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Interior Design Show West

Vancouver Convention Centre

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Restaurant inspired appliances Your kitchen... the perfect place for preparing a fabulous meal, or just relaxing with friends and family. GE Café appliances offer the look and feel of a modern stainless steel restaurant kitchen, combined with the latest cooking advantages enjoyed by top chefs. Redefining at-home entertaining, GE Café satisfies the foodies’ hunger for performance appliances while letting you focus on your guests!

GE Café is a trademark of General Electric Company. MC Commercial Inc. and Mabe Canada Inc. are licensees.



Trends. + Ideas. + New

Products. For Your Home.

Interior Design Show West

Vancouver Convention Centre

Times / Dates / Location Opening Night Party

Thursday September 27 // 6PM – 10PM Featuring Vancouver Fashion Week

GE Café Trade Day Azure Trade Talks

Friday September 28 // 10AM – 4PM

General Admission

Friday September 28 // 4PM – 9PM Saturday September 29 // 10AM – 6PM Sunday September 30 // 10AM – 5PM Vancouver Convention Centre West 1055 Canada Place TICKETS AVAILABLE ONLINE OR AT THE DOOR PHOTO CREDIT COVER: CHRISTIAN WOO, ABOVE: FRITZ HANSEN AVAILABLE AT INFORM INTERIORS

Interior Design Show West is produced by Informa Canada CEO of Informa Exhibitions Will Morris

Event Manager Leonie Hoerster

President of Informa Canada Steven Levy

Sales Manager Trish Almeida

Vice President of Informa Canada Mark Stephenson

Welcome to IDSwest These are exciting times for design lovers in Vancouver! Not only does IDSwest continue to grow in size (nearly 30% this year), but in importance as well; importance for the industry to connect and source, to consumers looking for the latest for their home and for the future of design in Western Canada. From another fabulous speaker line up (including IDCEC + AIBC accreditation), to exciting new features and new opportunities to take design home with you right from the show in The District, the show literally has something for everyone. As you review this guide, walk the aisles, talk to designers and exhibitors, and listen to presentations, the IDSwest team hopes that you feel the excitement, energy and creativity from these amazing participants we have the opportunity to experience year round. Get to know our Sponsors and Exhibitors and visit them throughout the year, we are certain you will find dozens of friendly, helpful faces that will inspire you and help make designing your life easier. See you next year, when we have plans to blow the green roof off this place! September 19–22, 2013.

Special Event Intern Julia Pflaumm Art Direction & Design Coolaide Design

Show Director Jason Heard

Showguide Dennis Chui

Event Manager Sarah Close Humayun

Public Relations Heth PR

Jason Heard Show DIrector

st!12 u e#tIDSwes e st T@w we IDS

The Voice of Design

Friday Sept 28 GE Café Trade Day

The Azure Trade Talks return with another year of top international designers at IDSwest on the Para Design Stage



Your Firm

presented by Livingspace

Floform Breakfast + Securing Publicity for Internationally celebrated panel: Nelda Rodger – Editor Azure, Anicka Quin – Editor Westernliving, Kate MacLennan – Managing Editor of BC Business, Amanda Bates – Partner at Curve Communications and moderated by Lucy Hyslop, Freelance Journalist. Pre-registration required.

Piero Lissoni Keynote Presentation

They say ‘Italians do it best’ — come see for yourself as we welcome keynote presenter Piero Lissoni, renowned Architect and Product Designer for his first speaking engagement on the West Coast. Lissoni’s vast resume boasts work with international brands from Benetton to Ferrari, hotels from Amsterdam to Jerusalem, and collections for Living Divani, Porro and dozens of other firms. Join Lissoni as he talks past, present and future of design. 5



Marc Swackhamer presented by UBC Sala


HouMinn Practice Blair Satterfield and

HouMinn Practice is an awardwinning and internationally published architecture and design collaborative noted for innovative research. HouMinn is both an acronym of two geographical locations that influence their work and a homophone to describe their researchbased practice, which is built on the idea of collaboration with experts outside the discipline of architecture.

Michael Green Michael Green With current projects for the Aga Khan Trust for Culture, teaching at UBC and establishing Michael Green Architecture after 9 years leading design at mgb ARCHITECTURE + DESIGN Michael Green has been a busy guy this year to say the least! Join him as he recounts tales of his work as the closing speaker of GE Café Trade Day. 1

Saturday Sept 29 + Sunday Sept 30

The Trendsetters SATURDAY NOON


Suzanne Dimma & Mark Challen

Blanco Design Panel Aly Velji, Andrew Pike & Cheryl Torrenueva The design stars of the Blanco Design Council know their kitchens and with the wisdom and savvy provided by their panel you will too! Join TV personalities Aly Velji, (Breakfast Television, Style Department) Andrew Pike (Marilyn Denis, Rooms That Rock) and Cheryl Torrenueva (Restaurant Impossible, Home Heist) for a presentation filled with tips and tricks, insider designer secrets and kitchen trends will be sure to leave you inspired! 1

Canadian House and Home

Find Your Style


Tommy Smythe Designer, Sarah 101

The best rooms reflect the people who live in them. Get helpful advice, inspiration — and yes, some rules — from House & Home’s Suzanne Dimma and Mark Challen as they teach you how to discover your inner decorator. Plus, peek inside Suzanne and Mark’s homes to see how they each designed two small rooms filled with personality. 5

Big Ideas and Stylish Solutions for Small Spaces Whether it’s a cramped Condo or an awkward apartment or even a tiny space in an otherwise roomy home, Tommy Smythe has the right advice to help your humble abode live large. This seminar delivers sumptuous photography culled from Tommy’s own portfolio, the shows he co-hosts with design super star Sarah Richardson and even the archives of House and Home magazine where Tommy writes a design insider column. Learn, laugh and love design with Tommy Smythe at IDSwest. 1


Amanda Forrest West Coast Design Expert for the Marilyn Denis Show Amanda Forrest Interior Design Group So you want to make a change in your home? Amanda Forrest will share her insider secrets on creating a designer look for less in your space and give you an inspiring preview of what’s hot in home decorating for 2013. 5


Tommy Smythe Designer, Sarah 101

Big Ideas and Stylish Solutions for Small Spaces Whether it’s a cramped Condo, an awkward apartment or even a tiny space in an otherwise roomy home, Tommy Smythe has the right advice to help your humble abode live large. This seminar delivers sumptuous photography culled from Tommy’s own portfolio, the shows he co-hosts with design super star Sarah Richardson and even the archives of House and Home magazine where Tommy writes a design insider column. Learn, laugh and love design with Tommy Smythe at IDSwest. 1


Kelly Deck Kelly Deck Designs

Join Kelly as she discusses the inspiration and trends that have influenced the most recent projects at Kelly Deck Design. She will touch on visits to Asia and Europe, the imagery and inspiration she has discovered, and what she is excited about bringing into her interiors in the coming year. 1

now in full bloom

Home + Garden section



read the Vancouver sun’s Home+Garden section every Friday featuring all the latest design trends and tips from decorating pros. Plus, our expanded gardening coverage includes the return of some perennial favourites and the latest dirt on cool gadgets for the garden.

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Sights, Sips, Sounds Bocci Bar by Inform

Structure We are looking for furniture

Take one of the hottest designers on the planet, Vancouver’s own Omer Arbel of Bocci, and have him design a bar in the centre of the largest contemporary design show this side of Toronto and you have the place to be at IDSwest 2012! Presented by Inform Interiors, the Bocci Bar will feature original design elements conceived by Arbel. Design plans are hush-hush, so be among the first to share in the surprise — but bring your wallet, you are in for an amazing deal!

Take the structural product LVL, supplied by our friends at Brisco Manufacturing, and supply it to designers to work the product into various new designs and you have STRUCTURE. At IDSwest we will be searching for 6 designers who want to enhance their skills and knowledge and produce and original design from LVL. Visit the Structure booth located in the centre aisle and learn how you can get involved. More information at


Livingspace + Lissoni Livingspace is proud to host worldrenowned designer and architect Piero Lissoni at IDSwest. Their booth, designed by Lissoni himself, features dining, bedroom and living room furniture from Italian manufacturers Living Divani and Porro. Take this opportunity to experience Italian style at its best. 5 LOFT IN MONZA BY PIERO LISSONI

and industrial designers!


Inspiring Design

presented by General Paint You asked for more ideas, more trends, and more products that can be incorporated into your spaces… and we’re making it happen! Upon entering IDSwest 2012 attendees can explore 6 trend spaces created by some of the West’s design stars; themes like “inhale,” “rhythm” and “digital” are the inspiration. Each space showcases how the Inspiring Colours Trend by the Comex Group is put to use in the everyday. Designers include: Pure Design by Ami McKay, Amanda Forrest Interior Design Group, Nikula Design, Daniela Tovar, Aly Velji Designs and a group from Kwantlen Design. 1 URBANAGE FROM INSPIRING CULTURES BY THE COMEX GROUP


our essential rug guide

Designing A Community Takes An Industry BC Wood Helping to flex the strength of their industry, the good folks at BC Wood have gathered a crew of members and have put together the all new BC Wood pavilion. Stop by and see what is up with design from our forests and by amazing local talents. 7 VIN DE GARDE

Design for Disaster IDIBC Student Charrette Take thirty selected students from eight BC interior design programs in mixed teams of six and have them develop a solution to a given design problem while sharing their education and experience and you have the new student charrette at IDSwest. Projects will be put together during GE Café Trade Day and on display in IDSwest’s centre aisle. 1

With environmental and climate driven events on the rise globally, we need to consider how to better prepare ourselves and our built environments for the inevitable. The IDIBC in partnership with AWMAC presents ‘Design for Disaster’ — a conceptual living space that explores how residential interiors and furnishings can be creatively manipulated to minimize casualty due to natural or manmade catastrophic events. 5 SOS TABLE BY FALSE CREEK DESIGN

What’s Your Design Dilemma? The Interior Designers of Canada are offering free advice to show-goers looking for some help with a project — big or small. Find out what a Registered Interior Designer can offer and how they can help. Also, ensure you vote in IDIBC People’s Choice Award for a chance to win. 1

100 Mile House The AFBC presents 100 Mile House Competition and showcases winning entries in this interactive engaging display. Want to see what happens when you combine the idea of the 100 Mile Diet with Architecture? 7 DETAIL: 3RD PRIZE WINNER WON JIN PARK (NEW YORK, USA)

100 Mile House Design Competition 118 2nd Century Rug Co. 1230 Accentrix Design Make Your Mark Advanced Graphic Laser + Design 648 Alex & Iwona District Alykhan Velji Designs Inspiring Design Amanda Forrest Interior Design Group Inspiring Design Amanda Parker Design District Andronyk Jewelry District Angela Robinson Interior Designer Make Your Mark Arlene’s Interiors 1118 Armoury Interiors 539 Arzadesign District ASSA ABLOY Canada 411 Associated Plastics Studio North Avios Home Integration and Cinema 749 AW by ANDREA WONG District AyA Kitchens & Bath Vancouver 918

Exhibitor List Cultured Stone/Canadian Stone Industries 848

Innovation Stones Ltd. 809

Daniela Tovar Inspiring Design

Interior Designers of Canada 224

DaVinci’s Home 942 Delco Fireplaces 1241 Deluxe Design Furniture Mfg. Ltd 813 Design For Disaster 118 Design Quarterly Designhouse 1108 Dina Gonzalez Mascaro Studio North Divine Hardwood Flooring Ltd. 1330 Donna Giraud District DreamCast Design and Production 1539

Inspiration Furniture Inc 1322 Isikhumba Designs Studio North I-XL Masonry Supplies 508 Izm 1022 Jola V. Designs District Kami Countertops (2005) Ltd 843 KanDy Outdoor Flooring Transformations 1055 Karen Cooper Photography District Kentwood 430 Kermodi

Dynasty Fireplaces 754

Kerrisdale Lumber 1543

Azure Publishing Inc. 934

East India Carpets Ltd. 543

Kilnhouse Studio District

B.A. Robinson Co. Ltd. 902

Eco Surface Solutions 744

BC Hardwood Floor Co. Ltd 1340

eco-made, LLC District

Kwantlen Polytechnic University Inspiring Design

BC Hydro 239 BC Wood Specialities Group 712

Effusion Glass Studio Studio North

Benchmark Interiors 1110

ella + elliot Studio North

Leon Lebeniste 815

Benjamin Moore & Co. Limited 805

Entitled Hats & Fascinators District

Beyond Beige Interior Design 1212

Euro-Line Appliances Inc. 1248


Billy Would Designs District

Eurolux/Valley 1540

Blanco Canada Inc. 1310

European Flooring 700

Bocci Bar by Inform

even design District

BoConcept 1222

Fainting Goat Studio District

Brent Comber Originals 722

Filou Designs District

Brooklyn Designs District

Fine Line Creations Studio North

Brothers and Sons Design Build Inc. District

Floform Countertops 812

Fisker of Vancouver VIP Lounge

Brougham Interiors 622

The Found & The Freed District

Buhler Furniture 119

Future Masters 230

Caesarstone Canada 518

G. Wilson Construction Co. Ltd. 1422

Calligaris Vancouver 1318 Canada Vicostone Inc 1420 Canadian Decorators’ Association (CDECA) 1049

Gabriel Ross Inc. 1122 gabriEllephant Design District GE Café 838

La Scala 1430 Laurentian Sales 218

Live Edge Design 200 LiveSmart BC 239 Livingspace 730 Lori Popadiuk District Loveland Studio North lucky 14 handmade District Luminosa Light Designs Inc. 1533 luprints Studio North Mainland K2 Stone 1154 Maple Art 413/415 Mario Sabljak Design Studio North Martin Knowles Photo/Media Studio North Matthieu LeBlanc – Reclaimed Wood Creations Studio North

Canadian House and Home

General Paint 1440

McCarthy Hinder Interior Design Make Your Mark

Cathryn Jenkins Stone Sculptor 505

Ginger Jar Furniture 1208

MELK art & design District

Cathy Terepocki Contemporary Ceramics District

Global Surface Solutions Inc 438

Metropolitan Hardwood Floors Inc. 430

Gray Magazine 854

Mike Lam Design Inc 1236

Centura Floor & Wall 1148

Greenscape Design and Décor District

Miles Industries 514

Chapel Arts Ltd. Chapel Arts Lounge

Grohe Canada Inc. 522

Millson Technologies 1136

Christian Woo Woodwork + Design 834

Gusco Floors + Marquetry 414

Mirolin Industries Corp. 1218

Christine Breakell-Lee 1105

H Art + Apparel District

Mitani Designs District

Cocoa West Chocolatier District

Hatch Interior Design Make Your Mark

Moe’s Home Collection 530

Colonial Countertops 422

Hay-Oh District

Mokajade Designs District

Colony Home Furnishings Ltd. 1008

Henderson Dry Goods District

Monde Home Products 704

Contexture Design Make Your Mark

Henry Sun Design 1531

Montauk Sofa 1018

Coulson Manufacturing Ltd. BCW6, BCW8

Icon Agency 309

Moojoes Kid’s Gear Inc. District

Identity Apparel District

Mth Woodworks Studio North

Creekside Tile Company 1204

Infinity Drain 313

My English Bay Design Inc. 846

CS Designs Inc. 400

Inform Interiors 1028

My House Design/Build 1418


Innotech Windows Canada Inc. 418

My Little Lights District = SPONSOR



Exhibitor List con’t

Taste of Life Magazine 755 Taymor Industries Ltd. 1048 Fine Furniture Studio North TJY Furniture 1433 Tom Bakker Design 515

Native Trails 644 Nicole Tarasick Studio District Niki Design and Glass Studio Inc 404 Nikula Designs Inspiring Design Norburn Lighting 408 Northwest Stoves Ltd. 1319

Raincoast Door & Specialty Wood Products Inc. 600

Tom Lee Music Co. Ltd 748

Resource Furniture 1202

Torlys Smart Floors 605

Revival Art Ltd. 1015 Robyn Leitch Lighting Design District Roland Boulanger & Cie Ltee 513

TOODLEBUNNY District TQ Construction 339 Tracey Tomtene Photography District University of Alberta, Department of Art and Design 548

Nostalgic Links District

roxypop District

Nova Solo Furniture 1535

Salari Fine Carpet Collections 818


Satin Finish Hardwood Flooring 1242

Ola Designs District

Savoia Canada Inc. 324

OLEANA Studio North

Scavolini by Siema 839

Om Happy Seat Studio North

Select Marketing Canada Ltd. 747

Once A Tree Furniture 608

Shazcor 912

Ox + Monkey Design + Fabrication Studio North

Shibang Designs Studio North

Pacific Home And Art Centre Ltd. 910

Sita Importing and Manufacturing 409

Para Paints 1442

Solus Decor Inc. 1130

Paradigm Kitchen Design 1043

Spark Modern fires LLC 1011

PASTE District Phaulet District

Steels. A Division of Brock White Canada 908

Phillips Saeco District

Sticks and Stones Furniture 808

Western Living Magazine 336

Precisionwerkz Canada Inc. 618

Stonecraft / Aggressive Distribution Inc. 954

Westpoint Sales Inc. 1336

Pure Design by Ami McKay Inspiring Design

Structure by Brisco Make Your Mark

Wide Plank Hardwood Ltd. BCW4

Studio G3 Glass Graphic Group Ltd. 1115

Wood Design 500

Railtown Design District 612

Style Garage 738

Wood Works – Solid Wood Furniture 318

Siema Kitchen & Bath 940

Urban Barn 330 V6B Design Group 800 Valley Countertops Industries 948 Van Gogh Designs Furniture Ltd 1012 Vancouver Fashion Week Vancouver Sun 1531 Varian Design 538 Vic and Albie District Vin de Garde Modern Wine Cellars BC Wood Visual College of Art + Design 855 W Group 1142 Welco Lumber Corp. 1051 West Coast Shoji Door Ltd. 1344

PARA Paints is pleased to be back at IDSwest! Once again, PARA Paints is the official sponsor of the design stage at IDSwest and will be featuring an incredible line-up of top designers – all sharing their passion for design and colour! Join us as we celebrate PARA’s Canadian style with our vast palette of over 2150 inspired colours, many of which reflect our Canadian heritage. As shown above, the PARA colour ‘West Coast Shoreline’ (P5166-14),

is a very pale sea green with grey undertones that directly conveys the light of an early

morning by the Pacific Ocean in British Columbia. Bring a little Canada into your home! Visit the PARA Paints booth, #1442, with an image of a room in your home and ask for a FREE colour consultation!

As used in the photo above, PARA’s new Hybrid Products are available at leading paint & decorating retailers.

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Get exactly what your space needs with furniture built to your specifications: • Designs you can customize • Hundreds of fabric patterns and colours • Contemporary quality craftsmanship

Head Office & Showroom:

12885 85th Avenue, Surrey, BC | 604.543.9200

Ontario Showroom: 6900 Airport Road, Suite 211, Mississauga, ON | 905.362.0265

toll free:


Certified ISO


9001 : 2008

Handmade at IDSwest The One of a Kind District

Presented by Phillips Saeco The One of a Kind Show lent us their expertise in picking the best and brightest in handmade products this year. Shop the section and take something handmade home with you! From Housewares to things for your little one the District won’t disappoint. 7 MAKE SURE NOT TO MISS (CLOCKWISE): BILLY WOULD DESIGNS, HENDERSON DRY GOODS, CATHY TEREPOCKI CONTEMPORARY CERAMICS, LUCKY14 HANDMADE, ARZADESIGN, NICOLE TARASICK STUDIO

Why settle for anything less than the full Italian espresso experience?

Rising Stars Opening Night Join us for the IDSwest Opening night party, presented by Kentwood and featuring Vancouver Fashion Week. Be among the first to check out all that is awesome at IDSwest! Opening night starts off with a bang! Music, fashion, beverages in the Bocci bar! With cuttingedge design, live music and custom crafted cocktails, this year’s event will center around the show’s Bocci Bar by Inform, the hottest meet-up spot on the IDSwest floor.

Studio North IDSwest has always offered the most extensive representation of forwardthinking, edgy Canadian Design from right across North America. The Studio North section on the show floor highlights a select few of the youngest and hottest that 2012 has to offer.



Amber by Henry Sun

Future Masters Vol. 3 Back for another amazing year, Future Masters Vol 3 features current and recent graduate projects from Architecture to Product Design. From rain chaps to Basalt alt Tableware this feature is sure to keep you busy! 7 RAIN CHAPS BY ANDREAS EIKEN 1 TABLEWARE BY DARCY GREINDAR

The Vancouver Sun is thrilled to have the opportunity to activate recent Emily Carr grad student, Henry Wang, and have him design the booth space for the Vancouver Sun. His project Amber tells a story through design, branding, and imagery about the West Coast and his journey with a 205 year old fallen Stanley Park tree and its journey to his design pieces. Visit Henry in booth 1531. 5 HENRY SUN

Not to be Missed Kelly Deck and AyA Kitchens

Kentwood Ticketing Centre

Design star Kelly Deck has been enlisted to create a show stopper of a booth for AyA Kitchens. With gold, wood and moss coloured elements this booth will be tough to get out of! In fact if you can’t find us in the bar, look for us in booth 918.

Did you see our box office this year? Who are we kidding? How could you miss it! This year we partnered up with the creative people at Kentwood to create a truly jaw dropping entrance to the show!

Don’t miss Kelly onstage Sunday, September 30 at 1:30pm. 1 AYA KITCHEN BOOTH BY KELLY DECK DESIGNS

Make sure to stop by their booth and check out the COUTURE COLLECTION BY KENTWOOD.From the runway at Fashion Week to the penthouses of Vancouver’s Shangri-La, a floor from the Couture Collection makes the ultimate statement in luxury and elegance. 5 GLACE BAY BY KENTWOOD

BUILDEX Vancouver Join us for our sister show BUILDEX Vancouver February 13th & 14th at the Vancouver Convention Centre West. With over 60 accredited seminars, 600 exhibits and 13,500 trade attendees, BUILDEX is Vancouver’s Largest tradeshow for Architecture, Interior Design, Property Management and Construction. Stay tuned for details on the all-new commercial office furniture feature WORKPLACE 20/20. Go to to learn more and register to attend. 3

The Fisker Karma The world’s first eco-chic car hits IDSwest in style as the VIP sponsor. Stop by and see the Fisker’s dramatic proportions and sumptuous design that offer unparalleled performance. With zero emissions and zero compromise. Available at Fisker of Vancouver, next to The BMW Store. 5 KARMA BY FISKER

The Chapel Arts Lounge We know you are going to need a break from the show floor to grab a bite — so hit up the Lounge, designed and presented by Chapel Arts. Check out some of their amazing designs, as well as raw materials that they also sell. Don’t miss the spectacle that is the Little Guitar Army performing on Opening night! 1 CHAPEL ARTS

SAVE ENERGY SAVE MONEY BC Hydro Power Smart can help you save energy and money by being smart with your power. Energy efficient lighting, appliances and even home renovations—Power Smart supports your efforts to conserve electricity with rebates and incentives. October is Power Smart Month! Visit for tips and great deals on energy-saving products. A12-222

Win at IDSwest!

At IDSwest this year there are thousands of dollars in prizing to be won! From GE Café Ranges to Solus Firepits; from BENSEN Lotus chairs to $500 from General Paint, You could go home a winner! Thanks to all of our amazing exhibitors for making this possible! No purchase necessary. Enter to win using this QR Code or visiting Rules and Regulations at Images may not represent exact prizing.



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Visit us at Booth 934 Don’t miss out!


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