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I am perfect. A warmly illustrated board book with a poe9c I drewI this picture. text that perfectly encapsulates the balancing designed this computer. act of giving a>en9on to both older and younger siblings, encouraging families to put aside ample I built this building. “you and me” 9me for everyone. I ran this race. I am brown. I am beautiful. I designedI amthis computer. perfect. won this prize. I drewthis this I picture. I ran race. I built this building. MARCH 2020 I designedthis this computer. I won prize. I wrote this book. £11.99 I ran this race. I wrote this I won this prize. book. Hardback I Iam brown. I am amazing. wrote this book. 97800000000 I am brown. I am brown. I I amam amazing. amazing. 00 I am you. I am you.I am you. I am brown. I am beautiful. I am perfect. I drew this picture. I built this building. I designed this computer. I ran this race. I won this prize. I wrote this book. I am brown. I am amazing. I am you.

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I am brown. I am beautiful. I am perfect. I drew this picture. I built this building. I designed this computer. I ran this race. I won this prize. I wrote this book. I am brown. I am amazing. I am you.

I am brown. I am beautiful. I am perfect. I drew this picture. I built this building. I designed this computer. I ran this race. I won this prize. I wrote this book. I am brown. I am amazing. I am you.

I built this I am you. building. I designed this you.

This beau*ful book caught my emo*ons and had me apprecia*ng so much about paren*ng, siblings, and family. My daughters loved it too! This is s book for every family to have on their favorites list. Amazon For further details contact:

5 Star review

info@mms-publishing.com orders to: orders@orcabookservices.co.uk


By now, many of us are aware of the significant shortage of inclusive children’s books on the market. The CLPE’s 2018 report on ethnic representa-on in children’s literature, Reflec-ng Reali-es, commented on the “small yet posi-ve shi:s” since their landmark 2017 survey, highligh-ng a rise from 1% to 4% in Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) protagonists in children’s books. Despite this small rise, these figures are s-ll woefully unrepresenta-ve of the 2.5 million BAME schoolchildren in the UK that make up one-third of the na-onal total. For too long, books with diverse characters, writers and illustrators have come up against barriers in publishing. But the fact remains that these books are sorely needed. BookTrust is quick to recognise the benefits of ‘windows’ and ‘mirrors’ in books, where children can gain insights into different ways of life, whilst also finding reflec-ons of themselves and their environments. For children who struggle to find representa-on in books, the risk is that they are less inclined to read for pleasure – a prac-ce with proven long-term benefits. In 2020, following yet another call to ac-on from the Black Lives Ma@er movement, we need to focus on the quality, not just quan-ty, of representa-on. Own-voices are key in maintaining cultural sensi-vity and accuracy within stories. And whilst themes of social jus-ce are important, every child deserves to see themselves inhabi-ng spaces of comedy, adventure and fantasy too. Since Lantana Publishing launched in 2014, we have been proud to priori-se diversity and inclusion in all our books. This catalogue features our -tles alongside many others, which amplify stories of children from a diverse range of families and backgrounds. We hope that the rising interest in inclusive books con-nues to grow in line with our own passion for publishing stories in which all children can see themselves reflected. Alice Curry and Vanessa Brown Lantana Publishing

Cover Art by Sandhya Prabhat and used with the kind permission of Lantana Publishing. 2

Lantana #BlackLives Ma>er Selec9on

A Story About

A F I YA James Berry Anna Cunha


Chitra Soundar has published over 30 well- loved picture books in India and the UK. Poonam Mistry’s artwork has been nominated twice for a Kate Greenaway Medal. The ‘You’re’ series have become favourite bestsellers

The energe-c Farmer Falgu tales radiate with adventure and op-mism, while Kanika Nair underscores it with minimalis-c artwork splashed with just a dab of vivid, striking colour.

Farmer Falgu Chitra Soundar Chitra Soundar captures the flavour of Varanasi through Varsha, a young girl out in search of her father. Follow Varsha as she skips past the ghats by the river Ganges, and hurries through the narrow alleys of this -meless city.



Ken Wilson-Ma x



Top Diversity Selec9on



Jasmine The

Sneeze This book belongs to


lanna books s .c om w w w. al an n a bo ok

rom Around the World

and raditional themes, storyteller ten writ has ill n-H eso argaret Bat a beautiful new story.

December 2014 978-1-907825-15-6 ÂŁ11.99 e 5 years and up x 210mm t Hardcover, 285 t 32 pages on- Hil l r Ma rga ret Ba tes n lso Wi ne An or

set in Russia. nhances this beautiful story e her eggs from the hid little girl, Masha, to help nts –



Hannah Carmona Anna Cunha


mil, Malayalam, Ka English ` 125 Hindi, Ta



KOLABA story Sandhya Rao

pictures Ranjan De

berri and selling sweets with g kin ma by es liv i ba na So lkt s the scene. A Marathi fo until Kolaba the fox enter illustrations. d abo our, soft cover, for 3 years an M 24 pages, 8.5” x 7”, full col lug Kannada, Te u, mil, Malayalam, English ` 125 Hindi, Ta


it lani-Williams pictures Pro

ISMAT’S EID story Fawzia Gi

out delightful Turkish tale ab a of ion tat ap ad sp cri A and ons capture the humour purchases. The illustrati of the story. d our, soft cover, for 5 years an 24 pages, 9.5” x 8.5”, full col nnada, Telugu, Marathi, Guja mil, KaONE AND MANY originally i English ` 175 Hindi, Ta

11-12 Dee , USA 20pictures ard by Aw Indu Sreekumar Clover US Edition, Vermont Red One me and many friends… in so many! A book about th differences, with illustration anjarsoi 24 pages, 9” pic x 9”, colour, es M turfull ICKSTER BIRD story Rinchin


English with Hindi, Tamil, Malaya

us trickster in this humoro A smart partridge turns t lit s – one of a time when in and out of two world ds for the begu trapped birPOST story Bhavn people of the forest andTHE BIRDIE jh rced into cities to live in fo en be ve ha ey th en wh Chikki’s mother tells her to an gi years for 6 she cover, does t What sof r, ou col l ful ”, very lazy! do? 8.5 x ” 9.5 28 pages,

rathi, G mil, Kannada, Telugu, Ma English ` 165 Hindi, Ta ‘tweeting’! Animated pictures will love to name.

20 pages, 7” x 8.5”, full colour, so

English with Hindi, Tamil, Malayala


Malavika Shetty pict

at tures thstory WHERE SHALL I PAINT? us pic th luscio A sweet, simple story wi of m e smell andtothpaint Pranav pictures dshipsloves of hot days, warm frien blue, greent and yellow. Butrsno a for 5 yea cover, colour, sof for his canvas, quirk 24 pages, 9.5” x 8.5”, fullsearches lug Te a, mil, Malayalam, Kannad 8 English ` 150, Hindi, Ta childhood pastime!

s 201 , South Asia Book Award Highly Commended Book24 pages, 7” x 8.5”, full colour, so

English with Hindi, Tamil, Malayala

NOT YET! story Nandana D

“My dear, it’s time for bed wonders her little girl. Los birds in the sky, snuggle a to do! Sleep? Not yet! Pla through a child’s fantasy w

28 pages, 8.5” x 9.5”, full colo

English with Hindi ` 175 Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Te


22 #tles available in these languages: Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Farsi, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Turkish, Spanish, Polish, Gujara#, Portuguese, Russian, Somali, Urdu, Vietnamese.







Early Readers EETH CROCODILE Thar pictures Soumya Menon

f being d he is sick o n A . th e te is eench has lost all h his friend Ch c h it ro c W . ld o ry g e n th being hu a dark N Grater And tired of es them into . k ls Poor Grinder a ta h im ic n h a r w e , the oth of teeth laughed at by rand new set b a r fo a e id s an ? Chiriya he ha hat’s the plan W r. o o d ic g a cave with a m r white, soft cove & ck la b , ” 5 x 60 pages, 7”

ek by Bharat Sh

5 English ` 19



! t of the jungle u o e v o m o T ecision! from with danger oose take a d g d n e o ll fi m u … H n ri w e o e e unkn Gundu and K enture into th v d a ir e th s in And so beg reatures. two-legged c ft cover lack & white, so b , ” 5 x ” 7 , es 84 pag

ker p by Zai Whita

5 English ` 19

abhan jula Padman

ryone is in a

rth! Eve ANITA by Man nd life on Ea e l il w ving the p SHRINKING V id ro e o. Such as sa killer ast

gs to d t go before a , who has thin ure science. With just a li a it n a Three days to V t u b , il. All p t she ne, that is minutest deta king’ gift tha n e panic. Everyo ri th h ‘s to l p ia u c e n n draw triciti and a sp ir little eccen She has a pla e little puppy – th a , d n ts a e n le g p a o o m ge t’s eye for pe e fiction for y is c n n o ie help from frid o sc rt a r c la ’s u c n specta to manabha ller with her to give us this te Manjula Pad ry ry o o st st l r e ir st rg a e h a sup from a m conflates wit arious book il h ly g in tt li e sp face! readers. A sid nd a straight a k e e h c in firmly ver & white, soft co ck la b , ” 5 x ” .5 96 pages, 7 ‘I want to go home,’ said Ayesha, who was the biggest scaredy-cat in the world.

The-thing-in-the-corner moved again. Mummy-Papa had banned, forbidden, prohibited, in short, said a big, fat NO to Maya playing in the half-finished building. Too dangerous, they said. Rusted nails and broken wood and what not, they said.

5 es 7-8) 2018 English ` 19 ice Award (Ag o h C ’s n re ild Ch Peek A Book


Menon tures Soumya h by Kay S. pic ut of course B . se u o h is h f near

EN FOREST rest THE FORBIDD to go to the fo

and never ks a “rule”… a ld re to b e n e h e l b ti s n a Arun h is well u one day. All y a w forest. a s ip sl e So h ardian of the u g it ir sp , a aksh fierce King Y cover ck & white, soft la b , ” 5 x ” 7 , 56 pages 2019 5 orary Award) p English ` 16 m te n o (C g ritin n Children’s W Best of India

has to


Asian Stories are contemporary tales set across Asia and the Pacific. Students follow characters their own age in their local environments – at school, at home, in the village, visi@ng local landmarks – so they can observe everyday life in another culture. How are their lives different to mine? Who works in their families and how? What are THEIR everyday challenges?

StoryWorld 8 pages of story and flip over for 16 pages of nonfic@on on the country

THE TENTH SON by Ayan & Ashish Malpani

A visit to see his grandfather is about to jolt ten-year-old A celestial messenger, drops by in the dead of night to ask for gods. The truth he is to discover about himself will bring h dreaded Harkasura and his hordes! What will he choose to grandfather’s life is on the line? A spellbinding mythologica of asuras, astras and mantras, riddles and death-defying fig 168 pages, 8.5” x 5.5”, black & white, soft cover English ` 265


CAN’T STOP CODY! by Abhay Prasad & Nanditta Chibber

It all begins when Vismay falls in love with a twice abando Francisco animal shelter. He brings him home, except he ha raise this adorable, crazy pit bull-pointer he calls Cody. As hyperactive ball of energy, there is also lurking danger whe him to buried treasure! 96 pages, 8.5” x 5.35”, black & white, soft cover English ` 195

Different Beliefs


Iden#ty, Families and Friends


Harmony and Understanding


Overcoming Adversity

Tom o r ro w Nadi ne Kaad an

Inspired by the discoveries of Nobel Prize Laureates in Physics, Chemistry and Medicine

picture. building. computer. race. prize. is book. am amazing. ou. Black History and Overcoming Adversity

Catalogue Contents Page 2 Black Lives MaZer Selec@on Page 3 Chitra Soundar and Poonam Mistry Page 4 Lulu and Zeki Page 5 Lenny and Top Diversity Selec@on Page 6 Picture Books Page 7 Picture Books Page 8 Picture Books

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Page 9 Bilingual board books Page 10 Poetry, Inclusion and inclusion Fic@on Page 11 Children First and Fic@on Page 12 Fic@on and YA Page 13 Dierent Beliefs Page 14 Iden@ty, Families and Friends Page 15 Harmony & Understanding and Overcoming Adversity Back Cover 16 Black History and Overcoming Adversity

Alanna Max, Blake Educa@on, BookLife Publishing, Caboodle Books, Cherrytree Books, Clean Slate Press, Crea@ve Edi@ons, Duckbill, Karadi Tales, Lantana, LiZle Steps, New Fron@er Publishing, Secret Book Company, Tulika Books, Wacky Bee Books and Young Anglia. Diversity and Inclusion Catalogue Order Form – www.mms-publishing.com plus downloadable ISBN/RRP Metadata (Includes list of @tles by country, Authors/Illustrators, and Award Winners and Nominees) Sales informa@on: info@mms-publishing.com. Tel: 020 8898 5211

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MMS Diversity and Inclusion Catalogue 2021  

MMS selling excellent children's books and digital

MMS Diversity and Inclusion Catalogue 2021  

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