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Cover First page of Multiplay Monitor.


Contents Contents contain a short intro to what you’ll read in the issue, and in which sections of the magazine.


First Shout A word from the editor, info about Multiplay Monitor related news, and a few more things that marked the period between the previous and current issue of the magazine.


Readers’ Comments What did GTAF’ers say about the previous issue of MM? What did people like or hate, what can get improved, what can be added, and what may be removed. Have your say!


Forum Stats Current GTAForums’ statistics; Top 32 posters, total members count, total post count, and a few more intriguing thingies for the folks who are into numbers and math’s..


Multiplay Newswire The wait is over. The agony is finished. The good times are beginning! Grand Theft Auto V is announced for PC, and this issue is dedicated to the long-awaited announced. Together with PC, it’s also coming out for PS4 and Xbox One this Fall 2014(SeptemberDecember). Also in a few interesting videos, GTA V updates, and GTAF news!


Gang News th

D12’s DDZN 6 birthday GTA V PC and next-gen announcement. THR MC get featured on newswire, The Damned reach page 420, lots of transfers between OGA gangs, Z and Y to promote their recruits to full members…and much more.


Event News Check on the latest events from the MP Events section, with a new Tennis Tournament 2014 live now, and a little dilemma how will we work out the GTAF events when V:MP gets spread across 5 platforms later this year.


Content Creators’ Corner R* verifies a lot more new jobs this month, and also, don’t miss some of the latest and greatest from GTAForums members’ jobs!


Snapmatic Charts A collection of the finest Snapmatic shots from GTAF members & random snaps we found on the internet from the popular Snapmatic tool. GTAF also opens up a video/Media section, and we have the full coverage!


Modding Garage Check the latest screenshots and updates to the most popular GTA mods on IV, LaD, BoGT, and by the end of 2014, GTA V. Who wants to freely enjoy North Yankton, have snow all over the map, or fly a UFO? Well, it’ll soon be finally possible!


Closing Words Next issue preview, and anything we left behind in this one goes here.

First Shout Multiplay Monitor || Issue 70 || June 2014 Here we are again, in another issue of MM! This month was a month of joy and relative happiness! GTA V was released, well…not yet…but announced for PC(and PS4/X1). But having it announced it almost the same joy as it being released. we know it’ll exist, and that it’ll be here. And after watching the trailer, we also know we’re gonna need a great machine to run it! So get your shit updated, check the newly opened PC sub-forum for all your questions and needs. Also don’t miss the video/media new forum in GTA V secton, where all the video and snapmatic topics are moved now. All that coverage in our charts secton. Gang Weekly has launched, and it’s a very funny thing indeed. Besides it, lots of gang transfers and news in the amusing as ever gang section. IV modding is slowly coming to an end, so we list you the best IV mods to try before the release of V masterpiece. But don’t think LC or older GTA’s will be forgotten. I’m sure a Vice City or old LC will be ported to V PC…and your snapmatic pics will be there when you take them in game. But, before all that, enjoy the remaining IV mods. New CC jobs have been added, so don’t miss em either. For the end, we have a E3 2014 roundup, as well as the FIFA World Cup 2014 roundup. Whole June and July are marred by world football festival in Brazil. Don’t miss it! For the end, we’d like to welcome everyone submitting us articles, pictures, videos, and giving us/me feedback. We shall continue to amuse you with our MM through the summer, and to the rest of the year(with maybe a small break when the PC V launches…but that is still unconfirmed). That would be it guys, see you in July as the joy and madness continue!

Readers’Comments Number 69 lives up to its name with this issue of MM Great issue!

Congrats on yet another issue. Keep them coming.

Nice work. I can’t imagine how much work this takes.

Always enjoy seeing my name in the articles. Great read though!

Forum Stats

On the list of Top 32 posters, it goes like this, minus banned Demarest (33,215), Desmosedici aka anus and his old account (Chunky Lee Chong) (19,415+2,181=21596) and re-banned Slamman(24,468), whose post count was reset to 9999 ages ago. He currently resides at -2,147 meaning he made 7,852 more, thus totaling 32,320, making him poster #3 in GTAF history. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32.

Girish - 36,652 GTA3Freak-2001 - 29,438 MyMothersMySister - 27,198 Jay - 24,075 Waddy - 23,355 AndyGanteks - 20,400 papanesta - 19,823 GTA3Rockstar - 19,371 Otter - 19,342 SonOfLiberty - 18,479 DJDeez - 18,309 lil weasel - 18,008 Seddo - 17,696 anuj - 17,037 EmSixTeen - 16,469 Forty - 16,213 Kippers. - 16,086 Mark - 15,590 darthYENIK - 15,410 Ryan - 15,030 Moonshield - 14,931 Groovy - 14,731 mkey82 - 14,361 Opius - 14,344 Biohazard Abyss - 14,145 saintdave - 13,993 *MURDOC* -13,732 Platinum. - 13,702 meta187 - 13,506 Ottae - 13,187 Venom - 13,124 universetwisters - 13,025

Multiplay Newswire GTA V News As you’ve already heard GRAND THEFT AUTO V was announced to release fall 2014 for PC, PS4 and X1. In a full announcement on the newswire, hours after it was announced on E3 as PS4 only, R* said this: Trailer that was shown at the conference was added to the R* site as well. Read below:

Today we're proud to announce that the critically-acclaimed and record-breaking Grand Theft Auto V is coming this fall to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Grand Theft Auto V will take full advantage of the power of the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC with acrossthe-board graphical and technical improvements to deliver a stunning new level of detail. Increased draw distances, finer texture details, denser traffic, and enhanced resolutions all work together to bring new life to the cities, towns, deserts and oceans of Rockstar North’s epic reimagining of Southern California. Switch between the interconnected lives of Michael, Trevor and Franklin as they embark on a series of heists across Los Santos and Blaine County in the biggest, deepest and richest open world experience yet, with game world enhancements that include new wildlife, upgraded weather and damage effects, and an array of new details to discover. The new generation upgrades also extend to Grand Theft Auto Online, an ever-evolving Grand Theft Auto universe. Rise through the criminal ranks by banding together to complete Jobs for cash, purchase properties, vehicles and character upgrades, compete in traditional competitive modes, or create your own content to play and share with the Grand Theft Auto community. All new content and gameplay created since the launch of Grand Theft Auto Online, including an extensive array of new Jobs, an arsenal of new weapons, scores of new vehicles, new properties and player customizations will also be available for the PlayStation 4 system, Xbox One and PC with much more to come. In addition, the current community of players will have the ability to transfer their Grand Theft Auto Online characters and progression to their choice of PlayStation 4, Xbox One or PC. Grand Theft Auto V for PC will also feature a video editor designed for advanced movie-making. Check out the new video that debuted tonight during Sony's E3 press conference above, and visit to pre-order.

After the announcement, joy was seen everywhere, especially GTAF, where the PC sub-section launched, being named by adamcs like this And clicking on the link can get you to it right now. Except after a little bit of joy and venting out, it was just renamed to “PC” Shortly after, Video/Media section was created at GTAForums, where topics containing snapmatic from V and GTA V:MP aka O, as well as many video topics are still being moved. Don’t miss it, as when the PC version hits, you’ll be able to do wonders you always wanted to in previous GTA’s! HD PC screens from the trailer were then posted. Enjoy them on your desktop!

And now, something serious and nice. Fans made some pics in GTA V, where they show their support to the long time battle humanity has with the cancer diseases.

Now for some good videos, that were featured on R* Newswire:

Pole Dancing Hack? More like a lobby full of modders; Check it out:

GTA IV | LaD | BoGT News Nothing interesting has happened in lately(in May and June), regarding GTA IV, LaD, BoGT.

Older GTA News Nothing interesting happened about GTA I, London, II, III, VC, Advance, SA, LCS, VCS, CW either.

GTAF News One of the top GTAF posters, MyMothersMySister aka MMMS, returned to being an admin/mod at GTAForums, and rejoined Feroci Racing i believe Have a question topic v2 was locked cause it was too big, shortly after replaced with have a question v3 topic. E3 2014 was followed briefly at GTAForums. Besides the conferences, discussions were also made on the existing games, and those that just got announced.

And now…Waddy’s likes!

Then, we have Maro hannover, a german guy apparently… And him, made some funny topics, aka this: For his prize, he got


And now, for something completely new. You’ve always knew MM existed, but we’ve always been, kind of, the NY Times or Washington Post of GTAForums. There were also GTAF Newsletters and GTAF Weekly’s created earlier, and they were like those car magazines you see. Or was it vice versa? it don’t matter. How about something different now? How about a MAD Magazine type of thing, only better…or something similar along those lines. Well, there you have it. Gangs’ Weekly Issue 1, created by mysterious authors is live now! Whilst MM is a monthly publication, this will amuse you every week i hope, so don’t miss the issues 2, 3, 4 and 5 which will take place before MM’s Issue 71 in July. For now, here is just a tiny bit of what was featured in the opening issue:





HOUSEHUNTING WITH CYCLOP 9 BY DAZ AND ICARUS …and much more. And of course, the reactions were mostly good, but as always…there is someone up on the wrong leg. Don’t miss Gangs’ Weekly!

Other News The madness that is World Cup has begun! Discussions and predictions have marred many gang topics last few days, especially Y, AMF and LFM.

And some imagery from the awesomeness that is WC so far:

GANG News - Official Gangs -

$outh $ide Hoodz

$outh $ide Hoodz had a decent month. Former PBM who earlier entered $$H, Coat changed his name back to Lexty. which was him before the ban. Scottendo also changed his name to PumpkinZone. Stink_Fist is rumored to be returning soon to being active too. Moth talks anime in all gang topics, and universetwisters has eased on the selfies. Speaking of their PGC topic, it went up 2 pages in the last month. Decent month for $$H overall.

Leone Family Mafia

Leone Family Mafia had a good month too. Even though they are, jokingly said, becoming a subgang of TC. Or is that a major conspiracy to take down TC? Or both??!?!? Anyway, fireguy109 went from LFM to Connection. Whiskey then followed(aka Tommy-Vercetti19 which was his previous name). El Zilcho then left LFM and went to Connection as well. But then it was time to recruit, as not many left. And in a recruitment spree of their own, they got S Y E D, RedDagger, Capricornus(former SRS Inc member), Red Dagger, and in the end, they stole a guy of their own, taking V section led-by WildBrick142 from AMF probation directly into LFM. Finally, a veteran, El_Diablo who is still around, joined them in the end. Their topic is also very active in PGC last month. Oh, and we forgot to add; Ballistic Jello, a former LFM member has rejoined them. Welcome back, veteran.

Andolini Mafia Family

Andolini Mafia Family had a decent month as well. Master Headhunter, one of their top men changed his name to just MHH now. It’s clear what his new name is, but we’re going to miss the old one surely. WildBrick142 left AMF probation and joined LFM directly, and we’re not sure how the rest of their young-soon-to-be-full-AMF recruits are doing. Their topic was a lot of active as usual going up a total of 25+ pages. Stefche became Ari Gold, in another name change this month. Quadropheniac90 is now a new name of veteran teun.stekenbekkers. This is, as we saw, another one in a sea of many more. That would be it, in a solid month for the AMF’ers.

The Precinct

The Precinct had a solid month on GTAF. Mockage left them though, to join The Connection. Another transfer into TC, which is now getting really huge. Their PGC topic went up 5 pages in the last month. Nothing else interesting in TP, or nobody else new there either. We have noticed Country Sapper trying to apply for them via their PGC topic though, after The Legion disbanded earlier this year.

The Connection

The Connection had a very good month it seems, continuing with getting other gangs’ members. Fireguy109, Whiskey and El Zilcho came from LFM, Mockage came from TP. Something_Else changed his name to a new one, now going by the nick AnotherDave. Franceska of TC has made Franda Power with her non-TC buddies, so we’ll see if maybe one day, it will become a new PGC gang. Also, Vin account is unbanned now. I’m not sure if that was recent though, or was he back to TC long ago. Also, TC topic moved up a total of 16 pages. All in all, a month very good for TC it seems.

Feroci Racing

Feroci Racing had another decent, but a bit slower month, as summer is coming near. They’ve done more modder recruitment, to spark new blood into it. JostVice, former BCD/TCD leader, and Horizont irc guru joined FR in an awesome new acquisition. Daz revealed Feroci rims in GTA V to the community Found on the link on the left, you can see the likes of Mercie, 59F, Endov1, GT-1…and much much more. Funnily, even if V was out for a long while, we only recently learned of this. Kudos to FR guys! Their topic went up a few pages too this month.


Zaibatsu had some solid activity in their PGC topic. They also gained some new members. After not impressing Yardies, Barefoot Tiger went into the Z straightaway and then become a V area led-by, keeping the area clean as much as he could with other staff. Kalvin became a full Z to the surprise of many. However, luck wasn’t on ArchKnight’s side, as he was dumped out of Z’s trialist list. Method aka Nebby got his acc banned, then returned to LulzAllDay, and changed name there to PARTYALLDAY, after previously having some arguments with The Lost MC unofficial gang. And then just today, his name became uniwasthere, clearly indicating what’s been going on. Solid month for the Z overall!

The Yardies

The Yardies had decent last 30ish days. Their topic moved up a total of 50ish pages last month, with lots of activity, especially during E3, and at the start of FIFA WC 2014. Find out more on next page…

…so continuing The Yardies from the last page… Their FIFA YARD League was cancelled last month. Tommy, and MobBG won CL and CL predictions for last season, and remainder of Yardies continued on into 2014 WC prediction league. Some V meets were held, as well as a Valve Times birthday for their groups steam birthday. Bob_Dole returned from army on the joy of all, and more Arvis fun continued. Arguments with The Damned were resparked again after the 1st issue of Gangs’ Weekly. Few more V meets took place them, celebrating new updates, as well as a Dancing Day and more gang updates. Some Yardies came in The Damned page 420 as well, before their lockdown after GW topic drama.

Angels of Death MC

Angels of Death MC had an alright month, going up a total of 11 pages in the last month. GTA V next-gen release saw them planning for the future, as portion of the 360 side is planning on proceeding to X1, while a few more are getting PS4’s. Other gaming chatter kept them going through the month, and E3. Game of Thrones talk, and lots of videos were also present in their thread. Some V gaming was also present throughout the month, but not as much as before. Interesting happening lately, so a good month for AoD MC.


D1RTY12 had a solid month, as it was a month of 6 years of the creation of Dirty Dozen, aka DDZN, whose name they sport on social club, their topic, and their pips, in the memory of how they used to be called before going as DIRTY12. On that 10th June, same day when DDZN was made, GTA V was announced for PC and next-gen consoles, so it was a double party, especially for Doc whose PS3 is in duck tape now. Many of them are still thinking which of the 5 systems will they be playing V at the end of the year. D12 topic went up only 1 page in the last month though. New SC emblem came up for D12 this month too, and R* verified deejaby1874 and Nitty Don’s jobs on newswire.

- Unofficial Gangs -

SRS Incorporated

SRS Incorporated went up 2 pages this month. Mostly gaming and GTA V chatter, supported by screenshots from their latest meetups. PraxisHyperion joined them this month. Capricornus and rhyn of SRS are now in LFM and $$H, but surely will switch their allegiance should the scientists one day become official. Finally, lots of activity for the oldest unofficial gang via social club too, so kudos guys!

Bianco Crime Famiglia

Bianco Crime Famiglia went up 2 pages in the last month. Mostly general chatter kept them going and not much GTA V gaming though. Some of them are still seen on Roleplay servers that still exist from time to time, and that’s about it.

The Highway Reapers MC

The Highway Reapers MC had another good month, but outside the forum. Their crew battle, which was live streamed, was later featured this month on newswire in the crew cut section. Congrats. As for GTAF, only 1 page up for them, and mostly random social and GTA V chatter.

The Lost MC

The Lost MC had an enjoyable month, as they are likely to survive and reach long enough for GTA V PC to see the light of day. Yay! They went up 1 page up this month by the way. it was mostly marred by the celebration of the release. Seeing as TLMC are kind of…the bad guys in V story, it might not be good. But as they are a PC gang, it will do them wonders for pictures and screenshots!

Warriors of the Night

Warriors of the Night also went up 1 page this month. Mostly GTA V related chatter kept them going, but also some IV chat as well, upon the loss of certain features for IVMP due to Gamespy server closure. That’s about it for WotN who is still very inactive.

The Department

The Department was pretty much the same as last month. Only few replies up to their GTAF topics, so that’s about it. Not looking good for them.

Academi PMC

Academi PMC went up 12 pages this month, going quite well. Lots of new recruits came in their direction, and lots of V gaming and meets took place as well. New territory map was created as well. General V and other games chatter also kept them going forward through the month. All in all, a good month of June for Academi dudes.

Soul Reapers MC

Soul Reapers MC leader claims they don’t even play GTA V anymore, or frequent the forums anymore, so it’s likely that they are about to disband. We’ll see what happens next.

The Damned

The Damned went up a total of 9 pages last month. Earlier in the month, they lost in an external forums tournament, hosted by HOT_Kimera, which was featured on R* Newswire. Lil Jacob 27 changed his forums name to Dbns_Finest. General and V chatter kept the topic going, and at the end, they were offended by Gangs’ Weekly mention, which resulted in their topic locked down for a few days after fighting with staff and other members.

Mobilized Mercenary Division

Mobilized Mercenary Division went up only 1 page, and besides their 2 remaining members posting(enjoi and Shady are the only ones it seems), it was used as a posting ground for The Damned during their 2 day topic cooldown. That’s about it for MMD, or whats left of it.

The Faustino Syndicate

The Faustino Syndicate went up a total of 3 pages last month. After some arguments at the end of last month with former member, things went more slower for them. Some V gaming and general chat was present, and that’s about it.

Red Rum Racing

Red Rum Racing had a few replies to their topic this month, but a lot of them were active playing V on social club though. Some of their members got their jobs verified yet again, so D12 and other folks came in to congratulate them, but they SHOULD get more active on GTAF, and hopefully they will in the future.

Multi-National United

Multi-National United has shut down, like we’ve predicted by the last issue, as their members spread out.

Queens of the Damned

Queens of the Damned went up 3 pages total in their GTAF threads. It was mostly chatter and the enjoyment of GTA V awesomeness. Some amazing photos were also posted by them this month. Videos as well. Their members are also slowly moving towards GTA V for PS4, which was announced this month too! New V update also brought them more and back into the game. Good month for QOTD overall.


MODified went up 10 pages last month, which was still a lot, but way less than in their first months. Their modding entertainment continued with lots of great cars and additions to the game. Topic saw general and V chatter. Apparently, R* deleted their crew in the previous month, likely due to overmodding the game, so they were forced to create a new one. Check their thread on page 313 for some funny creations.

-----Crew Recruitment top crews right now are these. Maybe one of them are coming to PGC soon! More here:

-----Don’t miss Free Agents Recruitment topic too, if you can’t decide or can’t find any of those crews above to be your news one: ------

PGC, June 2014.

EVENT NEWS Multiplayer Events Don’t miss sharing your photos/videos here from your latest GTA MP adventures:

Don’t miss sharing your custom event ideas here, some of them can later turn into a major event maybe:

Looking for a car event, quick meet, or so? Check the find a lobby&meetups sub-forum;

Find a Lobby&Meetups

Latest Events:

New events coming soon! ----With GTA V soon on 5 platforms, PS3, 360, PS4, X1 and PC, we hope to see many more events across all platforms, and lots of new gangs and faces! !

Content Creators’ Corner ALL EYES ON YOU

Carcer City by Zayvorne (Team Deathmatch) By day, Textile City appears to be a colorful tapestry of fabrics and commerce. As darkness descends and the rain starts to fall, the lawless streets of this trader's square suddenly run red with bloodshed. Small arms weapons are gathered near the center of this map, but venturing further out to the eastern fringe you'll discover a few hidden surprises to aid you in putting on quite the show for viewers at home. MANHUNT by staggeredguitar (Deathmatch) Staggeredguitar invites players to "stab, bat and brutalize in this close quarters Manhunt style map". The narrow alleys and tight corners in downtown Rancho cement an unnerving atmosphere where you find yourself having to make careful choices about when and where to climb in pursuit of your prey. Touching down in someone's backyard, you may find yourself overrun by an enemy lying in wait or encounter a Molotov cocktail crashing down upon you, leaving no place to avoid the flames. If you enjoy this one, be sure to also check out Staggered's other Manhunt nods, MANHUNT (URBAN BEATDOWN) and MANHUNT (PIER PRESSURE).

Max Payne 3 by GroveSTHome (Team Deathmatch) If you spent countless hours battling it out within the posh corporate hallways and spacious lobbies of Branco Headquarters or exchanging gunfire along the rooftops of Club Moderno in Max Payne 3, this Created Job located in the attractively modern and remote confines of the Kortz Center offers up some of the best elements from your favorite Bullet Time shooter. Whether you're posted up in one of the many exterior stairwells, doing strategic sweeps with the Buzzard Attack Chopper or creeping through the hedge maze you'll have more than enough ample opportunities to keep the blood flowing and the bullets flying.


Bullworth by festivecave (Team Deathmatch) It should come as no surprise that a Social Club member who is enrolled in the Bullworth Alumni Rockstar Crew would endeavor to recreate the campus hijinks of Bully in GTA Online. With the campus at the University of San Andreas Los Santos serving as the backdrop, you can duke it out with your most contentious classmates to prove who's the BMOC. Bully by AVERIX72 (Deathmatch) With plenty of melee weapons in plain view and only a few firearms scattered sparsely around this one, it'll be a recessstyle mad dash to gain the upper hand in this chaotic DM. Lure opponents out to the center of the ULSA track-and-field stadium to show them the grass isn't the only thing getting mowed down today (you may also notice a cameo appearance from the Mower - a little nod to Jimmy Hopkins' many labored hours of detention).

Zancudo Outskirts - Created by kidkolumbo

A “small and thoughtful Deathmatch designed around 4 v 4 play” and one of the most balanced user-created Deathmatches we’ve played, we stumbled across kidkolumbo's Creation via a promotional post on the GTA Content subreddit (a great place to discover fun community creations). As kidkolumbo explains "this map was created to take advantage of what type of shooter GTA is: a third person shooter. Props are littered smartly across the map, to shorten sightlines and provide safe havens for players working their way around." Players must always remain cautious of getting flanked and consider their team’s position and movement carefully. Weapon pickups entice players out of cover and into the line of fire, with the most valuable weapons in the least well covered areas. Teamwork and communication is crucial.

Super cars take flight n Jumps-R-Us

Jumps 'R' Us - Created by Evan3737 With Jobs titled Jump It Like It's Hot, Jump The Mountain and Jump-A-Thon in his back catalogue, Evan3737 knows how to make a jumping Race! Jumps 'R' Us diverges from the usual pattern of standard Highway jump Races though. In Jumps 'R' Us, a series of ramps launch racers between different road levels in Vinewood Hills, all the while taking in glorious views of downtown Los Santos as they go. A key feature is ramps placed at the end of long downhill sections, allowing players to build up the necessary speed to get some serious airtime.

4x4s tour Vinewood Hills in Baja Hangtime

Baja Hangtime - Created by deejayb1874 A fun Race for off-road vehicles around the Vinewood Hills, this is a fairly long Race that features on and off-road sections, a tricky hairpin and one huge jump down a hill side that will have you going back for more. We especially enjoyed skidding our way around this one in the Bifta, but the faster car classes will allow you to get some truly spectacular air from the ramp half way around the lap. When not hanging out with the notorious Red Rum Racing Crew, deejayb1874 is a Commissioner of D1rty12 - a GTA Forums Crew who have been playing together since 2008.

Sultans of Swing - Created by NittyDon Yet another member of the Red Rum Racing Crew has their Job Verified: NittyDon has Created a Race for Sultans only along the dirt tracks in the Vinewood Hills. Easing off the accelerator at the crucial moment will allow you to navigate the tight twisting turns with a satisfying racing line, so be sure to choose this as a Non-Contact Race for a pure driving contest. Keep eyes peeled for a few sharp drops and inconveniently placed trees on the downhill sections.

A bag carrier is intercepted on the way down Mt. Chiliad in Contend: Highest Treasure Contend: Highest Treasure - Created by RikkiVercetti Having invited RikkiVercetti to play his first Verified Job, GTA: That's My Rhino with us in the High Life Event Weekend live stream, Rikki has come up with the goods again. This Capture, similar to Contend: Adventure Time! sees two teams race to the top of Mt. Chiliad in Froggers or Vestras to take on the armed militia guarding the bounty at the top. Prime that SMG as you abandon your aircraft and glide onto the roof of the shed. On the way back down, look out for any chancers hanging out by your base looking to snap the parachute strings (and necks) of incoming bag carriers. Los Santos GP Inner Loop - Created by Broughy1322 A "tight, technical, and tricky prospect" - this Grand Prix-style Race for Super cars takes you through downtown Los Santos and lower Rockford Hills. The Entity XF is a good choice for this (when is it not?) given the excellent traction and braking combined with punchy acceleration for the short straight-aways. Tricky sections through the hospital and under the Daily Globe building change up the feel of the Race as players are forced to reduce their speed. The Race really stands out due to very carefully considered prop placement to mark the route - from low tire walls to flashing arrows and a few well-placed shipping containers to cut off any shortcuts. The Valedictorian - Created by Fachuro Fachuro racks up his second Rockstar Verified Job with The Valedictorian. In keeping with The Academic and others, this is a high concept Race utilizing a woefully underused Sedan vehicle class. Wide sweeping turns combine with tight chicanes making car choice more important than ever. The Super Diamond takes the cake on speed and acceleration, but it's lack of traction and braking means it won't do you much good on the sharp turns. Stick with the Schafter, and prepare for a high re-playability factor: you'll want to practice until you can nail each corner perfectly.

The Gordo Run - Created by matty256 A Race for "extreme off-roaders" over a dangerous and unforgiving trail in the northeast corner of Blaine County. A seemingly purpose-built bike path takes you up and over the peak of Mount Gordo, past the weather station and back around the side of the mountain. Stick to just two laps for this long Race, and make sure that you don't make the same mistakes the second time around. Reminiscent of Stream Racer from the last batch of Verified Jobs, skilled Sanchez riders need only apply - there are challenging turns, blind bends and death defying drops protected by only flimsy fences. Survive by the skin of your tires.

Close quarters carnage beneath the pier in Pier Pressure II Pier Pressure II - Created by handcuff_charlie Handcuff_charlie is a prolific Job creator with 90 published Jobs right now and an active profile in GTAForums’ content subforum. In Pier Pressure II, two teams face-off amongst the forest of wooden pillars beneath the Del Perro Pier. Opponents running at speed between pillars will be difficult to pick off with the handgun, so wait for them to get close before blowing them away with a shotgun. Alternatively, join the scramble for the single RPG at the top of the map and take aim at the gas cylinders for minimum effort but maximum results. Wrecked buses complete the scene of dereliction - use grenades to lure out anyone camping inside. It’s one of the few 4 team Deathmatches to pass our way and works brilliantly with 8 players, but supports up to 16.

Underground Shootout - Created by The_Jackal_4563 Having played through many Jobs created in this underground tunnel that didn't quite cut it, The_Jackal_4563's is the first we've found that really makes the area feel right. This is an intense, close-quarters Deathmatch with three different levels that demands tactical play. Sightlines are short so keep an eye on the minimap and use combat rolls to get around corners, close enough for a quick clean melee kill. The_Jackal_4563 has littered the map with mid-power, close range weapons that are perfect for dispensing any opponents who are getting up in your grill.

Watching the sunset over Blaine County from The Gordo Run Airwaves (Rank 15, 1-8 Players) Students of style know that what comes up must go down. Drop 4,370 feet while imagining you're over all the bands you listen to on Radio Mirror Park, as you twist and turn sharply down to the pond below. Before It Was Cool (Rank 15, 1-8 Players) Any skinny jeans wearer will tell you, sometimes things just don't fit. Try and squeeze up to eight compact cars around the tight corners of this lap Race in Mirror Park. Contend: Condo-monium (Rank 1, 2-8 Players) Make a statement about late capitalism or income equality or art or pointless statements or something by trashing condos in Puerto Del Sol. This is a Contend style Capture going for the last of the party supplies in the courtyard between two identical apartment blocks. East Vinewood LTS (Rank 9, 2-16 Players) They don't know how it started, maybe two girls got the same tattoo, or reposted a Snapmatic without giving photo credit. What they do know is sides have been chosen and East Vinewood's gone to hell in this two team Last Team Standing. THE ABOVE FOUR JOBS WERE ADDED AMONG 8 MORE IN THE HIPSTER UPDATE. MORE ON IT IN CLOSING WORDS, AS IT JUST HIT US! -----As for the future of the creator, Mission Creator, Parachuting and Versus ones have been leaked already, and rumors are they are next, as well as LTS/LMS, Survival and even Heist creator at the end one day…but that’s too many years into the future…for now, enjoy the latest greatest jobs from R* and check GTAF topics for more, as the CC forum is being up!


And fially, for the end, check the newly opened Video & Media section, and deploy your best there. Take part in many competition and share your creativity! Enjoy!

Modding Garage ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [IV/EFLC] Simple Trainer 6.5 GTA III Rage Classic Vice City Rage IV SA3 IV SA3 Snow IV Gostown Myriad Islands to IV IV Clockwork Mount IV Mod pack by HippieCommunist Custom Maps for IV/EFLC - Drift Paradise v2, Dead Race Island, Autopolis, Top Gear IV Ghost Peak Mountain IV/EFLC Trollface Mod Desert IV

IV Manhunt Press Coverage Level HD Cars for GTA Games by OnePiece‌ IV Carcer City Mafia on Rage Snow Storm LC IV/EFLC Countryside Mountains IV Anderius Rage IV Stryker IV Niko summoning a monster Much Blood Mod Social Club - no watermarks Boeing 747 IV Pirate Ship [IV/EFLC] GTA III Rage HD [IV/EFLC] Vice City 2

Potato Car IV Granny Wheelchair IV Route 66 IV/EFLC California Coast IV/EFLC Western Extinction IV North Yankton / V to IV Mods IV Death Race Car Max Payne IV IV Watch Dogs LCS/VCS to PC ----With GTA V announced for PC, we expect to see V modding open soon. Access 120 online instantly, all items, play and enjoy online, instant NY access…and much much more that you see on consoles right now…only x10 more bigger, better and prettier! We cannot wait! & & &!gta-iv--eflc-maps/

Closing Words And as we’re about to close, R* gave us a new update this Tuesday. Bit of a surprising one…however, it was kind-of leaked a few days before.

Express your incredible individualism and stand out from the herd with The post ironic, artisanal, organic, entirely independent, 100% re-claimed “I’m Not a Hipster” Update now available for Grand Theft Auto Online. This new content update features new retro print tees, skinny jeans, hairstyles, tattoos, animal masks and more, as well as additional enhancements to general gameplay to ensure the world is constantly evolving. Choose from seven new vehicles including classic nostalgia rides like the Glendale, Warrener, Blade and Rhapsody – affordable cars that seem casual on the surface, but have hidden potential to be unleashed with a few modifications. The environmentally conscious set can check out the Panto microcar, while those looking to roll with their Crew in more ostentatious style can add the massive 3-axel, 6-seater Dubsta (unlocks at Rank 100) to their fleet. Even Ammu-Nation is getting in on the latest non-ironic trends with the Vintage Pistol and Antique Cavalry Dagger now in stock. Make sure to try all these out in the slew of new Jobs, as part of your long arduous journey to become one of Los Santos' effortlessly cool. Along with today's update, gear up for 12 new Jobs across an assortment of game modes, including Races that provide showcase opportunities for these new retro rides, a Deathmatch in Puerta Del Sol, two new Captures and more. There are also three new Gang Attacks in Chumash, East Vinewood and Mirror Park. This update also includes a host of other adjustments, game tuning and exploit fixes. For the complete list, please visit the Rockstar Support site. To download the "I'm Not a Hipster" Update, just boot up your online-connected PS3 or Xbox 360 and start GTAV. You'll be prompted to download the automatic update (1.14) and Xbox 360 players will also be required to download an additional compatibility pack upon entering GTA Online.

...continued from the last page‌ 1.14 update full change log can be found below

There are also tons of tweaks and updates made to Grand Theft Auto Online as part of this update. A few notable ones include: 

         

Ten existing GTAV vehicles have been added to the website for purchase, including Story Mode characters’ vehicles: o Albany Primo o BF Surfer o Bravado Buffalo o Franklin's Bravado Buffalo S o Bravado Youga o Cheval Picador o Dundreary Regina o Karin Rebel (clean version) o Trevor's Nagasaki Hot Rod Blazer o Michael's Obey Tailgater Pure Gold and Brushed Gold paint colors have been added to LS Customs in the ‘Metals’ category. These unlock at Rank 100. A new Pure Black window tint has been added to LS Customs, along with four new jazzy vehicle horns (including one which loops and speeds up / slows down as you drive). Eight new individual player celebrations and four new paired Celebration animations have been added. Players will no longer be charged Insurance costs if their vehicle is destroyed by another player who does not have enough GTA$ to pay. Fixed an issue where, if an insured Personal Vehicle was destroyed, both parties had to pay the insurance costs. Fixed an issue where some four-wheel drive vehicles had reverted to two-wheel drive. Players are now able to bookmark Jobs whilst in a Playlist from the Pause menu. Tear Gas now does more damage and lasts longer. A small tick has been added to the first screen in the corona if a player has played a Job before, much like in the pause menu or Next Job Voting Screen. The level of difficulty is now displayed when pressing D-pad down when playing Missions.

And…heists. meant to get them this summer…but here we are..1 day into summer…and they’re not there. Coming soon™ to GTA V. ----In the meantime, we were awarded with the Hipster weekend, that is still on for this Sunday. So go get yo shirts i guess.

All roads lead to Los Santos this weekend, Friday June 20th through Sunday June 22nd, for an entirely unpretentious festival of huge in-game rewards, exclusive unlocks, ways to amass lots of bonus GTA$ and RP, special giveaways, competitions, live-streams and more as part of the official GTA Online "I'm Not a Hipster" Event Weekend. EXCLUSIVELY UNLOCKABLE THIS WEEKEND: REDEEM DAILY 'VINTAGE' TEES FOR YOUR CHARACTER Social Club members, collect three exclusive vintage t-shirt as seen in the flyer above that will only be available to redeem for one day each on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. As long as you play at some point during each of those three days, you'll then get to keep the tees in your inventory for good. 

Friday June 20th - The classic Bitch’N Dog Food tee - your favorite pet food brand since your halcyon days back in Liberty City.  Saturday June 21st - Show your friends that you're willing to pay more for music that sounds worse, with the Vinyl Countdown tee.  Sunday June 22nd - Pick up the Homies Sharp tee - perfect attire for those lazy and hazy daze with your Crew. An amusing topic to read!

And finally, for the very end‌some GTAF Gang news! universetwisters got kicked out of $$H by it’s members(and Ryan) apparently! More in next issue! Also, sjaak, guy behind the Simple Trainer for IV, is now in Feroci Racing!

And traditionally, a lady for the last page:

Multiplay Monitor Issue 70  
Multiplay Monitor Issue 70