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Forum Stats Current GTAForums’ statistics; Top 32 posters, total members count, total post count, and a few more intriguing thingies for the folks who are into numbers.



Events Monitor Events area round up of GTAF-hosted events, meetups, and the latest from this section in general.


Content Creators’ Corner Check out the latest and hottest jobs and playlists from R*, other SC users, as well as from GTAF members.


Snapmatic Charts A collection of Snapmatic shots from GTAF members, GTAF Contests and random snaps we find on Social Club and other sites.

Multiplay Newswire Recap of the last 3 months on GTAF with all the GTA V and other R* games’ related news. GTA V receives a well praised Doomsday Heist followed by more adversary modes and new cars. RDR II is delayed on 1st February all the way to October 26th of 2018. as more info and screenshots are delivered. GTAF reopens The Pit, Forum Awards 2017 take place in December and a few staff promotions as well.

Gang News Goon Squad gets official status and enters The Safehouse as Facade changes back to Facade Corporation. Interesting few months in the Crews section over at GTAF.

Readers’ Comments What did GTAF’ers say about the previous issue of MM? What did people like or hate, what can get improved, what can be added, and what should be removed.




Modding Garage Read everything about and check the latest screenshots and updates to the most popular GTA mods on IV, LaD, BoGT, and GTA V.

Just like paradise. The RM-10 Bombushka navigates a golden-pink Southern San Andreas sunset, as captured & edited by gifted photog and Snapmatic Artist Crew member Edgar_Draw. (Source: Edgar Draw on Twitter)

We’re retiring Readers’ Comments and replacing it with something fresh. From next issue that is. You can still comment in MM’s topic obviously.

The Pit™ Stop Ah yes, The Pit is back.

To gain access, you must show your rap skills in this. Some of the highlights include:

In addition to those, we already have over 10 members banned. How exciting! Some examples:

And so on... That is all for now folks; -------------------------------------------So come, join in the fun, sign up, right there, click click.

About 7000 new members registered in the last almost 4 months and around 200,000 posts were made. On the list of Top 32 posters, it goes like this, minus the following missing users: banned Demarest with (33,215), Desmosedici aka swollo yaggins and his old account (Chunky Lee Chong) (19,415+2,182=21597), Slamman with (32,320 +11 after his unban), making him the third biggest poster ever in GTAF history, banned *MURDOC* with 15,783, and banned Darth Absentis who had 17,306, and PhillBellic with 24,059 in minus. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32.

Girish - 38,755 GTA3Freak-2001 - 29,438 Algonquin Assassin - 28,894 MyMothersMySister - 27,399 universetwisters - 25,895 AndyGanteks - 24,989 Jay - 24,176 Waddy - 23,448 Scaglietti - 22,888 GTA3Rockstar - 22,821 lil weasel - 22,527 Otter - 21,221 sivispacem - 19,911 papanesta - 19,823 darthYENIK - 18,714 CarimboHanky - 18,538 DJDeez - 18,309 AlienTwo - 17,862 Seddo - 17,696 anuj - 17,040 Mach1bud - 16,880 EmSixTeen - 16,742 Darth Yokel - 16,523 Kippers - 16,385 Raavi - 16,276 Forty - 16,236 Gridl0k – 16,157 Moonshield - 16,154 uNi - 16,069 Ryan - 16,031 Fuzzknuckles - 16,011 Mark - 15,826

Multiplay Newswire GTA V News Way back in December 2017, on the 12th, R* released the Doomsday Heist update. And now, almost 4 months later, we’re only just getting ready to finish the dripfeed, with no more left after the release of MM 94. We now await to see if there will be more, as the Doomsday heist was extremely well made and popular. Over at the annual TGA, RDR 2 did not win the most anticipated game of 2018, TLoU2 did. However, GTA V’s GTAO won the best ongoing game award shortly after the release of the update. Prior to the release, Rockstar kept everyone hyped via twitter, showing off the screenshots of the new vehicles.

Upon release, a new sub-forum emerged based on the update, and as usual, vehicle appreciation threads popped up too. Following the release, GTA V mythbusters finally solved the infamous Chilliad Mystery. And yes, there was a jetpack at the end. But, as with every such person, the investigation keeps on going. Check it out. After the release, major gaming websites reviewed the update, considering it a SP DLC sized expansion for GTAO. Example being: Link. It sure as hell feels like that. Useful link if you’re still one of the rare who haven’t tried the Doomsday Heist DLC. Rockstar finally released it on the 12th, with patch notes that followed a few hours after. The patch notes were of course updated during the course of the dripfeed, up until the start of March.

What followed was the dripfeed, a bunch of cars, few adversary modes, Snapmatic contests…all the usual, bar one. (And of course, snow was triggered again during Xmas and New Years’) A New radio station also launched, link

But let’s talk about the big one now. Other than R* Warehouse sale at that time, it was discovered there is a hidden gun from RDR 2 in game files. Shortly after, Rockstar themselves revealed it, as well as how everyone can easily get it in game. GTAF guide: It was met with lots of praise, and further hyped RDR II. And it also sparked some debates on whether GTA and RDR series may share the same universe. We might know more soon.

As Festive times came, so did some gifts from R*, but also, one very interesting topic as well. But it wasn’t all so peachy, some players were charged for a supposedly free Hermes. Rockstar did correct that shortly, but many players who had not enough money to buy it during the bug via the regular price were left out on the freebie. What followed in 2018 were only vehicles and adversary modes Love crazy GTA V fan theories? Check this one.

A sale on Humble Bundle was on at the end of January Many people took this chance to get some of R* titles they didn’t own for a very small price. After RDR II news, more vehicles and adversaries followed, as well as some gift money, the so called 2018 San Andreas “tax refund & rebate”. And all the way up until March when it was finally ready. And last but not least, a very interesting development in the trademark business:

Will GTA 6 and GTAO 2 be 2 different games? Who knows, we have a long way to go, probably not before 2019 or 2020… And finally, currently R* is holding the Stunt race week, with double money and RP on all stunt races. Also, many more discounts. Check it out before it ends.

Older GTA News | Other R* Games’ News RDR II has unfortunantly been delayed. Many saw this coming, many didn’t. After the announcement of God of War release date to be April, speculations arose how RDR II might still end up with a May or June release. But, Rockstar decided on 1st February 2018, to announce the delay, giving us a few more screenshots to soak the pain. New (and current) release date is now October 26 th, 2018.

That’s not all, shortly after, a leak of information got out in the public. Article is still there as of today, with no confirmation whether it is true or not, but also not taken down by R* either. Speculation or not, it sounds very true, especially since 2 exclusive screens were present in the article.

Since those two, we had nothing but speculation for a month. Doomsday heist drip-feed is over, so as Tuesday approaches, we’re in for either RDR 2 news, or what’s more likely to happen, a new GTA V update.

GTAF News ”News” section on GTAF

Forum Awards 2017 took place,

Following nominations, campaign poster and battledome, we had the voting stage.

And the winners can be found here: Also the ban roulette:

And also, a special group for the winners of Special Awards. With a pip too this year!

January on GTAF had some good reads: And this one And some bans!!! RedDagger and Spider-Vice got promoted to Mod position. Slamman returned! The Pit re-opened. But you know that by now. Doggodome also took place. And everybody was a winner. And El Diablo is gone fishin’. Hope you catch some fish mate. That’s about it in short one-liners. A boring few months, you’ll agree. See you next time,

Gang News - Official Gangs $outh $ide Hoodz

$outh $ide Hoodz was seen around the forums in the past months with slimeball supreme joining them, and $$H topic going up solidly for a few pages.

Leone Family Mafia

Leone Family Mafia had El Diablo get banned in February, and since, there has been no activity in their topic, or nuddle kid snooping around it.

Andolini Mafia Family

Andolini Mafia Family got their bumped up, but was not very active on GTAF in the past few months.

The Precinct

The Precinct have been present around the forums, mostly Gen Chat and The Pit, and that’s about it from TP lately. Milfrah also had a name change.

The Connection

The Connection had Otter come back from inactivity, and they were generally very active around the forums, just not via their gang topic.


Feroci had MenuET move into Façade, whether permanently or not, we’ll see. No activity or other new members there though.


Zaibatsu got Uncle Sikee Atric from PBMO earlier this year. They were also active around the forums, but not much via their topic.

The Yardies

The Yardies won the best official gang in Forum Awards 2017 and a few more other categories. After that end of December…YARD went into Doggodome against DG (Barney vs Bucko Mafia challenge). Y opened page 2300 of their topic and upgraded their private forum then. Finally, following The Pit relaunch, and after The YardYEEs, March came. And so did Yardies Decade, as The Yardies started ongoing celebrations of their 10th birthday in style, with an event in GTA V that’s still due in a few days. 10 years since March 9th, 2008 are here.

Cyclop 9

Cyclop 9 had no activity in their topic, but like in the past months, remained active gaming and forum-wise, as they remain on course for their 10th anniversary later this year.

The Lost MC

The Lost MC barely went up a page since last issue, as their topic mostly was an advertisement board for their weekly church meet and events.


GTAF Crew got to page 500 of their topic since the last issue, going up about 30 pages in the past almost 4 months. Lots of gaming and general activity was present, mostly during the pinnacle of the latest GTA V update, The Doomsday Heist.

Van Society

Van Society enjoyed the new update on GTA V, but mostly shifted their focus to GT Sport looking at their topic, as it also appears there is no Time Trials 2018 after the 2017 event wrapped up this Jan.

Western Motorcycle CC

Western Motorcycle CC had lots of fun media in form of gifs, videos and screens posted in their topic, from their latest few meets on GTA V.

Goon Squad

Goon Squad has become a new certified gang, after sharing the win as Best Unofficial gang in 2017 Forum Awards with SK. Goons came to GTAF in 2015, and now 3 years later, they’ve been recognized. GS was pretty active during the last GTA V update, and in January after getting their pip, but in the last month, they’ve been rather silent, only bumping the thread once. Moving up 5 pages since the last issue, there’s been plenty of great screenshots posted from them though.

The Yakuza

The Yakuza had a few pip changes last year, as V4S, winner of the Forum Awards ban roulette decided not to make a new account. Gaming wise, Yaks kept high ground with lots of activity on GTA V after the update, as well as R6 Siege, Overwatch, Wildlands and PUBG. In the 3 pages which they went up since the last issue, there’s been plenty of screens and videos from those games.

Paleto Bay Mayors Office

Paleto Bay Mayors Office went up about 30 pages since the last issue, hitting milestone page 1000 and page 1010 only just. It’s been a fun few months for them, with mostly general chatter present. Sikee kept the Caption Competition going, and there was also some GTA V action following the latest update, as well as gaming elsewhere.


Facade Corporation is back from being Facade and having that purplish pip to their old self, following the worst gang category win in 2017 Forum Awards. Lots of gaming and general chatter too in the 5 pages they went up since the last MM.

Daily Globe won the best certified gang in 2017 Forum Awards. Kalvin got banned in the traditional ban roulette but did not return with a GTAF account. Few new members have joined DG recently, 3 of which came from GS. Arthur and RedDagger continued their competition for top poster in the topic. Daily G was in Doggodome earlier this year, but did not become Yee like the rest of the gangs have since The Pit re-opened.

Daily Globe

- Unofficial Gangs Academi PMC

Academi PMC got bumped last year as their founder stepped down and announced a shift in leadership. We don’t know the account of their new leader, and there hasn’t been any posts since.

The Damned

The Damned got their topic bumped again with a few posts and some videos as they also joined season 3 of Clash of Crews event from DB, signaling some life of theirs on GTAF.

Mobilized Mercenary Division

Mobilized Mercenary Division was created on October 1st, 2013. It was relaunched and rebranded from their 2012 group Military of Mobilized Defence (still an MMD), but essentially changed a lot how the gang works. Having been a prime unofficial gang during the IV era, they entered the V era, but slowly faded away into inactivity. With no posts in over half a year and under 5 posts for the whole last year, it’s safe to say MMD is gone.

The New World Order

The New World Order was made on June 3rd, 2014 on GTAF. With no posts since May last year, and too less than 5 for a whole year, it’s safe to say they left GTAF for good, as well as their sub clan, TNAO, though they, remain somewhat active via SC and other social media.

Hustle Bones

Hustle Bones was made on 25TH October in the year of 2014. They had 1 post in almost one and a half year on GTAF, so it’s safe to say HB which was even official for a month, is no more.

Off-Road All-Stars

Off-Road All Stars got bumped at the start of this year, and not much else has happened since.

The Sharks

The Sharks were created on January 25th, 2015. In the years after that, most of them went ahead and joined in with GTAF Crew, with a lesser few generally going inactive or to other groups. With no posts since June last year and only a few before that too, The Sharks are whack.

GTAF All-Stars

GTAF All-Stars were made on March 26th, 2015 and have quietly went off the scene at the start of this year.

Deadly Sins MC

Deadly Sins MC have also seemingly disbanded, at least GTAF-wise. Created on June 3rd, 2015, they weren’t able to hold off anymore, with no posts since June last year and only a few during the whole year too, it’s safe to say they either moved off forums, or shut down.

Bullet Striders

Bullet Striders were created on August 22nd 2015. Having been a heist crew since, they did not return for the Doomsday one, having already somewhat announced in July 2017, when their last post also was, that they’re moving on, and that they might return to GTA when the next big thing hits or a new game. Doomsday wasn’t big enough it seems, and with no posts since, so it’s safe to say the striders are out.

Spanish Kings

Spanish Kings have done well in the past few months, going up a few pages, and with a few more editions of SK Weekly magazine being released. SK shared the win in best unofficial gang category with Goon Squad in Forum Awards 2017 back in December. Nuddle kid was also very present in the SK topic, looking for a spot in $$H.

The Philosophem Brotherhood

The Philosophem Brotherhood had no posts since last issue of MM in their GTAF topic.

Domestic Battery

Domestic Battery started season 3 of Clash of Crews after a break, with 2 more GTAF gangs joining and 6 more non-forum ones. DB took 3rd in best unofficial poll in forum awards 2017 and in Time Trials 2017 event, Crawford1872 won. Not a lot of activity in their GTAF topic though.

The American Defense Services

The American Defense Services got bumped, but nothing much besides that since last MM.

Project Helisexuality

Project Helisexuality went up a few pages, mostly debating air vehicles in GTA V’s recent update, and gaming chatter in general. Few of them also became Victims of the Pit recently.

----Recruitment section for GTA V/O - forum link Don’t miss Free Agents Recruitment Topic, if you want to join someone or recruit somebody -----

“Crews” section in March 2018

EVENTs Monitor [PS4] Clash of the Crews Season 3 is up. 12 groups are playing 4v4 matches in the final season prior to RDR II. For more information, and the latest results, visit the topic. Match day 1 is due this March.

Yardies Decade The Yardies are celebrating 10 years of existence with their annual birthday event. Check the topic, it’s due to soon, and spots in the playlist lobby may be limited.

Content Creators’ Corner Content Creator sub-forum on GTAF -----

It would appear Rockstar isn’t verifying jobs anymore. This section lacks quality content (or any kind of content) right now, but we’ll try and search for something good to feature for our next issue, MM 95. If you have something worth mentioning, PM us.

Snapmatic Charts MM’s monthly picks from GTAF, R* Social Club and the Internet.

Modding Garage ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Useful Links GTAGarage - III / VC / SA / IV Mods GTAGaming (defunct) - III/VC/SA/IV Mods TheGTAPlace (defunct) - III/VC/SA/IV Mods - V Mods GTASnP - GTA Saves

GTAF Modding Sections Mods - Discussion Mods - Showroom Mods - Workshop Mods - Featured -----

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1.42 | Mods ----OpenIV 2.9 OpenIV for GTA V, Disc/SC version tutorial

Scripthook V Simple Trainer GTA V 7.3 V Railroad Engineer 3.1 Enhanced Native Trainer #32 Race the balls 1.3 V Community script hook .NET Spawn Smoke in All Colors (Jet, Tank, Boat, Plane‌) Particle Guns Mod Fireworks IPL and Coordinates Lua Plugin for Scripthook V Menyoo SP V Personal heli pilot Air Taxi + Rappelling Snowless North Yankton Mod

Just Cause grappling hook for V V Ride a Deer V Impotent Rage V Hancock fly mod V Lost MC Monster Truck V Clean Voodoo V full Niko Bellic Ped Niko for V, replacing Trevor V No Water + tsunami mod Weapons Mod 2.0 (Flamethrower, Flares, Water, Flame, Steam‌) V achievement style for Photoshop Jetpack Mod using in-game objects V UFO Mod + Abducting pedestrians 1.2a Nvidia Jester car Canna-Bus

Alternative Weapons for V V Flood Mod V Satellite view map Biblical Storm Adventure V Bigger Waves OpenCamera for GTA V Adding cars to GTA V (not replacing) V Extreme Car deformation mod V Smoke on Water Liberator V Hot Air Balloon GTA V Map Editor 2.5 Road Work 1.8 V Accidents in LS North Yankton Airport UFO Invasion

Atlantis V Military Depot LifeInvader Concert Map Yacht and Carrier docked Enhanced party boat Presidential speech Music Festival Revolutionary War V Trashmaster Mod Benny’s Motorworks in SP Missing IV cars to V Police cars – search lights The Gigahorse Mission Creator 0.3 UFO-copter

Scenario Menu Domino Effect V Fame or Shame live End of the World project Vinewood Theater Premiere Vegetation Overhaul V Snowmobile Ambient Weapons 1.2 Projective Mod 1.6 Enhanced Prison 1.2 Dune o Death Surf V Funny Vehicles Pack 1 Metro Free Camera player view Drivable yacht All Country flags for Marshall

IV Umbrellas to V UFO Crash V – TLoU map Aquatic Vehicles 1.1 Control Heist Vehicles in SP Snow extra effects 1.4 UFO Interior Perfect Storm V V Sand Storm Realistic Blood V Yacht in SP Dead Island Treasure Quest map (Far Cry/Uncharted lookalike) TankBoss [Menyoo] TankMech [Menyoo] Tandem Bicycle

Lucille The Walking Dead Glenn Real Flamethrower Map Builder 2 Fun Cars v5 Tornado V mod Cunning Stunts Props Cunning Stunts Maps in SP 1.2 NaturalVision V All Biker Props in Menyoo IV LC to V alpha 0.1 () GTA San Andreas to V Child player V Vineweed IV Liberty City to GTA V 2 Many years map

GTA V Negan III Era LC and VC to GTA V Red Dead Redemption to V GTX 1080 Sticky Bomb Map Builder 3.1.6 Map Editor & Menyoo to YMap Convertor 1.0.4 Simple Water Editor One Handed Bat Do Ped Stuff Heli Spotlight Hot Coffee Forests of Chilliad YMAP (2743 trees) [Add-On] 1.5 Secret UFO Mission crash site from Gunrunning update in SP Grand Theft Space!/ Akina V

Mega Huge Skyscraper Red Dead Desert V Windsurf V Gostown V

Grand Theft Auto IV LaD BoGT Older Scripthook is still not working, and so are not a lot of GTA IV mods. We are hoping for an update soon. The only way to keep using mods is to downgrade or not update, but that will remove the ability to play multiplayer. ----[IV/EFLC] Simple Trainer 6.5 GTA III Rage Classic Vice City Rage IV SA3 IV SA3 Snow IV Gostown IV Mod pack by HippieCommunist

IV/EFLC Troll-face Mod

HD Cars for GTA Games by OnePiece Snow Storm LC IV Watch Dogs LCS/VCS to PC IV Throwing Knives V cars to IV IV Selfie Mod IV Skate Mod -----

See you next time

Multiplay Monitor Issue 94  
Multiplay Monitor Issue 94