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Mary, Mother of Jesus Catholic Church 9323 Highway 165 South, Woodworth, Louisiana

Rev. John Pardue, Pastor

Church Mailing Address: P. O. Box 408

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 408, Woodworth, LA 71485

Office Hours: TWTh 8:00-noon (318) 487-9894 or 767-6508 Secretary/Bookkeeper: Kathy Rachall, Cantor/Music Director: Priscilla Gadel,

2120 Coulee Crossing, Woodworth, LA Telephone: (318) 445-7554

Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time, September 1, 2013

CALENDAR Saturday, August 31 4:00 pm Mass - Danny Eason + Sunday, September 1 7:30 am - Rosary 8:00 am Mass - Mat & Janice Lohman + 5:30 pm Mass - For the People Monday, September 2 7:00 am - NO MASS 5:30 pm - NO ADORATION Tuesday, September 3 7:00 am - NO MASS Wednesday, September 4 7:00 am - NO MASS Thursday, September 5 7:00 am - NO MASS Friday, September 6 No Mass Saturday, September 7 No Mass in Honor of the Blessed Mother 4:00 pm - William W. Floyd, Sr. + Sunday, September 8 7:30 am - Rosary 8:00 am Mass - Joseph Andre Busch, Sr. + Breakfast in the Hall After Mass 5:30 pm Mass - For the People Sanctuary Candle burns in memory of Mat & Janice Lohman 2ND SUNDAY BREAKFAST 2nd Sunday breakfast is starting up again this month. The first one will be on September 8th immediately following the 8:00 am mass in Cumella Hall. We have no volunteers for this one yet. If you or anyone you know would like to volunteer for any of them, please contact Father John or the church office.

GIVE GOD THE GLORY BY DIANE M. HOUDEK Today’s Gospel is one of Jesus’ most extended comments on the virtue of humility. The society of Jesus’ day depended a great deal on status and honor. People were in relationship to one another according to strict rules of class, occupation, and conduct. This was far more than a question of the arranged seating we might experience at a formal dinner. Luke frames the parable Jesus tells by setting the scene for us. He tells us Jesus is at the home of one of the leading Pharisees and “the people there were observing him carefully.” Jesus knows this and turns their observations back on them. He chides them for seeking positions of honor, suggesting that they instead will be shamed by someone more important than they perceive themselves to be. Jesus teaches again and again that the last will be first, not as a way to encourage them to push forward and get ahead of the rest, but as a reassurance that it’s not the pushy people who get their way in the end, even though it might seem to be the case in the short term. True humility is not about letting others push us around. Neither is it running ourselves down or being falsely modest about what we can do. It’s about realizing that who we are in relationship to one another depends solely on who we are in relationship to God. It’s about recognizing that the gifts we have and the recognition that comes to us rightly belongs to God. We will accept ourselves and those around us as truly equal in God’s eyes. DON’T FORGET!!! MMJ FIRST MONDAY SUPPER Monday, September 2nd, 5:00-7:00 pm in Cumella Hall. Dine in or take out - $7 per plate. Chicken Spaghetti, Seasoned Green Beans, Sweet Potato Casserole Benefits the Capital Campaign

COLLECTION 08/25/2013 Average Weekly Expenses Last Qtr Last Weekend’s Regular Collection Collections Month to Date Building Fund (gifts since 7/1/13)

COOKBOOK-FUNDRAISER $2,846.00 $1,423.00 $9,669.00 $235.00

Thank you for your generosity! CAPITAL CAMPAIGN Goal


Cash Received




CCD CLASSES CCD classes will begin on Wednesday September 11th at 6:00 pm. Registration forms are located in the back of the church. Please fill it out and mail it back or drop it in the collection basket.

We are going to publish a cookbook to sell as a fundraiser to help pay for our land. We are looking for favorite family recipes (please honor the family member by putting their name on the recipe so that it will be printed in the cookbook). We would especially like recipes for favorites that everyone brings to our parties and from members that have passed to honor and remember them in our cookbook as well. You can submit your recipes by mailing or bringing them to the office, by dropping them in the collection basket, by emailing them to or you can email them directly to the publisher by going to and under get started click on the yellow login button, then under user name type: MMJ and enter the password simmer928. Then it is self-explanatory.

SPECIAL COLLECTION There will be a special collection next weekend September 8th for The Catholic University of America.

READINGS FOR NEXT WEEKEND Wis 9:13-18b;Phlm 9-10, 12-17; Lk 14:25-33 Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time



ACUTELY ILL: Darren Aleshire, Lovie Bennett, Cameron Brown, Markay Brown, Nick Campbell, Betty Daigle, Dr. James David, Frances deLaunay, Walter, Jr. and Jackie Deptula, Bobby Despino, Judy John, Richard Kelly, Paul Lauve, Matthew Leotta, Sandra Maltese, William McGraw, Susan McKinney, Sam Meadows, Sherrie Miller, Sybil Moore, Sean Redmond, Elaine Roy, Katie & Tommy Smith, Ronnie Spurlock, Sr., T.J. Swain, Connie Ray Teutsch, Lynn Tompkins, Mary Virginia Young. SICK OR RECOVERING: Pat Boudreaux, Joann Fuqua Brock, Andre Busch, Anna M. Busch, Barbara Busch, Juanita Busch, Kevin Busch, Marie Busch, Thomas Busch, George Coker, Amy Ladner Davis, Nicholas Fremin, Patrick Fremin, Patsy Fremin, Sharie Hakeman, Brenda Holloway, Jacob Jones, Daniel Jones, Elsie Marcon, Edwin Mathews, Steve Mathews, John McCall, Michael McGuire, Michelle McGuire, Yessica McGuire, LaVern Moser, Gayle Odum, James Odum, Bobby Odum, Jr., Dana Parker, Ray Reich, Karen Rambo Roberts, Francis Snoddy. HOMEBOUND: Joan Alpha, Marty Doiron, Daphne Land, Fleta Waits. (Use a pew envelope to add or remove names or call Kathy at 487-9894 or 767-6508.)

Angel of God, my Guardian dear, To whom his love commits me here, Ever this day be at my side, To light and guard, to rule and guide. Amen. Mass Intentions $5.00 Sanctuary Candle $3.00 Call or email Kathy or use a pew envelope. CHURCH INFORMATION WEEKEND MASSES: Saturday 4:00 pm. Sunday 8:00 am & 5:30 pm WEEKDAY MASSES: 7:00 am Monday thru Thursday. HOLY DAY MASSES: as announced. FIRST SATURDAY MASS: 9 am in Honor of the Blessed Mother. BAPTISM PREPARATION: e-mail or call pastor to schedule. MARRIAGE PREPARATION: e-mail or call pastor to schedule first appointment at least six (6) months in advance. FUNERAL SERVICES: only the funeral home may schedule. When making arrangements, have director call pastor personally. CONFESSION: 30 mins before weekend Masses; any time on request ANOINTING OF THE SICK: Upon request. HOSPITALIZATION: e-mail or call pastor at any time, give patient’s name, hospital and room number. SERIOUS ILLNESS, DEATH, DYING: call pastor at any time. OF COUNSEL TO OUR PASTOR PASTORAL COUNCIL: Deborah Bess, Butch Doiron, Brad Gadel, Priscilla Gadel, Runnie Hunter, Rodney Lamkin, Bobbie Long, Grant Ogaard FINANCE COUNCIL: Ed Carroll; Pat Brister, Trustee; Gary Delaney, Trustee; Dr. Bernard Patty; Chuck Reich

Mmj 09 01 2013  

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