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Sarah Abdallah, Matt Moss, World History project — Prehistoric to Neolithic ages —

The Prehistoric SHOCKING Times Magazine First murder in history! Details within!

Stone-Age special! Look inside to learn all about the historical human

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Neanderthals to modern man: Evolution: Paleolithic to Neolithic ages

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Prehistoric Times...

Changing Times Welcome, readers. This is a very special edition of Prehistoric Times.. This edition will highlight both the Old and New Stone Ages, and also features the 7000 B.C.’s biggest celebs, Prehistoric Paula and Neolithic Ned. Also, featuring highlights on the time’s housing, hunting, trading, and food. Other features are a complimentary classified ad section, crossword puzzle and comic strip, the latest gossip, and an interview with Lucy, one of the earliest human beings ever found. We also have put together a commemorative article in memory of Ötzi the Iceman, the first known murder victim in history. We hope you enjoy this edition of Prehistoric Times.

Final magazine cover page  
Final magazine cover page