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Matt’s Media Tips 6-11 If you’re reading this today you may be asking yourself - uhh Matt...hello...where have you been for the past two weeks? The staff at Matt’s tips and tricks works tirelessly around the clock to bring you new and innovative ways to incorporate digital media into your curriculum. Much to the relief of the editorial, writing, and production staff they were allowed to take Memorial Day off to go outside, and enjoy the summer weather. They were having such a good time that...well let’s just say they took an extended day. But we’re back and ready to share. Since most of our readership is now reveling in their own summer break we’re going to publish Matt’s Media Tips once a month in June and July and then resume the weekly publication schedule when you return to school in Mid-August. Three things that you should know about this summer: 1. Discovery Education is going to be releasing a number of new enhancements this fall. These include things like: a. being able to comment on assets they you use (like videos, images, songs, etc). You’ll be encouraged to share how you use this media in your instruction. And others will be able to see and/or continue the thread.s b. being able to stream closed captioning on any device (pc, mac, mobile) as well as change its color and font size. c. being able to visually browse and search for content and a whole lot more Stay tuned for the August Matt’s Tips and Tricks and Webinar series which will explain these enhancements in detail!

2. Students and teachers can still access Discovery Education over the summer. Don’t forget that once you have a username and password to Discovery Education you can access it anywhere and anytime! a. this means that students and their parents can access great resources from home b. this means that educators can still go in and play. For example you can: i. check out how to embed an eReader into your Writing Prompt (Matt’s Media Tips 9/19/2011) ii. download and play Discovery Education CC videos on your iPad (Matt’s Media Tips 2/6/2012) iii. clean up or create your new classes/student usernames/passwords for the fall (Matt’s Media Tips 1/18/2012) iv. check out a whole list of summer resources (Matt’s Media Tips 5/7/2012) 3. Lance Rougeux (Twitter handle @lrougeux) has written a phenomenal resource for you to use this summer. He has created a 62 page, 40-day enrichment packet for grades 5-6. Wow! It is pretty special. I will link to it each week but you definitely should check it out. Lance posted it on the DEN Blog. Here is a link to his summer packet.

Created by Lance Rougeux

Discovery Education Webinar Schedule

This might be a stretch educationally but this free app is a lot of fun. All this app really does is add mustaches to your pictures....but c’mon that’s is awesome! And it is summer. It is time for play!

Mustache Me

I suppose you could, if you wanted to, download a Discovery Education historic image of someone and then give that person a mustache...I told you it is a reach.

By Matias Cuddich

However, it is a lot of fun and is available for ipads, iphones, and android devices Here is a link to their android download Here is a link to their iTunes download

What is a DEN Star Member? The Discovery Educator Network (DEN) is a global community of educators passionate about teaching with digital media, sharing resources, collaborating, and networking. With over 100,000 members providing professional development to over 600,000 educators worldwide, the DEN connects teachers both on-line and inperson. Discovery Educators have exclusive access to a wide range of resources, professional development activities, networking opportunities, exclusive Discovery Educator events and more. Find out how you can be part of this dynamic and supportive community. Become a DEN Star today!

Help Me Make Matt’s Tips and Tricks Even Better I am always looking for ways to improve Matt’s Tips and Tricks and your feed back is invaluable to me. With that in mind I’ve created a short 15 question survey. I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts. If you can take a moment to fill out this super fast survey it will go a long way to making each edition better than the next!


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Discovery Education Science Elementary 101 This webinar provides an overview of the Discovery Education Science for Elementary service. Designed and structured for elementary content and elementary teachers, Discovery Education Science for Elementary is easy to navigate and rich with supporting materials. From the overall structure of the elementary science curriculum to how to access and use reading passages and their accompanying eBooks, our interactive glossary, fundamentals, video segments, and 5-minute preps, this webinar maps the effective use of this powerful tool. The webinar also shows you how to use assignment builders and assessments to guide and measure your students? understanding and mastery

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The ins and outs of Digital Storytelling. Digital Storytelling Web 2.0 presentation and apps Who Knew We Had News? Find an additional set of free Discovery News videos, the Video Yearbook, video almanac, and great webinar information. Roadshow App for playing back videos on-demand is reviewed. My Five Favorite Summer Resources. We explore five free interactive sites that parents, students, and teachers can use over the summer. We’ll also explore a free translation app for mobile devices. Getting Your Game On. Finding great games, simulations and more within Discovery Education. Back-toSchool Sneak Peek Webinars announced. Futaba Classroom Games for Kids iPad app explored. Getting the Point with PowerPoint and Keynote. Learn how to trim audio & video in PPT and save both PPT & Keynote presentations as images to embed in Web 2.0 sites. 2 Screens and Joinme mobile presentation apps explored. It’s all about the Theme. We’ll explore several different ways to find unique thematic content. Three most voted upon stories revealed. Studyblue mobile flashcard app highlighted Scratch and Pop. Six-Word Story finalists revealed. Links between Discovery Education and, and EduTechr mobile app explored. Mi Content es Su Content. Bookmarking and sharing your Discovery Education content across your school and district, two great contests, and two text-to-sign mobile apps




Can You Picture it? Learn how to create a six-word story using and Discovery Education. Digital Story Challenge! MeeGenius Audiobook app for mobile devices. Audio Book ‘em Dano. Eight simple steps for creating an audiobook using iTunes and any computer (Mac/PC). Molecules mobile apps. It’s All About The Sharing. Uploading, sharing and accessing your own content within Discovery Discovery Education. Cel.Ly app polling device via any device. Teacher Center Treasure Trove of Resources. Interactive Calendar Atlas, STEM Connect explored. Socrative App (student response).


Special Valentines Issue - Things I love about Discovery Education. Five Minute Preps, Images,Coaches Eye App


What did you say? Closed Captioning on an iPad? Getting Closed Captions to play on your iPad, GreenScreens on iPhone/iPad with GreenScreen FX app



Let’s Give Them Something To Sing About Differentiated Instruction Using Songs, First Student Media Contest of the Year, ShowMe and Educreations whiteboard apps Meet the Faces of Discovery Education Get up close and personal with the Discovery Education on-air talent, special student webinar series, Story Kit app


In a Class of Their Own Setting up Discovery Education Classrooms, Discovery Education Live Webinars, Quizlet App.


Building out the New Year Five of my favorite things you can do with the Discovery

Education Builders, Rover App for DE Students 12/19/2011

Special Holiday Edition 13 Tips from Educators around the US and Canada, Videolicious App


50 Ways to Use Discovery Education Tips and tricks galore iSwifter - Flash for iPads


What I am Thankful for Building out your PLN Wordspree and Math Acorn Apps


Things I Stole From the Community DEN Tips, Four really cool tips you can do with Google. TED and Animoto apps


First Six Weeks Aggregated


Creating an “iCenter" How to create an ePub using DE videos. Spirit of Innovation Challenge


Spooky Edition Digital Storytelling, Web 2.0 Piqua City Community Night, Crazy Pumpkin and Halloween Card Creator Apps


Stick it to IT Collaborative Note Taking Site Educator Spotlight - Jennifer Everett, ToonTastic and PuppetPals Apps


Opening Up Closed-Captions Closed-Captions for Macs and PCs, 10 FAQs Customer Service Receives


Common Core, Web 2.0 and DE Three cool sites that integrate nicely with Discovery Education. Administrator Spotlight - Molly Hay!


Can you Hear what I’m Writing? Embedding an eReader into your Writing Prompts, Getting to know Discovery Education SCIENCE

Matt's Media Tips 6-11  
Matt's Media Tips 6-11  

This week we'll talk about some of the back-to -school upgrades and more resources/things to do over the summer. We'll also explore one sil...