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October 2011

Metal Mayhem: ‘Pointy’ Guitars Grow in Sales Upfront Q&A: Floyd Rose’s Andy Papiccio Chesbro Music Co. at 100




OCTOBER 2011 VOL.170 NO. 10


32 Spotlight:

Metal Mayhem: ‘Pointy’ Guitars Grow in Sales

With popular music dominated by hip-hop, R&B, and dance, retailers looking for that next “guitar hero” to drive sales should turn their eye towards the metal scene, which continues to foster a loyal, enthusiastic customer base eager to buy the gear their idols play. Cover design by Laurie Chesna, photo courtesy of Peavey Electronics.

24 Guest Editorial: Ronald Bienstock Ammending the Lacey Act

28 Upfront Q&A: Andy Papiccio

The owner and president of AP International discuses significant product developments at Floyd Rose and offers his thoughts on the state of the MI market.

44 Fretted Gear Showcase 60 Chesbro Music Co. - Small Enough to Care, Big Enough to Get the Job Done Right We check in with Chesbro Music Co. to learn how the company has been celebrating its 100th anniversary and to hear how they manage to foster truly meaningful relationships with their dealer partners.

66 Webwise: SEO Wars – Giving Due Diligence to Getting Ranked Highly

You’ve hired a person or design team to craft the ideal site and you’re online and ready for action – what good does all that do you if nobody finds your business when conducing an Internet search? Kevin Mitchell offers some tips on how to best navigate the everchanging world of Search Engine Optimization.

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70 The Music Shop at 50

82 year-old Pearl Jones started out as the somewhat unlikely owner of a small record store in Grants Pass, Oregon. 50 years later, The Music Shop is one of the country’s best-known sources for hard-to-find vintage guitars.

74 Fresh Faces: Guns and Guitars

It’s not just a clever name: Mike and Jan Sullivan cater to their unique customer base in Mesquite, Nevada by offering – you guessed it – both firearms and guitars.

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Game over.

INTRODUCING THE ALL-NEW H2N HANDY RECORDER. With five studio-quality microphones onboard, the H2n records Mid-Side, X/Y and Surround Sound all at the turn of a switch. Wait until you hear it… Available this September. © 2011 Zoom | |


Editorial Sidney Davis

Volume 170 Number 10 October 2011

What Will It Take To Make The Sale?

PUBLISHER Sidney L. Davis

Buying a car is much like going through a courtship, with the preliminary give-and-take exchange of values and then the matchmaker – the “closer” – who enters the final negotiation with the, “What will it take to make the sale?” The name of the game is for the buyer to offer “their price” and leave with car keys in hand, euphoric in the knowledge they made a great deal. I particularly like the “test drive” where the salesperson spends a half-hour road testing and evaluating your eight year old Hyundai and then additional time on the Internet to give a “precise” trade-in value. In truth, they can give you the value sight unseen, much like George Gruhn or Stan Jay can estimate the value of a 1957 Les Paul Goldtop. The greater point to be made is the perceived value between buyer and seller that encompass all spectrums of the body retail, which makes the exchange worthwhile. During the ‘30s and ‘40s, arguably the golden era of the movie business when people would view the cinema as relief of a depressed economy and wartime atmosphere (sound familiar?), theatre owners still felt the need to stimulate the “sale” by giving away glassware and dishes. Movie offerings would change twice weekly insuring a steady traffic stream (My own family’s prize dish set was obtained from the Magnet Theatre). S & H green Stamps were the lure of the post World War II era – one of the first loyalty programs that encouraged shoppers to repeat their visits to the local supermarket or gas station, accumulating the stamps for premiums, much like present day credit cards promoting free airline travel. In more recent times, the Internet has broadened the market base with a portion of the “perceived value” approach by Groupon and a spate of imitators enticing the consumer to “make the sale” with discounted pricing and special offerings. While the first foray was in the area of restaurants and entertainment, it has spread well beyond, paced by a plethora of sites; Savester, Krazycoupon Lady, Saveology, Hot Coupon World, We Use Coupons, Coupon Network, and Shop At Home to cite a few. How has this impacted the merchandising of musical instruments? Savester recently offered 58 MI coupon codes ranging from free shipping and a percentage ranging from 5 to 15 percent order discount to “The new product of the day.” As would be expected, the companies most active in the coupon market are those with a heavy presence on the Internet; Musician’s Friend, Guitar Center, Woodwind & Brasswind, Music 123, J & R Music World, Sheet Music Plus, Guitar Trader, ActiveMusician, and ZZounds, among others. “Making the sale” is not restricted to the big players, though. In this issue’s report on the metal market, co-owner Jason Kay of Denver’s Drum City Guitarland reports that despite a healthy brick and mortar volume within the 4,000 square foot store, 75 percent of overall volume is accounted for via the Internet. He recalls how the store had Schecter produce 36 guitars in a certain color with “essentially all of them” to be promoted via the company’s website… and, by employing Facebook, Kay notifies potential customers of new arrivals. When he received a shipment of eight amps, five were pre-sold and two more sold on the first day they were displayed. Whatever it takes to make the sale…. And, on a final note, we at MMR have made our own exploratory foray into the coupon arena: On a monthly basis we are extending offerings from a variety of companies with special pricing on specific products. Watch for the October eblast featuring CAD Audio, Mono Cases, Eastwood Guitars, and Rhythm Bands.

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Upfront Gibson’s Facilities Raided Again In late August, authorities from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service began conducting a raid – the second in two years – at the Gibson Guitar factory located in downtown Memphis. An initial report from WMCTV5 in Memphis noted that, “few details have been released about the raid… Officials said agents were serving a search warrant as part of an ongoing investigation. Gibson has been under a cloud of suspicion because of wood that was used in some of its guitars. Gibson’s factory in Nashville was raided last year because federal authorities believed some of the company’s guitar parts were made from wood that was illegally cut and shipped from Madagascar. In addition to activity in Memphis, a government spokesperson said on Wednesday that a similar was carried out at the Nashville factory.” On August 25th, Gibson responded with an official statement, which said (in part): “The Justice department bullies Gibson without filing charges. The Federal Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. has suggested that the use of wood from India that is not finished by Indian workers is illegal, not because of U.S. law, but because it is the Justice Department’s interpretation of a law in India. (If the same wood from the same tree was finished by Indian workers, the material would be legal.) This action was

Music China Expands

taken without the support and consent of the government in India. “On August 24, 2011, around 8:45 a.m. CDT, agents for the federal government executed four search warrants on Gibson’s facilities in Nashville and Memphis and seized several pallets of wood, electronic files and guitars. Gibson had to cease its manufacturing operations and send workers home for the day, while armed agents executed the search warrants. Gibson has fully cooperated with the execution of the search warrants… “This is the second time that federal agents have raided Gibson facilities and disrupted production – this time causing lost productivity and sales… “In 2009, more than a dozen agents with automatic weapons invaded the Gibson factory in Nashville. The Government seized guitars and a substantial amount of ebony fingerboard blanks from Madagascar. To date, 1 year and 9 months later, criminal charges have NOT been filed, yet the Government still holds Gibson’s property… “Gibson has complied with foreign laws and believes it is innocent of ANY wrong doing. We will fight aggressively to prove our innocence.” The raid and all issues related to it have received considerable coverage in the mainstream media in the subsequent weeks. MMR will continue to report on the topic as developments occur.

Music China, to be held this year from October 11 – 14 in Shanghai, China, will feature an additional 3,500 square meters (11,483 square feet) of temporary halls, bringing the total amount of exhibition space to 78,500 sq m (257,546 sq ft). The increased space will accommodate strong exhibitor demand for larger sized booths. Already, more than 95 percent of exhibition space has been sold and confirmed brands include the likes of Bluethner, Casio, ESI, Fazioli, Fender, Feurich, Gewa, Hartke, Ibanez, Jinbao, Kawai, KHS, Korg, Laney, Marshall, Meinl, Muramatsu, Orange, Pearl River, Peavey, Petrof, PianoDisc, PRS, Roland, Samick, Samson, Schimmel, Sejung, Seiler, Steinway, Taylor, Yamaha, Yanagizawa, Young Chang and Zoom. This year’s show – the 10th Music China – will also feature 10 international pavilions from Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Scandinavia, Taiwan, the Netherlands and the UK. For more information, visit or email

NAMM Responds to Recent Lacey Act Developments In light of the Gibson raid in August and other recent developments, NAMM issued the following letter: A Letter From the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) to President Obama and Members of the U.S. Congress We are writing today on behalf of the music products industry to express deep frustration over a regulation that is impacting music products manufacturers as well as retailers and owners of musical instruments in the U.S. The National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) is a 110-yearold trade association representing the interests of manufacturers, retailers and distributors of musi6 MMR

cal instruments. Many of NAMM’s nearly 9,000 member companies are being negatively impacted by the Lacey Act, a well-intentioned law, but one with unintended consequences that we feel are damaging to our industry and the economy. The Lacey Act was first enacted in 1900 and amended most recently in May of 2008 to include criminal liability for importing, owning, transporting or selling plant material that is illegally harvested, the wide range of interpretation possible in the law and lack of regulatory clarity has resulted in great difficulty in compliance. The confusion is due in large part to the law’s ambitious scope, including enforcement of the laws from all other countries that are the

source of these natural materials. The recent high profile raid (multiple federal agencies with automatic weapons) of Gibson Guitars, a leading NAMM member company in Tennessee, compounded with the slow response on needed guidance for compliance that we have been seeking has created fear and uncertainty for all those involved in the manufacturing, distribution and retailing of instruments and increasingly, artists and owners of musical instruments. NAMM members care deeply and are committed to the ecologically sustainable use of tone woods for the production of musical instruments. We understand that long-term success depends upon future availability of these materials to OCTOBER 2011


C D J - 7 0 0 P R O F E S S I O N A L M E D I A P L AY E R Featuring the first color touch screen for DJs, the CDJ-700 represents a brand new dimension of control. Select your tracks, or execute effects with the same intuitive touch found on popular smart phones and tablets. Playback options include CDs, SD cards and USB memory devices in all popular file formats. And the CDJ-700 delivers full MIDI capability, DSP effects and an adjustable, touch-sensitive jog wheel. Scratch, Reverse and Slip Mode provide maximum creativity. Professional features and innovative design are all at your fingertips with the CDJ-700. To learn more go to

Š 2011

G C I Te c h n o l o g i e s C o r p .

G e m i n i i s a r e g i s t e r e d t r a d e m a r k o f G C I Te c h n o l o g i e s C o r p . P h o t o g r a p h y C r e d i t : To n y C o r d o z a P h o t o g r a p h y

Upfront build and sell the iconic instruments that have defined America’s popular music traditions. NAMM member products are valued and played around the world and are some of our country’s most recognizable exports. Most NAMM members are small businesses employing local artisans and others who are passionate about music and music education. They produce jobs, pay taxes and support their communities.

We cannot state strongly enough the impact that this confusion, uncertainty and threat of criminality are having on our industry even when intentions of due care and compliance are followed and documented. We have concrete ideas on how to improve the law and are ready to work with Members of Congress and federal agencies to make positive changes that will fulfill the intended vision of the Lacey Act and preserve not only the world’s

forests, but the vital work of U.S. manufacturing and commerce in the music products industry. Sincerely, Kevin Cranley chairman, NAMM; president, Willis Music Company Joe Lamond president and CEO, NAMM

Best Buy’s Profits Plummet In early September, Best Buy, the world’s largest electronics chain – and an operation of considerable interest to the MI community since their “music instrument store within a store” model launched in 2008 – reported a 30 percent drop in quarterly profit. According to a Wall Street Journal report: “[Best Buy’s] shares, which reached their lowest level since December 2008 in Tuesday trading, fell 6.5 percent to $23.35 in 4 p.m. composite trading on the New York Stock Exchange. “While the retailer said it gained market share in smartphones and tablets—the hot

MMR iPad App Now Available

MMR recently launched a new App for the Apple iPad. Free for anyone to download, the MMR App allows users to view the complete content of the magazine, including music industry news, interviews, trade show reports, surveys, new product introductions, and much more. Simply search for “MMR” at the App Store to find and add this valuable tool to your iPad. 8 MMR

Correction: In our 2011 Wholesaler Guide, we listed SCORE Mktg. as a “supplier” for the following brands: CORRICIADAN Slides, ChopSaver, Wrapn-Strap, Rick Rock Picks, Lizard Spit Polishes, Chromatic Watch Co., Drum Stackerz, Bois (bwa) Ligatures, KickDisk, Facelift Guitar Decals, Mighty Moe Amp Straps. The only brand they “supply” to various companies is the line of CORRICIADAN Guitar Slides. The other brands listed are companies which SCORE Mktg. promotes as a Manufacturer’s Representative through established distributors in the U.S. and Canada.

growth categories in electronics retailing—those gains fell short of offsetting declines in its old cash cows, sales of televisions and computers. “Best Buy also cut its full-year earnings forecast, saying it expected tough consumer spending trends to continue through the holidays… “Best Buy said it now expects a lower profit this year than it had previously projected. Though the company actually raised its per-share earnings outlook to a range of $3.35 to $3.65, up from $3.30 to $3.55, it was now factoring in the expected benefits of buying back $1.5 billion in stock to reduce shares outstanding.”

Woodwind & Brasswind Closes South Bend Store Woodwind & Brasswind recently announced that it will be closing its South Bend, Ind. retail store, call center, and warehouse. The move affects roughly 115 employees who were told at a company-wide meeting held last week. Guitar Center, Woodwind & Brasswind’s parent company, is offering positions in an Indianapolis call center to South Bend employees, if they

want to relocate; If not, they will receive a severance package. Dennis Haffeman, executive vice president of human resources for GC, said the last day of operations for South Bend will be December 31 with some layoffs happening before that date. They will be liquidating the merchandise in November and December.

NEMC Acquired by MidCap MidCap Equity Partners, LLC (“MidCap”), in conjunction with management, recently announced the acquisition of National Educational Music Co., Ltd. (NEMC), one of the largest band and orchestra musical instru-

ment rental companies in the United States. NEMC’s founder and president, Raymond Benedetto said, “I could not be happier. Having founded this company over fifty years ago and taking into acOCTOBER 2011


IronHorse Head shown with DHX212 Cabinet

DarkHorse Head shown with DHX12 Cabinet



• 40-Watt All Tube Compact Head • Operates in Fixed Bias or Cathode Bias Mode • Simple Gain, Bass, Treble, Master Controls • Three Stage Clean/Pure/Solo Mode Switch • Hand Selected 12AU7 (x 1), 12AX7 (x2) and EL34 (x2) Tubes • Series Effects Loop • Selectable 4 & 8 ohm Outputs for Varying Cabinet Configurations • Accepts Optional Two Button foot switch • All Metal Chassis • Made in Canada

• 15-Watt All Tube Lunch-Box Head • Operates in full Power (6V6) Mode or Low Power 2-watt (12AU7) Mode • Simple Gain, Bass, Treble & Master Volume Control Set • Brit / USA / Pure Switch for the Tone Stack • Uses Hand Selected 12AX7 (x2), 6V6 (x2), and 12AU7 (x1) tubes • Versatile Speaker Outputs (allows Dark Horse Head to drive Varying Cabinet Configurations)

• All Metal Chassis • Made in Canada

QuarterHorse • 25-Watt Two-Channel Guitar Amp in a Compact Stompbox Format • On-Board Digital Effects (Tape Echo, Tremolo & Reverb) • Standard 1/4-Inch Speaker Output Jack Direct Connects to Cabinet • 1/8-Inch TRS Headphone Jack with Speaker Simulation (Doubles as Line Out) • Rugged Die Cast Enclosure • Made In Canada

WARNING! This is NOT a Stompbox - It’s a 25-Watt Microamp!

Visit for more information on the DarkHorse or any Traynor product. Distributed in North America by Yorkville Sound

Upfront count its strong history, it was very important to me that we find the right partner to continue providing the same quality and excellent service to our customers. I am convinced we have found a financial partner who will embrace management’s plans to enhance our innovative solutions for affiliated independent music retail-

ers and consumers, while maintaining NEMC’s rich heritage.” MidCap’s co-founder, John Poppe Jr. said, “This is our first acquisition in the musical instrument space and provides a strong entrance into this unique industry. We are very excited to partner with NEMC’s management team and expand

on the company’s excellent reputation and market presence.” In addition to certain NEMC executives increasing their equity ownership, management will remain in place as part of this transaction. The company will continue to be headquartered in Mountainside, N.J.

Keyboard Concepts Moves Flagship Store After 29 years in the same location, Los Angles’ Keyboard Concepts is moving their flagship store on the corner of Van Nuys and Burbank Boulevards across the street. Owners Dennis and Bobbie Hagerty, along with partners Jeff and Cheri Falgien, decided to make the move earlier this year when the owners of their current location decided on a major redevelopment project. The partners were able to buy a building just up the street and have been busy preparing the new location at 5539 Van Nuys

Dennis Hagerty and Jeff Falgien.

Boulevard in Sherman Oaks. Keyboard Concepts, which over the years has grown to include three other Southern California locations—West LA, Agoura Hills, Tustin—has a long-established reputation as a key purveyor for pianos and keyboards in the entertainment industry. The new store will have specific areas for service/rebuilding, print music, entry-level pianos and keyboards, performance pianos and a “Music Den” created as an in-store performance space.

Jobs Resigns as CEO of Apple In late August, Steve Jobs, one of the primary architects of the personal computer and a driving force behind how people today use mobile technology and listen to – and make – music (that’s why this is relevant to all of us, by the way…), has stepped down as chief executive of Apple Inc., the company he cofounded 35 years ago. Jobs, 56, has been battling a rare form of pancreatic cancer for at least seven years, and underwent a liver transplant in early 2009. “I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple’s CEO, I would be the first to

let you know,’’ Jobs says in his resignation letter. “Unfortunately, that day has come.’’ Apple, based in Cupertino, Calif., is currently the secondlargest publicly traded company in America, with a market value of roughly $350 billion. The board has elected Jobs as its nonexecutive chairman and named chief operating officer, Tim Cook, chief executive. After initially falling more than five percent the evening after the announcement was made in after-hours trading, Apple shares opened the following Trad-

New Digs for D’Addario Australia, Canada D’Addario & Company, Inc. has announced the opening of D’Addario Australia. D’Addario Australia is the exclusive importer of the D’Addario brands D’Addario, Planet Waves, Rico, Evans, PureSound, and Pro-Mark. D’Addario Australia also directs all marketing activities within Australia on behalf of the 10 MMR

various D’Addario & Company brands. The 7,500 square foot office and warehouse facility is based in Melbourne and has been designed for optimum capacity, while enabling an efficient pick and dispatch process. “With plenty of room for growth, we believe both dealers and end consumers will benefit from a lean

ing Day at $365, down $11.18 – or about 3 percent. However, the share price has risen in subsequent weeks.

Pulse of the MI Nation Compared to last month, sales are now...

Level 22%

Down 41%

Up 37%

Compiled from replies to MMR’s ongoing online survey of MI retailers. Visit to participate... OCTOBER 2011

“Yes doctor, it’s been at least four hours!” Eddy Finn has that effect.

* May cause sleeplessness, time loss and overwhelming joy. Can lead to positive mood change without warning. Consult a professional before attempting jazz chords. Distributed exclusively by


Upfront and efficient Australian operation,” says Mark Inglese of D’Addario Australia. D’Addario Australia is located at 2, 13-15 Hitech Court, Kilsyth, Victoria. Additionally, D’Addario Canada has moved into a new and larger facility and has implemented a new system to meet the needs of its retailer client base. “It’s an opportunity for us to improve both our outgoing and incoming order flow,” says Larry Davidson at D’Addario Canada. “With a larger floor space, our aim was to minimize the footsteps and simplify the picking and packing process.” A big part of the move was to consolidate the operations under one roof. As Davidson explains: “In 1988, we started off in one single unit, then gradually acquired four more independent units totaling five,” he says of D’Addario Canada’s original location in Richmond Hill, ON.

Sabian Adds Chinese Distributor

“Now, everything is conveniently under one roof, allowing us to be far more efficient.” That roof covers just over 21,000 square feet of space with room to grow. “We didn’t squeeze into this building; we have room to grow in the future,” says Davidson, adding: “That’s the way this company was built: small steps in the right direction.” D’Addario Canada’s new address is: 170 Alden Road, Unit 1 Markham, ON L3R 4C1

‘Re-Grand Opening’ for Hollywood Piano Co. Hollywood Piano Company recently announced the “Re-Grand Opening” of their Burbank Headquarters and Showroom at 1033 Hollywood Way in Burbank, Calif. on September 23.

The remodel included a new high end piano display area, the creation of a

“Main Stage” recital area, a dedicated rental piano showroom, the addition of the 50 year old Hollywood Sheet Music Company to the facility, construction of a “Zen-like” classroom for the first in California Radco Music and Wellness Center featuring the “Play Music – Enjoy Life” group piano experience, and the Roland Foresta display that is designed to give the customer “a unique Roland experience.”

PMC International Drum Month Campaign International Drum Month is celebrating its 16th year with a special program to serve two specific purposes: create more new drummers and provide an incentive to have them go into their local music store or drum shop. Aspiring drummers will have the opportunity to receive a free Beginner’s Package which includes a pair of drumsticks and an instructional book or DVD designed for beginners which are donated by PMC member companies. The drum sticks are provided by ProMark, 12 MMR

Vater, and Zildjian. and instructional materials are provided by Alfred Publishing, Hal Leonard Corporation and Hudson Music. The coupon is available through a number of consumer magazines or by visiting the organization’s website and clicking on International Drum Month.

Sabian has announced that Great Wall Audio/Musical Instruments Company has been added to the company’s roster of international distributors.

Great Wall Audio/Musical Instruments Company is one of China’s largest musical instrument distributors with a powerful reach throughout the entire country. The company’s head office is in Guangzhou, but it also has branch offices in Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai and Shenyang. Great Wall was founded in 1996 and has grown quickly to represent a number of the world’s leading music manufacturers, such as Ibanez, DiMarzio and AKG. They will carry the entire line of SABIAN products, both Drumset and Band & Orchestral models. For more information, please contact

Hollywood Piano Company is a family owned business that has been supplying the music and entertainment industry since 1928.

Dave Jewell, PMC Executive Committee member and marketing manager of Yamaha Drums noted, “This is a ‘no-strings-attached’ offer to the consumer. To receive this package, the beginner simply visits a local music store and has the coupon validated by the store. A simple authorized store signature and attaching a store busiOCTOBER 2011

all new prs se amp family [ b i g to n e - s m a l l b u c k s ]

SE AMP FAMILY They’re Simple They’re Clean They’re Dirty They’re Expressive Two channels with separate EQ


Effects loop




Custom wound transformers

F or the music you make e l ec t r i c s ß ac o u st i c s ß a m p s ß c a b l e s

© 2011 PRS Guitars photo by Marc Quigley

PRS SE 20 and SE 50 also available

Upfront ness card to the coupon is the entire validation. This provides the store a great chance to turn that person into a new percussion customer. In addition, any potential new drummer could pick up their free book or DVD and a pair of sticks on November 6th at any one of the 15 participating Five Star Drum Shops across the country that are hosting a BIG BEAT! Event. The Big Beat event is billed as the world’s largest multi-city drum set event. Complete details are available at” Billy Cuthrell, PMC Advisory Board Member and owner of Progressive Music Center commented, “The PMC is actively integrating and making social media a much larger part of our organization’s strategy to reach a broader, youth oriented

Peavey Appointed to Mississippi Arts Commission

Arts and education advocate and president of Peavey Electronics Corp. Mary Peavey was recently appointed to the Mississippi Arts Commission’s Board of Commissioners. “The creative spirit of Mississippi has inspired generations of musicians, writers and visual artists around the world,” said Peavey. “Throughout my life, I have been fortunate to see the positive impacts that Mississippi’s art makes in the lives of people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. I am eager to serve my state and help make the arts a bigger part of our lives and our children’s lives.” The Mississippi Arts Commission is the official grants-making and service agency for the arts in Mississippi. The agency serves as an active supporter and promoter of arts in community life and in arts education. Governed by a 15-member volunteer Board of Commissioners, the Mississippi Arts Commission is designed to stimulate and encourage the study and presentation of Mississippi performing, visual, and literary arts and public interest and participation. 14 MMR

market. This integral component works with our print media ads and partners to drive the interested consumer into the music retail environment for the first time, allowing the retailer to gain access to this new customer now emerging. The retailer can then gage the customer’s interests and how they can serve them, collect customer email, Facebook and other contact information for future follow-up. The entire percussion industry and each of our PMC Members benefit from this turn-key promotional campaign. By reaching new audiences through social media combined with our print ads, and motivating them to get started with free-stuff from the PMC, we have served all of our PMC Members, all music retailers and the entire population.”

Music industry trade publications are supporting this annual market development campaign by including the fullpage color advertisement informing the retailer about the campaign. The print media campaign will also inform the retailers about the other PMC programs and the many other tools available to them in becoming pro-active in developing their own November International Drum Month store-wide campaign. Further details about the International Drum Month campaign are developing daily and all interested parties are encouraged to visit the PMC website (www. after October 15th for more details as they evolve by clicking on 2011 International Drum Month.

SLM Named Exclusive Distributor of Dixon Drums St. Louis Music (SLM) has announced that it is now the exclusive U.S. distributor of Dixon drums, hand percussion, hardware, and accessories. Effective im-

mediately, SLM will manage all sales, marketing, U.S. artist relations, clinics, and after sales service in the U.S. Dixon, which is owned and produced by Reliance International Corp., was previously distributed by Kaman Music Corp. Started in Germany in 1979 as a drum hardware company, Dixon expanded into drum sets soon after that. In 2008, they entered the U.S. market with three kits, The Chaos, The Demon, and The Outlaw. For more information on placing an order or becoming a Dixon Drum dealer, e-mail or call (800) 727-4512.

Gretsch Co. Sponsors New Chet Atkins Exhibit The Country Music Hall of Fame® & Museum in Nashville unveiled its latest exhibit this past August 12. Titled “Chet Atkins: Certified Guitar Player,” the exhibit pays tribute to the versatility and vision of the legendary guitar artist. The Savannah-based Gretsch Company is the title sponsor for this new exhibit. Gretsch enjoyed a long and fruitful association with Chet Atkins, during which he helped design and popularize several guitar models that are still bestsellers today. Prior to the public opening the Hall hosted an invitation-only reception,

Country Music Hall of Fame® & Museum director Kyle Young presented a plaque to Fred and Dinah Gretsch in recognition of the Gretsch Company’s support of the Chet Atkins exhibit. OCTOBER 2011

Upfront which took place on Wednesday August 10. At the reception, Fred Gretsch— fourth generation Gretsch Company president—offered comments about Chet Atkins and his connection to the Gretsch family and company. “As a guitar manufacturer,” said Fred, “Gretsch is proud of its long association with Chet. As a family, we cherish the special relationship that we had with such a fine individual. We’re honored to be the title sponsor for the Country Music Hall of Fame’s tribute to Chet,

and we share the Hall’s commitment to ensuring that his unrivaled legacy will continue to be celebrated for generations to come.” The Chet Atkins: Certified Guitar Player exhibition is scheduled to run through June 11, 2012. The exhibition will be accompanied by an ongoing series of programs throughout its duration. For additional information, visit For more information on Gretsch and its association with Chet Atkins, visit

Gibson Announces Agreement with Fiji In late September, the Prime Minister of Fiji, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, and Gibson CEO & chairman Henry Juskiewicz held a joint press conference to announce Gibson’s new agreement with Fiji to be the exclusive buyer of Fiji Pure Mahogany (FPM). Bainimarama was visiting the United States to speak at the United Nations. In the Mahogany Development Decree of 2010 Fiji acknowledged the need for the mahogany industry to be operated on a basis that is sustainable and long term. To serve this purpose, Fiji’s govern-

ment established the certified mark, FPM, to certify plantation-grown wood of Fiji origin that is legally grown, harvested, and produced. FPM controls the world’s largest mahogany plantation.

NAMM Foundation Invites Educators to Anaheim The NAMM Foundation has once again invited music educators and school administrators from across the United States to come to Anaheim, Calif. to experience NAMM’s fifth annual “Music Education Days,” being held on Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 21 through Jan. 22 at the 2012 NAMM Show. Hosted by the NAMM Foundation, music educators and school administrators will have access to NAMM’s trade-only music products trade show, where they will be encouraged to see and try the many instruments and products relevant and useful to today’s music classrooms. “Now in its fifth year, Music Education Days continues to celebrate music 16 MMR

educators and their very important role in inspiring children to learn to play music and at a time when unity and advocacy for music education are needed,” said Mary Luehrsen, executive director of the NAMM Foundation. “This event has built a reputation for providing music educators with a behind-the-scenes look at the most effective and relevant approaches to teaching music today, and the chance to see the innovative instruments and products that make playing music fun and inspirational for children.” Highlights of “Music Education Days” include: Welcome breakfast reception Saturday morning featuring a performance by

Tech 21 Reaches Agreement with U.S. Steel

Tech 21 has agreed to discontinue the use of the name “U.S. Steel” for a style of pre-amp pedals in its SansAmp Character Series. The company had recently received a cease and desist notice from United States Steel Corporation for the allegedly unauthorized use of the name “U.S. Steel,” claiming concerns that the name would cause confusion about the product’s affiliation. Tech 21’s Vice President, Dale Krevens, said in a statement: “We chose the name to convey its tonal range of heavy metal guitar sounds. It honestly didn’t occur to us that guitar players might think Tech 21 or any of its products have anything to do with America’s steel industry. Being a niche pedal in a niche market, it’s oddly flattering they would call us out for using that name.” Tech 21 will stop the use of the name “U.S. Steel” for the guitar pedal once the remaining stock is sold. For future sales of the pedal, Tech 21 has chosen a new name, “U.S. Metal.” For more info, visit

National Show Choir Champions: Brea Olinda High School “Masquerade” Welcome breakfast reception Sunday morning, featuring a performance by the world-famous Canadian Brass “Quintet” Choir clinic featuring composer, music educator and choreographer John Jacobson, also known as “Mr. Double Dream Hands” from YouTube fame Brass Ensemble clinic featuring the Canadian Brass “Quintet” and a local student ensemble Live interview with composer legend Sammy Nestico hosted by the NAMM Oral History program “Best Practices for Student Recruitment and Retention” OCTOBER 2011

Now Over

$ 10,000,000! That’s the retail value of orders forwarded to music dealers through the Hal Leonard Shopping Cart and Digital Retailer programs so far!


While some vendors may try to work around you to earn profits, Hal Leonard works with you. No matter what your level of online or digital expertise, we have programs that can help your profits grow. Call us today to discuss how you can earn more with Hal Leonard.



Upfront session by music education consultant Marcia Neel “Must Have Music Apps for Music Educators” music tech session by Managing Director of SoundTree and TI:ME Vice President Dr. Jim Frankel School Band & Orchestra’s 2012 “Best Tools for Schools” awards on Sunday afternoon, featuring the best products for teaching being displayed at this year’s NAMM Show

Hands-on educator workshops, industry panel discussions and a plethora of displays featuring the latest and greatest musical products from around the world. Registration for Music Education Days is $25 per person from Nov. 3 until Jan. 5, 2012, and $50 per person from Jan. 5, 2012 to Jan. 18, 2012. Music educators can apply to register online before Jan. 18, 2011, by visiting

Lacey Act: Controversial? To Say the Least; ‘Award-Winning’? Apparently… The Lacey Act has been all over the news lately – particularly in the MI world – and to say opinions are “mixed” on the policy would be a gross understatement. Now Lacey is again making waves, but this time it’s straight-up praise for the divisive legislation… It was recently reported that the U.S. legislation on smuggling of illegally harvested wood has won silver in the 2011 Future Policy Awards as one of the world’s most inspiring and innovative forest policies. The three policies most effectively

contributing to the conservation and sustainable development of forests for current and future generations were honored by the World Future Council at UN Headquarters in New York. Rwanda’s National Forest Policy claimed top honors, while the US Lacey Act with its 2008 amendment and The Gambia’s Community Forest Policy shared second place The amended Lacey Act is recognized the first law in the world to prohibit trade in wood products made from trees that were illegally harvested.

Protect Against ‘Porn Versions’ of Your Trademark Online

In September, .XXX domains became available for online use by adult entertainment organizations. Brands not within the porn industry only have until October 28th to reserve and protect their registered trademarks within the newly formed .XXX registry.

The Lacey Act of 1900 focused on wildlife trade and has been a leading tool in efforts to control smuggling of products derived from endangered species. The 2008 amendment added plants to this law, which made it applicable to the one trillion dollar global wood products industry. The first enforcement action under the new law occurred in 2009, when a search warrant was executed on Gibson Guitars to investigate the import of ebony and rosewood from Madagascar.

Fishman Launches Dealer Support Page Fishman Acoustic Amplification has launched a comprehensive Dealer Resources support page on its new website designed to provide its dealers with a variety of in-depth product and branding information, a video channel, photos, and other useful sales tools. Accessible via the Dealer Login section at the footer of the Fishman home page, the password-protected page is comprised of five informative and easy to use sections. Additionally, users can toggle back and forth between the Dealer Resources page and the rest of the Fishman website for greater integration. The training section includes product modules in flash format with Fishman 18 MMR

brand differentiation information, demographic specifics for target customers, key features and benefits for each product, technical specifications and follow-up quizzes to assist in learning. A more detailed Training Guide for all Fishman products in PDF format is also provided as a backup for the modules. In support, a link to Fishman’s FTP site provides high-resolution photos, artwork and advertising components. Product documentation such as installation guides, cutout templates, wiring guides, and software downloads are also provided along with an additional Service & Support resource that organizes available sales tools.

Logos & Branding includes high-resolution Fishman brand and product logos in different formats for dealers to use in their print and online promotion. Video is comprised of two sections. One contains a link to Fishman’s YouTube page with long-format detailed product overviews and demos, as well as videos of artist performances, user demos, industry media coverage, and product reviews. The Fishman Video Network section focuses on new product videos in a more concise and creative way with particular emphasis on keeping viewers actively engaged in the messaging. Especially useful is the fact that dealers can copy the embed code for these videos and easily add them to any location they choose on their own websites. New Product Sneak Peek dealers to learn about a new product several months before its release with a detailed description, key features and benefits, specifications, photos and which artists are using it. OCTOBER 2011

Upfront Steinway & Sons Honors Presented to Jacobs Music Co. Jacobs Music Company, the 111-year-old piano dealer headquartered in Center City Philadelphia with stores in Willow Grove and Whitehall, Pa., Cherry Hill and Lawrenceville, N.J. and Wilmington, Delaware, has earned the Steinway & Sons Partners in Performance Dealer of the Year Award for a second consecutive year.

Earning the award in the category of Major Metropolitan cities, they competed with such major cities as Los Angeles, Chicago, Bosto,n and Washington, D.C. Jacobs’ President Chris Rinaldi said, “It’s a great honor to win this recognition even once, but, it’s more remarkable to win it two years in a row.”

Trade Regrets: On August 22, Jerry Leiber – one half of the iconic songwriting duo Leiber and Stoller – passed away at the age of 78. From the onset of their collaboration (when both were only 17 years old) Leiber and Stoller were an unstoppable musical force that helped reshape popular music in ways that still reverberate on the pop charts of today. Throughout the 1950s and early ‘60s, the pair rattled off hit after hit, including “Hound Dog,” “Stand By Me,” “Yakety Yak,” “Jailhouse Rock,” and many more. By writing authentic and believable blues and R&B tracks, but with melody and beat that bore universal appeal, their songs brought black music to white audiences and helped to form what became “rock n’ roll.” In a 1990 interview with Rolling Stone, Leiber noted, “Our songs did not transcend being R&B hits. They were R&B hits that white kids were attracted to… we lived a black lifestyle as young guys. In the general sense, it was extreme. But not in the environment we moved in. They were amused by us, two white kids doing the blues.” George Filip, who owned Filip Music Store in downtown Aurora Ill. from 1954 to 1984, died on August 7 in Lake Placid, Fla., where he had

lived since 1984. He was 83. Filip became a professional accordionist at age 14 and, at age 40, became the youngest recipient of a Lifetime Gold Card from the American Federation of Musicians Union. After moving to Florida in 2000, George continued to play music in area nursing homes, both solo and with his band, The Sturdusters. Billy Grammer formed his own guitar company after years of playing country music in and around Nashville. Grammer recorded several hit records on his own, as well as playing behind some of the biggest names in country music. In 1958 he recorded “Done Laid Around” and the chart-topper, “Gotta Travel On.” Along the way, Billy was seeking to create a guitar that would combine the sounds of his two favorite instruments, Martin and Gibson. By 1964 he teamed with his fishing buddy, Clyde Reid, who operated a music store, and with J. W. Gower to create the Grammer Guitar Company. The company was eventually sold to Ampeg in the late 1960s. Ampeg stopped production of the Grammer Guitar in 1971. Billy died on August 10, 2011 after a long illness.

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ZOOM G3 GUITAR EFFECTS & AMP SIMULATOR The G3 offers 94 stomps, from your favorite vintage pedals to the most authentic-sounding amplifier and cabinet models. And with its 40 second looper and USB audio interface, the possibilities are endless… © 2011 Zoom | |

People Vic Firth Company has promoted Andy Tamulynas to the newly created position of integrated media marketing manager. In his new role, Tamulynas’ responsibilities include company website design, content creation, in-house and off-site video shoots, video production, and final cut editing for video release. Tamulynas will coordinate marketing activities and new product release timelines so website information, marketing programs and new product releases all reach the consumer at the same time. NAMM has announced that Causby Challacombe will be its new director of membership. In her new position, Challacombe will oversee all membership administrative functions and provide superior customer service. She will also be responsible for the development and implementation of an effective membership marketing plan, which will be carried out by a sales team in support of membership initiatives. She will also lead a cross-department team for organization-wide marketing and sales strategies that aim toward effectively retaining and serving current NAMM Members while expanding the membership base. TEAC America, Inc. recently promoted Paul Jenkins from VP of sales for TASCAM to senior vice president for TEAC America. In this new role, Jenkins Jenkins will be responsible for TEAC’s Consumer Electronics, TASCAM and Esoteric Divisions. He will also be serving as a member of the Board of Directors. In this expanded role, Jenkins will be responsible for the sales and marketing of all TEAC consumer and professional audio and video products. Jenkins joined TEAC America in September 2006 as TASCAM’s national sales manager, was promoted to director of sales in January 2008, and then was named the VP of sales for TASCAM in June of 2009. Sweetwater has hired former Guitar Center executive Phil Rich as its vice 22 MMR

president of merchandising. Rich will oversee all purchasing operations and work with sales and marketing to create and implement strategies for pricing, promotions, and product Rich presentation in all web and print publications. For the past two and a half years Rich held the position of vice president of merchandising for guitars and accessories at Guitar Center and for the past three years served on the NAMM Board of Directors. Voyage-Air Guitar recently announced the promotion of Virginia Cannon to the position of director of artist & broadcast media relations. “Over the past two years, Virginia has played a key role in developing and managing relationships between artists and Voyage-Air Guitar,” said Jeffrey M. Cohen, CEO of Voyage-Air Guitar. “Her ability to recruit top talent has helped make ‘Voyage-Air’ a household name.” In addition to her current artist relation’s role, Ms. Cannon will take on the additional responsibilities of Voyage-Air product placement in television and film. D’Addario has announced that Alicia Berwind has been appointed to the position of customer service supervisor. Berwind will be responsible for managing a staff of Berwind six global customer service representatives with consumer service reporting to her as well. This position will supervise the timely processing of all customers, both B2B and B2C, transactions and inquiries. Fender Musical Instruments Corp. (FMIC) has appointed Mark Nelson to the position of senior vice president of Global Percussion for KMC Music, Inc. In that role, Nelson will oversee the branding of all KMC Percussion worldwide, including: Latin Percussion®, Toca® Percussion, Gretsch® Drums, Gibraltar® Hardware and Sabian®

Cymbals (U.S.), and will be relocating to KMC in Bloomfield, Conn. Nelson is a 23-year music industry veteran who most recently served as vice president of Merchandise for Drums, Media and General Accessories at Guitar Center where he was awarded the President’s and Founder’s awards for exceptional performance. On the heels of entering an exclusive U.S. distribution deal with Dixon Drums, St. Louis Music has hired Jim Uding as its brand director. Uding will also serve as Uding product manager for SLM’s drums and percussion products. Uding previously owned Drum Headquarters, a five-star drum store, and has been in the industry for nearly 30 years. Former Washburn Guitars vice president, Bill Abel, has joined Optek Music Systems as director of music industry sales for North America. Abel will be responsible Abel for establishing a network of independent music dealers throughout North America that will distribute the company’s Fretlight guitar. He brings over 20 years of industry experience to Optek. American Music & Sound (AM&S) has announced the hiring of Justin Eggleton as national product training manager for Allen & Heath and Turbosound. In his new role, Eggleton Eggelton will be responsible for sales support, technical support and Certification training for Allen & Heath iLive digital mixing systems and Turbosound loudspeakers. Eggleton comes to AM&S from Atlanta-based SECOM, a manufacturers’ representative firm that represents both brands in the Southeastern U.S. In addition to his four years as a SECOM regional manager, Eggleton’s background includes extensive experience as a sound engineer for a large mega-church in the OCTOBER 2011

Birmingham area, plus direct sales experience in both retail and commercial audio. Full Compass Systems has welcomed Caroline Polster to the company as human resources manager. Polster is a graduate of Carroll University in Waukesha, Wis. and comes to the Polster position with a broad range of skills and experience in the human resources arena. Guitar Center Professional (GC Pro), the outside sales division of Guitar Center that focuses on the needs of professional users, recently announced the appointment of Kurtis Ewing to the position of account manager, based in the company’s Sherman Oaks, California location, effective immediately. In his new position, Ewing will draw on his extensive experience in sound production to help GC Pro expand its presence in the studio, live, post-production and house-of-worship market sectors. The announcement was made by GC Pro vice president Rick Plushner and further underscores GC Pro’s ongoing commitment to the continuing growth of GC Pro as a turnkey supplier for professional end users.

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Marc Eric Nashville Guitarist/Singer Songwriter/Producer


Breaking News! in the

Hot News section of MMR’s Web site, OCTOBER 2011

MMR 23

Guest Editorial Ronald Bienstock

Photograph by Nique Prokop

Amending the Lacey Act During the McKinley administration, a well intentioned piece of legislation, the Lacey Act, was passed to prevent protected wildlife from illegal interstate and international trafficking of what had become popular in culture at the turn of the 20th century namely decorative feathers, tortoise shells, and other products derived from unique species of wildlife. Iowa Congressman John Lacey had intended for his legislation to prevent illegal importation and exportation of such species, to also prevent harmful foreign species from entering the United States, and to prevent wide scale poaching of domestic wildlife.

“The Lacey Act has become a politicized tool in the last year. Endangered species legislation should not be political.”

24 MMR

In more modern times, the trafficking of illegal wildlife has become a vast business. Amendments to the Lacey Act over the last 100 years added further protection for fish, plants, and other species. These amendments include the 2008 Food, Conservation, and Energy Act (the “Farm Bill”) which expanded the Lacey Act’s protective range for plants and timber. Although there has been much discussion concerning the protectionist aspect for the domestic timber industry in the Lacey Act, it is the protectionist aspect for wildlife and endangered species that cannot be overlooked. The purpose of the Lacey Act is laudable, but it has become unduly burdensome and almost unworkable in practical application. Instruments that were once legitimately manufactured and sold have now effectively become contraband as a result of the Farm Bill. The Lacey Act does not allow for what is called “grandfathering” for individual musicians and instrument customers that are transporting various musical instruments to and from the United States, or

even over state lines. A quick solution here is to “grandfather in” all musical instruments made prior to 2008 Farm Bill amendment. Notwithstanding, the Lacey Act does sometimes permit the use of woods obtained prior to 1992, and there are certain personal item exemptions for travelling to foreign countries with instruments that may contain these woods. However, knowing the specifics of how the Lacey Act functions, which by reference incorporates environmental protection laws from around the world, including CITES (a worldwide governing regulation that Lacey Act enforces in this country, alongside the Endangered Species Act), it becomes almost impossible to fully comply in with the Lacey Act despite good faith efforts. Although the “due care” and “knowingly possess” verbiage of the Lacey Act may give some comfort to those who read such statutes, in a practical sense that language does not stop the chilling effect of an individual musician seeing him/herself stopped at customs and asked about the provenance of their fret OCTOBER 2011

board or decorative in lays (such as mother of pearl and abalone). For the retailer or vintage dealer who has a substantial portion of their business based in instruments that may fall under the rubric of the Lacey Act (almost every instrument will), a solution here would be the standardization for a dealer to become a certified dealer so that import/export issues are cleared by such governmental pre approval. The same type of pre approval and certification can be performed with wood dealers who purchase non endangered woods commonly found in the music instrument business. There are many misconceptions outside of the music instrument business as to just how much rare wood is actually used to make musical instruments. Compared to the furniture business, the musical instrument business utilizes just a small percentage of lumber. Additionally, as we know, many guitars and instruments are made with common North American hardwoods, such as alder and maple, neither of which are endangered and are tree farm raised throughout North America. The Lacey Act has become a politicized tool in the last year. Endangered species legislation should not be political. Certainly, the intent of the legislation was not political. Yet, it does not mean that we cannot amend the Lacey Act to allow for safe and proper handling of non endangered woods, and species used for decorative purposes should be abandoned in a wholesale fashion. To that end, there are many including myself in the musical instrument business that have undertaken the obligation to make these changes happen for the betterment of musicians and the music instrument business. Prior to forming the Law Offices of Ronald S. Bienstock (now Bienstock & Michael, P.C.) in 1987, Ron was editor-in-chief and publisher of International Musician & Recording World and served as General Counsel to Hoshino, U.S.A. In 1991, Ron was voted one of the top 100 “Most Influential People In The Music Business” by BAM Magazine. Today, Bienstock & Michael’s practice serves a broad spectrum of clients throughout the entertainment and musical instrument industries, specializing in the fields of intellectual property, business matters, and litigation. Ron teaches4 Color EnterVersion on tainment Law as an adjunct professor white at background New York University and is a frequent guest lecturer OCTOBER 2011

for various graduate and undergraduate schools at NYU. Ron has also been a music business commentator for NPR, WBAI, Tech TV and CNN. He has been a guest lecturer, instructor and panel moderator for the BMI, ASCAP, CMJ, NEMO, SXSW, NAMM, Atlantic Records’ A&R University, the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA), the New Jersey State Bar Association (NJSBA), The Benjamin Cardozo School of Law, St. John’s School of Law, and many other organizations and universities. As the result of Bienstock & Michael’s landmark win against Fender Musical Instru-

ments Corporation, Ron has been featured in numerous newspapers and magazines across the country. Representing 17 guitar manufacturers in a trademark opposition proceeding against Fender, Ron successfully argued that Fender should not be allowed trademark registrations to three guitar and bass body shapes. Bienstock is also an accomplished recording and performing artist having appeared on “Late Night With Conan O’Brien” and shared the stage with the likes of Spin Doctors, Billy Joel, Blue Oyster Cult, and The Doobie Brothers, among many others.

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800-845-1922 MMR 25

News Note from Joe h!GOVERNMENTTHATROBS0ETERTOPAY0AUL CANALWAYSDEPENDONTHESUPPORTOF0AULv -George Bernard Shaw I’ll bet most NAMM Members would not consider themselves overly political. But recently, I’m sure you have noticed more laws and regulations coming out of Washington and your State Capitols, and some are making your job harder than ever. Heightened regulation and enforcement, byzantine tax laws that favor some while penalizing others, frivolous lawsuits that cost a fortune to defend no matter what the outcome and insurance costs that have risen at ďŹ ve times the rate of ination are increasingly placing extra burdens on already overstretched business owners. If you care about the future of your business and the industry, get involved. And in my opinion, one of the most important things you can do is belong to the one association that represents the interests of 9,000 music products companies. NAMM has been the industry’s voice in our government for more than 100 years. And the current political environment makes it more important than ever that we work together on the matters that impact us the most.


visit us online at NAMM’s longest running legislative priority has been music education, ensuring that every child in America has the opportunity to learn music. This is not only good for our industry, it’s the right thing to do for our society. Our love of music and the value we place on it is the one thing that unites us all. Protecting NAMM Member trademarks and copyrights has also been a top priority. And the Lacey Act has impacted our industry and put many NAMM Members at a level of risk they never dreamed of. When an issue like the Lacey Act comes into the national news like it did with the recent raids on Gibson, it is interesting to see the anger and frustration manifest itself on cable news programs and on blogs. But I can tell you that while that may be a popular response, addressing the root problem is the only solution. That means long, tedious legislative work, and NAMM and our partners in D.C. are at it daily. It includes countless visits to Members of Congress and their staff, carefully working with regulators to communicate the views of the business community and getting them to ďŹ x the unintended consequences of well-intentioned legislation. It’s not glamorous work but it is ultimately the only way we’re going to create the kind of business-friendly environment that is needed to compete in the 21st century global economy. Go to NAMMCOMPUBLICAFFAIRS to learn more. Join one of NAMM’s task forces and come to Washington with a y-in delegation. But please know that by just belonging to NAMM you are making a difference. Your Membership contributes to improving conditions for the entire industry. We are grateful for your support and will continue to do our best on your behalf.


Former NAMM Chairman Tom Schmitt and other NAMM Members and supporters plead with Congress to support music education for all students. A record 40 NAMM Members traveled to D.C. and held more than 103 meetings with Congress members to address key music products industry issues. Joe and former Secretary of Education under President Bill Clinton prepare their remarks at a recent Capital Hill event.


October 2011

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Featuring the 2012 TEC Awards!




Andy Papiccio

“Floyd Rose” is such an iconic name that it’s become a universal synonym for the brand’s signature product line: – locking tremolo systems for guitars. It’s one of those instances of “brand names used for generics” (think “Kleenex,” “Matchbox Cars,” or “Jell-O”). But consistently high levels of quality and an over-30 year history of innovation have ensured that real Floyd Rose products remain at the top of the heap. AP International is the exclusive distributor of Floyd Rose – as well as ProRock Gear, Brubaker Instruments, and KTS guitar parts – and Andy Papiccio is the owner and president of the company. MMR recently spoke with Mr. Papiccio to get the inside scoop on new developments at Floyd Rose, and to hear his take on the state of the industry.

MMR: The big “new” thing for Floyd Rose is the FRX Tremolo. Can you talk a little bit about how the product evolved? Andy Papiccio: We all know how the Floyd Rose original tremolo system changed the guitar world back in the early ‘80s. At that time, I was with Kramer Guitars and working closely with Floyd Rose. We all knew there was still a void in the marketplace for those guitar players who wanted to keep their stoptail bridge, yet have the ability to perform fantastic string bends and stay completely in tune. At that time, Floyd actually created the initial designs of the first Floyd Rose retro-fit tremolo for Les Paul style guitars. Kramer launched this version of the stop-tail tremolo, but it was later pulled from the market. We realized it needed more research and development and unfortunately, Kramer pulled the plug and the product was shelved. Since that time – roughly 25 years – Floyd has contin28 MMR

ued to experiment and tweak different designs of the stop-tail tremolo, and now we feel we’ve finally got it: the FRX! The FRX achieves everything an original Floyd Rose can do, but would retro-fit into a stop-tail bridge setup in lieu of routing the body of the guitar for installation. Our goal was to not only make a sleek looking stop-tail tremolo that would out-perform everything else, but would also embody the innovative name of Floyd Rose. The FRX tremolo has the same feel and technical response as the Original Floyd Rose tremolo system. The beauty of this system is its ease of installation. No modifications to the body of the guitar are needed.

MMR: How has early response to FRX been, thus far? AP: The response to the FRX has been tremendous. We did a sneak peak of the FRX at Winter NAMM 2011 to gauge initial response and our website, Facebook, et cetera, pretty much blew up overnight. We’ve had continuous calls, e-mails and Facebook postings asking, ‘When will the FRX be ready and available?’ Finally, we can say with confidence that the FRX will be available this fall to the music world. MMR: Where can people purchase FRX and other Floyd Rose products? How would a dealer interested in carrying Floyd Rose best go about making that happen? AP: Consumers will be able to pickup an FRX tremolo system from their favorOCTOBER 2011

ite local or online music dealer. Dealers who would like to carry the FRX can call us at (732) 919-6200 or visit www., and we’ll get them setup immediately. You can also check out www. for more info on all Floyd Rose products.

MMR: What’s your current distribution model for FR products? AP: Currently we are using independent reps calling on dealers across the country. For the rest of the world, we work with a network of International Distributors. MMR: How have Floyd Rose guitars been doing? AP: Since the re-launch of the guitars at Winter NAMM 2011, The International and Discovery Series line of guitars have both been progressively advancing in sales. However, to launch a “new” guitar in today’s times is not the easiest thing to do. It has definitely been a challenge in an already overcrowded marketplace. Although the Floyd Rose name is an industry leader, we know we have our work cut out for us to grow the line in being successful over time. The guitars definitely live up to the legendary name of Floyd Rose by being an exceptional instrument at a great price. Of course I’m a little biased, but I think our guitars are among some of the best on the market. The flame maple tops and finishes on both Series are just incredible. I love the Vintage Burst the Black Cherry and Trans Blue finishes. Also, both Series come equipped with a Floyd Rose tremolo. Check them out at MMR: Any other new or upcoming gear that you’d like to share with our readers? OCTOBER 2011

AP: Yes, be on the lookout for the new Floyd Rose Custom Tremolo Shop coming in Q4 of this year. Musicians

will be able to mix & match Authentic, Certified Floyd Rose parts to create their vision of the ultimate tremolo system. In terms of gear, we recently announced the Titanium Floyd Rose tremolo, the 7-string low profile tremolo and we’re working on a new 8-string tremolo system. Also, besides Floyd Rose, AP International distributes a few other highquality product lines such as the ProRock Gear line of cases, stands and accessories, which is fast becoming a preferred brand for musical accessories. We also proudly distribute the Brubaker Brute Series bass guitars, designed by renowned master luthier Kevin Brubaker, and KTS Tone Resonant titanium guitar parts. Our philosophy is to carry products that we believe are the best in their category.

“Floyd Rose has continued to experiment and tweak different designs of the stop-tail tremolo, and now we feel we’ve finally got it: the FRX!”

MMR: What are your general observations on the MI market – specifically the fretted gear market? AP: It’s been a challenging time for everyone. From the manufacturer to the end consumer, the state of our economy has definitely changed the way we do business. As mentioned, the guitar market is flooded with competition. However, I truly believe that success can be achieved by offering a great product at a great price with great service. MMR 29

Upfront Q&A MMR: What are your expectations for the fourth quarter and beyond? AP: We’re cautiously optimistic about Q4 this year. We know it’s been tough out there on the retail side. However, we feel consumer confidence is growing and, as we head into the holiday

Known for pure tone, played for pure pleasure. or call 410.254.4433

“We feel consumer confidence is growing and, as we head into the holiday season and beyond, we’re expecting good things.” season and beyond, we’re expecting good things. Retail is ever changing and we know we need to think differently. “Selling-in” to a dealer is not the end game for us. We are constantly thinking of innovative marketing initiatives to support our dealer network – all in an attempt to do whatever we can to help push the “sell-thru” of the product.

MMR: Any parting thoughts? AP: We just want to thank everyone for their continued support of Floyd Rose over the years. We promise to never let you down when it comes to being the brand recognized leader in tremolo systems and beyond. Please keep checking for the latest and greatest innovations in the guitar world.

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Tuner envy. Not every tuner is precise enough to be placed on a guitar virtuoso’s headstock. Steve Vai. A true virtuoso. Š 2011 Samson | Photo: Neil Zlozower | |





32 MMR

Not so Much – But Good Sales, Yes Those “pointy” guitars continue to grow in sales

Devin Townsend with his new Peavey PXD Vicious Signature Model, a 7-string baritone electric guitar OCTOBER 2011


hen one buys a Fender Strat, it could be used for blues, rock, country, surf or any number of music genres. But the guitars that are unofficially, but affectionately referred to as “pointy-head guitars,” are built with only one purpose in mind, and you can put your money down that it’s not Afro-Caribbean folk music.

The heavy metal guitar body style became ubiquitous in the early 1980s, back when far too many of us thought we looked good with that mullet. Yet, three decades later, they are still part of the landscape. Retailers who focus on this niche report it’s at least steady, while some are reporting growth, though the buyers are not a particularly diverse group… as Will West of Will West Music laughingly put it: “These are sometimes Les Paul lookin’ guitars with a dragon on it, so you know it’s geared toward younger males with more testosterone than they know what to do with!” Brian Reardon of Monster Music agrees that while it might be growing, the metal genre is still one-sided on who it attracts: “Even though we have a huge number of female drum and guitar students, the heavy metal market continues to be an overwhelmingly male dominion.” At least one retailer we spoke to has made it a calling: “It’s about carving a niche,” says Jason Kae of Drum City Guitarland. “You do what you do right. We’ve always been a metal store, and it works because I have the guitars kids want that no one else has.” With exceptions, these guitars tend to be a player’s second instrument, not the first. “Most young players playing for the first time don’t have a strong opinion about what to play stylistically,” says Chris Davis of Parramore Music Center. “But when they get a little older, and become intermediate level players and get into this music, they want to learn more theory, and techniques like sweep picking.” But he adds that really depends on the student – and some are listening to their parent’s metal. “What really amazes me is some of these kids are giving a nod to the classic rock era.” What’s working? Davis has been working at the 37-yearold store for eight years. As guitar department manager, among the other brands, he stocks Ibanez and Peavey products. “When you see some of these guitars, you can’t help but think heavy metal, and that’s what you want to play on them,” he says. An example for the Ocala, Fla. operation is the Peavey PXD line. “They are doing a great job with those. They are making a highquality guitar at a good price and loading them up with modern features.” Davis adds that Ibanez, always a dominant player in this area, “is still huge. And they picked up on the fact that so many of the metal guys like to tune their guitars down a step, so Ibanez has gone ahead and offered a baritone guitar. They increase the scaling of the neck, so that even with the lower tuning the tension OCTOBER 2011

“ When you see some of these guitars, you can’t help but think heavy metal.”

Drum-City Guitar Land MMR 33

feels good. The players lower it to ‘D’ and there’s that metal sound right there.” He says their seven- and eight-string models are doing well with these players as well. The lower- and mid-range instruments are doing better then the super

high end. “We’re stocking more midrange instruments then we were,” though they keep a few around that reach up past the $two grand range. Pete MacAulay of MacAulay’s Music in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada,

Know Your Metal? “Metal as a genre is growing right now, but I see it is splitting into its little subgroups,” opines Joe Fyfe of Spotlight Music. “There are some guys at this end, some guys at that end, but as a whole, it’s steadily grown.” Whereas, back in the day, Eddie Van Halen had one huge following, today scores of guitarists have collectively as big a following – it’s just subdivided. How well do you know your divisions? Folk-Metal anyone? According to, here is the current tally of “metal subgenres”: Alternative Metal Atmospheric Metal Black Metal Dark Metal Death Metal Doom Metal Electro Metal Folk Metal Fusion Gothic Metal

Grindcore Grunge Hard Rock Hardcore Heavy Metal Industrial Metal Melodic Metal Metal Metalcore Nu Metal

Power Metal Progressive Metal Sludge Metal Speed Metal Stoner Symphonic Metal Thrash Metal Visual Kei

declares, “We’re a hard rock store” catering to a large portion of working musicians. The guitar and drum shop carries a lot of Peavey, but also Fender and Gretsch, among other things, though his metalheads are going mostly for the Peavey gear. When other guitars of this genre are mentioned he says, “We have dabbled in all those over the years, and sold our share of that stuff,” but too often it was the same ol’ same ol’. “And some of those headstocks were just nasty!” MacAulay says he spent 20 years selling against Peavey, but for the last five years he’s been part of the team – with much better results: “It’s my number-one selling product.” He’s done especially well with the PXDs. “It’s pretty hard to come up with a unique headstock, but they have done it. Several of the guys who work here have them, and they can have anything.” For Will West, the metal market is smaller at his Will West Music in Jefferson City, Mo. The store, which he just opened eight years ago, is a general MI operation, and his main guitar lines include Fender, Gibson, Martin, Taylor, and Takamine, among others. (He’s also

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Teenage Head

Chris Davis of Parramore Music Center.

a working musician, guitarist and singer for the variety Norm Ruebling Band.) What’s working for him is Ibanez. “They have been making those slim necks with DiMarzio pickups, and a player can really work those 24 frets, especially the guitars from their S series,” he says. He adds that Jacksons are doing well in that market as well, plus he just got in a few DMZs. Over in Fort Collins, there’s Spotlight Music, which on any given Sunday has 1,000 guitars on the walls. Jen and

Will West of Will West Music.

Rob Curci, and his parents, Rob Sr. and Joanne Curci, own the operation. “We carry the full line of Jacksons, and they are doing well for us,” Jen Curci says. Also on their walls are ESPs, which they do quite a bit of business with. More recently there’s Charvel which is having a big relaunch (though she points out they aren’t really “pointy,” though their endorsee list and the images they put on their guitar bodies earns them a place in this discussion). There’s also plenty of Ibanez in their store, as well.

Jason Kae of Drum City Guitar Land.

Monster Results Monster Music of Levittown, N.Y. opened its doors in 1988 and in 2005, Brian Reardon took over the operation. (Fun fact: The original owner, J.D. Sarantakos, is the brother of magician Criss Angel of “Mindfreak” fame.) Reardon, formerly a rep, had Monster as a customer. And if you think a store with the name “Monster” in the name needs to be included in an article on heavy metal/ hard rock instruments, you’d be correct. “When you walk into Monster, you im-







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“ It’s more of a youthful group that buys, but heavy metal is still relevant.” Joe, Jen & Rob of Spotlight Music.

mediately get the old-school music vibe. It’s a rock and roll store, nothing corporate about it. And the metal segment is pretty big.” At Monster, Reardon stocks many of the related brands including BC Rich and Dean. They’ve recently taken on Dean Zalinsky’s DBZ line with positive results. “It’s been a breakout star for us over the past year,” he says. “The Bird of Prey and Venom shapes take the pointed/carved guitars to a new level. The Barchetta has been our number


one model in any category over the past year and I believe it’s one of the best guitars made today for the money. I also love it when brands have not yet exploded, as is the case with DBZ, because my customer can truly get the sense that they are discovering a brand that isn’t in every corporate shop across the country yet.” Michael Ciravolo of Schecter says, Drum City Guitarland “is our undisputed best metal dealer!” Nestled in a suburb of Denver, it’s received dealer awards

from Schecter and ESP. The store was founded in 1965 by the late Ronny Kae, and is now owned by sons Tim and Jason Kae. “[Metal] is what keeps me in business,” Jason Kae says. “We are a destination for it.” Their 4,000-square-foot store does a good business but these days more than 75 percent of their overall sales are over the Internet. “I got online in 1997, so I got a head start on it. But you got to have the right inventory.” Admitting that “every day is a gamble,” he’s aggressive and

MMR 37

strives to get what no one else has. He tells recently of an order with Schecter of 24 or 36 of a model in a certain color – essentially all of them – so that if you want that BlackJack ATX Avenger in that unusual green, you’ve got to get it from him. In fact, sometimes Kae has them make a model in a specific color just for him. “When you’re the only one with a certain Schecter, people go nuts.” Same with ESP, though he keeps his eye on what’s happening in Japan: “I find models not available here, and then I order six or 12 at a time, and put them on

my Website. “I’ll just forecast a year from now,” Kae explains. For example, he just ordered 18 ESP guitars that are a standard model in Japan, but not available in the States. “I’ll get them in 10 months, and hope I can sell them then. But because our Website is known for that sort of thing,” customers look for these deals. But not always: “Sometimes I order 18, and they are gone in a week; sometimes they sit forever.” The Website works because he is dedicated to it. “I update it hourly.” Kae’s heard stories of a customer saying they




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tried to order something from another, bigger Website, only to be disappointed that it was out of stock in spite of being on the site as in-stock. When he gets calls asking if something online is in stock, he’s able to say, “it’s online, isn’t it?” More than just selling that additional guitar, it creates great word of mouth. It Takes One to Know One? MacAulay is livin’ the dream: he’s in the premier punk band Teenage Head. “I’m just getting my rock star license at 55 frickin’ year’s old,” he laughs. “That’s the cool thing about music. Nobody is getting called into the NHL at that age!” But he adds that demographically, it is younger people who gravitate to metal, mostly – though that’s not exclusively the situation for everyone. There are some surprises. “Oh, no – I’ve got 55 year-old-guys who are working at the nuclear plant coming in for these instruments,” states West emphatically. “If you grew up playing that [80s style metal], and if you’re good at it, that’s what you still play. We still have radio shows around here with Dee Snider [of Twisted Sister] screaming through it all night, so there’s still a group for it. Now I never thought the 1980s were the best time for music, but then again, I never played Warrant.” And the kids who are coming in to buy heavy metal guitars are likely playing (gulp!) their “dad’s” music. “I just turned 50, and my dad’s music was Hee Haw. But it’s a beautiful thing to have that 40 or 50 year-old guy come in with a kid who wants to play Zeppelin and AC/ DC and also learn Green Day and the Foo Fighters.” Reardon’s had the same experience: “Many of the adult males who take lessons from the store grew up on ‘80s metal,” he says. “The crazy guitar shapes are iconic and instantly familiar to them. But we get plenty of younger players into heavy metal, as well.” “I had a guy come in last week who was turning 45 and always wanted a guitar, but couldn’t afford one,” Kae says. “He spent a lot of time on our Website, and had a list of nine he wanted to try out. I showed him all of them including a $2,500 ESP.” He came into the store not knowing how to hold a guitar, but walked out with that one. “We try to figure that out all the time!” laughs Jen Curci. “It’s kind of all OCTOBER 2011

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Amps, Pedals, Pickups, Oh My Understand the complete package to maximize sales “You can play one of these metal guitars through a clean head and not know it’s a pointy-headed guitar,” says Davis of Parramore Music Center. “So you have to be able to give customers the whole package, especially the amp. They know what sound they want from listening to their favorite artist,” so ascertaining that information, and knowing what amps and pedals go with it can go a long way in closing a sale. “A lot of stores don’t have techs [Davis is one], and so if you have people just taking these things out of the box and putting them on the floor, it’s not as good as if you really know how to adjust it all.” He says there are two classes of amps: the modeling amps like the Peavey Vypyrs, which sell well with this crowd, specifically those who “tend to be more hobbyist.” Then there are the hardcore players, who tend to play out and want the higher-end tube amps. “The tube amp is the one thing they got right the first time! They can get the solid-state ones that are cheaper, but there’s nothing like those tube amps.” Parramore also does well with Marshalls and some of the “boutique” amps like Laney. “But what are real popular and put a huge dent into that market is the Peavey 6505 series. Those are made

Matt Tuck of Bullet For My Valentine with his Peavey 6505 amp and cabs

40 MMR

right here in the USA and they rock.” Pete MacAulay of MacAulay’s Music in Ontario, Canada also gives a thumb’s-up to the 6505. “It’s our best selling amp for those player. It has all the horsepower and personality you need, and the price is right. Looks great, sounds great, and is reliable. It just works for everybody. I have other brands in the store, but we let the customer decide and it’s usually this.” Joe Fyfe, a manager at Spotlight Music in Fort Collins, agrees that it’s a two-category situation. “The modeling amps are more popular with the entrylevel players,” he says. “The Line 6 and some of the Marshall stuff do well for them, and then they can just click to their favorite band setting.” On the higher end, there are Mesa-Boogie tube amps which do well with these players. At Monster Music, Brian Reardon says Vox’s VT series amps are strong. “They come equipped with preset sounds, a number of which are designed for hard rock and metal. But the hot new amp line is Blackstar. Blackstar amps can be tweaked to sound like the old school British Heavy Metal bands like Iron Maiden or Judas Priest, or you can EQ them to sound like the modern American band, such as Killswitch Engage and As I Lay Dying. Plus they handle everything else.” For Will West of Will West Music, “muscle amps” are not selling big right now. As a Marshall dealer, he keeps one or two of everything and that works for him. “The Peavey Valve Kings have done fairly well and are reasonably priced, plus you can change the way the tubes work which is really cool. And some of their classic series amps are the best sounding amps out there.” “I’m doing great with Orange,” says Jason Kae of Drum City Guitarland. “There’s very few local dealers carrying them, so I stock it all. You go to Guitar Center and they have two or three models, but I stock the whole line and we do great.” One of their models, Dark Terror, is doing particularly well. He posted on the store’s Facebook page that he was getting in

eight on August 17th, and put the link on it to the Orange site. He pre-sold five of them, and the day they arrived another two guys came in and bought those. “I really push things like that on Facebook. Nobody seems to get that, but I’ve been doing it for years.” Pedals West, who isn’t doing great with big amps, says his pedals are doing well and it’s no mere coincidence. “Boss has a new pedal that is supposed to mimic a big stack and that does well because everybody wants something lighter. You don’t want to carry a big stack around when gas is $4 a gallon.” Seymour Duncan makes the SFX03 Twin Tube Classic Distortion Pedal and he says he’s sold as many of those this year as in the previous eight years combined. Finally, while generally staying away from the “boutiquey stuff,” he does carry Xotic Effects RC pedals and they are doing well. Fyfe of Spotlight points out that modeling amps negate the need for pedals, the exception being if a player gets a modeling amp set up mostly for heavy metal, but then later decides he or she wants to explore more of a pure blues pedal. But overall he says the modeling pedals are doing well for them. “Also loop pedals are insanely popular, because players like to jam to their own riffs. And if you get one with a USB output that you can plug and record into your computer, you can record or jam with people across the globe.” Drum City Guitarland reports great luck with the Tech 21 Character series pedal. “They have all the different amps and the mark-up is great,” Nae says. “But there again, I stock the whole line.” Reardon adds that the Blackstar also offers tube powered distortion pedals (“real tubes inside!”) that sound incredible if the amp itself is out of budget. “Other notable distortion pedals, as in industry standards that always do well, are the Boss Metal Zone, which is on every metal player’s pedal board. There’s also the Boss DS-1 Distortion which gives the most


Shoreview Distribution bang for your buck.” “Modtone pedals are flying under the radar right now, but selling 10 to 1 over others,” says Davis. “They are starting to advertise in Guitar Player magazine, but a lot of it here is just putting it in players’ hands. There’s millions of pedals out there, but Modtone is on their way.” “The whole pedal market is pretty esoteric,” says MacAuley. Some players are on a search for the Holy Grail, that one new, boutique-pedal that will magically transform them. “But everything is just a newer version of the old stuff. People get seduced and spend money, but I’m thinking they need to just get a tube amp and take some lessons!” Pickups “Customizing guitars is as popular as ever,” states Fyfe of Spotlight. “In fact, it’s almost going backward in a sense that players want those pickups that sound like they are from other eras.” DiMarzio and Seymour Duncan both make tributes to old pickups. That said, for the heavy metal player, it’s still EMG, although the Steve Via DiMarzio Evolution pick up is really popular as well. Pickups are a wide-open territory and gets “very subjective when people start talking tone,” Davis says. Players pick up different riffs, hear different sounds, but can jump to the wrong conclusion about a pickup. The wood, the player’s ability, the amp – it’s all part of the mix. So before a player starts talking about swapping out pickups, “I tell them to research as best they can, because putting in a Seymour or a DiMarzio doesn’t mean it’s going to automatically translate to whatever inspirational guitar sound they are going for.” For so many years, the purist would buy these and then immediately switch whatever the factory pickup was and replace them with EMGs. Some of Peavey’s PXD’s are coming with EMG which “the metal guys love,” Davis reports.


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over the board” as to who is buying these guitars. They do have a strong lesson program, and from that they can see a lot of entry-level guitarists, younger kids and college-age who are drawn to it. Then again… “We also have a big Hewlett Packard plant where a lot of older technical people work, and they are looking for these kinds of guitars!” “I’m stuck in the ‘80s myself!” adds Kae. “On my iPod there’s nothing but heavy metal. And it’s bigger than ever, not just here but in Europe. We have a local band that goes and tours Europe, but can’t get people to come out and hear them in Denver.” Shredders Sell Instruments Reardon is pleased to report that Monster Music has the area’s largest lesson program with close to 700 lessons taught each week. “To do this successfully, it is imperative that we have teachers who can focus on niche styles,” he emphasizes. “Along those lines we have several guitar teachers who share ‘the gift of shred.’ We teach all styles of guitar playing, but many of our students want to learn how to play like their guitar heroes. With younger students, we are sure we give them everything they need from a theory standpoint, but it is a key that we also give them what they want. One of the best ways of combining the two is breaking down techniques of their favorite guitarists and applying them to teach specific songs. This way the student not only learns how to play the song, but also learns why the song sounds the way it does.” “The serious hard rock guys take lessons, and you can tell the ones that take private lessons from those who learn online,” MacAuley says. “An online ‘teacher’ can’t point out that you’re holding the pick wrong.” Spotlight has an active lesson program which helps in this area. Out of 25 instructors for all instruments, three specialize in the metal guitar. On their site, all the instructors have bios that make it easy for players to get hooked up with a shred-dispensing educator. “Having good teachers in the genre definitely helps with sales,” Curci says. They get the students out into the store and put them together with other players and perform a couple of times a month. (The store is actually also a café with an impressive stage.) There’s music going almost every day… but, alas, metal is in (for now) excluded. “We can’t have the 42 MMR

complete shredder because those guys just need volume, and when it’s that loud students in the practice rooms can’t hear their instructor!” she laughs. Though she is quick to add they are working on ways to work through that and find a time for those players to get their mayhem out. What also sells these guitars is endorsees, though there is some disagreement as to how much influence that guitar player of Testament has on a potential consumer. “If someone is into a band and sees that guitar hero play a certain guitar, they must have it,” MacAulay says. “If the endorsee is credible, it helps sell the guitar.” West thinks it’s 50/50 if endorsements matter to this market. “I’m not a rock star, but I have as much influence as a retailer on some kid than a video of what guitar Slash is playing. I can put a DBZ in his hands and say, ‘Feel the switches, doesn’t everything work great?’ Then they make their own decisions.” Of course it helps if your store sells to the artists themselves. Drum City Guitarland’s Kae tells the story of a guitarist with a younger popular heavy metal band being the endorsee of a major brand buying one of those guitars from him. “I see him playing it on Jay Leno, and I think he could get stuff for free, but since I was the only one that had that specific limited edition, he paid regular price for it from me!” The Future of Metal West does the math that some may not want to, pointing out that those who went to high school in the 1980s are now in their late 30s and early 40s, and that’s having a ripple effect. But the future hinges on the genre can also entice younger fans. “Yeah, it’s still popular,” Davis says. “It’s more of a youthful group that buys, but heavy metal is still relevant. Then again there are guys in their late 30s who are still troopers, they want to go out and play ‘80s metal, and more power to them!” Davis says. MacAuley can’t help notice, though, that this generation of guitar players is different. “They seem to be more into their phones and social network,” he laments. “I don’t see the urgency with youth today.” “Metal as a genre is growing right now, but I see it is splitting into its little subgroups,” opines Joe Fyfe of Spotlight Music. “There are some guys at this end, some guys at that end, but as a whole, it’s steadily grown. OCTOBER 2011


800-793-5273 DeanGuitars

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Bare Knuckle Mississippi Queen HSP-90 and Painkiller The Mississippi Queen HSP-90 is a true P90 single coil mounted onto a humbucker chassis. It’s Bare Knuckle’s first humbucker-size P90 and the benchmark for all HSP90 tone The Painkiller is billed as the ultimate high output ‘Djent’ humbucker with raw and focusedgrinding crunch, extremely fast bass response and aggressive upper midimpact. The PAT Pend 59 Slab Board and 63 Veneer Board work as vintage correct Strat sets based on customer demand for coils from specific eras. The PAT Pend Series centers in on the two most requested periods of ‘59 - ‘62 and ‘63 - ‘65. The Aftermaths promise accelerated bass response for exceptionally fast tracking of high-speed staccato riffing with crushing mid range and precise high-end articulation; designed for the modern metal guitarist. OCTOBER 2011

Showcase Flaxwood Bolt-On Series Crafted in Finland, the new affordably priced Bolt-On series introduces a patented NFC (Natural Fiber Composite) bolt-on neck combined with a European Alder body - a combination which offers players the same sustain, responsiveness and stability. Flaxwood is the first production guitar company to employ NFC injection molding technology in their manufacturing process. Using recycled Northern Spruce fiber as the primary ingredient, the NFC composite is truly “green” in that no trees were cut down in order to produce the material, which is also completely recyclable. Available initially in two versions, featuring either three single-coil or two humbucker Seymour Duncan pickups, both models ship with steel tremolo bridges. Hardtail versions are available by special order. Retail price: $1299.

Fission Bass Powerchord FX Pedal The Fission Bass Powerchord FX Pedal lets any bassist increase the power and complexity of their sound by adding stacked harmonies over their bass lines. Through Fission’s intuitive set of controls and footswitches, four unique voicings pitch-shifted above the root note can be combined to produce power chords or octave-up effects. Four footswitch LEDs provide visible indication of the selected harmony. When the effect is off, the LEDs dim, which make it easy to set up a harmony before playing the chord. Fission Bass also offers an adjustable noise gate, overdrive, tone and effect level. Available voicings are: Octave up, Octave up with 5th above, Octave up with 4th above, or octave / 5th / octave above. This power-effect combo provides expressive creative control over anything from subtle octaves to thick, grinding effects that even your guitar player will envy. Housed in a lightweight, sturdy metal enclosure, Fission Bass uses stateof-the-art 32-bit signal processing and 24-bit audio conversion and is 9V battery-powered (or use optional Fishman 910-R AC adapter). Its monophonic input accepts a wide range of pickups. The mix output is perfect for single amp operation and the effect-only output can be used to route the power chords into an electric guitar amp. Retail price: $430.


Lâg Guitars Tramontane Ukuleles Lâg Guitars has expanded their Tramontane line to include three new ukulele series. Each instrument is adorned with a “tiki man” rosette design, and all models come with a matching padded gigbag. Lâg ukuleles are available in the 77 Series, the 100 Series, and the 700 Series. Consistent features include diecast machine heads with satinblack oval buttons, an arched back design, and a solid rosewood fingerboard with nickel frets. Lâg 77 Series instruments are constructed using a mahogany top, back, and sides; accented by black and ivory bindings; and are outfitted in a French satin finish. Both a soprano (U77S) and a concert model (U77C) are offered in this line. Featuring a modern high-gloss black finish, the Lâg 100 Series ukuleles upgrade to a solid mahogany top with mahogany binding for a stylish contrast. The 100 Series includes a slim-body baby soprano (Baby-U100S-BLK) and a standard concert (U100C-BLK) model. The Lâg 700 Series ukuleles are crafted with solid Koa back and sides, plus a solid Koa top. The elegant French satin finish is highlighted by rosewood and maple binding. The premium 700 Series includes two models: a slim-body baby soprano (Baby-U700S) and a standard concert model (U700C). Retail price ranges from $194 for the U77S to $444 for the U700C.

MMR 45

Fretted Gear Showcase Kala Subductive Series The Subductive Series of basses is the latest addition to Kala’s line of 21 inch scale bass instruments. Subductive (SU-B for short) is inspired by the term used to describe how the Mariana Trench, the deepest known point in the Pacific Ocean, was created. Concomitantly, the UBasses are equipped with Kala’s proprietary polyurethane strings which produce incredible bottom end that can be described only as seismic. The Kala S-U-B Series offers an affordable alternative to Kala’s California series of USA manufactured solid body basses. Four-string fretted versions are available in Sunburst, Red, and Black finishes. All Kala U-Basses are very portable and meet all airline carry on requirements. Other features include a Shadow pickup system with volume control and 2 band EQ, Custom Hipshot Tuners, and Graph Tech Black Tusq self-lubricating nut. A Custom Deluxe Logo Gig bag is included in the price of each instrument. Eddy Finn Ukuleles The Eddy Finn line consists of over 50 models of ukuleles and banjoleles and offers a variety of woods such as Mango, Mahogany, Swamp Ash, Bubinga, Spalted Maple and, of course, the most popular – Koa. Accessories that include the huge NAMM show hit “Hippie” bags and cases. The uniquely shaped Finn sound hole that is aromatically enhanced with the company’s “Tropical Scent” formula, developed in the hopes of giving players a true sense of playing on the beach, is what sets the Eddy Finn ukes apart from the competition. Eddy Finn ukes come with a 10 year warranty and are shipped in attractive store display boxes. Prices range from $500 to $40. 46 MMR

Lollar Pickups’ New Thunderbird-style Pickup Lollar’s new Thunderbird-style style replacement pickups are built to emulate the original 1964 Thunderbird bass pickups, with a few improvements. Bridge pickups are wound slightly hotter for better balance,

and wax pottings are designed to keep the pickup cover from being overly microphonic and to ensure the coils don’t become more microphonic over time. The pickups utilize Alnico 5 bar magnets. Nickel is the standard original cover finish, though chrome and gold are available in limited quantities. Lol-

lar also offers optional ¼” tall black pickup surrounds and shims for retrofitting into the Epiphone basses with the rectangular plastic pickups. Retail price: $200. VOX 22 Solid Body Electric Guitar VOX Amplification has expanded its guitar lineup with the ultra-affordable Series 22 double cutaway models. Borrowed from the premium Virage series, VOX signature 3-D contouring provides the Series 22 mahogany solid-bodies with a comfortable playing fit, either seated or standing. In addition, VOX has introduced its SBE(tm) strap button extender system to provide the instrument with even greater balance while playing. Easy access to the upper frets is provided by the deeply cut

©2011 Latin Percussion


inverse heel joint. Position dot markers conveniently adorn the rosewood fingerboards, which are mounted on mahogany necks. The Series 22 guitars use the same lightweight MaxConnect(tm) aluminum bridge as the Virage, offering extended saddle travel for flawless intonation with any-gauge string. VOX Super Smooth tuners provide the Series 22 guitars with enhanced tuning stability. Electronically, the VOX Series 22 guitars feature two XLM(tm) compact humbucking pickups with two dis-

tinct voices. A three-way pickup selector routes the sound through the Master Tone and Master Volume controls for final sound shaping. Retail price: $699.

Modern Guitar Rigs by Hal Leonard Modern Guitar Rigs gives guitarists the rundown on to build pro-level rigs, whether they’re playing clubs at the indie band level, getting set for a major tour, heading into the studio to record a new album, or just searching for ultimate tone. Kahn, a technologist and accomplished guitar player, dissects complex guitar setups for multiple scenarios with an informal, relaxed style and calls attention to detail with bullet point lists. The book explores topics including rack gear, amp

Eggs-actly what you need. LP Shakers are one of the fastest moving items in your store. Why not let us put your name on them too? For a limited time, we’ll waive the set-up charges and throw in a free countertop display. Contact your LP Sales Representative today!


setups, guitar options, effect loops, rig infrastructure, “rigs of the stars,” and interviews with leading custom rig builders, including the legendary Bob Bradshaw of Custom Audio Electronics. The book comes with a bonus DVD with more than an hour of instructional video including “Building a Pro Guitar Rig”, “Setting Up Your First Small Rack”, “Taming The Pedalboard”, and a music video of the song “The Sky is Falling” by Kahn’s progressive rock band Days Before Tomorrow. Retail: $24. Martin Expanded SP Lifespan Strings Martin has expanded the successful SP lifespan with three new products. Extra Light Gauge 10-47 Bronze and Extra Light Gauge 10-47 Phosphor Bronze will be able to meet the demands for for smaller body guitars and cutaways, a new extra light gauge will be available in phosphor bronze or 80/20 bronze. (Since both plain and wound strings are treated with Cleartone technology, the new Martin Extra Light 12 String 1047 Phosphor Bronze 12 string set will deliver a balanced sound that is sure to please. With the recent and upcoming launch of several new C. F. Martin baritone guitars, Martin has designed Baritone 14-17 Phosphor Bronze strings to be comfortable in both the traditional B tuning and modern C tuning, delivering a new standard in tone. Gauging is 14/20/30/42/54/70. Cort Guitars Releases New Classic Rock Guitars Cort Guitars recently announced the new CR Series of single cut-away electric guitars. Some models feature new upgrades such as TonePros licensed bridges, the new ClassicRocker II pickMMR 47

Fretted Gear Showcase ups with Alnico II magnets and red ivory binding. All models include set-in 24 ¾” scale necks. The CR280 includes a mahogany body with maple top, mahogany “C” shape neck, red ivory binding, Rosewood fretboard with 12” radius, a TonePros Licensed Locking CTPFP bridge and CT1 tailpiece, ClassicRocker II Humbucker pickups, nickel-plated hardware and more. MSRP: $769.00 USD The CR250 includes a mahogany body with maple top, mahogany “C” shape neck, rosewood fretboard with 12” radius, a T.O.M. bridge with stop tailpiece, ClassicRocker II Humbucker pickups, two volume, two tone and three way toggle controls, nickelplated hardware and more. MSRP: $549.00 USD The CR200 includes a mahogany body with flamed maple veneer top, ma-

hogany “C” shape neck, rosewood fretboard with 12” radius, T.O.M. bridge with stop tailpiece, ClassicRocker II Humbucker pickups and more. MSRP: $489.00 USD Finally, the CR100 includes a bolt-on neck, mahogany body, maple “C” shape neck, rosewood fretboard with 12” radius, white dot inlays, a T.O.M. bridge with stop tailpiece, die cast tuners, Powersound Humbucker pickups, and more. Retail price: $769 (CR280), $549 (CR250), $489 (CR200), $349 (CR200). Charvel Desolation Guitars Charvel’s new Desolation series guitars are entirely new instrument designs not previously seen in the high-performance guitar maker’s 30-year history. Charvel promises more tonal and stylistic options than ever, aiming for great tone, style and playbility. Charvel introduces ten new guitars in the initial Desolation series—four single-

cutaway “DS” models, three double-cutaway “DC” models and three highly distinctive Skatecaster “SK” models loosely based on the Charvel Surfcaster of the early 1990s. All feature mahogany bodies and necks, dual humbucking pickup

configurations with three-way toggle switching, solid and transparent finishes (with flame maple veneer on trans finishes) and black nickel hardware. Most feature compound-radius (12”-16”) rosewood fingerboards with 24 jumbo frets in a variety of neck-through, set-neck and bolt-on configurations; Charvel bridges specially designed for compound-radius fingerboards (except DS-3 ST Floyd Rose®-equipped models); and three-

THIS IS NOT A CABLE THIS IS AN ASTEROPE “I was skeptical and apathetic about yet another cable. I plugged in my favorite cable and thought this sounds great. Then I plugged in the Asterope and was like... you’re kidding me! Asterope really encompasses the things that I look for sonically in a guitar and an amplifier. I could easily hear a big difference. Asterope simply helps me get where I want to be. Congratulations on a great product.” - David Grissom

48 MMR


Fretted Gear Showcase on-a-side locking Charvel tuners (except DS-3 ST and Floyd Rose®-equipped models, which have non-locking threeon-a-side tuners). Gretsch G6120 Eddie Cochran Signature Hollow Body Gretsch honors the legacy of rock ‘n’ roll and rockabilly pioneer Eddie Cochran with the G6120 Eddie Cochran Signa-

ture Hollow Body guitar model. The instrument is a single-cutaway beauty with western motif and full, resonant sound that combines features based directly on Cochran’s main guitar, the orange Gretsch 6120 Chet Atkins hollow body guitar. This signature model comes hot on the heels of the acclaimed, limited edition G6129EC Eddie Cochran Tribute Custom Shop guitar. The G6120’s elegant single-cutaway


°Ãi[dgi]ZYZbVcYhd[i]ZegZhZciVcYi]Z[jijgZ d[Vbea^ÃXVi^dc# AVjcX]ZYbdgZi]VcilZcin nZVghV\d!i]ZHVkV\Z&'%lVh idjiZYVh¸^ccdkVi^kZ!¹ ¸YZeZcYVWaZ¹VcY¸idcVaan jc^fjZ#¹IldYZXVYZhaViZg! i]dhZgVkZhhi^aa]daYigjZ# I]ZHVkV\Z&'%bZaYh igVY^i^dcl^i]bdYZgc^in# L]nX]Vc\ZV\ddYi]^c\4

K:AK:I9>HIG>7JI>DC ^c[d5kZakZiY^hig^Wji^dc#Xdb

50 MMR


hollow body has an arched, three-ply maple back and sides with parallel bracing and double-bound f holes. The two-piece maple neck has black and white single-ply binding and a polished brass nut. Other features include a 9.5”-radius rosewood fingerboard with 22 standard frets and western-themed pearloid inlays (cacti, steer horns and fences); DynaSonic™ single-coil bridge pickup and Lindy Fralin “Dog Ear” singlecoil neck pickup with three-position switching; opaque plexi pickguard bearing Gretsch logo; aluminum bridge with rosewood base, Bigsby® B6GBVF vibrato tailpiece; gold G-arrow control knobs and gold-plated, chrome and aluminum hardware; gold-plated Grover® V98G Sta-Tite™ tuners; elegant “Western Maple Stain” finish; and deluxe hard shell case. Retail price: $3,625. Jackson New X Series Available in six unique designs – Dinky™, SLS™, Rhoads, Warrior™, Soloist™ and King V™ – the new X Series guitars promise hot humbucking pickups, fantastic tone, distinctive shark-fin inlays, Jackson’s trademark compound-radius fingerboard, and stunning finishes. Two in particular worth noting are the Jackson Dinky DKXT and the Jackson Super Light Soloist SLSXMG. Available in Black, Snow White and Transparent Red finishes, the Dinky has an arch-top basswood body (quilt maple veneer on Transparent Red finish); bolt-on maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, and passive EMG® HZ-H4-AN (neck) and H4-B (bridge) humbucking pickups that deliver wellbalanced tone with tight bass, glassy mids and crunching highs. Other features include 24 jumbo frets; three-way pickup switching, and TonePros® fully OCTOBER 2011

Fretted Gear Showcase adjustable bridge with through-body strings for thick sustain. Available in Natural, Gun Metal Gray and Snow White finishes, the Super Light Soloist has a basswood body (flame maple veneer on Natural finish); through-body maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, and active EMG® 85 (neck) and 81 (bridge) humbucking pickups. Additional features include Floyd Rose® Special double-locking two-point Multi-item_Ad_Mar11 4/1/11tremo12:55

lo; 24 jumbo frets, and three-way pickup switching. Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar Fender’s new Kurt Cobain Jaguar guitar is meticulously modeled on the battered 1965 Jaguar that the Nirvana singer, guitarist and songwriter played throughout the early ‘90s, reproducing Cobain’s battle-hardened PM Page 1 left-handed Jaguar down to


the last unusual detail, including its worn finish, dual humbucking pickups and unique electronics and controls. Unique features include an alder body with Road Worn aged finish and hardware treatment, bound fretboard with pearloid dot markers, Stratocaster headstock shape with 1950s-style “spaghetti” logo under the finish, DiMarzio® humbucking DP103 PAF 36th Anniversary neck pickup and DP100 Super Distortion bridge pickup, triple knurled “chrome-dome” knob configuration (volumevolume-tone), three-position toggle switch, black chrome AdjustoMatic™ bridge and Gotoh® sealed tuners. The guitar will be available in rightand left-handed versions. Accessories include a black textured vinyl hard-shell case and an exclusive Fender Kurt Cobain book featuring extensive photos and commentary by Charles Peterson and an insightful interview with Nirvana guitar tech Earnie Bailey. Lace “Stonewashed” Alumitone® Humbucker Lace adds another version of its revolutionary new pickup technology, the Stonewashed Alumitone® humbucker. The latest in state of the art pickup design combined with the looks of a tried and


Blueridge Gitane Blueridge



Gold Star



SAGA MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS • South San Francisco, California • Dealer inquiries invited! 52 MMR

true well played pickup is now available. Modern cutting edge technology,“HD TV for your guitar™” design, worn down, beaten up from gig after gig, but never old, makes this humbucker stand out from the rest of the “vintage crowd” of pickups.The Stonewashed version is available now. Retail price: $169.99 OCTOBER 2011

Peavey TNT115 and TKO 115T The Peavey TNT 115 is a 600-watt max power bass amplifier that puts pro features at players’ fingertips, including a footswitchable optical compressor plus footswitchable crunch for adding a tube-like effect that distorts only the high frequencies, preserving the all-important fat low end.

sound system, while the new tilt-back design lets users angle the amps upward and use as a monitor. Retail price: $719.00 (TNT 115), $649 (TKO 115). PRS SE Amplifier Line In the spirit of the acclaimed PRS SE line of guitars, these new amps continue the concept of providing affordable musical instruments and equipment without sacrificing tone, usability, or quality. The lineup, scheduled to start shipping this fall, includes the PRS SE 20 featuring 6V6 tubes, PRS SE 30 featuring 5881’s, and PRS SE 50 featuring EL34’s– all of which are offered as closed back 1x12 combos or as heads. A PRS SE 2x12 cab-

inet is available as well. All of the amps in this family feature two channels with separate EQ, an effects loop, and reverb. Each amp also boasts custom wound transformers, 0.090 aluminum chassis, high-end “on-on-on” selector switches, only the best NNS tubes, custom-voiced speakers, custom knobs, and more.

Steve Trovato’s Beginning Blues: Rhythm and Lead Guitar Methods from Alfred Steve Trovato’s Beginning Blues: Rhythm and Lead Guitar is an easy-to-follow approach to playing authentic blues by the awardwinning guitarist, author, and instructor,

The TNT 115 and the 400-watt TKO 115 share a seven-band graphic EQ with high and low shelving controls, plus bright and contour switches, effects loop, master volume and headphone output. The amps also feature a builtin XLR direct interface that players can use to route the signal to the house


MMR 53

Fretted Gear Showcase in collaboration with guitarist, songwriter, and producer Terry Carter. The method series teaches staple guitar licks and rhythm patterns essential to building solid blues guitar chops. The book teaches more than 50 rhythm patterns, including the medium shuffle, uptown blues, slow blues, blues-rock, mambo, and more—all transcribed in standard music notation and TAB. The companion DVD features video lessons of every music example in the book, clearly demonstrated by host Steve Trovato, to reveal the essentials to mastering the art of blues rhythm playing. The accompanying DVD dissects every solo with clear and concise instruction by host Steve Trovato. Retail price $16.99. Blackstar Popular HT-5 Series Reverb Models The innovative HT-5R combo and HT5RH head offer real tube sound in a compact format. While the preamp uses a traditional 12AX7 tube, the power section uses the dual-triode 12BH7 tube wired in a push-

pull circuit. This configuration produces the crunch and break-up characteristics of a traditional 100-Watt amp, delivering a sound

rich in tube harmonics and compression even at the lowest volume levels. The HT-5R and HT-5RH are both two-channel amplifiers, offering Clean and Overdrive channels. A channelswitching footswitch is included. With these new Reverb models, an additional Tone control has been added to the Clean Channel. Blackstar’s unique Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) works with the three-band EQ to provide new toneshaping control, able to create both U.K. and U.S.A. flavors of sound quickly.

The emulated speaker line output recreates the sonic character of either a 1 x 12” or a 4 x 12” speaker cabinet, providing a convenient way to record or to connect to a larger sound system. Unlike other models, using the emulated line output will not cancel the internal or external speaker sound. This allows the HT-5R series to serve as a great monitor source. This same output can be used with headphones for private practice. The Series Effects Loop is equipped with a level switch to match the signal of nearly any external effect processor. A line input is included, allowing the player to jam-along with a CD, MP3, etc. Retail price $569.99 (HT5R), $479.99 (HT-5RH), $299 (HT-112). C.F. Martin and Co. New Ukelele Models Note that the 3 Cherry Uke (Certified), 0XK Ukulele and S1 Soprano have actually previously been made available, while the six new models coming to

Bloody Nose -or- Fat Lip? At WMD we pride ourselves by puttin’ some STOMP into our stompboxes. Sure, we “make-nice” with the little blue guy (Arcane Preamp pedal hiding uptop) when necessary, but make no mistake, we will assault your tone with the Los Alamos approved Geiger Counter, as well as slam, shake and wobble your bejezzus with Super Fatman — pick your sonic pleasure. We invite you to stop by our site, take a look around. Check out some online sound samples then give us a call. We make the pedals you’re looking for — first aid not included.

“designed to inspire your creativity” William Mathewson Devices

54 MMR

303 549-9205 OCTOBER 2011

Fretted Gear Showcase NAMM will in fact be unveiled to U.S. dealers for the first time. Sorry for any inconvenience and thanks for understanding. Martin’s 2 Uke features a solid mahogany body, solid East Indian rosewood fingerboard and newly-designed bridge, with an applied dovetail neck to body joint, black tusq nut and black compensated tusq saddle, friction peg tuners with white tuner button and a satin lac-

quer finish. Also includes grained ivory top binding, and beautiful hand inlayed black and white wood fiber rosette. The 2 Concert Uke features characteristics of the 2 Uke, but in concert size, and with black tusq nut and saddle, geared peg tuners and black tuner button. The 2 Tenor Uke features characteristics of the 2 Uke, but in tenor size, and with black tusq nut and saddle and a tie-block bridge.

Co. sic ChesbrWeoknowMu our stuff, because we use our stuff

800.CHESBRO (800.243.7276) "I use Alfred’s Masterwork Editions personally and with my students." Jenn, Sales

great a h it w d n u o s le dib "Tetons Johan,veQuinaclitrey Control finish." iece of anyp r e t n e c e h t e b "these accaonustic wall." - Don, sales one's 56 MMR

2K Uke includes solid flamed Hawaiian Koa top, back and sides in a satin lacquer finish, rosewood fingerboard and bridge, black tusq nut and compensated tusq saddle, friction peg tuners and white tuner button. Similar to the 2 Uke, this model includes grained ivory top binding, hand inlayed black and white wood fiber rosette. 2K Concert Uke features characteristics of the 2K Uke, but in concert size with black tusq nut and saddle, geared peg tuners and black tuner button. 2K Tenor Uke features characteristics of the 2K Uke, but in tenor size with black tusq nut and saddle, geared peg tuners, black tuner button and tie-block bridge. All ukes are all manufactured in Martin’s Nazareth factory, equipped with Martin ukulele strings and feature a unique, pressed stamp at the back of the headstock. VoiceTone H1 The VoiceTone H1 is a two-part vocal harmony processor combining NaturalPlay guitar control and key/scale operation to allow vocalists to get lush sounding background vocals. The NaturalPlay harmony algorithms come directly from TC-Helicon’s flagship vocal processor VoiceLive 2. The VoiceTone H1 boasts simple controls. Singers select from eight voicing combinations, then set harmony mix and choose between guitar control using the guitar pass-thru input or selecting a key and scale. The VoiceTone E1 also includes Slapback, Echo, Tap Echo and FX that can be tuned with the Feedback and Analog controls, and users can tap song tempo and turn the effect on and off with the footswitch. The VoiceTone X1 borrows technology from TC-Helicon’s infamous Transducer block to emulate the sounds of telephones, distortions and amps to make vocals stand out in a mix, and each style can be tuned with dedicated Drive and Filter controls. The system also allows singers to switch the effects on and off from TC-Helicon’s brand new MP-75 OCTOBER 2011

Modern Performance vocal microphone. Retail price: $149 (H1 and E1), $129 (X1) Bag End IPD12E Bass System The new IPD12E (available in version “I” installation enclosure and version “R” portable enclosure) is a self-processed and self-powered double 12” extended low frequency bass system, featuring two 12” drivers closely coupled to the internal 1000 watt Minima-One amplifier including on board Infra processing. The internal Minima-One amplifier incorporates a high efficiency low power consumption “GREEN” design with advanced digital switching to automatically accept any line voltage from 88 to 270 volts. Beyond simply auto sensing, the Minima One fully operates on any voltage and any wave form allowing full power to be maintained during brown outs or voltage swings. Sensing contacts are provided for installations to remotely turn the amplifier on and off. The audio input incorporates an InGenius balanced line receiver. This provides very high common mode rejection to eliminate noise often present in systems with less optimized grounding and wiring schemes. The IPD12E’s internal Infra integrator, amplifier and loudspeaker process the full range signal into a flat response low frequency acoustic output. The dynamic filter protection threshold is internally preset and eliminates distortion and accidental overload. Eagle Mountain Lock-It Guitar Strap The EMLI1BK Eagle Mountain Lock-It strap features an innovative strap lock mechanism called Lock-It™ built in to each end piece. Guitarists can simply pull back the Lock-It tab, attach the strap to the end pieces as normal, and close the tabs. OCTOBER 2011

The Lock-It technology then holds the strap tightly round the guitar’s strap buttons, preventing the instrument from slipping or falling. The whole process takes a second and requires no guitar modifications whatsoever. The product is also flexible, working at all angles without losing grip. And, for just £19.99, guitarists across the world owe it to themselves - and their instruments - to get themselves an Eagle Mountain Lock-It strap today. Retail price: $32. D. Allen Johnny Hiland Signature Pickups D. Allen Pickups recently announced the first Johnny Hiland signature pickup line. These sets were many months in design and making to

reach the tone that the legendary Nashville guitarist Johnny Hiland demanded in order to sign on to a signature line like this. The first two sets were unveiled at Summer NAMM this year. The JohnnyBlades, a unique dual blade single coil set with chime and quack but none of the single coil hum. The JohnnyBuckers are a Humbucker set that built for blues, jazz, and rock sessions. D. Allen says they’re “clean and spanky enough to chicken pick on.” Burns London BL-1210-TR Nu-Sonic Bass The Burns BL-1210-TR Nu-Sonic® short-scale bass is the very model that George Harrison of the Beatles used on the song “Paperback Writer,” which



MMR 57

Fretted Gear Showcase appeared on the Beatles’ Revolver album. The light weight, short (30”) scale and big sound of this compact, easy-to- play bass has made it a favorite with countless players and collectors from 1964 to the present. The body is made from basswood with a figured maple top veneer and the bolt-on maple neck boasts an Indian rosewood fingerboard. The classic Burns peghead features original-

style tuners and the traditional “zero” fret. Two single-coil Nu-Sonic® pickups give that authentic “British Invasion” sound and the bridge and all controls are designed as perfect facsimiles of the original issue. The pickguard is laminated black/white plastic, and the strings are flatwound—just like the original. The Burns BL-1210 features a durable polyester finish in

Meeting the Needs of Students for More Than 30 Years ... Our Best-Selling SV-175 Cremona Violin! Cremona bowed instruments have set the pace for the vibrant student and rental markets for over 30 years. Strict adherence to international sizing requirements, domestic educational set-up standards and continuous quality improvement have made Cremona Violins, Violas, Basses and Cellos proven sales leaders. Our best-selling, ebony fitted SV-175 Cremona Premier Violin Outfit has recently been upgraded to include the J.LaSalle LB-13 Octagonal Bow and the TL-33 deluxe rectangular Travelite case.

Cremona SV-175 Violin Outfit: •All-solid carved, graduated construction •Seven sizes from 4⁄4 to 1⁄16 •Long lasting ebony fittings •Finetuner tailpiece for precise, easy tuning •Rugged TL-33 Travelite case •Well-balanced J.LaSalle LB-13 bow with ebony frog



Suggested Retail


58 MMR

[800] BUY-SAGA Dealer inquiries invited.

transparent red. A molded hard case, leather strap and a tool kit are included. Retail price: $1,195. ModTone Coliseum Reverb Pedal The Coliseum Reverb features three modes of reverb. Room and Grand Hall settings take the player everywhere from the smallest room to the largest arena. Tested against some of the most iconic reverbs in the gear world, the ModTone Coliseum Spring setting is built to replicate old school spring reverb sounds. Built to the same specifications as the rest of the ModTone line, the pedal features a metal chassis, TrueBypass switching and the 5 year ModTone Warranty. Stylus Pick 3-Pack The Stylus Pick 3-Pack is a solution for players and teachers who already have the Stylus Pick Method Booklet and need replacement picks. The Stylus Pick was developed at Berklee College of Music in Boston and used at colleges and learning institutions around the world. The Stylus Pick’s 360° conical tip virtually eliminates pick resistance while its unique method of forced accuracy promotes rapid development of picking technique. The new Stylus Pick 3-Pack is packaged in a zip-lock baggie and includes a link to download instructions. The original Stylus Pick Kit comes with two picks, illustrated instructions and more than 25 special exercises written at Berklee College of Music. The Trill Tremolo Pedal Kit New from MODTM Kits DIY “The Trill” tremolo pedal offers classic tremolo tones in an easy to build kit. Features include a speed knob, which adjusts the OCTOBER 2011

tremolo from a very slow to rapid fire effect. The depth knob varies the ratio between effected and dry signal. Modern, low noise transistors makes operation of The Trill quiet with no signal drop when engaged. The Trill uses true bypass foot switching so it is out of the signal path when not engaged. MODTM Kits are designed to give novice and experienced musicians the opportunity to build their own amps and effects pedals. All kits come with clear and easy to follow well illustrated drawings, easy to follow instructions and use point-to-point wiring. A pre-drilled enclosure and all parts are included. Builders provide their own hand tools, a soldering iron and solder. Godlyke’s Maxon Real Tube II Series Pedals The RTC600 Real Tube Compressor, RTO700 Real Tube Overdrive and RTD800 Real Tube Overdrive/Distortion feature leading-edge analog technology that couples the sonic benefits of vacuum tubes with the convenience of a compact floor effect. Each Real Tube II model combines studio-grade sound quality with road-worthy construction to recreate stunningly realistic tones that rival the most expensive tube gear. Features common to all Maxon Real Tube II Series models include: rugged,

lightweight zinc chassis; internal tube power (Sovtek 12AY7EH or equivalent); mechanical true bypass switching; and a 3-year limited warranty. RTC600 Real Tube Compressor is Studio-grade Tube Compressor/Preamp in a compact stompbox format. Pre-Compression tube placement adds classic valve warmth without increasing noise level. An In-Rush Current control heats tube at low voltage as soon as power is applied to circuit. An internal charge pump runs circuit at 25 volts, providing massive headroom and full-range frequency response. RTO700 Real Tube Overdrive offers 100% Tube Distortion with no clipping diodes in the signal path. All distortion comes directly from the dual triode preamp tube and hi-gain amp circuit. This design makes the RTO the best tube

America’s Premier Guitar & Bass Parts Supplier

Delta Series by GOTOH 1:21 ratio


overdrive pedal for use with clean and semi-clean amps to effectively add a 2nd or 3rd “channel” of pure tube tone. RTD800 Real Tube Overdrive/Distortion features independent Overdrive and Distortion circuits combined with a noise gate and switchable boost to effectively offer four separate effects in one extremely versatile pedal. The RTD offers a massive array of saturated tones, from traditional tube overdrive through full-on gated metal distortion.

Send $4 US for COLOR CATALOG 13027 Brittmoore Park Drive, Houston, Texas 77041

Breaking News! Find it in MMR’s Web site, OCTOBER 2011

MMR 59


Chesbro Music Co.

Small Enough to Care, Big Enough to Get the Job Done Right Chesbro Music Co. is an MI mainstay – steeped in history and tradition, but ever evolving and adapting to changes in the market. One of the marquee names in instrument and accessory wholesale distribution, Chesbro handles the likes of Hohner, Remo, Eleuke, Ohana, Vic Firth, Emperor, over 200 print music publishers, and its own line of guitars under the Teton and Tamara brands, among many others.

Cory Kerr

“Most music stores out there are like us: still small enough to care about people.”

60 MMR

Known for their customer service, Chesbro Music Co. can boast some impressive dealer/partner statistics: 25 percent of their current dealers have been with them for over 30 years and 57 percent have been with them for over 10 years. In 2011 Chesbro celebrated its 100th anniversary and recently MMR checked in with director of marketing, Cory Kerr, to discuss how the organization marked the milestone, current developments at the company, and to get his insight into the current state of the market.

MMR: The century mark is quite an achievement. Did Chesbro launch any 100th anniversary events or promotions? Cory Kerr: We felt the best way to celebrate 100 years in business was to do what got us here: great deals on a breadth of product sold by a real person. So we

launched “100 Years, 100 Days,” with a different item on sale each day. Chesbro Music Co. carries everything from print and accessories to guitars and band instruments and we put 100 of those items on sale. It was a lot of fun to offer a new sale every day to our dealers.

MMR: How has a national distributor survived successfully, based out of Idaho? CK: We think service is more important than location. You know, I imagine most people don’t think Idaho tops the list of places to run your business. The western U.S. is pretty sparsely populated compared to the east. That’s probably why most of our competitors are based back east. There are still a lot of stores out here that need product at a good price and need it quickly. We keep our prices very competitive and ground shipping from Idaho to OCTOBER 2011

We hope to purchase a number of AvantGrand pianos for our practice rooms, dorms and student center. While the obvious benefit of always being in tune is a consideration, we were sold on these pianos because of their outstanding sound and grand piano feel. They are the perfect solution for spaces where temperature and climate changes are of concern.

Linda Christensen, Ph.D. Professor of Piano & Music Technology Wayne State College How do you get the technique and feel of a Yamaha concert grand piano action and the sound of a 9 foot premium grand into a small office/studio space? Take advantage of Yamaha's hybrid technology with the AvantGrand N3. It was the perfect solution for my wife and me – for my arranging and composing and for her woodwind student accompanying needs. It was pretty hard to believe how well this instrument works and sounds until we tried it; it’s definitely a state of the art blend of technology and instrument craftsmanship. Bravo Yamaha!

David Brian Williams Emeritus Professor of Music, Illinois State University President, The College Music Society The Yamaha N2 AvantGrand recently installed in my MIDI Studio is an absolute wonder. Its grand piano action and sampled sound are so lifelike that even when sent through my near-field studio monitors, the tactile and aural playing experience clearly equals that of a fine acoustic grand piano.

Jackson Berkey Featured Keyboard Artist, Mannheim Steamroller I love my AvantGrand!! My friends, colleagues and students are blown away by its sound, and my online teaching just became way more fun! More importantly, I am blown away by the action and the sound. I love the fact that it ‘plays’ just like an acoustic but has all the features of a digital. It supports my inner geek and my inner musician!

Kathleen Theisen NCTM Pianist, Soprano (MET Debut, 2003), Conductor CEO and Co-Founder, President, Connecticut State Music Teachers Association, Inc Independent Music Teacher, Greenwich and Danbury, CT Music Faculty, Western Connecticut State University

most places in the west takes two to three days. We also ship most in stock orders the same day. Our ops team works very hard to do that. We have an extremely competitive dropship program. Our credit department should win some kind of award for customer service. Our salesmen have been with us for years and really know their stuff and know their dealers. We don’t have machines answer the phones. There isn’t a person in the building who isn’t working to make our customers happy and it’s been that way since 1911.

MMR: Are there any new or recent lines that have been brought into the fold? CK: We launched a new line of acoustic guitars called Teton. They are fantastic guitars. We’ve worked hard to make sure that we keep the price way down and the quality way up. I don’t know of a dealer yet that has played one and hasn’t wound up carrying the line. I’m not exaggerating when I say that a Teton will compare to guitars that cost thousands of dollars more. We are also continuing to do some exciting work with electric guitars, ukuleles, print music, and accessories. MMR: Are there any upcoming projects or initiatives you’d like to share information about? CK: If you were to slip into the Chesbro Music building unnoticed, you’d find small groups of people gathered all over the building talking about our dealers and what we can do to help them. You’d hear someone share one dealer’s success story and hear another conversation about how to help a dealer who has fallen on hard times. You’ll see real concern. Vanetta (one of the owners) told me just this morning, “In business, relationships are key, its always about the people.” I don’t know that I could point to a specific corporate initiative or program, but there is a consistent collective movement towards making dealer’s lives easier. Basically, what’s good for the independent dealer is good for us. There is a problem-solving culture here. We see ourselves as the provider of solutions. Its what you’d do for family and we consider our dealers part of the family. MMR: Any thoughts or observations about the state of “MI World,” in general? 62 MMR

True Partnerships It’s standard fare for distributors and suppliers to boast of their stellar customer service, their commitment to their business partners, and the importance of fostering real relationships. In Chesbro’s case, it’s not just self-congratulatory PR hype: speaking with the dealers they work with enthusiastically backs up such claims: They are absolutely, hands-down the best company I work with. Some companies just treat their dealers like they aren’t even people. Chesbro knows me as a person – heck, they’re the only company I can have inside jokes with. They always make sure their instruments are right for the customers. They care about me as a dealer, but also take care of their customers and make sure they’re getting a quality product. They’ll stick their neck out to make sure their products are quality. I’ve been working with them a little over a year. They got me started in the music business, in general. They were looking for brick and mortar shops for their ukuleles. I had an ice cream shop and they came to me and said, “How about selling ukuleles and ice cream?” They’re a quirky lot, as well, and were really into opening and expanding a Hawaiianthemed shop. They really held my hand as a new dealer and were really helpful in expanding my business and being really encouraging about my shop growing. I exclusively do ukuleles right now. They treat me like I’m their only dealer – like I’m their number one dealer. Audra Jeppson Owner Mim’s Ukes/Aloha Snow Charlotte, N.C. They’ve been a wonderful company to work with. I started doing the print music ordering ten years ago and they’ve always been top notch. I inherited the position here, so I went with whoever the company using already. I like that you can call [Chesbro] with just about anything and they can provide information and get it to you right away. Print music is our number one item with them, but we recently started doing a lot of the accessories, as well.

As far as our print music goes, they get about 99 percent of our print music and about 60 percent of our accessories. Most of the business really is the method books, primarily. But Katie Jennings is my rep and she keeps me really informed about new artists and up-and-coming print stuff. She has a really good idea of what we sell here at the store, so any time she thinks we can do well with something, she’ll let me know. Awesome people. Katie Jennings is awesome, I can’t say enough about Chesbro. Mario Marquez Store Manager White’s Music Visalia, Calif. I’ve been working with them for ten years now. I started as a really small mom and pop shop in this little town of 6,000 people and Chesbro has been with me since then, building up our shop and working with me, helping me to grow and being really personal about it. They’ve always been great to work with. I’ve always been impressed with their service. It’s almost like family – every time I call, I talk to the same rep every single time. It’s never highpressure sales. Just asking if we need help and bringing new samples around if there’s anything new and cool like those Teton Guitars they’re doing now. It’s a good way to check stuff out before waiting for the next NAMM show to hit. Chesbro is my only source for print music. I try to do a good chunk of accessories – there’s a lot of stuff they might not have, but I try. They’ve got a good selection and everything from them is next-day shipping since I’m so close. It’s convenient and close and easy. When I started, it was a small 10-foot square shop with just a cou-


ple Ibanez guitars and a couple drum sets I got through Chesbro. Now we’re a 2,800 square foot store and not even close to where we started. The big thing with Chesbro is that whatever I needed, they’d always say, “What can we do to help?” They care about my success too – it’s not just like, “Well it’s another sale for us.” They’re really always trying to help the local dealer. Pascal Braun Owner Mountain Rock Music Springville, Utah In the world of corporate no-names, it’s like dealing with a company from 40 years ago. You can actually talk to the credit manager and any people. It’s accessible. There are not a lot of hoops to go through. I don’t want to use the term “real folks,” but they’re real folks. On the other hand, they have one of the great online ordering systems. So even though it’s sort of like Andy in Mayberry, you know, they’ve got technology going for them too. It’s not like it’s just somebody there with a pencil and paper scribbling down your order. I can go on [the Chesbro site] late at night, look up what I ordered in the past, and find out if it’s in stock right now. I can work on an order at 2 AM and get it sent off to them. I mainly deal with accessories with Chesbro, and print music. Originally I was buying Ibanez from them before that split happened with them and Hoshino eroded their territory. I ended up not buying a lot of guitars or amps because they weren’t my distributor for them anymore. I did drive up [the Chesbro facility] in the ‘80s – I was heading to Yellowstone and I thought I’d loop by and the only thing I thought of when I drove up was, “The Japanese were on drugs – how did they

find this place?” [laughs]. I’d never been to Idaho Falls and I thought, “How the heck did Tom Tanaka and those guys find this place?” Just good people. I started working with them in 1980 because of those Ibanez guitars. My rep, on that trip, said, “You gotta go out and see my mom!” I said I didn’t know about that, but I ended up calling her and she said, “Hey, Tom told me! Come on out to the house. I made some apple pie.” It was so non-Los Angeles. So I sat there and looked at the Snake River and had apple pie with my sales rep’s mom! Over the years, they’ve just spawned a lot of great people in the industry that went on to other companies I dealt with. It’s like a breeding ground for good people in the industry. A lot of them have retired at this point, but it’s always been one of those solid companies that say, “Here’s a firm handshake, let’s get business done.” Ever yone’s changed, but it’s still the same type of people I’ve been dealing with since 1980. Still the same format. They’re not carrying a bunch of stuff that you don’t need. The other thing that’s great about them is that they know retail. I think that makes them work well with other retailers. They understand that stores are getting beat up by the Internet. They understand that the local Guitar Center could end up renting band instruments. They just understand what I’m going through. Some people look at you like they don’t know what you’re talking about and you just think, “You’ve never been in retail before, have you?” They just have some empathy and understanding of what an independent dealer is going through. Pete Gamber Owner Alta Loma Music Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.

“They just have some empathy and understanding of what an independent dealer is going through.”



A Great Sounding Student Sax Mouthpiece


Professional Quality Tips, Rails, and Finish

Available in Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Baritone. Bari Woodwind Supplies, LLC A Division of the Cavanaugh Company


Tana Stahn on the Left and her sister Vanetta Chesbro Wilson on the right.

CK: The recent move towards major price battles has made the industry more impersonal. It’s hard out there. There are more brands and products than ever before. The ease of entry into the market has increased, causing a lot more competition. The market has expanded and overlapped into other industries.

“Chesbro knows me as a person – heck, they’re the only company I can have inside jokes with.” 64 MMR

It used to be that when the economy took a dip, people would stay home and brush up on their guitar skills or gather around the piano, and local music stores would benefit. With the advent of newer technologies, that’s changed. Recently, video game sales outperformed Hollywood movie sales and, with the advent of on-demand video being delivered to people’s TVs and cell phones... well, the world is changing pretty fast and the general consumer’s attention is being pulled in a million directions. It seems the market changes daily and the only consistent thing that you can count on is that it will continue to do so. But what we see when we look at what our dealers are doing gives us hope: we see dealers teaching music; we see dealers meeting the consumers where they are spending their time on their social networks; we see dealers adapting to school budgets getting cut and finding ways to help the consumers who just bought a guitar from a computer salesman. Most music stores out there are like us: still small enough to care about people. OCTOBER 2011

Webwise Kevin M. Mitchell

SEO Wars:

Giving Due Diligence to Getting Ranked High “It’s war,” Chris Westmeyer states of his job as an SEO consultant. “Every morning you get up, strap your helmet on, and report to the firing line.” The “firing line,” in this case, is the ever-changing rules of Search Engine Optimization. But Westmeyer reveals some key recent changes to be aware of, and reminds us that some of the traditional rules still need to be diligently adhered to. All of it adds up to being on the case for that critical question: How do I get my company/store to show up on that first page? Background “It’s easy for Macy’s to ‘win’ at SEO when someone searches on the word ‘Macy’s,’ but it’s harder to win on the phrase ‘designer jeans’ – so they hire me.” The life of a professional SEO consultant involves monitoring changes in how search engines rank sites, and updating the client’s site to maximize its ability to end up high on a search list. “Month to month I change it up for my clients, with big changes being made every quarter.”

to one. That’s when Westmeyer realized he wanted to be part of the most important components of Internet marketing. After stints at MasterCard and WPP/ Mindshare/Outrider (the world’s largest media buying agency), he formed TrafficFlowSEO. “It is part analysis, part logic, part math, and a dab of voodoo… I just couldn’t resist the allure!” Sequestered in his office with multiple computers, Westmeyer subscribes to scores of RSS feeds that report on

“ The rules of how Google rates a site’s relevance changes in a big way every quarter.” Westmeyer is actually a psychology major who found himself working for 2e Creative, a creative and design agency. There they built great websites, but the company was short on answers when it came to figuring out how to drive traffic 66 MMR

all changes to the game. “I spend three hours a day just monitoring and scanning for updates.” And it’s more detective work than anything else, as Google “never ever comes clean with what they are doing – you have to figure it out on

your own. They will give you subtle hints sometimes, but they will also sometimes flat-out lie, too. Ultimately they have no intention of helping people who essentially want to be able to manipulate search results.” So it’s a big game of catand-mouse: Google wants to maintain a sense of “purity,” so searchers believe that what gets listed represents the most popular search results. Chris sat down with me recently to discuss seven concepts of the seemingly elusive world of search engine optimization: 1. Understanding history. Westmeyer reminds us that at first there were just web directories, mere static lists of websites organized under categories. As those lists quickly grew, it became unhelpful and unmanageable. “Then, while Google didn’t invent the idea of making these sites truly dynamic, they revolutionized it.” The more websites link back to your site (“backlinks”), the more “votes” the site gets. The more votes, the OCTOBER 2011

higher your website ranks for specific keyword searches. “That’s the gist of it, though in reality it is more complicated,” Westmeyer says, adding that there are over 200 factors that factor in the value of a backlink, “so all backlinks are not created equal, though generally, the more you have the better.” 2. It’s a moving target. The rules of how Google rates a site’s relevance changes in a big way every quarter. “Just this August 16th, Google changed a whole part of its algorithm regarding the way brand names are presented in search results. Within 48 hours, I had to have a POV out to all my clients on how to manage and optimize against this new opportunity.” Here’s an example of the change: Search on the word “apple” and you’ll see Apple’s main site, of course, but now under that you’ll see six additional categories (iPad, iPhone, etc.). “Google calls them expanded site links, and the logic is to show sub-pages determined by a specific popularity algorithm,” ex-


plains Westmeyer. The result is that some brands are getting more real estate, and the downside for others is that it’s pushing them off that first page. But that change aside, it will always be a moving target because “spiders,” or web crawlers, are used to feed web pages to search engines. “What the crawlers are trying to do is focus on content that is most relevant,” he says, adding that there are an estimated 240 million new websites a year. Sending spiders out all the time costs Google, even if it’s a fraction of a penny,

3. Exploit social media for its search potential. Those spiders that invade websites to determine their worth are now paying attention to social media. This means the more actions, links, and relations social media interacts with a manufacturer’s or store’s main site, the more relevant it deems it. “The best thing you can do with social media is exploit it for SEO,” Westmeyer says. “If I was going to talk to a new business, I would 110 percent recommend that they have their profiles built for two-way communication

“ Never take anything off your site because that jeopardizes your ranking.” in energy costs. So they reduce clutter by increasingly ignoring sites that have been stagnant or dormant, thus creating in a sense a “light” Internet and a “dark” Internet index. “In a sense, spiders are essentially making decisions on some of these sites as if to say, ‘If I never see that site again, it’s not the end of the world.’”

with social media. Engineers are creating searches that are picking up on cues on what sites are using social media. While it’s not a huge influence today, you don’t want to be playing catch-up in two years.” 4. Content is still king. Yet the biggest advice Chris gives is rather

MMR 67

old school: Always be adding to your keywords, and always be adding content. “Do not change your key words, just always be adding to them. When you go in and change keywords, you jeopardize your ranking.” Also, thinking of deleting that old blog post from 2008? Don’t. “Never take anything off your site because that jeopardizes your ranking. Even if there’s something on it that is wrong, just add an update.” He tells the tale of a company that had a recall notice on something that was on their site and they wanted to drop it.

“Never get rid of content unless there is a lawsuit!” 5. Get on review sites. Another change is that review and source sites like Yelp and FourSquare are increasingly used by spiders to determine a business’s worth – so much so that a search on “Italian Restaurant [your city]” brings up reviews on the first page. Local businesses need to be sure to be part of those sites and to at least be listed on them. Luckily there are software products to help with that, and Westmeyer has one

called LocalMax. “It’s a collection of the top 120+ Internet yellow pages, business directories, social websites, mapping resources, and search engines, and it makes sure a business is included in all of those listings.” He adds that there’s a second part of the process of this particular program that also gets the site indexed on all these listing which contributes to a higher ranking. 6. Link. Some things haven’t changed: A high level of links on a site still garners it a lot of “votes” with search engines – in fact, it’s still the most important way to get attention. Staying on the “good” side of spiders is as simple as making sure there is plenty of linking going, and not just on your homepage. “You also want to have links to all your sub pages, and that will make the spiders realize they are relevant.” He says one of his strategies is to build every single page to index. “Think of a search engine as a huge filing cabinet, and every web page is a separate sheet of paper,” he says. “What happens is crawlers hit a website and if it has a link, it tells Google to assume it has some value.” But if you have a lot of sub-pages, and they aren’t linked to something, Google won’t care as much about those pages. So if a piano store has a sub-page about reconditioning instruments, but there’s no links to it, it’ll likely not register. “You’ve got to convince Google that every page on your site is worthy, and the trick is to make sure each and every page has a link or links to other sites. That’s indexing. It’s like that joke about the lottery: You can’t win if you don’t play… and in this case, you can’t be searched if you’re not indexed.” 7. Be weary of “experts with flyers.” Finally, depending on the size of your business, either strap that proverbial helmet on and get in the SEO trenches or get an expert consultant. On that latter, he has advice: be wary of anyone else who does. “When I see a flyer from somebody guaranteeing to make a company land on the first page of searches for $299, I shake my head,” he says. “That’s what scares me the most because it creates an expectation that can’t be met. Do not deal with any SEO company that promises the moon.” But still shoot for it.

68 MMR



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Lush analog chorus. Son of the legendary Small Clone. NEO MISTRESS

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Store Profile:

The Music Shop 50 Years Ago, Pearl Jones Turned a Side Street Record Shop Into a Word-of-Mouth Vintage Guitar Mecca It was back in 1961 when a firecracker of a young woman named Pearl Jones put down a chunk of change to buy a record shop in downtown Grants Pass, Oregon. Jones didn’t have much experience with music or even retail, but a lifetime of determination and smart business moves has led her store to this year’s 50th anniversary as The Music Shop. Jones is now 82 years old, still works six days a week from 9am to 5:30pm, and guitar shoppers would be hard-pressed to find a more dedicated owner. Through her diligence, resourcefulness, and strong family ties (employees include three kids and two grandkids), the Music Shop has become an essential hometown guitar and pro audio shop, and a beloved pilgrimage site for West Coast travelers interested in gorgeous vintage guitars.

70 MMR

The secret to the store’s success is pretty simple, according to Jones: “We’ve always been really quite nice and we don’t believe in a lie,” she says over the phone from Grants Pass. “If I hear anyone lying in this store, they’re automatically outta here. I won’t put up with any of this high-pressure stuff. I’d rather not sell [to customers] than lie to them.” Jones started her professional career in Fargo, N.D., working at a cosmetics counter for a year before she moved out to Oregon with her husband and young family. After a divorce, she decided it was time to stand up on her own two feet. “It was hard to make a living back then for my kids because the banks wouldn’t give me a dime and nobody would help me,” she says. “I just knew I had to do something and this was the time to decide. I made up my mind.” She bought a small record store she found on a side street downtown and, with $50 in her bank account, immediately began thinking of ways to shore up some extra business. Jones knew she’d have to grow her inventory to start generating new customers and sales though, and began looking for ways she could afford it. In the meantime, the early days were all about making do. “You had to economize in every way,” she says. “I could take the morning paper. I could only have one tank of gas per month. If I ran out of gas, I had to walk to work.” Her first break came when she made up her mind to connect with a music shop a few miles down the Interstate 5 in Medford. She convinced that owner to give up his warehouse there and instead use her shop for storage for his extra merchandise, including pianos, organs and even televisions. “By that OCTOBER 2011

time, I’d moved to our bigger and better location on Main Street, but I had no merchandise. So he stocked it for me, most importantly with guitars and amps and drum sets.” As it happens, 1961 was a pretty decent time to be getting into the business of selling rock and roll instruments. Jones kept her ear to the radio dial and watched carefully what records were selling and quickly started to adjust her own stock as the pieces she was storing up on consignment started to dwindle. “I was finally able to get a second mortgage on the house and I was able to find a distributor in Portland who would give me Gibson and Slingerland drums to get me going,” she says. “So I started buying everything from him.” “First thing you know, I had the Gibson franchise and the Gretsch franchise and Mosrite, plus Slingerland and then when Pearl Drums came out, I got them, too. It was right at the beginning of this


rock’n’roll era, and oh my God, things went crazy. I’m studying every night on this stuff, taking catalogs and literature home and meanwhile still raising three kids! Fixing dinner, helping them with schoolwork, and everything. I tell you I didn’t have much time to breathe.” On the heels of becoming a new merchandise hotspot, Jones also began to catch on to what would eventually be her calling card – vintage guitars. As more musicians came into to the store looking for the latest new equipment, some of them began bringing in some pretty interesting items for trade. By the end of the ‘80s, she’d amassed over 600 classic instruments. “I didn’t have to look anywhere to find them – they all walked in the door,” she says. “People would come in with these beautiful old Martins, dobros, Gibsons and stuff for five bucks! So I started collecting vintage guitars – only the nice ones.”

“ Getting into guitars really started as a nice hobby for me in the beginning because I had quite a boring life of a woman in her early 30s with three kids and a store to run . . . Well, it ended up being the most profitable thing I’ve ever done, of course.”

MMR 71

Store Profile Word of her collection started to get around and eventually Jones got a visit from Tom Wheeler, who had been an editor of Guitar Player magazine and was working on his influential American Guitars: An Illustrated History. He traveled out to her store to take a look and took photos of over 30 of her guitars to include in the book, and he credited them all to her store. The publication of that book finally cemented The Music Shop’s

72 MMR

place among guitar collectors’ and aficionados’ lore. Since then, she’s never had to advertise anywhere and only uses the Internet to drive phone calls to the store. “Getting into guitars really started as a nice hobby for me in the beginning because I had quite a boring life of a woman in her early 30s with three kids and a store to run. I was able to enjoy collecting these guitars and talking about them to people.

Well, it ended up being the most profitable thing I’ve ever done, of course.” Even now, she’s been able to hold onto some incredible finds, including a Martin built in 1860. “I’ve also got a Gibson ES175 Jazz Guitar from 1948,” she says. “Oh, my God, it’s just so cherry. Not a ding on it.” She also prizes a 1934 dobro mandolin and dobro banjo that she’s currently holding onto. In the meantime, the store has grown into a must-see for collectors and a perennial stop for touring musicians. Jones can list dozens of regulars that include Arlo Guthrie, Kris Kristoferson, Roy Rogers, Johnny Lang, Robert Cray, Queensryche, Susan Tedeschi, Tanya Tucker, and Jerry Douglas. Since the old days, The Music Shop has converted to just dealing with vintage guitars, while adding a keyboards and a pro audio department run by her sons. For the purposes of her business, Jones says she won’t even look at a guitar made before 1980 anymore. Her insistence on old-school methods doesn’t end with guitar manufacturing – she also laments the prominence of company reps, noting that she learned almost everything she knows about guitars from her old Gibson rep. “They were always so much help,” she says. “You can read all you want, but you have to experience what’s going on. I’d always save my serious questions about business and stuff for the Gibson rep when he’d come through.” Today, she’s trimmed down her collection considerably and holds onto a few choice display pieces for fans to browse, along with her private collection. “I’ve sold enough of those suckers to build my retirement home and pay cash for it!” she says. “That’s the smartest thing I ever did.” But looking back on the business, an act which took some needling by customers who earlier this year had to remind her that it was the store’s 50th anniversary, Jones seems most touched by the generations of customers who have been coming in to help out and the generations of family that have supported her over the years. “A kid came in the store the other day and said, ‘Are you Pearl?’” she says. “’My dad bought a guitar from you in the ‘60s and he wondered if you were still here.’ I said ‘You just go tell your dad I sure am! And if he wants to sell that guitar, bring it back here and I’ll buy it back from him!’” OCTOBER 2011

STAGG’s extensive range of ukuleles covers every angle; with a choice between soprano, concert, tenor and baritone of course, but also between mahogany, walnut, spruce and more. Some even come with a built-in preamp or an “electric guitar” shape. Whatever your choice, they are small but perfectly formed !

Distributed by EMD Music. • For further information, please contact EMD Music, Inc. - • 866 871 5800 Toll Free • 877 231 6653 Toll Free Fax

Fresh Faces:

Guns & Guitars New Nevada Shop Offers Provisions Worthy of the Old West

One of business’s most important maxims is: Know YourCustomer. In Mesquite, Nev., a town with blisteringly hot summers and a high population of war veterans, beginning guitarists, and big fans of Mexican folk music, Mike and Jan Sullivan found themselves with a very unique customer base. Their minds opened up to a peculiar retail combination – firearms and electric/acoustic guitars. Sound crazy? Not to these adventurous new shop-owners. The concept sounds like something out of an old Western flick, and indeed Gene Autry himself shot his way through a 1936 film of the same name, but the Sullivans aren’t joking around. Their new Guns & Guitars store has only seen rising business since its grand opening in April 2011. The idea was simple enough – combine two of Mike Sullivan’s favorite past times and start doing business with them in a town where employment had been tough to come by. Mike and his wife, Jean, had moved to Mesquite seven years ago after spending most of their lives together in Springfield, Mass. Sullivan, who was a contractor by trade, found strict regulations and steep insurance policies getting in the way of that in Nevada, so he happily set his sights on preparing to take over another gun store in town. That deal fell through, but it did get him hooked on the idea, so he spent the better part of a year searching for a space for a new gun shop. The guitars? Well, that just came as second nature. Sullivan grew up hitching rides with older friends into Boston while he was in high school to see rock bands like 74 MMR

Frank Zappa and Cream, and he’s been a huge guitar fan ever since. Adding guitars to his shop was an easy choice, one that only required buying a handful of acoustic guitars to repair and reselling them, a stock which was sold out within the first week. “People all still laugh when they come in, depending on what they’re looking for,” he says. “The younger people think it’s the coolest thing. Some of the older rancher types come in and give you funny looks, but most people are just thrilled to see any business open here at all.” Guns and Guitars does the vast majority of its business on the handguns side of things – Sullivan estimates that the guns are outselling guitars 50 to 1 so far. As business has progressed, Sullivan has established the Chinese guitar brand De Rosa as his default line of guitars, and has

“ People all still laugh when they come in, depending on what they’re looking for. The younger people think it’s the coolest thing. Some of the older rancher types come in and give you funny looks . . .” OCTOBER 2011

been experimenting with acoustics and electrics, noting that acoustics (and electricacoustics) have far outsold his electrics. But since the store has opened, it’s been a gradual exercise in getting to know parts of the community he didn’t have a firm grasp on before. Mesquite is smack on the state borders of Arizona and Utah and sits in the same county as Las Vegas. It’s a town of about 15,000 (“Once the snow birds leave,” says Sullivan), and has a population high in both

war vets and Mexican immigrants. “As it turns out, I sell a lot of acoustic instruments here,” he says. “Especially to the pretty large Mexican element here who are into Norteña music, which is like Mexican country music. So there’s those instruments – I just got a bajo sexto in that I have to figure out the tuning and go to that market. That’s a third of the population where I am.” Sullivan had never paid much attention to the music before, but now he says he’s enjoyed getting into it as he’s

interacted more with the folks playing it. “And I still don’t know anything about it, but there’s plenty of guys that come in who love it and there’s a computer repair wizard we know that my wife took a class from who is Mexican and also a veteran. I just told him to send anybody in that plays anything. I like to see those guys and I like to hear that music anyway. It’s festive music and they play it when they’re workin’ their tails off and you wouldn’t even know it was 110-degree heat.”

Other companies make overdrives —

Here’s where they got

the idea.

Maxon OD808 OCTOBER 2011

The ORIGINAL Overdrive

Best Product

S-U-B SERIES 1-877-853-3853

MMR 75

Fresh Faces For his part, Sullivan is still happy to work on electric guitars, which are his own preference. He runs a weekly jam night that veers from blues to acoustic, depending on who shows up. He hangs personal favorites on the wall, including a prized 1939 Gibson EHG-150 electric Hawaiian guitar on the wall at the shop. He also does repair work on anything that anyone brings in. “I’ve got cannibalized guitars that I have hanging around for parts because kids come in all the time after they lose the weirdest stuff,” he says. “There are a lot of people here who just don’t have money to keep their guitar playable for their kid but want them to keep playing in the summer instead of hanging around getting into trouble. Unless you play sports here, there’s not much else to do in this town.” Jan Sullivan has been instrumental in getting the business up on its feet in more ways than one, including working on ways to run school band rental business through the store soon. She works every day with Mike to keep the store running

76 MMR

and was its biggest cheerleader when the two were deciding how to move forward. After they’d finally left Springfield after Jan had suffered a years-long battle with Lyme disease, they were greeted by incredibly hospitable weather for her (the warm, dry air has done wonders, she says). But contract work was drying up for Sullivan, so she encouraged him to go for his dreams. “I just said, ‘What do you like to do? Let’s try that.’” Meanwhile, Sullivan’s efforts to make the shop as service-friendly as possible on both the guitars and guns side are making him a popular guy. In addition to the weekly jam sessions and the repairs, he tries to serve as a hub for anyone interested in playing with others or finding instructors. In terms of handguns, he’s made it a priority to make safety lessons and permit classes available to everyone who comes to the store looking for weapons. “I’m selling guns to a lot of people who are buying their first gun, and they’re not kids,” he says. “We got connected with

the Metro tactical police officer here who is a real nice guy that teaches the classes. That took the weight off of me, because in good conscience I didn’t really want to just send people out, you know, going ‘Yee-ha!’ So this is much better and the police appreciate it and the community appreciates it. There weren’t many problems with regulations in terms of getting the different types of retail together, though Sullivan says he can’t have lessons at the store because he children must always be accompanied by their parent at any gun shop. But otherwise, he says it wasn’t a difficult process and that the local gun culture has embraced his shop. “There’s a lot of guns in this town,” he says. “There are lots of veterans of different wars and there’s a lot of ranchers and farmers and hunters. It’s a small town, but you don’t want to break into a house here, because they’re gonna have a gun!” If the Sullivans can help it, more and more of them will soon have guitars, too.


New Products Alesis PercPad The PercPad’s four velocity-sensitive electronic drum pads, external kick input, high-quality internal sounds and compact size make it the perfect choice for percussionists looking to incorporate electronic percussion into their setups. Drummers can place the PercPad on a standard snare drum stand or mount it to other stands or racks using the Alesis Module Mount, sold separately. The PercPad has a collection of acoustic and electronic drum and percussion instrument sounds, which drummers can easily tune and edit as well as expanding their sound palete using the PercPad’s MIDI output. The PercPad is compatible with virtually any switch or velocity-sensitive kick trigger or pad including the Alesis DMPad and RealHead Kick Pads. Retail price: $199.00.

The Flute Scale Book: A Path to Artistry from Theodore Presser This book includes the teacher’s and performer’s dream list of scale studies along with practice guides featuring hundreds of rhythms and articulation patterns and sample practice plans which provide an organized curriculum with weekly practice suggestions. The Flute Scale Book is designed for a lifetime of use, with embouchure development and scale exercises perfect for younger players, as well as advanced exercises for professional players, including audition scales, phrasing studies, major and minor scales, thirds, arpeggios, seventh chords, modal scales, chromatic intervals, tonguing exercises and more, extended to D4 and beyond. Retail price: $24.95. Numark iDJ Live iPod DJ Controller Numark’s new iDJ Live controller for iPod DJs features a two-decks-and-amixer setup and support for algoriddim’s djay app. iDJ Live is an iOS-DJ controller designed to enable anyone to be an iPad, iPhone or iPod DJ. Numark has partnered with algoriddim, the mak78 MMR

ers of the highly popular djay software, to bring support for iDJ Live to the djay app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The iDJ Live system enables users to mix and scratch using their music from their iTunes library in algoriddim’s djay app or other CoreMIDI-enabled DJ apps.

iDJ Live features two large performance platters and a central mixer section with a crossfader, buttons and knobs to recreate the two-decks-and-a-mixer setup that professional DJs prefer. iDJ Live comes complete with an iPad DJ stand, custom audio cable for connecting to a sound system and headphones, and 30-pin dock connector for iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. V-MODA True Blood® V-80 OnEar Headphones The True Blood® V-80 is a lightweight, high-fashion headphone that fuses lifelike 3D sound, great materials, durability and a customizable style. The two iconic V-MODA metal ear shields, on either side of the ear cushions, can easily be switched out to exhibit a variety of options featuring popular images and icons from the show - from the night club, Fangtasia, to the Japanese symbols featured on the “Tru Blood” beverage. Users can even choose their blood type to laser etch their name. The headphones are crafted from steel, aircraft-grade aluminum, Kevlar, microfiber suede, 24k Gold, unique textiles and an exoskeleton hard case. At the heart of the V-80 is its patentpending and biggest-in-class 40mm Dual-Diaphragm High-Fidelity Drivers

that deliver multi-driver sound with the efficiency of a single driver resulting in a full spectrum clarity on portable devices without the need for batteries. The headphone also offers a tailored, fashionable fit without unsightly gaps and minimal pressure on the head and ears. Pearl Maracabasa The new Maracabasa combines the functionality of a maraca and a cabasa in one hand-held instrument. With the mold of a standard maraca, the ribbed fiberglass body is wrapped in shekere-style beads, which gives the Maracabasa a vibrant and versatile sound when played. This shaker comes complete with stylish foam handles for a comfortable playing experience, and is sold in pairs. Simply shake to use as Maracas or twist to use as a Cabasa. Retail price: $49. Jensen® Jet Electric Lightning 10” The 10” Electric Lightning’s tone is described as “warm and bold with shimmering highs.” Presented with overdrive distortion, it remains strong and articulate. Like the 12” version, the 10” can handle the heaviest of playing styles and is designed for loud applications. New Scorpion Lasers from Chauvet Chauvet® announces the release of three new high-powered Scorpion™ lasers: Scorpion™ GVC, Scorpion™ RGY and Scorpion™ RVM. They feature bold color-mixing options that create cyan, yellow and magenta beams and all three lasers include patented Fat Beam™ technology and are ready to use right out of the box without a variance. All three lasers are ideal for the mobile DJ and high-energy club environment— perfect for use in fog or haze. Scorpion™ OCTOBER 2011

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PERCUSSION IN THE SCHOOLS Red Hot Chili Pepper’s drummer, Chad Smith, performed for over 1500 students at PMC’s 2010 PITS assembly at Peters Township High School in McMurray, PA.

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New Products GVC projects green and violet lasers that mix to create a cyan laser beam; Scorpion™ RGY projects red and green lasers that mix to create a yellow laser beam and Scorpion™ RVM projects red and violet lasers that mix to create a magenta laser beam. All three lasers are fully linkable and can operate in stand-alone or master/slave mode for a full spectrum laser show that includes the popular “laser sky effect.” Plus, separate color controls offer solid color and color-mixing effects for multiple color combinations. Each Scorpion™ laser occupies 10 channels of DMX which controls patterns, colors, size of the effects and beam position. Easily create ever-changing or customized laser shows with programmable pan, tilt, separate X, Y and Z rolling effects and an adjustable zoom range of 1 to 36 degrees. For plug-and-play ease, sound-activated programs move and groove to the beat and built-in automatic programs include dozens of effects.

Distributed in the U.S. by:

Harris Musical Products, Inc.


80 MMR

Steinberg Portico EQ and Compressor Plug-Ins These new plug-ins from Steinberg come from an overarching alliance between Steinberg, Yamaha, and Rupert Neve Designs, the renowned all-analog signal processing company. The RND Portico 5033 five-band equalizer comes with three bands of fully parametric filters, each with dedicated gain, center-frequency, and Q controls as well as one band each of high and lowshelving filters. A global bypass switch and trim control are also available. The RND Portico 5043 compressor features threshold, ratio, attack, release and gain controls for intricate signal compression. The feed-forward or feedback compression mode allow users to switch between an aggressive and subtle compression response.

Fiesta! The Legend of the Poinsettia: A Christmas Mini-Musical from Alfred Music Publishing Fiesta! The Legend of the Poinsettia is a Christmas mini-musical for unison voices by Sally K. Albrecht and Jay Althouse. Based on a Mexican folk tale, it tells the magical story of the first appearance of the poinsettia plant on Nochebuena (Christmas Eve). Recommended for grades 2 through 7, six heartwarming songs make up the approximately 20-minute mini-musical that features several Spanish words and short phrases. The Teacher’s Handbook includes all the sheet music with chord symbols and lyrics to the songs, along with reproducible student pages and helpful staging notes. The Enhanced SoundTrax CD contains a full performance of the musical, orchestrated accompaniment tracks, plus PDF files of the student pages and cover art. As part of Alfred’s ongoing commitment to improving the environment, this songbook is printed on 100% recycled paper.

G7th Newport Range Capo The new G7th Newport Range Capo is lighter than the Performance Capo and boasts a new, thin-line profile. It’s adjustable while in position and easier to position in general, as players don’t have to line it up before clamping down on rubber parts. It also includes a limited warranty. The Newport Range will be launched initially with G7th’s trademark silver 6 string model. Further capos will be added later in the year. American DJ Fusion FX Bar 5 The Fusion FX Bar 5 combines some of today’s most advanced, cutting-edge lighting technologies in one compact bar-shaped fixture. One of Fusion FX Bar 5’s three effects is a TRI Color LED Moonflower, which showers the dance floor with colorful beams and patterns

produced by a high-output 3-watt LED lamp. The lamp features ADJ’s revolutionary TRI LED Technology, in which red, green and blue LEDs are combined into one tri-color lamp source for superior, smoothly blended colors.. The second effect on the Fusion FX Bar 5 is a “celestial-style” red and green laser. Modeled after ADJ’s popular Galaxian Series of laser effects, it produces over 500 red and green laser beams that create the stunning impression of a galaxy of stars in a solar system when projected overhead on the ceiling. Both its 30mW green and 80mW red laser diode are FDA approved, ensuring that this glowing galaxy can be taken anywhere safely. Rounding out the Fusion FX Bar 5’s trilogy of effects is a bright white LED strobe/wash that’s powered by 90 white OCTOBER 2011

X Series High performance cables featuring genuine Neutrik™ connectors for the ultra discerning audiophile, seeking the highest possible fidelity and endurance.

N Series Professional cables designed for the busy working musician doing live and studio sessions, who must adapt to each playing situation and requires premium quality gear that can be relied on to deliver at all times.

S Series High quality rugged workhorses that are the quintessential companion for your rehearsal room, jam session, open mic or sweaty club gig.

Stagg. Quality cables for all applications, budgets and requirements.

Distributed by EMD Music. • For further information, please contact EMD Music, Inc. - • 866 871 5800 Toll Free • 877 231 6653 Toll Free Fax

New Products 5mm LEDs. Whether used as a pulsating strobe or simply lighting up a stage or walls as a brilliant wash, this dazzling white-lightning effect will add impact to any venue or performance. One of these professional features is the ability to select from 3 operating modes: DMX, Sound Active or Master/ Slave. Operating on 7 DMX channels, the Fusion FX Bar 5 features 0-100% Dimming for its strobe and moonflower effects when used in DMX Mode. A 4-button digital display on the rear of the unit makes it easy to navigate through DMX settings. Retail price: $559.95. Gemini CNTRL-2 and CNTRL-7 USB DJ Consoles Gemini’s new CNTRL-2 and CNTRL-7 take functionality to the next level by incorporating fully mappable MIDI. The addition of MIDI ensures that the new CNTRL series is compatible with most popular DJ software.

Both the CNTRL-2 and CNTRL-7 feature two decks, each with a touchsensitive jog wheel that allows users to search, cue and scratch. The consoles also boast loop and sampler sections,

along with 3-band EQ, creative effects, a cross fader with adjustable slope and pitch control sliders. Plus, the CNTRL-7 includes a new redesigned soundcard with comprehensive input and output connections. Gemini’s new CNTRL series offers two dynamic, easy-to-use tools for anyone looking to get involved in the digital DJ revolution. MBT Lighting PARdelite™ Series The PARdelites™ have a 3-inch low profile design that makes them ideal for tight stages, nightclubs and venues with low ceilings, and any other place where traditionalsized PAR fixtures are a challenge to accommodate Each PARdelite™ includes a convenient dual yoke design that allows them to hang from stands and trussing or simply be placed on the floor. The series includes many models that incorporate a wide variety of the latest LED technology, and each can be used as a standalone unit or controlled via DMX. Retail prices range from $ 159.00 to $ 399.00 depending on the LED configuration.

special carving techniques to reduce the weight of the maple body, while preserving extraordinary rigidity and striking good looks. Ultralight tail-mounted tuners allow precise adjustment, easy string changes, and keep the balance point of the instrument close to the shoulder for maximum comfort. Additional weight is saved by advanced piezo technology that eliminates the need for heavy on-board batteries and circuitry. The self- powered Polar™ electromechanical transducer, technically referred to as a passive pickup, is anything but passive, with higher output than most active systems. The result is unsurpassed dynamic range, clarity, and sheer power. The dual mode Polar pickup responds to both lateral string vibration for bowing, and vertical vibration for pizzicato playing SABIAN The MIX Cymbal Sets The MIX is a collection of mixed-series cymbal sets, sonically matched in the SABIAN Vault to emulate the evolved collections of experienced drummers, drawing from different series of cymbals for unique mixes of color and style. Mixedseries sets were sonically matched to appeal to drummers of all skill levels. With artists like Jojo Mayer, Mike Portnoy and Dave Weckl, the Vault team soon came to the table with an initial 5-set offering. The Basement Mix, for the serious beginner, is a perfect mix of B8 alloy cymbals, with 14” B8 Hats, 16” B8 Pro Thin Crash, 18” B8 Pro Thin Crash, 20” B8 Ride. The Garage Mix, for drummers playing in their first band, includes 14” B8 Hats, 16” Xs-20 Medium-Thin Crash, 18” Xs20 Medium Thin Crash, 20” B8 Ride. The Gig Mix, for the weekend warrior or house of worship player, includes a mix of B8 alloy and Xs20 cast all in Brilliant finish: 14” B8 Pro Medium Hats, 16” Xs-20 Medium-Thin Crash, 18” Xs20 Medium Thin Crash, 20” B8

NS Design NXT-Series Violin These new instruments, crafted in the Czech Republic by the makers of NS Design’s renowned CR series, exemplify flawless workmanship at an incredible value. Weighing in at 585 grams (610 grams for the NXT-5), the NXT pioneers 82 MMR


Pro Medium Ride. The Club Mix, for the serious player, includes all B20 cast cymbals in Brilliant finish ideal for playing the club circuit: 14” Xs20 Medium Hats, 16” AAX X-Plosion Crash, 18” AAX X-Plosion Crash, 20” Xs20 Medium Ride. The Arena Mix, for the professional player, includes a blend of Modern Bright and Modern Dark sounds made for the big stages: 14” AAX X-Celerator Hats, 16” HHX X-Plosion Crash, 18” HHX XPlosion Crash, 20” AAX Stage Ride.

and more. Arrangements in both books are available for Flute, Clarinet, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Trumpet, Horn in F, Trombone, Violin, Viola, Cello, and Piano Accompaniment (for band instruments only). A removable piano accompaniment part is included in each of the stringed instrument books. Appropri-

ate for Level 2–3 players, band arrangements – and separately the string arrangements – are completely compatible with each other and can be played together or as solos. The included CDs for Instrumental Solos series feature fully orchestrated accompaniment tracks to each song. Each track

Fostex AR-4i Audio Interface for iPhone The AR-4i is designed to provide professional stereo audio recording for videos taken using the iPhone 4. Featuring two removable cardioid plug-in microphones that swivel for placement and can be mounted vertically or horizontally, the AR-4i serves as a cradle for the iPhone4 and is ergonomically designed for comfort. Also included is mounting hardware for a tripod or other professional camera mount devices. The AR-4i’s high quality microphones and professional stereo AD converter dramatically improves the audio recorded into iPhone4 videos thereby increasing the professionalism of videos for streaming, live performance videos, home videos, or even ENG applications. An LED Level Meter is provided for input level monitoring, and a headphone jack facilitates monitoring of the stereo input. Recording input levels and EQ can be further adjusted using the dedicated iPhone App.

Classic Rock and Pop & Rock Hits from Alfred Classic Rock Instrumental Solos series features hit songs from legendary bands such as The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Journey, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Cream, and more. Pop & Rock Hits Instrumental Solos features some of today’s hottest artists including Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Lady Antebellum, Green Day, OCTOBER 2011

MMR 83

New Products has two parts to it – a demo track which features a live instrumental performance, which is then followed by the play-along track. Retail price $10.99 to $14.99. Korg microPIANO The microPIANO features 61 keys, built-in speakers and optional battery power, meaning it can be enjoyed any time, any place. Just turn it on and play (or use headphones for private practice).

microPIANO features 60 built-in digital sounds including a vibrant, real grand piano sound, 25 one-touch musi-

Clamping Accessories For iPads and iPhones Help musicians better use their iPads, iPhones and other hand held devices with these great holder accessories. EZ01A on Mic Stand

EZ01A on Music Stand

EZ03 on Mic Stand with iPad

EZ03A •


84 MMR

cal phrases and a responsive Natural Touch keyboard that beginners and serious performers alike will appreciate. microPIANO is available in a choice of high-gloss black or red body with an elegant, matching adjustable lid. Retail price $499. MBT Cases Expanded Line of Cases and Bags Musicorp, a leading distributor and manufacturer of musical instruments, lighting products and accessories, is pleased to introduce the newly expanded line of protective instrument and accessory bags from MBT Cases. New products include guitar bags, ukulele bags, a cymbal bag and a stick bag. The MBT300 Guitar Bags, available for acoustic, electric, classical, and bass guitars, have a durable nylon exterior, 10 mm heavy-duty foam padding, headstock & bridge reinforcement, and include a convenient front accessories pocket, adjustable padded backpack straps, and carry handle. (Retail $35.00.) The lightweight MBTUKE Bags safely transport soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone ukulele models, and have a sturdy nylon exterior, padded interior, zippered front pocket, and shoulder strap. (Retail $19.95.) New MBT Cymbal Bags boast a fortified exterior with padded interior that holds cymbals up to 22 inches, and an external compartment that holds cymbals up to 15 inches. The cymbal bag also includes protective cymbal dividers, reinforced padding at base, a carry handle, and an adjustable shoulder strap. (Retail: $59.95.) The new MBT Stick Bag has a tough nylon exterior with multiple pouches for sticks up to 17”, a carry handle, and an exterior pocket. The bag conveniently secures to the drum via straps/clips. (Retail $19.95.) Retail price: $19.95 (MBTUKE, MBT Stick), $35.00 (MBT300), $59.95 (MBT Cymbal).

Zildjian Dave Grohl Drumstick The Dave Grohl Artist Series Drumstick model prominently features metallic, two-color artwork of Grohl’s famous tattoos on both of his arms. The drumstick’s release coincides with the 20th anniversary of the release of Nirvana’s groundbreaking album, Nevermind. One of the world’s most influential drummers, Grohl has played with Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age, Probot, Them Crooked Vultures and others. The new Dave Grohl Artist Series Drumstick model also features large dimensions, a length of 16 3/4” and diameter of .0600”, for extra power and reach as well as an acorn-shaped tip for sound clarity. Crafted from 100% U.S. Select Hickory, the preferred wood for drum set sticks, its overall design is especially well suited for rock applications where power, rebound, and durability are critical. Zero1: VooMote One VooMote One eliminates the need for several different remote controls, allowing you to have full control of multiple household electronics. One View feature allows you to view all important controls on one touch screen even if controls belong to multiple devices. Room Control feature groups all of your electronic devices by location: living room, kitchen, etc.., Extremely simple set up lets users download free app (no PC necessary) for use for thousands of electronic devices Retail price: $99 LP Bongo Cajon With its new Bongo Cajon, LP has applied the concepts of cajon design to the higher-pitched acoustic range of bongo drums. The LP Bongo Cajon’s straightforward design and all-wood construction means no tuning or head replacement. Along with its impressive acoustic OCTOBER 2011

performance, this makes the LP Bongo Cajon the perfect “all-purpose, take-anywhere” percussion instrument.

The Bongo Cajon is compact in size (15¾” long by 7” wide) and features lightweight plywood construction. The instrument’s textured sides are contoured to fit comfortably on a player’s lap or to be held between the knees in the traditional bongo playing position. The openbottomed, twin-chambered shell produces two complementary high and low pitches that deliver a convincing “pop” for a genuine bongo sound. Retail price: $75.00 The Tune-Bot Electronic Drum Tuner Mechanical tuning is now a thing of the past, thanks to the Tune-Bot electronic drum tuner from Overtone Labs. It’s the first tuning aid that allows the drummer to tune musically instead of mechani-

The Tune-Bot can be used with drums on or off the kit—with specific functional features tailored to each situation. The unit is compact and lightweight enough to fit in any stick bag, and it comes fitted with a simple clamp system that makes it easy to use. Gator Cases DJ Cases and Bags Gator unveiled its line of more than 80 new DJ products at the recent 2011 DJ Expo. This line includes the G-Club series of lightweight rugged carry bags with a unique bright orange interior for easy visibility in dark clubs and venues. GClub bags are available for DJ CD players, Mixers, LP records, & Midi Controllers and keyboards. Gator’s popular line

of G-Tour heavy-duty road cases has also been expanded to include DJ solutions for CD players, Mixers, Controllers, and Turntables. The G-Tour line of DJ products is also now available in sleek ‘all black’ models, which include an black exterior with all black hardware. Gator also offers case solutions for other DJ related equipment including: speakers, microphones, wireless systems, and rack gear. The new DJ line of cases and bags have been designed to fit the most popular DJ products from Numark, Native Instruments, American Audio, Pioneer, Denon, & Stanton among others.

The Official Guide to Steinway Pianos An essential reference for piano technicians worldwide in identifying Steinway pianos, The Official Guide to Steinway Pianos encompasses, for the first time, reference material and details from 16 decades of Steinway piano making in New

cally.The Tune-Bot offers a wide a variety of tuning options. Users get a drum “in tune with itself,” tune any drum to a specific desired pitch, even get an entire drumkit in tune using specific intervals. And once the “perfect” tuning of a kit has been achieved, the Tune-Bot can memorize the setting for each drum, so that that same tuning can be recalled and re-established the next time the kit is played, a feature great for drum head changes. OCTOBER 2011

MMR 85

New Products York. Thirty years of research and compilation by authors Roy F. Kehl and David R. Kirkland bring to light with thorough precision the production history of Steinway pianos. A “family tree” of Steinway production history provides in-depth, complete historical listings of all models produced and their characteristic details, including: First and last serial numbers and production dates, individual scale studies for major models, a gallery of Steinway decalcomania, a table of Steinway patents and more. Through compilation of pinpoint information, The Official Guide to Steinway Pianos offers an accurate and fascinating résumé of Steinway & Sons’ ongoing production history. Retail price: $50. Budda® Amplification Superdrive™ 30 Amp Added to New Version 1.2 of AmpKit Budda® Amplification  has  joined  Agile  Partners� , a  a leading  leading de� developer of iOS guitar applications, to bring a simulation of the Budda Superdrive™ 30 Series II amplifier to  AmpKit, the guitar amps� effects and recording app for iPad� iPhone� and iPod touch. Modeled after the amazing circuitry of the Budda Superdrive 30 guitar amplifier� AmpKit›s simulation is a faithful recreation of the trademark Budda sound. The Budda Superdrive 30 Series II amplifier is revered for its combination of sweet and aggressive  tones� with Rhythm and Drive channels providing flexibility and  a wide dynamic range for playing jazz, blues, or hard rock.

September 9,2011 Dave Hepple, Oasis


Player’s Choice Award Congratulations! Hi Dave, By now you’ve no doubt heard that your company is an Acoustic Guitar magazine Player’s Choice Award winner, as voted on by thousands of readers. The awards have been publicly announced in the October 2011 issue ofAcoustic Guitar, on, and on Acoustic Guitar’s new Gear Showcase website,

Acoustic Guitar will promote the Player’s Choice Awards for months to come, so your company’s win will continue to be featured both in print and online. Most notably, we will be highlighting the PCA winners in the Gear of the Year supplement that will be sent as a digital edition to our audience members, and be available for purchase on the newsstand with the February 2012 issue of Acoustic Guitar. Once again, congratulations! Best, Dan Gabel Group Publisher & Editorial Director 86 MMR

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AmpKit is available in two versions—AmpKit, a free app, and AmpKit+, $19.99 U.S.—on the iTunes App Store. AmpKit’s in-app Gear Store offers the largest gear selection of any amps and effects app, including 19 amps with 35 separate amp channels, 22 effects pedals, 20 cabinets, 8 mics and more gear on the way. The new 1.2 release of the app features next�generation tone  and  simulation  improvements  that  deliver by far the best-sounding, most realistic guitar tone on iOS. Retail price for the Budda Superdrive Amp is $0.99. Shure PSM1000 Personal Monitor The new PSM®1000 Personal Monitor System is a dual-channel, networkable, professional monitoring system. Features include an ultra-wide 72 megahertz tuning bandwidth allows up to 9 systems to operate in one TV channel, and up to 39 systems in one frequency band. Its P10R Diversity Receiver includes two detachable ¼-wave antennas  for  exceptional  freedom  from  dropouts�  full  bandwidth  scan  finds  clear�  compatible  frequencies  and  provides  a  graphic  spectrum plot viewable from the screen, and optional rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries provide up to eight hours of operation and recharge fully in just three hours. The system’s transmitter is a full rack, dual-channel wireless transmitter housed in a touring-grade, all-metal chassis with an internal power supply that supports daisychaining, and is capable of networked control via Ethernet that vastly simplifies setup for high channel count. Retail price: $6�381  (with two SE425 earphones) or $6�069 (with no earphones). Harman’s AKG IVM 4500 In Ear Monitor Offers Audio Quality Without Compromise IVM 4500 IEM offers a highly diversified system that includes high� end radio electronic signals and a manual radio signal attenuator for more RF dynamic. An enhanced frequency setup shows the number of free channels and supported TV channels and quick frequency change functions to support monitors, all within a rugged housing and offerings of new bands: 1, 3, 4 and 9. Battery life for the IVM receivers has been tested up to 10 hours. The system also includes two matched antennas and a new reference radio electronic design contribute to the stable signals of the receiver. IVM 4500’s audio quality boasts a high�end and powerful headphone amplifier�  ultra linear frequency response and dual mode for individual mix.   The quick frequency change functions support monitor engineers throughout performances to make their projects easily adjustable. Included  in  the  IVM  4500  IEM  system  are  the  SPR  4500  IEM diversity receiver, which automatically shows the number of free channels and supports TV channels with pre-programmed preset frequencies; the SST 4500 IEM transmitter, which is adjustable to 10, 20, 50 and 100 mW depending on country laws; and the IP 2 ear�channel headphones� providing  excellent acoustics and low impedance. The SPC 4500 antenna  combiner, the SRA 2 W directional antenna and the RA 4000 W omni-directional antenna complete the package. OCTOBER 2011

Supplier Scene Wessell, Nickel & Gross names Ludwig Vasicek Production Manager for WNG Europe Piano parts manufacturer Wessell, Nickel & Gross has announced that longtime European piano industry figure Ludwig Vasicek has joined its team as Production Manager for WNG Europe. Vasicek, a master piano builder, comes to the company after a 26-year career at Seiler Pianoforte in Kitzingen, Germany. Vasicek’s new duties at WNG Europe include Marketing, Service and Training. In the future he will also also become the new Technical Trainer and chief technician for Mason & Hamlin, PianoDisc and QuietTime in Europe. He will work out of the PianoDisc Europe office in Nuremberg, Germany. For more information, visit Kawai Recognizes Frank & Camille’s Frank & Camille’s East was recently presented with the Top Dealer Award for the Northeast Territory from Kawai America Corp. Naoki Mori, executive

From left to right: Chris Patti, Brad Blair, Kathy Krafchuk, Marilyn Geren, Camille Scheidemann, President, Lyn Tabachnick

VP of Kawai and Bryan Harvey, Kawai N.E. Regional Sales Manager, traveled to Melville, NY, to personally present the award. “The salespeople and support staff at Frank & Camille’s are fantastic,” commented Mr. Harvey, “They are complete professionals and, in a little over one year, they have surpassed all expectations for market penetration on Long Island.” OCTOBER 2011

Frank & Camille’s has been in business for 34 years. The company operates three music stores on Long Island, NY. Read more at Tycoon Music Opens Bankok Office Tycoon Music Co Ltd, parent company of Tycoon Percussion USA Inc., has announced the grand opening of their new

office location in the heart of downtown Bangkok, Thailand. The new location, approximately 25 miles from their wholly-owned manufacturing facility, will house the Export Sales team for their world-wide distribution network. The new office will also feature a showroom for Tycoon Percussion products and act as a central meeting location for Tycoon’s distributors visiting Bangkok. Visit for more information. ZT Amplifiers Adds John Oates to Its Artist Endorsement Roster John Oates, one half of the platinum selling Hall & Oates duo, recently joined ZT Amplifiers to endorse their equipment after he was introduced to their amps last summer in Nashville. Oates has since toured with the ZT Lunchbox Acoustic and ZT Club amps. A member of the Songwriters Hall of Fame, Oates had 34 singles on the Billboard charts with Hall and Oates and has had an active solo career, touring with a full band when Hall & Oates is on hiatus. His latest solo release is Mississippi Mile. For more info on ZT Amplifiers, visit

Hal Leonard Sponsors Guitars for Vets The world’s largest music print publisher has donated its flagship Hal Leonard Guitar Method for use as the official instruction book at the organization’s 25+ national chapters. Participating veterans also receive gift certificates to the company’s popular website. Guitars for Vets is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that enhances the lives of ailing and injured military veterans by providing them with guitars and music instruction. Their motto is “The healing power of music in the

hands of heroes.” Guitars for Vets provides six free private lessons and a new acoustic guitar to military veterans at VA medical and community-based vet centers. All veterans are referred by the VA medical team in order to integrate the Guitars for Vets program into their treatment regimen. Since 2007, Guitars for Vets has provided more than 1,200 new guitars and 8,000 lessons to our nation’s veterans. Chapters have been established in more than two dozen cities across the country, with more being added as resources become available. Full Compass Systems Earns SBA 100 Award Full Compass Systems, a national leader in professional audio, video, lighting, A/V and musical instrument sales, was recently inducted was recently into the U.S. Small Business Administration 100. The SBA 100 recognizes one hundred businesses that have received assistance in the past from the SBA and grew to create 100 jobs or more. These companies employ workers all across America and cover a wide range of industries. Full Compass owners, Jonathan and Susan Lipp, participated in the SBA’s 7a loan program in the early 80’s. The loans they received assisted in acquiring a larger facility, allowing them to house additional inventory and hire more employees to accommodate their fast-growing business. Now, Full Compass has moved into its newest MMR 87

Supplier Scene

Jonathan and Susan Lipp with SBA Administrator Karen Mills (Karen pictured center)

home, a 140,000 sq.-ft. facility designed by the Lipps, who also supervised its construction. The new headquarters houses over $12 million in inventory and a staff of over 180 employees. It is the fourth largest womanowned business in the state of Wisconsin. For more info on Full Compass, visit To read about the SBA 100, check Gibson Offers Ray Whitley Specials for Country Music Hall of Fame The Gibson Foundation – the philanthropic arm of Gibson Guitar Corp. – will offer a limited edition run of the iconic J-200 Ray Whitley Specials, and donate all proceeds to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum’s $75 million Working on a Building capital campaign to finance the museum’s expansion. Gibson representatives made the announcement recently during All for the Hall Los Angeles,the museum’s annual fundraising event held at L.A. Live’s Club Nokia. “Gibson is proud of our longstanding support for the Country Music Hall of Fame andMuseum,” said Henry Juszkiewicz, Chairman and CEO of Gibson Guitar Corp. and longtimefriend of the museum. “Gibson is honored to have been a part of the making of countrymusic since the beginning, and we appreciate and support the efforts of the museum to preservethe music’s rich history.” For more info, visit and 88 MMR

Yamaha and Keyfax NewMedia Preserve Chick Corea’s Famed Keys Voice When Chick Corea recently noticed that his Mark V keyboard, which helped define his sound on the songs “Spain” and “500 Miles High,” was collapsing under the rigors of the road, he turned to the experts at Yamaha and Keyfax NewMedia to save his sound digitally. Like old films and photos are preserved with digital formats, the company began a process of painstaking recording sessions at a Los Angeles studio. The team used a specially developed vorsetzer player piano mechanism to capture pristinely balanced velocities across the entire keyboard scale. Corea is currently using the sample library on the road during the superstar band Return to Forever’s world tour. The only keyboard with enough flash capacity to store and play the sound library is the Yamaha Motif XF. The old keyboard, Corea writes, “sounds killer on the Motif.” Indeed, the notes shimmer and sizzle like they do on the analog board. For more info, visit and Sabian U Launches New Courses Sabianhas just announced the launch of a Band & Orchestral curriculum. Comprised of four brand new courses, the new curriculum is specifically designed for retailers who sell band & orchestral instruments. Sabian U was launched in 2010 as an online school of higher learning developed for Sabian retailers around the

globe. With a series of four band and orchestral training modules, Sabian U is packed with the unique insight required for retailers to help customers choose the right cymbal, driving their sales upward. Courses include “A B&O Primer,” “Hand Cymbals,” “Suspended Cymbals,” and “More Than Cymbals.”

Like all Sabian U courses, the band and orchestra curriculum is entirely videobased. Retailers interested in participating simply register online and work through the video courses at their convenience. Pop-up quizzes appear throughout the course, and viewers must answer the multiple-choicestyle questions before continuing. At the conclusion of the course, students are given a grade, and the grades are registered in their personal account section, a great tool for store managers to keep track of staffers’ grades. For more information, please visit Chicago’s Scheff Endorses Warwick German instrument manufacturer Warwick welcomes its newest endorser, Jason Scheff, bassist/vocalist for the band Chicago. Jason has been part of Chicago since 1985 and has been a huge asset to the band, not only handling bass and lead vocals duties with outstanding precision but also by contributing to their string of hits by penning some of their most memorable songs of the 1980s. Jason’s Warwick of choice is Warwick’s Star Bass II, which he recently acquired while visiting the Warwick manufacturing plant. Oasis Awarded Player’s Choice Award Oasis Humidifiers, the Maryland-based manufacturer of acoustic guitar humidifiers, were recently awarded a Player’s Choice Award by Acoustic Guitar magazine, voted on by thousands of readers. Oasis, invented and run by ex-Baltimore Classical Guitar Society President David Hepple, has produced a variety of acoustic guitar humidifiers and has also recently developed similar products for violins, violas, double basses and ukuleles. OCTOBER 2011

Keep Music Education Strong Learning to play music is so much more than memorizing notes and scales. It helps a child develop creativity and instills self-discipline, commitment and confidence. Your leadership in the community assures that music is a part of quality education for every child. Keep music education strong—go to

believe in music 5790 Armada Drive • Carlsbad, CA 92008 • 760.438.8001 •


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Business Opportunities Are You Tired of Trying to Climb the Corporate Ladder?

is a multi-store, family owned and operated full-line retailer based in Metro Atlanta. Ken Stanton Music has over 60 years’ success and customer satisfaction.

Seeking: Certified Band/Orchestra Repair Techs, Print Music Manager, Store Managers, Sales Associates in the following departments: Guitars, Pro Audio, Drums and Percussion, and Band/Orchestra. Looking for friendly, customer service oriented, self-motivated, proven closers with good listening skills and 2+ years experience. Availability for flexible scheduling a must. Bi-lingual a plus. We feature: Competitive non-commission based pay, medical/ dental coverage, 401(k) plan, vacation/holiday/sick time, and room for advancement. Complete application online at: By mail:

Via email:

Ken Stanton Music Attn: Scott Cameron, General Manager 119 Cobb Parkway North, Suite A Marietta, GA 30062 OCTOBER 2011

MMR 91

Business Opportunities • Band and Orchestra Rentals • New and Like New Educator-Approved Brand Name Instruments • Personalized Rent-To-Own Program • No Franchise Fee or Inventory Investment • No Shipping Costs • High Commissions Paid the 1st of Every Month • Exceptional Service

Music Man is a family owned and operated Band and Orchestra dealer located in West Palm Beach, FL with over 30 years’ experience serving the music education community of South Florida. Seeking: Educational Sales Representatives who are friendly, knowledgeable, professional, creative and dynamic to build and maintain long-term relationships with existing customer base through the use weekly sales visits. 2+ years of sales experience or instrumental music related degree desired. Repair Technicians w/ 5+ years of repair experience or degree from an accredited Band Instrument Repair program desired. Salary: Negotiable based on experience All inquiries will be kept confidential. Send resumes to: John Jarvis Music Man 2309 N. Dixie Hwy West Palm Beach, FL 33407 or via email to

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For Sale Preeminent Seattle sheet music and instrument store for sale. Largest sheet music store in greater Seattle. History dating to 1919. Ideal for single store owner or chain. Call Albert Israel, CFP, owner, 206-250-1148.

For Classified Sales Call Maureen 800-964-5150 ext. 34

For Sale New! Selling warm Florida Retail Music Store 9 teaching studios, 25 year rep, great lines, $500k inventory, buy/partner $200,000+-, turnkey! Bruce 321-725-3047 OCTOBER 2011

For Sale

Merchandise ACCORDIONS, CONCERTINAS, & BUTTON BOXES new, used, buy, sell, trade, repair, tune, CASTIGLIONE DISTRIBUTING CO. 13300 E 11 MILE WARREN, MI 48089 PH # 1-586-755-6050 WWW.CASTIGLIONEACCORDIONS.COM

Hunter Music Instrument Inc adds in an accordion line. From button accordion to Piano accordion, from Kid’s to adult, from entry level to professional, from solid color to combo, we have a wide selection for the accordion player.

Help Wanted


E. K. Blessing now has an opportunity for an experienced sales and marketing expert who is also a professional brass player. Responsibilities include product testing and development, managing Blessing sales to exceed goals,and establishing and driving marketing strategies, including digital media. Please email marias@powellflutes for details or to apply.

Position Available Brand/Product Development Director Direct Product Development and Engineering teams for guitar and amplification products. Ensure product development and manufacturing objectives are achieved through coordinating Engineering, Marketing and Sales to the end user. Must have the ability to communicate effectively. Proficient with MS Office programs. Strong presentation skills. International and domestic travel required. Moderate physical labor at trade shows. Please send resume to:

Instruction Learn Instrument Repair Online or On Campus OCTOBER 2011

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We Want to Give You the Business! We can deliver quality prospects to you, whether your business is Local, National, or International. Piano World is the world’s most popular piano web site. We are where people searching for piano information land first. And we get more traffic in a month than other piano sites see in a year. Invest your advertising dollars wisely, get the details at: Home of the world famous Piano Forums

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We’ll buy instruments and accessories of any type! For serious interest please contact: 949-682-5236 and

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Repair Tools FAST TURN-AROUND ON STOCK REPAIRS NATIONWIDE NAPBIRT member, 29 Years Experience Contact: Dan Rieck, 801-733-4243




Japanese High Quality

GUARANTEED You get what you pay for!


North American Music 11 Holt Drive Stony Point, NY 10980 Fax: (845) 429-6920


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Repair Tools

BOW REHAIRING Expert Bow Service

Order forms,Pricing and Shipping label at: Violin bows as low as $10.00 per bow in quantity incl. shipping (see website for details.) Large inventory of replacement parts both new and vintage. IRA B. KRAEMER & Co. Wholesale Services Division

“An industry leader since 1967” 467 Grant Avenue, Scotch Plains, N.J. 07076 Tel: 908-322-4469 Fax: 908 322-8613 e mail:

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Repair Tools

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Guitar Show Operators SHIPPING YOUR PIANO

with Lone Wolf Trucking

is a “grand” idea!

An independent, long-distance Mover specializing in coast-to-coast residential Relocation.

1-800-982-9505 Alamogordo, New Mexico. 88310

Wanted To Buy WE BUY, SELL, TRADE and ship worldwide. ONLINE APPRAISAL SERVICE GRUHN GUITARS, 400 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37203

(615) 256-2033

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ICC MC-256289

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R Raw Talent Guitar Retail Up

Sabian Ltd. Saga Musical Instruments Saga Musical Instruments Saga Musical Instruments Samson Technologies Corp. Samson Technologies Corp. Samson Technologies Corp. Shoreview Distribution SHS International Shubb Capos SKB Corp. String Swing Mfg. Inc. Stylus Pick Super-Sensitive Musical String Co.

T/U TKL Products Corp. U.S. Band & Orchestra Supplies

V Velvet Distribution Visual Sound

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W.D. Music Products Inc. Wild Child Distribution William Mathewson Devices

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K Kala Brand Music Co. Keystone Electronics KMC Music, Inc



H H & F Technologies Inc. Hal Leonard Corp. Hunter Music Instrument Inc.



D D’Addario & Co. Dean Guitars Dream Cymbals And Gongs


75 39 25

Yamaha Corp. of America Yorkville Sound Inc.





JEN CONFERENCE January 4-7, 2012 Developing Tomorrow’s Jazz Audiences Today! Created by and for the Jazz Education community, the JEN Conference delivers industry leaders in an intimate, cultural setting – making this one of the most engaging jazz events of the year. This past January in New Orleans, over 2400 attendees were brought together with top educators, marketers, presenters, performers and industry leaders to identify and discuss trends, share techniques, and leverage promotional opportunities. Nearly 100 exhibitors took advantage of this amazing interaction – sign up now to reserve your sponsorship for the conference in Louisville, KY If you’re a Jazz Educator, performer or simply want to support America’s true art form, JEN is the “Must-Attend” event for key industry professionals and market influencers like you.

Reach the highly influential audience of:


Exhibit space is limited, so go to the JEN web site and reserve your space today The Jazz Education Network

is dedicated to building the jazz arts community by advancing education, promoting performance, and developing new audiences. For complete membership information/benefits please visit us at:


MMR October 2011