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Cover First page of Multiplay Monitor.


Contents Contents contain a short intro to what you’ll read in this issue, and in which sections of the magazine.


First Shout A word from the editor, info about Multiplay Monitor related news, and a few more things that marked the period between the previous and current issue of the magazine.


Readers’ Comments What did GTAF’ers say about the previous issue of MM? What did people like or hate, what can get improved, what can be added, and what may be removed. Have your say!


Forum Stats Current forum statistics; Top 32 posters, total members count, total post count, and a few more intriguing thingies for the folks who are into numbers and math’s..


Multiplay Newswire Still no news on the next spring updates, but we can expect them in May hopefully, as well as the infamous “heists”. Also in news, GTAF staff changes, Slammy’s warn log across the whole 4 pages., name changes, and a few other new goodies that V2 brought upon us! Stay tuned! Don’t miss some special articles too! GTAF Crew also gets featured again on R* social media!


Gang News The Legion shuts down sadly, as Feroci grows and LFM returns to Sex Club 7. With it’s reopening, the gang areas get further changes, as per the 2014 movement, and it’s almost the final form now. We are awaiting on the entry of $$H and Feroci now! Also in, don’t miss the spring transfers across the gangs.


Event News Check on the latest events from the MP Events section, with some special Content Creator events hosted by deffpony!


Content Creators’ Corner Capture Creator is out, and so are many amazing jobs from it. Also, the next in line, Parachuting Creator jobs get leaked. Also in, don’t miss the latest verified R* jobs, as well as some capture tips!


Snapmatic Charts A collection of the finest Snapmatic shots from GTAF members & random snaps we found on the internet from the popular Snapmatic tool. Also featured and highlighted are GTAF snapmatic-themed competitions!


Modding Garage Check the latest screenshots and updates to the most recent popular GTA mods on IV, LaD, BoGT, and hopefully soon, V.


Closing Words Next issue preview, and anything we left behind in this one goes here.

First Shout Multiplay Monitor || Issue 69 || April - May 2014 Welcome to April - May issue of MM, issue number 69. It’s out in May, due to flooding problems and some other issues that arose with my editing. Apologies. Long story short, contents told you what you’ll read about in this issue. I can only tell you that due to some budget cuts in the silicone department, we can only have hotties in the first shout area. Hopefully from #70, we will have them all over the issue again. The “?” replacing the red girls on the cover page is not cause of that, though. it’s cause there will always be some special hidden content, that’s not being told about in contents, cover or 1st shout. You have to find them yourself. I’m out of words now, happy Easter and happy May and see you later this month with the May edition. Until then, enjoy some ladies and MM 69!

Readers’ Comments

Great job on the issue.


Another good issue.

Can’t wait for issue 69.



Forum Stats On the list of Top 32 posters, it goes like this, minus banned Demarest (33,215), Desmosedici aka anus and his old account (Chunky Lee Chong) (19,415+2,161=21576) and re-banned Slamman(24,468), whose post count was reset to 9999 ages ago. He currently resides at -2,147 meaning he made 7,852 more, thus totaling 32,320, making him poster #3 in GTAF history. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32.

Girish - 36,515 GTA3Freak-2001 - 29,438 MyMothersMySister - 27,140 Jay - 24,034 Waddy - 23,309 AndyGanteks - 20,136 papanesta - 19,823 Otter - 19,301 GTA3Rockstar - 19,054 DJDeez - 18,309 SonOfLiberty - 18,223 lil weasel - 17,758 Seddo - 17,696 anuj - 17,037 EmSixTeen - 16,469 Forty - 16,213 Kippers. - 16,076 Mark - 15,585 darthYENIK - 15,322 Ryan - 14,951 Moonshield - 14,795 Groovy - 14,727 mkey82 - 14,361 Opius - 14,344 saintdave - 13,993 Platinum. - 13,702 *MURDOC* -13,660 meta187 - 13,495 Ottae - 13,187 Venom - 13,115 Mxyzptlk - 12,924 Andrew - 12,675

GTA V News This month we didnâ€&#x;t have that much going on. ----First off, some fan vids/pics were shared by R*, found here: A ThanksCargobob competition on snapmatic began that, parodying the popular memes.

Double RP & $$$ weekend took place then:

Finally, some news over GTA V updates happened then. Easter passed, and we didn‟t see High Life update. Some thought it would be on 4.20 day, but nope. We‟re getting it 13th May instead.

--And now for a bit of modding: Whatâ€&#x;s the latest craic in V console modding? Well check the vid above.

GTA IV | LaD | BoGT News Nothing interesting has happened in April, regarding GTA IV, LaD, BoGT.

Older GTA News Nothing interesting happened about GTA I, London, II, III, VC, Advance, SA, LCS, VCS, CW either.

GTAF News In GTAF News this month, again lots of things have happened. Where to begin? GunWrath and WBaker left GTAF staff earlier in April, with WBaker going mostly inactive on the forums too. GunWrath remained a led-by of GFX areas, but then chose to leave it permanently. Graven remained as the only new guy there, and then he nick-changed to Slave Boy…which is kind of stupid. We love Graven, not Slave Boy! Bring back Graven! Due to an influx of spam PM‟s arriving, and apparently many of them were targeting Daz specifically, a new member group was introduced. “New Members” it‟s called, and PM‟s are disabled for them until they reach a certain amount of posts, or time(unsure). It‟s a good way to combat those spammers and so on, it seems. Raavi, who was a V led-by was then added as a GTA O led-by, alongside Voodoo and Polish_Trucker to replace the duo that left. Polish shortly after left to remain focused on GTANet content though. Ryan then followed, by returning to his mod position. SonofLiberty aka Miamivicecity also returned then. And a new led-by was added. Raavi, who was amazing at moderating V and O areas simultaneously got his award becoming a full mod later on. And among other news, there was a lot of name changes again among official members. But more on that in Gang News segment. A GTA Garage board was opened up then, as a support board in the modding areas, so split it from GTAF Network support and GTANet sites net support. A good move i think. Recruitment aka Crew recruitment got moved from GTAF Gangs area to GTA O area. Gang Chat became Public Gang Chat, like it used to be called in 2001-07. It was also moved above net support, thus making the order - GTA - GTA Modding - Community forums - Gangs‟ forums - Network

And before we close this two-page duo, MM celebrated it‟s birthday on May 17th 2014, it‟s 5th birthday. Due to flood problems that i(AndyG) had this month, as mentioned in the editors opening words, MM was late and two issues had to be mixed into one, and also the birthday wasn‟t celebrated properly, as it was the last years. But still, here she is, alive and well, kicking and entertaining, for 5th year running, with 69th issue so far. Happy birthday to Multiplay Monitor! Kudos to long-gone GTArv(last seen 2011 or so on GTAF) for creating it and launching first issue on May 17th, 5 days after the topic was started! As part of the MM birthday, here is some cake!

And before we go, i‟d like to thank WildBrick142 of AMF, for showing us this one. ---How to see how much you have posted in a certain thread? It has been asked too many times, and here it finally is. And it‟s quite simple, click on

1,253 replies (if you wish to view it for MM topic)… And here it is. Voila!

And now…Slamman‟s warn log. Slammy got rebanned again earlier this may…is it again for life..or will he again return one day…we shall see. Picture: It‟s too big, so it can‟t actually fit 4 pages..there are just a few snips of it…on the next 2.

Yeah..that‟s 6 pages of warnings. First 5 were from 2003-2005, when the moderation was much stricter, and when you received penalties for every small bit of retardation shown, any meme posting, double post…ah good times. Last page was 2005-2012 one, and he got a handful of em too in 2014 prior to the recent reban.

But it‟s Slamman… he‟ll be back!

Other News by PhatGordo13 Last year, The Last of Us was a resounding choice for game of the year. As a life long GTA fan, I am ok with that. I found the story of the Last of Us to be one of the most compelling I have ever experienced, and within the first ten minutes of game play I knew I was in for something special. Yet, after completing the story what‟s left to do? I find it incredibly difficult to replay a title like that, as I had been so emotionally invested into the story that I fear another play through could somehow taint the memory that has been so etched into my conscience. I believe the Last of Us is one of the greatest stories ever told on the medium in which we so love. An experience that everyone should see through their own eyes, and feel for themselves.

Grand Theft Auto V was an earth shattering successful release worthy of articles of praise and accolades. It is my opinion that the success of titles like Grand Theft Auto are only truly felt months and years later.An open world adventure like GTA has hours, if not days, of re-playability. I have to ask, what is it that truly makes a great game? Is it even fair to compare games like the Last of Us to Grand Theft Auto V, and moving forward how difficult will it be to create similar titles to GTA V? The story of GTA V is excellent. Not quite the caliber of the Last of Us, but excellent in it‟s own right. Where GTA truly shines, as it always has, is in the open world experience. Being able to travel throughout the state of San Andreas and inhabit the culture, aurora, and feel of the Grand Theft Auto experience. When I consider the question of „greatest games of all time‟, I find it a lot easier to dismiss games like the Last of Us. In my own opinion I have always held that Grand Theft Auto III is the greatest game of all time strictly on the basis of the importance of what that release meant to changing games forever. Since GTA III we have seen franchises like Assassins Creed, Red Dead Redemption, Fallout, and Elder Scrolls. Think of how many great open world games there were before GTA III. Go ahead.....I‟ll wait.

Do I think the Last of Us is better than Fallout: New Vegas, Red Dead Redemption, or Skyrim? No....I don‟t. I don‟t think Last of Us is a better game than GTA V, which is counter intuitive to the argument of being 2013„s game of the year, but I believe the true value in a game should be weighed over time. A game of the year award is viewed through the spectrum of a calendar year, and 2013 was the year of the Last of Us, and deservingly so. The problem I see now for franchises like Grand Theft Auto, Fallout, or Elder Scrolls is the time it takes to create a thick and engrossing open world adventure. Ubisoft has quite the formula for churning out multiple Assassin Creed titles on an annual basis. The franchise is fun in itself, and as Assassins Creed IV on next gen consoles has proven, beautiful. The depth of the open world is far from the level of detail that you would find running into an NPC on Mount Chilliad or in a book discovered within a tomb outside of Solitude. Games like Grand Theft Auto take time, and a lot of money to create. I find some games so disappointing in the fact that we wait years for their release only to find out their true value can be experienced in a few days of play. South Park: The Stick of Truth took five years from announcement to release, and the game and all of the fun references can be enjoyed in a matter of hours. We waited five and a half years between GTAIV and V! The game cost somewhere in the neighborhood of a quarter of a billion dollars! A lot of that can be attributed to GTA: Online which is a huge venture in itself, but what concerns me so greatly is the wait between now and the next full installment into the franchise. Remember, the PS3 came out in 2006 and the PS4 in 2013. We‟re getting pretty close to the point where great open world games are taking as much time to create as the life span of console generation lasts. There is a huge learning curve to understanding the new hardware in each generational transition, and this is not just a R* or GTA problem. It has been four years since a Fallout release, three years since Skyrim, and before you throw a shoe at me screaming about The Elder Scrolls Online.....I know! Personally, I am a single player first, online player second. Nothing will ever change that, at least in our life time. I hope that these great franchises continue to create great single player experiences, but I don‟t know at what point, for an open world franchise, it becomes more cost effective and logical to focus strictly online. Perhaps, placing all your people and resources to focus on an ever growing world that can be ported from one generation to the next, ever expanding in the content through smaller DLCs and physical purchases at half the cost of a full release title. This is where my knowledge and opinion ends, and (hopefully) where your discussion begins. What do you think? Will we see a new GTA on the PS4 and XBox One? Will GTA: Online continue to expand adding new cities and further depth of content? Let‟s talk about it.

GANG News - Official Gangs -

$outh $ide Hoodz

$outh $ide Hoodz had a very good month. They are the oldest OGA and gang on GTAF at all, and they were the last to create their topic in the newly reborn gang chat. Iminicus runs the gang now, and Moth who used to post around all topics before it‟s creation, now finally has another home! universetwisters then joined $$H, and his pictures became a strong weapon for the Hoodies. A 2002 veteran, Juvenile became friedgizmo…another random username…Coat akaformerly banned LEXTY joined $$H too then. Melchior left to AMF. That‟s about it, good month for $$H.

Leone Family Mafia

Leone Family Mafia got a new pip. With Kalvin, new Z test subject helping them design it. As you can see on the left, it‟s basically the same thing, except there is a blueish background now, instead of grayish, this change to reflect and represent the sex club 7 logo coloring in GTA 3. Also, LFM reopened their gang chat thread, and began chatting in it; The infamous sex club 7 is slowly opening up again for business and returning to Liberty City! D4 Damager, aka nerner aka Josh then returned to LFM, but eventually left to a new gang, The Connection. Mince then joined LFM, but wasn‟t seen posting much at all. Good one for LFM.

Andolini Mafia Family

Andolini Mafia Family had a good month as well. Stefche became Ari Gold and disappeared, again. barguest is seen in AMF group, although he wasn‟t here since 2013, since V2. Melchior came to AMF, from $$H, before the Hoodz started being active again. Phatgordo13 and him leading the GTAF crew was a good bonus for the AMF. trinette also appears to be back, and in AMF. AMF also recruited a few probies, who if they pass can become full AMF members in the future. gtamann123, Vanto, Ermac, WildBrick142 and PaletoChickenCapo all became their new guys. A good month for AMF overall as well! At the end, AceKingston joined them as well, whilst changing his name to Vercetti42 now. Not really a decent name change, but hey, we‟ve seen worse over the years. Good stuff for AMF last 2 months overall!

The Precinct

The Precinct had an alright two last months. It began with the banishment of IreneMiau, and it was not confirmed was it a he or a she. WHAT left Connection and joined The Precinct. Also, Johnson came to Precinct too, also from TC. Their topic saw a bit more activity, and there was also help from Mordor. Finally, WJF changed his nickname a bit, becoming Witchking-J-F. And another unneeded name change. Solid month for TP overall.

The Connection

The Connection had a solid month too. Francesca, a member of QOTD joined them then. Swedish guy, Illousion also joined them. Myron and mr.Scratch then joined them, but both didn‟t survive in OGA long. One left after another. Scratch eventually requested a ban, and then returned on a new account, and changed his mind fast. He remained out of Connection though, but is still posting all around PGC. Myron on the other hand vanished mostly. Josh came to TC from LFM, and entertained people with his stock stats. Finally, Ciaran changed another gang, this time going from TP to TC. TheGreatGig23 became just GreatGig then.

Feroci Racing

Feroci Racing had a great month. Uni left Z and joined Feroci, and started recruiting new people, to return Feroci to it‟s roots, to become a modding gang, and to get active again everywhere! New members have joined, including Ash_735, GTARandom, lpgunit, MajesticNL, RMT, Silent, TJGM, Sweets, Wesser, X-Seti. That leaves only Adriaan gangless, for now. user_errors became just user. Feroci topic was also started in PGC, by Daz, and started becoming slowly used.


Zaibatsu had an alright month. WBaker and GunWrath left them, after leaving staff too. GW created a new MC then, but with not much success. Some were blaming the 3d-glasses fiesta for their behavior that night, and departure, but i guess we‟ll never know. Kalvin joined Z on probation, as a test subject, so if he passes, he‟ll enter OGA, properly. No new members in or out for Z, and that is it.

The Yardies

The Yardies marked in April their IRC and RDRF birthdays. Llamas were everywhere, and Easter and 4/20 day also went ok, with some small V meets. RYG day took place, as their own inner FIFA League started and so did preparation for new good things on V. Social Club birthday was celebrated then, of their crew, followed by Secura getting a medal. Page 1337 timewarp also took place. Huntley Sport day happened as well, and MobBG defended his title in EL Predictions. Shoumic, XJpostman, Xyn and Freakorama joined them, while inactive guys were removed, StingrayX, Thew95, deathdealer, Lolwut Pear and Super-Mario, keeping total at 32. Good two months for Y!

Angels of Death MC

Angels of Death MC had an alright month. They moved up about 20 pages in their thread. General gaming chatter, tv, movies related convos happened in their topic. Not much GTA V, but they were active all around overall. No new members in or out though, but overally a solid activity in their thread.


D1RTY12 had a solid month too like the AoD. Doc is trying to preserve some of their high scores as D Wild Bunch on RDRF, as the leaderboards are shutting down there, and on MP3. Not much activity in their thread though, nor any new members in or out, but they have been active online on V and in their private areas.

- Unofficial Gangs SRS Incorporated

SRS Incorporated went up only 1 page last month, and it was mostly pictures from their weekly meets and shenanigans. Despite some lower activity in the past month, SRS is still going strong on Social Club, but we hope they will put more effort into their GTAF side too, despite V lacking lately.

Bianco Crime Famiglia

Bianco Crime Famiglia went up 3 pages in the last 2 months. Mostly general and gaming chatter, and a little bit of V, but mostly other games. No new members in or out as we‟ve noticed, but there have been some inactive ones.

The Highway Reapers MC

The Highway Reapers MC had a good month outside the forum, but not so good on the forum, as there were only a few replies to the topic. Outside the forum however, they got featured on R* livestream, while fighting another non-GTAF crew, and they easily won. Link to the video is at the end. Congrats guys!

The Lost MC

The Lost MC had an alright month, going up 2 pages. They have mostly chat‟ about IV and their weekly churches which began going again, but it was also some more glimmer of hope that V will at least be announced for PC, as it‟s been a record time now since a GTA game came out for PC. Not counting Episodes which took a year. If no V PC news by September 17th…it‟ll be time to worry.

Warriors of the Night

Warriors of the Night went up 1 page only. Mostly V chatter, and how they are slowly getting back into it, although it is evident they are missing IV a lot. Hope activity picks up for WotN.

The Legion

The Legion unfortunately and suddenly shut down back in April. Between last 2 months, Rofl50 and co disappeared, after chosing to lock the remains of the gang. Remaining members of The Legion tried to make some new gangs, but it didn‟t work out. The Legion was just near reaching their 2 year milestone, having been created on July 17th, 2012 as an xbox 360 gang. Unfortunately, they didn‟t live further, so the best xbox 360 gang the past 2 years, and the most active on V, may you rest in peace.

The Department

The Department only had a few replies to their thread as they are majorly inactive, however Will Troll was seen recruiting some new dudes to SC, via crew recruitment sub-forum.

Academi PMC

Academi PMC were good after celebrating their birthday back in early April, but in the end April had some inside arguments between SingingEwe and a few of their members who left for disagreements. After it has calmed down, they recruited some new faces, and kept the V activity strong, as well as their topic. It moved a total of 30 pages, which is top 5 this month, if not top 3 in terms of pages. 1st post GFX are looking great too!

Soul Reapers MC

Soul Reapers MC had another bad month, moving only a few replies. Their leader changed the name, but it‟s members seem to have abandoned the forums, so we‟ll see where SRMC is going.

The Damned

The Damned moved up 12 pages last month. It was mostly V related chit-chat, and they are also going to appear in 2 upcoming non-gtaf tournament, with non-gtaf gangs. They beat a SC crew in the first round, but lost to someone called Temble Drive Ballas i believe in the 2nd, both tight matches though.

Mobilized Mercenary Division

Mobilized Mercenary Division also only went up a few replies, with enjoi and shady bumping occasionally for a few news and GTA V update comments. No new members in or out, or any forum gang activity much, as they are all slowly going PS4 way.

The Faustino Syndicate

The Faustino Syndicate was quite good last months, moving up a total of 5 pages. Crew began to slowly play more and more GTA. Again more talks of a new theme arose, but so far no news on it. No new members in or out either.

Red Rum Racing

Red Rum Racing was again very active outside the forums, but barely on them. Hopefully in June things change. No new members in SC crew as far as i‟ve noticed either.

Multi-National United

Multi-National United didn‟t have any new replies, and it‟s looking like they will shut down soon.

Queens of the Damned

Queens of the Damned had lots of games and forum activity all around the forums. But least of it was in their PGC thread. They are thinking of merging it with their old recruitment topic, to get a page boost and force more chat prior to potential heists release this spring. Hope their activity overall picks up.


MODified was again the most active topic in the section, although not even near as much as it was in their first month or two here, when posts kept spawning every minute or two. Their member PerceusSOZ got banned for spam however. As for their activity, besides the O section, mostly ingame and in Gen Chat. Biohazard Abyss also reached the 10k mark, and now reside at 12k posts, so that‟s quite a lot, seeing that the registration date was around V release. All in all, modified crew is doing good, so keep it up guys!

-----Hottest crews from the Crew Recruitment section in May are: More here: -----Maybe one of them becomes the next big hit in the Public Gang Chat soon?! -----Don‟t miss Free Agents Recruitment topic too, if you can‟t decide or can‟t find any of those crews above to be your news one: ------

PGC, May 2014.

EVENT NEWS Multiplayer Events Donâ€&#x;t miss sharing your photos/videos here from your latest GTA MP adventures:

Donâ€&#x;t miss sharing your custom event ideas here, some of them can later turn into a major event maybe:

Looking for a car event, quick meet, or so? Check the find a lobby&meetups sub-forum;

Find a Lobby&Meetups

Latest Events:

New events coming soon! ----Also last month, deffpony, GTAF moderator hosted a Content Creator showcase event. Check the topic to see how it went! And expect more in May and June from him!

Content Creators’ Corner Rockstar verified a lot of jobs last month. Here are the links to the latest three, and below are some top picks from each of the 3 weeks where they added new ones! 1. 2. 3.

Final Destination - Created by TonyResta Congrats to TonyResta for creating the first ever Air Race to be Rockstar Verified. It is certainly no easy task to make an Air Race that is challenging but not impossible, or one that uses the skyscape of Los Santos in such a dynamic and interesting way. The Leader of the four-strong Italian Connection has done just that with this race that features plenty of opportunities to showcase your flying skills as you're directed under the bridges of the Los Santos storm drain. 2 Mile Lap Divided - Created by Family1974 With 43 Jobs published, FAMILY1974 is already a grizzled veteran of the GTA Online Creator tool. Practice has paid off with this riotus Land Race that maximizes the chance of head on collisions (much like the previously Verified 4 Way Madness). In fact, in this one it's practically unavoidable, so buckle up... The starting grid is split by the central reservation of a highway, dividing the cars in half all the way down the long straight. At the end the carnage begins, as there's a hairpin turn that sees each half of the grid forced to face each other head on, at high speed. Our advice? Go hard or go home.

The Dirty Maze - Created by dannyar21 White Cars Can't Jump - Created by Therealxstacide

Little Seoul Park - Created by Phipparama Phipparama gives a whole new meaning to "recreation area" in this Team Deathmatch at the communal park in Little Seoul. Send the skaters and b-ballers running for cover with a host of incendiaries including RPGs, Grenades and carefully placed Gas Cylinders. This is a great Job for small sides - 3v3 or 4v4 is our recommendation - and yet another Created Job in an area thus far seemingly overlooked by GTA Online Job Creators. Area 53 - Created by giuli0207 Another fun Team Deathmatch for small sides in an unusual and underappreciated location, this time at the "alternative" art installation on the outskirts of Sandy Shores. Creator giuli0207 gives a narrative context to this close encounter in the Job description: "Someone has proof that an UFO crashed in Sandy Shores next to Omega's cabin. And now the FIB and LSPD fight against the military because both sides want to get the case. To get some extra cash from the government." ___________________________________________________________________________________ Contend: Corrupt Cops - Created by JuzSlayin Competing Police divisions race across the banks of Procopio Beach in Paleto Bay to take on a large gang of knife-wielding Ballas and confiscate their goods as "evidence". The fun you'll have launching vehicles off ramps to crash down on to the unsuspecting heads of these purple-clad gangbangers cannot be understated, but make sure you don't stop to take in the scenery when you're collecting the bags - the Ballas numbers are high and they certainly know how to close the distance between the end of their blades and the center of a corrupt officer's ribcage. GTA: That’s My Rhino - Created by RikkiVercetti Here, two groups of pilots in a flock of P-996 Lazers square off over The Alamo Sea in hot pursuit of a single Rhino Tank. Whether you are flying in from Grapeseed in the north or the Grand Senora Desert in the south, you'll want to be mindful of the armed ground level mercs guarding the tank that won't take too kindly to your incursion. The Creator of this Capture, RikkiVercetti is a member of the Creatorâ€&#x;s Core Club Crew and has created a total of 37 Jobs so far. GTA: Payback Time - Created by MaximilianR18 "Just grab a bike and pedal! Even you ain't forgotten that." - BMXs will take you into the Vespucci Canals, but hopefully one of the prized vehicles will take you back out. With each squad aiming for different vehicles, the central head-to-head bloodbath that often occurs in GTA Captures will be minimized, but tough AI characters guarding the waterways will still give you ample opportunity for some trigger time, along with any confrontations with the opposition as you come back across the bridges with your bounty. Contend: Adventure Team - Created by Organlegger This epic relay to the top of Mt. Chiliad gives you a large variety of vehicle options to choose from, and once you get there, you're given a parachute to make your way back down to the Capture point. Savvy players might want to pair up in the Maverick heli to make those return trips a bit easier, but in the end a freefall leap of faith from the cliff side is still likely to be the fastest way down.

Hit that ramp at top velocity in Criss Cross Dock Race.

Criss Cross Dock Race - Created by Wolfman211 Wolfman211 does his bit for Queen, Country and the English Pride Crew with this 8-player Land Race around the docks that picks up directly where previously Verified Job "4-way Madness" left off. With an interconnected network of paths and ramps amongst the shipping containers, Criss Cross Dock Race presents plenty of opportunity for mid-air collisions, head-on crashes and awesome drifts.

Stream Racer provides for a rip roaring tour through the countryside.

Stream Racer - Created by Refuso

Protect the fort by all means in Strong Hold.

Strong Hold - Created by 420RayRay1983 This is a classic two team 'stronghold' map, with a fortified structure in the center and team start points on either side. The team to hold the fort has a defensive advantage but powerful weapons litter the grounds to help attackers flush them out. When not creating kick ass Deatmatches, 420RayRay1983 is the leader of the 92-strong GTA Marinez, who are a team looking to become an army. Enlist now.

The cheekily titled Ew, You Stepped In Doody demands you be on top of your sh*t.

Ew, You Stepped In Dooody - Created by IckyDoodyPoopoo Scatalogically minded Social Club member IckyDoodyPoopoo has put together this well-constructed land race using the on and off ramps of a couple of Freeways in downtown Los Santos. A highly technical course that will test your ability to brake late, drift smoothly and accelerate out of each turn. As you check out your opponents in the rear view mirror, don't forget to watch out for that doody.

The Watch Tower is the latest Rockstar Verified Capture creation.

Hold: The Watch Tower - Created by Barisico The Watch Tower is a game of two halves - first, in four teams of 2, all players must attack the central area where the Capture bags are protected by heavily armed militia in strategic positions. Working with the opposition teams may be the only way to breach the defenses. Then, once the militia have been defeated and all the bags are in play, the game becomes all-out-war. Base defense will be key to prevent your hard-won bags being recaptured by the opposition. The Los Santos Riots - Created by TIdoubleGGRR A hugely enjoyable Deathmatch in the residential alleys of Strawberry. Creator (and part-time Twitter philosopher) TIdoubleGGRR has placed emergency vehicles and burnt out buses throughout the landscape. The rallying cry is loud and clear: "Wake up, grab a fistful of steel to raise hell on the streets of South Central Los Santos and take the power back!" The Academic - Created by Fachuro On Twitter, Fachuro identifies as "a GTA Race creator". With 63 Races created across both platforms, as well as a Rockstar Verified achievement, who can argue? The Academic is a lap Race for Coupes through the faux-Spanish architecture in Rockford Hills. With little room to overtake, be sure to maximize the speed boost from the starting grid, and line up a slipstream on the wide downhill sections to slingshot you around the final corner of the lap. Keep an eye on Fachuro's YouTube page for videos of other great creations Welcome To LS - Created by Assassin2071 Assassin2071, a member of both the Creators Core Club and the GTA Content Creators Crews gets a first Verified nod with this high speed super car race at Los Santos Airport. Wide sweeping turns around the terminal approach roads allow you to keep pedal to the metal for much of the course. That is, until you meet one of the two tricky hairpin turns. Brake hard to get through these cleanly and the checkered flag will be yours for the taking. Watch out also for tight spots between the pillars - the slightest jostle from a competitor can send you to the back of the pack.

Rockstar also posted some tips on how to create semi-decent at least jobs with their newly released Capture Creator:

As for the future of the creator, Mission Creator, Parachuting and Versus ones have been leaked already, and rumors are they are next, as well as LTS/LMS, Survival and even Heist creator at the end one day…but that’s too many years into the future…for now, enjoy the latest greatest jobs from R* and check GTAF topics for more, as the CC forum will be upgraded soon!

_SNAPMATIC CHARTS_ First off, i would like to feature a snapmatic competition thread that was brought up to my attention these past 2 months. Similar to IV and VC Photo Contests of the past, the V Snapmatic Photo Contest is in it‟s later stage, but it‟s taking place weekly, so it‟s never late to join. Check it, and test your creativity and snapmat skills!

Winning Photos (after 11 weeks)


Look at all those people having fun. And what are you doing right now? Reading the MM…

Modding Garage ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [IV/EFLC] Simple Trainer 6.5 GTA III Rage Classic Vice City Rage IV SA3 IV SA3 Snow IV Gostown Myriad Islands to IV IV Clockwork Mount IV Mod pack by HippieCommunist Custom Maps for IV/EFLC - Drift Paradise v2, Dead Race Island, Autopolis, Top Gear IV Ghost Peak Mountain IV/EFLC Trollface Mod Desert IV

IV Manhunt Press Coverage Level HD Cars for GTA Games by OnePiece‌ IV Carcer City Mafia on Rage Snow Storm LC IV/EFLC Countryside Mountains IV Anderius Rage IV Stryker IV Niko summoning a monster Much Blood Mod Social Club - no watermarks Boeing 747 IV Pirate Ship [IV/EFLC] GTA III Rage HD [IV/EFLC] Vice City 2

Potato Car IV Granny Wheelchair IV Route 66 IV/EFLC California Coast IV/EFLC Northern Nightmare IV North Yankton / V to IV Mods IV Death Race Car LCS/VCS to PC [PS3/360] Top 10 V Mods

Find more new mods at: & & &!gta-iv--eflc-maps/

Closing Words High Life update was released by the conclusion of this issue. It includes the 1.13 patch, and among many changes, these are the most important:

The High Life Update gives you the chance to live large in Los Santos with the ability to own two properties at any one time, and the addition of five opulent new apartments. Add to your real estate portfolio with hot new listings at Eclipse Towers in Vinewood, Richards Majestic in Rockford Hills, Tinsel Towers in Little Seoul, 4 Integrity Way in Downtown, and Del Perro Heights by the beach. As always, just drive up to the new property location sale and follow the prompts, or head to to look for your next purchase. Now that you can store vehicles across two apartment garages, youâ€&#x;ll be looking to put something new and shiny in them and The High Life Update offers a trio of luxury cars and a blistering new motorbike to add to your collection. The Enus Huntley S (SUV), Dewbauchee Massacro (Sports), Pegassi Zentorno (Super) and Dinka Thrust (Motorcycle) are all now available to purchase from Legendary Motorsport. Remember, these vehicles can also be accessed from any garage in Story Mode, adding a new spin to your mission replays. And because success breeds jealousy, the powerful Bullpup Rifle is now available in Ammu-Nation to help you protect your assets. Gear up with the all-new vehicles and weaponry to take on brand new Rockstar-created Jobs in GTA Online, including 8 new Contact missions listed below. These new Jobs are now available to play and stay tuned as there are even more being published soon including Capture, Survival, TDM and Last Team Standing mode Jobs. For Contact missions, once you meet the rank requirement you'll receive a phone call from the associated Contact.

Contact: GTA Today (Simeon: Rank 12) | Artificial Scarcity (Madrazo: Rank 19) | Crime Scenester (Lester: Rank 20) | Hit „Em Up (Gerald: Rank 10) | Master Data (Lester: Rank 16) | Handle with Care (Madrazo: Rank 20) | On the List (Madrazo: Rank 18) | Denial of Service (Lester: Rank 14) Land Race: Stock Market Crash | Loss Leader | Home In The Hills | Thrusting Motion High Life also introduces many new game features and enhancements including some updates directly based on feedback from you, the GTA Online community (remember to keep your feedback coming to where we‟re always reviewing your input for consideration). 

With the new Mental State stat, we are keeping track of your behavior. If you seem to enjoy attacking pedestrians and terrorizing other players, then your blip will start to turn red on other players‟ maps. The redder the blip, the more psychotic the player; the whiter the blip, the friendlier they are. The actions you take will have varying effects on your Mental State. For example, killing another player will turn your blip red faster than blowing up a car or taking out a random pedestrian. Killing a player with a white blip will push your Mental State into the red faster than killing more psycho players, while taking out full-on psycho players won‟t cause your own Mental State stat to increase at all. Mental state also factors into matchmaking - you‟ll automatically join Freemode sessions containing people more „compatible‟ with your play style, and if a red-blipped lunatic does enter your session, you at least have fair warning!

Non-Contact Races are now an option. When you create a Non-Contact race, other racers appear as semi-transparent and collisions with them are disabled (although you'll still be able to collide with non-player traffic, structures and other scenery).

You now have the option to Friend Spectate – if you and a friend are in separate GTA Online sessions you can now choose to spectate that player through the Friends menu.

New player toasts and celebrations: Switch out your salute for jazz hands, a face palm, a slow clap and more. There are also paired toasts for celebrating with a friend, like a backslap, or a solid, manly handshake.

New clothing: It can be hard work finding the perfect ensemble to really make your character stand out, so we‟ve done some of the hard work for you and put together some stylish outfits. Hit the town, dressed to the nines with an array of classy new suit sets available with a pret-a-porter jacket, trousers, suit vest and shoes.

10 additional vehicles from Story Mode are now available for the first time in GTA Online – these will be marked on the car sales websites as new in the High Life Update so you can find them easily at and o Bravado Banshee Topless o Inverto Coquette Topless o Vapid Dominator Ocelot F620 o Schyster Fusilade o Maibatsu Penumbra o Ubermacht Sentinel XS o Ubermacht Sentinel (Convertible) o Grotti Stinger Topless o Coil Voltic Topless

Today‟s update 1.13 also includes some improvements and fixes including:   

Based on feedback from the stunting community, the changes to bike physics in a recent Title Update have been reverted. Fixed an exploit where players were able to shoot in their garages. Fixed an issue where players would occasionally not be able to reclaim a vehicle despite it being insured.


Fixed an issue where the water cannon on the Fire Truck did not work correctly.

For the full list of fixes, you can view Title Update notes at the Rockstar Support site. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------And then, we had a GTA Concert!

And for the end, a pic of Rachel Taylor. See ya in June for MM 70!

Multiplay Monitor Issue 69  
Multiplay Monitor Issue 69