that from an HPE Africa point of view, the recent demerger will improve the company's local distribution turnaround times, while providing customers with improved efficiencies. "In the past, HPE Africa sourced its range directly from Astra in Italy. However, the demerger now means that we can directly access established Iveco channels for purchasing, shipping, quotations, stockholding and spare parts.�


Sauls highlights the fact that all HPE Africa technicians will be undergoing intensive training by Iveco, in order to further improve service. "The HPE Africa team of technicians already have a good understanding of the fundamentals of Astra technology, such as the engine drivelines and components. By undergoing additional training, HPE Africa can provide the client with value added service that reduces the risk of unscheduled downtime.” What's more, Sauls notes that HPE Africa's range of highlyspecialised Astra off-road trucks are all modified for local clients, in order to withstand the harsh African terrain and climate. “All Astra trucks can be designed to meet the specific needs of individual clients. Although the conditions are demanding, Astra has proven that it can provide unrivalled quality that can stand up to any elements, while HPE Africa has the capability of distributing the trucks to any project.” According to Hoffman, Iveco SA currently stocks approximately R50-million worth of spare parts at any given time. "The demerger has resulted in an overlapping of technology, with common and standard spare parts that can be used in the Astra ADTs and RDTs. This ensures that HPE Africa will have access to a considerably higher amount of parts, in a fraction of the time.” HPE Africa's range of Astra ADTs include the 260 kW Astra ADT30, which has a total operating weight of more than 50 tonnes, and a heaped capacity of 17,6 m3. HPE Africa also stocks the 44-ton ADT 25, with a heaped capacity of 14, 5

m3, and the 60-ton ADT 35, which has a heaped capacity of 20 m3. The largest Astra ADT in the HPE Africa range is the Astra ADT40, which is powered by an Iveco Cursor 13 engine, and designed to handle the most challenging tasks with ease. The ADT40 has an operating weight of 66 tonnes, and a heaped capacity of 22 m3. HPE Africa's Astra RDT range includes the RD28, which has a total operating weight of 48, 5 tonnes and a heaped capacity of 17, 7 m3. Another popular model in HPE Africa's Astra range is the RD32, which boasts 280 kW of power, an operating weight of 54 tonnes and a heaped capacity of 20, 1 m3. For larger earthmoving applications, HPE Africa stocks the 70-ton 368 kW Astra RD40, which has a heaped capacity of 24, 2 m3. The largest Astra RDT in the HPE Africa range is the 86-ton RD50, which is powered by a 480 kW engine, and has a heaped capacity of 32 m3. HPE Africa has sold a significant number of Astra RD's and ADT's in 2012, and Sauls believes that there is potential to expand on this success. "Existing customers have expresses their satisfaction with the competitive pricing and quality of the Astra range, in addition to the high levels of after sales service provided. This is a positive sign for future sales, especially now that our service offering is stronger than ever as a direct result of the demerger," he concludes.



QUALITY AND GROWTH FOR VILLAGE SQUARE SHOPPING CENTRE The business strategy of Acucap Investments is underpinned by two core values: Quality in its property portfolio, its people and its structure, and real growth in its investments. One such investment is the upgrading and refurbishment of Village Square Shopping Centre in Randfontein. Village Square is a popular shopping centre comprising 19 000 m² of GLA, a wide range a retail categories and major national retailers. Acucap's investment in the centre has been aimed at continuous improvement, with a clear vision to firmly reinforce the centre's position as a shopping destination of choice within the community. In the first phase of the upgrade, Acucap addressed the need for larger store space and added a taxi rank to enhance commuter convenience. The current construction phase focuses on the aesthetics of the centre, including brand new entrances, new mall signage and modern finishes inside the mall to improve the shopping experience. The corn starch face brick external façade of the building has been plastered and all the entrances have been clad and enhanced. High quality modern interior finishes include brand new signage, Italian Mall tiling and new ceilings fitted with energy-saving LED lighting. Edmund Batley of Batley Partners said: 'We wanted to enrich the experience of the people who use the centre, not change it entirely. The intention was to create a modern environment that is both sophisticated and energetic. Changes are not superficial, but have grown from within as a natural progression of modernisation and improved building environments. ' The focus has also been on energysaving.The inflow of natural light is a major feature of the


design and LED lighting has been used wherever possible to reduce energy consumption. New stormwater systems have been installed and all new ablutions will have pushvalve taps to prevent water wastage. A new compactor unit is being used to process refuse, allowing more efficiency less hazard to the environment. 'We are thrilled about this project and the planned improvements,' said Centre Manager, Karla Liebenberg. 'This will greatly enhance our customers' shopping experience and is our way of saying thank-you to our loyal shoppers for their continued support. ‘ Village Square is a prime example of Acucap's commitment to realising their core values of quality and growth. Their drive for continuous improvement of infrastructure and designs, together with meeting the needs and aspirations of the shopping communities, stands as a testimony to the business strategy. The Professional Team on the project: Architects: Batley Partners Main contractors: Ashville Construction Quantity Surveyors: Norval Wentzal Steinberg Electrical Engineers: Quad Africa Structural & Civil Engineers: Sutherland Engineering


Proudly Associated with the Upgrade of Village Square Mall



New Value Logistics Cato Ridge Development on track The Value Group has been recognized with various awards for the standard and quality of their meticously planned facilities and warehouses, designed and erected by the group following extensive research and visits to the UK and Europe.

The 660 000 sqaure metres tract of land will provide for future developments and growth of the group for years to come. The land's boarders a railway siding which lends itself to train shuttles and provides capacity for container storage.

As part of its national expansion plan on the high volume routes of the country, major expansion projects have successfully been concluded in Port Elizabeth, East London , Pinetown, Johannesburg Tunney it's flagship known as Value City of 100,000 m2 and most recently a 40 000m2 warehousing hub based in Clayville, Olifantsfontein addressing increased need for warehousing in Midrand, Johannesburg.

Linehaul delivery times from and to Durban will be shortned by two hours. This will have a ripple effect on deliver times to retail stores and ensure that on time deliveries in the area will increased substantially.

The group has now commenced construction on a new facility on the Gauteng- Durban Corridor that will change the landscape of logistics in KZN both figuratively and literally providing a gateway into Durban. Before embarking on this ambitious project the group researched and consulted with various role players, surveyed business to ensure that the final location would address current complexities in the region including; I. Burgeoning in and outbound freight volumes have created traffic congestion on the N3, with the N3 concession reporting that close to a third of the daily average of 9 100 vehicles using the road are large trucks with 5 axles or more II. The Port of Durban, the busiest port in the Southern hemisphere has and overflow of containers. III. Available suitable land in Durban and the surrounding areas including Pinetown to develop a large logistics facility is limited. Cognisant of the above, the research team identified a large available tract of land, only 30 kms away from Pinetown based in Cato Ridge. The site situated along the highway provides easy access to and from the N3 and various other advantageous were identified.


The initial phase comprises of a 16 500 m2 warehouse 150m wide with raised platforms accommodating cross docking. Besides the warehouse and offices, the building includes: a security check point with a gatehouse, drivers ablutions and canteen, washbays, inspection bays and other smaller ancillary buildings. A container terminal of 10,000 m2 as phase one will be constructed in 2013. Over 600 tons of structural steel was used in the construction of the building. Sustainability of the operation has been carefully planned and addressed through various in-house energy saving techniques. These were developed to lower the group's carbon footprint and cut energy usage without negatively affecting service delivery. These include extensive use of natural lighting throughout the warehouse, day light harvesting in the form of excessive monitors with North West polycarbonate light which allows day time operations generally without artificial light, motion sensors are also planed once the racking is installed. All light fittings in the warehouse, offices and parking areas were chosen rather on consumption criteria than on capital cost.The air conditioning system uses approved environmentally friendly refrigerant (410A) which is free of ozone depleting COCS. The inverter type systems are integrated in the outdoor unit and ensure maximum energy efficiency by supplying only the required cooling or heating load.


Water harvesting off roofs and hardstand areas is collected in storage tanks and pumped back for reuse. Security at the warehouse will be top class and fits in with the objective of providing quick, safe and convenient logistics and warehousing services for a wide range of customers. It includes high perimeter walls, round-theclock guarding as well as state of the art CCTV systems. True to the Value Logistics core proposition the warehouse provides an efficient multi-principal standard with high bulk storage measuring 13metres to the eaves. The new facility will be operational from January 2013 and an additional truck rental operation will service customers in the Pietermaritzburg area. The flexible engineering and design of the facility will facilate increased capacity up to 100 000 square meters. Beside the flexibility for growth the design will include the use of modern equipment that facilitates quick and safe off and on-loading of goods. Airbag dock levellers will be used on all the docks.

Kantey & Templer is a leading service driven company providing and managing professional, quality engineering expertise to Africa.

Project Team Principal Agents & Quantity Surveyors: JMHT Quantity Surveyors Main Contractor: Stefanutti Stocks Building KZN Architects: Kantey & Templer Consulting Engineers Civil, Structural, Electrical and Fire Protection Engineers : Kantey & Templer Consulting Engineers Interior Design: Blue Zebra Interiors



The New Multi –Billion Rand Boardwalk Expansion

Construction is almost complete on Sun International's R1billion investment upgrade to provide new facilities at the Eastern Cape's biggest entertainment complex, The Boardwalk Casino & Entertainment World in Port Elizabeth. The development team moved onto the complex at the beginning of 2011 and were immediately faced with two unique challenges before earth moving equipment could be brought onto the complex. One involved the creation of a temporary arboretum for nearly 70 trees and several small plants that had to be preserved, and the second involved relocating the Koi fish from the lake at the Oriental Village which had to be demolished to make way for the new hotel. The fish survived the move and the trees are thriving and will be replanted in their permanent homes by December 2012. For the construction team, the scope of work during 2011 involved excavation for the underground parking and laying foundations for the convention centre and hotel. Milestones included the refurbishment of the Magic Company area and the Bayside Pantry, as well as the conversion of the old conference area into a brand new smoker's casino which opened its doors on 2nd December 2011.


Currently construction of some of the 140 sea-facing rooms is complete while the 3000sqm international convention centre, health spa and restaurants have all taken shape. Emfuleni Resorts, co-owner with Sun International, has committed itself to doubling employee numbers from 4300 in 2009 to more than 8000 when the complex is fully operational. Boardwalk Casino and Entertainment World general manager Clifford Ngakane said “while the hotel will only open officially in February –March 2012, some rooms are ready and the hotel is on track to accept bookings from 15th December 2012”. Also on track is the new Boardwalk Spa which will be operated by Africology. The spa is adjacent to the in-house gym and a 20m indoor heated solarium swimming pool. The new rooms have sensors to detect how many occupants are there in a room at a time. The four –level building has about 35 rooms per floor, with each room having paintings by local artists. The convention centre can accommodate around 1200 banquet style, with a stage and a dance floor, and around 1680 cinema style. With an investment of about R6.5-million a 400-seater Red Rock Spur restaurant will be opened at the former 34 degrees South premises, with a view of the lake which will feature one of the highest fountains in the Southern Hemisphere.




Marble Classic (Pty) Ltd commenced operations in 1992 and specializes in the design, supply and installation of all natural stone material such as granite, marble and other natural stone products as well as porcelain and ceramics. Manufacturing is delegated to fully computerized plant machinery and equipment, which adopts highly advanced technologies in profiling and the design of our products; thereby eliminating any possibility of human error when executing exceedingly complex profiles requiring consistency, quality and precision. We cannot attribute our success to high-tech machinery and equipment alone, our own site installation teams; our factory workforce and technicians, are truly specialized and experienced in every aspect of the natural stone applications and designs. Our in-house Technical Professionals provide advice on subjects such as mechanical fixing applications, curtain walling, various natural stone installation techniques, manufacturing and design complication and solutions. Our professional Quantity Surveyors, Draughtsman

Team, Site Foremen including our Sales Executives, all work together as a collective and take ownership in responsibility to ensure a job well done; this is our Projects Department. Here too, management apply practical hands-on techniques, prioritizing on the quality of the products manufactured, ensuring timeous completion on projects and liaising with the Client's professional teams, continually striving to achieve the best possible results at all times. Furthermore, Marble Classic (Pty) Ltd focuses on service delivery, quality and precision in the finished product; this aspect is firmly rooted and upheld throughout our Group of Companies. Marble Classic (Pty) Ltd, welcomes the opportunity of accepting tenders for the design, manufacture and installation of all natural stone products, as well as porcelain and ceramic tiles. Our large portfolio of prestigious projects, throughout the world, are positive proof of our integrity and expertise, and we strongly believe, that any tender undertaken shall be executed with complete competence, as we pride ourselves on accepting all projects large and small.


BRIDGE DEVELOPMENT AFDB loans out $305 million to develop the Concentrated Solar Plant in Morocco The Africa Development Bank (AFDB) and the Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy (MASEN) have signed loan agreements worth $304.76 million for the development of a Concentrated Solar Plant in Morocco. The loan agreements have been signed for phase 1 of the Ouarzazate Solar Complex located on a 2500-hectare site at Tamzaghten Izerki in Morocco. The agreements are for a total of AED 2.7 ($734.89 million) phase 1 of the Ouarzazate Solar Complex is expected to generate around 160MW of energy and offset around one million tonnes of Carbon Dioxide emissions annually. Construction of the project is expected to create about 500 Jobs. Once operational, the solar plant is likely to create around 50 Jobs. The solar complex is expected to generate about 500MW of energy by 2015.

The N2 Coega River Bridge The structure is in the heart of Coega Industrial Development Zone, some 20km north-east of Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape. The bridge forms an important portion of the new divided highway for the N2, carrying two lanes of traffic in each direction. The bridge is a double 3 span post tensioned structure with a total length of 125 metres. The bridge was a result of continued close cooperation and joint funding by the Coega Development Corporation (CDC) and SANRAL (South African National Road Agency).



Brazil's Stadia well in Progress for the 2014 World Cup Twelve stadium construction projects are currently in progress in Brazil in anticipation of the 2014 FIFA Soccer World Cup, which takes place from June 12 to July 13, 2014. All host cities are engaged to update or establish appropriate stadium infrastructure. The technical guidelines and the required timelines for all of these projects have been issued by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). Six new stadiums are being constructed in the cities of São Paulo (Arena Corinthians), Cuiabá (Arena Pantanal), Manaus (Arena Amazônia), Natal (Arena das Dunas), Recife (Arena Pernambuco) and Salvador (Arena Fonte Nova). The other six host cities are modernizing existing stadiums. The estimated total investment for the construction and modernization projects is more than BRL 1.9 billion (US$ 900 million). The contractor, who's responsible for Arena Corinthians in São Paulo, completes major projects in the transport, sanitation, sports arena and irrigation sectors throughout Brazil. The Contractor will be employing more than 2,000 workers on the fixed-price, turnkey stadium project. The Arena Corinthians is being built over a 31-month period on a total area of 239,198 sq. yds. (200,000m²). It is located on the east side of Sao Paulo on the site of a former training center for the Corinthians, one of Brazil's most popular soccer teams, and will become the team's new home at the conclusion of the World Cup games. Its construction represents a total investment of more than BRL 820 million (US$ 396 million). Official kick-off for this project was in May 2011. As of September 2012, 49% of construction was completed. More than 1.96 million cu. yds. (1.5 million cu. meters) of land was moved prior to the start of construction of the stadium. And one of the most comforting features for fans attending match venues in Brazil will be the impressive stadium roofs, which by their very nature require a meticulous process of fabrication and installation. This phase of construction is already underway at all the venues set to host the FIFA Confederations Cup 2013. The Arena de Sao Paulo, which will stage the Opening Game of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, already has its first metal roof –structure module in place.


Philipi Plaza is Philippi's first shopping mall and local residents will no longer have to travel to other areas to buy clothes and household goods. With over 40 businesses located in the Philipi Plaza, and Spar as an anchor tenant, the new opening of the centre signals the new era of shopping in Philipi. Despite a population of over 100 000 residents, the area has been historically neglected. However, according to the CEO of the Philipi Economic

New Philipi Plaza Shopping Centre Opens its Doors

Development Initiative (PEDI), Thomas Swana, that is all about to change. Philipi is the perfect spot for development as the land is reasonably priced, close to the airport and major transport hubs, and has high levels of unemployment. Philipi Plaza is the start of a new phase for this area that will see an investment of over R2 Billion in the area. The investment will create opportunities for both local businesses and local residents. Philipi Plaza is a great example of how things can happen when developers, residents, the local Council and the various community forums work together. The new Philipi Plaza has been developed by Silverbird Investments, which is part of the Interland Group. The Group has been involved in property and property developments in South Africa for over 30 years. Interland has invested in projects and property developments in the following areas: Commercial, residential, industrial, office Parks, Storage, Road Construction, Project Management and Outdoor Media. Lasco Crete a wholly family business established in 1980 and with over 30 years of experience was one of the appointed subcontractors on the project. The company is situated in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town and service the greater Cape Peninsula. For more info visit Lasco Crete website: Project Team Developer: Interland Group (Pty) Ltd Project Managers: Silverbird Investments (Pty) Ltd Principal Agent: Walker Mare Consulting Quantity Surveyors Project Architects: Luiz da Cruz Land Surveyors: Stern & Ekermens Professional Land Surveyors Civil Engineers: Kayad Knight Piesold (Pty) Ltd Structural Engineers: Richards Egan & Associates Consulting Engineers Fire Protection Engineers: Keith Fletcher & Associates Electrical Engineers: McAvinchey Consulting Engineers Contractors: Granbuild (Pty) Ltd


Duyaza Construction Duyaza Construction cc was formed in 2000 by Sipho Msane, Ben Khoza, Moses Nsele and Antony Macure. However Antony and Moses left after a few years while Sipho and Ben continued to run the business. The Company predominately is a civil engineering construction business, but has recently expanded into the development and building fields. The two partners Ben and Sipho instilled a valuable ethos in the company, which has been continued by its current members and staff. Duyaza Construction is expanding to rail projects as the demand to enhance South African rails for compliance has been recognized and realized. Under new management, Sino Msane and Sazi Msane

the brothers have worked tirelessly to Borden the company competitively and its activities in the construction industry. Bridge city is one of the major projects in twelve years the company has ever engaged on. Being a joint venture partner in the project has seen the executive of the company participate in the management board of this giant project with lots of expertise being contributed and learned in the project. The staffs have been equipped with specialized skills Via Ducts and rail. The company is accredited with the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) rating 5CEPE, 1GB, Duyaza is 100% black –owned with 50% of its members being women and 20% youth. Duyaza is also a level 4 BEE contributor in terms of Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Codes of Good Practice and the Construction Sector Charter.

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