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Matt’s Media Tips 4-16 The votes are in! Congratulations Susan Julio of West Navarre Primary in Santa Rosa County, Florida and Shelly Tuloch of Bedford South School in Bedford, Nova Scotia for gaining the most votes! The six-word stories that garnered the most votes are listed below. Susan and Shelly, as promised, I will ship you one Discovery Education FlipCam for each of these stories. Please shoot me an email ( to let me know where I should ship the cameras (home/school) and please include the mailing address.

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Susan Julio West Navarre Primary Santa Rosa, FL

Shelly Tulloch Bedford South School Bedford, Nova Scotia

Shelly Tulloch Bedford South School Bedford, Nova Scotia

And now onto a few tips and tricks Today’s theme is...about themes. More specifically I’m going to show you how to find thematic content within Discovery Education. We’ll also explore some ways to used the themed content within your classrooms. If you’ve been reading these weekly tips and tricks or have ever entered a key word into the Discovery Education search bar and clicked on the blue Search button, you already know you have access to thousands of different pieces of media. And that is fantastic..and maybe a tad overwhelming. So to help you sort through all of this marvelous media we’ve assembled a number of ways to view content thematically. One of the coolest ways to find themed content is simply to drop down the More Options box and select “Theme Pages” from the drop down box next to “Media:” Of course you could always type in a keyword first, like “Planet Earth, Constitution, Holiday, etc.,” and then choose theme pages to get a more concentrated/refined result. Whatever your method, once you click on a theme page, you’ll always find a list of videos, images, encyclopedia articles, lesson plans and more related to the theme that you’ve chosen. Remember that Matt’s Tips and Tricks edition where I highlighted the Teacher Center’s (or Centre’s for my friends from Canada) treasure trove of resources? Of course you do, because you are that awesome. Missed that issue? Don’t worry. I still think you’re awesome. Inside the Teacher Center you’ll find a ton of themed content. Let’s review. The ReadyZone: Continuity of Learning was first created when the H1N1 virus was affecting thousands of kids. Since these students were missing school over extended periods of time we wanted to find a way to ensure continuity of learning. This resource has now been used around the country as part of Sub plans and even by parents who want to continue learning over the summer! Not too long ago our neighbors in the White House called Discovery Education to see if we could create something to help get kids excited about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. And being good neighbors, we created STEM Connect. Each subject is broken into grade bands from K-2 to 9-12. Each grade band includes videos from professionals in careers related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Related material is also available in each section. But the real gem of this collection is the activity section. Scroll down to the bottom to find fantastic lesson plans that complement each section.

The Calendar is one of my favorite things within Discovery Education and it has been in place since we were called unitedstreaming. Each day is broken into different subject areas. Each subject area features something that happened on that day in history. My favorite day on the calendar is March 12 in the subject area of Science. If you follow that path you will find that the first parachute jump from a plane happened on March 12, 1912. I like to imagine what that dinner conversation was like on March 11, 1912. At that point no one had ever jumped out of a least willingly! What do you think that guy was saying to his wife, girlfriend, mom, etc. that night as plates were being passed around? Even better, a colleague of mine - Austin Dolan, thought that this calendar event would make a great writing prompt. His idea was so creative. Make the students journalists covering this event. What would they be writing about as this man fell from the sky for the very first time? The Thematic Focus is yet another way to find great teaching topics with lots of themed content. Each focus area includes resources like discussion guides and lesson plans by grade level. Each focus area also includes links to media, activities and calendar events and articles. My favorite Foci? Well thanks for asking. I like the ones on AfricanAmerican History and Authors and Great Books II.

The Discovery Atlas Interactive Map (and Discovery Atlas Canada for my Canadian friends) is a pretty cool tool. By clicking on this map you will find videos related to culture, history, government and the natural world. And just like everything else, you can place a link to the map in your My Content area (see issue on 4/2) or assign it directly to your students (see issue on 1/18). One of my favorite examples of using the Discovery Atlas Interactive Map comes from Fairfax, VA. There was a middle school teacher there who was using the atlas to help her students learn about Africa. She challenged her students to become Ministers of Tourism. Each student chose a country and, using the content found within the atlas, created short tourism videos that promoted the different cultures, governments, animals, and history that you will find when visiting their country.

Discovery Education Webinar Schedule

StudyBlue is a really cool flashcard creating tool. You can make online flashcards or make them available on your mobile phones. It is available on iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Android and Kindle platforms. And the cost? Free my friends. I like that you can upload your images from Discovery Education or take your own images with your mobile device. This app was initially designed for students; however, they have also created a teacher/ class account. Educators can create flashcards for their students to study online or on-the-go. Students have the ability to to quiz themselves and track their mastery. The cost for educators - well that is free too!


Time (EST)



7pm 8pm

Discovery Education Science Elementary 101 This webinar provides an overview of the Discovery Education Science for Elementary service. Designed and structured for elementary content and elementary teacher. The webinar also shows you how to use assignment builders and assessments to guide and measure your students? understanding and mastery.


9am 3pm

Discovery Educator Network Social Learning Summit. We are very pleased to announce the worldwide 2012 Social Learning Summit, a oneday virtual conference being held as a partnership of Classroom 2.0 and the Discovery Educator Network. This is a free event, with a focus on inclusion and participation. All sessions will be publicly available to attend through the online Blackboard Collaborate platform, and every session will be recorded and made available immediately following the conference


7pm 8pm

Discovery Education Middle School Science 101. This webinar provides a map into Discovery Education’s inquiry-based curriculum tool for science education. Learn how to navigate the sections to interact, watch, and read, using virtual labs, videos, and articles. You will also learn how to use assignment builders and assessments to guide and measure your students’ understanding and mastery.


7pm 8pm

Educator Webinar with NASA’s Leland Melvin. Join Leland Melvin, NASA?s Associate Administrator for Education, to hear first-hand about his incredible career as an astronaut and his current role leading the agency’s education efforts. He will discuss the innovative ways NASA is inspiring student interest in STEM fields and share the many valuable programs and resources available to educators through NASA.

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Matt's Media Tips 4-16  
Matt's Media Tips 4-16  

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