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Your Partners in Property

WELCOME a message from the Managing Director

We are a long established

With almost 50 years in business, MMJ is very much a part of the Illawarra community

& dynamic Real Estate company.

We are committed to

providing our customers with

a personal, high quality and comprehensive property service based on integrity, reliability, innovation & an extensive range of

professional skills.

Martin Morris & Jones has been providing

However, we’re still a family company,

expert real estate services to the Illawarra

with our values of honesty, integrity and

for almost half a century.

personalised service leading to strong ongoing relationships with our clients.

Established as a family company in 1960, MMJ has always been driven by the desire to provide the finest commercial, industrial and residential real estate services in the Illawarra region. Over the years we have constantly upgraded and expanded our services, so that now our large team of qualified professionals provide the region’s most

We are still an Illawarra-based business – preferring to concentrate our expertise and services in the region and with the people we know so well. This is a strategy that has paid off over the years with Illawarra-based organisations and newcomers to the area. Both preferring to place their trust and their business with us, the local experts.

comprehensive range of real estate skills and experience. We now have seven divisions covering residential sales, project marketing , commercial sales, residential management, commercial management,

MMJ has over 70 staff and 5 offices throughout the region, so our clients are able to source our knowledge and expertise across a range of services.

With almost 50 years in business, MMJ is very much a part of the Illawarra community, from our extensive business connections to the many links our staff have with community and sporting organisations. This brochure is designed to introduce you to MMJ – the Illawarra’s real estate experts. We hope you like what you see, and become part of the MMJ family.

Geoff Jones Managing Director

commercial leasing, valuations, town planning and marketing.


Your Partners in Property

R es id Sal enti es al

Our Services

& ationancy u l Va nsult Co

l identia Res agement n Ma

To Planwn nin g

ject Proketing r Ma


Com S m a l es erci al

Residential Sales

Commercial Sales


Homes, Land, Units, Villas and Townhouses.

Commercial, Industrial & Retail Properties.

Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Service Stations.

Pre Selling Advice

Pre Selling Advice

Rental Valuations

Property Sales

Property Sales

Property Valuation

Sale by Auction

Sale by Auction

Feasibility studies



Property Consultancy Market research

Residential Management

Commercial Management

Tenant Placement

Commercial, Industrial & Retail Properties.

ercial mm Co Leasing

Co Manmme age rc i a m en l t

Expenses Management Repairs & Maintenance Arrears Control Asset Management

Project Marketing Land subdivision sales New townhouse, villa and unit sales Consultation

Operational & Capital

Land Tax Objections

Town Planning Preparation, lodgement &

Expenditure Budgets

negotiation of :-

Proactive Asset Management

Rezoning Applications

Asset Life Cycle Planning

Development Applications

Repairs & Maintenance

Subdivision Certificates

Customised Management

Construction Certificates

Rent Reviews Negotiations

Project Co-ordination and Management Site Planning and Development

Commercial Leasing

Master Planning & Major Projects

On Site Sales

Commercial, Industrial & Retail Properties.

Pre Selling Planning

Tenant Placement

Cash Flow Management

Leasing Advice

Town Planning

Lease Negotiation

Urban design & Environmental Reviews Issues Resolution and consultations Appeals & Witness in Land & Environment Court



Your Partners in Property

Helensburgh Stanwell Park

Our Reach The core of the MMJ services is focused on the

Thirroul Bulli

Illawarra and South Coast regions, however, our consultancy services such as Town Planning and Valuation cover the entire State. The Illawarra has always been home to the MMJ Group and provides the perfect grounding for our


5 offices located in Corrimal, Wollongong, Dapto & Windang & Oak Flats.

Wollongong Port Kembla

Unanderra Dapto

Oak Flats Windang Albion Park Shellharbour

Kiama Gerringong


New South Wales, Australia Town Planning & Valuation Services cover the entire State.

Sydney Wollongong

Nowra 6

Your Partners in Property

Directors Profile


Alan Chaffers

Ian Fitzgibbon

Adam Martin

Joe Martin South


Graham Rollinson Town Planning

Bruce Martin Project Marketing

Rob Aubin Valuation

Roger Hughes

Geoff Jones, Managing Director 8

Your Partners in Property

Daniel Hastings Residential Sales

Michael Croghan Commercial Leasing

Brendan Carr Valuation

Troy Phipps

Greg Ellul


Residential Sales Buying a home is an exciting time, whether

We provide valuable advice on how to

it is your first home, you are upgrading or

prepare your home for sale to maximise

you are down-sizing. But it can also be a

the result, and guide you through the sales

stressful and frustrating time as you try to

process with minimum inconvenience.

find the right property at the right price. We reach a huge volume of potential buyers MMJ are the Illawarra experts in residential

in every price range through effective

real estate. We’ve been helping people buy

advertising and our own interactive

and sell homes in the Illawarra for almost

marketing systems, which alert buyers on a

half a century.

daily basis of new products on the market.

Our highly experienced and well-trained

When you want the best, come and see

staff know how to position your property

the people at MMJ. We’re the Illawarra real

effectively in the market, negotiate the best

estate experts.

possible price and implement a smooth sale. The average MMJ agent has 17 years industry experience and possesses a high level of local market knowledge. People put their homes on the market for all kinds of reasons. However, there should be only one reason to select an agent to sell your property. You want the best - the best advice and, of course, the best price.



Your Partners in Property

Property Types:

Homes, Land, Units, Villas and Townhouses.


Pre Selling Advice

Property Sales

Sale by Auction



Helensburgh - Shellharbour

Project Marketing For each new development, it is vital to

With MMJ’s scope of services we are

promote the benefits of the properties and

able to assist developers through the

the location.

entire development process, including lodging DA’s, researching prices, selling

MMJ develops unique, individual and

the products, establishing land values and

creative marketing strategies for the launch

many other aspects, making MMJ a one

of each new project.

stop shop for developers.

Our agents can maintain a seven day

We have a dedicated team who specialise in

a week on-site presence and regularly

the marketing of small to large projects for

monitor sales.

the small or large investor. Our experienced team are experts in researching and

We advise on changing market trends

tailoring marketing options to suit

to refine development plans to meet a

individual projects.

premium price, making MMJ the essential link between the purchaser and the

Notable Projects:-


The Point, Bulli The Meadows, Berkeley

MMJ have been linked to many successful

Regency Grove, Berkeley

projects throughout the Illawarra, a current

Tree Tops, Thirroul

example is the award winning Edgewood

The Ridge, Keiraville

Estate in Woonona which commenced in the year 2000 and is still active.



Your Partners in Property

Property Types:

Residential, Commercial, Retail & Industrial


Project Marketing & promotional services

Sale of Land Subdivisions - Residential & Industrial

Sale of New Townhouses, Villas, Units & ‘Turn-key housing’

Market Research - ascertain target buyers

Event Management

Builder/Developer liaison

Factual Client Reporting


Helensburgh - Gerringong

Residential Management Landlords generally fall into two categories:

We will manage your property for maximum

property investors and home-owners who

rent and minimum inconvenience.

temporarily leave the area and don’t want to sell their home.

Landlords vary as much as the properties we manage, therefore, we carefully match

Either way, they want maximum rental

owners to agents to ensure a satisfying

returns and, most importantly, peace

customer experience.

of mind. They want to know that their property is being well looked-after and

The MMJ Residential Management team

maintained, and that they have good

has the right mix of youth and experience.

tenants, who have been thoroughly

Out staff are dedicated to personalised care

screened and are appropriately managed.

of our clients. Our landlords can rest assured knowing that their assets are in safe hands,

MMJ’s Residential Management Services

with experienced managers, and a rigorous

division is the largest in the Illawarra, with

tenant/property matching process. We

a team of experienced property managers

keep your property occupied and provide

who know how to look after your rental

you with knowledge and advice of local


rental market conditions to ensure your investment is working for you.

We have access to the latest research, reports and trends to help us manage your

Take the worry out of residential

property as effectively as possible. We share

investment, by trusting the experts in

our knowledge with landlords regularly by


providing industry news through seminars, newsletters and reports. This research

Tenants will find a great range of

coupled with our umbrella of services

properties from chic waterfront and city

allows us to provide accurate, educated

apartments, to family homes of all sizes and

appraisals on potential rental income.

suburbs, as well as great range of student accommodation.




Your Partners in Property

Property Types:

Homes, Units, Villas and Townhouses.


Tenant Placement

Expenses Management

Repairs & Maintenance

Arrears Control

Asset Management


Helensburgh - Shellharbour

MMJ Property Management




Commercial Sales Commercial and industrial property sales

Our extensive marketing network and

is a specialised area that requires expert

interactive marketing campaigns allow us to

knowledge and broad experience.

reach a wide range of potential customers quickly and effectively, so that we can find

MMJ is the Illawarra’s leading agency in

the right buyers for properties, and the right

commercial and industrial property sales,

properties for buyers.

being the largest dedicated commercial team in the region.

Our qualified town planners can advise on future development potential and outline

“Commercial, Industrial & Retail are not an ‘adjunct’ to our business. They are our ‘niche’, our ‘forte’. ”

Our company acts for the majority of

legislation and regulations that impact on

leading local and Sydney firms and

commercial and industrial properties. In


addition our licensed, in-house auctioneers have the passion and commitment to

Our team includes highly qualified and

ensure the best possible price, should you

experienced sales personnel with the added

decide to auction your property.

support of qualified valuers, town planners, lease negotiators, marketing support and

Continually marketing a wide variety

graphic designers.

of properties has given us the most comprehensive databases in the region.

We extensively research each property, to

Our exclusive databases are tailored to suit

provide a total marketing package with

specific buyers and help us in achieving

a comprehensive, tailored promotional

great results by targeting qualified potential



We also know how to position commercial and industrial properties for sale to achieve the best possible result within the required time frame.



Your Partners in Property

Property Types:

Commercial, Industrial & Retail


Pre Selling Advice

Property Sale Marketing

Sale by Auction

Expressions of Interest & Tender Sales


Helensburgh - Nowra

Commercial Management Commercial and industrial property

Our Commercial Management and

investors generally demand two things from

Commercial Leasing departments work

their asset management team: maximum

hand in hand. Unlike our competitors,

returns and peace of mind that their asset

our leasing people are specialists: they

is being operated and maintained so as

don’t do anything else but source tenants

to meet their performance goals for the

and negotiate new leases. This is a clear


advantage to our clients.

The team at Martin Morris & Jones are

Once the tenant has occupied the property,

experts in providing both. We are the

we do much more than simply collect the

biggest single property management

rent. We proactively manage all aspects of

team in the Illawarra. This means we have

the tenant landlord relationship on your

the local market expertise and breadth of

behalf – no task is too small or too in depth.

knowledge to maximise returns and provide peace of mind for our clients, knowing that

We take the hassle out of investing in

their property is in the very best of hands.

commercial and industrial property.

Our clients range from small investors to large corporations, and our marketing networks and reputation in the industry mean we are best placed to minimise vacancies and maximise property performance.



Your Partners in Property

Property Types:

Commercial, Industrial & Retail


Operational & Capital Expenditure Budgets

Proactive Asset Management

Asset Life Cycle Planning

Repairs & Maintenance

Customised Management

Rent Reviews Negotiations


Helensburgh - Nowra

Commercial Leasing MMJ’s Commercial Leasing department is

Our staff have the backup of significant

the only one of its kind in the region, and is

experience and professional knowledge

the recognised market leader.

and are far more than your standard agent, we are specialists.

Commercial Leasing is different to sales in a number of respects. Many of our

Leasing benefits greatly from MMJ’s overall

competitors treat it the same or as an

reputation and profile and from working

adjunct to their business and their results

hand in hand with the regions best

reflect it.

Commercial Sales and largest Commercial Management departments.

Our Commercial Leasing department is unique, because our leasing staff are solely

MMJ’s Commercial Leasing results speak for

dedicated to leasing. Unlike our local


competitors, who combine leasing with sales or management, MMJ Commercial Leasing staff are solely dedicated to sourcing tenants and negotiating the best deal for our clients.



Your Partners in Property

Property Types:

Commercial, Industrial & Retail


Tenant Placement

Leasing Advice

Lease Negotiation



Helensburgh - Nowra

Valuation & Property Consultancy Accurate and impartial property valuations

As highly trained and experienced Certified

are an essential part of any real estate

Practising Valuers, we are members of

transaction, whether you are buying or

the Australian Property Institute, and

selling. An inaccurate valuation can result in

regularly undertake Continuing Professional

a poorly informed sale or purchase, costing

Development courses through API to

you both money and time.

ensure that we are fully versed on the latest property trends and legislative

Martin Morris & Jones Valuation Services

requirements. We also strictly adhere to the

provide expert valuations on commercial,

API’s Code of Professional Conduct, Code of

industrial and residential properties for

Ethics and Rules of Conduct.

a range of purposes, including sales and purchases, obtaining finance, performance

MMJ’s experienced valuers have been

measurement, financial reporting,

providing valuation services to global oil

development feasibility studies, insurance

company Shell for over 30 years. We are

and asset purposes.

highly familiar with the main commercial and residential markets in NSW and have

We also assist in providing valuations for

a particular expertise in their base of the

objections to rating and taxation valuations

Illawarra, where MMJ is the benchmark for

and for compulsory acquisition cases, as

real estate valuation expertise.

well as due diligence investigations for property investments and capital gains and GST issues.



Your Partners in Property

Property Types:

Commercial, Industrial & Retail


Asset Valuations

Compulsory Acquisition

Land Economy

Property Consultancy

Mortgage Valuations

Development Feasibilities



Town Planning Established in 1988, MMJ’s Town Planning Division has wealth of knowledge of the NSW development industry and local property markets. Having been involved in over 1,000 development proposals to date, our expert team of planning professionals is well versed to take care of your total property needs. At both state and local levels, the NSW planning system has numerous legislative requirements which often makes the planning process complex and time consuming. Understanding the requirements and processes of Councils and other Agencies is critical in ensuring that planning and development transactions run as smoothly as possible. By working with MMJ Planners, you can benefit from our expertise to negotiate the best planning outcome. Should there be an opportunity for us to work with you, please don’t hesitate to contact us at your convenience.

Services Property Types:

Residential, Rural, Environmental, Commercial, Industrial & Retail


• Preparation, lodgement and negotiation of -

- Development Applications

- Rezoning Applications

- Subdivision Certificates

- Constructions Certificates

• Project coordination and management

• Site planning and development advice

• Master planning and major projects

• Urban design and environmental reviews

• Issues resolutions and consultation with all development stakeholders

• Appeals and expert witness in Land and Environment Court



Your Partners in Property

(including feasibility assessments and perceivable development opportunities)

All over NSW

The MMJ Umbrella of Services MMJ offer a wide range of services to assist with your property needs.

Sales Management Town Planning

Leasing Marketing Valuation & Consultancy

Quite often our clients require a number of services to help them through their property transactions. Often it can be hard liasing with a number of different companies where you have to give them the same information over and over again. Clients, using our Umbrella of Services, can expect to save both time and money with MMJ making all these services accessible at the drop of a hat.

Here is an example of how the MMJ Umbrella of Services provides priceless value in combining services.


Town Planning

A qualified Valuer provides a comprehensive report on the value of a large block of land in order for a developer to purchase it.

A qualified Town Planner assists with the lodgement of a Development Application.

Commercial Sales

Commercial Leasing and Management

Our Sales Team market some of the products through a tailored advertising campaign and negotiate sales.


Your Partners in Property

Our Property Managers find a suitable tenants for the other products and continue to manage them for you.

Project Marketing Our Project Marketing Team assesses the market and the product and create a suitable marketing plan for the products.

Town Planning Our Town Planners provide assistance with Development Approvals for some Commercial Tenants to be able to run their businesses.

MMJWollongong (Head Office) Wollongong

Ground Floor, 6-8 Regent Street, Wollongong PO Box 1167 Wollongong NSW 2500 Phone l (02) 4229 5555 Fax l (02) 4226 2040 Email l

MMJResidential Management Residential Management


Level 3, 6-8 Regent Street, Wollongong PO BOX1400, Wollongong NSW 2500 Phone l (02) 4228 5244 Fax l (02) 422 Email l

MMJNorth North

153 Princes Highway, Corrimal PO Box 152 Corrimal NSW 2518 Phone l (02) 4285 5999 Fax l (02) 4285 1825 Email l


231 Windang Road, Windang PO Box 31 Windang NSW 2528 Phone l (02) 4296 4444 Fax l (02) 4297 1547 Email l

MMJDapto Dapto

49 Princes Highway, Dapto PO Box 436 Dapto NSW 2530 Phone l (02) 4261 3822 Fax l (02) 4262 1640 Email l

MMJOak Flats

Shop 1/66 Central Ave, Oak Flats

Oak Flats

Phone l (02) 4257 5666 Email l

Testimonials Town Planning “I have been associated with Graham, and more recently Luke Rollinson, of Martin Morris and Jones for over 8 years now, utilising their planning expertise to establish new Hungry Jacks Restaurants throughout NSW. They always offer creative ideas and, interpret our ideas and needs into practical planning submissions, at times developing difficult layouts for us. With a 100% success rate with us, I can highly recommend Graham and Luke Rollinson’s professional planning expertise” Stephen McMahon, Hungry Jacks Pty Ltd

Commercial Sales “Thank you for your professionalism and integrity on the sale of our properties, in particular our commercial property. As I was recommended by a number of people to use your firm I can assure you I will also recommend your to others.“ Peter C Bassanetti, AVC Electrical Services

Commercial Management “Having been recommended to us over 20 years ago, we had no misgivings in our involvement with MMJ There superior level of service and performance have excelled all our expectations. They are a highly professional organisation and do a great service by promoting honest ethical practices in the real estate industry and the community at large.” Joe & Frances Cachia, Piruse Constructions

Commercial Leasing

Our no enquir . 1 one sou rce of y is thro ugh ref Here’s w hat som e rral. e of ou rc lients h

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t us.

“In relation to MMJ, I am in the unique position of having been on “both sides of the fence”, over a number of dealings in recent times. All of our dealings with MMJ have been exceptional, with the outcomes to match. I have no hesitation in recommending MMJ Commercial leasing and rate them as highly as, if not better than any other property organisation I have dealt with Australia wide.” Akasha Atkinson, Australian Government, Department of Human Resources

Residential Sales “I’ve always found MMJ to be very professional in my property dealings with them. When I listed my investment property for sale through them, they achieved a pleasing result and always acted in my best interest.” Geoff Phillips, WIN Television

Valuation & Property Consultancy “the Shell Company of Australia Limited has a strong business relationship with MMJ that began over 20 years ago. Our close working relationships within MMJ have resulted in countless positive solutions for our Real Estate requirements. We will continue to utilise the services of MMJ and have no hesitation in recommending their services in the real estate industry.” Stuart Turner, Acquisitions & Disposals Project Manager - Real Estate, The Shell Company of Australia Limited

Project Marketing “MMJ were instrumental in the initial planning, forming and the key advisors in the consultant group taking the project through the rezoning process and the Estate’s initial development applications. They have an ongoing role in the marketing of the development. The estate has performed to a level of above our expectations and MMJ have been a major contributor to these outstanding results.” Edgewood Estate, Woonona, Hans Sommer, Village Building Company,

Residential Management “II have been a client with MMJ Residential Management Services for many years and have always found in my dealings with them that the team was professional, efficient and always friendly. I have engaged MMJ regularly to assist with arrears control, tenant placement, repairs and maintenance and rent management. I have found their service was beyond my expectations and that value the fact that they always act in my best interest.” ???

MMJ Dapto “Please accept my thanks and gratitude for the advice and support you and your team extended to me. The decision to sell my home filled me with trepidation but the relaxed, professional approach and ongoing positive feedback too away the anxiety, you made it seem too easy.” Bruce, NSW

MMJ Windang “We would like to extend wishes & a huge thank you for your diligence and attention to detail on the sale of our property and the purchase of our new home. Not only your professionalism but your friendship along the way made our journey and easy one.” Ray & Marie King, NSW

MMJ North “I have personally bought and sold numerous properties with Roger and his team over the past 20 years. I can assure you that dealing with the team at MMJ North will be a positive experience. ” John Khoury, Mount Ousley, NSW This document has been prepared by Martin Morris & Jones for general information only. Information contained within this document is correct at time of printing (November 2008). Martin Morris & Jones does not warrant or represent that the information in this document is free from errors or omissions. Any interested parties should undertake their own enquiries as to the accuracy of the information. Martin Morris & Jones excepts no responsibility for any loss, damage, cost or expense (whether direct or indirect) incurred by you as a result of any error, omission or misrepresentation in information. Martin Morris & Jones respects your privacy. For information on Martin Morris & Jones Privacy Policy visit www.

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