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If you're not using video marketing in your online business today, you're missing out big time. Video is hot - people love it - and it's a great way to get your message across in a quick, effective fashion. Besides just getting your video out there in as many places as possible on the internet, there are some specific strategies that will make your video marketing efforts that much more effective. Here's a specific and little-known tip to give your videos that much-needed search engine boost: 1. Create your video; put your target keyword in the title. For example - if you're shooting a video and targeting the keyword 'fast fat loss', you might title it '5 Steps To Fast Fat Loss', or something similar. 2. Post the video on YouTube Google owns YouTube, remember? It's heavily favored when it comes to search engine rankings. Feel free to - and in fact, I encourage you to - post your video other places as well, but at this point, YouTube is the most powerful. 3. Link back to the video from your blog, articles you create, etc. with your target keyword anchor text Remember, anchor text is just the clickable text in a hyperlink - as in the example above. Try to get several backlinks to your video with the above mentioned anchor text method. And that's it! This simple trick will blast your video to page one for many reasonably competitive keywords. The advantages of getting your video on the first page of Google are immesnse - so get out there, try this method out for yourself and start making it happen!!

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==== ==== Convert any text Article into Talking Videos in less then 3 minutes: ==== ====

A Quick Video Marketing Tip