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Mary, Mother of Jesus Catholic Church 9323 Highway 165 South, Woodworth, Louisiana

Rev. John Pardue, Pastor

Church Mailing Address: P. O. Box 408

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 408, Woodworth, LA 71485

Office Hours: TWTh 8:00-noon (318) 487-9894 or 767-6508 Secretary/Bookkeeper: Kathy Rachall, Cantor/Music Director: Priscilla Gadel,

2120 Coulee Crossing, Woodworth, LA Telephone: (318) 445-7554

The Epiphany of the Lord, January 5, 2014

CALENDAR Saturday, January 4 9:00 am Mass - In Honor of the Blessed Mother 4:00 pm Mass - Murriel H. Jones, Sr. + Sunday, January 5 7:30 am - Rosary 8:00 am Mass - Richard “Dickey” Scallan + 5:30 pm Mass - For the People Monday, January 6 7:00 am Mass - William W. Floyd, Jr. + 5:30 pm - Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament Tuesday, January 7 7:00 am Mass - William W. Floyd, Sr. + Wednesday, January 8 7:00 am Mass - Murriel H. Jones, Sr. + 6:00 pm - CCD Class - Hall Thursday, January 9 7:00 am Mass - William W. Floyd, Sr. + Friday, January 10 No Mass Saturday, January 11 4:00 pm Mass - Mrs. L. J. Rolfes + Sunday, January 12 7:30 am - Rosary 8:00 am Mass - Vince Gallent, Sr. + 5:30 pm Mass - For the People I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Nicole Coreil as the new DRE for Mary, Mother of Jesus Church and to thank the outgoing DRE Deborah Bess for all her generosity, time, hard work and kind leadership. - Father John DON’T FORGET!!! MMJ FIRST MONDAY SUPPER Monday, January 6, 5:00-7:00 pm In Cumella Hall. Dine In or Take Out $7 per plate Turkey & Sausage Gumbo, Sweet Potato, Potato Salad & Toasted Bread Rounds Benefits the Capital Campaign

JOURNEY OF A LIFETIME BY DIANE M. HOUDEK Our Gospel for the feast of Epiphany takes place in two different worlds. One is the far-reaching journey of the visitors from the east, the distant Orient. The other is the tightly controlled palace of King Herod the Great. The visitors from the East are traditionally three in number and referred to as kings. These men, more likely sages and astronomers than kings, were following a star, but it wasn't some romantic flight of fancy. Their field of study had led them to an awareness of a great event taking place in a distant land, one that was worth a long and arduous journey, the journey of a lifetime. They undertook the journey to which their studies led them. But who’s to say God wasn’t calling them through their life’s efforts? Matthew tells us the magi arrived at the palace in Jerusalem to ask where the newborn king would be found. Herod, threatened by the idea of a new ruler supplanting him, sought only to hold on to his own power and missed the message of the Messiah. The Magi found the child because they sought him. They knew the signs they had seen and they knew what they sought. Our Gospel reading concludes with a telling sentence: “And having been warned in a dream not to return to Herod, the departed for their country by another way.” They didn’t stay in Bethleham—or Jerusalem—but rather returned to their own country changed by the realization of their vision While we may have moments of startling insight and divine inspiration, most likely the effort we put into the work to which we have been called will allow us to grow into our work for God. Whether we undertake an actual journey or simply let our imaginations roam, being open to God’s call is all that’s required. We can be sure we will have gifts to offer and stories to tell. READINGS FOR NEXT WEEKEND Is 42:1-4, 6-7; Acts 10:34-38; Mt 3:13-17 The Baptism of the Lord

COLLECTION 12/29/2013 Average Weekly Expenses Last Qtr Last Weekend’s Regular Collection Christmas Offering Collections Month to Date Building Fund (gifts since 7/1/13)

$2,846.00 $1,408.00 $1,445.00 $13,330.00 $470.00

The Liturgical Calendar for 2014 has arrived. If you are interested in Mass intentions or memorial candles for certain dates in 2014, please call me, email me or come by during office hours. - Kathy

Thank you for your generosity! CAPITAL CAMPAIGN Goal $170,000.00

Pledged $124,760.00

Cash Received $128,445.69

CONTRIBUTION LETTERS Letters to all parishioners who made identifiable contributions in 2013 will be sent out within the next few weeks. Remember that donation for flowers, memorial candles and Mass stipends are not tax deductible and, therefore, will not appear on your statement. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email me. Kathy WE PRAY FOR THOSE AMONG US ... ACUTELY ILL: Darren Aleshire, Lovie Bennett, Cameron Brown, Nick Campbell, Jannett Clark, Betty Daigle, Frances deLaunay, Walter, Jr. and Jackie Deptula, Judy John, Richard Kelly, Paul Lauve, Matthew Leotta, Susan McKinney, Sam Meadows, Sybil Moore, Sean Redmond, Elaine Roy, Ronnie Spurlock, Sr., T.J. Swain, Connie Ray Teutsch, Mary Virginia Young, Woodrow E. Young. SICK OR RECOVERING: Denise Bankovic, Pat Boudreaux, Joann Fuqua Brock, Andre Busch, Anna M. Busch, Barbara Busch, Juanita Busch, Kevin Busch, Marie Busch, Thomas Busch, George Coker, Amy Ladner Davis, Jack Ellington, Nicholas Fremin, Patrick Fremin, Patsy Fremin, Sharie Hakeman, Brenda Holloway, Jacob Jones, Daniel Jones, Elsie Marcon, Steve Mathews, John McCall, Michael McGuire, Michelle McGuire, Yessica McGuire, LaVern Moser, Gayle Odum, James Odum, Bobby Odum, Jr., Dana Parker, Ray Reich, Karen Rambo Roberts, Charlotte Shelor, Francis Snoddy. HOMEBOUND: Joan Alpha, Marty Doiron, Daphne Land, Fleta Waits. (Use a pew envelope to add or remove names or call Kathy at 487-9894 or 767-6508.)

As usual, the people of Woodworth have been very generous to me this Christmas. And so, in light of the many cards, gifts, pastries, fruit cakes, turkeys, and gift cards that you have given me, I would like to extend to you all my most sincere thanks and love. Sincerely Yours, Father John

Sanctuary Candle burns in memory of Mrs. L. J. Rolfes Mass Intentions $5.00 Sanctuary Candle $4.00 Call or email Kathy or use a pew envelope. CHURCH INFORMATION WEEKEND MASSES: Saturday 4:00 pm. Sunday 8:00 am & 5:30 pm WEEKDAY MASSES: 7:00 am Monday thru Thursday. HOLY DAY MASSES: as announced. FIRST SATURDAY MASS: 9 am in Honor of the Blessed Mother. BAPTISM PREPARATION: e-mail or call pastor to schedule. MARRIAGE PREPARATION: e-mail or call pastor to schedule first appointment at least six (6) months in advance. FUNERAL SERVICES: only the funeral home may schedule. When making arrangements, have director call pastor personally. CONFESSION: 30 mins before weekend Masses; any time on request ANOINTING OF THE SICK: Upon request. HOSPITALIZATION: e-mail or call pastor at any time, give patient’s name, hospital and room number. SERIOUS ILLNESS, DEATH, DYING: call pastor at any time. OF COUNSEL TO OUR PASTOR PASTORAL COUNCIL: Deborah Bess, Butch Doiron, Brad Gadel, Priscilla Gadel, Runnie Hunter, Rodney Lamkin, Bobbie Long, Grant Ogaard FINANCE COUNCIL: Ed Carroll; Pat Brister, Trustee; Gary Delaney, Trustee; Dr. Bernard Patty; Chuck Reich

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