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Mary, Mother of Jesus Catholic Church 9323 Highway 165 South, Woodworth, Louisiana

Rev. John Pardue, Pastor

Church Mailing Address: P. O. Box 408

Rev. Blake Deshautelle, In Residence 2120 Coulee Crossing, Woodworth, LA Mailing Address: P. O. Box 408, Woodworth, LA 71485 Telephone: (318) 445-7554

Office Hours: TWTh 8:00-noon (318) 487-9894 or 767-6508 Secretary/Bookkeeper: Laura Callico, Cantor/Music Director: Priscilla Gadel,

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time, January 15, 2012

CALENDAR Saturday, January 14 4:00 pm Mass - Valorie Clayton + Sunday, January 15 7:30 am Rosary 8:00 am Mass - Lynda Ellington 5:30 pm Mass - For the People Monday, January 16 No Mass Tuesday, January 17 7:00 am Mass - Rev. Ernest Bailly + Wednesday, January 18 7:00 am Mass - Walter J. Deptula, Jr. 6:00 pm - CCD Classes - Hall Thursday, January 19 7:00 am Mass - Carl Bess, Jr. + 5:30 pm - Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament Friday, January 20 7:00 am Mass - William W. Floyd, Sr. + Saturday, January 21 4:00 pm Mass - Mark Gagnard + Sunday, January 22 7:30 am Rosary 8:00 am Mass - Josh Johnson + 5:30 pm Mass - For the People

Sanctuary Candle burns in memory of Marilyn Elizabeth Smith

Dear Parishioners, You may notice that after I begin the opening prayer of the Mass by saying “Let us pray,” I pause for a while. No, I’m not taking a nap. This opening prayer is properly called the Collect, pronounced “cahlect.” Although the Sacred Liturgy is the prayer of the entire Church, we each come to Mass with our own particular issues that we want to pray for, although it is unlikely that we will get a chance to offer our personal prayers out loud. But these prayers, which rest in our hearts and minds, we want included in the larger prayer of everyone else. So the priest pauses and the instruction says not for a moment but for “a while.” At that moment you are supposed to do two things. First, you are supposed to place yourself in the presence of God, that is calm down and remember what you are doing and to whom you are praying. Secondly, in your mind and heart, you are to offer up your own prayers, the needs that you are concerned about. The priest will spiritually gather them all up; he will “collect” them (hence the name) with the one prayer that he recites. He does not have to know what you want to offer but God does. And so the pause, though it may be long, is your chance to silently offer your own prayer that you know will be included. If the pause seems overly long, just remember there could be others who are not yet done offering their prayers. Charity demands that we give them the chance. Sincerely yours, Father John

THANK YOU … to the Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts and their leaders for the wonderful breakfast they prepared last Sunday. Fr. John

READINGS FOR NEXT WEEKEND Jon 3: 1-5, 10; 1 Cor 7: 29-31; Mk 1: 14-20 Third Sunday in Ordinary Time Ecumenical Sunday

CHRISTIAN DREAM THERAPY REGULAR COLLECTION 01/08/2012 Average Weekly Expenses Last Qtr Last Weekend’s Collection Building Fund (gifts since 7/1/11)

$2,846.00 $4,187.00 $1080.00

Thank you for your generosity!

ORDINATION OF PERMANENT DEACONS For the first time in over 30 years, 15 men from the Diocese of Alexandria will be ordained as Permanent Deacons on February 4 and 11 at 10:00 am in St. Francis Xavier Cathedral. Those to be ordained February 4 are Benny Broussard, Ray Gibson, Todd Marye, Richard Mitchell, Ted Moulard, Bill Shaidnagle, Bill Travis, and Michael Young. Those to be ordained February 11 are Emile Barre, L.G. Deloach, Greg LeBlanc, Pat McCusker, Kip Pelto, Gary Schupbach, and John Whitehead.

WE PRAY FOR THOSE AMONG US ... ACUTELY ILL: Beverly Aleshire, Darren Aleshire, Lovie Bennett, Cameron Brown, Marie Busch, Frances deLaunay, Walter Deptula, Lynda Ellington, Russell Edwards, III, Judy John, Richard Kelly, Elsie Marcon, Donald Parker, Sean Redmond, Caroline Roy, Ronnie Spurlock, Sr., Connie Ray Teutsch. SICK OR RECOVERING: Patricia Arnold, Pat Boudreaux, Deanna Brister, Joann Brock, Andre Busch, Anna M. Busch, Barbara Busch, Juanita Busch, Kevin Busch, Thomas Busch, Ed Carroll, George Coker, Betty Daigle, Patsy Fremin, Robert Hall, Brenda Holloway, Bruce Laborde, Steve Mathews, Merlyn Maillian, Clementine Matherne, Michael McGuire, Michelle McGuire, Yessica McGuire, LaVern Moser, Gayle Odum, James Odum, Dana Parker, Karen Rambo Roberts, Francis Snoddy, Nancy Weidner, Ann Williamson. HOMEBOUND: Beverly Aleshire, Joan Alpha, Marty Doiron. (Use a pew envelope to add or remove names or call Laura at 487-9894 or 767-6508.)

Jim and Christy Gootee and the Two Hearts Team will be offering a retreat on Christian Dream Therapy at Maryhill Renewal Center on January 21 and 22 from 9:00 am Saturday to 5:30 pm Sunday. The retreat will look at dreams in Scripture as well as study God’s symbolic language found in our dreams. You will learn a variety of approaches to help you understand your own dreams. Bring a Bible and dream notebook. The $115 cost includes a reference book and retreat manual. For more information and to register, go to . Collection for Church in Latin America For more than 46 years, the faithful of the United States have supported the national collection for the Church in Latin America as a visible sign of their solidarity with the faithful of Latin America and the Caribbean. Through this generosity, tens of thousands of Catholics in 23 countries across the region have been enabled not only to live more fully as disciples, but to share their faith as missionaries and leaders in their communities and beyond. This year, the collection will be taken next weekend, January 23-24, and you are asked to again be generous in response. - Bishop Herzog

As sailors are guided by star to the port, so are Christians guided to Heaven by Mary. St. Frances Xavier Cabrini CHURCH INFORMATION WEEKEND MASSES: Saturday 4:00 pm. Sunday 8:00 am & 5:30 pm WEEKDAY MASSES: 7:00 am Tuesday thru Friday. HOLY DAY MASSES: as announced. FIRST SATURDAY MASS: 9 am in Honor of the Blessed Mother. BAPTISM PREPARATION: e-mail or call pastor to schedule. MARRIAGE PREPARATION: e-mail or call pastor to schedule first appointment at least six (6) months in advance. FUNERAL SERVICES: only the funeral home may schedule. When making arrangements, have director call pastor personally. CONFESSION: 30 mins before weekend Masses; any time on request ANOINTING OF THE SICK: Upon request. HOSPITALIZATION: e-mail or call pastor at any time, give patient’s name, hospital and room number. SERIOUS ILLNESS, DEATH, DYING: call pastor at any time. OF COUNSEL TO OUR PASTOR PASTORAL COUNCIL: Butch Doiron, Brad Gadel, Priscilla Gadel, Runnie Hunter, Rodney Lamkin, Bobbie Long, Grant Ogaard FINANCE COUNCIL: Ed Carroll; Pat Brister, Trustee; Chuck Reich; Gary Delaney, Trustee

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