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Kiss me, Kate was originally produced in 1948 and was revived in 1999 taking advantage of new technology in music and keeping in mind evolving social values. All seventeen of the original songs are present in the revised score, and the song “From This Moment On” from Porter's “Out Of This World” as well as from the 1953 film version of Kiss me, Kate has been added. The book was carefully refined, not changed, for the new version. Another Op'nin' Another Show welcomes you to Baltimore and the opening of a musical version of Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew." The cast is on stage and receiving final instrutions from Fred Graham, the director. A play-within-a-play unfolds, where each of the four main cast members' on-stage performance is complicated by what is happening in off-stage life. Fred takes the roles of director and male lead, Petruchio. His ex-wife Lilli, now a movie star with a reputation for being difficult to work with, plays Katharine, the shrew. Fred's current love interest, Lois, plays the role of Bianca, and the other man in Lois' life, Bill, plays the role of Lucentio. Before the curtain rises on "The Shrew" we find out that Bill has a gambling problem. He tells Lois that he signed a $10,000 IOU for a debt in Fred's name, instead of using his own. Not long after two thugs show up at the theater to make it clear that Bill will have to make good on that IOU. But they confront Fred instead of Bill, since Fred's name is on the gambling debt. Lois asks Bill -Why Can't You Behave? Fred and Lilli reminisce nostalgically about their other performances together, and their warm feelings for each other return -Wunderbar. When flowers sent by Fred to Lois mistakenly get delivered to Lilli, Lilli falls even more deeply in love with Fred -So in Love. We are brought into Shakespeare's world with -We Open in Venice. It is not long before we are told that Lucentio (Bill) may not marry his love Bianca (Lois), until Bianca's older sister Katharine (Lilli) the shrew is married off. Bianca enjoys flirting with her gentlemen callers in -Tom, Dick or Harry. Fortunately for Bianca and Lucentio, Petruchio (Fred) comes to town looking for a wealthy wife and is not scared off by Katharine. Petruchio explains his goal in -I've Come to Wive It Wealthily in Padua and Katharine makes her feelings clear in -I Hate Men. Lilli finally discovers that the flowers Fred sent her were actually intended for Lois, and we hear her shriek in outrage. In -Were Thine That Special Face, Petruchio sings of his strong feelings for Katharine. Lilli threatens to walk out of the show but Fred convinces the two gangsters that he will be able to pay them the money he allegedly owes them, if they can make sure Lilli continues to play her role. The gangsters put on costumes and become part of the cast of "The Shrew" to stay close to Lilli. Lilli uses her anger toward Fred to express herself as Katharine for the rest of the show. Fred is forced to get tough with Katharine as he plays Petruchio. Kiss me, Kate closes the first act. Too Darn Hot opens the second act, giving the cast a chance to relax during intermission. Back to "The Shrew" Petruchio now marries Katharine, and is already missing his relatively peaceful single life in -Where Is the Life That Late I Led? Lois sings to Bill explaining about their relationship in -Always True to You (In My Fashion) and then Bill sings -Bianca. When the gangsters call their boss to 'check in,' they find out that the boss has been killed. This makes Bill's IOU worthless, so the gangsters can leave. Lilli takes the opportunity to walk off the show, and leaves with her dependable fiance Harrison, as Fred reprises -So in Love. The gangsters get caught up in the limelight and pay an unusual tribute to Shakespeare in -Brush Up Your Shakespeare. As "The Taming of the Shrew" comes to a close, Lilli unexpectedly returns to the stage, and in Katharine's words expresses her intention of returning to Fred -I Am Ashamed That Women Are So Simple.

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Nikki Mundell-Poole - Director Nikki has spent the last 29 years actively involved in all aspects of musical theatre and was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to work with many popular West End and touring productions including ‘Phantom of the Opera’, ‘Les Miserables’ ‘Oliver!’, ‘Grease’, ‘Miss Saigon’ and ‘Cats’ to name a few. During the last 20 years she has also been working with many Amateur Societies as a Director and/or Choreographer, which she finds highly enjoyable and very satisfying. Nikki always enjoys working with both WAOS and WOW on their productions and ‘Kiss Me, Kate’ has been no exception. Susannah Edom - Musical Director Susannah grew up in Suffolk and went to Ipswich High School then going on to Bulmershe college where she achieved a Bachelor of Education in Music and Psychology. On leaving college, Susannah returned to Suffolk to teach. Music has consistently featured as a major part of her life and Susannah regularly works as musical director for local operatic societies. Susannah is now Headteacher at Newlands Spring Primary School in Chelmsford. During her time in Chelmsford she ran the Chelmsford Music School until the birth of her daughter Jessica and founded and conducted the Boreham Ladies Choir for 10 years. Susannah’s has been involved with Barnardos for12 year which began with a concert at the local Cathedral and was recently presented with The President’s Certificate of Appreciation by HRH the Duchess of Cornwall in recognition of her work. A Message From Our President Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to our Autumn production of Kiss me, Kate , which is a Tony Award musical by Cole Porter. Apparently it was Porters’ response to Rodgers and Hammerstein's Oklalahoma. We are pleased to welcome back Nikki Mundell Poole as Director and Susanah Edom as Musical Director. I have observed several rehearsals and everybody has worked extremely hard to produce an excellent show under their direction, but also had a lot of fun in the process. So I do hope that you all sit back and enjoy the evening. Many thanks for your continued support and we hope to see you all again at our spring production which is going to be Oklahoma. Your's sincerely Helene Jones.

10/9/2012 4:03:03 PM

Production Team

Cast Fred/Petruchio Lilli Vanessi / Katherine Bill Calhoun / Lucentio Lois Lane / Bianca Paul Hattie Harry / Baptista Gangster 1 Gangster 2 Ralph, The Stage Manager Hortensio Gremio Gen. Harrison Howell Pops, The Doorman Wardrobe Lady (soloist)


David Slater Julie Codling Ollie Barrett Robyn Gowers Ben Huish Liz Watson Nick Clough Michael Mundell-Poole George Jordan Tom Whelan Joe Gray Mark Ellis David Ehren Ron Howe Rosie Clarke

Rachel Ings Emma Sayers Emily Dixon

Julie Slater Rosie Clarke Charlotte Watling

Oliver Souraya

Ron Howe

Olivia Bentley Kelly Rowell

Hilary Graham Corinna Wilson

Sarah Allen

Wayne Tearle David Allison

Sean Griffiths Richard Cowen

Rehearsals Accompanist


Emma Firth & David Mitchell



Paul Lazell

Stage Manager


Keith Radley assisted by Graham Green

Stage Crew


Stewart Adkins, Ben Hermon, Andy Meakin, Liam Lawless, Mark Tinworth, David Bowles, Steve Patient, James Clark, Mark Harrington





Paul Galley & Jason Fenn Event Sound & Light Nigel Northfield, Quintin Brazier, Kris Knox-Crichton, Anne Dyster, Graeme


Props Manager


Alex Berriman

Props Team


Gemma Gray, Libby Johnson, Jess



Wardrobe Mistresses


Sara Lyndon & Debbie Stirling



Patsy Page



Sophie Brown, Susy Hawkes, Marea



Cynthia Stead & Lydia Clough



Sue Rogers, Gary Rolph, Debbie

Salmon, Calum Mundell-Poole Tony Brett at The Costume Store and

Rolph, Janet Hawkes, Publicity Manager


Tim Sheppard



Wayne Tearle

Laura Scales, Sandy Tate

Box Office


Tim Sheppard & Sarah Grant

Jessie Threadgold

Front of House Manager


Patsy Page

Graeme Atkinson, Steve Smart

Bar Manager


Kathryn Adkins


Michael Mundell-Poole



Susannah Edom

Irving, Olivia Bentley & Liz Watson

Mens Chorus


Nikki Mundell-Poole


Kelvedon Players

Ladies Chorus

Richard Herring Michael Watling


Musical Director

Parrett, Lauren Northfield


Anne Howe Pam Whelan

Director and Choreographer



Stephen Hopper




Dave Healey

Poster Artwork


Tim Sheppard

Publicity Photographs


Great Notley Photography Club



Paul Codling



Emma Firth



Tom Marshall

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10/9/2012 4:03:13 PM

David Slater - Fred / Petruchio

Robyn Gowers - Lois / Bianca

I am delighted to be playing Fred / Petruchio again as I enjoyed it so much for Trinity’s production in Chelmsford 2 years ago – and I’m quite adept with a whip. WOAS are such a friendly company to work with and we are always looking for new members.

I've enjoyed playing many roles in recent years including Millie Dilmount in ‘Thoroughly Modern Millie’ and Tzeitel in ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ both with CAODS, and ‘Calamity Jane’ in January 2010 with Colchester Operatic Society.

In earlier productions I’ve played Sweeney Todd, The Pirate King, Anatoly in ‘Chess’ and Professor Higgins in ‘My Fair Lady’. It’s great to be doing another show with my wife Julie – we were married during our National Tour of the Cameron Mackintosh production of ‘Godspell’ sometime in the last century.

This is my first production with WAOS and I'd like to thank the company for the incredibly warm welcome I've received - I've thoroughly enjoyed the rehearsal process for ‘Kiss Me Kate’ and have had lots of giggles along the way!

I’d like to dedicate this show to my late father, Bill, who installed in me a love of musical theatre.

Julie Codling - Kate / Lilli

Ollie Barrett – Bill / Lucentio

‘Kiss me, Kate’ is a show full of superb music, witty humour and old fashioned romance and has always been a favourite of mine, so I am really excited to be given the opportunity to play this fantastic part.

This is my first show with WAOS, and I am very happy to be playing the part of Bill. I have found joining a new society very exciting and look forward to joining WAOS for their next show at the beginning of 2013.

Playing the dual roles of Lilli/Kate has been a challenge but one which I have thoroughly enjoyed. It’s great fun playing a shrew and a diva who throws tantrums both backstage and on! This is my first show with WAOS and I would like to thank the Production Team and everyone in the society for making me feel so welcome.

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I am glad to say that rehearsals have been very exciting as well as teaching me new skills. I have made many new friends within the society and I am looking forward to performing along side them all and hope that you will enjoy the show as much as we do on stage.

10/9/2012 4:03:16 PM

Joe Gray - Hortensio

Michael Mundell-Poole - Gangster 1

I am thrilled to be playing the role of Hortensio with WAOS. ‘Kiss me Kate’ is my first show with the group and they have been very welcoming. I have had a great time learning the different dance routines and developing my vocals in rehearsals and this has helped me become more confident both on and off of the stage.

I have enjoyed playing a diversity of roles over the years from the light hearted and fun loving Bill Snibson in ‘Me & My Girl’ to the darker and mischievious characters of Jigger Craggen or Fagan. Lately, however, it seems I am being type cast as a bit of a rouge. Having recently played Nathen Detroit in WAOS’s ‘Guys & Dolls’ here I am again in a sharp suit and fedora!

There are some very talented people in this cast and I have learnt a great deal from them, I hope that I will be able to work with them in future shows. This will be a lively show and I hope you have as much fun watching as we will performing.

Mark Ellis - Gremio ‘Kiss me, Kate’ is my second show with WAOS, having done numerous other productions with other societies including four shows with WOW. Earlier this year I was part of the finalist group, CM1 in the BBC's 'Sport Relief Does Glee Club' and I shall be playing the role of Tony in WOW's production of 'The Boyfriend' this coming February. 'Kiss Me, Kate' has been great fun to be a part of as well as a great new experience, and not just because of the tights! I hope you enjoy the show as much as we have enjoyed putting it together.

KMK prog.indd 8-9

Starting my acting whilst living in the Middle East, I joined Braintree when I returned which is where I met my wonderful wife, since then have been involved with Colchester Operatic, Clacton and Sudbury. This is my seventh show with Witham although I have also enjoyed being involved backstage on many more.

George Jordan - Gangster 2 When I was working at Loughton Police Station I was encouraged to join Loughton Operatics Society where my first show was in the chorus of Pirates of Penzance back in 1980. I then went to the College Operatic Society in Walthamstow where I played my first part - Mr Snow in ‘Carousel’. For Thistles in Wanstead I also played Benny in ‘Guys and Dolls’. It was with Thistles that I was in my favourite show to date Titanic. I moved to Witham 3 years ago and became involved with WAOS with ‘Anything Goes’ and ‘Godspell’. I am now playing the fun part of a gangster in ‘Kiss me, Kate’ and enjoyed learning Brush Up Your Shakespeare, even if it did take some time!

10/9/2012 4:03:19 PM

ACT I Scene 1 Scene 2 Scene 3 Scene 4 Scene 5 Scene 6 Scene 7 Scene 8

Stage of the Ford Theatre, Baltimore The corridore, backstage Dressing rooms of Lilli and Fred On stage Padua Dressing rooms of Lilli and Fred Dressing rooms of Lilli and Fred Padua

Musical Numbers Another Op'nin', Another Show - Hattie and Company Why Can't You Behave? - Lois and Bill Wunderbar - Fred and Lilli So In Love - Lilli We Open In Venice - Petruchio, Kate, Bianca, Lucentiol & dancers Tom, Dick or Harry - Bianca, Lucentio, Gremio, and Hortensio I've Come to Wive It Wealthily in Padua - Petruchio and Company I Hate Men - Kate Were Thine That Special Face - Petruchio We Sing of Love (Cantiamo D'Amore) - Soloists and Company Kiss Me, Kate - Petruchio, Kate and Company ACT II Scene 1 Scene 2 Scene 3 Scene 4 Scene 5 Scene 6 Scene 7 Scene 8

Backstage On stage Petruchio’s house The corridor, backstage Dressing rooms of Lilli and Fred The corridor, backstage Before the safety curtain Baptista’s home

Musical Numbers Too Darn Hot - Paul and Company Where Is the Life That Late I Led? - Petruchio Always True To You In My Fashion - Lois From this moment on - General Howell and Lilli Bianca - Bill and Company So In Love (Reprise) - Fred Brush Up Your Shakespeare - Gangsters Pavane - Dancers I Am Ashamed That Women Are So Simple - Kate Kiss Me, Kate Finale - Company

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WAOS’s grateful thanks are extended to:

WAOS COMMITTEE Hon. Chairman Stewart Adkins Hon Business Manager Trevor Drury Hon Membership Sec Rachel Phillippo-Green Hon Social Sec Kathryn Adkins Committee Members:President:- Helene Jones Hon. Life Members: Mrs K.M. Adams Mr J.E. Gunson Mrs H. Jones Mr T. Sheppard Friends of WAOS: Mr D. Adams Mr S. Adkins Mrs P. Briggs Mrs R. Chaplin Mrs L. Clough Mrs K. Dawson Mr J. E. Gunson Mrs Nelmes Miss M. Smith Mr C. Turner Mr J. Wilson

Hon. Secretary Matthew Waldie Hon Treasurer Keith Radley Hon Production Manager Janet Hawkes Marketing Manager Tim Sheppard Nicholas Clough David Slater

Mr N.H.O. Clough Mrs A. Howe Mrs P. Page

Mrs C.M. Draper Mr R. Howe Mrs A. Sheppard

Mrs P. Adams Mr K. Baines Mr S. J. E. Briggs Mrs A. Clarke Mr N. Clough Mrs C.M. Draper Mr R. Howe Mrs A. Sheppard Mrs K. Stevenson Mrs C. Turner Ms S. Wilson

Mrs K. Adams Mrs B. Baines Mrs S. Carpenter Mr N. Clarke Mrs L. Coverdale Mr S. Draper Mrs H. Jones Mr T. J. Sheppard Mr P. Swann Mr R. Wash Dr A. M. Wood

Mrs K. Adkins Mr T. Barnes Mr W. Chaplin Mr T. Clarke Mr P Crane Mrs D. Gann Mr S. B. Jones Mrs P. Slugocki Mrs P. Swann Mr C Watson Mrs J. Wood

For further details about becoming a Friend of the Society, or if you would like to be added to our mailing list for future productions, please contact our Hon. Membership Secretary, Rachel Clapp (07940 395296).

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In particular to: • •

Mrs P. Briggs Mrs J. Hawkes Mrs A.R. Lawfield

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not only the individuals or organisations credited in this programme but to the many others who have contributed in any way to the preparation and production of Kiss Me, Kate.

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Our advertisers – please support them Jill Hindes and Kelvedon Players for help with costumes for Witham Carnival and for the show • Morrisons, Cunningham Edwards and Witham Tourist Office for permission to display posters • Picturesque, Newland Street, Witham, for period photos of Lilli • Kathryn Adkins and Peter Fishwick for help at auditions • Caretaker, management and trustees of Witham Public Hall Trust • Friends of the Society for their financial support • All those involved with refreshments and the bar • All those involved in stewarding, raffle and programme distribution • Great Notley Camera Club for publicity photography and at the Dress Rehearsal • The management and staff of Spring Lodge for rehearsal facilities • All those involved backstage and/or with transportation • Those in the media who have publicised the show • Tawny Press for all printing • Those who have freely devoted space to display posters • Pat Day of CAODS for loan of properties .... and anyone else who has helped in any way

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