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Choosing Organic Baby Mattresses The Varieties Of Organic Baby Mattresses - Organic Baby Mattress _____________________________________________________________________________________ By Hanely - Babies don't always have one bed, as most babies sleep at least seventy percent of their first year. As organic baby mattresses aren't only for the crib, other types of mattresses using all-organic material have been developed for bassinets, cradles, and portacribs. Most of these mattresses are made from organic cotton, but some are made from organic rubber to give you, as a parent, multiple options in choosing an organic mattress for your baby. Eliminating the chemicals used to grow and process cotton and rubber, not to mention in PVC and other parts of a mattress, creates a safety, non-toxic atmosphere for your baby to sleep. With these various organic mattresses, your child has multiple safe places to sleep. Click Here

All organic mattresses are made from either rubber or cotton. Organic cotton continues to be the more preferable material, as these organic mattresses are less expensive. Organic mattresses are almost fully made of 100-percent organic.

Cotton, with the exception of internal metal springs to create support and organic wool for a fire retardant surface. Some organic cotton mattresses even have a layer of food-grade polyethylene to act as a mattress pad in case of leaks. Organic rubber baby mattresses, on the other hand, are composed of a core made from natural rubber, which is naturally absorbent and won't allow bedbugs and other pests to inhabit the interior.

Both cotton and rubber organic mattresses are available for cribs in square and rounded styles, but what about other types of mattresses? Smaller baby mattresses, such as those found in bassinets and cradles, can be purchased organic, as well, but these types are almost always organic cotton.

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Organic baby mattress  
Organic baby mattress