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We have been researching Colon Cleanse products for few weeks now. During our search we came across some Bowtrol reviews that announce Bowtrol free trial offers. When we dug deep into the validity of such offers, we found that there is nothing called Bowtrol free trial. This led us to research the real meaning of this term. The original meaning of the term free trial is that a supplier would offer a product or service without the customer having to pay any money. If the customer enjoyed the experience this will entice the customer to buy this product or service. Unfortunately, this meaning has been lost and the term is no longer used in this manner. Today what we find, especially online, is an offer where the customer pays and then if not satisfied the customer can ask for a refund. This is a money back guarantee and this term is used today interchangeably with a free trial offer. Now let us go back to what some claim as Bowtrol free trial offers. What Bowtrol is actually offering is the following: The first type of Bowtrol offering is a conditional money back guarantee. They do not advertise it strongly; they merely mention it on their banners in a small font. I do not disagree with this policy especially if the supplier is confident about the quality of the product, but adds a conditional money back guarantee that strikes two objectives; the first is to increase the customer's confidence in trying the product. The second objective is to drive the hunters of free products away. The second type of Bowtrol offering is adding free supplements with a certain quantity order. There was one particular review page that claimed a certain discount that can only be obtained from their link. When we checked this, we found that their link leads to the normal sales page of the product with no special discounts other than what the suppliers actually offer to everybody. Understanding the above offers, we can be certain that what is announced as Bowtrol free trial offers do not exist. When reading different Bowtrol reviews we realize that this product is really useful, and many people have benefited from using this product and it's a real shame that such wrong claims are sometimes used by some individuals which can hurt the total experience of buying this product.

Rami Doleh owner of researches different products and services such as Bowtrol Colon Cleanse with one objective in mind which is to improve people's quality of life. You can also check our article on Bowtrol free trial before you make a buying decision.

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Bowtrol Free Trial - Is There Such a Thing  

Get your FREE BOTTLE OFFER of Bowtrol All Natural Colon Control at the link below: