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Matt’s Media Tips 4-2 There is still time to win great prizes! Challenge. I’m calling all readers to submit their own six-worded story to Matt’s Tips and Tricks. I’ll select six. Then I’ll put them back out to you for your vote on April 9, 2012. The three with the most votes by April 15, 2012 will each receive one Flip Cam. I have made it even easier to submit your entry - you can Tweet me your 6-Word Story to @monjan or your can email me at Here is a link to last week’s edition that outlines the who, what, where, and how of a six-word story. And if you haven’t participated in our DEN and Dr. Lodge Video Challenge don’t worry - there’s still time! •

(1) Grand Prize: a school assembly with Lodge McCammon: Lodge will perform the song live while the winning class gets to act out their video and the performance will be streamed live to other classrooms around the country. (1) Flipcam and thirty (30) backpacks for the students in the Grand Prize winner’s classroom. • (10) Finalists: one (1) Flipcam, one (1) DEN polo shirt and thirty (30) backpacks for the students in the Second Prize winner’s classroom. Timeline 1/30-5/4: Classrooms Create & Upload Videos 5/4 – 5/8: Judging & Uploading top Videos to Contest Website 5/9 – 5/13: Public Voting for best videos (on this site) 5/17: Winners announced at the DENny Awards And speaking of stories. Do you have an iPad/tablet story to share? Around the country more and more schools are implementing iPads and other tablets into their classrooms. As you know Discovery Education will operate on any mobile device. And we’re reformatting our videos into H.264 and HTML 5 so that you are able to watch our videos and interact our flash content on all types of tablets..including iPads. If you are currently in a school that has begun rolling out tablets please let me know. We’d love to know more about your process and how we can continue to improve Discovery Education to make things easier for you! Email at

Now onto this week’s tips and tricks. The Content Folders. Every Discovery Education user (including students) has the ability to bookmark anything that they find and/or create within Discovery Education. This comes in pretty handy when you think of the thousands of pieces of media that you can access with a click of your mouse or swipe of your finger. We call our bookmarking folders the My Content, School Content and District Content folders. They are called “My Favorites” when logged in as a student. One of the great advantages of putting something into your My Content folder is that you don’t have to go searching for it again. Once you place a piece of media within your My Content folder it is there for you - accessible from any computer or mobile device that can access the internet. That in itself is pretty cool. But what a lot of people don’t know is that you can also share your content with other educators within your school or district. I know, I know, that’s awesome! The School and District Content folders make it super easy to share with one another. Think about it. If you’re team-teaching or working with another educator in your school you could be finding stuff together and bookmarking it within your My School content folder, saving each other time - you know that thing that you don’t really have that much of most days. Media Specialists and Librarians, how many times have you been asked to find something for another teacher? Guess what? Now you can create whole units, research folders, and more for your peers through your My School content folder. Department and Curriculum Heads - building out folders for your teachers, again, is a great way to save time as well as provide additional resources that map to your pacing guides, frameworks, etc. The same holds true at the District level. In fact, I know of a few school districts (Howard County, MD I’m looking in your direction) who populate their My District folder every summer so that their educators have loads of supplemental resources to check out when they come back to school in the fall. To access these folders all you have to do is log into and then click on the My Content tab (right-handish part of your screen). If the School or District Content folder tabs don’t appear on your screen give us a buzz at 1-800-323-9084 #1 and let us know. We can turn them on in a jiffy. Best practice tip #1 - Remember I said that you could bookmark ANYTHING within Discovery Education? Well if you have access to MediaShare than you have the ability to upload your own resources. And when your resource is uploaded it then can be bookmarked and shared across your school and district. Are you picking up what I’m laying down? That’s right now we can share exemplary work, lesson plans and more across your school and district! I wrote about MediaShare on March 12. Here’s a link to that edition. Ok, Matt, I’m sold. Show me how to do it. Well I’m so glad you asked. There are several ways to add something to your My Content folder. I will show you the steps to add a video into your My Content folder. But once you know how to do this you’ll know how to put anything into your folder. After you place something into your My Content folder you can then share it within your My School or My District folders. Frequently Asked Question #1 - If I share my content will somebody else be able to change it? Frequently Answered Response - No. Anything shared to the My School or My District is a copy of your shared item and can’t be changed.

The only way it can altered is if it is then copied back into someone’s My Content folder, edited, and then shared back to the My School or My District folder with a different name. The How To’s. To place something in your My Content folder you have to find that something first. In this case we’re looking at a video about multiplication. As you know each of our videos is broken into little segments. You can bookmark the entire video by clicking inside the first box or any of its segments by clicking in their corresponding boxes. Once you’ve placed a checkmark inside one of these boxes then simply click on the blue Add button next to the My Content drop down box. You will then be prompted to add it to a folder that you’ve already created or create a new folder. Best practice tip #2 Make a folder when applicable. This will: 1. Keep your bookmarks organized 2. Make sharing easier 3. Give you the ability to assign multiple things at the same time. You can assign and share your folders with students and teachers! Now once you have stuff in your My Content area you can share it with your school and district. To share all you have to do is go to your My Content area and then click on something to turn it blue. Then either drag a folder/asset to your My School or My District folder or choose the drop down box next to your folder and choose to share it with the My School or My District folders.

Discovery Education Webinar Schedule Dates 4/3

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6pm 7pm

Link Connecting to the World Featuring DEN Guru Cheryl Lykowski

Practical ideas from authentic classroom practices will show educators how to connect their classrooms to classrooms from all over the world. 4/3

7pm 8pm

Process this! Analyze that! Process Skills Strategies for Science. In this

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5pm 5:45pm

Getting Into the Interactive Item Summary - Discovery Education Assessment. Take an advanced

look at possibilities through the Interactive Item Summary including sorting by difficulty level, standard, subskill, and connecting to digital resources. 4/5

7:00 8:00pm

Who is in the Driver’s Seat (Parent’s Edition) Learn what it’s really like to be a teen driver today, how to create Mutual Driving Agreements, and how to challenge your students to revolutionize driving in their community and earn money along the way.


7:00 8:00pm

The Discovery Education 3M Scientist Challenge. Join us for a special webinar with insider tips and video ideas from previous Young Scientist Challenge finalists! Learn about the entry guidelines and great prizes at stake. There?s $25,000 on the line and the deadline for entries is April 19. Don’t miss out!

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Matt's Tips and Tricks 4-2  

Want to learn more about using media in the classroom? You've come to the right place. Learn from educators around the world. Find new an...

Matt's Tips and Tricks 4-2  

Want to learn more about using media in the classroom? You've come to the right place. Learn from educators around the world. Find new an...