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Artisan Shop Branding Identity The objective of this branding kit was to create a new logo system reflected on the surrounding Southwest and Navajo tribe culture. The logo inspiration was to display a feeling of happiness, culture, along with combining the Zia symbol. The Zia symbol contains 4 sets of 4 lines representing the circle of life. The shop features high end products from local Native American artists and other gifts. The end goal was to have a brand that is minimalistic.

The Carolina Agency: Instagram Marketing The goal of these posts were to transcribe information given on a creative brief from a research team into social media posts for the clients of Unify Financial and University of South Carolina’s College of Library and Information Sciences.

Chanel Social Media Marketing Campaign The goal of these marketing posts aimed to feature a single product and create a bold design while keeping white space and simplicity strong. The top image is used as a banner post with a clickable link to take the viewer to a scrollable product page. The other is used for more social media viewability to bring awareness to the brand. Both photos of the purse product and design are my work.

The Carolina Agency Rebrand This is an identity system and a redesigned website home page. The purpose of this in-house project was to create a new brand for The Carolina Agency, going off of the tagline “Think TCA.” The core concept around the rebranding was to make the agency stand out and show how thinking powers the agency while keeping a professional image towards potential clients. Colors were based off University of South Carolina’s brand of black and garnet, being that the agency is under the School of Journalism and Mass Communications.

Infographic on Coffee Consumption This infographic was created to visually display statistics of America’s obsession with caffeine and coffee. One of the goals of this piece was to create an attention grabbing illustration to help the information stand out and appeal to the topic.

Columbia Humane Society Billboard This piece aims to provide a connection for potential pet owners to bond with shelter pets and encourage them to adopt from a local shelter. The goal was also to encourage viewers to visit The Humane Society or visit their social media accounts. Through a design focusing on a singular color of the branding, the hope was to bring attention to the nonprofit organization and increase donors and volunteers through a cartoonish theme.

Kind bar content The purpose of these designs were to create content that could be used for both print and digital purposes, but that would stand out in color and contrast on social media feeds. The goal was to only use colors around the four branded colors of KIND Bar and emphasize simple branding while showcasing the product in a care-free and playful way. Both design and photo are my work.

Mike’s bike tours- munich pocket brochure This project’s objective was to create an eye catching design for a mini brochure that would be on a display rack among other brochures. Among needing the design to stand out, a map was required to show tourists how to arrive at the location along with displaying the symbol that the business was Trip Advisor recommended.

Langly advertisement The objective of this advertisment was to showcase the product of the camera-and-camping backpack in the environment that it was designed to be used in. The mission of this was to show a story in a single image while getting the brand’s audience excited about the potential of the product. Both design and photo are my work.

product advertisement The purpose of these designs was to showcase a single product endorsing the consumer to buy the product, giving it a prestige image. These mockups were designed to be used digitally as a web banner side advertisement on a web page or printed out as part of a retail store banner or small display ad. Both photos and designs are my work.

Magazine illustration mock up The objective of this magazine cover was to create a unique illustration style and have a subject of interest that would capture an audience’s attention if displayed digitally or on a news stand. The photo was posed and the illustration was inspired by the prompted photograph.

Social Advocacy The purpose of these designs were to bring awareness to the local and national issue on homelessness. The medium was through HTML and CSS mobile web design and the focus was to create an informative mobile site that was trendy to view, had accessible links, and applied to a range of audiences.

Store front poster advertisement The purpose of this image was to showcase the high contrast colors and playfulness of the candy store brand “It’ Sugar.� This was designed for a window store front image or as an LED lighted advertisement directing consumers to stop in store to experience the variety of anything sugar related.

Jam Room Music Festival - Columbia, sc These photos were taken for The Daily Gamecock to showcase the different bands performing at the free music festival on Main St. that is held annually.

multi-light studio portrait The objective of this photo was to create a professional and unique headshot for a student becoming a music educator. The lights were set up as a main light and a fill light, distanced enough to create a black shadow showcasing form and value.

Livingston roundup rodeo This image is part of a series of photos taken on assignment with a scholarship through National Geographic Student Expeditions at the annual Livingston Roundup Rodeo, held July 4 in Livingston, Montana. Connor, a local resident, waits in line for food tokens to purchase food before the event begins.

Equestrian action A University of South Carolina Equestrian team member gets a galloping start before coming to a hault at a competition against University of Georgia at One Wood Farm.

Life water Product image The goal of this project was to showcase a product that was photographed in a studio setting with creative lighting and attention to details of the product. The lighting was placed behind the bottle at a low angle so the light could shine through.

(above) Greene takes a break in her day by stopping by Cool Beans for a drink and to check her phone during a quiet moment in an other wise busy work and teaching day.

Creative on her own terms : a Photo story This was a photo story done on local filmmaker and educator, Mahkia Greene on how she balances creating her own work while teaching others to follow in her footsteps. Left: (clockwise) Greene unwinds after a day at Indie Grits Labs by playing Red Dead Redemption on her X-Box at her home. Between events, Greene grabs a selfie with a performer known as ToyBox after his show at the 2019 Indie Grits Festival. ToyBox is known for his theater and puppetry work. At Indie Grits Film Festival 2019, Mahkia Greene worked around the clock in her role as part of the film festival team. Here Greene films The Fist and Spoon Fair, a festival event at the Columbia Museum of Art. The footage will be used for Indie Grits and as teaching material for her students to edit. Greene reviews the work of Areana Scott, a Richland 2 student. The students in the TakeBreakMake afterschool film program for teens focus on deconstructing a Barbie doll to make a film about industry beauty standards.

palmetto seafood Market : A Photo story The purpose of this photo story was to find and document a person’s story or local business that is part of the historic Waverly community near downtown Columbia, South Carolina. Palmetto Seafood Co. is a popular community hub in the Waverly neighborhood area of Columbia, SC. The shop offers to-go dinners of fried fish combinations and a market style showcase of fresh fish. Owner Addie J. Moultrie has been the owner since 1997 and her oldest son, Lucius Moultrie, 45 is an employee that helps prepare the fried fish dinners. With a customer always coming in the door, Palmetto Seafood Co. rarely has a quiet moment. Employees are constantly helping customers pick and prepare showcase fish or taking a seafood takeout order. There is no short of community support in this shop. From after opening time to almost sunset, takeout orders continue to pour in and market fish are selected for purchase. The selection of fish and seafood in the showcase offered labels from frog legs to stripped bass.

Studio portraiture The purpose of this photo was to create a unique graduation image for a student using high key lighting set up in the studio while paying attention to small details, subject pose, and giving a hint of school pride colors.

South Carolina State Fair Candid This photo is from a set of photos aimed to capture candid moments that are easy to miss around the high energy of the state fair. The photo was taken with a photojournalism approach with the idea to frame the subject having a quiet moment surrounded by the crowds and seas of color presented at the South Carolina State Fair.

Fresh market “How To” Recipe This video was created to highlight a brand and a simple recipe that could be quickly viewed on a social media feed and video platform. The purpose was to showcase and elevate sense of satisfaction with the branding that all ingredients are from one place. Storyboarding, trying out different color combinations, and multiple takes of various angles contributed to the video’s final product.

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