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What does the Current Stock Market CRASH mean to you? And what mind set to have in Tough Economic times.

How to make money fast I need money

Great, no credit, bad economy… What the hell!?!? What can we do? • Don’t freak on me yet my friends, all hope is not lost and this current market crash in some cases has no negative effect on consumers. • It could open opportunities, such as being a turning point in your life, just as it was mine. • Become more curious, find ways to get quick cash online, through loans, until you get back on your feet again.

Flip websites, offer services online, hell recycle more and spend less. • The quickest way to save money is to STOP spending it stupidly. • Really, think about this for a second. What if you instead of spending $25 dollars at McDonalds to feed your family. You buy a big old bag of rice and a few chicken breasts from the grocery store. That already cuts your food costs in half.

Use Positive Affirmations to Eliminate Limiting your Outcomes • If you say, you’re broke, every single day… Or that x was the cause of y (your problems) and put too much emphasis on the effect of X (the effect) instead of Y (the cause) You will undoubtedly limit yourself in moving forward. • So we use positive affirmations to eliminate this. Look at where you are, say and accept where you are but always frame yourself as moving forward to a specific outcome.

Affirmations, Cont. Using Language to assist in transformational change. • Using language to create change is probably your single most destructive weapon in transforming your life. • Instead of saying you’re broke, or you need money. Use language and affirmations. • Ex. Say, “I accept that I am not where I’d like to see myself yet financially, but I am working toward my goal (set goal) and everyday getting closer and closer”.

So what to do next? • Best thing to do right now is research more on positive affirmations and how they can help you transform your life in lieu of current economic disaster. • Use language more effectively to also assist in creating long lasting change that will stand up to any economic climate changes. • Most of all STAY positive!!!

How to make Money Fast  

How to create the right mind set to unblock limiting outcomes you may be creating for yourself after the stock market bubble got popped agai...

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