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Matt’s Media Tips 3-12 We’ve extended our Student Media Contest so there is still a chance for you and your students to enter! Don’t forget to register for, and upload your student videos to, the the first student media contest of the year! http:// This challenge asks your students to listen to and select one of five songs about Math, Social Studies, Science, Geography, watch its corresponding kinesthetic lecture, and then create their own interpretation of that song in a video. 10 finalists will win 30 backpacks, a Flipcam, and a DEN Polo shirt. The Grand Prize winner will win the backpacks, Flipcam, shirt, and a school assembly! Finally I still need your feedback! In order for me to keep the Matt’s Media Tips relevant, concise and timely, I need your thoughts and feedback. I’ve created a very short little survey to help make sure that these tips and tricks stay on target and provide value to you. Please take a few moments (less than 10 minutes) to fill out this short 15 question survey. Thanks! It’s all about the sharing. You already know that Discovery Education is filled with thousands of videos, images, songs and more. However you may not know that you can also grow and customize your Discovery Education through Discovery Education MediaShare. Pretty cool right? Well it gets better. Everything uploaded through MediaShare has its own embed code which means, once uploaded, your content can be posted on a website, blog, web 2.0 tools, and more. When someone chooses to upload and share their resources through MediaShare that resource is automatically tied to the Discovery Education Taxonomy. That’s GeekSpeak, I know...sorry. It simply means that anything uploaded through MediaShare will show up when someone does a keyword or drill-down search. Finally, if you choose to share your stuff with a global audience your resource will be show up within the DEN Assets (scroll down on and check out the lower-left hand corner of your screen under Narrow My Search). So how does it work? Scroll down to find out more.

There are two ways to upload something (Lesson Plans, Presentations, Movies, Etc.) to Discovery Education. One is to use MediaShare and the other is to use the Upload Manager (powered by MediaShare) through your DEN Star access. Uploading through MediaShare is easy. Simply click on the MediaShare tab in the bar located below the words “Advanced Search.” Next click on the “Upload” button


Then follow the prompts marked by “*” and fill in the appropriate information.


Add tags or “Additional Information.” These keywords will make it easier to search for your resource in the future. When you’re feeling good, click on the “Add Files” button.


On the next screen, click on the Select Files button find your file(s) (you can choose more than one at a time!) Finally click on the Upload Files button to upload your resource and you’re done. Your file will be “searchable” within 24 hours but you’re download link is available immediately. You can share/post that link with anyone. Finally you can add any uploaded resources into your My Content, School Content and District Content folders. DEN Stars who don’t see the MediaShare button simply need to click on the DEN Button and then Educator Resources. From there you follow all the same steps.

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Discovery Education Webinar Schedule

Today’s cool app works on any mobile platform. or Celly creates mini social networks called cells that connect you with people and topics that matter most to you. A cell can contain anybody with a cellphone, people from your existing social networks, or any web feed. They let you define filters based on hashtags, location, time, and user identity so you can eliminate noise and get alerted only when relevant messages occur. They also have a great educational mission. Their passion is to build a socially responsible and sustainable technology venture that transforms education and community with technology. They hope to empower communities and schools as hyperlocal centers of selfsustaining commerce with giveback to schools and communities woven into the DNA of their business plan.

Don’t forget to register and participate in the first student media contest of the year! Check out


Time (EST)



7pm 8pm

Discovery Education Elemetary Science 101. This webinar provides an overview of the Discovery Education Science for Elementary service. Designed and structured for elementary content and elementary teachers, Discovery Education Science for Elementary is easy to navigate and rich with supporting materials.


7pm 8pm

Epson Brightlink Basics for Macs and PCs. This webinar goes from set up and calibration to purposeful integration of the BrightLink software. Includes integration ideas and examples.


8pm 9pm

Seasonal Science Stream Lesson Plan Webinar: Mars Madness Monthly lesson plan webinar to prepare for the Seasonal Science Live Stream. This month's topic: Mars Madness, A Lesson on the Earth, Moon and Stars. Join us for a review of three different lesson plans (K-2, 3-5, 6-8) that utilize resources from the Discovery Education Science Techbook


4pm 5pm

Techbook Admin Webinar. Learn to use the tools and features of My Admin to support successful integration of Discovery Education Science Techbook. This training will cover: Navigation of the My Admin Site Managing User Accounts (students and teachers) Managing Student Access Running Usage Reports


Teacher Center Treasure Trove of Resources. Interactive Calendar Atlas, STEM Connect explored. Socrative App (student response).

What I am Thankful for Building out your PLN Wordspree and Math Acorn Apps


Special Valentines Issue - Things I love about Discovery Education. Five Minute Preps, Images, Coaches Eye App

Things I Stole From the Community DEN Tips, Four really cool you can do with Google. TED and Animoto Apps


First Six Weeks Aggregated


Creating an “iCenter" How to create an ePub using DE videos. Spirit of Innovation Challenge

Miss a week? Catch back up here! 2/27/2012





What did you say? Closed Captioning on an iPad? Getting Closed Captions to play on your iPad, GreenScreens on iPhone/iPad with GreenScreen FX app Let’s Give Them Something To Sing About Differentiated Instruction Using Songs, First Student Media Contest of the Year, ShowMe and Educreations Whiteboard Apps Meet the Faces of Discovery Education Get up close and personal with the Discovery Education on-air talent, special student webinar series, Story Kit app


In a Class of Their Own Setting up Discovery Education Classrooms, Discovery Education Live Webinars, Quizlet App.


Building out the New Year Five of my favorite things you can do with the Discovery Education Builders, Rover App for DE Students


Special Holiday Edition 13 Tips from Educators around the US and Canada, Videolicious App


50 Ways to Use Discovery Education Tips and tricks galore iSwifter App - Flash for iPads


Spooky Edition Digital Storytelling, Web 2.0 Piqua City Community Night, Crazy Pumpkin and Halloween Card Creator Apps


Stick it to IT Collaborative Note Taking Site Educator Spotlight - Jennifer Everett, ToonTastic and PuppetPals Apps


Opening Up Closed-Captions Closed-Captions for Macs and PCs, 10 FAQs Customer Service Receives


Common Core, Web 2.0 and DE Three cool sites that integrate nicely with Discovery Education. Administrator Spotlight - Molly Hay!


Can you Hear what I’m Writing? Embedding an eReader into your Writing Prompts, Getting to know Discovery Education SCIENCE

Help Me Make Matt’s Tips and Tricks Even Better

What is a DEN Star Member?

The Discovery Educator Network (DEN) is a global community of educators passionate about teaching with digital media, sharing resources, collaborating, and networking. With over 100,000 members providing professional development to over 600,000 educators worldwide, the DEN connects teachers both on-line and in-person. Discovery Educators have exclusive access to a wide range of resources, professional development activities, networking opportunities, exclusive Discovery Educator events and more. Find out how you can be part of this dynamic and supportive community. Become a DEN Star today! DEN STARS GET COOL STUFF! We’re providing all DEN STARs with the DE Science Techbook for the rest of the school year! Get your free passcode by logging into the DEN Community page. To get you started we’re hosting a series of webinars to provide an overview of Discovery Education Science Techbook. At the end of February we will enter all of the attendees from the webinars into a drawing for an iPad 2. Find out more here on the DEN Blogs.

DEN Summer Institute 2012 Get your cowboy boots ready! The DEN Summer I am always looking for ways to improve Matt’s Institute is heading to the wild, wild west. Tips and Tricks and your feed back is invaluable DENSI2012 will take place from July 21-26, 2012 to me. With that in mind I’ve created a short 15 in scenic Bozeman, MT. If you’ve already applied question survey. I would love to hear your ideas your name is in the hat! Find out more about this year’s institute and how to apply today! and thoughts. If you can take a moment to fill

out this super fast survey it will go a long way to making each edition better than the next!

Matt's Tips and Tricks 3-12  

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