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Contents Contents contain a short intro to what you’ll read in the issue, and in which sections of the magazine.


First Shout A word from the editor, info about Multiplay Monitor related news, and a few more things that marked the period between the previous and current issue of the magazine.


Readers’ Comments What did GTAF’ers say about the previous issue of MM? What did people like or hate, what can get improved, what can be added, and what may be removed. Have your say!


Forum Stats Current GTAForums’ statistics; Top 32 posters, total members count, total post count, and a few more intriguing thingies for the folks who are into numbers and math’s..


Multiplay Newswire Latest GTA V updates and shenanigans found here. Watch the fireworks at MM! FIFA WC 2014 ends, and GamesCom 2014 nears. Also a few special articles regarding a few special things too. Don’t miss this month’s MP newswire.


Gang News 3 new gangs arrive at GTAForums at the start of summer. Also, don’t miss the latest good, bad and worst news from the gang section.


Event News Check on the latest events from the MP Events section, together with a few new that just launched on the PS3 side.


Content Creators’ Corner R* verifies a lot more new jobs this month, and also, don’t miss some of the latest and greatest from GTAForums members’ jobs!


Snapmatic Charts A collection of the finest Snapmatic shots from GTAF members & random snaps we found on the internet from the popular Snapmatic tool. GTAF also opens up a video/Media section, and we have the full coverage!


Modding Garage Check the latest screenshots and updates to the most popular GTA mods on IV, LaD, BoGT, and by the end of 2014, GTA V. Who wants to freely enjoy North Yankton, have snow all over the map, or fly a UFO? Well, it’ll soon be finally possible!


Closing Words Next issue preview, and anything we left behind in this one goes here.

First Shout Multiplay Monitor || Issue 71 || July 2014 Welcome to another issue of MM! You may have noticed the background already, and the month this issue is - July. So obviously, as we’re “vacation-ing”, there is less to be read about in this issue, then the ones before. But y’all okay with it. Pics of chicks are what everyone is after in an MM anyway. Without any further adieu, enjoy the summer and MM 71 and see you in August or September!

Readers’Comments Great read as usual

Very very sexy issue

Awesome read, nice work!

Nice read !

Awesome stuff, great work!

Forum Stats

On the list of Top 32 posters, it goes like this, minus banned Demarest (33,215), Desmosedici aka anus and his old account (Chunky Lee Chong) (19,415+2,181=21596) and re-banned Slamman(24,468), whose post count was reset to 9999 ages ago. He currently resides at -2,147 meaning he made 7,852 more, thus totaling 32,320, making him poster #3 in GTAF history. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32.

Girish - 36,761 GTA3Freak-2001 - 29,438 MyMothersMySister - 27,209 Jay - 24,105 Waddy - 23,411 AndyGanteks - 20,719 papanesta - 19,823 GTA3Rockstar - 19,438 Otter - 19,434 SonOfLiberty - 18,896 lil weasel - 18,408 DJDeez - 18,309 Seddo - 17,696 anuj - 17,037 EmSixTeen - 16,469 Biohazard Abyss - 16,254 Forty - 16,213 Kippers - 16,099 Mark - 15,627 darthYENIK - 15,514 Ryan - 15,092 Moonshield - 14,995 Groovy - 14,733 mkey82 - 14,361 Opius - 14,344 universetwisters - 14,294 saintdave - 13,993 *MURDOC* -13,755 Platinum. - 13,702 meta187 - 13,513 Ottae - 13,187 Venom - 13,127

Multiplay Newswire GTA V News

From Paleto Bay to the Port of Los Santos and everywhere in between, it’s time to celebrate the birthplace of freedom with The Independence Day Special (in association with Ammu-Nation) for Grand Theft Auto Online.

Demonstrate your exceptionalism and own the road from sea to shining sea with two new star spangled rides, the Sovereign motorcycle and the super-sized Liberator monster truck. And protect your rights the same way our Founding Fathers did with the latest addition to Ammu-Nation's antiques collection, the high-powered Musket... or channel your inner Jack Howitzer with the spectacular Firework Rocket Launcher.

Seven new properties have also been added to the Dynasty 8 rolls, including locations in Paleto Bay and Vinewood Hills that provide plenty of yard space to scorch the grass with your very own Fireworks show. Use up to 12 varieties with different fuse lengths to create a spectacle that would make even the most battle-hardened Republican Space Ranger shed a tear. If you prefer rickety amusements operated by minimum wage teenage workers over incendiary lawn displays, then venture down to Pleasure Pier where you can now ride the Ferris Whale and the Leviathan Roller Coaster.

This limited-time update also features an overabundance of patriotic flare: show off nationalistic pride with a "Made in the U.S.A." t-shirt, a backwoods mullet or let the eagle soar with an animal mask featuring this great nation's most fearsome and majestic creatures.

CRATE DROPS For the duration of The Independence Day Special seasonal content period, Special Crate Drops will contain 6 different Beer Hats and an exclusive Statue Of Happiness t-shirt. Keep an eye out for messages about Crate Drops in your in-game feed and watch for the plane on the map in the pause menus to find the drop zone. NEW JOBS AVAILABLE TO PLAY The Independence Day Special includes 17 new GTA Online Jobs to play. Three New Contact Missions are available from the Start Menu (once you meet the rank requirement you'll receive a phone call from the associated Contact. There are also 14 new Jobs across various game modes.

This special seasonal content will be available to redeem in-game until Mid-July (we will announce a specific redemption expiration date soon). The automatic update for the Independence Day Special also includes additional game tuning updates and other adjustments, including the new On Call Matchmaking function. This new option allows players to accept a Job invite and continue playing in Freemode until that Job fills up, reducing time spent idle while waiting for a Job to start. For the complete list of all the fixes and tuning updates, visit the Rockstar Support site. To download the Independence Day Special, fire up your online-connected PS3 or Xbox 360 and start GTAV. You'll be prompted to download the automatic update (1.15) and Xbox 360 players will also be required to download an additional compatibility pack upon entering GTA Online.

Usefull for those still wanting to take some nice 3rd person pics, is this topic:

A website for sharing your GTA Online stats as sort of a profile card has been started, and gained lot of popularity, so here is a free ad:

And here is a great vid, Sopranos Reenactment:

GTA IV | LaD | BoGT News Nothing interesting has happened in lately(in May and June), regarding GTA IV, LaD, BoGT.

Older GTA News Nothing interesting happened about GTA I, London, II, III, VC, Advance, SA, LCS, VCS, CW either.

GTAF News GTAF Special Members group was pretty busy this month, as Solid Snails and Maro Hanovver marred it this month. Maro later got banned for this: people couldn’t stand him anymore. Ghetto Jesus also joined the Special Members group for a bit, and then Compman got into it.

Members were banned and unbanned this month. Most notable unban is AJ, and most notable bans are Biohazard Abyss, tymaster50, pokemon123…and much more. As you may or may not have seen, the entire Net Support was filled with “Please ban me” topics lately. I guess people are making summer resolutions! More info on those bans can be found in the Gang News section!

GTAF also had some skin problems this month, but they were eventually resolved by the admins:

Medals are slowly being re-added to members’ profiles!

Other News FIFA World Cup 2014 has ended! Germany has won, and Raavi has won the prediction league on GTAF! The medals for the previous winners, including now Raavi, have been re-added too!

And now, for some ladies of the World Cup!

GANG News - Official Gangs -

$outh $ide Hoodz

$outh $ide Hoodz had an alright month. Their topic moved up 6 pages last month. One of their long time members though, epoxy has jumped ship and left to join AMF aka Andolini Mafia Family. Another Hoodz member went to AMF later on, that being orbitalraindrops. Scottendo changed his name to Pumpkin Zone. Veteran member Juvenile is now known as just gizmo. Some general chatter also kept the $$H going this month, so overall it’s been an alright month.

Leone Family Mafia

Leone Family Mafia had a solid month. Their PGC topic has been picking up some activity with 4 pages up last month. El-Diablo, a veteran recruit of theirs was most prominent in posting around the forums last month. No other new members in or out this month though. The rest of them have been enjoying their summer vacations.

Andolini Mafia Family

Andolini Mafia Family had a good month again, taking epoxy and orbitalraindrops from $$H. Nipperkins then jumped from Z to AMF too, but first he took a trip to the Busted group for a few hours. Member elanman changed his name to Failure. yeah, he’s now called Failure. Hey, Failure. How you doing, Failure? Anyway, lots of activity for AMF in their topic, as well as in OGA and around GTAF. That’s about it for AMF. Oh, and at some point this month, we saw Kirsty take a small tour of Jamaica with the Yardies avatar. AMF dudes were not pleased with that sight, especially Edmachine.

The Precinct

The Precinct had an alright month at GTAF as well. meta187, Connection member was seen in Precinct for a while for unknown reasons during Connection’s FBI birthday marking. He afterwards returned to TC after the joke ended, but what was behind this we may never find out. Voodoo received a medal for his GTAF contributions. No new dudes in or out though for Precinct. All in all a decent month for em.

The Connection

The Connection had a good month as well. Their topic moved up a few pages this month, and there was some solid activity from their members across GTAF. They have been a bit less active after the meta187 flight and arrival back from The Precinct, as described in TP section. Before that, a joke was pulled renaming the topic to FBI Information Desk, to mark the 10th anniversary of a former unofficial gang, whose members are now in some of the top positions in NYCC. The fun lasted for about a week before things got back to normal. Matty256 joined them at the end of this month as far as new members go. He used to be on trial(or near a trial) with AMF before. Rumors are spreading that a petition is to be written among GFX guys for Graven to return to his old nick name. But you know how things usually end for petitions. Good month overall for TC.

Feroci Racing

Feroci Racing had an alright month, as their topic moved up a little and there was some decent activity from mostly their new folk around GTAF. sjaak327, creator of Simple Trainer was seen recruited by the Feroci folk. Not much else has happened, so that’s about it regarding FR this month.


Zaibatsu had a decent month during July. Insert Coin to Continue joined them AlienTwo, leader of NOW new GTAF gang who will be introduced later in MM joind them too, and soon after, member with the username AlienOne spawned on GTAF. Chances are he’ll end up in Z too at some point in his GTAF life. Nipperkins left them to join AMF. Raavi of Z won the WC 2014 prediction league on GTAF. Good month for Z overall.

The Yardies

The Yardies had an alright month in July. Fireworks Day took place on 4th July after the new V update. Drama took place after AJ of The Damned was unbanned around mid of the month. Few Jeysus Days also took place then as the YARD continued with their V shenanigans. Yardies Puzzle V7 was also revealed this month in the private quarters. Finally, a Yavatar Day took place, having fun with the same avatar and taking over the O Social Club but ended in a weird situation of Bio Abyss requesting a ban. She returned afterwards though, so all was good again. Ermac and Odissey also joined the gang on trial as Young Rasta’s.

Angels of Death MC

Angels of Death MC had an alright month going up a total of 6 pages in the last month. No new members in or out though, but there was some solid activity and mostly gaming and general chatter keeping them through the month and the start of the summer. Toke received a medal for his PGC and Crew Recruitment forum work too.

D1RTY12 had an alright month. They went up 2 pages in their topic, chatting about GTA V and enjoying their time. Besides enjoying V, they were fully inhaling the smell of summer, but they snatched in a game The Damned in Crew League new event, where they lost. Looks like after AJ’s surprising unban, that D12 and Damned might bury their war axes…but probably not, according to barney1610. NorhternHawk was promoted to full D12 member this month too. Good month for D12 all in all.


- Unofficial Gangs SRS Incorporated

SRS Incorporated went up 2 pages again in July. General chatter, as well as GTA chat kept them going, as well as aFinn and MC posting some great screenshots from the crew’s latest meetups. That’s about it, and we expect to see more from the oldest unofficial gang after the summer is over!

Bianco Crime Famiglia

Bianco Crime Famiglia went up 2 pages as well. Not much going on there in July, besides the usual roleplay chatter and general chatter, and not much GTA V activity either.

The Highway Reapers MC

The Highway Reapers MC didn’t have much going on, on GTAF this month regarding posting, but as usual, active outside the forums decently. They played their rnd 1 match vs MMD in new Crew League event. Only 1 page up for REAP this month. Surely they can do better than that?

The Lost MC

The Lost MC had a decent month. They went up 2 pages and are slowly preparing for V PC release during the summer break, where their gang is widely featured. They had one or two of their usual church meets these days too, keeping the IV era spirit alive. Good month for TLMC overall.

Warriors of the Night

Warriors of the Night only went up a few replies this month. Not looking good for them in a quest to pass summer. Just a few random replies and not much info on whats going on.

The Department

The Department only had 8 replies to their topic this month, remembering the old times. We’ll see what happens next.

Academi PMC

Academi PMC went up 6 pages in the last month. general and gaming chat kept them going through the month, as well as playing GTA V and fighting external SC crews. Little bit of arguing was present versus their former members, but it calmed down.

Soul Reapers MC

Soul Reapers MC went up a few posts and celebrated their birthday of existence. Besides their leader, Cisto, nobody else is posting, so we’ll see what happens next with them.

The Damned

The Damned went up 13 pages last month. It was a month of joy for them as AJ got unbanned surprisingly, but there was some drama with a few other members and gangs over that event. Eventually it dried out(for now) and they began their Crew League campaign vs D12. Other general and gaming chatter kept their topic moving up too.

Mobilized Mercenary Division

Mobilized Mercenary Division moved up only 2 pages in the last month. They started their CL campaign against REAP, but not much besides that is going on. Still the same trio of MMD’s posting in their topic. Some arguments with THR MC over hacking in V also happened, but they were quickly resolved apparently.

The Faustino Syndicate

The Faustino Syndicate gone up a total of 1.5 page last month. It was mostly remembering of the past, but there was also some little drama between the present and ex members of the gang.

Red Rum Racing

Red Rum Racing went up a total of few replies up last month. Not much was seen from then as usual, but a lot of activity outside the forums, and hopefully they regain their GTAF activity they had at the start.

Queens of the Damned

Queens of the Damned went up 3 pages last month. They started their Crew League campaign against the GTAF crew winning, after which the GTAF crew signed out of the event. Their topic was marred with match arrangements, as well as general chatter on the subjects of GTA and other games. All in all, it’s been a very decent month for the QOTD folk.


MODified went up 2 pages last month. It was a month of mostly them going on vacations and stuff, as well as slowly preparing for next gen. But the good old fun with the mods and spawning all sorts of stuff wasn’t missed. At the end of the month though, a bad thing. Their leader, Bio Abyss asked for a ban after some avatar competition bet she lost or whatever. Everyone was confused, but mods granted her a ban eventually. Few days later, she asked for an unban, and the staff let her back, and that’s where we’ll end this story…..

The New World Order

The New World Order are a new gang getting slowly established on GTAF as of recently. led by AlienTwo on GTAF, member who was recently picked up by GTAF, the NWO is looking to spread across PGC and GTAF with their GTA V gaming and other things they do. Their first post looks quite decent and lovely too. Lots of their members, including their leader GHENGHISKHAN later registered and kept the topic pretty active and on top of PGC lately. We wish you good luck folks!

Franda Power

Franda Power is the second of the three new gangs on GTAF this July. They are led by Franceska, new member of The Connection, who brought in couple of her friends in and made the crew and now the group on GTAF. Franda Power name was formed from word play of Franceska and panda, hence Franda. Nice one. Solid GTA V and general activity kept their topic going over the month, and we hope to see more! At the end of the month, one of their members, tymaster50 became one of the many who requested a ban on GTAF. We expect to see him return to the forums soon!

BF Surfer Cruisers

BF Surfer Cruisers is the 3rd of the 3 new gangs on GTAF in July. Led by StrippedHemi and Heisenberg on GTAF, they are really enjoying their time on GTAF with recruiting a lot of members, getting their folks to register on GTAF, as well as partaking in other PGC festivities. They also started an xbox GOLF event tournament too recently. The gang is mainly xbox focues, although we’ve seen some PS3 members too. All in all, we wish them a big welcome to GTAF, all three of them!

Check the GTA O Social Club aka PGC General Chat thread. ----Crew Recruitment top crews right now are these. Maybe one of them are coming to PGC soon! More here: ----Don’t miss Free Agents Recruitment topic too, if you are looking for a gang

PGC, July 2014.

EVENT NEWS Multiplayer Events Don’t miss sharing your photos/videos here from your latest GTA MP adventures:

Don’t miss sharing your custom event ideas here, some of them can later turn into a major event maybe:

Looking for a car event, quick meet, or so? Check the find a lobby & meetups sub-forum;

Find a Lobby & Meetups

Latest Events: GTA V Life Roleplay [360]

Official GTA V Roleplay 360

Xbox Surf Crew Golf Tournament

PS3 GTA V Roleplay

PS3 Crew League

1v1 DM Cup 2014

Racing League 2014 V:MP PS3

V:MP DM Tournament I

The Sandy Shores Games

360 Custom Sports’ Car Series

Content Creators’ Corner 3 times has Rockstar verified this month. Check ‘em:

Some of our top picks are:

Taking in the view in Holy Drift Mountain

Holy Drift Mountain - created by Heavy Magic This Lap Race for Sports cars takes us along a picturesque route from downtown Vinewood, through Vinewood Hills and back again. Ambient traffic is disabled by default so that you can really carve up the winding, high speed corners in search of perfect lines - just don't get too distracted by the stunning view on the way down. Before getting Verified, Holy Drift Mountain had been played nearly 6,000 times and its popularity is entirely justified.

Fighting over a loose bag in Hold: Shopping Spree Hold: Shopping Spree - created by Skilledscout Skilledscout, the leader of the Sir In A Suit Crew, gets down to business with this sprawling Hold Capture set around the beachfront villas of Chumash. The coastal town is really brought to life by dangerous Actors occupying shops and protecting the Capture Objects at all costs. Once you've managed to elude them, the escape path to each Capture Point is a breezy dash along the Great Ocean Highway. Just hope an opponent isn't waiting for you when you get there.

A wasted bridge is the setting for an intimate shootout in Quarantine Quarantine - created by Raymond Calitri "The bridge is dead. Fight to survive." reads the description for this Deathmatch set on a section of the Elysian Fields Freeway that comes from a regular on GTAForums’ content subforum. Fitting the ‘quarantine’ theme quite nicely.

Taking to the surf to score some kills in Sonuva Beach Sonuva Beach - created by Handcuff Charlie Handcuff_charlie's first Verified Job Pier Pressure II has already seen plenty of play time in our Rockstar live-streams. Sonuva Beach is another creation showcased on GTAForums - a tight little Deathmatch that’s been marked out entirely with user-placed Props on the Palomino Highlands Beach. Clearly a lot of thought has gone into Prop placement to give this DM a central ‘focus’, choke points and alternate routes. Weapons are restricted to shotguns but grenade and Molotov pickups are placed around the map to spice things up and provide tactical variety.

Get to grips with the 6-wheeled Dubsta in Dubsta Warz. Dubsta Warz - created by Darteyld Put the climbing ability of your new Dubsta to the test in this point-to-point Race where roads are for the weak.

Don't take your eyes of the road as you Loop The Lake. Loop the Lake - created by twisterrk This is a beautifully simple Lap Race around the Vinewood Lake that provides fantastic views of the Vinewood sign, the Galileo Observatory and the Downtown Los Santos skyline. Try not to get distracted by the scenery as you battle for position on a narrow curving road. Aggressive maneuvers will pay off, but don't be afraid to use the brake to avoid getting trapped behind the low tire walls at several corners. This Race plays well with most vehicle classes but try Muscle or Sports for a more technical challenge.

Running for cover in Retaliate. Retaliate - Created by gun_harmony A tight Deathmatch map that makes for a small, frantic 2-team TDM or compact free-for-all. A compact setup with good use of vertical space, plenty of cover and opportunities to flank the enemy team. Head in with your Crew for an 8v8 battle and seek retribution on any Crews you've got beef with

The Exchange by JIIThe_JokerIIK (Xbox 360) Here we see the explosive final mission of GTAIII reimagined as a Deathmatch alongside the Land Act Dam. Extra points awarded for authenticity here as JIIThe_JokerIIK has carefully placed props to match Claude's final showdown with the Colombian Cartel. We recommend seizing control of the Buzzard quickly to gain the edge if you're playing this with one with your Crew. Bomb da Base by DuPz0r (PS3) This Deathmatch - based on Act II of Bomb da Base in GTAIII, where Claude and 8-Ball blow up the Les Cargo ship - offers its own fair share of bang for the buck on a shipping vessel docked just off the Port of South Los Santos terminal. Be sure to check out the empty containers raised from the ground for some juicy firepower, though beware - someone else might have gotten there first...

Four Iron by auclair-O_o (PS3) Tommy Vercetti had to check his firearms at the door at Leaf Links in Vice City. Luckily, they seem to be far more liberal on weapon checks at the Los Santos Golf Club. In this Deathmatch remake of the Four Iron mission in VC, you'll find a few handguns scattered around the greens and fairways. Of course there are plenty of golf clubs lying around in case you feel like working on your short game.

Farewell, My Love... by iLewisGTA (Xbox 360) After Carl Johnson spurned the dangerous affections of Catalina in San Andreas, she pit her new boyfriend (a certain strong, silent type) against CJ in a race around Red County. In his GTA Online remake, iLewisGTA has selected Coupes as the default vehicle for authenticity and really nailed the tight, slippery corners of the original circuit around The Panopticon in Red County. A major Rockstar fan, Lewis had made a bunch of Throwback Jobs that you can check out on his Social Club profile. Valet Parking by DrHoctor (Xbox 360) "Being a valet at the Richman Hotel has its perks, like all the nice cars that pull in. -Borrow- one of them and take it for a test drive" says DrHocter's description to this Lap Race, based on the valet parking side mission from San Andreas. Starting and ending at the Richman Hotel, and weaving through the tight Morningwood streets, there's a lot more to it than parking for sure. Watch out for approaching opponents along the looped section and try to get the customers' cars back without a scratch. High Stakes, Low Rider by thewolfking90 (PS3) Top marks for authenticity go to thewolfking90 for this Race, which nicely captures the feel of its inspiration - the High Stakes, Low Rider mission in San Andreas. Set to Muscle Cars and finishing up at Del Perro Pier, you can almost feel Cesar Vialpando bearing down on your rear bumper. The choice to set West Coast Classics as the default radio station is a lovely nod to the classic wessyde vibe as well.

GTA: Lost Angels by RikkiVercetti (Xbox 360) Inspired by the conflict between The Lost and the Angels of Death in The Lost and Damned, this Capture Job from prolific GTA Online Creator RikkiVercetti pits two teams in a proxy war for these two notorious motorcycle clubs, each tasked with stealing the signature rides from the other group. A broad stretch of rolling hills between West Vinewood and Stab City ensure that in this large capacity Capture you’ll need to spread out and leave skilled defenders to protect your precious hogs from getting stolen. Sawed-off Shotguns and Molotovs as the default weapons setting also force you to pick your shots and cover choices wisely when nearing the enemy base.

Chinatown Wars by Choc_late (Xbox 360) This is an intimate, close quarters Capture amidst the urban neon and colorful lanterns of West Vinewood's Mission Row. Expect a heavy exchange of gun fire as two teams battle it out for domination of the central alleyway where the Capture Objects are to be found. The situation is further intensified by the accurate resident gang members who carry equal contempt for both teams as well as high-grade firearms. Respawning in Canis Mesas means either bag is never far away, so stake your claim on cover to protect your teammates during a desperate grab. Chinatown Wars by WinR4R (PS3) Attrition across the rooftops or balls-out carnage in Sinners Passage - this Deathmatch features well thought out weapon placement ensuring that each match outcome here in Textile City has the potential to play out differently.

Also check the following stuff from GTAF’ers. If you wish to promote your races, send me a PM on GTAF and they will be featured in next issue!

[PS3] Anti Gravity Wall Racer 2 [PS3] Impossible Dam [PS3] Dozer Fight [PS3] Daredevil [PS3] Don’t Give a Cluck [PS3] Sky High Snatch [PS3] FIB Deathmatch [PS3] Inside Michael’s House [PS3] In Franklin Home [360] Collateral Carnage [360] Off the Wall [360] Freestyle BMX [360] Zancudo Pass [360] Weed Wars [360] Raid Pimp [360] Olympic Cycling

Snapmatic Charts -----

Modding Garage ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [IV/EFLC] Simple Trainer 6.5 GTA III Rage Classic Vice City Rage IV SA3 IV SA3 Snow IV Gostown Myriad Islands to IV IV Clockwork Mount IV Mod pack by HippieCommunist Custom Maps for IV/EFLC - Drift Paradise v2, Dead Race Island, Autopolis, Top Gear IV Ghost Peak Mountain IV/EFLC Trollface Mod Desert IV

IV Manhunt Press Coverage Level HD Cars for GTA Games by OnePiece‌ IV Carcer City Mafia on Rage Snow Storm LC IV/EFLC Countryside Mountains IV Anderius Rage IV Stryker IV Niko summoning a monster Much Blood Mod Social Club - no watermarks Boeing 747 IV Pirate Ship [IV/EFLC] GTA III Rage HD [IV/EFLC] Vice City 2

Potato Car IV Granny Wheelchair IV Route 66 IV/EFLC California Coast IV/EFLC Western Extinction IV North Yankton / V to IV Mods IV Death Race Car Max Payne IV IV Watch Dogs LCS/VCS to PC + Batman vs Deathstroke IV IV Throwing Knieves V cars to IV -----

GTA V Mods forum has launched a few months before the games’ PC release. Everyone are slowly preparing for a new era of GTA PC gaming and modding Tighten your seat belts, we’re taking off soon! & & &!gta-iv--eflc-maps/

Closing Words Double RP this weekend! Don’t miss it!

And that’s all folks…See you in August…or September…

Multiplay Monitor Issue 71  
Multiplay Monitor Issue 71