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INBA Novice Rising Star 2014

Fitness Models Dani Bosancic


Southern Cross 2014

Photoshoot with the Cover Model Emma Cochrane Issue 6- April 2014

MOVA Fitness Magazine

Publisher and Editor: Mariya Mova Design: Mariya Mova Photographers: Mariya Mova, Flavio Bodrogi, White point photography Cover Model: Emma Cochrane, Issue 6, April 2014. All content and photos are copyrighted by Mariya Mova

Contributors: Features: INBA, Niki Angelopoulos Models: Dani Bosancic,Justine Switalla, Nick Cotton, Aurelie Appasamy, Emma Cochrane

2.MFM-Issue 6-April 2014


Fitness Magazine


INBA Novice 11 Rising Star 2014


Fitness Models Dani Bosancic



Southern Cross 2014

Photoshoot with the Cover Model Emma Cochrane

Issue 6- April 2014

Photos: Mariya Mova

Cover Model Emma Cochrane Photo by Mariya Mova


3.MFM-Issue 6-April 2014


Fitness Magazine

Change. Change is inevitable. Every day changes. Every hour and second. We change, Life changes. And it is only normal to change. We change in the way we think, or the way we react. We change what we like, or what we don’t like. We change in the way we see things. Or in the way we see ourselves. Don’t be afraid of change. Without change the world is impossible. We change forward, or backwards, or we

change by settling into things. Accept the change. Go along with it, or fight it. Fight is a change. Waiting is change. Breathing is change. The only thing you can change is your self. By changing your self, the way you act, or do things you can change or influence events around, people, and moments. At this stage of my life I choose to change by accepting the flow. Just do the best I can and go along with the change. Embrace the Change!

Mariya Mova

MFM news

FitX 2014 FitX Melbourne, Australia 2014. It’s been almost 5 years since I met Ronnie Coleman for first time at the Olympia in Las Vegas (2009). These days we have Ftness expos here in Australia as big as in the states. Fitness and Bodybuilding celebrities are visiting Australia, shaking hands with fans and the public. The industry is growing, not only here, but all over the world. No matter how big and in how many countries, the once that stand out will be known in every city of the world. What does it take to become such of a big name as Ronnie? One can only imagine.. And shake hands with the “One”...And an image will be all that will remind us of that special moment... 8.MFM-Issue 6-April 2014

MFM news Fit Mom’s photoshoot Photos by Mariya Mova

This year I am focusing on capturing the most incredible human emotion- mother’s love. In a recent photoshoot with Justine Switalla working with her son, litlle Leo was incredible. Justine is also writing a blog for moms with fitness tips and advice and pre and post natal exercise programs. To follow her blog or browse her web site visit

9.MFM-Issue 6-April 2014

INBA Novice Rising Star 2014 Photo Report by Mariya Mova The first INBA competition for this year INBA Novice Rising Star Rookie of the year 2014. Amazing presentation of newbies and lots of new divisions. Being in front of the camera

and being able to capture special moments on stage is a dream come true. I feel so privileged to be part of it.

Mr Physique Class 1

41 Samuel Dowling 3 48 Justin Donnelly 4 39 Daniel Hunter 5

10 Jonathan Rodrigo 1 15 Andrew McDevitt 2 16 Chris Lovett 3 13 Pablo Piedrabuena 4 14 Josh Driscoll 5 Fitness Model Novice Class1 23 Lily Cannella 1 32 Rochelle Holland 2 28 Lisa Ly 3 34 Violeta Addamo 4 22 Carla Girolamo 5 Mr Physique Class 2 46 Chris Zammit 1 43 Adam Zilic 2

Congratulations to all the competitors on stage.

Fitness Model Novice Class2 63 Katherine Harrison 1 53 Camille Fromm 2 62 Kristyn Lia 3 65 Brooke Rampal 4 58 Emma Pike 5 Men’s Fitness Model Novice 72 Samuel Dowling 1 73 Peter Huttenmeister 2 74 Justin Donnelly 3 70 Matt Theodorou 4 75 Roy Kazamias 5 11.MFM-Issue 6-April 2014

28 Lisa Ly 3

12.MFM-Issue 6-April 2014

34 Violeta Addamo 4

13.MFM-Issue 6-April 2014

Fitness Model Novice Class3 86 Riann Burton 1 88 Tristen Van Der Kley 2 83 Veronica Ciccone 3 84 Kara Porter 4 81 Michelle Mazins 5 Ms Figure 40+ 92 Terri Batsakis 1 94 Trisha Lingard 2 93 Kim Lord 3 Master Men 40+ 98 Costa Kostadinos 1 97 Lawrence Luhm 2 96 John Lyon 3 Fitness Model Rookie 103 Lily Cannella 1 105 Teresa Di Mascio 2 111 Lisa Ly 3 101 Sophie Froidevaux 4 106 Veronica Ciccone 5 Men’s Fitness Model Rookie 113 Nick Lawler 1 114 Donovan Lottering 2 116 Justin Donnelly 3 115 Jason Morris 4 117 Anthony Zreikat 5 Figure International 123 Danielle Milazzo 1 14.MFM-Issue 6-April 2014

122 Emily Fraresso 2 120 Terri Batsakis 3 124 Meg Connelly 4 121 Tara Pirotta 5 Teenage Men 133 Nathan Goss 1 129 Tony Mikha 2 135 Thorben Sacre 3 131 Ben Lack 4 130 Caleb Wong 5 Bikini Momma 139 Tayla Martin 1 140 Melanie Rivers 2 142 Sheena Begbie 3 144 Lindsay Perry 4 141 Hayley Irving 5 Junior Men 150 Tim Mansfield 1 151 Dylan Butler 2 152 Aidan D’Arcy 3 148 Callum Dickson 4 147 Caleb Wong 5 Bikini Novice Class 1 160 Kahla Saha 1 162 Monique Frederiksen 2 158 Emma Gerrard 3 157 Sharnie Kewish 4 161 Alicia Grixti 5

Mr BeachBody 202 Dimitris Litras 1

15.MFM-Issue 6-April 2014

13 Pablo Piedrabuena 4

16. MFM-Issue 6-April 2014

Mr Physique Class 1 10 Jonathan Rodrigo 1

17. MFM-Issue 6-April 2014

Fitness Model 30+ Rookie 178 Lisa Ly 1 173 Camille Fromm 2 179 Brooke Rampal 3 171 Danielle Mondo 4 170 Veronica Russo 5 Bikini Novice Class 2 195 Lauren Ridley 1 194 Lauren Camillo 2 191 Kaylene Bond 3 57 Noelle Bosshard 4 197 Chauntelle Leeder 5 Mr BeachBody 202 Dimitris Litras 1 205 Tiong Ren Saw 2 208 Chris Grech 3 206 Nick Lawler 4 209 Stephen Boyd-Squires 5 Bikini Novice Class 3 212 Emma Cochrane 1 211 Tara Walker 2 215 Katie Mastroianni 3 221 Tamzin Hare 4 217 Rebecca Wrigglesworth 5 Novice Bodybuilding Class 1 230 Mirza Krajina 1 227 Jason Firgaira 2 233 Sean Matthews 3 18. MFM-Issue 6-April 2014

231 Mason Hanly 4 229 Anthony Gagliardi 5 Bikini Rookie of the Year 247 Emma Cochrane 1 245 Kahla Saha 2 242 Tekah Kisharn 3 243 Tara Walker 4 240 Brooke Simmonds 5 Novice Bodybuilding Class2 250 Sam Greenland 1 257 Ryan Rowlands 2 252 Eric Kydd 3 259 Matthew Broniecki 4 258 Matthew Beraldo 5 Ms Figure Novice 263 Danielle Milazzo 1 265 Tara Pirotta 2 266 Emily Fraresso 3 264 Hannah Howard 4 262 Kim Lord 5 Ms Figure Rookie 271 Danielle Milazzo 1 270 Tara Pirotta 2 272 Meg Connelly 3 273 Emily Fraresso 4 269 Judy Lanigan 5

Men’s Fitness Model Novice 72 Samuel Dowling 1

19. MFM-Issue 6-April 2014

Bikini Novice Class 3 212 Emma Cochrane 1

20. MFM-Issue 6-April 2014

Mens Rookie of the Year Open 278 Jacob Spiteri 1 277 Ben Hytongue 2

291 Costa Kostadinos 3 287 Adrian Gordon 4 283 Sam Greenland 5

21. MFM-Issue 6-April 2014

22. MFM-Issue 6-April 2014

23. MFM-Issue 6-April 2014

Photo: Mariya Mova

Dani B

24. MFM-Issue 6-April 2014


25. MFM-Issue 6-April 2014

Fitness Model Overview: Dani Dboss Bosancic

Age: 38yo, mother of 2 girls Competitor History: May 2012 - INBA Novice Fitness Model June 2012 - INBA All Female Classes Fitness Model O30s 3rd Place Oct 2012 - ANB Fitness Model O30s 2nd place Oct 2012 - ANB/ Oxygen National Championship Fitness Model O30s 2nd Place. I’ve never won a title, but I have won an amazing career and experience throughout the entire journey. What is your Fitness Background: I have been a group fitness instructor for 15yrs now, instructing predominantly BodyAttack & BodyPump. I’m also a personal trainer and have been training clients and operating an Online PT business (Fit N Trim 4 Life), for the past 5yrs. I specialise in women’s weight loss and body transformation program’s. 26. MFM-Issue 6-April 2014

Career highlights: Implementing my transformation programs and seeing clients change their body shape, weigh loss and mindset for life! I keep things simple and allow my clients to work within their own boundaries whilst giving constant positive encouragement to step outside of the comfort zone. I find this works well with changing people’s mindset for long term Weightloss & body re shaping. Fitness Model Competition Highlights: Placing 2nd at the ANB/ Oxygen National Fitness Model Championships was my biggest highlight. It was the first time my husband had a chance to come and watch me, together with my brother & best friend. I loved the positive energy & support. Doing Fitness Comps is a personal journey for me. It gives me goals to strive for, keeps me in shape and rewards me with the euphoric feeling of being up on stage. I discover myself through the journey .

Photo: Mariya Mova

27. MFM-Issue 6-April 2014

My strengths & weaknesses, areas that I need to focus on, level of mental determination and clarity. The end result is empowerment! Sponsorships & Modelling: I’m currently Sponsored by (1) Carrum Body & Soul, who take care of my waxing, and remedial massage recovery. It’s important to relax muscles & release tension when you train with weights. Carrum Body & Soul offer discount deals for anyone who tells them I referred them. They can be found on Facebook with all contact details. (2) Mancine Cosmetics who supply me with body creams, SummerTan Spray tans and other beauty products.

reputable people. I would also like a business sponsorship that utilises my Fitness Modelling appearance, so the options are always open em: I was slow to grab the reins whilst the horse was in motion. This is a life lesson to everyone- keep the ball rolling, don’t doubt yourself AND just put yourself out there if you want the sponsorship deals. They don’t come knocking, you need to get them.

Advise to future Fitness Model Competitors: Find an amazing Sports & Conditioning Coach with a reputable experience and preferably qualifications in I’m still looking for a Clothing Nutrition. Unfortunately with company, photographer/ access to social media, blogs & videographer, IT web designer, websites, information is readily graphic designer & Protein accessible, but it’s not always Supps sponsor. I need to make viable. Comp prep needs to be sure it’s a company that I specific to each competitor & support and am confident aligns flexible with each stage of the with my business and client prep cycle. needs. My business marketing program is going to be HUGE My top 5 tips: so I will only work with honest & 28. MFM-Issue 6-April 2014

Photo: Mariya Mova

29. MFM-Issue 6-April 2014

1) Never cut carbs out. Calculate your Macro needs and progressively reduce them as you get closer to comps, but never remove them!

fat loss & makes your journey harder. Future plans: With all my experience and years of knowledge, the next step for me is to officially launch 2) Train with mental clarity. If my 6wk_NewYou program you are thinking about other Online. Sign up can be done things whilst you train, you miss direct from my website out on the opportunity for true mind to muscle connection 3) Drink plenty of water. This will prevent constipation & help flush out toxins

I have already been implementing the Program Guidelines & training methods with current clients and am 4) Ask questions- make sure receiving rave reviews and you understand why your coach results! Taking this Globally is giving you a program. If it via Social Media & the Internet doesn’t feel right, it probably will be so exciting and place isn’t! Especially with regards me and my business at the to food. Stick to one plan and forefront of the Fitness World. avoid program hopping, but I’m Excited for the future. make sure you always know Lastly, I’m training again and why you are doing what your preparing for more Fitness & asked to do. Bikini shows in 2014 and would love to go overseas and make 5) Rest & recovery - Schedule my mark amongst the world in rest days, sleep 8-9hrs, get athletes. I want people to see a massage or facial. Otherwise that you can still be almost 40, your body will increase stress and look great! cortisol levels and this prevents Dani Bosancic for MFM 30. MFM-Issue 6-April 2014

Photo: Mariya Mova

31. MFM-Issue 6-April 2014

32. MFM-Issue 6-April 2014

Erik Teichmann is Melbourne’s most fun life coach! He offers regular workshops on a wide range of topics and individualised one-on-one coaching to help you achieve the life you really want. For workshop schedules and more information about coaching, and to sign-up for the free newsletter, visit

Learn Reiki Reiki is the ultimate non-invasive healing modality, healing physical illness and ridding the mind of stress and other negativity so that you can live a life of ease and joy! We offer affordable, enjoyable, and highly practical training at Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Reiki Master levels. Check out our upcoming classes! contact 0434 967 072 33. MFM-Issue 6-April 2014

Photo: Mariya Mova

34. MFM-Issue 6-April 2014

Hot Shot

Aurelie Appasamy

Cacao, Raspberry & Coconut mini Cupcakes

Cacao Cakes

These Vegan, Gluten free, Refined Sugar free little cupcakes will have your taste buds dancing! They are full of rich antioxidants from Raw Cacao and raspberries, minerals and fibre from dates, and medium chain triglycerides and essential fatty acids from young thai coconuts! What makes these little gems so special is the taste. It is always challenging to have full flavour when we omit ingredients such as egg, butter, cream and sugar. These little cakes have been trialled and tested on people young and old, and are a perfect little treat for those easing off a comp diet, or for those who suffer from digestive discomforts, allergies and sensitivities. As a Naturopath, I often see the damage misinformed dieting can have resulting in detrimental effects on health with severe metabolic damage. There is also associated risks with kidney damage and compromised organ function if care is not taken when transitioning from one stage to another.

More often than not I see how much time, effort, blood, sweat and tears are put into getting ‘stage ready’, but the same cannot be said once the spray tan and costumes are off! There is nothing wrong with a little ‘reward’ after all that hard work, but be sensible about making choices your body will thank you for the next day! The cupcakes and icing are best made the day before, and iced just before serving! Niki Angel Naturopath, Blood Microscopist & Alkaline Food Presenter Alkaline Superfoods.

Step 1: Preheat oven to moderate, 180 degrees. Line your mini cupcake tin with either cupcake liners or a little coconut oil in each. Step 2: Combine the 3tbs water with the 2tbs flax meal. Set aside at least 10 minutes until thick and goopy. This will bind and hold the cupcakes together in place of eggs.

Cacao Cakes 3tbs water 2tbs ground golden flax seed meal 2 cups flour (I use Red Mill gluten free) 2tsp baking powder 7 tbs Raw cacao powder 1/2 tsp salt 2 cups date syrup (Recipe below) 6tbs coconut oil melted 1tsp vanilla 1 punnet organic fresh raspberries 42. MFM-Issue 6-April 2014

Step 3: In a small bowl, whisk the flour with the baking powder. Step 4: In a larger bowl add: Cacao powder, salt, date syrup, coconut oil and flax meal and mix until smooth. Step 5: Add 3/4 of the flour mixture and gently fold through. Do not mix vigorously as this will result in dense and rubbery cupcakes.

Folding will keep them light, fluffy and moist. Add the rest of the flour until just combined and no flour lumps are present. Step 6: Spoon 1 tablespoon of mixture into each cupcake liner/mould, and do not over fill. There is enough mixture to make 38-40 mini cakes. Step 7: Bake in a moderate oven for 12-15 minutes. Cakes should rise and smell cooked. Place a skewer or sharp knife in the centre cake and it should come out clean. Turn off the oven and let the cakes cool for a few minutes, but not completely in the tin. Place on a cooling rack and let cool completely before icing with coconut cream and dressing with raspberries. Date syrup 1 1/2 cups medjool dates Water Pitt the dates, place in a

blender. Cover with enough water and blitz until smooth and creamy. Pour a little of the water at a time until you reach a pouring consisitency, but not too watery, more like thick cream. Coconut cream Meat of 1 young thai coconut or (120gm organic silken tofu) 140ml organic coconut cream Good squeeze lemon juice 1tsp vanilla extract or 1/2 tsp vanilla powder 1-2 dates or a few drops of stevia Safely open up the coconut, pour out the water and spoon out the meat. Rinse the meat and place in a blender. Add the coconut cream, lemon juice, vanilla and dates. Blend on high speed until smooth and there are no lumps.The cream will be runny, so needs at least 4 hours to set. Best made the night before. The mixture will set firm enough that it will hold its shape when piped. 43. MFM-Issue 6-April 2014

Niki is a dynamic, talented Naturopath and Blood Microscopist. She is trained in Australia and the USA, with a specialised interest in nutrition, acid/alkaline balance and blood health. She is the only Naturopathically trained Blood Microscopist in Australia to have worked with and be taught by the ‘The pH Miracle’s’ Dr Robert Young. Niki specialises in both live and dried blood analysis techniques. A single drop of blood is viewed under a high-powered microscope, demonstrating how diet and lifestyle choices influence the blood and therefore your health. Nutrition is one of Niki’s passions. She uses ‘food as medicine’ to help people overcome various health challenges, as well as designing complete health programmes to help them reach all their goals. Niki spends her time travelling between her Melbourne practice and the USA. She is currently in Melbourne consulting and teaching workshops. She will be at presenting and analysing blood at the Mind, Body, Spirit show in Melbourne, so take advantage of this opportunity to ‘Change your blood, and change your health’. Alternatively you can make an appointment with her in Melbourne. Niki Angel Alkaline Superfoods 199 Moray St, South Melbourne 3205 (03) 9654 1855

INBA Southern Cross 2014 Photo Report by Mariya Mova Ms. Bikini Open 271 Tara Walker 1

Photo: Mariya Mova

48. MFM-Issue 6-April 2014

INBA southern Cross Melbourne 2014 was held at Filex and it was huge. The popularity of these competitions is increasing with every next show. And the contestants are of an astonishing shape and presentation. One could be only mesmerized to be standing and photographing the athletes on stage. Capturing memories with my camera and the winners below: Teenage Men Bodybuilding 13 Nathan Roe 1 14 Jamie Koufos 2 12 Caleb Wong 3 10 Ben Lack 4 Ms Fitness Model Intermediate 22 Zoe Barber 1 20 Erin Blandford 2 21 Danielle Mondo 3 18 Hayley Ward 4 17 Charlotte Hyndman 5 Junior Men Bodybuilding 29 Nathan Roe 1 26 Anthony Ly 2 30 Darrell Ramnuth 3

27 Caleb Wong 4 28 Abraham Rizkalla 5 Master Men Bodybuilding40 -49 33 Gavin Kinniburgh 1 37 Tony Yaman 2 34 Lawrence Luhm 3 36 Luke Trainor 4 38 Jeremy Hope 5 Master Men Bodybuilding 50+ 43 John Lyon 1 42 Bruce Hatfield 2 Ms Fitness Model Novice Class I 57 Zoe Barber 1 48 Danielle Mondo 2 51 Michelle Helebrant 3 49 Hollie Sheehan 4 46 Kristy Plum 5 Novice Men Bodybuilding 68 Dai Lu 1 72 John-Peter Pipicella 2 74 Damien Hodges 3 64 Devin Gall 4 69 Anthony Gagliardi 5

96 Jacob Spiteri 1

50. MFM-Issue 6-April 2014

Photo: Mariya Mova

Men’s Open Bodybuilding

Ms Fitness Model Novice Class 2 90 Tristen Van Der Kley 1 81 Laura Bertolin 2 85 Kristy Veith 3 87 Ebony Galizi 4 91 Chiara Troncana 5 Men’s Open Bodybuilding 96 Jacob Spiteri 1 98 Anthony Kerr 2 100 Nathan Roe 3 97 Christopher Herrod 4 101 Darren Wade 5 Ms. Fitness Model 30 Plus 106 Hollie Sheehan 1 112 Erin Blandford 2 111 Danielle Mondo 3 109 Nicole Comley 4 113 Kristy Veith 5 Men’s Bodybuilding U/72Kg 122 Tony Yaman 1 123 Damien Hodges 2 124 Ryan Solomon 3 125 Jeremiah Adelana 4 119 Kunal Gokuldas 5 Ms. Fitness Model Open 128 Chloe Jackson 1 137 Erin Blandford 2

140 Michelle Helebrant 3 135 Tristen Van Der Kley 4 133 Nicole Comley 5 Men’s Bodybuilding 72-77Kg 142 Jacob Spiteri 1 143 Dai Lu 2 147 Adam Musovic 3 146 Devin Gall 4 153 Matt Brennan 5 Men’s Bodybuilding O/77Kg 154 Christopher Herrod 1 152 Anthony Kerr 2 155 Darren Wade 3 150 Gavin Kinniburgh 4 151 Scott Mckenzie 5 Ms Figure International 162 Rose Black 1 158 Elise Trussler 2 163 Chelsey Van Den Broek 3 161 Nicky Jacobson 4 159 Tarsha Jackson 5 Ms Bikini Momma 168 Maryanne Koklas 1 167 Tracey Slocombe 2

128 Chloe Jackson 1 with Tony Lanciano

52. MFM-Issue 6-April 2014

Photo: Mariya Mova

Ms. Fitness Model Open

255 Jeremiah Adelana 1 with Tony Lanciano

53. MFM-Issue 6-April 2014

Photo: Mariya Mova

Male Fitness Model

Ms Figure Master (40-49) 171 Wendy Young 1 175 Tarsha Jackson 2 174 Alison Rainey 3 172 Julie Edgley 4 173 Carole Golledge 5

Mr Physique 221 Bradley Tik 1 210 Chris Zammit 2 217 Damien Katris 3 214 Girinath Kumar 4 212 Mitchell Lander 5

Ms Figure Master (50+) 180 Anna Burns 1 179 Vicki Williams 2 178 Jo-Anne Parsons 3

Ms. Bikini Novice 234 Tara Walker 1 236 Noelle Bossard 2 226 Emma Cochrane 3 223 Courtney Sloane 4 225 Silvia Kramska 5

Ms. Bikini 30 Plus 186 Maryanne Koklas 1 185 Sabrina Smeaton 2 184 Tracey Slocombe 3 183 Tiffany O’Reilly 4 Mr Beachbody 193 Damien Katris 1 192 Chris Talbot 2 191 Boris Radman 3 190 Jeremiah Adelana 4 196 Jack Terrill 5 Ms. Figure Novice 198 Mary Carra 1 205 Danielle Milazzo 2 199 Tara Pirotta 3 204 Anna Burns 4 203 Stephanie Stavrakis 5

Ms Figure Open 247 Rose Black 1 240 Mary Carra 2 245 Elise Trussler 3 246 Tarsha Jackson 4 243 Wendy Young 5 Male Fitness Model 255 Jeremiah Adelana 1 259 Damien Katris 2 256 Pardeep Kumar 3 257 Nicholas Simpson 4 Ms. Bikini Open 271 Tara Walker 1 266 Emma Cochrane 2 270 Miranda Morrow 3 273 Sabrina Smeaton 4 274 Emily Craig 5

Photo: Mariya Mova

Ms Figure Open 247 Rose Black 1

55. MFM-Issue 6-April 2014

Top 110 Hottest Oz male bodies

Photo: Mariya Mova


Nick Cotton 58.MFM-Issue 6-April 2014

Fitness Photography Book now

Gym/ Studio/ Location with

Mariya Mova

Photo: Mariya Mova

Emma C

60.MFM-Issue 6-April 2014

Photo: Mariya Mova


61.MFM-Issue 6-April 2014

Photo: Mariya Mova

You were not born a winner, and you were not born a loser. You are what you make yourself BE. Lou Holtz 62.MFM-Issue 6-April 2014

MOVA Fitness Magazine

In the Next Issue 7 2014 Calendar of events Fitness models photoshoots Away from home Hot Shot Hottest OZ Male Fitness Bodies Top 110 and much more...

Do you want to feature in the Mova Fitness magazine? Do you want to be a Cover Model? Or to contribute as a writer? Advertise your company and/or product(s)? Please send us an email and your proposals and projects at

MFM Issue 6 April 2014

Photo: Flavio Bodrogi

Mova fitness magazine issue 6  

MOVA Fitness magazine is an online Fitness media publication. The very first issue was published September 2012. The magazine covers the h...

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