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Matt’s Media Tips 3-26 Can you Picture This? Last week I was in Halifax, Nova Scotia with Dean Shareski (@shareski) participating in his fantastic Digital Storytelling session. During his session he explained how you can tell a story in just six words. While this format is not a new concept it is definitely a great writing exercise. In 1920 Ernest Hemingway was credited with authoring one of the first and most poignant six-worded stories ever written. Legend has it that his colleagues bet him that he could not write a story in less than 10 words. His response? “For Sale: Baby shoes, never worn.” So this got me thinking, and Googling, different six-worded stories to share with you. I found a bunch of great stories, but the one on the right was one of my favorites. Within Discovery Education you have access to over 28 thousand images - all of which could be used to tell a great story. Creating a six-word story is a great way to incorporate writing into your classroom. Here are six ways in which I think you could make these stories work: 1. Use as an activator to introduce a concept. 2. Use as a short formative assessment. For example, you’ve just taught a lesson on the Life Cycle, Water Cycle, Bicycle (sorry couldn’t resist). Now challenge your students to find an image and create a six-word story that demonstrates their understanding of the concept. 3. Use as micro-grammar lesson 4. Introduce a lesson on similarities and differences

“247” Van Horgen and Anne Ulku. Six Word Story Every Day. September 14, 2010. Accessed March 25, 2012. sixwordstoryeveryday/4991426617/in/photostream

5. Combine graphic art and writing to create a story or an ad that you might see in online or in a print magazine

6. Help ELL students master a concept or challenge your foreign language learners to create a story in the language that they’re learning And the list could go on and on - you’re really only limited by your imagination. I even found a great lesson plan on creating a six-worded memoir on Read Write’s website. Check it out by clicking on this link - Six Worded Memoirs.


Of course I had to take a crack at creating two stories myself. Here are two that I created. The first story is with an image from Discovery Education, and the with an image that most people see every day. The words, in both cases, are obviously mine.

2 Great White Shark Opening Mouth. Prod. Corbis. Corbis, 2012.Discovery Education. Web. 25 March 2012. <>.

Which brings me back to the Dean’s Digital Storytelling session.

One of the sites that he featured was This site is awesome. I love it for its simplicity and ease of use. All you have to do is upload an image and then choose to add text. It gives you a bunch of great fonts to choose from and a very simple way to add text to your image. Resizing your text and imagery is as simple as sliding your cursor from left to right. When you’re finished with your project, click on the “Share and Save” tab and it saves your work right onto your computer! If you want to add text, songs, and motion to your six-worded story then I highly recommend using to do so. Like iPiccy it is super simple to use. Here’s the caveat - in order for you to keep with the one-image/six-word theme, you’ll have to copy your image six times into your Photopeach. But once you do you’ll be able to add captions, motion, and songs to your story. Now here’s the challenge. I’m calling all readers to submit their own six-worded story to Matt’s Tips and Tricks. I’ll select six. Then I’ll put them back out to you for your vote on April 9, 2012. The three with the most votes by April 15, 2012 will each receive one Flip Cam. Please use one of the two sites listed above to create your story. If you use iPiccy, upload your story to and provide the link to your work by answering the last question in my feedback survey. If you use PhotoPeach then provide the link to your Photopeach by answering the last question in my feedback survey. Happy writing, you have roughly two weeks...starting now!

Discovery Education Webinar Schedule Dates

The MeeGenius! app for iPad, iTouch, and Android mobile devices makes today’s Matt’s Tips and Tricks featured app. It is a free download and includes quite a few free books. What I like about this app is that it highlights the words as they are read aloud on the screen. The graphics and images that correspond to each story are very nice as well.

Time (EST)



7pm 8pm

Discovery Education Builders 101 Learn to select from provided content and add your own to create exactly the assignments your students need. Put the power of Discovery Education to work for you to create engaging, relevant, and rigorous experiences.


4pm 5pm

Techbook Admin Webinar. This training will cover: Navigation of the My Admin Site Managing User Accounts (students and teachers) Managing Student Access Running Usage Reports


7pm 8pm

Ayuda! Pomoc! Tulong? Help! ‘m Working with an English Learner in a Digital Land. Presented by Jannita Demian. With diverse classroom populations, your ability to differentiate feels more important than ever. In this session, explore Discovery Education through the lens of Language Learners and see how digital media and technology can engage and benefit students from all backgrounds


5:00 6:00pm

Discovery Education Science Techbook Overview. Discovery Education presents the Discovery Education Science Techbook. During this session we will provide an overview of the Science Techbook, focusing on the resources and lessons found within the service


5:00 5:45pm

Diving into Detailed Reports Discovery Education Assessment. In this event we will detail in depth the Comparative Growth Report (existing), and provide an overview of the Interactive Item Summary. Attendees will learn when to turn to these reports, and how they can be used to differentiate instruction

Additional books can be purchased for $1.99 or $2.99. You can download this app by following this link for the iPad and iTouch. Follow this link for Android mobile devices.

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Matt's Tips and Tricks 3-26  

Want to learn more about using media in the classroom? You've come to the right place. Learn from educators around the world. Find new an...

Matt's Tips and Tricks 3-26  

Want to learn more about using media in the classroom? You've come to the right place. Learn from educators around the world. Find new an...