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October 1, 2012 Maine East High School Park Ridge, Illinois @mehspioneer

Splashing into the school year!

Ms. Basile and her daughter Kylie enjoy a tube ride on Castle Rock Lake in Wisconsin. More faculty summer photos starting on page 6.

CPS students back to school after strike ends By Michelle Gonzalez and Rafaela Stoyanova “Please seek alternative care for your children,” were the last words Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis said on a Sunday press conference. What was expected to be an ordinary Monday in Chicago proved to be a stimulating strike for the first time in 25 years. Although there were several attempts at compromise, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago Teachers Union failed to reach an agreement. Educators in Chicago raised key issues, including a higher salary, the rehiring of teachers, and the extension of school hours (provided it meant additional pay for additional hours). After hot debate in a negotiation room for hours, it was evident that a labor strike could not be stopped. The twenty offers proposed to CTU in hopes of preventing a strike just didn’t suffice. “There's only so much money in the system,” Chicago School Board President David Vitale told NBC. “There's only so many things we can do that are available to us that we actually believe will not hurt the educational agenda that we think is best for our children.”

2 | THE PIONEER | October 1, 2012

The Chicago Teachers Union strike lasted seven days and the attention of people nationwide.

On September 24, three hundred and fifty thousand students in Chicago did not attend school while CTU members demonstrated. The situation continued for seven days. While many students would argue that an eight-day break would be glorious, South Loop Elementary School student Grace Bauer stated otherwise to CNN: “It was kind of boring being at home, so I'm kind of glad I'm going back to school so I don't have to have any more baby sitters.” During this eight day period, the 26,000 educators represented

in the CTU were determined to be heard. “We do not intend to sign an agreement until all matters of our contract are addressed,” Lewis told the Chicago Sun-Times. “We are committed to staying at the table.” All over Chicago, teachers held the flag of Chicago wearing bright red shirts with bold letters reading Stand With The Chicago Teachers Union. The American Federation of Teachers carried boxes informational papers to distribute throughout the Chicagoland area. Other forms of protest included students joining Chicago teachers outside Lane Tech College Prep High School on September eleventh. Even on the Thursday the thirteenth, teachers and supporters marched down Michigan Avenue with their symbolic red shirts. There were (and still are) many supporters like

Wendy Katten, a parent and activist who runs a group called Raise Your Hand for Illinois Public Ed. “CTU is trying to show that they have the ability to shape public education, and that they're not going to be trampled on,” said Katten. “It can't just be about small specifics -- to strike over air conditioning or something.” Katten’s fourth grade daughter showed support for CPS by attending ‘strike camp,’ a day of activities organized by a local church where parent volunteers watched children. “Some delegates think it's a beautiful thing to strike, but you know what? It's not beautiful, it's a last resort,” Katten said. As for the reaction of the public, there are mixed emotions on the subject. As a result of the strike, some parents have had to tamper with their work schedules but most of those who watched the strike were truly supportive of the union’s strike and actions. However, Mayor Rahm Emanuel vowed to court to force teachers back to school. He believed that Sunday's actions by

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STRIKE, from page 2 the union were “a delay of choice that is wrong for our children." He announced in a statement that he wanted to file an injunction in circuit court to “immediately end this strike.” Moreover, Presidential candidate Mitt Romney publicly stated that he was “disappointed by the decision of the Chicago Teachers Union to turn its back on not only a city negotiating in good faith, but also the hundreds of thousands of children relying on the city's public schools to provide them a safe place to receive a strong education.” Although officials declared the strike illegal and ordered the teachers back to work on the following Monday, Union representatives resumed Tuesday afternoon to discuss an anticipated deal. The students returned to class on Wednesday, September 19. “A couple of people started to cry,” Susan Hickey, an elementary school social worker, told the Chicago Sun-Times. “It was very moving. We just all sort of stood up. Very quickly we adjourned the house, and everybody left.” In the end, the teachers and the school board reached an agreement. Emanuel signed his signature for a longer school day and increase pay for teachers. The contract calls for base salary increases of three percent in 2012 and two percent in each of the following two years. Some teachers who have fourteen years of experience and a masters degree or higher, will get 7.5 to 9.6 percent gains over the length of the contract. “This settlement is an honest compromise,” Emanuel told the Chicago Sun-Times. “It means a new day and new direction for the Chicago Public Schools.” This strike truly demonstrates that standing together for a common cause can ultimately prove to be a success and that compromise is possible.

War of words continues as election nears

By Karishna Fazal During his AARP speech last Friday, President Barack Obama criticized GOP opponent Mitt Romney’s plan to revamp Medicare. “Given the conversations that have been out there in the political arena lately, I want to emphasize Medicare and Social Security are not handouts,” Obama said during

the AARP conference. “You’ve paid into these programs your whole lives. You’ve earned them. And as president, it’s my job to make sure that Medicare and Social Security remain strong for today’s seniors and for future generations.” The President’s remarks were directed towards Romney who, at an independent fundraiser, said that 47% of Americans don’t pay federal income taxes and see themselves as “victims” who are dependent on the government. About 47% of taxpayers include large numbers of seniors who rely on Social Security. Senior citizens also historically tend to side with the Republican Party. Both the president and the Democratic party hoped that these attacks and Romney’s proposal to turn Medicare into a voucher pro-

gram would help gain support. On the other hand, Obama has not offered a plan that would reduce costs for Medicare. He has mentioned before that his healthcare plan cuts payments to providers and trims waste. On Friday, the Obama administration claimed that his healthcare law would save the average person $5,000 by 2022.

WWII survivors share legacy with others By Artur Stasiek As the Greatest Generation dwindles, the survivors share their legacy with others- such as the veterans of the 10th Mountain Division did early this September at their Buffalo Grove reunion. According to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), an estimated 1,100 WWII veterans pass away each day. With each passing, another living reminder of the greatest generation fades away. However, their legacy is not forgotten by a grateful nation. As young men, many Americans were drafted into military service. Plenty of soldiers would have been perfectly content staying behind, but they stood up to serve the country when called upon to do so. Jacob Pollack, lifelong resident of Downer’s Grove, was one of those men. "I received my high

Members of the 10th Mountain Division of the U.S. Army.

school diploma and induction notice just days apart," he said. 18 years old at the time, he was concerned with graduating from high school at the same time and leaving for the army. After completing basic train-

ing and infantry school, Pollack departed for Italy in late December of 1944. He was trained as a replacement. The role of a replace-

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M.E. Fine Arts Department presents Arabian Nights By Emily Lapinski Fall in Chicago usually means cold nights, but this October will see some warm Arabian Nights. The Maine East Fall Play, “Arabian Nights,” takes you back in time to a society not many of us are familiar with. It is a collection of stories, passed on from generations, about friendship, relationships, death, greed, and other themes that many of us encounter all too often. The Arabian Nights is a story about a king Shahryar, who found his wife in the arms of a slave. In response, he marries, loves, and kills a virgin girl. The town is left with only two virgin’s King’s Wazir’s two daughters Dunyazade and Scheherazade. Scheherazade the older sister is filled to the

VETERANS, from page 3 ment was to take the position of a fallen or wounded soldier in a combat unit. Arriving late in the war, he was eventually assigned to the 85th Mountain Infantry Regiment of the 10th Mountain Division. In fact, he saw less than two weeks of combat before the war in Italy ended on May 2nd, 1944. “Combat is combat,” Pollack stated. The story of Jacob Pollack is one of many that were shared at the recent 10th Mountain Division reunion of the Midwest Chapter early this September. Held from August the 31st to September the 4 | THE PIONEER | October 1, 2012

mouth with stories and she has a plan to save the daughters of Mussulman. She goes to tell the king stories in hopes of teaching him about hope, love, and forgiveness. This year the Fine Arts department decided to try something new, choosing a play that involves music. The melodies within the play will create a Middle Eastern mood, adding depth to the plot. “This play is amazing,” said Julie Bayasgalan, who plays Dunyazade. “It teaches a lot about the muslim culture and I think it’s perfect for our school since we are very multicultural. I know if people come they will not regret it!” The play is a drama based on a culture set apart from our own, but it is more than that. “It is a drama, but that's not to say it doesn't

2nd, local veterans from surrounding states came to see each other once more. Once they were young men fighting in a war far from home. Now they are friends whose bond has been strengthened by years of a common bond- the fact that they are survivors. Though the original attendance numbered in the few hundreds decades ago, around a strong dozen came this year. As Pollak discussed later in an informal conversation, he and the other veterans don’t know why they lived through the war. All they know is that they did and they should preserve the memories of those that didn’t.

Senior Daniel Mercado, junior Adrian Delgado, and senior Nikko Magpayo rehearse.

have funny moments,” said Brittney Mangurali, who plays Scheherezade. “It's an extremely well-written story with a very complex structure, but it's actually quite brilliant if you pay attention the whole time.”

Make sure to find some time to attend one of the shows. Tickets are only $6, so skip out on a coffee and get your ticket from any cast member. Tickets will also be available in the lobby, but this will delay

starting time, so don’t make the cast and the rest of the audience wait for you! The Arabian Nights will be performed October 11, 12, and 13 at 7:30 in the auditorium.


…Open Mic Nights …The Edge (MEHS’s creative arts magazine)

…Poetry Slam Team …Writing Contests …Short Stories …Poetry …Art Work …Photography, and …More!

Thursdays Room  243  w/Hessert  &  Creagh  

WMTH broadcast students welcome Mr. Ash By Lenny Ditkowsky and Alexis Treguboff WMTH is the oldest school-based radio station in the country. Now that Mr. Wunderlich has retired, those involved in Maine East’s broadcasting program welcome Mr. Ash, Maine East’s new broadcasting teacher. Mr. Ash explained that this year he would like to work on increasing our broadcasting program’s visibility, as many students graduate without knowing about WMTH. Senior John Depa, the station manager, shared this sentiment and explained that he would like to see more audience feedback so the DJs “can take more on-air requests and shout outs.” Depa also plans to increase the listenership by exploring new ways

Maine East. The radio station can be found at 90.5 FM or by going to the school website and clicking the WMTH button on the left hand side. Maine East runs on the air Wednesdays, Thursdays, and some Fridays, alternating between Maine West and Maine South. Mr. Ash advises curious students to register, as the class will develop communication skills which are useful in most fields. Intro to Broadcasting students learn about radio first semester and film second semester, while Advanced Broadcasting students spend the year learning how to edit and produce t.v., radio, and film. Mr. Ash describes the class as “like school, but not. And we have the only Mac Lab in the school.”

Junior Michael Sizos and senior Kaila De La Vega “on air” on WMTH.

to get interviews and diversity to the station. He has discussed having performance clubs or teachers "taking over" the station for an hour to play the music they like, or

to perform live over the airwaves. Depa says that within the next month or two he and Mr. Ash plan to upgrade the audio stream to include Mac users and Mobile Phones.

WMTH has been operating since December 20th, 1959. Actor Harrison Ford, well known for playing Indiana Jones and Han Solo, was the first student to go on air at








Sleeping Beauty Pajama Day *** Limbo in cafe *** Teacher/Student Baggo

Color Wars *** Musical Chairs in cafe *** Homecoming Assembly Class War Relays

Wacky Wednesday *** Hula Hooping in cafe *** Dodgeball Tournament *** Powder Puff Football

Disney Dress-up *** Simon Says in cafe *** Frisbee Tournament *** F.A. Pasta Dinner *** Firelight Rally

Spirit Day *** Hot Potato in cafe *** Frisbee Tournament *** Homecoming Tailgate + Football Game

2012 Homecoming Dance *** 7:00pm ABCD Gym

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Summer Memories

Mr. Tsigalis, wife Caryn, and children Elizabeth and Sam wait to go for a shoreline tour at Chicago’s Navy Pier.

Ms. O’Malley at the Trevi Fountain in Rome with husband Bob and daughter Nancy (above). At the Eiffel Tower in Paris with husband Bob (right).

Ms. Spiegel and her family visited the Aquarium in Long Island, New York.

Ms. Lennon scuba dives in Indonesia.

Ms. Awad holds up a conch shell as she scuba dives (top). Ms. Awad and family at the top of the Hillsboro Inlet lighthouse near Pompano Beach, Florida.

6 | THE PIONEER | October 1, 2012

Ms. Buczek’s son’s team won the Des Plaines Baseball Championship (above) and her family visited Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina (right).

Señor Cintado, Mr. Hessert and Mr. Hessert´s son Niko during the Harmon Hundred bike ride in Wisconsin, where they rode 103 miles. Josephine Al Naemy, sightseeing with family in Mexico (top) and at her cousin’s ranch (above).

Mr. Pietrorosso’s grandson makes his first official traffic stop!

Ms. Propst in the Amazon Jungle with her family.

October 1, 2012 | THE PIONEER | 7

Mrs. Eisenberg’s son Zev’s first trip to the pool (left). She and a friend saw the Black Keys at Lolapalooza (above).

Mr. Lewis with a professor and some classmates at Middlebury College in Vermont.

Mr Hankins and his wife enjoy the beautiful Chicago skyline during a lakefront bike ride.

Mr. Disrude with his family ...running the miles.

Mr. Kaiser, with wife, Megan, and kids Henry and Lyla, kayaking on Jack Lake in southwestern Ontario, Canada.

8 | THE PIONEER | October 1, 2012

Ms. Englebert and her husband on the Grand Place in her native Brussels, Belgium.

Ms. Chlebek and her family at Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota.

Ms. Edsey and her family visited the site of the ancient Olympic Games in Olympia, Greece.

Ms. DiLegge hangs out with her daughter at the bean!

Ms. Taylor and her family enjoy some summer boating.

October 1, 2012 | THE PIONEER | 9

Mrs. Flores and family celebrate the wedding of her daughter Kristin and son-in-law Tom.

Mr. Montesano’s son Andrew, born August 21, poses with big sisters Mallory (4) and Jillian (2).

Mr. Miller and his family visited the Oregon Coast this summer. At the top of the Astoria Column (top); daughter Laura plays in tidepools near Haystack Rock (right); beach s’mores! (above)

Mr. Wasielewski on the way to the Colisseum in Rome (top). He and his wife, Susan, with Positano, Italy in the background (above).

10 | THE PIONEER | October 1, 2012

Ms. Dickinson’s daughter Loralie, born May 18, on her first beach day on Ocean Beach Isle, North Carolina.

Mr. Parlette rode to Alaska and back on his motorcycle this summer. Crossing the Alaska border (top). Near his campsite in Talkeetna, Alaska (left). On the road in Yukon, Canada (above). Dr. Rutschke and husband Todd prepare for a helicopter ride over the active volcanoes on “The Big Island� of Hawaii.



Ms. Sadler, Megan Leutja, student Elio Erraez, and Katie Pavlik donated their hair to charity.

Mrs. Greiwe and Mrs. Lawler, and Ms. Adams enjoy a concert at Ravinia with friends.

October 1, 2012 | THE PIONEER | 11

By Kevin Gau Hello Demon Nation and welcome to the 2012-2013 school year. My name is Kevin Gau, and joining me on this year’s technology report is staff reporter Thomas Schmidt. The Demon Tech Report column will cover most of District 207 Technology news, will offer tips to make your school computing, and reviews of the newest products on the market! Over the summer of 2012, the Maine East Technology Department, with the help of secondyear veterans graduate Arpan Patel, senior Katherine Ortega, senior Kevin Gau and rookies senior Faisal Bilal and junior Alwin Abraham, performed a clean install of all laptop and netbook carts and a tear down of retired computers and network equipment in exchange for newer, faster, up-to-date technologies, did you notice any particular changes? On the ceilings of classrooms and many other places around school there

are new network boxes that double the bandwidth capacity of the wireless network in each room of the building. Another hardware switch took place in the Applied Arts & Technology Department and Library Reference pod. Here we replaced the CAD lab student and teacher desktop computers with new Hewlett-Packard towers that have

used by freshmen in the integrated literacy program. The Chromebook was developed by Google, the world’s most popular internet search engine, running on a Samsung Laptop with an internet only operating system

double the power and performance of the previous models, which were moved to the special education classrooms as student desktops. Have you ever heard of the Samsung Chromebook? These special devices were the last shipment of new technology to the school this past summer. They are being

based on their web browser Google Chromium, a free open-source project. The difference between Chromium OS and Windows 7 is that Windows 7 has many extra kinks that people don’t really like; for example, waiting for the computer to boot, then logging-in, just to get on the internet to check your email or Facebook, or write your paper on Microsoft Word. But with Chromium OS, built upon the Linux

Apple debuts iPhone 5, updates iOS and other i-gadgets Muneeb Ghani Every year around this time Apple has a press conference where they show us their products for the year. This year they started the press conference with the most talked about phone to date, the iphone 5. This is the “Thinnest and lightest iphone ever,” according to Apple. It will also feature a stunning fourinch retina display. The iphone 5 will have the ios 6 running system and over 200 features, including “the all-new Maps apps with apple-designed cartog12 | THE PIONEER | October 1, 2012

raphy and turn by turn navigation; Facebook integration; passbook.” The iphone 5’s starting price is $199.99 with a two-year contract. Apple then showed off the ipod touch, the thinnest of its kind

to date, which will be available in 4 colors. If you buy the red ipod touch, Apple will donate the profits to help fight AIDS in Africa. Just like the iphone 5, the ipod touch will also include the 4in retina display with 1080p. Both the ipod touch and the new ipad will have Siri. The ipod touch starting price is also $199.99. Apple last new product is the redesigned ipod nano. It will have a built in bluetooth access and home button, starting at $149.99.

operating system, all you have to do is open the lid so or press the power button; seconds later you can log into your Google account and – BAM! – you're online and ready to work. Now Chromium OS might seem perfect for everybody who just needs the internet but for users like the Cad Labs or Fine Arts students who need special software like the Adobe Suite or Smartmusic software Windows 7 suits them better because of its offline capabilities.

We recommend you use Google Chrome as your primary internet browser because Google Chrome is the faster browser on the web. Also in District 207 Schools are official Google App Schools and we use many of their products like Gmail, Google Docs, Google Chrome, and many more. That’s all for now – have a MeTech day!




Unscramble each of the clue words.

Take the letters that appear in message.

boxes and unscramble them for the final

Find the words from the Jumble in this Word Search:


Created by Puzzlemaker at

Unscramble each of the clue words.

DISTRACTED Take the letters that appear in message.

boxes and unscramble them for the final

By Lenny Ditkowsky

Created by Puzzlemaker at


By Diana Kritzberg

October 1, 2012 | THE PIONEER | 13

Locked out By Peter Liavas The 2012-2013 National Hockey League season is right around the corner, but there has been some speculation on whether there is even going to be an NHL season this year. Despite the expiration of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, the NHL committed to negotiating to reach a new CBA that would be fair to all players and teams. Lately the headlines about the NHL have been about players’ signing with European teams in European leagues for the duration of the work stoppage. Players such

as Alexander Ovechkin, Jaromir Jagr, Tuukka Rask, and Ilya Kovalchuk already signed contracts to play overseas. Although the majority of the top ranked NHL players headed overseas, there is still some hope for a 2012 season in the United States and Canada. Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly and the NHL Player’s Association met Tuesday in Toronto and scheduled a session for this Friday to resume negotiations. “We’re 100 percent focused on not missing any regular-season games,” Daly said.

Are the Bears going anywhere this season? By Almar Dankha The Chicago Bears are 2-1 so far but, they need to make some progress if they want to go to the Super Bowl . They opened the season strongly with a 41-21 win over the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday September 9th at Soldier Field. Quarterback Jay Cutler passed for over 300 yards, Matt Forte rushed for 80 yards, and Brandon Marshall caught a touchdown pass. That was a pretty good start to the season, and people began thinking “Su-

per Bowl” until they played their rivals, the Green Bay Packers, on Thursday, September 13. The Bears suffered a 23-10 loss that game, as Cutler passed for only 120 yards and threw four interceptions. Michael Bush rushed for only 54 yards – Forte was injured. The Bears dominated when they played the St. Louis Rams, on Sunday, September 23rd. They ended the game with a win over the Rams 23-6. Jay Cutler passed for over 180 yards, Michael Bush rushed for over 50 yards

and scored a touchdown, and Brandon Marshall received for over 70 yards. The fans expected a really big year out of the Bears because of their new players. Wide receiver Brandon Marshall, a ProBowl MVP who played with Cutler with the Denver Broncos in 200708. They should have a good connection together because they played on the same team before. Marshall has been doing okay with the Bears, but they need to make major progress if they want to win the championship this year.

Jay Cutler has a lot to smile about so far this season, but will it last?

Pioneer Mobile Poll: How will the Chicago Bears do this season?

M.E. senior honored as National Merit Semifinalist

Using your mobile electronic device, scan this QR code to submit your response:


Go to Alex Ovechkin is one of many NHL stars who will play overseas this season.

14 | THE PIONEER | October 1, 2012

Poll results will be reported in the next issue.

Dr. Pressler poses with Jasmina Basic, honored as a National Merit Semifinalist.

Girls swim team displays new strength By Emily Rafalik “One of the biggest things for a swimmer is not dwelling on races,” says Maine East swimming coach Peter Przekota. However, with the girls varsity swim team posting an undefeated record of 4-0 in dual meets this season, it’s difficult not to. Not only did the team manage to keep a winning record, they also placed third in the Leyden Invitational, and recently defeated Waukegan 105-50. This year the team is already used to Coach Przekota’s training methods, which were a struggle to adapt to last year. “The team knows what my expectations are and where I want them to be going.” Przekota said. With practices often involving swimming 6,000-7,000 yards, the girls are working towards a more

TENNIS, from page 16 Maine West. More recently, the varsity girls also completed an undefeated weekend at the Hoffman Estates Quad. Ilc played particularly well, defeating the defending IHSA Sectional and Conference Champion. It isn’t only the varsity team that is having a good season. The top two junior varsity players, Stephanie Hamoy and Feena Chirayath are having winning seasons as well; they have lost only one match each. Hopefully the team can finish the season with strong performances at the CSL Conference Tournament and the IHSA Regional Tournament to cap off a season that Coach Schwan considers “one of the best they have ever had.”

Intense workouts have made the girls swim team stronger than ever.

from any major injuries other than the expected soreness that comes from intense training. “Our goal is to be successful team,” said Coach Przekota. “But everybody’s goal inside of that is individualized.” The girls often have many team bonding events where they stock up on carbohydrates before competitions. And in October they will be hosting a Lock- In for all the swimmers where they will no doubt practice their favorite cheers, the “blue and white” and “deadly medley.” The girls have been working together since August 8th and their bonds have really developed. “I love the team,” said swimmer Sandra Kietlinska. “I've never felt a stronger sense of family in a group of unrelated people.”

advanced level of swimming. Captain Isabelle Trier likes the team’s ability and growth. “For many this is their first experience with competitive swimming, but the progress they are making and their level

of commitment is amazing,” she said. Led by captain Christine Lam, the girls practice five days a week after school and train in the mornings as early as 5:45 a.m. Luckily the team has not suffered

Boys soccer team wins third straight Lake Geneva Championship

Coach Bezek returns to volleyball team

By Shoun John The Maine East boys varsity soccer team won the Lake Geneva Tournament, winning 8-0, 6-4, and 2-0 to take the championship for the third consecutive year. Aside from the tournament, the team has a had a successful season, posting an 8-6-2 record entering the weekend as they gear up for the IHSA Regionals on the weekend of October 15. One of the many stars on the team, Francisco Martinez, believes that the team can do much better. Martinez also noted the chemistry of his teammates and said that it is a key to winning any game.

By Maciej Otfinowski

Last season the girl’s volleyball team won only four games, but this year Ms. Anne Bezek, a veteran volleyball coach and an assistant coach for our successful boys program, came back to East to be the girl’s head coach. The team has already won four games this season and hopes for more. Coach Bezek, who lead the 2004 girls team to a 23-11 record and a Regional Championship, has plans to develop a better girl’s program to get the girls back on track to recapture the glory days of Maine East girl’s volleyball team. With All-Conference setter Kate Gebultowicz and many experienced hitters, such as Hannah Farley and Veronica Malesinski, the girls are capable of winning a lot of games this season. Come support the girls as they take on our rival Maine West in the Volley For The Cure Game on Tuesday, October 2nd!

Website broadcasts high school sports By Kaila De La Vega

For the first time football games are being filmed to be broadcasted live onto website Highschoolcube (HSC) . HSC allows students to watch streamed and archived videos of high school sporting events, academic tournaments and artistic performances such as V show.These events are filmed by the HSC crew and in the near future will be filmed by Maine East broadcasting students. “High school cube is great because it puts all of the schools multimedia events and projects into one place available 24/7,” said new broadcasting teacher Mr. Ash. The site is not only limited to to live broadcast for Maine East – other Chicagoland high schools’ projects are viewable as well. Visit the HSC website at October 1, 2012 | THE PIONEER | 15


Best season in years for girls tennis team By Fatima Patel

Star singles player Jessica Ilc has helped the Demons to a strong start this season.

The Maine East girl’s tennis teams are in the middle of an “outstanding season,” according to head coach Mr. Schwan. Entering this past weekend, the varsity team is having a terrific 14 win, 2 loss season. Both the singles and doubles sections have done very well this year. Varsity singles player Jessica Ilc has had a good season so far, with only one loss, while Emila Omerovic, has gone undefeated at number two singles. Pauline Arino and Gina Barbera, the

The girls tennis team won the Demon Invite this season.

Demons’ top doubles team, have earned eight wins while the number two doubles team of Priya Naik and Hemani Patel has won nine matches so far this season. The varsity

team won the Maine East Demon Invite this season for the first time in ten years, defeating Hoffman Estates, Resurrection and

see TENNIS, page 15

After fast start, injuries take toll on Demons By Maddie Fernandez Maine East’s Football Team got off to a good start this season, winning its first two games for the first time in several years. After the strong start, the team lost its next two games, but the players continue to show the spirit and dedication that head coach Gabe Corey has brought to the program. Throughout this season, there have been injuries preventing some of their top players from playing in a few games, but luckily everyone is back on the field now for the finish to the season. The Demons defeated Schurz with a final score of 28 to 16 to start their season 1-0. Then, agains

Amundsen, Maine East cruised to a 50-0 victory. “It was a very good feeling to start 2-0,” said Coach Corey. “It was a lot of hard work. We have nine months of practice for nine games in a season. We’ve been out of sync lately, though because 3 players were hurt in the second game, which kept them out of the past few weeks.” Next the team stumbled against Evanston, 40–7, and Glenbrook South, 56–0, both tough losses for the team. Against Niles North, the Demons ended on the short end of a 56-13 score, but they were encouraged by their ability to score a couple of touchdowns. Senior Almar Dankha recovered a fumbled snap in the end zone, and Javed

16 | THE PIONEER | October 1, 2012

Running back Gabe Corey winds his way through Glenbrook South’s defense.

Lukovic scored the second touchdown. One thing that helps this team stand out from the others is their dedication. “I came back to coach four years ago, when our

seniors were freshmen,” said Coach Corey. “It took a lot of hard work to get the team where they are now, but they couldn’t have done it without their dedication. As soon as all our players are healthy

again, we will come back for a strong finish.” There are three games left in the season. If they win three of the four games they will hopefully make it into the playoffs and continue their impressive run.

The Pioneer – October 1, 2012  

October 1, 2012 issue of The Pioneer, school newspaper of Maine East High School in Park Ridge, Illinois.

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