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Vol. 1 Issue 6 august 2009

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Vol. 1 Issue 6 AUGUST 2009

Editorial Team Barkha Shah Unika Prusty / Pranay Rupani (Hyd) Sanskrity Sinha (B’lore) Krithika Sukumar (Chennai) Trupti Shetty (Pune) Fanny Chakrabarti (Vizag) Nina Nair (Cochin) Sachin Somanna (Mysore) Divya Nadkarni (Mumbai) Priyanka Gupta (Delhi-NCR) E-mail: Sales Arun Pannalal E-mail: Photography Lakshmi Prabhala/ Unika Prusty/ Pranay Rupani (Hyd) Durga Prasad (B’lore) Sumanth Kumar (Chennai) Jyothi Swaroop (Vizag) Prashanth Nanjappa (Mysore) Prajakti Pai / Divya Nadkarni (Mumbai), Priyanka Gupta (Delhi-NCR) Distribution LT Naidu Design & Layout Printed and published by Nitin Chowdhary on behalf of MetroMela Internet Services Pvt. Ltd, Plot No. 244, Kavuri Hills, Phase II, Madhapur, Hyderabad – 500081, Tel–0990813 2372 / 73. Edited by Barkha Shah. Printed at Brilliant Printers Pvt Ltd, Bangalore Disclaimer: Utmost care has been taken in scrutinizing the editorial contents of MetroMela magazine before going to press. However, the Editor and Publisher shall not be held directly responsible for any inadvertent misrepresentation of fact/facts or misprint, which may occur despite our best efforts.

Editor’s Note Hello Friends! It’s serendipity when an old school mate springs up as a friend on a social networking site. It’s serendipity when a lost opportunity knocks on your door again. And it’s serendipity when a city that’s been written about in reams of newsprint still throws up a surprise each time. That’s the serendipity which drives us to explore our cities further and bring those surprises to you. This time, we have brought you interesting things to see and know more about in two additional cities – Mumbai and Delhi-NCR – apart from the 7 cities that we have covered in our magazine. For instance, did you know that the city of Mumbai boasts of its own Ganges? And were you aware of an Austrian café in the land of Mysore Masala Dosa? At, we’ve been lucky to explore our cities and find these hidden jewels for you. That is why this issue focuses on the new and the old of each city. Whether it is about Irani chai and contemporary coffee shops in Hyderabad or old Madras houses turned into designer stores and hangouts, we have interesting guides lined up. We have even reviewed new places that come with a touch of old; like the designer boutique in Vizag that has revived old Kalamkari art and the heritage hotel in Pune that comes with modern amenities. It sure is an interesting mix. That apart, we have got you expert tips from designers from different cities on monsoon fashion and even coaxed our chefs and homemakers to give us some festival special recipes. After all, it’s time for special celebrations for Onam, Diwali, Ramzan and Dussehra. Here’s hoping that you enjoy life with gaiety and happiness that come with these festivities. Your thoughts and suggestions are welcome at editor@

Happy Reading!

Barkha Shah

Vol. 1 Issue 6 august 2009 hyderabad

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Monsoon Fashion

Know what fabric, colors, accessories and hairstyles to flaunt this monsoon.

Festival Bonanza

The right time to share delicious sweet recipes

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Expert Guide on Silk Austrian Café Review; Guide to Masala Dosa joints

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Clothing & Accessories

Monsoon Fashion

Know what fabric, colors, accessories and hairstyles to flaunt this monsoon.


onsoon blues are here again, and it’s back to spending hours squinting into a dark cupboard wondering what to wear; wondering what would look good after stepping into dark oily puddles and after being splashed by careless vehicles. catches up with stylists and fashion designers from Mumbai, Pune, Cochin and Bangalore for some monsoon fashion tips.

Monsoon Colors

Bangalore based qualified textile designer, Julie Kagti who has put together a strikingly unconventional collection of monsoon wear at her popular boutique, says that dark, deep and bold colors promise a bright outlook on a rainy day. Colors like orange can overshadow the paleness of the surroundings and help you stand out in a crowd. Walk out wearing a bright dress accessorized with a deep colored handbag, brightly colored footwear and a multi-colored scarf for that perfect, chic look in the rains. So bright colors like pink, aqua, blue, lime and olive green are in this season. It’s not wise to wear white or other pale or light color clothes during monsoon as they tend to add to the dullness and dreariness of this murky weather. Besides, they catch stains easily and get messy while commuting.

Fashion for Women

Freelance fashion designer and stylist Amena Azeez from Mumbai says go for shirts or kurtis with short or elbow-length sleeves, and pick knee length skirts. If you are going traditional, flaunt your most colorful and liveliest kurtis, and pair them with snug-fitting churidars. Heavy salwar

6 AUGUST 2009


Merita Bernard

kameez with trailing dupattas are unwanted trouble. If you must wear a saree avoid cottons (they get messy and heavy), chiffons, georgettes and crepes (they lose their sheen when wet). Instead go

Reva Catalogue ’08

For casual wear, harem pants and billowing skirts are an absolute no no. Opt for capris, trendy Bermuda pants and short denim skirts; and make sure your skirts leave you enough leg room to run under cover when it starts to pour. When it comes to makeup and hair, Model and Grooming Expert Merita Bernard (better known as Merita D’Souza), Miss India Talent 2004, knows exactly how to look stylish in rains, thanks to the endless rains in Kerala, where she now lives. She suggests, keep your make-up light. Use water-proof make-up especially mascara, eyeliner and foundation. In fact, keep it simple by using a light moisturizer and loose powder and some waterproof kajal or mascara. You can also use pencil

eyeliner in fresh, vibrant colors. Give your cheeks a flushed look with pastel shades. For lips, use a matte lip color or lightly tinted lip balm. For hair, Merita adds that girls should choose a short and simple hairstyle that is easy to manage even if it gets wet in the rain. Avoid too much of straightening, crimping or curling because hair could turn limp in this weather. Wash hair frequently with a mild shampoo and use a light conditioner in small quantities to avoid sticky, damp hair. Carry a handbag that will not get soaked in the rain. So, leave those cloth or jute bags at home. Also, pick up a colorful umbrella instead of the boring black ones. Keep jewelry to the minimum as you don’t want your dangling earrings to get wedged in your umbrella. Go for waterproof

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for silks. They are light yet hardy, very manageable, and add depth to hues, bringing out variances in the colors otherwise not seen.

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shoes. Add some style to casual clothing with colorful footwear like sporty sandals or floaters. Whatever kind of footwear you ultimately choose to wear, check if they are anti-slip.

Designer Revati Borawake of Reva Fashion for Men boutique in Pune Designer Revati Borawake is all for tiny floral of Reva boutique in Pune is all for tiny floral prints and prints and dots in dots in neutral colors for men neutral colors for this season. Muddy colors in orange, pink green, classic men this season. black and white are popular. Muddy colors in Monochromes are in for men orange, pink green, as well where they can team a black shirt with black denims. classic black and For formal parties skip the white are popular. coat this season and opt for

Reva Catalogue ’08

8 AUGUST 2009

the very stylish waist coat that looks formal and trendy at the same time. In denims, light weight fabric in darker colors

can be opted for. Also cotton trousers where the bottom length can be adjusted are very convenient this season. Half sleeved, half button down shirts with batik, bandhini or floral prints are in. So is religion as Hindu motifs are making a huge comeback. Wear the mantras and the Indian prints as it would add an ethnic touch to your clothes. In accessories, satchel bags are very popular. In ties, go for the ones in tiny floral prints again. And a definite accessory addition should be the Aviator glasses, she insists. In footwear, men can invest in comfortable chappals this season. Crocs are a good option for them as well. Merita from Cochin adds that

if you have to wear leather, pick up good quality ones and clean them often. Avoid suede if you can. If you have to wear covered shoes, make sure you wear a high quality pair of socks to prevent bacterial infection. Her hair related tips include - stay away from hair gels and hair wax during the monsoons. These products will turn the hair clammy and ruin your style. Just ensure your hair is clean and groomed well. The trick is to enjoy the rains and not let it dampen your spirits. That’s the sign of a truly stylish person. For fashion stores and trendy salons in your city, log on to l


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Festival Bonanza M

ultiple cultures, varied languages and several festivals in India are bound by the common thread of rich food during special occasions. August and September bring along Dussehra, Onam and Ramzan, thus ensuring that it’s celebration time for all of us. Of course, there’s Independence Day too which cuts across all religious or cultural borders. That is why we think it is the right time to share delicious sweet recipes with you for some happy and indulgent times.

Jamaican Fruit Truffle

(serves four) From Manju Monga, an expert cook who runs popular cookery classes in Delhi



Papaya - 1 (Peeled and cut into big square pieces) Mango - 1 (Peeled and cut into big square pieces) Lemon juice - 1 tbsp Desiccated coconut - 2 tbsp (Roasted)

Cut pineapple into chunks, blend it lightly until coarsely ground. Place it over a sieve and leave it for 5 minutes so that most of the juice drains from the fruit. Whip the cream to very soft peaks, then fold icing sugar and vanilla essence. Fold the drained pineapple into the cream mixture. Place the mangoes and papaya on a large serving dish, pour lime juice over it. Place pineapple cream on one side, decorate it with roasted coconut pineapple leaves and lemon rind.

For truffle Pineapple large – 1 (Peeled and grated) Double cream - 250 g Icing sugar - 1 tbsp Vanilla essence - ½ tsp

10 AUGUST 2009

Mysore Pak

From Vasantha Achar, a homemaker and expert cook from Mysore

Ingredients Bengal gram flour – 1 cup Sugar – 2 cups Water – 2/3 cups Ghee – 3 cups Salt - pinch

Method Heat three cups of ghee. Take a tablespoon of melted, hot ghee and mix it with the gram flour. Mix water, sugar and salt to make thick syrup. Add gram

flour (mixed with ghee) and stir constantly on slow fire, pouring the ghee (the ghee should be hot) a little at a time. Cook until the mixture becomes frothy and the ghee separates. Place a perforated dish on a large plate and pour in the mixture to drain off excess ghee. Spread out on a greased plate and when firm, cut into squares.


From Afsar Ahmed in Hyderabad, who was the National Women’s Basketball Team Captain, 1980



Broken Wheat - 500 gms Mutton – 1,000 gms Urad Dal - 1/2 cup Chana Dal - 1/2 cup Onion - 8 - 12 nos. Ginger Garlic Paste - 2 tbsp Curd - 1 cup Red Chilli Powder - 2 tsp (or to taste) Garam Masala Powder - 1 tbsp Shahi Jeera - 1 tsp Kabab Cheeni - 1 tbsp Chopped Coriander - for garnishing Mint - for garnishing Green Chillies - 7-8 nos Ghee- 1 cup Oil- 1 cup Kaju paste Kaju for garnishing

Soak the wheat and Dals overnight in water. In a cooker fry the onions in oil till slightly brown. Add ginger garlic paste, red chilli powder, garam masala powder, curd, green chillies, kaju paste and sauté till the oil separates. Add the meat and cook for some more time. Add chopped coriander and mint leaves, close the cooker and let the meat cook. Take a big vessel, fill it half with water and boil. Add the soaked wheat and cook till the wheat is partially cooked. Add salt to taste and keep aside. In a grinder add both the dals and the cooked meat. Let it grind well, add the partially cooked wheat

and let everything blend well in the grinder. Remove the paste from the grinder into a vessel; keep stirring till the raw smell goes away. Add Kabab Cheeni and Shahi Jeera powder. While

serving, add ghee, garnish with coriander, fried onions, partly fried kaju and lemon pieces.


make a fine paste of grated coconut, shallots, cumin and remaining two green chillies. Add this paste to the boiled mangoes. When this is cooked, turn off the flame. Now add beaten yogurt, fenugreek powder and salt to taste. Stir well. For seasoning, heat coconut oil and add mustard seeds, curry leaves and dry red chillies. Pour this over the mango curry. Mambhazham Pulisheri tastes best with rice and vegetable accompaniments.

Mambazham Pulisheri From Executive Chef Anilkumar VV at Travancore Court in Cochin

Ripe mangoes - 4 medium Coconut - 1 no. Shallots - 3 nos. Green chillies - 4 nos. Dry red chilli - 3 nos. Yogurt - 250 ml Mustard seeds - 2 tsp Fenugreek powder - 2 pinches Cumin - ¼ tsp Turmeric powder -½ tsp Curry leaves - a few Salt - to taste Coconut oil -2 tbsp

Method Peel the ripe mangoes. Boil mangoes (whole) with turmeric powder, two of the green chillies (slit) and salt. Next,


AUGUST 2009 11

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Hyderabadi Mutton Haleem

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Papaya Payasam

Fruit Sticks with Mango Sauce




Ripe Papaya -1 no. Jaggery - 400 gms Coconut - 1 no. Thick Coconut Milk - 1 cup Thin Coconut Milk - 1½ cup Cardamom and Dry ginger powder - 4 gms Ghee - 10 ml Raisins - 5 gms Cashew nuts - 10 gms Pieces of papaya - less than a handful, chopped

Make a paste of papaya and sauté in ghee. Add the jaggery syrup. Stir continuously. When it boils, simmer the flame and cook till the mixture thickens a bit. Now add thin coconut milk, cardamom and dry ginger powder. Keep stirring. Increase the flame till it boils. Now simmer again and cook till the mixture attains further thick consistency. Add thick coconut milk and stir for a few minutes. Now switch off the flame and keep stirring for some time. In a small pan, pour in ghee and heat. Now add raisins, cashew nuts and chopped pieces of papaya and fry a little. Pour this over the payasam mixture. Payasam is ready.

Fresh Pineapple – 1 (peeled and cubed) Kiwi - 1 (peeled and cubed) Strawberries – 2 (cut lengthwise) Mango – 1 (peeled and cubed)

From Executive Chef Anilkumar VV at Travancore Court in Cochin

For coconut milk Grate the coconut. Add 1 cup of water to the grated coconut and grind well in a mixer. Squeeze out thick milk from it. Now add 1 ½ cup of water and grind it again. This gives you the thin milk.

From Manju Monga, an expert cook who runs popular cookery classes in Delhi

Method Arrange these pieces on wooden sticks.

Vanilla Essence - ¼ tsp Fresh Mint leaves - to decorate

Method Blend all the ingredients of the sauce except mint leaves. Arrange the sticks in the plate and place the sauce in the centre. Decorate it with mint sprig and serve chilled.

Ingredients for sauce Fresh mango puree - 1 cup Thick Yogurt - ½ cup Sugar - 1 tsp

For jaggery syrup Powder the jaggery. Add half cup water and melt it over flame. Strain it.

12 AUGUST 2009


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Chai and Coffee A perfect blend of the new and the old, Hyderabad has retained its Chai shops even as it embraces the Coffee lounges.


yderabad’s a city where the new and the old reside together; where the old and glitzy Lad Bazaar co-exists with the sleek GVK One mall, where the second hand book market in Abids competes with the recent addition Landmark and where the Irani cafes do not lose their sheen in spite of the coffee culture. lets you know where to find the best Irani Chai and the most happening coffee shops in the city.

Tea Time

Tea cafes became a part of the Indian culture when Persian traders visited the country. The Irani Chai that came with

it is a great blend of brewed tea leaves, boiled milk and sweetened condensed milk. This variety of tea is available at small and old cafes and is surprisingly priced from Rs. 2.5 to Rs. 5 per cup. Its another variation includes the Khade Chammach ki chai so named because the cup has so much sugar that the spoon stands upright when inserted to mix. The tea at these cafes is best had with the sweet and salty Osmania biscuits.

they prepare over 3,000 pots of tea a day. In fact, its location near Secunderabad station ensures continuous flow of customers.

Hotel Shadab on High Court Road is one

Secunderabad) is for the lovers of art. The chai here is best served with Lukhmi (a unique biscuit with meat inside) and is known to be the famous artist MF Husain’s favorite cup of tea. So much so that whenever he visits the city he makes sure that he personally goes there to sit and enjoy his cuppa. The place has its own charm as it has seen Hyderabad grow up from a sleepy town to a Cyber City.

of the places that serve great Irani Chai. One of the quirkiest rules at this place is that they have a strict policy against providing an extra cup. Alpha Hotel is as popular too, considering the fact that

Irani Chai and Osmania Biscuits

The chai at Paradise Hotel may be best described as milky, with a bit of masala and brewed in aluminum kettles. Like its famed Biryani, the chai here is equally popular amongst many localites.

Garden Restaurant (Opp. Clock Tower,

Coffee Delights

While Hyderabad has relished the taste of its Irani chai, it has welcomed the coffee culture with open hands too. In fact, these coffee shops have become second home to college students. And since many of these come with Wi-fi facility, they have even become popular meeting venues for office goers.

Café Coffee Day and Barista are the most well-known ones in the city simply because you can find an outlet at every alternate bend or corner. These coffee shops flaunt their casual ambience ‘to a T’, be it in their furniture, the décor, the

14 AUGUST 2009


clothes of the staff or even the menu. Apart from varieties of coffee blends, some of these joints have even graduated to offering full meals in the form of pastas, biryanis and parathas. Perfect place to chill out over a board game with a cup of coffee. Prices start from around Rs. 30. Must-try the warm blueberry muffins at these places.

Then there’s Sweet Nirvana which offers a truly luxurious option to sit back and relax in its green and serene ambience. The music here is not loud and jarring like in the other coffee shops. In fact, there’s emphasis on privacy and space with tables set far from each other. While the coffee options are limited here, dessert options are plenty and varied ranging from Brownies to Baklava. Worth a visit for a romantic date. Prices start at around Rs. 60 for a Café Latte. For those looking for something different, try Mocha. Every room in this kitsch coffee shop has a theme and is an experience in itself. The dimly lit smoking lounge where the sheesha is

brought in is contemporary in its décor and suave in its feel. A room that goes by the name of Silver Room, with lines from Robert Frost scrawled across the wall has few couples seeking their privacy within. But it is really the courtyard outside which catches one’s fancy - filled with collectibles from flea markets (like quaint chairs, lamps and other artifacts, some of which can actually be bought by patrons) it has huge trees and the gentle evening breeze for one to enjoy. Along with coffee, pastas, paninis, rolls and muffins are all available. But it’s the flavored hookahs that attract the crowds. And finally, My Café Latte is for the cine lovers. With several technicolor posters of Golden oldies from both Hollywood and Bollywood making for kitsch wallart, this place also has an awesome amphitheatre with super-comfortable seats where you can have your own private movie screening with friends. So you can watch your favorite movie with a bunch of friends over coffee and sandwiches. Sounds fun? To know more about these coffee shop locations, please log on to metromela. com. l

Café Rico also allows you a board game over some grub and coffee. Carrom, Snakes and Ladders, Chess, Ludo, Spell ‘o’ Word and more are all available here. There are magazines, newspapers and even novels lying around for your reading pleasure. Of course, there’s television too. So a great place to spend a couple of hours with friends. Their Cheese Omelet is a must-have. Another interesting coffee shop, Café Earth, serves pizzas, wraps, sandwiches and burgers apart from coffee (Espressos, Irish coffee, Cappuccinos, filter coffees like Mysore Nuggets and Monsoon Malabar), tea (Darjeeling tea, Assam tea,


AUGUST 2009 15

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Iced tea etc), smoothies and fruit juices. And of course a variety of sweet treats like pastries, tarts, pies and more. Must-try is their Hot Chocolate. A large mug of it is just what one needs on a cold day. Their Paneer Tikka Sub Sandwich is also a good option and serves two.

all cities hyderabad

Mocha’s sheesha



Sports Training at its best A world-class academy and sports village that runs as a training ground as well as a leisure and fitness club for families and corporates.


port in India is usually synonymous with cricket alone. And that is why a worldclass badminton academy stands out for it has been built in spite of the odds. Pullela Gopichand, the former All England Open Badminton Championship winner has tasted success yet again with the victories of his student Saina Nehwal. However, his love and dedication towards this sport, comes across best through his academy in Gachibowli, Hyderabad. The fiveacre academy is developing beautifully and still has portions that would see completion shortly. It is being built on the lines of a sports village that would promote sports not just as a profession but also as a fun way to stay fit and spend time together. That is why it’s even turning out to be a place that working professionals could look towards for their corporate outings. Gopichand is quite clear on why he

16 AUGUST 2009

wanted to start such a sports village. He traveled throughout the world and was exposed to brilliant sports infrastructure. He missed it in India and therefore brought it upon himself to build such a dream. As we tour the academy within the Hyderabad Sports Village we spot several Indian and international players practicing their smashes. We soon realize that this is the place they come to for training when world championships like the Yonex-Sunrise BWF World Championships are held in Hyderabad. As the coach of the Indian badminton team, Gopichand is confident of India’s hidden talent in this sport and intends to therefore popularize it. And that is why he has left no requirement untouched through this academy. The three-storied building houses eight courts with top-notch facilities as per


all cities

all cities hyderabad

international norms, sprung wooden flooring with requisite lighting, changing rooms for players, well equipped gymnasium along with 15 rooms and two 12-bed dormitories for accommodation, all air-conditioned. Physical fitness is ensured and so there is an athletic track, an upcoming swimming pool, weight training and of course yoga and meditation for mental rejuvenation. Emphasis is also placed on eating right and therefore there is a well-stocked cafeteria and a dietician for nutrition counseling. The academy also encourages tournament matches for children with budding players taking part in the State and National championships. This serves as a talent search mechanism, believes Gopichand adding that one really needs to start young to understand the pulse of the game. Other than that, the academy also invites hobby players who just want to play and keep fit. Gopichand also wishes to promote other sports through the Sports Village like table tennis and swimming and would bring in experts in those fields as well. Yoga, aerobics and meditation would be encouraged too. Families that are looking at ways to unwind apart from shopping at malls and catching up on a movie at a multiplex could definitely look at it as a healthy and fun alternative. And of course, those interested in sports as a career, need not look further for worldclass training. With this Sports Village, Gopichand is certainly giving back something the nation will be proud of. l

Hyderabad Sports Village

Tournament Background


he BWF (Badminton World Federation) World Championships held recently in Hyderabad, started in 1977 and were held once every three years until 1983. The tournament became bi-annual in the year 1985 and was held once every two years until 2005. Since then, it has become an annual event on the BWF

Plot. No. 91, Pullela Gopichand Badminton Academy, Gachibowli, Hyderabad. Tel - 31114223

calendar with the objective to give more opportunities to the players to be crowned as official World Champions. The official sponsors for the tournament in 2009 have been Yonex, the globally acclaimed leader in racquet and shaft technology, and Sunrise & Co. PTE Ltd, a multinational conglomerate dealing in branded sporting


equipment, accessories, sports apparels and sports footwear. The event sees participation from around 45 countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Denmark, Japan, China, Sweden, Vietnam, England, Korea, France, Austria, Belgium, Thailand etc. Among the 500-odd participants that the event gets, Indian champions include Saina Nehwal, Chetan Anand, Jwala and Diju.

AUGUST 2009 17


pause for a cause

For a greener environment

A non-profit organization, Greenpeace works on environment related issues like e-waste and GM crops.

a lot of risks like police cases, legal and physical harassment but at the same time it is bound to bear clear results.” Recently, Greenpeace volunteers raided a field in Hyderabad where a German company was secretly growing untested and unsafe GM rice. Greenpeace put scarecrows and bio-hazard messages in the field, rom anti-nuclear protest warning signs outside the in 1971 to its fight today gate and cordoned off the against genetically modified entire field. The company (GM) crops, Greenpeace has Stella Paul, Greenpeace activist in a protest action against BT Brinjal and filed an FIR against not come a long way. Originally known GM food only Greenpeace activists, as the Greenpeace Foundation, this but also against media organization was founded in Vancouver, Greenpeace has also created awareness personnel. However, once the news British Columbia, to oppose United about the high levels of toxic about the FIR became public, the support components in computers and laptops in States’ testing of nuclear devices in for Greenpeace’s cause strengthened, Amchitka, Alaska. The focus of the India as compared to those in the west. eventually increasing the level of organization later turned from antiBangalore being the Silicon Valley of awareness about GM rice among the nuclear protest to other environmental India has been sitting on a time bomb issues. Today Greenpeace has expanded locals. with heaps of toxic wastes or e-waste its base to 40 countries including India since it has the maximum numbers A unique feature about Greenpeace with its international headquarters in of computers in the country. With is its fund raising style. To maintain Amsterdam. In India, it is headquartered Greenpeace’s efforts, now corporates like its independent nature, Greenpeace at Bangalore with a presence across Wipro, Philips and Nokia have initiated as an NGO does not accept donations 16 cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, takeback policy based on which they are from governments or corporations Chennai, Hyderabad etc. accepting unused computers or laptops or private business houses but relies Besides dedicated campaigners, for recycling. only on contributions from individual Greenpeace has a steady base of supporters. This gives the organization volunteers in every major city, who help For some issues, Greenpeace also the power to take on anyone, be it the organization fight for environmental partners with other NGOs. Like in the a government agency or a corporate issues using tools such as direct action, campaign against the release of GM lobbying, research and innovation. While house if there’s an environmental crime food crop BT Brinjal in Bangalore, detected. Besides, Greenpeace lobbies the organization is a firm believer in Greenpeace has been fighting under an with law and policy makers to advocate non-violence, its activities are ‘responseumbrella organization called GM- Free for a cause or help find a solution to oriented’ where activists do not budge India Coalition. The coalition has not an environmental problem. Currently, from their position unless they receive only successfully stopped the release of Greenpeace volunteers in Karnataka are a response from the target audience. BT Brinjal so far, but has also made the meeting individual Explains activist Stella, GM issue a national one. parliamentarians “Greenpeace activities are Greenpeace in the Lok Sabha very proactive. Instead of Greenpeace is a non-profit organization # 60, Wellington Street, and Rajya Sabha to the conventional way of that works on issues affecting our day to Richmond Town support and make the day lives. Since the organization works hunger strikes or ‘Dharna’, Bangalore – 560025. proposed Renewable Greenpeace takes bolder on a wide range of subjects, there are Tel - 41154861 Energy Law come into ample opportunities for us to be a part of steps, even while remaining effect. non-violent. This involves a cause close to our heart. l


18 AUGUST 2009


extracurricular bangalore

Ham Talk Learn about Ham Radio, an old communication tool that’s still going strong.


t a time when airwaves are cluttered with private radio channels, Ham radio may be an unknown entity. This is in spite of the fact that it has proved to be a reliable tool of communication even during natural disasters like the Tsunami. During such times, the Ham Radio helps communicate important news and messages to people when mobiles and landlines become defunct. It was in the year 1992 when two veteran Hams, S Sathyapal (known by frequency VU2FI on air) and RJ Marcus (known by frequency VU2VTM) founded the Indian Institute of Hams (IIH) in Bangalore. Since then, they have been promoting Ham Radio as a scientific hobby. The IIH is a registered trust and is licensed by the Ministry of Communications and IT, Government of Sathyapal with his Ham Radio Station

Marcus communicating on the old and reliable Ham Station

India. It is also affiliated to the National Saturdays and Sundays. Evening classes Institute of Amateur Radio (NIAR), on Saturdays and morning classes Hyderabad. Located at Kanteerava on Sundays have been strategically Outdoor Stadium on Kasturba Road planned for students and working in Bangalore, IIH helps students, professionals. The admission fee is Rs. professionals and other enthusiasts 1,200 (for students and retired people turn amateur Ham radio operators. it is Rs. 900) that includes membership The institute also conducts awareness fee, examination fee and cost of study programmes on Ham radio and helps material. Examination is conducted after in setting up Ham Radio Clubs at three months from the date of application educational institutions. to Ministry of Communications and IT, The Indian Institute of Hams conducts Government of India for grant of Ham classes to help you prepare for Operating license. Anyone of 12 years of the examination by the Ministry of age and above can take this examination. Communications and IT. These classes Once you have passed the examination, basically provide introduction to the you can either build your own radio set history and origin of Ham Radio, basic with the help of IIH or buy equipment. Electronics (only theory), instructions about rules, regulations and operating It’s interesting to know that signals from procedures of Ham Radio and a live a wireless Ham radio set can reach demonstration. The trainer also provides astronauts on a space shuttle where an insight into the age old way of no mobile network can reach. It’s communicating by Morse Code on age-old but it challenges the modern Ham Radio. Morse Code is a practice of day communication methods and IIH transmitting message provides this opportunity in which alphabet to learn more about it. Indian Institute of and numerals are Take up the course and Hams represented by various start getting in touch with Room No. 98, 2nd Floor, sequences of dots and other Hams because when Gate No.2, Kanteerava dashes. Outdoor Stadium, Kasturba all wireless or electronic Classes are held connectivity fails, Ham Road, Bangalore- 560001. for three weeks in radio still functions. l Tel - 26664501 different batches on


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Something old, Something new

An old coffee shop that’s got a Old Flavors, New Location new location and a relatively new oganan Yogesh, an employee of Canara Bank on MG Road restaurant that has been an ardent fan of boasts of historical Indian Coffee House for 12 years. In fact, he visits this quaint décor. little coffee shop 3-4 times a day. Somashekhar, his friend, is yet another avid visitor since 1984 who relishes his reviews both for favorite egg sandwich with a cup of you. coffee. Interestingly, both met for the


first time at Indian Coffee House and are now the best of friends. But what’s more interesting is the fact that the change of location has not stopped them from meeting up at their favorite coffee joint since years. As Yoganan shrugs, “Indian Coffee House remains the best in every aspect.” Perhaps a lot of Bangaloreans

20 AUGUST 2009

feel the same and that is why even in its new location, Indian Coffee House, run by the Indian Coffee Workers Co-operative Society, is teeming with people. Formerly housed on MG Road in a two storey building, Indian Coffee House that started in the 50s had to shut down in April 2009 because of some legal issues. Much to the relief of its loyal customers, it opened its doors again on Church Street at Brigade Gardens. We visited this newly opened coffee house on Church Street and were a little taken aback by its small size. The coffee shop has been reduced to a one-room cafeteria with a seating capacity for 50-60 people at a time. But apart from that, everything else remains as it was. The same old furniture, the photo frames of Mahatma Gandhi on the


Indian Coffee House is open from 8 AM to 8.45 PM. Parking can be done on Church Street.

Young but Historical

D Indian Coffee House #19, Ground Floor, Brigade Gardens, Church Street, Bangalore – 560001. Tel - 25587088

wall and sepia toned pictures of the Indian Coffee Board have kept the originality unaltered. There’s hardly a time when the tables are empty here. Liveried waiters with turbans representing the British Raj era serve endlessly with the same warm smile. The coffee, incredibly tastes the same too.

Apart from the strong filter coffee, you can try egg sandwich (must try), vegetable cutlets, boiled eggs, omelets, masala dosa, idli and vada here. All the items are priced less than Rs. 50. No wonder we see groups of old-

Royal welcome at Jalsa

ressed in Mughal Kaftans, the ushers lead us in. We explore this theme restaurant called Jalsa on Marathahalli Ring Road that exhibits designs reminiscent of the past. The food court, named Junoon, has domes reflecting Mughal architecture, the beaded curtains hang like precious stones strung on a thread and the low seating dining area inside with bolsters and grilled windows make you feel royal. The walls are embellished with mirrors and murals and a huge chandelier shines beautifully from the ceiling. The main dining area seems like a Sultan’s court inside a palace with tables decked in royal red and paired with old styled chairs and sofas upholstered in silk. Lamps on the side walls, add to the mood. The menu designed like a jharokha carries forward the theme. The food is Mughlai and Afghani. Mocktails, cocktails, liquor, wine and Breezers add a global touch while the Indian drinks like Lassi, Jal Jeera, Pudina Sharbat etc retain their innate charm. In starters, you should try Barra Kabab. These are lamb chops marinated in Kashmiri spices cooked in a clay oven. Jhinga Balai Ka, in which prawns are cooked in cheese and cream and prepared in a clay oven is also a must have. Vegetarians could go for Subz Potli Kabab, which is marinated minced cheese and potato stuffed with chopped bell peppers. The main course includes the usual dishes but among them an interesting one is the Khammeri ki Roti which is fermented Afghani bread made from wheat flour, yeast and yogurt. Also, Ghost Nehari, a Nawabi delicacy from


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timers gossiping, office-goers meeting for a coffee break and college buddies discussing their future with the same ease that they would at home. That’s possibly what sets apart Indian Coffee House even to this date.


Awadh in which pieces of lamb are cooked in a rich gravy is a spicy treat. You could also try Baluchistan Naan, another Afghani bread stuffed with minced lamb and Peshawari Chana, the popular Kabuli chana cooked in true Peshawari style. In desserts, Rabdi Malpua is a delight.

The walls are embellished with mirrors and murals and a huge chandelier shines beautifully from the ceiling. The main dining area seems like a Sultan’s court inside a palace with tables decked in royal red and paired with old styled chairs and sofas upholstered in silk.

22 AUGUST 2009

for about 160 guests at a time. Home delivery service is available within a radius of three kilometers. Ghazal nights are held on every Wednesday. Worth a try for a romantic time out. Meal price for two would range between Rs. 800 and Rs. 1,000. Parking space is available. You can visit it from 12 PM to 4 PM and 7 PM to 11.30 PM. For more restaurant reviews, log on to l These are deep fried pancakes soaked in sugar syrup, and dunked in saffron flavored, thick, creamy dessert. Jalsa provides indoor and outdoor space for party and has a seating arrangement


# 25, Outer Ring Road, Marathahalli, Bangalore – 560037. Tel - 32425757


restaurants chennai

Explore the new trend of converting old houses into new cafes and stores with

Artwork at display at The Madras Terrace House

It’s a house, it’s a café


itting stores and cafés into the hall rooms and backyards of quaint Madras homes is fashionable today. The idea came as a novel one to Chennai in 1999, with Amethyst starting a café and highend store within the renovated rooms of a 100-year old bungalow. Since then, there have been numerous cafés and upscale stores popping up in refurbished houses in the city including The Madras Terrace House, Café Ashvita (that doubles up as an art gallery), The Ode Gallery (a home décor store and outdoor café), and the more recently opened


Kipling Café. “Café-stores have created spaces that allow people to kick off their shoes and settle down to a cuppa, and browse through the store in leisure. And houses have an inherent and distinctive charm that can instantly make people feel relaxed and at home. They fit in with the idea of the branding these café-stores are trying to create,” observes Mathangi S, Partner, Chamiers, who renovated a crumbling bungalow into a white-washed eco-café that is reminiscent of Sunday mornings. Residential architecture from a forgotten Madras home seems to best flatter the sense of exclusivity and old-world charm these aesthetic café-stores are trying to create. But the concept isn’t all form without function. “Having a café and a store in the same premises ensures that they share customers; a person stepping into the store would mostly stop by for a drink at the café, and vice-versa. Besides, renting a house works out significantly

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cheaper than renting the same area in a mall, minus one-time renovation costs,” says Shafee Ahmed, Proprietor, Beanstock Café, who ventured to set up his outdoor café in a the parking shed of a house that is the Ambrosia store. Here’s a hot list of such café-stores that are gaining business and popularity in old Madras houses.


A 100-year old Zamindari bungalow, called Sundar Mahal, has been converted into a café and store. The café serves sandwiches, pastas, cold coffees, teas and small bites. The house also has The Store that retails designer wear, home décor items and jewelry.


Another old bungalow that has been converted into an outdoor eco café that serves up short eats, coffees, teas, delicious vanilla and cinnamon scented hot chocolate and juices. Chamiers also houses jewelry, books, knick knacks, and a line of Lokkesh Ahuja designed menswear, and the Jeyporean brand, Anokhi that comes out with block printed cotton clothes.

The Madras Terrace House

A 70-year-old Iyengar house that stocks clothes and knick knacks in one of its rooms, and serves cutting chai and

Chamiers Cafe

snacks in a quaint outdoor Tea Kadai.


A place that has white interiors and colorful tiles with prints of Tamil film stars and comfortable bean bags to sit in. The café serves cold coffees, tea and snacks. Several rooms of the house serve as an art gallery.

Casual ambience with beach umbrellas and colorful lamp shades at Tea Kadai

Ode Gallery

This house serves as an interior décor store. Outdoors, they have a café that serves coffee, tea and delicious muffins and cakes.


A beautiful spot that would be ideal for a romantic dinner date, Kipling Café has semi-private cabins with white cloth partitions, comfortable white sofas, and orchid-ornamented vases. The pizza here is delicious. They also serve other continental delicacies. Kipling Café has a store within a house, while the restaurant is laid out in the sprawling lawns surrounding the house.


A small café that serves tea, cookies, pastas, short eats, and coffee, Beanstock stands in the renovated car parking shed of a house. Inside the house sits a store Ambrosia that sells clothes, accessories, and shoes. To know the locations of these cafes or stores, SMS store name and city to 56161 in the following format - MM Info Beanstock in Chennai - and wait for the contact info to be SMSed back. l

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extracurricular chennai

Move in rhythm It’s a microcosm of dance cultures in Chennai that promotes traditional Indian and popular western dance forms equally well.


t’s artistic, it’s non-verbal and yet it expresses the deepest expressions through mere movements. Yes, it’s dance that we are talking about. Chennai is a melting pot of various dance cultures. Traditional and western dance forms find a home in the lap of this city. reviews a traditional institution of dance and arts and also presents a guide on the popular western dance schools in the city.

Gurukul style Kalakshetra Kalakshetra or the temple of art is a beautiful gurukul style school spread over 100 acres of natural surroundings. Hardly a wonder then that we are handed a map to help us find our way through the temple-like buildings. We see lovely cottages that function as classrooms, museum, library and guest houses. The Rukmini Arangam or the open-air theater leaves us mesmerized. At the far end of the campus are the hostels and a library apart from Bharat Kalakshetra Auditorium built in the koothambalam (traditional temple theater for dramatic art performances) style of Kerala. In the midst of all the concrete is the legendary giant banyan tree with Ganesha, where students and teachers pray everyday. The

students are encouraged to dress only in sarees, pavada dhavnis, dhotis and kurta pyjamas. The institution also makes it a point to serve only nutritious vegetarian food, and encourages students to sit cross-legged on the floor. The lifestyle this institution encourages is simple, traditional and legendary.

is visited by students from abroad for learning various art forms and for research. Kalakshetra provides courses in Bharatnatyam, Carnatic vocal, instrumental music, traditional crafts, visual arts, aesthetics, history, textual heritage, textile design and philosophy. These are offered as diploma and post diploma courses (admissions start by May). Part time courses are offered to young children three days a week in the evenings.

Kalakshetra was set up in 1936 by the legendary Bharatnatyam dancer Rukmini Devi Arundale. Rukmini Devi was magnificent in her own way; she learnt the ‘dassi attam’ which was performed only by devadasis at that time. Rukmini Devi went on to defy the social norms Kalakshetra also organizes programmes and even learnt ballet from Anna regularly by eminent artists. The Pavlova. The present Kalakshetra festival happens campus came about in December and the in 1962 and is today celebration of Rukmini Kalakshetra headed by Leela Devi’s birthday goes on for Tiruvanmiyur, Samson, a former a week in February. Art and Chennai – 600041. student of Arundale. craft exhibitions are also an Tel - 24524057 integral part of the academy. The institution today Lectures and workshops


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an extra curricular activity adds weight to their resume,” says Hariram.

John Britto’s Dance Company

Teaches Latin dances mostly and claims to have international trainers coming in. Founded by John Britto, the company regularly does highly-priced choreography for dance shows, and college culturals. Classes are held twice a week.

The Swingers

Students of The Academy of Modern Danse

happen all the year round. For visitors, the entry fee is Rs. 50 per head. The Kalakshetra brochure, which lists everything there is to know about the place and its projects, will be handed to you on payment of Rs. 10. Photography is usually not allowed and dance classes can be observed from outside the cottages. Stage performances usually happen from 6.30 PM to 8.30 PM.

Modern Dance Schools While Chennai has Kalakshetra, it also has several western dance schools. Yet, there are very few that are recognized names. These are the ones that offer the experienced dancers and professional training. guides you with a list of better known, nationally recognized institutions.

Hot Shoe Dance Company

Founded by Jeffrey Vardon in the late 90s, the institution offers dances like salsa, jive, hip hop and even tap dance. The duration of your basic course, depends a lot on your individual progress. The classes are conducted at O2 health studio, usually. Vardon is one of the most respected dancers in the city, and has trained abroad. He has also conducted numerous dance shows, and participated in many musicals staged in

26 AUGUST 2009

the city. “Dance is not just movement, it’s also attitude, and I teach that,” he says.

The Academy of Modern Danse

This institution functions out of the Russian Cultural Centre, and offers dance classes that are certified. Their ballet and jazz classes are certified by the Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing. At the end of their hip-hop and ballroom classes you will receive certification by the United Kingdom Association. They conduct salsa classes that are certified by the LA Dance Connection. It’s the best place to learn Ballet too. Kokila Hariram, the head instructor is a trained ballet dancer, and her students have even traveled to Bangkok for the Asia Pacific Dance competition; the first time India represented at the same. As the dance courses here are certified, they even help students when they apply to universities abroad. “Having

Founded by cine-choreographer, B Murali, The Swingers offers the usual round of dances - salsa, hip hop, jive, jazz and funk, and rock and roll. Courses are classified into professional and non-professional levels, depending on the duration. Many people who come in here are also taken up by the institution as trainers. “Dance is a fun way to lose weight, and we make sure our students have fun when learning,” says B Murali.

The Verb School Of Dance

Founded by Dubai-bred Vinu John, The Verb School of Dance offers instruction in Hip Hop, Salsa, Merengue, Jive, Free Style, Waltz, Fox Trot, Cha cha cha, Rock n Roll and Line Dances. The salsa classes here are famed. Courses have no specific time period. All the institutions mentioned above, have mixed classes – both men and women are welcome to apply. Usually anyone above the age of 5 can apply. Some institutions sometimes host dance performances; John Britto usually holds once a year. Learn more about these schools on l


Hotels & Serviced Apartments

Explore a heritage hotel and know more about a luxurious contemporary hotel in Pune.

We discover two interesting hotels in Pune - an old fort transformed into a classy hotel and a new one that has all the trappings of modern living.

Royal and Traditional Fort Jadhavgad, a heritage hotel takes you back in time with its architectural splendor. In the breathtaking countryside of Saswad village, 25 kilometers from Pune, Fort Jadhavgad was built in 1907 on a hillock, by Pilaji Jadhavrao a valiant Maratha general in the army of Chhatrapati Shahu Ji. The fort took five years to be built and gives glimpses of

Fort Jadhavgad from outside. The buildings that house the rooms stand out amidst the stone structure.

Maratha craftsmanship. It was restored by Vithal Kamat of Orchid Chain of Hotels in 2007 and is now a heritage hotel. The fort is old, but like its motto (Ladh Jhagad, Aage Badh - Struggle and Succeed), it stands tall even today. The fort hotel is spread over an expanse of 25 acres and offers a taste of history, with luxurious comfort and hospitality in an eco-friendly environment. Women in traditional nine yard sarees with aarti thali greet you at the entrance against the music of shehnai in the background. A modern touch is added with a cold towel and a refreshing drink.

you realize that the original look and ambience has been retained in spite of the massive restorations and additions. The kholis have been created in the side walls of the fortress to avoid damaging the 300-year-old structure. So you enjoy the modern amenities of plasma television and electronic safe within a historical fort whose walls even have sealed ammunition openings.

Enter the fort gate and pass the pathways and you are completely mesmerized by the mysterious innate charm. Names like Kholis for rooms, Kund for swimming pool and Akhada for the health club add to the experience. The staff as well carries ranks like kiledars, subedars or swagat kaksha vyavasthapak.

Their multi-cuisine restaurant called Chajja, has a splendid adjacent sitout. The restaurant serves traditional Maharashtrian dishes along with a mix of Indian and Continental food. Must-tries are achari baingan (brinjal), tambda chicken rassa (Kolhapur curry preparation) and paneer khada masala with hot naan. Desserts like walnut fudge and gulab jamuns are tasty too. Charcoal Grill is another restaurant here while Bawdi is its pool bar. The hotel is also into rainwater harvesting and grows vegetables in its own organic farm.

A walk around the property will make

The highlight of the property is the


Luxurious Stay


museum comprising Vithal Kamat’s personal collection called AAI dedicated to the memories of his mother. This two level museum recreated in the old stables of the fort, showcases day to day traditional artifacts used in every home. Most of the artifacts, furniture and jewelry displayed here are in excellent condition with detailed craftsmanship. Given a chance, do tour through the scary dungeons and the wine cellar as well. Fort Jadhavgad is a great place for a tourist to stay for its historical ambience as well as modern facilities. It is also apt for corporate outings and weddings as they offer huge lawns and excellent packages with special musical and dance programs like lavni (traditional Marathi dance form), ghazal programmes, hasya kavitas etc. Day trip facilities are also offered. Customer service is impeccable.

Popular and Contemporary


tarted by the popular socialite duo Neelam and Anil Seolekar, O Hotel is all about opulence. Located in Koregaon Park this five-star hotel overlooks lush green surroundings and is close to Pune’s business district and shopping areas. Grand hallways with mood lighting lead

Fort Jadhavgad

Jadhav Wadi District, Pune – 412301. Tel - 02115- 238475

you to the 99 deluxe and club rooms and 13 suites. There’s also a Presidential suite, usually booked for the rich and the famous. The O suite, 630 square feet in size, has luxurious seating area in flamboyant red. The rest of the interiors are a classy mix of beige, black, dull gold and white with specially picked artifacts. An open soak tub with bath salts ensures a relaxing bath after a tired day. Better still, you can pick from a ‘pillow menu’ including anti allergic, anti stress and millet pillow. Mini bar, complimentary coffee machine,

electronic safe, video on demand, Plasma television and Wi-Fi broadband facilities are

also available. The hotel also has O Salon with an open massage center amidst artificial lotus ponds, Buddha statues and beautiful flowers. A perfect setting for a morning massage amidst chirping birds and pleasant breeze. There is an enclosed spa area too with a lounge area and a special massage room for couples.

The Lobby Bar at O Hotel

28 AUGUST 2009


O Hotel

S. No. 293/294, TPS Sangamwadi, Off North Main Road, Koregaon Park, Pune – 411001. Tel - 40011000

For food and beverages the hotel has ample choices. It has a 24-hour dining area called the Kitsch. Eclectic colors and furniture adorn the stylish place that offers varied flavors with seasonal twists. Adjacent is the Lobby Bar, a spacious and relaxing lounge that features limited edition cigars and the world’s finest wines with an intimate ambience and attentive service. The hotel boasts of the only Japanese restaurant in the city offering Sakes and a Sushi Bar. There’s also an interactive Teppanyaki counter, with separate grills for vegetarian and nonvegetarian cuisine. There’s also Addah, for romantic dates. This restaurant has candle lit alfresco dining with rattan ware lounge chairs and a swimming pool in the middle. Guests can keep their feet inside the still water under the table and enjoy a pleasant evening. That apart, O Hotel has state-of-the-art conference halls, gym facilities and even Amrapali a jewelry store. A special mention goes to the banquet hall that has been conceptualized like a library. An absolute dream venue if you wish to host a marriage or reception under those sparkling lights. O Hotel is definitely one of the swankiest destinations in the city. It’s chic, classy and of course expensive. l



One Life Activity Club Success Health Club, Panchavati, Pashan, Pune – 411008. Tel - 9370015930

One Life, Live it Make the most of your life and enjoy every moment of it with One Life Activity Club.


n the scenic backdrop of the Panchavati hills lies an activity club that works towards making people enjoy life rather than let it pass by. That’s One Life Activity Club, a brainchild of Arvind Bijwe that brings together like minded individuals from myriad walks of life and creates memorable experiences for everyone around.

weight loss sessions, nutrition packages, books and movies club, outdoor activity camps etc. This includes Satsangs, Art of living classes, kickboxing, salsa classes, pranayam, religious trips to places like Trimbakeshwar or adventurous sports like water rafting, scuba diving, paragliding and rappelling with trained experts.

The natural ambience adds a fresh appeal to the club. The ground level has a huge hall overlooking a pretty manicured lawn with inspiring quotes and out-of-the-box posters pasted all over the place. Inside, is the gymnasium cum activity club. The array of activities lined up includes aerobics, Shiamak Davar’s dance classes, yoga classes, music classes, canvas zone, pottery section, trim programs,

One Life also encourages participation of its members for varied social causes like blood donation, orphanages, global warming, brotherhood, old age homes, animal welfare, HIV etc. Related events include ‘The Drum Circle,’ a community and confidence building programme with Agnee drummer Varun Venkit or the ‘Cycle Rally’ a global warming and pollution awareness event conducted

30 AUGUST 2009

on the first Sunday of every month. They also undertake educational field trips for kids and adults on Saturday mornings to the Panchavati hills. On a regular basis, they have brainstorming sessions on formulating ingenious ways of watering the plants and protecting the flora, fauna and habitats. For under privileged kids they have a special programme called Toy Bank where they collect toys and distribute to orphanages. On National Science Day they even collaborated with Padma Bhushan awardee scientist Jayant Narliker who gave an inspiring talk on - Are we alone in this Universe? The club aims to be a vibrant community of dedicated individuals. Arvind Bijwe thought it was necessary to create a common platform where artists and participants could all come together to make a difference and create one life of togetherness, learning, joy and fun. And One Life does vibrate with art, culture, sports and all those things that add ‘life’ to our existence. As Arvind Bijwe believes that to achieve wellness and happiness in the truest sense it is important to associate with an activity and enjoy it completely. The club is a beautiful initiative and an extraordinary experimentation. Check it out anytime between 6 AM and 11 PM. l



Learn how to build a nest from scrap. Learn how to give a bird a nice and cozy home.


ou don’t need to be a millionaire to give a bird a home. You just need some old oil cans, a tool kit and some time in your hand. Established artist, muralist, bird watcher and bird photographer Vishwajeet Naik who also runs a creative academy in Pune called House of Art shows us how. Vishwajeet developed this technique with his father Dr. Sattyasheel Naik who is a noted ornithologist. They make artificial nests from scrap like oil cans and wooden boxes and now about 40 species of birds like Magpie, Robin, Grey hornbill, Birds of Paradise, Owlets, Grey Tit and Mynas use these nests as their abode. He teaches us how to participate in this cause.

How to Build

• Birds can utilize simple items like plastic cans, wooden boxes and pots as homes. With old trees being felled and new trees being young, artificial nests

It Helps Because

can be arranged by hanging objects like petrol cans on trees. Such artificial homes fascinate a lot of birds. • The most durable are the plastic cans as they do not rust or break easily like wooden boxes or pots. • To build a home out of a kerosene or petrol can, clean it thoroughly and make


• Building a birdhouse can help kids and adults to engage in bird watching. They understand the importance of bird habitats by seeing them in such close quarters. Kids’ love for nature develops, making them responsible citizens. • It provides opportunities for observation and facilitates scientific study of the breeding behavior of birds in that environment. • It increases the availability of nesting places for birds where there is dearth of natural nest sites due to lack of mature trees. • Even migratory birds find them as a great transit halt while flying to faraway places. • The cans don’t get wasted either. So take an oil can and drilling machine to build your birdhouse. You could also visit House of Art for a special sightseeing tour. For House of Art’s contact info please visit l

AUGUST 2009 31


Build a Birdhouse

sure you remove the toxic items inside. Then paint it green or brown to replicate natural surroundings. • With the help of drilling equipment (available in the market easily) make a hole big enough for the bird to get in and small enough to prevent crows from entering it. • Make sure that you drill small holes at the bottom of the nest. This will drain the rain water instead of flooding the artificial nest and killing the young ones. • If possible have feeders or water cans for the birds to drink. • Try to make nests near fruit and flower bearing trees as birds are easily attracted towards these trees. • Hang the nests in such a way that the holes do not face the tree (similar to a hollow in a tree). • Once the artificial nests have been built do not disturb the birds by looking into the nests, touching it or cleaning it. The birds will disown it otherwise. • Firmly attach to a tree or a wall, away from the heat of the sun and avoiding the direction of strong wind or rain. • The breeding months of birds start from May before the rainy season. Therefore, this is the apt time to build it.


city hotspots

Relatively new in its makings as a city, yet ‘old-worldly’ in its ways… here’s a look at Vizag’s popular haunts.

Know your Vizag E very city has a unique character that is defined by the weather and topography of the region, the industrial and commercial landscape and, most importantly, the inhabitants and their lifestyles. Vizag happens to be a relatively young city in India, and yet it has its fair share of old hands and favorite haunts. For its readers, compiles a special guide to the most popular places. This may come across as a brief list of stores and establishments (with a large fan following), but we would like to call it an ode to a simply wonderful city!

wisely recommended to those who are new to the city, Karachiwala has been in Vizag since the times of partition. The store, like a mega-mart, is a warehouse of groceries, tinned foods, toys, cosmetics and so much more. The patriarchs at the store are friendly souls and it is probably this warmth that explains why this store continues to beat competition from larger and newer malls. Gothisons is another old store that, at all hours of its

working days, is filled with customers who love to shop here for kitchen appliances, electronic and household goods despite there being new outlets. Another favorite is CMR Shopping Mall, which is probably the most crowded spot in Vizag. Clothes, accessories, gold jewelry, toys…the list is never-ending. Families step into CMR as if on a picnic outing, and so can’t help but love the place for the oldworld ‘ease’ it offers.

Now think of a popular place to put your best foot forward in Vizag and you would be told to head straight to newage Tango. The footwear collection here goes from the very basic to the very stylish and the best part is that the store caters to the entire family. The same holds true for Dolls-n-Chic, another popular oldie for party wear. The clothes here may seem jarring and loud, but that does not stop the ladies from ‘taking a look’. The store is packed during Navy Week celebrations. In Vizag, gold jewelry shopping is a trademark passion, fueled

Shopping gurus

A lifeline to those who live here, and

32 AUGUST 2009



by the many gold shops that dot the city’s lanes and bylanes. But the preferred choice here remains Vaibhav (with V Square following closely) for being oldfashioned and trendy at the same time. We round off this section at Hirawats that works on the notion of a ‘family that shops together, stays together’. So families by the dozens step into this store that is stuffed with clothing and fabrics of all kinds and whose staff serves with local grocery-like warmth. In the same breath, we’d like to speak of Pages, meant to be the city’s largest bookstore but is now a malllike entity, stuffed with the latest playtime gadgetry. This relatively new store is now an old favorite and a must-visit for most families as a part of their weekend outings to the city.

Restaurants and fast food

Admittedly, Vizag has witnessed a surge in eateries, bakeries and fast food joints in the recent past. Some are really good, while others continue to remain incognito. But the senior-most in this business also stays on as the most popular. We are

Karachiwala has been in Vizag since the times of partition. The store, like a mega-mart, is a warehouse of groceries, tinned foods, toys, cosmetics and so much more. The patriarchs at the store are friendly souls and it is probably this warmth that explains why this store continues to beat competition from larger and newer malls. talking about FoodEx, which continues to head the list with great service, hygiene and fresh fast food (the Chicken 65 holds out against pizzas and burgers) and the most fabulous birthday cakes. Amongst eateries, the ‘homely’ ambience and traditional Andhra cuisine at Dharani and Dakshin ensure the staying power and popularity of these separate vegetarian and non-vegetarian restaurants at Hotel Daspalla. In a food-era of continental dining, the thalis served at these restaurants are still a big draw. We close this section with Vizag’s party scene favorite Chrome, which has played a major role in awakening the city’s nightlife. Chrome remains a ‘happening


spot’ for those who’d like to dine and wine in a pub ambience.

Tourist hotspots

Vizag is just not complete without its beautiful picnic spots, its favorite spots for local family outings like Ramakrishna Beach, Kailashgiri and Rushikonda Beach and its tourist hotspots like the INS Kursura Submarine Museum and Visakha Museum and its weekend outing favorites like Araku Valley and the Ananthagiri Hills.

What’s missing then? thinks, perhaps,

a good multiplex (that, other than Telugu films, also screens Hindi and English films), a bowling alley and gaming zone for youngsters and a forum for the English theater movement. On a practical note, some stringent lessons in traffic sense, efforts to maintain safety norms for industrial pollutants and wastes and a greener environment too? We are sure you have your own favorites. Why not write to us at and let us know? l

Vizag’s human face is fast turning into a cosmopolitan one with city needs. So what could be missing?

AUGUST 2009 33

home decor vizag

Tribes India in Vizag is teeming with artifacts and handicrafts. Drop by and take home a crafted piece of rural India.

Ethnic Treasures


evamped and renamed, the Girijana Vegetable Growers’ Society store in its new form as a showroom of Tribes India, comes as a pleasant surprise. Once stocked with organic products from the tribals of Araku Valley, this store of colorful pillars and a bright yellow smiling sun signage is now replete with the best rural handiwork from all the states of the country. An initiative of TRIFED, under the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Tribes India was set up to promote self-help amongst tribal communities. This new store stocks ethnic and handcrafted merchandise, which is reasonably priced, from the heartlands of India. All the artifacts are displayed neatly in shelves placed along the walls. The most amazing feature at Tribes India is the spread of bell metal figurines from Chhattisgarh – probably

34 AUGUST 2009

the largest collection in Vizag. These are available in all sizes and rustic forms (starting from Rs. 598, with an eye-catching horse carriage priced at Rs. 1,350), along with the ones that are beautifully framed (smaller ones cost Rs. 140, while the largest is for Rs. 950). The collection here also includes bamboo coasters from Jagdalpur (Rs. 60 to Rs. 134), unframed Warli paintings from Maharashtra, beadwork and mirror-work handbags, purses and mobile pouches (some quilted) from Gujarat and woodwork fruit bowls (Rs. 900), and long wind flutes (from the Gonds of Chhattisgarh) placed in reed baskets from the NorthEast, besides some lovely lanterns and tribal jewelry. Lined atop the shelves are a series of Rajasthani terracotta busts (in pairs) that are attractively done up in bright Rajasthani finery. On the opposite side

Tribes India

GCC Ltd Premises, East Point Colony, Chinna Waltair, Opp VUDA Park, Vizag- 530017. Tel - 9440202477

are Girijana Vegetable Growers’ Society’s natural and organic products. Showroom manager KS Gulgoth also points to the special Assam green leaf tea packs that are now available here. At the far end of Tribes India we see a collection of southcotton ethnic wear for men like kurtas and shirts (Rs. 450) and tribal motif Tshirts (Rs. 250), kurtis for women (Rs. 350 onwards), reasonably priced Maheshwari sarees (Rs. 1,250 onwards) and soft Pashmina shawls (Rs. 1,575). Overall, this range is limited, but selectively nice. Stores like Tribes India make you want to linger and browse at leisure, and the staff here seems to understand this sentiment. They maintain a discreet but watchful eye, and quote prices without hurrying you along. Tribes India does not accept credit/debit cards, so you need to carry cash. Parking space is available outside the store, which is open between 8.30 AM and 9 PM on all days, with a long lunch break on Sundays between 1 PM and 3 PM. l


Women’s Clothing

A new designer boutique in Vizag that brings back life into hand-painted or blockprinted Kalamkari artwork.


stark United Designers signage in black letters (against white) by the gatepost, just after Weekender Kids at Siripuram in Vizag, is the only indicator of the existence of a boutique by the side. We walk in and the ‘avid shopper’ in us lets out a silent whistle of appreciation because despite a simplistic décor of clothes being strung over pegs and hangers, we see a display of neat and stated designs in natural Kalamkari weaves for women. The showstoppers at this boutique are quite obviously the slim-fit Kalamkari pants and capris. United Designers’ recent arrival in Vizag (originally set up in the year 2008 in Hyderabad) is the culmination of a simple desire of four creative heads (Durga Prasad, Rajeev, Satya and Rajesh from the National Institute of Fashion Design) and one textile expert (Satish from the National Institute of Design) to ‘access’ customers directly. Today, this women’s designer wear boutique is quietly creating a niche in women’s ‘elite’ wear in the city for its natural pure cottons, feather-light linen and soft silks (synthetics are a big no-no here), all of which are perfectly ideal to beat Vizag’s humid weather. The clothes are a blend of Indian and Western styles, attempting to revive traditional Kalamkari in a trendier avatar. The team directly sources cottons from small weaver communities in rural Andhra Pradesh and a selection of Maheshwari silks from the weavers of Madhya Pradesh. The collection at United Designers is worth filling up your wardrobe with. The boutique has its in-house labels ‘Prakrutik’ and ‘Up’ that personify style

and elegance. So, the fusion of Kalamkari prints, using natural and vegetable dyes in deep red, black, yellow and pastel shades, end up being instant jaw-droppers! There are cotton tops, tunics, skirts, capris and pants in western casuals and kurtis and salwar-kameez sets in ethnic wear. You also have the liberty to choose bottoms among churidars, harem pants or Patiala salwars. The color tones (light beige and cream) are fortunately the kinds that go with anything and everything. You can also take a look at some of the creations of young student-designers, as United Designers retails some of their collections too.

United Designers is open between 10 AM and 8.30 PM on weekdays and between 4 PM and 8 PM on Sundays. Parking space is available outside the boutique and by the pavement. l

If you are interested in heavier silks, then there are some pure Banaras silks meant for party wear and for regular wear (shift dresses, shirt dresses, princess line dresses, empire line dresses, cocktail dresses and sun dresses). The only concession that the boutique has made in terms of a ‘different’ fabric is with the use of Hakoba and corduroy. In a nutshell, the designs at United Designers are different and tasteful. The price tags are steep, but the collection is ideal for those who value the essence of ‘pure’ fabric


United Designers

# 10-50-18/4/1, Ground Floor, Siripuram Towers, Siripuram, Vizag – 530003. Tel - 9966950503

AUGUST 2009 35


Kalamkari Revived

and the importance of quality (neat cuts and even neater threadwork). Each piece is created in three pairs only (a pair each for the Hyderabad and Vizag stores, and one for its retailers) to get the ‘exclusive’ zing. Customers can even pick and choose a design from the in-house labels and switch fabrics from cotton to silk or to linen (so to some extent a tailoring facility is available).



Home Food Stores Home food stores continue to lure Vizagites in this age of global cuisine as metromela. com discovered on a ‘taste-bud’ drive of these delectable finds.


here is something about a homecooked meal that beats even the best gourmet feast; the taste, the flavor and the ‘personal’ touch, and the comfort and nostalgia that it can invoke if you are far from home and get to have just a bite. It is no wonder then that despite a rise in hip fast-food diners and glitzy restaurants that serve continental cuisine in the city, the busy Vizagite still picks up his regular fill of pickles and podis (dry chutneys) from the good old home food store that sells traditional delicacies and savories.

Bezawada Home Foods, small in size but sizably filled with customers, offers a variety of pickles ranging from the spicy red avakkai to the tangy gongura, along with rice papads, podi and

a variety of mixtures like uppuchakka. This store is also popular for its stock of fresh Andhra sweets ranging from bobbatlu (shallow fried discs of flour, stuffed with a mixture of jaggery and dal) and bondas (savory potatofilled gram flour balls) that are served hot from the girdle to ariselu (deep fried discs of rice flour and jaggery) and pootharekulu (rolled paper thin sheets made with rice sprinkled with powdered sugar). For a North Indian touch, Bezawada has pedas, gulab jamuns and milk sweets like kalakand. Stepping into Gruhalakshmi Home Foods is like stepping into a store warped in time, as the decor of old glass jars and shelves would tell you, and in a manner of speaking this store does carry a sense of ancient history. While

owner Rambabu tells us that the recipes for his sweets have been perfected by his grandmother and mother over the years, in the large kitchens of their ancestral home, the lady of the house Anita adds that the store continues to serve the same foods and savories, without any newer additions. Bobbatlu, aariselu and cashew pak are the popular buys, while pickles are offered in a wider range. You can buy avakkai (spicy mango), sweet mango, lemon, gooseberry, red chilli, ginger, tomato, gongura (sour greens) and tamarind. These are so ideal to go with a meal of rice at home. Podi and sambar and hard-to-find rasam powders are available too. As evident, every NRI Telugu makes it a point to carry at least half a year’s stock when he/she makes the annual visit home. Students leaving for the States

too come in to pack kilos of their favorite spicy stuff to take across the Atlantic. Another favorite amongst the NRI crowds (since 1992) is Swagruha Foods with its platter of Andhra delicacies. Its aariselu, bobbatlu and boorelu are famous, as are its pickles and podi. The owner Shankargaru tells MetroMela that apart from locals who throng his store, new residents of the city (many of whom are from the North) also enthusiastically sample the eats here. The demand for his stock also builds up during the wedding and festival seasons. Our last find amongst home food stores in the city is Gruhapriya Pindivantalu, which is easy to sight with its traditional façade of wooden pillars and a large clay urn at the entrance and, of course, the unmistakable aroma of sweets and mixtures. All the accompaniments like traditional Andhra pickles and podi are available here, as well as Andhra specialty sweets. The store also undertakes large orders for weddings and for festive sweet gift-packages. It is rightly said that the charm of good home food never fades, and no city expresses this better than Vizag where these old stores continue to exist and do brisk business. So if you’d like to give your guests from abroad a real taste of Andhra cuisine, then log on to find these stores’ locations. l

36 AUGUST 2009


city hotspots

A 120-year old Kerala home turned cultural hub for music performances, books, games and more.


uniquely crafted signboard on the busy road at Maradu, Cochin, beckons you to the cozy

goodies like clothes, jewelry, clutches, soaps, fragrances and furniture to drool over. Amaara is Kerala-inspired and yet it stands out for being so unique among the concrete


West of SDVLP School, edifice of this café/ Maradu, Cochin. home store/art Tel - 2706922 gallery called Amaara (eternal). Situated under numerous coconut trees, this 120-year jungle that’s growing around old traditional Kerala home it. Rashmi Deepak, the force or “nalukettu” has managed to behind it, created this space wipe out its ugly signs of age to primarily meet her personal with just the right amount need to connect with her roots of paint and repair work. A and cherish Kerala’s traditions. natural instinct to explore Luckily, she found people rises within and you realize with a similar need. Rashmi that it’s a one-of-a-kind place takes care of everything from to put your feet up, tuck the decor, the menu, the into steaming vadas, play performances and artists, and chaupad or read a book. even the pieces on sale. For shopaholics, there is an Within Amaara, the narrow assortment of cottage industry passages lead you to the



Cultural Connect art gallery-cum-store that is stocked with everything Indian - there are exquisite ornaments, pretty lamps, wooden furniture, murals and paintings, homemade soaps and a lot more for you and your abode. Next, you notice the café that has both lovely cane loungers and comfortable tables and chairs. Here, get ready for some mouthwatering South Indian fare such as pazham pori (banana fry), vadas, dosas, idlis and even a complete Kerala Sadhya (meal served on plantain leaves). While you munch on the food, play some Indian board games or bring back memories of your childhood with a session of Scrabble or Carrom Board. If you prefer to enjoy a quiet moment reading, head to the library and pick up any book and just chill out. For lovers of performing arts, Amaara has set up a beautiful stage at the cool tree-shaded yard. Here, beside the auspicious tulsi, watch mesmerizing dance and music performances. Kathakali, Mohiniattam, martial arts, classical music renditions,

all emerge at this backyard to light up your evening. Amaara often conducts workshops, especially for children. Recently, they worked with the volunteers at MAD (Make A Difference youth volunteer network that works with underprivileged children in India) by interacting with kids from an NGO, Jeevan Dhara Bal Bhavan. The idea behind the workshop was to spread awareness about Indian culture, music and dance in a fun, interactive and informative manner. We think Amaara is a great place to relax and connect with friends or even spend a pensive moment alone. The food is simple and homely, and for once you can look beyond cappuccinos and croissants. The backyard stage is inspiring but vulnerable against rains. The cottage industry goods and the lamps, handmade soaps and fragrances are quite affordable. Overall, it’s the perfect place to hang out if you are tired of the ultramodern coffee pubs that play ear-shattering music! Parking space is available for approximately six cars and the place is open from 8.30 AM to 8.30 PM. l

AUGUST 2009 37


city hotspots

Fusion of Cultures


f Cochin had to witness the best artistic performances, whether dance, music or plays, it would invariably be either at the new Jose Thomas Performing Arts Centre (JTPAC) or at the traditional Kerala Fine Arts Society Hall. lets you know more about both.

a cross-section of audience as well as attract the next generation into appreciating the country’s performing arts tradition.

And so in April 2009 was built the 700-seater auditorium with lighting and acoustics facilities by international production design and technology experts. Today, the auditorium frequently The New JTPAC conducts music concerts and plays by Jose Thomas Performing Arts Centre or popular artists. Recent ones include JTPAC as it is fondly called is a coming shows by Usha Uthup, Colonial Cousins, together of a common idea – an idea Paresh Rawal’s play Shaadi@Barbaadi. that was born out of the need for a com, Malayalam rock band Avial’s cultural hub, which preserves, sustains, performance, actress Shobana’s dance propagates and nurtures drama Maya Ravana, the performing arts and many more. In traditions of India and addition, the JTPAC JTPAC the world. Jose Thomas, community is involved Choice House, Choice Chairman of Choice Group in a range of artLane, PV Sreedharan and Malayalam superstar promoting activities. Road,Kumbalam, Mohanlal, the visionaries Cochin – 682506. behind JTPAC, dreamed In a short span of Te l - 3019700 of an art ecosystem that time, JTPAC has would bring together brought together

38 AUGUST 2009

Cultural hubs like the new JTPAC and the old Kerala Fine Arts Society ensure that Cochin gets to see the best of modern and traditional art forms. artists from different genres to ensure that an assortment of people convene at this cultural hub and encourage diverse art forms. It has pulled in maestros from classical and fusion music, theatre



The JTPAC community is coming up with its own productions and symphony orchestra. There are plans to open an exclusive art gallery apart from a digital archive of performing arts. and dance to make certain that the art community at JTPAC is not known for just one genre of performing arts. In fact, it has developed a mixed Kerala Fine Arts bag character.

Society Hall

Fine Arts Avenue, Church In addition, the JTPAC Landing Road, community is coming up Cochin - 682 016. with its own productions is a great place Tel - 2352730 and symphony orchestra. to spend an There are plans to open an intellectual or fun exclusive art gallery apart evening with a from a digital archive of performing likeminded gathering of people. arts. Mega production of Nala Damayanthi and a Broadway-style show of critically Though situated on the outskirts of the acclaimed Malayalam movie, Chemmeen city, getting to JTPAC is easy since it is are in the pipeline. There is also an located at the famous Choice House. arrangement to offer scholarships to There is ample parking space available. students with special interest in arts and fellowships for artists. The Old Kerala Fine

Watching a performance at this auditorium is a mesmerizing experience. The ushers are very polite and helpful. The rates for shows are on the higher end, starting at Rs. 500 for the seats farthest from the stage. There is a coffee and snacks counter at the theatre, which caters to guests during intervals. JTPAC

Arts Society

The Kerala Fine Arts Society was born in 1956. The art lovers of the small township of Ernakulam, required space to conduct and promote cultural programmes such as music concerts, theatre and dances. So they got together to work towards this objective. Today, the society not just conducts such programmes but also teaches advanced music and dance to aspiring artists. The Kerala Fine Arts hall is located at Fine Arts Avenue, Church Landing Road in Cochin. Built in the early 1970s, it can seat 1,200 people, which includes 800 cushioned seats at the ground floor and space for 200 people at the balcony. The auditorium is currently not airconditioned but plans for the same are in the pipeline. Additionally, the auditorium has a suitable acoustic ambience and has been a preference with organizers in the past for Ganamela (music shows by various artists) and Carnatic music and dance recitals.


The Kerala Fine Arts Society focuses singularly on traditional performing arts, which is why art lovers will find the auditorium hosting only cultural programmes that takes one back to Kerala’s roots. The society emphasizes the importance of Koodiyattam and Kathakali and the Sopana style of music in the realm of performing arts and music, as well as the contribution of Swathi Thirunal and Raja Ravi Varma in paintings. The society’s attempt is to keep the cultural heritage of Kerala alive by constantly bringing these art forms to the forefront. In future, the Kerala Fine Arts Society hopes to establish schools of excellence in the field of performing arts. Currently, it continues to offer advanced classes in music and dance. While in the past the Kerala Fine Arts Society and the auditorium was held in high regard, today, the one-time glory of this society and its auditorium has diminished. Unfortunately, in recent times, the hall has been used for weddings too. The number of shows conducted here has come down; however one cannot deny the work this society has put in to re-establish the significance of Kerala’s performing arts, music and fine art. The staff here still belongs to the old school of thought, which is perhaps why the society is grappling on its way ahead. Nevertheless, MetroMela loves the old world charm the hall exudes. l

AUGUST 2009 39


pubs and clubs

Lounge Time

A new pub in Cochin, Ava Lounge, is attracting crowds in droves. finds out why.


omfy sofas, interesting lighting and the works. Ava Lounge at Dream Hotel in Cochin has got it right when it comes to aesthetics. This 3,000 square feet lounge bar cum discotheque is the newest club in town, and party animals are trooping in. The lounge is fairly large with a neat dance floor and a wide bar area. The bar counter is well-manned and the service is quick. In fact, the staff ensures they find a comfortable seating area for guests as soon as they walk in. The wine menu is well-stocked and there is Indian and imported alcohol available. Contrary to what is expected, the wine is not astronomically priced. Ava also serves finger food of which Assisette (Seafood

40 AUGUST 2009

Dumpling), Chemmeen Ularthiyathu (Stirfry Prawns), Golden Fried Chicken with a special sauce and Chermoula Fish Fingers are some of the hot favorites.

dancers, and Cheer leaders for the IPL tournament. loved the overall ambience and the experience. DJ Shekhar begins playing around midnight and his groovy music gets even some non-dancers to get moving. However, the bar closes at 12 AM. This is a party-pooper especially on a Saturday night.

The crowd at Ava is distinctly a class apart. The place Ava Lounge makes you feel at home and The pub also has Dream Hotel, SA Road, even if you are not much theme nights. On club Elamkulam Junction, of dancer, just sitting back nights (mostly Fridays Kadavanthara, and enjoying the music is and Saturdays), entry Cochin- 682020. an experience. If you love is free for ladies and Tel - 4129999 to nurse your drink, walk in couples, while stag earlier to beat the 12 PM ban. entry is charged at Parking is not an issue here Rs. 1,500. The in-house DJs, Shekhar at all. An interesting tidbit — the staff at and Nash play on Wednesday, Thursday, the reception will tell you that Ava’s on the Friday and Saturday, and come in on 14th floor, while it is actually on the fourth. special events as well. Ava’s special events Strange! But you will find that the elevator until recently include Bollywood Night, has numbers starting from 11. l DJ clubbed with a percussionist, Salsa


Expert tips to help you retain the shimmer of silk and the soft touch of the fabric.


ilk is a fabric known for its ‘royal’ touch. Even today, it exudes the rich charm and aura that it did centuries ago. Undeniably, the beauty of a silk saree is a sight to behold. In fact, it is an attire that can never go out of fashion, irrespective of the prevailing trend. When one talks of silk sarees, it is only natural to think about Mysore, the silk capital of the country. In fact, Mysore silk saree continues to enjoy a royal position and is known all over for its grandeur and quality.

In the city itself, other than Dussehra festivities and the popular savory Mysore Pak, the Mysore silk saree enjoys a cult status. So why does this saree attract such a large fan-following? speaks with Suresh J Dabade, a senior Dyeing Master at the Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation Limited (KSICL) factory in Mysore, to give you some information about the Mysore silk saree and to also tell you how to maintain silk apparels.

KSIC’s Silk Factory

The silk weaving factory in Mysore (currently owned by KSIC) was established in the year 1912 by Naladi Krishnaraja Wodeyar, the Maharaja of Mysore province. The silk factory initially manufactured products for the royal family and for the armed forces. After independence, the Mysore State Sericulture Department took control of the factory. In 1980, it was


taken over by Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation Limited (KSIC), a Government of Karnataka enterprise. KSIC uses high quality pure natural silk and 100 per cent pure gold zari to produce Mysore silk sarees. The size of a finished Mysore silk saree is 5.5 meters in length and 45 inches in breadth. Every Mysore silk saree manufactured at KSIC comes with an embroidered code

number and a hologram to prevent misuse and to trace its production history. KSIC has four authorized stores in Mysore at KR Circle, Manandawady Road, Indiranagar and Jhansi Lakshmi Bai Road where you can source royal Mysore silk sarees and other silk apparels. To know more about these stores, log on to metromela. com. l

Silk Care Tips l

Silk material should not be stone-washed. Preferably dry clean silk. l Use soft lukewarm water to wash silks, and use the ‘kneading and squeezing’ action to clean silk apparels. l Do not wash silk sarees by holding the body and pallu of the saree together as it can damage the designs. l To remove soiled parts, rinse two to three times in warm water. l Use either a good toilet soap or a shampoo to wash silks. Alternately, you can use soap nut (boil it in water to produce a soft lather), which is good for silk material. l Do not soak silks in water for too long. Rinse in cool water (add a few drops of either citric acid or acetic acid to water before the final rinse) and roll silk in a towel to remove excess water. l Do not expose silks to direct sunlight, whilst drying. Dry them in a shaded area. l Cover silk apparel in either brown paper or cotton cloth to protect from insects, dust and moisture. l Do not keep silk material in one fold for a long duration as it can lead to a tear. Besides, this can cause marks on the material. It is best to put them up in hangers. l To protect your silk wear from insects, use camphor balls or silica gel sachets. But avoid using naphthalene balls if the silk has zari border. l Air your silks once in two months to retain the shine. Steam ironing is always recommended. Do not use a hot iron directly on silks, and keep a thin cloth on top while ironing. l Avoid storing silk in plastic and cardboard boxes as it can harm the natural shine of the material. l To remove stains, rub with a soft damp cloth. l Avoid laundry wash, perfume spray (as substances containing alcohol damage silk fabrics) and water spray while both ironing and during detergent wash.

AUGUST 2009 41


Rich and Beautiful



Of Pastries and Masala Dosa Sweet Austrian Cafe

Just like the Mysore palace and mallige (jasmine flowers), the Mysore masala dosa occupies a place of pride in the city’s culture. But that does not mean that the city is unwelcome to new tastes and flavors. Edelweiss Austrian café stands proof to Mysore’s growing cosmopolitan culture. does the balancing act and reviews the Austrian café and also shares a guide to the best places for Mysore Masala Dosa in the city.

The bright lights of Edelweiss Austrian Cafe are inviting as we approach Vani Villas Mohalla on Adipampa Road in Mysore. A large and attractive glass façade at the entrance gives us a peep into this small, but well-furnished and pretty café. The ambience is cozy, comfortable and relaxing. Edelweiss Austrian Café, set up in 2007, is a one-of-its-kind cafe in Mysore as it serves authentic Austrian pastries and other mouth-watering delicacies. An IndoAustrian couple, PM Cariappa and Angela Cariappa Richter, own the café. Angela points out that Edelweiss is a traditional Austrian name and comes from a flower growing in the Alps. The café fulfills the couple’s need to create a unique place in Mysore where people can enjoy good food in a relaxed ambience. We settle ourselves in at Edelweiss Austrian Café and take a look at the interestingly designed menu-card. In the shape of a star, this card also carries information about the history behind the name of the café, some useful inputs about Austria and Austrian cafes and a description of the food in detail (which otherwise would be tough to identify). For instance, there is Palatschinken (hot

42 AUGUST 2009

pancake that is filled with a variety of sweet and savory ingredients like ice cream, chocolate sauce, nuts, fruits, vegetables, minced meat, etc), Schnitzel (Chicken and Chips, which is also a favorite in the café), Strudel (an elastic pastry filled with fruits and savory fillings), Golasch (a spicy dish of cut meat cooked with onions, herbs and spices) and Spatzle (pasta). Edelweiss also serves soups, salads, chicken specialties, pizzas, spaghetti, snacks, burgers, pastries, sweets, breads, chocolates, sandwiches, ice creams and waffles. Over-the-counter cakes are also available (hygienically displayed in airtight shelves). You can place orders for birthday cakes, wedding cakes and Christmas cakes and goodies too. Similarly, the beverages have a host of Austrian specialties like Viennese Melange (coffee, milk and foamed milk topping at Rs. 40), Kaiser Melange (whipped cream topping at Rs. 50) and Franziskaner (light coffee, whipped with cream and grated chocolate at Rs. 50). The cold coffee varieties have Viennese Ice coffee (cold coffee, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and grated chocolate at Rs. 80), to name one among the many. Regulars include Cold coffee, Hot chocolate, Green tea, Tulsi tea, Cold chocolate cream etc. We order for Tulsi tea (has a refreshing taste) and an Italian-style thin crust pizza that is quite filling. We also sample a Banana Split ice cream (Rs. 80). The other ice cream varieties here are Strawberry Love and Chocolate Nut Brownie. The café also serves special items like eggless, gluten-free and lactose-free foods and various breads (using only plant enzymes that are 100 per cent natural). Edelweiss Austrian Café is different from the other cafes in Mysore mainly because it serves unique Austrian cuisine. It is perfect for evening snacks of the


For the last few years Dosa Point has become a hotspot for dosas on D Devaraj Urs Road. Besides masala dosa, they serve onion dosa, rava dosa, plain dosa and set dosa. You can enjoy quality masala dosa for an affordable Rs.18. Their paper masala dosa (paper thin, crisp and very large dosa) and masala rava dosa are equally delicious. The restaurant is open in the evenings between 5 PM and 11 PM. Although it’s a small space and heavy inflow of dosa lovers makes it difficult to find a table here, the dosas are definitely worth the wait. Edelweiss Austrian Café

continental kinds (whilst hanging out with friends) and it has a nice homely ambience. The staff members are knowledgeable, prompt and quick. There is ample parking space along the road of the café. Visit it anytime between 11.30 AM and 9.30 PM. A meal for two would be well under Rs. 500.

Spicy Mysore Masala Dosa Not tasting a Mysore masala dosa on a visit here is akin to giving French wine a miss in Paris. Mysore masala dosa is a variation of the masala dosa (a savoury rice flour pancake filled with spicy potatoes and served with coconut chutney), a typical South Indian delicacy. It was created by Kadandale Krishna Bhat of Hotel Woodlands, who belongs to the Kadandale village in Udupi, Karnataka. It is nothing but masala dosa served with a generous coating of fresh unsalted butter. This special touch, however, makes every bite of the dosa lusciously creamy and melt-in-the-mouth. This tasty dish, high in carbohydrates and proteins, though mainly included in the breakfast menu is also

served at other times of the day. Here’s a guide to the best hotspots for this delicacy.

# 2686/1, 9th Cross, Adipampa Road, Vani Villas Mohalla Opp Aparna Book Store, Mysore- 570002. Tel - 6452448

If you ask Mysoreans the place to experience the real taste of Mysore masala dosa, nine times out of ten the answer would be Mylari hotel. It serves authentic Mysore masala dosa and no other variety. For more than four decades the hotel has been serving Mysore masala dosas and the huge crowds waiting


Located on Dhanwantri Road, Indra Café is famous for serving mouth-watering vegetarian fare which includes the famous Mysore masala dosa priced at Rs. 18 a plate. Although it is open from 7.30 AM to 10.30 PM, masala dosas are usually served in the mornings and early evenings.

Hotel Dasaprakash is one of the oldest restaurants in Mysore. Its clientele consists mostly of old timers who gather and reflect on the fame of the restaurant. It serves tasty Mysore masala dosa (Rs. 20) in the mornings and evenings. The restaurant is open from 7 AM to 10.30 PM. And finally, there’s Vishnu Bhavan restaurant inside the city bus stand. The restaurant is very clean and well maintained and offers very good Mysore masala dosa (Rs.18) from 7 AM to 11 PM every day. Apart from masala dosas they serve other varieties of dosas as well. There are more happening food joints in Mysore. Read their reviews on l

AUGUST 2009 43


for their turn in front of the hotel are indicative of the quality. At Rs. 12 per dosa, it’s quite a treat. The hotel is open from 7 AM to 10.30 AM and from 4 PM to 8.30 PM. It is closed on Wednesdays.



Fun, Fit and Active Bored of the usual extracurricular activities for yourself or your kid? Try Mallakhamb or Muay Thai and get introduced to a new world of fitness and fun. Shree Samartha Vyayam Mandir explores

an ancient form of Indian gymnastics, Mallakhamb and a Thai form of kickboxing, Muay Thai as interesting activities for you to indulge in.

Keluskar Marg, Shivaji Park, Dadar, Mumbai- 400028. Tel - 24457870

Shree Samartha Vyayam Mandir Lithe and supple youngsters doing tricks suspended on a rope, young boys doing back flips and uneven bar routines and scores of kids doing free-arm exercises, are all oblivious to the myriad crowds at Shivaji Park in Mumbai. They are all being trained by Shree Samartha Vyayam Mandir, an old institute founded way back in 1925 by Shri PL Kale Guruji, a renowned wrestler. Today there are nearly 1,000 students coming to the Vyayam Mandir every day. Accomplished and dedicated trainers teach interested students Gymnastics, Mallakhamb (ancient form of Indian gymnastics done on a pole or rope), Yogasana, Kho-Kho, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Athletics, Judo, Karate, Wrestling, Bodybuilding,

44 AUGUST 2009

Weight lifting and general games.

So much is this institute’s dedication to physical exercise and fitness, that its students are trained in any of the disciplines for a fee of only Rs. 30 a month. Living in a gym and spa culture of exorbitant rates, it is heartening to see an institute so driven by passion, and so focused on its goal, where money is never allowed to become a condition for fitness. And the Vyayam Mandir has seen its results. Over 1,000 students have won national championships, and many youngsters have done well at international gymnastics and athletic events. If there is anything about Samartha that needs an extra special mention, it is the Mallakhamb; and it is not just in India that this institution is propagating this sport. This year a team of students and trainers are set to go to Germany for the 6th consecutive year, and every year students from Germany, USA, Singapore

and several other countries come to Samartha for advanced Mallakhamb training under the guidance of Uday Deshpande, who heads the Mallakhamb Federation of India. Although anyone from any age group (5 years onwards) is allowed to join, aspirants have to participate in a camp or a shibir first. The shibirs are where basics from all these disciplines are introduced to participants. Though they are simple, they are a test to see your dedication and your passion to exercise. Only once you clear the shibir, are you allowed to be a regular student of the institute. These 10 day shibirs happen every three months, with a basic fee of Rs. 50 for registration. Shree Samartha Vyayam Mandir is almost like an answer to everything. Enroll yourself or your hyperactive kids at Samartha and watch the transformation happen. Besides, the quality of teaching and the discipline is par excellence. Although Samartha believes that there is no age limit for fitness, it is best to


start young. Parents out there, are you listening? Shree Samartha can be contacted from 7.30 AM to 10 AM and 4 PM to 8 PM. Limited parking space is available.

Total Combat and Fitness

The mood of the class changes suddenly once the warm-ups are through. Out come the punching bags, kicking pads and boxing gloves. While the seasoned students of the class engage themselves with circuit training, combat and sparring, the junior students are taken through all the basics by Shetty. He

starts with teaching them the fighting stance, the six basic punches and basic kicks. Once these have been mastered by the student he moves on to teach them combinations, attack and defense techniques and body movements. Only when the student feels confident enough of his/her strength, stamina and reflexes, is s/he introduced to actual sparring. The classes are held three times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 7. 45 AM, charged at Rs. 1,000 monthly per head, and every class is a surprise. Shetty makes it a point to have a different workout regime each time so there is never any monotony and it ensures that every muscle group is regularly exercised. This class is not for those looking for a quick fix degree in Martial arts. It’s only for those who are dedicated enough to go through the long grueling rigors of training which inculcates a deep sense of discipline, integrity and self-confidence in a person. It’s definitely a place for those seeking the confidence to fend for themselves in this urban jungle. And you can derive the right kind of inspiration and guidance from Bala Shetty – the driving force behind these classes. l

It’s 7.45 AM and in the quiet precincts of the Athornan Madressa in Mumbai, you see a group of determined youngsters engrossed in rounds of rigorous warmups. Once the warm-ups are done with, the group disbands and each one dons his/her boxing gear and readies for the next session of combat training.

Total Combat and Fitness

Athornan Madressa, 5 Gardens, Parsi Colony, Dadar(E), Mumbai – 400014. Tel - 9869441285

A bronze medalist at the second Asian Indoor Games, Balkrishna Shetty first started his Muay Thai (a form of kickboxing originating from Thailand) training class at the Five Gardens venue on a small scale in 2007. And since then there has been no looking back. Now in 2009 it has developed into a full-fledged martial arts training academy.


AUGUST 2009 45


Training with Total Combat and Fitness is demanding and competitive, but satisfying. The first three rounds of warmups itself are enough to leave any newcomer drained of energy. But they are the most crucial part of the two hour regime. Total Combat is not just about learning to fight; to be an effective Martial arts exponent one needs high levels of stamina, energy and flexibility and as a trainer Shetty pushes you to achieve that.

mumbai vizag

picspeak See mumbai through our eyes

Bombay (Mumbai), the city of Seven Islands and Countless Dreams, as we see it‌

Dadar Station, Rush Hour, Crush Hour

Outside Vileparle station

Savarkar Market the mall of the 20s

Rajabai Tower This timeless structure still tells the time Angry tides at Worli

High Street Phoenix that was once Phoenix Mills

Kotachiwadi, the hamlet that survived the onslaught of modernity


India United Mill No. 6 The 14 acre mill was once used as a stable for breeding horses for royal transport and then converted into to a textile mill for dye works in 1899. Now talks are on to sell it for several thousand crores, with plans to build a 76-storey World Trade Centre here.


city hotspots

Mumbai’s Ganges An old tank with a mythological history that is known to be as sacred as the Ganga.


s your vehicle leaves the buzz of Girgaum Chowpatty in Mumbai behind and winds its way up the steep road into the rich greenery of Malabar Hill, there is a sudden change of scene and the air is distinctly cooler. It doesn’t feel like Bombay anymore. You leave your vehicle on the main road and walk down a tapering alley lined with small houses, stone shrines and crumbling archways; some of them centuries old. There is something really serene about the air there, and you’re wondering what it’s all about, when over the next wall you spot the tank, Banganga. They say eons ago as weary travelers walked across the dense jungles on the western side of the Sahyadri Mountains looking to quench their thirst one of them shot an arrow into the ground willing the very Ganges to erupt at that spot. The travelers included none other than Ram and Laxman in exile on a

48 AUGUST 2009

mission to Lanka, and the place where the Ganges erupted is called Banganga. Following the myth, the tank was built around the spring in the 13th Century by the Silhara Dynasty. It was at the same time that the Walkeshwar temple was built on the West face of the tank. Legend has it that originally Ram placed a Shivalingam of sand on the spot, and that is how Walkeshwar gets its name - Valuka Iswar, Sanskrit for idol made of sand. The Portuguese destroyed the tank in the late 12th century, but the spring and the myth remained. In 1715 a Mumbai businessman and philanthropist, Rama Kamath donated enough money to rebuild the talk and refurbish the temple. On the east side of the tank is one of Mumbai’s oldest temples, the Venkateshwar Balaji Mandir, built in 1789 during the Peshwa rule. The temple with its wooden canopy needs urgent repair, but when you step into its hallowed precincts, the reverberations still envelop you with a sense of tranquility that the



rest of Mumbai rarely allows. By the 1860s several other temples appeared on all sides of the tank, most of which still stand: the Shri Kashi Math of the Goud Saraswat Brahmins, the Mahalakshmi Temple and several other small shrines. While Bangana is quiet, languid and

relatively empty on most days, on days of religious significance, full-moon (purnima) and new-moon (amavasya) days people throng to the tank for blessings, as the water is still considered as sacred as that as that of the Ganges. Once a year in January there is the Banganga Festival of Music organized here, that brings artists from all over the country to perform on a floating stage that is erected specially for the occasion. However, the sorry part of this ethereally beautiful tank is that it’s not well maintained by the

Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), and the element of filth does put you off momentarily. But you still fall in love with the place, with only a little remorse about the garbage lining the sides of the water. Banganga may be neglected by the BMC, but it is still an enigma that transports you to an era where time seems to stand still. Do pay a visit when you want to escape the stifling materiality and chaos of the city. l


flowers and gifts

Every city has its local markets. Delhi has plenty too. explores its beautiful and bright wholesale flower market.

Blooming Delights


hen you’re in Delhi, get up early one morning to go to the Rajiv Gandhi Handicrafts Bhavan in Connaught place. What you will see will surprise you in a rather pleasant way. Hordes of vibrant flowers tied together in beautiful bunches will greet you all around. Popularly known as phool mandi this is known to be one of the largest flower markets of Asia. The Delhi wholesale flower market starts functioning at dawn at about 4 AM and winds up early by 9 AM, depending upon the sale of flowers. As soon as you enter the Baba Kharak Singh Marg,

50 AUGUST 2009

you would see lines of autorickshaws and other vehicles parked on both sides of the road. Finding a nice parking space can be very difficult here. Also, there is no paid parking in the morning so beware of people who may try to fool you into paying parking fees.

About the Market

It is believed that the market was founded in 1995 by Shri Brij Mohan Khanagwal. There are hundreds of flower traders at this market who come from far off places every day and make their living by selling the decorative cut flowers. Most of the florists all around Delhi also come here to buy the flowers they sell

during the day. Fragrances of roses, chrysanthemums and rajnigandha (tuberose) waft through the air and make your mornings pleasant.

What’s Available

The variety is extensive here. Popular flowers like Roses, Bird of Paradise and Carnations are brought in from Pune and Bangalore. The Marigold or genda flowers come in from Kolkata. You also get beautiful orange and peach colored Asiatic Lilies from Bangalore and tulips from Kulu and Shimla. Rajnigandha, which is very popular because of its fragrance, is imported from Muzaffarnagar while the blue,


There are chaiwallas and kachoriwallas selling snacks and beverages to these flower vendors. If you are hungry then there is a small shop towards the Shivaji Stadium road near Rajdhani restaurant, that serves chole bhature and lassi early in the morning.

MetroMela’s Tips

purple, pink, white and other colorful orchids come from Bangkok. The market also has a variety of Gerbera flowers in red, yellow, orange and pink colors. Others include anthorium, Jaffri, Margaret, Patti Calcutta, lotus and more. The rose lovers can have a ball as apart from the popular red rose, the vendors also sell peach colored roses, yellow roses, white roses and pink roses.

Different types of leaves and stems used for decorating the bouquets are available too. These are especially popular with the florists who buy them in bulk. Bouquet accessories like colored nets, cellophane sheets with different designs, branch wires and sponges used for the bouquets, cello

tape, scissors and ribbons in different colors apart from cane baskets, glass jars and other accessories can also be found here at very low prices. The flower traders also sell bamboos for your home. The prices for these fluctuate depending upon the season. The prices are comparatively

• If you are planning to buy a large number of flowers then make sure that your car is parked near the market. • It is advisable for women to avoid visiting the market alone. • For the lowest price, it is best to visit the market around 8.30 AM when the flower sellers start winding up and are ready to sell their flowers at low prices. • Different vendors ask for different prices for the same flowers. Therefore it is better to explore the market a little before you start buying. • If you are buying roses, check them or else you may be handed wilted or old flowers. l

The market also has a variety of Gerbera flowers in red, yellow, orange and pink colors. Others include anthorium, Jaffri, Margaret, Patti Calcutta, lotus and more.


AUGUST 2009 51


low in the month of March as the production is high and the market receives good merchandise. The market also has its share of dry flower vendors who sell a large variety of dry flowers, dry flower baskets and pot-pourri.


city hotspots

Muse, Amuse Museums aren’t always boring. In fact, they can be quite a fun-filled eyeopener if you know which ones to go to.


useums bring out a whole new world whether they are historical, anthropological, art or science related. They are havens of knowledge and a treasure house of information. They teach concepts through their display and make learning fun. Delhi has an interesting set of museums, ranging from aviation related to even one on toilets! Here’s an update. To understand how the railways in India started, you can visit the National Rail Museum. The museum displays one of the oldest working steam engines, The Fairy Queen, which is one of the star attractions here.

52 AUGUST 2009

The displays at the museum relate to trains, antique clock and furniture, mannequins of the railway staff and their uniforms, dummies and working models, documents and photographs etc. The open area displays the locomotives and shows how the railways developed over the years. You can visit the museum anytime between 9.30 AM and 7 PM from April to September. From October to March, the timings change to 9.30 AM to 5 PM. It is closed on Mondays. For aviation enthusiasts, Delhi has the Air Force Museum near Palam Airport. The museum displays various vintage aircrafts and allows you to peek into the history

of the Indian Air Force. Apart from actual aircrafts, you can see uniforms, weapons, anti-aircraft guns, war trophies and pictures from different periods. The Air Force Museum is open from Wednesday to Sunday between 10 AM and 5 PM. If you have always been curious about history, you should pay a visit to the Archaeological Museum. The museum is set inside the Red Fort and displays rare relics and manuscripts that date back to Mughal era and those before it. Excavated objects like pottery, coins, jewelry, costumes etc. belonging to the Mauryas and the other rulers are all displayed here. The museum is divided into



different sections where one can see remnants from the Indus Valley Civilization as well. You can visit the Archaeological Museum on all days except government holidays. The museum is open between 9 AM and 5 PM. The Indian handicraft industry is fascinating too. Delhi’s Crafts Museum reflects that through its collection of more than 20,000 objects. Ritual accessories, decorative metal ware, tribal art and crafts, traditional Indian textiles, aristocratic objects and more, belonging to different regions of the country and dating back to the bygone era can be seen here. The museum also has a section where visitors can get to see how these things are made. You can visit the museum at Pragati Maidan anytime between 10 AM and 5 PM. The museum is open every day except on Mondays and national holidays.

Indira Gandhi Memorial at Safdarjung Enclave was the home of the former Prime Minister of India. The living room and the library have

Model of station with station master

been maintained just the way they were, before she was killed in 1984 and are not open to the public. Some of the rooms here are dedicated to her son Rajiv Gandhi as well. The pictures help you to get a glimpse of her life through her childhood and to the period when she was made the Prime Minister of India. In the garden, the spot where she was assassinated

and fell has now been made into a memorial. One can still see the dried blood stains through the glass cubicle. The saree in which she was shot and Rajiv Gandhi’s burnt clothes (from his assassination) are also displayed at this museum. It is open from 9.30 AM to 5 PM every day except on Sundays. And now a strangely unique

L-Replica of King Louis XIV’s throne which had a commode under it. R- Solar toilet that does not require water. The excreta is dried using solar energy and turned to manure.

one - Sulabh International Museum of Toilets. Here you can see how toilets evolved with time! It allows people to see the designs, material and the different technologies that were used by our ancestors to get rid of, well, human waste. You can get information about the toilets used since 2,500 BC and can also get to see some of the dummies of the old toilets used by humans. A replica of the throne of King Louis, XIII is also displayed at the museum which has a commode underneath. The museum is open from Monday to Saturday between 10.30 AM and 5.30 PM.

Tips from • Photography and filming is not allowed at some of these museums. • Silence is maintained so it would be preferable to put your mobile on silent mode. • The museums are all closed on government holidays. • Most of them have nominal or no admission fees. l


AUGUST 2009 53


city hotspots

Historical Peek Look beyond the India Gate and the Red Fort in Delhi. There is a lesser known protected monument, Agrasen ki Baoli, worth visiting as well.


downwards towards the 60 meter deep and 15 meter wide reservoir. Redstone walls envelop the sides and small jharokhas (window like openings) in the walls add a touch of elegance.

The reservoir beautifully displays the architecture of the 14th century, when it is believed to have been built. Around 103 steep red stone steps lead

The reservoir is believed to have been built by Raja Agrasen and thus the name. In the earlier days, it was used to store water. In fact, it had water till recent years as well. Now however, it has dried up and all you can see are bird’s feathers and droppings. Some environmental

onnaught Place hides within its commercial façade, an architectural splendor - Agrasen ki Baoli. The baoli or the water reservoir is protected by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and is considered to be of national importance. However, it lies unexplored.

54 AUGUST 2009

groups believe that the reservoir can be revived to store rain water. This, they insist, would even help solve the fresh water problems in Delhi to some extent. In their effort to awaken people around this issue, they have even held exhibitions and taken people for a tour of the reservoir. For many like us, who visited it for the first time, this was definitely a hidden historical treasure. For those who have watched the movie Chandni Chowk to China, Agrasen ki Baoli may bring déjà vu. Some scenes of the movie were shot in this reservoir. Possibly, one of the claims to fame for this almost forgotten historical monument. recommends a visit to the

beautiful architectural delight. No entry fees here. l


15% off

men’s/women’s clothing

Maqdoom Bros

Sufi Chambers, Road No. 1, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad – 500034. Tel: 23325109



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valid till 31 dec 2009

Flora Biotech

# 2-2-1100/1/A, F-4, Jaya Residency, New Nallakunta, Secunderabad - 500044., Tel: 65881582

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# 598, 2nd Main, Koramangala Village, Koramangala, Bangalore – 560095. Tel: 40524200

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home decor/flowers & gifts

Kashmir Art Industries # 210, Brigade Road, Bangalore – 560001. Tel: 41510500


The World Winner # 32, 3rd Cross Street, Kasturba Nagar, Adyar, Chennai – 600020. Tel: 42117250

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annual membership

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Flowers and Gifts / Kids’ Shopping



Home services




Plot No. 27 & 28, Arunodaya Colony, Madhapur Hyderabad – 500033. Tel: 23114477


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Mandava Suites



Hotels and Serviced Apartments


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Books & Stationery


Shop No. 7, Main Road, Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad – 500060. Tel: 9396343974

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home services

Royal Pest Control # 8-1-523/161, Brindavan Colony, Tolichowki, Hyderabad – 500008. Tel: 64566174

valid till 11 may 2010

alternative medicine

Arogya Kerala

# 101, Reliable Residency, Road No. 12, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad – 500034. Tel: 233968

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# 1-43/B, Main Road, Madhapur, Hyderabad - 500081., Tel: 66848882 Landmark: Near ING Vysya Bank

valid till 30 sep 2009

Tours and Travels

Sri Shakthi Cabs

# 86, JJ Khan Road, Royapettah, Chennai - 600014., Tel: 044-28481818

valid till 31 aug 2009

Music and Movies

Nathan’s Rock Salad

# 96, Kavery Complex, Shop No. 23, Nungambakkam High Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai - 600034., Tel: 28252020 * on registration charges

valid till 31 dec 2009

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WHAT’S HAPPENING in your city


Art Exhibition

September 25th – 27th

The Royal DictArt, an exhibition of artworks by Masuram Ravikanth.

Food and Wine Exhibition Upper Crust Show, a unique food and wine trade fair, brings together the finest of vintners, distillers, chefs, restaurateurs etc. Hyderabad International Convention Centre For more details, call 040-66134422.

August 22nd – September 12th

Art Exhibition

Abstract paintings by Deepak Sonar, Jeet Aulakh, Anil Gaikawd, Promod Gaikwad, Srinath and others. Iconart For more details, call 09849968797.

August 28th – September 6th

Chasing The Monsoon

Daira Centre for Arts and Culture For more details, call 040-66618628.

September 25th

Kuchipudi Dance

Inside Outside Mega Show for interior design, furniture and furnishings, building and construction industries. Hitex Exhibition Centre For more details, call 040-27765716.

August 7th – 30th

Pasta and Risoto Select pasta preparations served with complimentary desserts. Novotel Hyderabad For more details, call 040-66824422.

August 6th – 31st

iReboot For more details, call 09986984878.

Super Sunday Brunch at Latitude

Andhra Balananda Sangham For more details, call 040-27561443.


Latitude plans to make your Sunday a fun filled gastronomic experience by introducing the first ever ‘world on your plate’ eating experience. Vivanta by Taj

September 12th, 7.30 PM

Kharaashein – Play

Buzzintown presents Kharaashein, a play by the famous film lyricist and poet Gulzar based on his poems and short stories. The play is conceptualized by Salim Arif. Chowdiah Memorial Hall For more details, call 09886400774.

August 22nd, 29th; September 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th

Taj Deccan For more details, call 040-66523939.

Inside Outside Mega Show

Get an inside view on how you can use your voice as a voice over artist, master of ceremony, radio jockey and presenter.

August 1st – 30th, 12 PM

Kuchipudi Dance by Kids

Drive away your monsoon blues with a special monsoon special a la carte menu.

September 3rd – 6th

Voiceover Artist/ RJ / Compering Workshop

(Event occurs every Saturday)

Drink till you drop night

NYK’s Lounge presents drink till you drop night with DJ Supreeth. NYK’s Lounge For more details, call 09986984878.

June 30th – August 31st

Art Exhibition

An exhibition of paintings by Avinash Veeraraghavan titled Toy Story. Galleryske For more details, call 080-41120873.

September 8th – 11th

Electronica & Productronica India 2009

August 22nd, 10 AM onwards

Fossils Live

Biggest Bengali Rock Show in Bangalore. Special Attraction: Corporates v/s Colleges (Band Competition)

An international exhibition and conference for electronic components, assemblies, materials and production technologies.

Palace Grounds For more details, call 09916341730.

August 22nd – 23rd, August 29th – 30th, 10.30 AM

For more details, call 080-66933333.

Bangalore International Exhibition Centre For more details, call 022-26452101.

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Tours and Travels

Amirtha Car Rentals # 7, RKP. Road, Saidapet, Chennai - 600015., Tel: 9841377822





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# 179, Royapettah High Road, Mylapore, Chennai – 600004. Tel: 42087166



Kids’ Shopping / Women’s - Men’s Clothing






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men’s/women’s clothing

Silk India

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Women’s Clothing

States Emporium

Vishweshwarayya Building, KR Circle, Mysore – 570001. Tel: 2420235

women’s clothing

# 6-3-803/1/13, 1st Floor, Ameerpet ‘x’ Road, Ameerpet, Hyderabad – 500016. Tel: 66756469

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# 45,1st Floor, Cathedral Road, Chennai - 600086., Tel: 28111182 Landmark: Opp Stella Maris College

on purchases worth Rs. 1000/- & above

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Flowers & Gifts / Home Décor

The Contemporary Window H-137/3, 2nd Avenue, Besant Nagar, Chennai – 600090. Tel: 65853122

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Silk India

# 381A, Narottam Wadi, 2nd Floor, Kalbadevi, Mumbai – 400002. Tel: 22050000

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Books and Stationery

Ashok Book Centre

# 13-1-1C, Green Park Road, Jagadamba, Vizag – 530002. Tel: 2565995

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Men’s Clothing / Kids’ Shopping



Men’s Clothing # 40, Pondy Bazaar, T Nagar, Chennai - 600017., Tel: 28153391 Landmark: Opp Rajkumari Theatre

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woMen’s Clothing


Konark Casuals # 28-2-9, Jagadamba, Vizag – 530002. Tel: 9908341777

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WHAT’S HAPPENING in your city

August 1st – 31st

August 29th, 7 PM

Chennai Trade Centre For more details, call 044-22316033.

Savor new culinary delights and creations alongside the old classic favorites at Le Jerdin.

Alauddin & 100 Watts Bulb is a play in Tamil presented by K C Mohan.

August 1st – 31st

The Oberoi For more details, call 080-25585858.

Sree Vaari Fine Arts For more details, call 09884491390.

Buffet dinner at Verandah, with unlimited select spirit.

September 22nd – 24th

September 21st – 30th

Taj Connemara For more details, call 044-66000000.

Relish lip-smacking delicacies at the Chef’s Catch festival. Le Royal Meridien For more details, call 044-22314343.

September 7th – 13th

New Menu Creations at Le Jerdin

Alauddin & 100 Watts Bulb – Play

Chef’s Catch festival

September 25th – 27th

ICON 2009

Agri & Food Processing India

Pune Hollywood Karaoke Sing your thing at the Hollywood karaoke night with Anthonio.

Bangalore International Exhibition Centre For more details, call 080-22284862.

Not Just Jazz By The Bay For more details, call 020-66044200.

September 11th, 7.15 PM

Carnatic vocal concert

September 1st – 30th

Weekly Markets in Oil paintings

A forum for musicians, Karnataka Ganakala Parishat has arranged a grand vocal concert of renowned classical musician Dr. Nagavalli Nagaraj and Party.

Deep Art Gallery is organizing weekly markets in oil paintings.

Seva Sadana For more details, call 080-23347830.

Chennai Trade Centre For more details, call 044-22316033.

August 16th, 23rd & 30th

August 22nd, 23rd, 29th, 30th

DJ Manny with Brute Force Kaycee and Alive on 16th August; Robert Babicz from Germany on 23rd August and B.O.L.T on 30th August

Savor Coastal Malabar delicacies at Le Royal Meridien.

August 30th, 8 PM

One of India’s rare agriculture and food processing events.

Submerge Sundays at Fuga

Coastal Malabar

Le Royal Meridien For more details, call 044-22314343.

India International Construction and Contracting Exhibition

(Event occurs every Sunday)

Buffet dinner at Verandah

Weekend Buffet

Savor lip-smacking weekend Buffet at Radission Hotel. Radisson GRT Hotels For more details, call 044-22310101.

Fuga Nightclub For more details, call 09620134428.

September 25th – 27th


Opportunity to showcase interior products, services and technologies.

Interiors International India 2009

Deep Art Gallery For more details, call 020-25658761.

July 14th – September 12th


Scrap booking, card making, creative gifts and lots more. GalaKidz For more details, call 09730077168.

August 29th, 8 PM

Horizon Live

Horizon, a classic rock band will perform live. Not Just Jazz By The Bay For more details, call 020-66044200.

powered by


WHAT’S HAPPENING in your city

August 28th, 8 PM

Live Night - Roxygen Live Night with Roxygen, a retro and classic rock band. Not Just Jazz By The Bay For more details, call 020-66044200.

Hotel Taj Malabar For more details, call 0484-6643000.

November 22nd

Mrs Kerala Beauty Pageant 2009 Kruti Harmoney Events and Promotions present Mrs Kerala beauty pageant 2009.

July 25th – 27th

Marine Drive For more details, call 09946000640.

Zen Idea presents script writing workshop by Ram Yadav.

July 8th – September 6th

Pune Fertility Centre For more details, call 09960039961.

Relish scrumptious Sea food at Lagoon.

Script Writing Workshop

November 5th – 8th

Modern Machine Shop 2009 A unique business forum for all engineering professionals. Auto Cluster Exhibition Centre For more details, call 020-40091501.

Cochin September 17th – 20th

Inside Outside Mega Show Event for interior design, furniture and furnishings, building and construction industries. Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium For more details, call 09846091797.

November 21st-23rd

Kerala Gem and Jewellery Show The Art of Jewellery presents the Kerala Gem & Jewellery Show. Le Meridien and Convention Centre For more details, call 08025201687.

June 8th – September 6th

Indian and Continental Grill

Savor lip-smacking Indian and Continental grill.

Sea food

woven through words, music and dance. Prithvi Theatre For more details, call 022-26149546.

July 23rd – August 30th, 12.30 PM

5 Ka Dum

Eat 5 Unlimited Lunch Buffets for the price of 4. Aromas of China For more details, call 022-67254444.

September 11th – 13th

Le Meridien Hotel and International Convention Center For more details, call 0484-2705777.

India International Travel Mart India International Travel Mart (IITM) brings people together to promote inbound, outbound and domestic tourism. World Trade Centre For more details, call 080–41152214.

Mumbai August 21st23rd, 28th -30th; September 4th-6th, 11th-13th, 18th-20th, 25th–27th

July 4th – August 31st

Cheerful Evenings at Opium Den

Weekends Culinary Break

Enjoy spirited evenings over cheerful conversations at Opium Den with Happy Hours from 6 PM to 8 PM at Trident.

Experience culinary wonders par excellence. ITC Maratha For more details, call 022-28317976.

August 30th, 11 AM

Let Her Be Born - Play Experience a rich quilt of women’s experiences across time and space

Opium Den For more details, call 022-66326314.

September 11th – 13th

Adventure Monsoon Camp Adventure Monsoon Camp at SherpeNapane Waterfall in Konkan. Camp Site: Jungle Resort. Adventure India For more details, call 09423923518.

July 2nd – August 31st

Hot Fresh Hotdogs

Hot Fresh Hotdogs with proprietary toppings, buns and drinks. Ddawgs For more details, call 09920653369.

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WHAT’S HAPPENING in your city

August 25th

Open Mic Event Open Mic Event at Prithvi Theatre is where you are invited to recite, sing, dance, perform in any way you like for 2 minutes. Prithvi Theatre For more details, call 022-26149546.

Delhi July 19th – August 31st

Melons and Mangoes Galore

Savor the authentic Thai desserts of sweet ripe mangoes with Thai sticky rice, refreshing watermelon or musk melon served with coconut syrup and super cool tender coconut with crushed ice.

Babu Eshwar and others titled Towards a New Viewership/Audience.

Bangkok Degree 1 For more details, call 011-29555696

Art Konsult For more details, call 011-26531819.

August 28th, 7 PM

Event occurs every Sunday (Till December 30th)

Bharatanatyam performance

Regional thali from different regions of the South with beer.

September 9th – 18th

Marriott Hotel For more details, call 011-26521122.

Triveni Kala Sangam is organizing an exhibition of artworks by Anand Narain.

August 29th, 5 PM

Triveni Kala Sangam For more details, call 011-22355272.

Heritage walk to Lal Quila by Walk Delhi, an Itihaas initiative. The walk will take you through 360 years of history.

August 27th, 6 PM

Red Fort For more details, call 09999449216.

Chinmaya Mission For more details, call 011-24643301.

September 19th & 20th

Art Exhibition

Flute recital

Spic Macay presents Delhi Virasat - Flute recital by Hari Prasad Chaurasia and Hindustani Vocals by Pandit Ulhas Kashalkar.

Properties Ahead- Real Estate Expo

Spic Macay For more details, call 011–32594087.

This unique exhibition aims at offering complete solution for all types of property, finance, interiors or exteriors related requirements.

September 19th – 21st

August 13th – September 13th

Pragati Maidan For more details, call 011-42444241.

Art & Deal presents an exhibition of artworks by Alok Bal, Aparna Mohanty,

August 29th – September 6th

Art Exhibition

Fair for publishers, sellers and distributors of books, periodicals and magazines, manufacturers and dealers of teaching aids and computer software. Pragati Maidan For more details, call 011-23371688.

Regional Thali - every Sunday

Heritage walk

Natya Vriksha and Chinmaya Mission present a Bharatanatyam performance by Sharanya Chandran, daughter and disciple of the renowned dancer Geeta Chandran.

Stationery Fair

Delhi Book Fair &

Jewellery Wonder

An exclusive show which unveils the best of jewellery designs and product launches. Pragati Maidan For more details, call 011-41544254.

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h y d e r a b a d

Flowers and Gifts

Abhisiri Corporate

Domalguda Tel – 23225182 Professionally managed company exclusively for corporate gifts.


Pest Control Specialists in Anti Lizards, Cockroach, Termite, Rodent & General Pest Control.

# 8-1-523/161, Brindavan Colony, Tolichowki, Hyderabad - 500008 Tel – 9391010846 (Abdul)

Flowers and Gifts / Home Decor

Sheela’s Arts & Crafts

Alternative Medicine

Heera Ayurvedic Centre

# 4-6-442/444, Esamia Bazar Tel - 24738733

Jack’s Hobby Store


Plot No. 160, Road No. 10, Banjara Hills Tel – 23320588 Unisex salon for hair coloring, facials, pedicure, manicure

Mandava Suites


Charkaman Tel – 24576534

Gyms, Spas and Salons

The Candle Shop

Ganesh Diamonds


wardrobes, bathtubs, LCD televisions, Wi-Fi facility etc.

Hotels and Serviced Apartments

Accessories # 1-3-68, Guruviah Complex, General Bazaar, Tel – 66484789

Specialists in making customized furniture especially sofas.

Shop No. 17, Lal Bahadur Stadium Complex, Basheerbagh Tel – 23236944 Vases, wall hangings, bedspreads, table covers, figurines, paintings etc. Lower Ground Floor, Ashoka Metropolitan Mall, Road No. 1, Banjara Hills Tel – 23386244 Designer and aromatic candles in over 500 varieties.

S. B. Sofa Makers & Door Curtains

# 8-2-603/B/34/56, Road No. 10, Zaheer Nagar, Banjara Hills Tel – 9391362537

Hampshire Plaza

# 6-1-79 & 80, Lakdi Ka Pul Tel – 23335555 Four star deluxe hotel with 100 rooms, pub, coffee shop. Plot No. 27 & 28, Arunodaya Colony, Madhapur Tel – 23114477 Practical and stylish Mandava Suites makes an ideal choice for stay.

Emensee Suites

# 31, Kaushik Enclave, Road No. 12, Banjara Hills Tel – 40073470 Service villa with walk-in

Consultants and Agents

Event Management

Whyte Flag

Exotic Events

Hill Ridge Springs, S. No. 25, Gachibowli Tel – 23002488

# 6-1-85/G/A, Lakdi Ka Pul Tel – 23215566

Swaasthya Ayurvedic Centre

Doctors and Hospitals


Oro Care Dental Hospital

Kaumudi Academy

Books and Stationery

# 5, B.No. 40, Akruthi Nilayam, C’zech Colony, Sanath Nagar Tel - 23816662

GP Rao Enclave, Road No.3, KPHB Colony Tel - 9246173748

William Penn

# 26 A, Hyderabad Intl. Airport, Shamshabad Tel - 66603969

Write Site


C/O Dr. Ramayya’s Hospital, Basheerbagh Tel - 9247270096

# 201, 2nd Floor, Prasads I Max, Necklace Road Tel - 23450489

Electronics and Appliances

City Hotspots

Maruti Plaza, Khairatabad Tel - 64604792

Botanical Gardens Kondapur

Mrugavani National Park Chilkur

62 AUGUST 2009

e Zone

Sony Center

# 1-10-74/1, Main Road, Begumpet Tel – 27764033

std code- 040

# 1, Vivekananda Apartments, Kapra Tel – 27120498

Shooting Stars

Izzath Ngr Tel – 9885501996 Kids’ Health

Lakshmi Children’s Hospital

Chaitanyapuri, Dilsukhnagar Tel – 24143703

Medi Kid Hospital

# 6-3-778/44, Durganagar Colony, Ameerpet Tel – 23408763 Malls and Super Markets

Kids’ Shopping At Shopping Centre, # 3-3-15, RP Road Tel – 27813329 Radio-controlled toys for kids. Restaurants

The Great Kebab Factory # 283/A, Mantri, 3rd Floor, Road No. 12, Banjara Hills Tel – 23302244 Prix fixed menu for Tandoori and Barbequed food. Schools

Indus International School Survey No. 424 & 425, Kondakal, Shankerpally Tel – 08417-302100 Co-educational international school offers education from Grade 1 to 12.


Plot No. 9, AP Text Book Colony, Karkhana Tel – 44553144 Co-educational Waldorf school where there are no textbooks till Grade 5.

Value Mart

Madhuranagar, Yousufguda Tel – 66775599 Men’s Clothing


# 15, 16&17, Lobby Level, GVK One Mall, Road No. 1, Banjara Hills Tel - 44767876

Brand Freak

White House, Block-3, Ground Floor, Begumpet Tel – 39187765 Music and Movies


Samrat Commercial Complex, 1st Floor, A&B, # 5-9-12, Secretariat Road, Saifabad Tel - 66418020

Music World

Plot No. 394, Ground Floor, # 9/1/A, Cross Roads, Saroor Nagar Tel – 24146728


b a n g a lor e



# 598, 2nd Main, Koramangala Village, Koramangala Tel – 25719576 Offers colonial, contemporary and custommade furniture.


Pest Control

Abbey Falls

Specialists in Anti Lizards, Cockroach, Termite, Rodent & General Pest Control.

Gyms, Spas and Salons


# 712, Edward Road, Vasanthnagar Tel – 22289621

Pedicure Clinic

# 5, Raja Ram Mohan Roy Road Tel – 65979978

Doctors and Hospitals

Home Decor

Apollo Clinic

Udani Optics

# 556, 10th Main, HAL III Stage, Jeevan Bheema Nagar Tel – 25297229


# 17/2, Ashok Nagar, Magrath Road Tel - 41126844

Raza Gems

# 88, BT Street, Avenue Road Tel – 41149478

# 24/B, 23rd Cross, 2nd Stage, Banshankari Tel – 9845802103

Academy for Reiki Training and Healing # 77/1, Yashovan, 4th Phase, JP Nagar Tel – 9845531133

The Bookworm

# 32, Basement, Brigade Road Tel – 41126755


# 64, Bluemoon Complex, MG Road Tel – 65333619

New World

# 2/1, North Park Road, Kumara Krupa Road Tel – 22372626 Music and Movies

Bangalore Little Theatre

Prayag’, # 248, 13th Cross, Wilson Garden Tel – 22236890

Mothey DVD Rentals

# 66, Shop No. G-16, Gem Plaza, Infantry Road, Shivaji Nagar Tel – 25590303

Electronics and Appliances


Hotels and Serviced Apartments

The Bangalore Canine Club

iiird i

# 5/3, 1st Main, 1st Cross, Colonel Naidu Layout, Abhaya Dhama Road, Whitefield Tel – 42400800

Hotel Grand Bee


II Floor, The Collection, UB City, Vittal Mallya Road Tel – 22132000 Shop No. 1&2, 1st Floor, # 97, Total Mall, Konena Agrahara, Airport Road Tel – 9738565325

# 12, Shamrao Compound, Mission Road Tel – 22232223

The Chettinad

# 37/1, Railway Parallel Road, Yeswanthpur Tel – 23575000 Kids’ Health

# 42, Vysya Bank Colony, 2nd Stage, 100 Feet Ring Road, BTM Layout Tel – 41201718

Gunasheela Hospital

Dreamland Events

Kids’ Shopping

# 35/3, Floor above Festo, Wilson Garden, Bannerghatta Road Tel – 22236921 Extracurricular

Books and Stationery

Men’s Clothing

Hands Carpets

Entertainment Factory

Swaram Homeopathy Clinic

# 6, 10th Main, 1st Cross, II Stage, Indiranagar Tel – 41155308

Indiranagar Tel – 25219675

# 60/3, Konapanna Agrahara, Hosur Main Road, Electronic City Tel – 67345000

Event Management

Alternative Medicine

Agaram Riding and Polo Academy

Army Service Corps Centre and College (ASCC&C), HAL Tel – 25356121

# 92, Appu Rao Road, 6th Main, Chamarajpet Tel – 26507590

Flowers and Gifts

City Hotspots

# 1, North Block, Ground Floor, Manipal Centre, Dickenson Road Tel – 25092123


# 2/32, II E Main, Bhoopasandra New Extension, Sanjay Nagar Tel – 23413122


# 318, Carlton Towers, Airport Road Tel – 25273515


Janapada Loka

Bangalore Blooms

Word of Mouth Dental Clinic Mozaic D’Sign

Koramangala, Bangalore. Tel – 9663303268 (Aslam)

Vedanta Book House

std code- 080

Suryani Arts & Crafts

# 1, Dewan Madhava Rao Road, Basavanagudi Tel – 26673585


# 74, Commercial Street Tel – 41239284

Kids Window

# 7/3, Bull Temple Road, Shankarapuram Tel – 41205991 Malls and Super Markets

Adi Naturals

# 620, 6th D-Main, 11th Cross, 3rd Phase, JP Nagar Tel – 26584071

Pet Care

Wet Pets

# 1, Corporation Complex, 5th Main Road, Ganganagar Tel – 9986035541 Post Box No. 4273, Mezzanine Floor, # 122, Shree Complex, St. John’s Road Tel – 65371441

Mallige Pharmacy

# 31/32, Crescent Road Tel – 22267662 Pubs and Clubs


Swiss Town Hollwood Junction, Pioneer House, Sadahalli Post, Devanahalli Tel – 22044000


# 52/1, Church Street Tel – 25594365 Restaurants


# 56, Mosque Road, Frazer Town Tel – 65739230

Blue Alps

Swiss Town Hollwood Junction, Pioneer House, Sadahalli Post, Devanahalli Tel – 22044000

La Fromagerie

# 88, 11th Cross, I Stage,


AUGUST 2009 63

c h e n n a i Electronics and Appliances

OHM Computers

G-5, Nakoda Complex, Narasingapuram Street, Ritche Street Tel – 28587833 Keyboards, motherboards, web cameras and computer related accessories. Flowers and Gifts

Tulsi’s Arterior

# 62, Josier Street, Nungambakkam Tel – 65643255 Antique-looking furniture, home furnishing fabric and artifacts. Gyms, Spas and Salons

A Cut Above

# 7, 1st Seaward Road, Valmiki Nagar, Tiruvanmiyur Tel – 43042658 Gifts and personal accessories for all occasions.

Hotel Savera, # 146, Radhakrishna Salai, Mylapore Tel – 28114700 Family salon for facials, waxing, threading, bleaching, hair bonding etc.


Salon Nayana


Indika Creations

# 103/104, II Link Street, Nehrunagar, Off OMR, Kottivakkam Tel – 24540435 Specializes in antique furniture and intricate designs. Furniture / Home Decor

Rani Arts & Teak

# 8, Harrington Road, Chetpet Tel – 42327887 Handicrafts, colonial furniture, dhurries, carpets, jewelry and more. Accessories

# 124, GN Chetty Road, T Nagar Tel – 28343064 Specializes in hair cuts, curls, perms, rebonding, extensions etc. Home Decor


Mint Box Company, # 55/8A, 7th Avenue Lane, Besant Nagar Tel – 45511991 White colored bed linen, table cloths, place mats, bath towels, bath mats etc.


# 50, Pondy Bazaar, T Nagar Tel – 42025057

Kimberly Service Station, HPCL, Poonamallee High Road, Amnijikarai Tel – 42032096

Ashok Jewellers

City Hotspots

VIP Lounge

# 73, Bazaar Road, Saidapet Tel – 24356106 Alternative Medicine

Vaigai Homeo Clinic

# 92, Ramasamy Salai, KK Nagar Tel – 23641461

Sai Aashirvad Ayurvedic Clinic

# 31, AL Noor Complex, Devanathan Street, Mandaveli Tel – 24616403 Books and Stationery

Saraswati House

# 10/34, Mahalaxmi Street, T Nagar Tel – 24343740

64 AUGUST 2009

Vendanthangal Bird Santuary Vedanthangal

Blur Gaming Zone

4th & 6th Floor, Sathyam Cinemas Complex, Thiru-vi-ka Road, Royapettah Tel – 43920326 Doctors and Hospitals


Lifestyle Homes

Nahar Foundation’s Private Limited X4, Nahar Villa, 21/7, North Mada Street, Thiruvanmiyur Tel – 9500013579 Construction company popular for independent houses and apartments. Restaurants


# 2/196, Ruby Garden, East Coast Road, Muttukadu Tel – 27472602 Vegetarian and non-vegetarian Continental food.

Dhabba Express

1st Street, Choolaimedu Tel – 24734790 Hotels and Serviced Apartments

Hotel Centre Point

# 286, Rajiv Gandhi Salai, Sholinganallur Tel – 24509000

Hotel Bhimaas

100 Feet Road, # 1, Amman Koil Street, Vadapalani Tel – 24812481 Kids’ Health

Apollo Children’s Hospital

# 15, Shafee Mohammed Road, Thousand Lights Tel – 28298282

# 9, Cenotaph Road, Teynampet Tel – 24328211/24328212 Authentic Punjabi food in a highway dhaba ambience.

Raghava Hospital

Yoga and Meditation

Kids World

Sivananda Yoga

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Anna Nagar Tel – 26630978 Yoga for relaxation, fitness and weight loss.

Event Management


# 10/15, II Street Extn. Seethamal Colony, Teynampet Tel – 42031010

Naya Swad

# 778, Poonamalle High Road Tel – 26412246 Extracurricular

Tatsuokan Isshinryu Karate # 20, 4th Main Road, AGS Colony, Velachery Tel – 9841462536

Dolphin Swimming Complex

# 7, IT Highway, Old Mahabalipuram Road, Karapakkam Tel – 24503666

# 8, B Block, State Sports Complex, Mogappair Tel – 65473011

Dr. Rai Memorial

Home Services

# 562, Century Plaza, Teynampet, Anna Salai Tel – 24349594

std code- 044

Pest Control Solutions

# 27, South Gangaiamman Koil,

# 9, East Road, West CIT Nagar Tel – 24356222 Kids’ Shopping Shop No. 29, City Centre Basement Complex, Purasawalkam High Road, Kilpauk Tel – 9345613311

New Born

# 21/3, 24th Cross Street, Besant Nagar Tel – 42151410 Malls and Super Markets

Sri Annai Organics

# 1293, Dr. Ambedkar Road, Raja Rajeshwari Nagar, Madipakkam Tel – 9443206790

Food Bazaar

# 55, Sriji Apartments, Manapakkam Main Road, Manapakkam Tel – 42014125 Men’s Clothing


# 24/10, IV Main Road, Nanganallur Tel – 45585364

Gatsby Collection

# 4/359, ECR, Neelankarai Tel – 24495010 Music and Movies

Planet M

# 390, OMR, Nehru Nagar, Kandanchavadi Tel – 43593327


p u n e


Electronics and Appliances

std code- 020

Home Centre


Ranka Jewellers


Amit Complex, E Building, Chinchwad Tel – 32313037

Marigold Premises, Vadgaon Sheri, Kalyani Nagar Tel – 40008181

The Time Factory

Sony Exclusive

Home Services

Music and Movies

Unique Pest Control

Planet M


# 21, Raghukul Housing Society, Paud Road, Karve Nagar Tel – 25452174

# 1131, Krantha Corner, Ravivarpeth Tel – 24479716 Ground Floor, Kakade Centre Port Mall, Shivaji Nagar Tel – 9860148250

# 1, Bibwewadi Tel – 24214004

Swatantra Theatre

Alternative Medicine

Varun Venkit’s

# 11B- Giridhar, Vikram Sheela Society, Panchavati, Pashan Tel – 9890002465

Suraj Ayurveda Clinic

# 102, Dixit Society, Law College Road, Erandwane Tel – 25456476

Rasik Sahitya

# 683, Appa Balwant Chowk, Budhwar Peth Tel – 24451129


Shop No. 301, 1st Floor, Kakade Mall, Shivaji Nagar Tel – 66080994

Popular Book House

# 75, Deccan Gymkhana Tel – 25671737

Flowers and Gifts

Laxmi Flowers


Central Mall, University Road Tel – 25449284 Furniture

Style Spa

# 45/3, Padmaja Apartments, Tanna Towers, Law College Road, Erandwane Tel – 25412318 Mantri Vextex, Law College Road Tel – 9370648470

Taljai Forests Sahakar Nagar

Gyms, Spas and Salons


1KM Before Expressway Starts, Village Ravet, PCMC Tel – 27672196

Smruti Udyan

C/O Nisarg Sevak and PMC Formerly Vanaz Dumpyard, Paud Road Tel – 25433731 Doctors and Hospitals # 4A & 4B, 1st Floor, Triveni Apartments, Gokhale Road, Model Colony Tel – 65006330 # 589, Ganesh Peth Tel – 26383453

Pulse Studio, MG Road, Camp Tel – 9820362629

Yash Interiors

City Hotspots

Bora Hospital

Salsa India

# 95, Parmar Nagar, Fatima Nagar Tel – 64001848

Books and Stationery

Healing Touch

Shree Mahavir Jain Vidhyalaya, Agarkar Road Tel – 9923643335

Rudra Spa

Perfect Pest Control

Shop No. 121 & 122, Indrayu Mall, Konarkpuram, Kondhwa Khurd Tel – 40090128

Plot No. 9, Shop No. 30/1, Guruprasad Building, Balaji Nagar Chowk, Pune Satara Road Tel – 64705651

Shop No. 5, Shradda Residency, Fatima Nagar Tel – 9881992833


Hotels and Serviced Apartments

Pet Care

Hotel Kalasagar

Krishnayi State Bank of Patiala Compound, Aundh, DP Road, Ganeshkhind Road Tel – 9822406968

P-4 Plot, Mumbai-Pune Highway, Pimpri Tel – 27112461

Parc Estique

Nagar Road,Viman Nagar Tel – 41004100 Kids’ Health

Ashiwini Clinic

Jai Ganesh Vision Mall, Akrudi Tel – 27442744

Pets Lifeline

Pets World

Shop No. A1, 1st Floor, Amba Bazar, MG Road Tel – 9822043370

Swargate Tel – 24442570


Dr. Hiramath

Cannought Plaza, 1st Floor, Camp Tel – 26128837

Shop No. 9, S.No. 39, Meera Housing Society, Shankerseth Road Tel – 26440206

Kids’ Shopping

Pubs and Clubs

Loot Mart


Apple Kids

Kiva The Lounge

1st Floor, # 2, Plot No. 2, Baner Tel – 40789380


Shop No. 3 & 4, City Point, DP Road Tel – 26168555

Survey No. 274 / 275 / 2, Bhosale Farm, Wakad Hinjewadi Road, Hinjewadi Tel – 64731818

# 589, I-69, Indraprastha Complex, Rasta Peth Tel – 26052863 Malls and Super Markets


Body & Soul

Pune Central

Cafe Hollywood

Spencer’s Daily

Leo Ice Cream

# 20, South Block, II Floor, Secret World, Wanowari Tel – 41032345 Home Decor

Good Homestore

Kalewadi Chowk, Aundh Chinchwad Road, Wakad Tel – 40719999

House Full

3rd Floor, Kothrud Tel – 66212147


# 256, Boat Club Road Tel – 30588600 Plot No. 9, Sujay Garden, Mukund Nagar Tel – 24262705 Men’s Clothing


G7B, # 1, Nucleus Mall, Church Road, Camp Tel – 65237259

# 210/A, Symphony ‘C’, Range Hills Road, Ashok Nagar Tel – 25538339

Plot No. 178, 179 & 180, Lullanagar Tel – 26837000 # 936, Shukrawar Peth Tel – 24478647 Schools

Shemrock Nestlings

C/3, S. No. 128/2B/2, Prasant Society, Sus Road Tel – 9890380432

AUGUST 2009 65

v i z ag


VIP Lounge

Ground Floor, B Block. Isnar Plaza, Dwarakanagar Tel – 2702977

Lawrence & Mayo

# 28-2-55, Tenneti Square, Jagadamba Tel – 2564189 Alternative Medicine

Positive Homeopathy

# 46-22-49, Railway Station Road, Dondaparthy Tel – 6633533

Satya’s AddLife

# 7-5-931,Pandurangapuram Tel – 2509558 Books and Stationery

Ashok Book Centre

# 13-1-1C, Green Park Road, Jagadamba Tel – 2565995

Flower Arts

# 50-81-49, Seethammapeta Tel – 2553605

Book Centre

# 47-15-4, Guru-Banga Complex, Diamond Park Road, Dwarakanagar Tel – 2562684 City Hotspots

Panchadarla Panchadarla

Kondakarla Bird Sanctuary Kondakarla, Anakapalli


Sri Gita Prachara Samiti

Sri Gita Bhavan, Rajappanaidu Street,Old Town Tel – 2728751

Kuchipudi Kalakshetra Marikavalasa Tel – 9848167937 Flowers and Gifts


C-3, Tirumala Arcade,Asilmetta Tel – 9440610021

NRK Flower Decorators

Plot-115, Sector 3, MVP Colony Tel – 2706743 Furniture

std code- 0891


# 12-4-34, Green Park Road Tel – 6616199 Malls and Super Markets

Karachiwala Stores

# 10-50-25/1, Siripuram Tel – 3297719

Satyam Super Market

Plot No. 15, Noukanagar, Pedda Waltair Tel – 2718670 Men’s Clothing


# 30-15-123, Potluri Mansions, Suryabagh Tel – 2512841

Tribes India

Srinagar, NH - 5, Gajuwaka Tel – 2741123

GCC Ltd Premises, East Point Colony, Chinna Waltair Tel – 9440202477

Wood Land

Music and Movies

Style Spa

# 48-14-62, Rama Talkies Road, Srinagar Tel – 2552313

Rhythm House


RTC Complex,Asilmetta Tel – 2788820

Arnav Travels

KRM Colony,Seethamadhara Tel – 2713726 Women’s Clothing

Jawed Habib

Pet Care

Venketagiri Sri Kala

Praveen Plaza, 1st Floor, VIP Road, CBM Compound Tel – 2521142 Home Decor

Andhra Foam & Furnishing

Marshall’s Pet Zone

# 10-12-6/92, Ramaraju Towers Rednam Gardens, Jail Road Tel – 6460786 Pharmacies

Hotel Daspalla

# 1-68-20, MIG-2/2, Sector 2, MVP Colony Tel – 2547142 King George Hospital,KGH Tel – 6523465

Malkapuram Tel – 2577830

Ananthagiri Hills, Araku Road Tel – 9848007022

Hotel Talasila,Station Road Tel – 2797788

Electronics and Appliances

Kids’ Shopping

66 AUGUST 2009

Tours and Travels

# 15-12-15, Gokhale Road, Maharanipeta Tel – 2706042

Pubs and Clubs

# 27-4-45, Main Road Tel – 2562712

Duvvada Tel – 2517666

Siripuram Fort,Waltair Uplands Tel – 27455242

Suryabagh Tel – 2564825



Indu Garments

Nizams Chemists

# 28-46-23, Suryabagh Tel – 6646333

# 15-10-7/1, Krishna Nagar,Maharanipeta Tel – 9346451555

Sangam Sarat Junction, Diamond Park Tel – 6638833

Hotels and Serviced Apartments



Jain Audio and Video

Doctors and Hospitals

St. Anns Hospital



Gyms, Spas and Salons

Gangavaram Beach

Zilla Parishad Junction, Maharanipeta Tel – 2706974

Landmark Complex, G-7, Waltair Uplands Tel – 6636416



St. Joseph’s Hospital

Toasty Z

Prakasaraopet Junction, Jagadamba Tel – 2721125

# 9-1-224/1, Raj Residency Road, CBM Compound Tel – 6660650

Steel Plant

Gajuwaka Tel – 6671323

Haritha Hill Resorts

Binaca Creations

302, Jaideep Apartments,Kirlampudi Layout Tel – 2552549



Hotel Royal Fort,Asilmetta Tel – 6667575 Restaurants

Sri Siva Rama Sweets # 10-10-28, Main Road,

Main Road Tel – 2561994

# 38-2-70, Sri Arcade, Jagadamba Junction Tel – 2523242


# 9-19-4/1,CBM Compound Tel – 6666622

Kanchan Boutique

# 12-4-32, Chandu’s Plaza,Green Park Road Tel – 2752019

United Designers

# 10-50-18/4/1, Ground Floor, Siripuram Towers, Siripuram Tel – 9966950503 Yoga and Meditation

Ramakrishna Mission # 7-8-25,Beach Road Tel – 2562561

Art of Living

Plot No. 100, Sri Sri Narayana Vidyalayam,Daspalla Hills Tel – 9885103438


c o c h i n Accessories

Co-Bank Tower, Manapatti Parambu, Kaloor Tel – 2405182

Reliance Trends

Level One, Oberon Mall, NH ByPass, Edappally Tel – 4466012


# 28/124, Panampilly Nagar Tel – 2316887


Padmasree, Surabhi Enclave,SA Road Tel – 2313791 Flowers and Gifts


Alternative Medicine

Panchajanyam Nagarjuna # 39/724, Karakkattu Road Tel – 2376119

# VI/141, Jew Town Tel – 2223346

Bobsun Art Gallery

MG Road, Pallimukku Tel – 2375674

# 27/4445 B3, Diamond Towers, PK Nair Road, Perumanoor,Thevara Tel – 2665974

Books and Stationery


Arya Vaidya Sala


Janatha Book Stall

Shop No. Xl/1670, Choolackal Building, Press Club Road Tel – 2373784

Kailath Building, Mamangalam Tel – 3243540

Deecee Book Shop

NH Bypass Tel – 4067288

Island Castle,Chittoor Road Tel – 2362796

Gyms, Spas and Salons


City Hotspots

Jose Thomas Performing Arts Centre

Choice House, Choice Lane, PV Sreedharan Road, Kumbalam Tel – 3019700

The Hill Palace Museum

# 28, Muscat Towers, Sahodaran Ayappan Road, Kadavanthara Tel – 6500636

Pramod Dental Clinic

1st Floor, Kuttath Building, Valanjambalam Tel – 2375150

SA Road, Elamkulam Junction, Kadavanthara Tel – 4129999

The Cam Shop

Pioneer Towers, Marine Drive Tel – 4026557


By-Pass Junction, Palarivattam Tel – 2535551 Extracurricular


Hotels and Serviced Apartments

Dream Hotel

Electronics and Appliances

The Cheers

# 41/2728/A, Ernakulam North, St. Benedict Road Tel – 9447282008

Loot Mart

1st Floor, Plot No. 716/2, Pathicheril Building, NH - 47, Kalamassery Tel – 6450107 Malls and Super Markets


Nediyath Square, Market Junction, Hill Palace Road, Tripunithura Tel – 2779511

Spencer’s Daily

Kanakdamodaran Auditorium,Veekshanam Road Tel – 6455203 Men’s Clothing

Bits Indiana

Level Three, Oberon Mall, NH 47 By-Pass, Edappally Tel – 4058060


Colony Stop, Crash Road, Vazhakala Tel – 4042763

Veneta Cucine

MC Road, Angamaly Tel – 2458333



Leela Layam, Karikkmury Cross Road Tel – 2376489

Hitech Diagnostic Centre

Pubs and Clubs

KNG Brothers

Nanappa Art Gallery

Doctors and Hospitals

Kids’ Shopping

Cosmopolitan Club Building, Club Road,Girinagar Tel – 9447307055

Home Decor

Thiruvankulam,Tripunithura Tel – 2781113


Charmer Furniture

Neduveli House, Kumbalangi Tel – 2240278 Kids’ Health

Mother and Child Hospital Vyttila Tel – 2303283


std code- 0484

Broadway Tel – 2352410 Music and Movies

Nedumbassery, Nayathode Post, Angamaly Tel – 2610366


Mermaid Complex, Kaniyampuzha Road, NH 47, Bypass, Vyttila Tel – 2307999 Restaurants

Mirch Masala

Minn Shenoy Center, Ground Floor, TD Road Tel – 6415262

Hot Breads

Ambady Apartment, Warriam Road Tel – 2368055 Schools

Shemrock Superkids

House No.135, Kumaranasan Nagar, Elamkulam, Kadavanthara Tel – 4021112

M.E.T Public School

Perumbavoor Tel – 2523898 Women’s Clothing

Taj Collections

# 2425-B, Vipins Arcade, Palluruthy Veli Tel – 2235844

Shanmugum Road Tel – 4025226


Planet M

Kalyan Silks

Pet Care


SN Junction, Palarivattam Tel – 4069777


# 39/2713 A, Krishnaleela Trading Company, Warriam Road Tel – 6450013

Cradle Care

Convent Road Tel – 2351131 Hospital Road Junction Tel - 4081111 # 26, First Floor, Bay Pride Mall, Marine Drive Tel - 3043517 Yoga and Meditation


Pipeline Junction,Thrikkakara Tel – 2577867

# 2/530A, Ground Floor, Grace Tourist House, Fort Cochin Tel – 6456566


Life Yoga

Fatima Medicals

# 7/1037, Kappalandimukku, Mattancherry Tel – 2212081

Lakshadweep Medical Stores

Willingdon Island Tel – 2667135

Changampuzha Samadhi Road, Edappally Tel – 2330009

Sanjeevani Yoga Centre

# 28/3596, Chilavanoor Road Tel - 2310346

AUGUST 2009 67

my s o r e Accessories

VIP Lounge

# 81/8, Devaraj Urs Road Tel - 4264732

Vision Express

Dhanyas Manor, Udhyaram Road, Kuvempunagar Tel - 4243612 Alternative Medicine

Dixit Health Clinic

# 88, 8th Main Road, 9th Cross, Saraswathipuram Tel – 2543619


# 20/33, SBM Colony, 2nd Stage, Srirampura Tel – 2362170 Books and Stationery

Sauharda Book Stores

# 1683, 2nd Main, HR Street Tel – 2424394

CLS Book Shop

Saraswathipuram Tel – 4000121 Extracurricular

Up Kidz

# 332/1. D Subbaiah Road, Chamarajapuram Tel – 9845359518

Natana Rangamantapa K-Block, Vasavi Layout, Ramakrishna Nagar Tel – 2562208 Flowers and Gifts


Ch-19 & Ch-19/1, Jayalakshmi Vilas Road Tel – 4267103


Handicrafts Sales Emporium, Ramsons House, Zoo Area Tel – 2443669 Furniture

Osiya Furniture

std code- 0821

Home Services

Pest Control

# 4, Seeta Vilas Choultry, Narayanashastry Road, KR Mohalla Tel – 2522748

Indoor Pest Control

# 200/E, KHB 1st Stage, Kuvempunagar Tel – 9448796099 Hotels and Serviced Apartments

Mayura Hoysala

Panchavati Circle, Kalidasa Road, Vani Villas Mohalla Tel – 4287236 Pharmacies

JSS Drug House

JSS Hospital Complex, Ramanuja Road Tel – 2563843

Pharma India

# 143, Ramvilas Road, KR Mohalla Tel – 2422942 Pubs and Clubs

# 1293-D-2, KSTDC Complex, Jhansi Lakshmi Bai Road Tel – 2425349


Hotel Kalinga

Tunes N Tonic

# 23, KR Circle Tel – 2431310

Hotel Ayodhya

# 2927, Bangalore-Ooty Road, Lashkar Mohalla Tel – 2445593 Kids’ Shopping

Mysore Mercara Road, Hinkal Tel – 2519141 # 20, Adhi Manor, Chandragupta Road Tel – 4001000

Fountain Bar

Hotel Paradise, # 104, Vivekananda Road,Yadavagiri Tel – 2410366

Maharaja Complex, 1st Floor, Bangalore Nilgiri Road Tel – 2443846

# 71, Ground Floor, Sri Rama Complex, Devaraj Urs Road, Devaraja Mohalla Tel – 3299333

Suraj Garments

City Hotspots

Enduro Furniture

Tribhuvan Tower, Dewans Road Tel – 2525013

# 997, 3rd Main, Vidyaranyapuram Tel – 2482067

Malls and Super Markets


Jayalakshmi Vilas Mansion Manasa Gangothri

# 268-C, Hebbal Industrial Area, Hunsur Road Tel – 2402746

Bandipur National Park

Gyms, Spas and Salons

Doctors and Hospitals

# 59, Stone Building, 8th Main, Jayalakshmipuram Tel – 4267500

Mysore-Ooty Road

Gopala Gowda Hospital

T.Narasipura Road, Nazarbad Tel – 2447745

Hitech Kidney Stone Hospital

# 1779, Kabir Road Cross, Mandi Mohalla Tel – 4262113

Sharada Eye Hospital

Thejus Complex, 1st Floor, Sardar Patel Road, Gandhi Square Tel – 2426383 Electronics and Appliances

Nakoda Computers

# 2, Green Complex, KT Street Tel – 4267965

GK Vale

1st Main, Chamaraja Mohalla,

68 AUGUST 2009

Synergy Wellness

Honey Beauty Parlour

# 19, Divya Complex, Dr. Rajkumar Road, JSS Layout, Jyothinagar Tel – 9886155238 Home Decor

Dream Home

Shop No. 1, # 2805/3, 1st Cross, Halladakere Tel – 4262444

Preetham Handicrafts

Shop No. 2, Dhanvantri Complex, Dhanvanthri Road Tel – 2425179

Kothari Furnishings

# 117, 35th East Cross, Ashoka Road Tel – 4269329

Shop No. 4, Old Bank Road Tel – 9845668960

Mickey Train

Sagars Home World

C Layout, New Banimantap Extension, Hanumanth Nagar Tel – 2492444


# 228, A Block, JP Nagar Tel – 2372221 Men’s Clothing

Tejas Selections # 1460, NS Road Tel – 2420604

Sri Chethana Fashions # 1645-49, Shivarampet Tel – 6558004 Music and Movies

New Opera Talkies

Sri Harsha Road, Gayathripuram Tel – 2420116


Shree Mahalakshmi Sweets

# 3, Main Road,Gokulam Tel – 2416668

Toot C

5th Main Road,Yadavagiri Tel – 2514717


Chamundipuram Tel – 2332457 Schools

Kendriya Vidyalaya GITB Press Campus, Siddarthanagar Tel – 2473515

De Paul International Belagola, Mandya Dist, Srirangapatnam Tel – 08236-290340

Video Tech

# 70/G, Ground Floor,


m u m b a i Accessories


I by Imtiaz

Shop No. 125 & 126, 1st Floor, Atria Mall, Worli Tel – 24813449

G-10, Elphinstone Building, Veer Nariman Road, Horniman Circle, Fort Tel – 43412200

Vijay Jewellery Store

Event Management

# 7, Omkar Apartments, Babasaheb Ambedkar Road, Dadar(W) Tel – 24110575


Old Taj Mahal Building, Ground Floor, Apollo Bunder, Colaba Tel – 22029432


Shop No. 1, Sunder Mahal, # 141, Marine Drive, Veer Nariman RC, Churchgate Tel – 22823436

Alternative Medicine


Hotels and Serviced Apartments

# 2-C, Sett Minar, Peddar Road Tel – 9820123752 # 11, Kassim Cottage, Sussex Road, Byculla Tel – 9892955073

Care N Cure

# 104, Adarsh Building, SV Road, Santacruz (W) Tel – 26053213


Mamta Clinic

First Floor, Building No-5, Rail View, Station Road, Chembur (E) Tel – 25288922 Books and Stationery


std code- 022

Hotel ITC Maratha

Sahar Airport Road, Andheri(E) Tel – 28303030

Hotel Grand Hyatt

Arts in Motion, # 39, TV Chidambaran Road, Sion(E) Tel – 9867333669

Off Western Express Highway, Santacruz(E) Tel – 66761234

Dance Kids

Children’s Orthopedic Hospital

Kids’ Health


Infiniti Mall, New Link Road, Andheri(W) Tel – 26841616 Pet Care

Paws ‘n’ Furs

Shop No. 3, Kailash, # 156, Waterfield Road, Bandra(W) Tel – 66990858 Pharmacies

Apollo Pharmacy

Plot No. 195/B, Sector-12, Vashi Tel – 27881322 Pubs and Clubs

Lounge Bar

Sahar Airport Road, Andheri(E) Tel – 28380000

Firangi Paani

# 5, Neelkanth Pride, Sector 42A, Seawood, Nerul Tel – 64165876

Miniland School, 1st Floor, Hornuz Mansion, Bhulabhai Desai Road, Breach Candy Tel – 98219181442

Ritika Book House

Flowers and Gifts

Kids’ Shopping

Ohana Anthurium


# 3, Muni Building, Navakal Lane, Girgaon Tel – 23808839

A/1, Laxmi Baug, Sion(W) Tel – 24022131

# 21, Grand Galleria, High Street Pheonix, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel Tel – 40041251

Tulip Springs


# 9/C, Sangam Towers, Master Vinayak Road, Bandra(W) Tel – 65214847

Little World Mall, S-222, Sector2, Kharghar Tel – 27743070

Taj Mahal Palace & Tower, Apollo Bunder, Colaba Tel – 66653366

City Hotspots


Malls and Super Markets


Nishiland Water Park


Raghuleela Mega Mall

B4 Books

L-29, Oberoi Hotel, Nariman Point Tel – 22843761

William Penn

Mumbai-Pune Highway, Panvel


Malabar Hill, Walkeshwar


Doctors and Hospitals

Talwar Compound, Pokhran Road No. 2, Thane Tel – 25341922

Powai Polyclinic

# 19/A, IIT Main Gate, Powai Tel – 25780707

Gyms, Spas and Salons

NM Medical

Brown N Brown

Mehta House, # 36, Pandita Ramabai Road, Chowpatty Tel – 43425555

# 170, Galleria, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai Tel – 40052167

# 2, Ground Floor, Nadshree Apartments, Phadke Road, Dombivali(E) Tel – 9820464333

Off SV Road, Kandivali(W) Tel – 28631508

Rita Stores

# 272, AS Dias Building, Ground Floor, Church Lane, Dhobi Talao Tel – 22070239 Men’s Clothing


# 7, Monolith, Nepean Sea Road Tel – 23673277

Fun Republic, Level-3, Andheri(W) Tel – 26744144 Restaurants


B-Block, Sita Ram Building, DN Road, Crawford Market Tel – 23401976


The American School of Bombay

SF-2, G-Block, Bandra-Kurla Road, Bandra(E) Tel – 67727272

Tree House

Ground Floor, Temple Avenue, Deodhar Road, Matunga Tel – 65529841 Tours and Travels

DS Tours & Travels

Ground Floor, Palm Beach Road, Vashi Tel – 27895735

Level 1, B Wing, Siddhivinayak Horizon, Veer Nariman Road, Prabhadevi Tel – 24313197

1st Floor, Chatwala Building, # 188, Yousuf Meher Ali Road, Masjid Bunder Road Tel – 23464232

Music and Movies

SK Tours & Travels

Home Decor

3rd Floor, Oberoi Mall, Off Western Express Highway, Goregaon(E) Tel – 40730300

Evolve Med Spa

Electronics and Appliances


# 61, Minerva Industrial Estate, Off PK Road, B/2, Sai Dham, Mulund(W) Tel – 25915888

Hajali Park, Clerk Road, Tulsiwadi, Mahalaxmi Tel – 24920030

Shree Balaji Furnishings


Provogue Studio

PVR Cinemas

# 4, Ratna Bhoomi Building, SK Bole Marg, Dadar(W) Tel – 67863333

AUGUST 2009 69

d e l h i -NC R Accessories

Bruno Manetti

1st Floor, Shop No. 137, Ambiance Mall, NH-8 Tel – 0124-4665447


G-35, Ground Floor, North Square Mall, Fun Cinemas, Pitampura Tel – 47049041 Alternative Medicine

Kairali Ayurvedic Health Spa # 120, Andheria Modh, Mehrauli Tel – 65664447

VCC Ayurveda and Panchakarma Clinic X-13, Sector-12 Tel – 0120-2584636

Books and Stationery

Jain Book Agency

# 12, Central Plaza Mall, Phase-V, DLF Golf Course Road, Sector-53 Tel – 0124-4143020

Book Zone

K-9, SRS Multiplex, Sector-12 Tel – 0129-4103679

American Book Centre

# 3A/101, Rang Rasayan Apartment, Sector-13, Rohini Tel – 27860335 City Hotspots

Buddies Planet

C-305, Ansal Plaza, Andrews Ganj Tel – 46054055

Light & Sound Show Red Fort, Darya Ganj Tel – 23274580

Doctors and Hospitals

Fortis Hospital

B-22, Sector-62 Tel – 0120-2400222

Apollo Clinic

F-4, East of Kailash Tel – 41621500 Electronics and Appliances

Whirlpool Home

# 8 & 9, MGF Plaza, MG Road Tel – 0124-4105655

70 AUGUST 2009

Sony World

G-37, Shipra Mall, Indirapuram Tel – 0120-2689700 Extracurricular

The DanceworX

std code- 011

Nelson Mandela Road, Phase-II, Vasant Kunj Tel – 26771234

Pet Point

Kids’ Health

Shop No. 3, # 1/45A, West Avenue Road, Punjabi Bagh Tel – 25228376

Kalawati Saran Children’s Hospital



C/O Billa Bong High School, A73, Sector-34 Tel – 011-40520111

Bangla Sahib Road, Connaught Place Tel – 23344160

Children’s Riding Club


Pubs and Clubs


S-434-438, Shoprix Mall, Sector-61 Tel – 0120-4266646

Race Course, Safdarjung Tel – 23012265 Flowers and Gifts

Shaw Brothers

Kids’ Shopping G-71, Janakpuri District Centre, Janak Puri Tel – 64555401

UGF-1&2, Centre Stage Mall, Sector-18 Tel – 0120-2512882

Plot No. A-10, Shivaji Place, District Centre, Rajouri Garden Tel – 25444101

Valaya.FNP Fleur

Malls and Super Markets

G61, Ground Floor, Select Citywalk Mall, Saket Tel – 9999999177

City Centre


Ansal Crown Plaza Mall

Style Spa

# 5, Janpath Bhawan, Janpath Tel – 41500717

A-32, 1st Floor, Part-II, Lajpat Nagar Tel – 41721995

29th Milestone, Mathura Road, Sector-15A Tel – 0129-4001537


Pacific Mall

A-01, Sector-10 Tel – 0120-4345792 Gyms, Spas and Salons

Health Sanctuary

J-12/13, Rajouri Garden Tel – 45130545

VLCC Day Spa

M-1, 1st Floor, M Block Market, Greater Kailash-I Tel – 32037207 Home Decor

Paradox One

Plot No. 1, Dr. Burman Road, Site-IV, Sahibabad Industrial Area, Anand Vihar Tel – 0120-3012301 Men’s Clothing

Pal Zileri

# 4, Defence Colony Tel – 24333475



The Westin Sohna, Vatika Triangle, Business Centre, Karanki Road, Sushant Lok Tel – 0124-4508888 Restaurants

My Chef’s Kitchen

# 53 UA, Jawahar Nagar, Kamla Nagar Tel – 9871156041


K-185/1, Surya Plaza, New Friends Colony Tel – 26845152 Schools

Carmel Convent

Malchamarg, Chanakyapuri Tel – 26871299

Ground Floor, American Plaza, Intl. Trade Tower, Nehru Place Tel – 46518471

Presidium School


Tours and Travels

# 580, Phase-V, Udyog Vihar Tel – 0124-2345494

Sector-16B, Phase-II, Dwarka Tel – 9311585474

MM Travels

# 67, Bhagat Singh Market Tel – 23368888

Crescent at the Qutub, Top Floor, Lado Sarai Tel – 65679378

French Connection

1st Floor, Eros Mall, Rajouri Garden Tel – 9313136775

Women’s Clothing

Art D’Inox

Music and Movies

# 63 & J-13, Central Market, Phase II, Lajpat Nagar Tel – 29842587

G-02, A-3, District Centre, Saket Tel – 40534525 Hotels and Serviced Apartments

The Oberoi Hotel

Dr. Zakir Hussain Marg, Mathura Road Tel – 24363030

The Grand Hotel

Music Land

# 319, 3rd Floor, Great India Place, Sector-38A Tel – 26518855

PVR Rivoli

Connaught Place Tel – 0124-4708080 Pet Care



G-9, MMX Mall, GT Road, Mohan Nagar Tel – 120-4114698


II Floor, Centrestage Mall, Sector-18 Tel – 0120-4132096




So where do you

want to stay?

welcome to our First Transit Hotel After an excellent experience of catering to client satisfaction we have launched a First Transit Hotel at GMR Shamshabad. This Transit Hotel is strategically located opposite to International Airport junction and is first of its kind in Hyderabad.

It is a 30-room property and a Sleep in Lounge. The hotel is truly a preferred choice for short stays and those who want to be close to the airport. It has a multi-cuisine Restaurant. Guests can avail services of pick and drop to the Airport around the clock. With its elegance style and comfort it will be the discerning traveler’s ideal Transit stay.



Near International Hotel, Shamshabad. Ph: 08413 - 223355, 97045 23535.

New Standards in Hospitality