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Cover Opening page of Multiplay Monitor.


Contents Contents contain a short intro to what you’ll read in this issue, and in which sections of the magazine.


First Shout A word from the editor, info about Multiplay Monitor related news, and a few more things that marked the period between the previous and current issue of the magazine.


Readers’ Comments What did GTAF’ers say about the previous issue of MM? What did people like or hate, what can get improved, what can be added, and what may be removed. Have your say!


Forum Stats Current forum statistics; Top 32 posters, total members count, total post count, and a few more intriguing thingies for the folks who are into numbers and math’s..


Multiplay Newswire Multiplay Monitor is back to full force already. 2014 brought us a new skin for our favorite forum, but th also, the 10 annual forum awards took place, so look inside to see winners. Gangs community is undergoing a revamp too, and 3 new official gangs have been created as part of that. As for the GTA News, Valentine Day special took place, and st the 1 online heist leak was found. This and more in MP Newswire.


Gang News The Collectors died last month, as Multi-National United becomes highly involved in the gang section. GTAF gang List gets a revamp, as well as the forum guidelines, and the whole recruitment forum. 3 new official gangs are inducted, and many more changes are taking place in the Gangs section.


Event News First few new events are being made. GTAF GL 2014 gets a revamp, and much more. Also, GTAF Crew looks for new members for promotion, creation of new events, and general entertainment.


Content Creators’ Corner Check some of the latest greatest DM’s and Races created last month across PS3 and Xbox 360. Also, leaked content regarding Mission Creator is in there too.


Snapmatic Charts A collection of the finest Snapmatic shots from GTAF members & random snaps we found on the internet from the popular Snapmatic tool We also rate the top 10 each month!


Modding Garage Check the latest screenshots and updates to the most recent popular GTA mods on IV, LaD, BoGT, and hopefully soon, V.


Closing Words Next issue preview, and anything we left behind in this one goes here. Also, a few bits for the lonely ones!

First Shout Multiplay Monitor || Issue 67 || February 2014 It‟s February 21st, and it‟s time for the new issue of MM. Last couple of months, we didn‟t have month to month MM‟s., but, since Jan, we‟re back on track, and the MM will strive to stay there. As far as the contents of this issue go, you can more or less guess it from the cover what you‟ll be reading aboot. Major thing happening this month is certainly the launch of the GTAF 2014 skin, that everyone are enjoying greatly! GTA V gets a few updates, and a little gun fest during Valentines Day. Then we go towards the Gang section, which had many changes, and is still undergoing work, almost from scratch, for the better of everyone. While we don‟t know how far R* has gone with their creation of Social Club Forums, and what they have in plan for that(if at all still), GTAF Recruitment has been fully adapted for Social Club Crews only, and is as active as ever! So if you‟re looking for a new crew besides your GTAF gang, say maybe…a bowling crew, or a cops and crooks crew, or a naked bald men crew…then this is the place to go. Members looking for a crew can browse from the ever growing influx of new topics in that section, with the 7 day bump rule for them. If members are however looking for a GTAF based gang, a pinned topic may serve them, as well as the newly created GTAF Gang List in Gang Chat GTAF Crew topic got pinned in the Gang Chat section, where besides the gang list and our MM, we have topics of all official gangs now(4 more are left to be created though) Oh, and did i forgot to mention, that 3 gangs have become official? You know, official, getting a fancy group and pip thing? The Yardies, Angels of Death MC and D1RTY12 are the 2014 promotions, first since 2006 and Z. But i‟m cutting the shout short now…find out more below about aaaall that… See ya in March!

Readers’ Comments You do wonderful stuff with that multiplayer monitor


Nicely put together issue.

AceKingston Wow, great issue. Really well put together and a fun read.


Love it!

Commander Rofl

Great, but like always needs more cowbell


Forum Stats On the list of Top 32 posters, it goes like this, minus banned Demarest (33,215), banned *MURDOC* (13,383), Desmosedici and his old account (Chunky Lee Chong) (19,415+2,161=21576) and Slamman(24,468), whose post count was reset to -9999, after which he got banned at -2382 posts, which means that he collected another 7617 after the reset. And that makes his total post count 32,085. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32.

Girish - 36,201 GTA3Freak-2001 - 29,438 MyMothersMySister - 27,139 Jay - 23,980 Waddy - 23,278 papanesta - 19,823 AndyGanteks - 19,696 GTA3Rockstar - 18,618 Otter - 18,492 DJDeez - 18,309 Seddo - 17,696 SonOfLiberty - 17,449 lil weasel - 17,071 anuj - 17,037 EmSixTeen - 16,469 Forty - 16,067 kippers. - 16,034 Mark - 15,572 darthYENIK - 15,067 Groovy - 14,727 Ryan - 14,690 mkey82 - 14,361 Moonshield - 14,358 Opius - 14,344 saintdave - 13,993 Platinum. - 13,702 meta187 - 13,478 Ottae - 13,180 Venom - 13,101 Mxyzptlk - 12,924 Andrew - 12,675 Narcis_speed6 - 12,603

GTA V News In this monthâ€&#x;s Newswire section, we have mostly new verified content, but there are a few new things coming to GTA V as well. Read on: Rockstar has raised the crew cap number, from 300 to 1000. That was very helpful, as besides R* official crews, made back in May 2012, all the other crews were at max of 300, and some had to make v2 and v3 crews for their squads. GTAF and GTANet crews thus shared around 300 members each. But with this expanding to 1000, GTAF crew became one, lead by Phatgordo13 of AMF. A pinned topic in Gang Chat was made, and as a general gang chat chat too. The GTAF Crew recruits from there, so if you wish to enter it, ask for an invite here:

10 new verified jobs have been added by R* every week, and the first ones were these: Some of the best ones there include:

Custom Freeway gymkhana - created by SaltedCracka With eight races already under his belt, SaltedCracka‟s experience with the Creator tools are on display here. This short technical race around the docks features neat changes in elevation, a well-placed jump that fits perfectly with the flow of the race and some narrow, tricky turns that require deft use of the brake pedal. SaltedCracka has set the default vehicle as the Sultan - an excellent choice for drifting around the corners. The description for the Job pinpoints the final turn as the opportunity to “take it all and be #1”. Sage advice.

Pickup paradise in From Weazel To Weazel.

Horseback Hell - created by Misterbocs007 Misterbocs007, a representative of the Payne Killers Public Crew, shows his considerable Creator skills with this Team Deathmatch at the Paddocks just off the Senora Freeway. Items and pickups are grouped together close to spawn points and behind cover. These reload points encourage respawning players to immediately re-enter the fray, while players who have survived a firefight can retreat to this cover to restock before the next round. For an extra kick, huge gas tanks litter the map - aim a few volleys from the grenade launcher in their direction for some satisfying multikills.

Two deathmatches in two rural remote locales: Horseback Hell (left) and Lodge Battle (right).

And finally; Something many of us are doing‌the long haul 2.

Long Haul 2 - the longest Rockstar Verified or Rockstar Created race in GTA Online.

Long Haul 2 - created by Paradis_420 Get your Cheetah, Entity XF or Adder tuned up for the ultimate Supercar endurance test. There's almost no need to take your foot of the gas for the entire 12 minutes of this Race which is now the longest Rockstar Created or Rockstar Verified Job in GTA Online. The key to winning lies in the ability to maintain concentration, and to negotiate the traffic while still flying at top speed. Keep an eye on the minimap though, as your opponents will come hurtling past just as you've settled into your comfort zone. ----R* also started publishing some tips on how to make decent Race/GTA races and DM/TDMâ€&#x;s. We can only hope that a capture/mission/parachuting/LTS/etc creators will be live soon.

A monthly round-up of fan videos was also created, find it linked below: LS Car Show winners were then announced. The following pics won:

As well as 3 more screenshots, which you can find supplied on the link!

Valentines Day’ Massacre update then followed(free), adding new items to GTA V and V:MP

Among the update was the 1.10 update as well, that brought back Rat Loader into Online‌after being taken away from us.

Further patch notes can be found here: And it has been a decent VD Massacre, which you can see on the page to the right, and the upcoming ones: Some great fun and videos was had that day and weekend, and GTA V continues to be entertaining!

More pictures from the fun event can be found on the next pages, including one from the LFM GTAF gang!

Hope you enjoyed the last few pages dedicated to the R* event. But guess what? R* has more in store for us, and it‟s all free thank god. Maybe it‟s a preparation for San Andreas Stories, as a big one? We‟ll see.

Enjoy the perks of rising through the ranks of your Los Santos and Blaine County business ventures with The Business Update, coming next week on Tuesday March 4th to PSN and Xbox Live. Thrill-seekers and weekend warriors can hop in any of three all-new, blazing fast sports cars: the Albany Alpha, Dinka Jester and Grotti Turismo R... or take to the skies in the new Vestra airplane. Swing by Ammu-Nation to pick up two new weapons, the Heavy Pistol and Special Carbine, which both offer some serious firepower. Dress for success with formal and business casual attire options like new suit jackets, slacks, glasses, heels and blouses, or don new all-business hairstyles and currency themed tattoos. There's also a collection of new masks, perfect for disguising yourself during the next hostile takeover. Just like the recent Valentine's Day Massacre Special, the new vehicles and weapons will be available in both Story Mode and Online. In Story Mode, weapons will be deposited into all three characters' inventory with two full ammo-clips and all three cars are accessible from their garage properties. In GTA Online, you'll be able to purchase the new weapons and their attachments at any Ammu-Nation location while the vehicles will be available for purchase from Legendary Motorsport and Elitas. Don't forget that this weekend is your last chance to grab the Albany Roosevelt limousine, the Gusenberg Sweeper machine gun and all the rest of the exclusive items from the Valentine's Day Massacre Special before they're gone. Once you purchase them in-game, they're yours to keep - but they will no longer be available to purchase after midnight PST this Sunday, March 2nd.


But most important thing was found at the end of the news post: And stay tuned for details about our upcoming Business Update Event Weekend as well as more info to be revealed on future updates including Online Heists, the Capture Creator update, new Assassination and Flight School missions for Story Mode and much more... Ah yes…the long awaited updates to SP…they will be free…as well as the heists, content creator and other fixes…and we can only hope for even bigger add-ons in the future. But for now, lets get ready for the upcoming fun week, to enjoy new vehicles, guns, clothes & more

At the end, we had more verified jobs added, found here:

LSC Great Eight - Created by DrAtomic1 While it may look like a simple figure 8 track at first glance, the changes in elevation and tighter hairpins require a steady hand and intense concentration. Running around different levels of the Olympic Freeway this course will challenge all aspects of your driving. A strong octo-theme runs through this race: as DrAtomic1 points out in the description, the track itself is 0.8 miles long, and the maximum number of players is, you guessed it, 8.

Getting High and Low - created by El_Cactus Precision is the name of the game in this high octane motorbike race along the narrow dirt paths just above Cassidy Creek. Maintaining control of your ride is absolutely essential as overhanging pine bows could take you out at any moment. Go easy on your first run, the corners come thick and fast and the only way to win is to make the fewest mistakes. Anyone reaching the end without spinning off the path and falling into the creek below at least once should be pretty pleased with themselves.

Breathtaking views of Blaine County. Getting High and Low(left) and Through The Grapeseed (right).

Battle GTA - Created by KS-GTA In the swamps outside Fort Zancudo KS-GTA, lone member of The Assassins Monks, has set up a pitched battle for 2 teams featuring power weapons and heavy machinery. The key to the success of this Deathmatch is balance: a cluster of incendiary props in the center field provides adequate cover for an infantry battle while powerful weapon pickups such as RPGs provide a fighting chance against aircraft. This is an excellent map for Crews to put their communication and teamwork skills to the test.

The scene is set. Battle GTA (left) and Paintball! (right) Paintball! - Created by yoduhh62 A flat expanse of sand on Del Perro Beach is transformed into a dynamic and challenging Speedball-style arena. With skillfully placed props like sandbags, construction fences, wrecked vehicles and tires, this Deathmatch forces players to dart between cover and expose themselves to gunfire when dashing for powerful weapon pickups. Stealth and timing are key here, and we recommend using teamwork to create distractions while you outflank and outmaneuver your enemies. Senora Desert Hills - Created by: ZardozToast "Enjoy the best switchbacks in Blaine County with this winding off-road race up and down the hills of the Grand Senora Desert." A long and winding race that was selected for the unique way it allows players to drift down several dirt roads on the hills of the Senora Desert. Expert control and vehicle selection is essential in order to avoid drifting off the edge of a hill and down into the rocky valley below.

GTA IV | LaD | BoGT News Nothing interesting regarding GTA IV, LaD, BoGT.

Older GTA News Nothing interesting regarding GTA I, London, II, III, VC, Advance, SA, LCS, VCS, CW

GTAF News AceKingston is recruiting for GTAF Weekly, it’s been 2 months since the last issue, do help him! ----Speaking of other GTAF news, i‟m sure you all know that a new skin has been launched by now. And you can see it as a background to the MP Newswire only in this issue. The GTAF 2014 skin, replacing the 2013 skin as the new default one. You can of course, switch back if you want, however, you cannot select the 2013 Winter skin though anymore. Probably will be back next winter… or a new one might be created. New skin was met with giant praise upon release, as everyone enjoyed it. However, it had some slight bugs, so it had to be taken down at first after launch, but around 10 hours later, it returned back, and we‟ve been enjoying it ever since! You can see a small preview of it on the next page, and how GTAForums look as of now:

But those were not the only changes to GTAF this month. PIP‟s have also returned for all gangs, as well as tiny small flags, which look so amazing on the new skin. Besides that, 3 new official gangs have been added, as per the rehash and a merge of the OGA and MP into the new Gang section. The Yardies, Angels of Death MC and D1RTY12 were the 3 new add-ons to the existing seven officials. As per the revision, the next New Official Gang may be added at the start of 2015. But more on this in the start of Gang Chat section. Among other changes on GTAF this month we have: -


New led-by‟s: Max - Sports, yoyo2 - WD&P Few name changes - Desmosedici aka Chunky Lee Chong is now known as anus; SatournFan is now Boris The Vodka. Medals have returned after the end of Forum Awards 2013, first as a profile field, then as an actual award in peoples‟ profiles of the winners. Staff announced previous medal winners will return too maybe. Members who won Special Awards in FA 2013, received a prize of being purple in member list, and having a group for them, called Special Members.

Examples of a special member

And who won in the forum awards?

GTA Awards Best GTA Topic of 2013 Winner: Drunken Cowboy "The Identity Crisis: The Problems with V's story." Best Concept Story Winner: PooyanCyrus "Grand Theft Auto: Ultimate" Most Helpful - GTA Winner: GTAKid667 + mo-seph + SilentPL 2nd: Kirsty 3rd: lil weasel + Otter Most Knowledgeable - GTA Winner: Ash_735 2nd: SonOfLiberty 3rd: Andreas + Spuds725 Best Fanmade Video Winner: GTA V Gameplay Trailer - Niko's Dramatic Reaction Best Snapmatic - Character Winner: Johnny Playert "Smoking Santa" Best Snapmatic - Vehicle Winner: coach_wargo "Buccaneer Explosion" Best Snapmatic - Scenery Winner: Rewas514 "North Yankton Nights" Worst Fanboy Winner: SonOfLiberty 2nd: redx165 3rd: RockstarFanboy Worst Troll Winner: theNGclan 2nd: theadmiral 3rd: Girl Next Door + greenrock

Multiplayer Awards Best Crew/Gang Winner: D1RTY12 2nd: The Yardies 3rd: Angels of Death MC Best Upcoming Crew/Gang Winner: Red Rum Racing 2nd: Academi PMC 3rd: Soul Reapers MC Most Skilled Player Winner: AndyGanteks 2nd: o Mr Punchy o 3rd: enjoithepain Best Event Winner: GTAF Gang League 2013 + PS3 Grand Theft Auto V Roleplay Best Crew/Gang Snapmatics Winner: The Yardies Best Social Club Emblem Winner: The Yardies

Modding Awards Best Vehicle Winner: III Aircraft Best Map Winner: ViceCityStories PC Edition Best Script Winner: Design Your Own Mission Best Tool Winner: Sanny Builder Best Texture/Model Winner: SRt3 2012 Mipmap Edition Design Your Own Mission - Mission of the Year Winner: GTA V to SA + Max Parker Most Helpful - Modding Winner: SilentPL 2nd: PatrickW 3rd: Wesser Most Talented - Modding Winner: SilentPL 2nd: _DK 3rd: PatrickW

Member Awards Best New Member Winner: Biohazard Abyss 2nd: Vlynor 3rd: WBaker Funniest Member Winner: stu 2nd: Jolly SWAGman 3rd: Voodoo Most Improved Winner: Raavi 2nd: Andreas 3rd: Antagonista + GTAKid667 + Kalvin Most Respected Winner: Tank 2nd: Kirsty 3rd: sivispacem Most Helpful Winner: Kirsty 2nd: sivispacem 3rd: Girish + GTAKid667 + lil weasel + Raavi + Shoumic + SilentPL + Spuds725 Best Returning Member Winner: Panz 2nd: blitz 3rd: GTAKid667 Member You'd Most Like To Unban Winner: Zee 2nd: Slamman 3rd: *MURDOC* Best Topic of 2013 Winner: Liquid_Snake_LosSantos "Cool things you didn't know about."

OGA Awards Best Group Winner: Andolini Mafia Family 2nd: Zaibatsu 3rd: The Connection Worst Group Winner: Zaibatsu 2nd: The Precinct 3rd: Feroci Racing Best Member in a Group Winner: Panz 2nd: Voodoo 3rd: trip Worst Member in a Group Winner: GunWrath 2nd: D4 Damager 3rd: Voodoo

Special Awards Biggest Drama Queen Winner: theadmiral 2nd: A J 3rd: AceKingston Biggest Spammer Winner: theadmiral Worst Username Winner: •¿F¡ññ4L¡ƒ£?• 2nd: niko bellic half brother + TheWomenBeater 3rd: Fluttershy Pony Worst Topic Creator Winner: greenrock Greatest Asset to McDonald's Winner: PaletoChickenCapo + universetwisters 2nd: theadmiral 3rd: sivispacem Creepiest Member Winner: universetwisters Most Likely To Be Arrested For Cyber Bullying Winner: GunWrath 2nd: Daz 3rd: theadmiral Most Annoying Member Winner: theadmiral 2nd: redx165 3rd: SonOfLiberty Member You'd Most Like To Ban Winner: theadmiral 2nd: GunWrath 3rd: redx165 Biggest Asskisser Winner: Kalvin 2nd: theadmiral 3rd: AceKingston + GunWrath Strangest Appearance Winner: universetwisters Worst Conspiracy Theorist Winner: GrandMaster Smith Unfunniest Member Winner: theadmiral Who Took the Awards Most Seriously Last Year Winner: The Leviathan 2nd: A J 3rd: Adriaan

Off-Topic Contribution Awards Most Knowledgeable - Gaming Winner: meta187 2nd: Daz 3rd: Andreas + Secura + Tycek Most Knowledgeable - Technology Winner: NTAuthority + Wolf68k + yojo2 2nd: sivispacem 3rd: ClaudeSpeedRulez Most Knowledgeable - Web Development/Programming Winner: K^2 2nd: NTAuthority 3rd: trip Most Knowledgeable - Movies & TV Winner: darthYENIK 2nd: Dnero + Flynny + Indi + Moonshield + Tycek 3rd: GunWrath Most Knowledgeable - Music Winner: ThePinkFloydSound 2nd: Dnero 3rd: Kippers Most Knowledgeable - Sports Winner: Tommy. 2nd: Bull12345Bull + Max + rhyn + Waddy 3rd: AndyGanteks + Flynny + NathanT + Nycki + Seddo Most Knowledgeable - Vehicles Winner: sivispacem 2nd: Tycek 3rd: The Yokel

Staff Awards Best Senior Moderator Winner: Moonshield 2nd: adamcs 3rd: Waddy Best Moderator Winner: Kirsty 2nd: SonOfLiberty 3rd: Girish + Otter Best Forum Ledby Winner: Raavi 2nd: WBaker 3rd: Andreas + lil weasel Worst Power Abuser Winner: sivispacem 2nd: GunWrath 3rd: Otter

Expression Awards Most Helpful - Expression Winner: GunWrath 2nd: Graven 3rd: Dnero Most Talented GFX Artist Winner: Graven 2nd: GunWrath 3rd: Narcis_speed6 Avatar of the Year Winner: Andreas "Daft Punk" Signature of the Year Winner: Shoumic "Avengers" Photograph/Picture of the Year Winner: ???? "California" Best Story/Poem Winner: Mokrie Dela "The Storm" Most Talented Writer Winner: Mokrie Dela 2nd: Ziggy455 3rd: Coat. Best Debater Winner: sivispacem 2nd: lil weasel + theadmiral 3rd: SagaciousKJB Worst Avatar Winner: Acky. "Chavs" -----

example of a new medal(hover over to see what for)

And as always, people were happy/sad/butthurt after the forum awards, but yet again, a great tradition continues, and hopefully next year, we will see more categories, more votes, and more intense battles for these awards. This would be it, as far as the GTAF community goes. As everyone continues with their usual routine, we come to the end of this monthsâ€&#x; MP Newswireâ€&#x;s Forum News sub-section. Hope you liked it.

Other News

GANG News - Official Gangs -

$outh $ide Hoodz

$outh $ide Hoodz had a solid month. Their member Desmosedici changes his name to anus. Moth was very active around the forums congratulating the new officials, and playing with the GTAF crew folks. BuyMeTheMoon, a female apparently joined $$H this month too. OnePiece aka Thunderfuckingrapist came back for a cameo, but then gone back into hiding; People just hate his namechange. Melchior left the gang and joined AMF.

Leone Family Mafia

Leone Family Mafia also had a solid month. Joe became Democrab(have to memorize that) Brobinski and D4 Damager were most active LFM dudes this month. Vlynor won the best newcomer 2013 award in the forum awards. tms_junk became LittleBlueTroll. That „bout it for LFM this month.

Andolini Mafia Family

Andolini Mafia Family brought Melchior from $$H, and then geobst from The Connection, the latter for unknown reasons. Edmachine finally got his post count back to normal. GTA1 became Fleckz. ILAK was seen a lot around the forums too. Kirsty won Best Mod Award in FA 2013. A good month for AMFâ€&#x;ers overall.

The Precinct

The Precinct had theadmiral join their ranks and disband her/his cricket club. He/she also had various interesting convos with the likes of GunWrath this month. Nothing else really happened besides the usual good activity from the most active TP members.

The Connection

The Connection no longest host geobst, who is now in AMF, for unknown reasons. Kajun is now just Kaj. Lochie and chris gotten more active. Maverick also shortened his nickname, now known just as Mav. ThePinkFloydSound, won the Most Knowledgable Music award in FA 2013, and then changes his nickname to Mister Pink. So much name changes. We also noticed Orange Juice is in TC. It is very tasty; Noodles too. Blackout? is now Xo4? That i think concludes the name changing fest that was seen in TC these months.

Feroci Racing

Feroci Racing aka Parcel Force aka Daz Force. Not much there, besides Daz.


Zaibatsu had Pandazoot change his name to Andyzoot. Kinda meh. Ciaran became a Z but is now no more one, why is that, maybe he can tell us. gareth Croke is now Crokey. Max became another Z led-by, this time of Sports area. Method is now Nebby. Rudy is the new name of rudy now, capitalized and got rid of the noobish dot. FunkyChunky ana Funk3h is now Vanilaiiny. yet another weird one. Zxirius got his old account ViceHog back into the Z group, and changed his regular account name to Zxiriussucks.

The Yardies

The Yardies became one of the 3 new official gangs, as per the 2014 upgrade race movement thingy whatever. 32 of their members got into the group, with a few revisions for future Young Rastas. Johacamigames joined them then, as Winter Transfers are nearing finish. SatournFan became Boris The Vodka. Y won the best gang snapmatics and emblem, as well as the MVP award, best event, and much more awards(you can see in MP Newswire) A good month with lots of celebrations for the Yard bunch, as they became official after 6 years of GTAF service. Y thread also hit 1 million views this month.

Angels of Death MC

Angels of Death MC are the second of the 3 new officials as per the 2014 upgrade and mix of the gang areas. They moved their 20ish top ranked members into the group, while the other ones on probation will have to pass the trials and earn it first. ZombiestheyNombies became Terminal Indoc though. At the end, ti was implied that Swaety may leave them, and that leelee may be reforming Project MayFailham again. Lots of chatter and decenet acitivy was seen in their thread too, and their animated pip was also praised by many, just like the other 3 new official ones.


D1RTY12 are the 3rd and final new official gang of 2014. Like we said many times, it is most likely that 1 new will be added yearly from now on starting 2015, with the possibility of even removing some inactive ones in future too, but that part of the gang sectionsâ€&#x; mix isnâ€&#x;t completed yet. Now back to the D12, they became official, and enjoyed their time with the lovely DDZN animated pip. They moved 35ish of their top and most active forum members into the group, and saw a solid activity boost. coach_wargo won one of the Snapmatic awards, and D12 broke Y 3(or 4 i forgot) year combo, and won best MP gang award; All of those to be fused into new Gang Awards for next FA. Few name changes here and there as well. Doc & Marco.

- Unofficial Gangs SRS Incorporated

SRS Incorporated had a fine month in Feb. Most activity came from GTA online, while the topic was bumped every now and then with some amazing footage from their latest V adventures. general GTA chatter was also present, so overall a decent month for SRS, going 6 pages up.

Bianco Crime Famiglia

Bianco Crime Famiglia has been mostly on roleplay again, with V not taking much of their time. Their topic wasn‟t very active this month, however, the discussion they had was mostly gaming related. A solid month for BCF overall, about 5 pages up.

The Highway Reapers MC

The Highway Reapers MC were again active in game, but way less on the forums, with their topic only moving 2 pages. Reaper created a new GTAF Gang List topic though, continuing GTAF Gangs area upgrades that are soon to be complete. Their topic had some general discussion regarding GTA lately, and a few gang upgrades too.

The Lost MC

The Lost MC had a much better month then before, as their hope of a PC release for GTA V is still sparkling. TLMC went up 4 pages, and had some general discussions regarding gaming and life throughout those. Also, a few of their churches were actually held well this time. Props to Lost dudes for still being alive on GTAF!

Warriors of the Night

Warriors of the Night were not very active on GTAF this month, with only a few posts bumping their topic, and them being general GTA or Max Payne 3 discussions.

The Legion

The Legion had a solid month in February. Lots of GTA activity, and forum activity as well. 5 pages up for them this month. Mr Punchy took 2nd place in the MVP category of Forum Awards 2013. Rofl50 change his name to Commander Rofl. Gaming and GTA chatter kept their topic active in February.

The Department

The Department wasn‟t very active this month, and although their topics‟ 1st posts were updated to the max, and are looking gorgeous now, not much forum activity from them, nor in-game it seems. Hope they pick it up.

Academi PMC

Academi PMC had a good month. Similar as The Legion, lots of competivity between them and external SC crews. Their topic moved forward a lot, and it was all good for them, taking 2nd in FA 2013 best new gang category. Good month for Academi overally, as well as some nice GTAF topic activity.

Soul Reapers MC

Soul Reapers MC had an alright month. There was some long debate over their name earlier in February, but it ended. After that it was back to GTA and gaming for them, despite some small arguments with REAP crew.

The Damned

The Damned had an alright month. Besides the traditional forum awards ceremony & other ones, they have been active in their topic, and in-game mostly. A few birthdays have also been celebrated as well. They have been suffering from IV syndrome though, missing many of the games features in V though. All in all, an alright month for the DAMN brotherhood.

Mobilized Mercenary Division

Mobilized Mercenary Division had a solid month, going up 2 pages. Their 1st post and roster are up for a redesign, said enjoi, 3rd in the MVP in FA 2013 votings. Miniman 2.0, former HR member came in, said hi and applied, and was in apparently. An alright month for MMD, but they can do it better.

The Faustino Syndicate

The Faustino Syndicate had their topic move up only 2 pages. it was mostly roleplay, general, and a bit of V discussion, as they are kind of like BCF; Mostly diving in those waters as of now, waiting for something new and big in V, which gotten old for them apparently.

Red Rum Racing

Red Rum Racing had a good month on the forums. Their member mo-seph won a medal as the most helpful in GTA, even though he‟s only been here a few months. Kudos to him, and to RRR, for winning the Best New Gang award. Hope you guys stick, and be active on GTAF in 2014, like you used to so far! Solid activity in GTA & their GTAF topic too btw this month.

Multi-National United

Multi-National United is a new gang on the forums block. Created on December 6th, 2013, they are slowly establishing themselves on GTAF. A 360 crew, with around 20 members on SC, and about ¼ of those are so far on GTAF. We hope you guys can stick and be active in GTA & on GTAF as you were so far. Good luck lads!

Hottest crews from the Recruitment section.


- - Maybe one of them becomes the next big hit in the Gang Chat soon!

Don‟t miss the Recruitment section, for your GTAF gang recruitment too: Want new members? Look in the pinned topic!

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Content Creators’ Corner MM‟s top 3 this month, besides the R* verified races that we wrote about in MP News: [PS3] Paperboy -

[PS3] Big City Nights -

[360] You & me -


Modding Garage

[IV/EFLC] Simple Trainer 6.5 GTA III Rage Classic Vice City Rage IV SA3 IV SA3 Snow IV Gostown Myriad Islands to IV IV Clockwork Mount IV Mod pack by HippieCommunist Custom Maps for IV/EFLC - Drift Paradise v2, Dead Race Island, Autopolis, Top Gear IV Ghost Peak Mountain IV/EFLC Trollface Mod IV/EFLC Broomstick Mod

Desert IV IV Manhunt Press Coverage Level HD Cars for GTA Games by OnePiece‌ IV Carcer City Mafia on Rage Snow Storm LC IV/EFLC Countryside Mountains IV Anderius Rage IV Stryker IV Niko summoning a monster Much Blood Mod Social Club - no watermarks Boeing 747 IV Pirate Ship [IV/EFLC] GTA III Rage HD

[IV/EFLC] Vice City 2 Potato Car IV Granny Wheelchair IV Route 66 IV/EFLC California Coast IV/EFLC Northern Nightmare IV North Yankton

Also take a look at - GTA V consoles Carmageddon Find even more latest and greatest mods at: & & &!gta-iv--eflc-maps/

Closing Words This is it, hope you liked the issue. itâ€&#x;s still a few days late, but it came a month after the old one, not 6 months afterwards. ď Š See you next month, when the V2 of MM will near its completition! Until then, see ya!

And of course, mandatory ladies for all you n00bs who don‟t have a girlfriend or don‟t know to find porn.

Multiplay Monitor Issue 67  
Multiplay Monitor Issue 67