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September 2009

Maine East High School

Park Ridge, IL

WMTH’s 50th Anniversary • Hollywood Homecoming • Faculty Summer Pics • New Teacher Profiles


The Pioneer

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The Pioneer

WMTH celebrates By Yogi Patel This year marks the 50th year that WMTH radio has been on air, as well as the 35th year WMTH television has broadcast. In order to celebrate this occasion, alumni from Maine East, West, and South gathered for three days last weekend for a reunion of all of the past and present WMTH participants. The weekend started off while most of us were at the homecoming game on Friday night. Past members of WMTH came from all across the country to their respective schools to visit the sets and to meet with old friends.

During the tours everyone gathered to see old video productions from former students as well as some new projects made by current students. The saying, “I remember when we had to do this manually,” was heard many times, as well as Mr. Wunderlich’s wonderful laugh as he reunited with many former students. The next day Maine West hosted “The Maine Event,” a networking session aimed at helping current WMTH students realize the impact the program could have on lives and also the opportunities in careers in Mass Communications. Many students from all

three Maine high schools attended this event. After spending time talking to the group of alumni, students were assigned a room based on their preference for a questionand-answer session with an alumnus. Students interacted with and gained insight from current on-air talents, journalists, reporters, producers, tech wizards, web professionals, and off-air business professionals. That night the alumni attended a banquet and reception at the White Eagle in Niles. The event concluded with a farewell breakfast Sunday at the Old Country Buffet.

50 years

September 2009

Mr. Wunderlich reminisces with former students about the old WMTH studios.

Current WMTH students give a tour of the station, modeled after Chicago’s 97.9 radio station.

WMTH staff from different generations talk about how they did things when they attended Maine High School. Former WMTH students watch video productions on the studio’s new Mac editing computers.

A Maine East alumnus checks out the green screen controls in the WMTH studio.

Former broadcasting teacher Mr. Bill Mitchell distributes T-Shirts and name tags for the participants in the weekend’s festivities.

September 2009

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The Pioneer


District 207 College Night TONIGHT!! Thursday, October 1 • 7PM - 9PM Maine West High School 1755 S. Wolf Road, Des Plaines Representatives from over 200 colleges and universities will be there! Financial aid administrators from Northwestern University in Evanston will present two Financial Aid sessions in the auditorium. PRIDE (top) and PERFECT CHEMISTRY were two of the 42 books from which students could select for Summer Reading. Discussion groups met in early September, led by teachers from every department in a school-wide effort to encourage reading for pleasure. One English 2 student described her discussion as “one of the best experiences I’ve ever had with a book!”

Fine Arts Department ready to Unwrap Fall Play

By Amanda Shaw The next production to hit the stage from the amazing Maine East drama department is Unwrap Your Candy. This play is not just one play, but six! Each play is actually about other plays in general. Ms. Karen Hall loves working with the cast of all the mini plays. “It’s going really great!” she said. Ms. Hall is most excited about the freshman play, since it is the debut performance for nine freshmen.

Unwrap Your Candy Maine East Fall Play Maine East Auditorium Thursday October 1 4:30 Friday and Saturday October 2 and 3 7:30

Preparing the stage for the Fall Play.

With the variety of actors and their great talents, a remarkable show is in the works. The play opens on October 1st and continues

until October 3rd. Be sure to keep that weekend open to be one of the lucky people who see this play.

$6 get tickets at the auditorium door first come first served.

The Pioneer

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Ch-ch-ch-changes . . .


September 2009


What is your favorite part about the new construction at Maine East?

“The bathrooms are so much nicer, and the windows in the front look really nice.”

Breanna Colorina Sophomore

“The bathrooms and windows. Maine East looks like a more presentable and bright school.”

“I love the bathrooms, they are so nice; I feel like I’m in a hotel. They don’t smell at all.”

Sejla Bajramovic Sophomore

Nicole Krohn Sophomore

“I like the new training rooms.”

Edward Cisneros Sophomore

September 2009

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The Pioneer

Clockwise from top left: new toilets in the ladies washroom; the Dyson Airblade hand dryers; the new look in the Main Office; new windows being installed on the first floor; the renovated AAT wing; the new extension of the athletic office.

The Pioneer

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Hollywood Homecoming 2009

September 2009

September 2009

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The Pioneer

Hollywood Homecoming 2009

Spirit Week Monday: Pajama Day

Tuesday: Color Wars

Wednesday: Twin Day



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All School Assembly

September 2009

Hollywood Homecoming 2009

September 2009

PowDer Puff Football

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Hollywood Homecoming 2009

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The Pioneer

Firelight Rally

September 2009

Hollywood Homecoming 2009

September 2009

HomeComing Football Game

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The Pioneer

Hollywood Homecoming 2009

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The Pioneer

Ms. Meyer joins Special Education Department

Ms. Adams helps kids by day and kick-boxes by night By Selma Matezic and Nadia Khavari

By Selma Matezic Ms. Meyer, an energetic young new teacher, comes to Maine East’s Special Education Department from Indiana. When asked the difference between the two schools, Ms. Meyer said that Maine East “has many more friendly people.”

In her spare time, Ms. Meyer enjoys going to Cubs games. She also loves going outside, swimming, playing volleyball, and reading. Ms. Meyer loves working in Special Education and has never imagined working in any other department. She hopes to work here for as long as possible. Maine East welcomes Ms. Meyer to our new staff.

September 2009

Ms. Allyson Adams, a new counselor at Maine East, enjoys kickboxing and spending free time with her kids. It all started in 1995, when she earned her masters degree in counseling, and worked for child welfare. Ms. Adams then went back to school for school counseling. That is when she interned at Buffalo Grove High School. “I always wanted to be a counselor for students, and never dreamed of being anything else,” she said.

She is so happy to work at Maine East. Ms. Adams enjoys being with her family (she has 3 kids), loves to

travel, and even teaches kickboxing. We welcome and are glad to have Ms. Adams at our school.

Science department welcomes Mr. Miner By Logan Germaine Returning Maine East students may wonder just who is this Mr. Miner; of course, incoming freshmen may ask themselves who any of the teachers here at Maine East are. Well, Mr. Miner is new to our District 207, here to teach in the science department. Although new to Maine East Mr. Miner isn’t new to teaching. He has taught at other schools such as Tate High School and Iowa City West High School. He says he likes Maine East more than his previous schools.

Mr. Miner was born in and grew up in Rockford, Illinois. He grew up with three siblings, a younger sister who is still in high school, and two brothers, one older and one younger. He went to Gilford High School in Rockford, and competed in a few different sports such as golf, tennis, and swimming. His favorite memory of high school was attending the football games, “Especially when we won,” he noted. Mr. Miner earned his degree at the University of Iowa. He didn’t plan to go into teaching, but when

he changed his major, he found that he really loved teaching. Mr. Miner likes to teach physics because it’s his favorite science subject. “I love physics the most because it teaches the kids how real life works and it’s the most fun,” he said. If he could give one piece of advice to all incoming freshmen it would be to simply show up and do the work. Let’s all welcome Mr. Miner to Maine East and show him what Demon pride is all about!

September 2009

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The Pioneer

Ms. Nixon begins teaching career at M.E. By Shaun Kuriakose

A new addition to Maine East’s Science Department this year is Dana Nixon, a new Earth Systems Science teacher. Anyone who loves nature would wish they were in her position two years ago. If you are in Earth Systems Science you probably had to do a project about a geological event you have experienced. When asked the same question Ms. Nixon shared her story. While studying abroad in Costa Rica, Ms. Nixon

and a group of other students hiked to the middle of a rainforest to view an active volcano. From a field station with only enough energy to have lights for two hours, Ms. Nixon and her friends saw the volcanic eruption of Mt.Arenal. “It was too dark to actually see the volcano so it looked really cool just to see the lava in the night,” she explained. Not only did she get to experience this amazing opportunity but she also managed a picture of it. Ms. Nixon went to high

school in Pennsylvania. Her district ran differently than most, with middle school from grades 7 through 9, and a three-year high school, 10th to 12th grade. “I was pretty happy that I never had to experience a real freshman year,” Nixon said. This is Ms. Nixon’s first year of teaching. She always wanted to be a teacher and always wanted to teach science. She chose to teach at the high school level so she could teach specific subjects. Although she considers herself a science person she

said her next favorite subject would have to be history. Ms. Nixon is an Earth Systems Science and Science

Explorations teacher. Hopefully all of the students and staff will continue to make her feel welcome here.

Mr. Kittrell pursues teaching instead of research By Amanda Shaw Andrew Kittrell is a well-rounded and fun new P.E. teacher at Maine East. “Mr. Kittrell is a gentleman, an athlete and a scholar...someone who is driven by the successes students have,” said P.E. Department Chair Mr. Chovanec, who believes that students and faculty will appreciate his overall demeanor and dedication.

Everyone is glad to have him as a part of the Maine East team. “Andrew is a great addition to our department and to the Demon Team,” said physical education teacher Ms. Bonafazi. Mr. Kittrell started his journey as a historical researcher, and was later inspired to go back to college and take up teaching. His educational trip ended at the University of

California – Santa Barbara. He chose physical education because he believes that teamwork, cooperation, and determination are required elements he feels necessary. Mr. Kittrell has been coaching for seven years and teaching for two. In his free time he loves to surf and stay active. Hang ten, Mr. Kittrell, and welcome to Maine East!

Mr. Disrude inspires P.E. department By Yogi Patel Kirk Disrude is one of the new P.E. teachers at Maine East. Although he is new to our school, Mr. Disrude is not new to the district. He is a transfer teacher from Maine West. Mr. Disrude teaches two classes of sophomore P.E., first and second period. Then he travels to

Maine South where he works for the rest of the day and is also the freshman wrestling coach there. Mr. Disrude attended Rolling Meadows High School and after graduating he attended Northern Illinois University in Dekalb, where he majored in Physical Education with an emphasis on Fitness

Leadership. Mr. Disrude taught at Maine West for ten years where he also served as freshmen wrestling coach. Disrude was an inspiration to his students and athletes and they were sad to see him leave. “Disrude helped me so much in wrestling, and in life,” said a Maine West sophomore Tom Sunny,

“He helped me achieve my goals and pushed me to do more.” “He was a great coach,” Said Rahul Shah, another sophomore from Maine West. “He taught us that pain is temporary but pride lasts forever.” Some of Mr. Disrude’s hobbies include riding his motorcycle and weight lifting. He is ex-

cited to begin teaching at Maine East and although the transition was hard for him he is looking forward to meeting new students and staff. “Maine East is very lucky to have Mr. Disrude as a part of their faculty,” said Sunny, “I love the guy and miss him very much.” Let’s all welcome Mr. Disrude to Maine East!

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The Pioneer

September 2009

Someone new to check on you in Nurse’s Office By Mona Hamdan

Ms. Michelle Sutschek is a new addition this year in the nurses’ office at Maine East. Mrs. Sutschek has worked in hospitals as a nurse for over 20 years. She has a background working as an Oncology (cancer) nurse; she took care of all ages. She also has a background working in Intensive care units, burn units, general medicine and surgery. Now she is aiming for a masters degree in nursing from North Park University. Head nurse Mrs. Jan Karl is happy to have someone help out in the office. “Mrs. Sutschek was a great addition to the nurse’s office,” she said. Nurse office assistant Mrs. Tomaszewski also enjoys the environment she is

put in everyday. “Mrs. Sutschek is very efficient and has a wonderful attitude with the students.” Mrs. Sutschek wanted to find another way to help others learn about their own role in taking care of themselves. Knowing that will help them in the future, she will feel honored that she was able to do something like this. “I think being able to help younger generations learn about themselves, their lives and the great impact they are going to have in the future (about everything!!) is and will be a challenge,” she said. Mrs. Sutschek is married and has three children, two of whom attend Maine South like her husband once did. Ms. Sutschek lives in the area and has a new outlook on a nurse career at

Introducing Mr. Avci, the new sound of Maine East By Dylan Guzman Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do are going to sound a little different this year with the new choral and guitar teacher at Maine East, Mr. Avci. He graduated from the University of Illinois last year, so Maine East marks his entry into the teaching world. Music wasn’t the only thing on Mr. Avci’s mind growing up. He was also an accomplished soccer player, even playing on a traveling team. But in the end, he didn’t see soccer as a possible career pursuit.

“I had more of a passion for music,” he said. “Soccer was just a hobby.” Mr. Avci doesn’t just sing; he plays the piano, drums, guitar, bass, and trombone. Mr. Avci loves music, and wants to “help students find their passion for music.” Fine Arts Department Chair, Mr. Eubank, thinks that Mr. Avci is doing a great job so far and expects even greater things. His students think that he is doing a great job, and he loves the Maine East experience.

Maine East—she is a first time school nurse. Mrs. Sutschek is happy that her new job is a new experience as a nurse. “I could not pass up

the wonderful opportunity as a school nurse at Maine East,” she said. Mrs. Sutschek loves to spend time with the family, she also likes to garden,

bike ride, do crafts, and take long walks in her free time. It’s a great pleasure to have her in our school, and we wish her the best throughout the coming years.

September 2009

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Ms. Biernbaum joins SPS Department at M.E. By Nadia Khavari Ms. Erin Biernbaum, a guidance counselor here at Maine East fresh from the Univer-

sity of Illinois, earned her masters degree for counseling. A graduate of New Trier High School, she interned there as well as

at Waukegan and North Chicago High Schools. With a little help from a class Ms. Biernbaum took in college, she figured out that working with kids socially and emotionally was made for her. Aside from counseling, she loves to spend time with friends and family, travel and read. Clearly, Maine East has already impacted Ms. Birnbaum. “I’m going to be here forever!” We welcome her to the Maine East High School community.

Ms. Gilbertson joins English department at Maine East By Michelle Zdobylak Let’s all welcome Mrs. Gilberston as she joins us for the 2009-2010 school year. Mrs. Gilberston joins the Maine East English department. She also teaches at Maine West. Everyone Mrs. Gilberson has met has been very nice. The first floor hallways at East remind her of subway tunnels in a good way. “I was definitely nervous starting at a new

school! The thing I get most nervous about is getting to know everyone - students, parents, other teachers and the administration. There are different rules at every school and I want to get them all straight,” she said. She really enjoys teaching her class. “I’m teaching a very diverse class with a lot of comedians!” she noted. Mrs. Gilbertson is really looking forward to learning a lot with her students. “There’s a lot to be done in the next 10 months,”

she said. Mrs. Gilbertson is wondering if her students like the books that have been selected for them to read. In her free time she enjoys traveling. She has been to all 50 states, as well as Europe, Asia, and Africa. This summer she adopted a new puppy and she absolutely loves her! This is an exciting year for Mrs. Gilbertson! Welcome!

The Pioneer

East's ESL department welcomes Mr. Castellanos

By Mona Hamdan Mr. Hector Castellanos is a Maine West wrestling coach who now joins Maine East’s ESL team for the first two periods of the day. Mr. Castellanos was born in Mexico City but he and his family are originally from Ecuandureo, Michoacan. Mr. Castellanos graduated from Maine West and continued his studies at Northern Michigan University. He has worked in District 207 for the past eight years. He also relates his experiences as a student when he was growing up to his students. Mrs. and Mr. Castellanos will celebrate their seventh anniversary on

September 29. They have three wonderful children and both work at Maine East. Mr. Castellanos likes playing Madden and Halo 3, camping and attending football games. He has enjoyed football since the sixth grade. Mr. Castellanos appreciates all the help and everything everyone has done for him so far at East. “Everyone has been extremely helpful from top to bottom,” he said. Fellow ESL teacher Ms. Gutekanst thinks Mr. Castellanos is a great addition to Maine East. “I’m happy to have him as a part of our department,” she said.


From L to R: Mrs. Awad, husband Bill, and Dexter Roknich (who works in the Technology Department at Maine East) at the Hatshepsut Temple in Luxor, Egypt; Mrs. Awad and Dexter visit the Pyramids on the Giza Plateau; Dexter poses in front of the Sphinx.

Mrs. Bonifazi went caving with husband Ralph, son Ryan, and daughter Julianna. Ryan and Julianna also enjoyed Kiddie Land, Six Flags, water parks, and the local zoos this summer.

Mrs. Magnusson’s daughter Sophia lounges by the pool. Ms. Vaznelis enjoyed a cruise in Glacier Bay, Alaska.

Dean Parlette went crabbing (above) and halibut fishing (right) in Alaska. In his spare time, Parlette held back a glacier and single-handedly slowed down Global Warning (below right).

Mrs. Salmansohn and her family vacationed through the White Mountains in New Hampshire. Here they pose in a restored 1940’s-era dining car on the Conway Scenic Railroad.

Mr. Lasky and family visited Washington D.C. Here they pose on the National Mall, with the Capitol in the background.

Mrs. Sparks hiked on a snowy Mount Hood in Oregon.

Mrs. Greiwe’s family visited Walt Disney World in July.

Mrs. Al-Naemy did some travelling and got together with family.

Mr. Tsagalis visited Squirrel Lake in Minocqua, Wisconsin with his wife and friends. Here he displays a Northern Pike he caught.

Ms. Gorecki got married (she’s now Mrs. Eisenberg) and honeymooned in Morocco.

Mr. Harper went to his 35th High School Reunion. He didn’t get any pics, but here’s his junior year photo.

Mrs. Fabianski sits on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Mr. Murphy holds up the 14-pound salmon he caught on Lake Michigan.

Mrs. Wolfe and her family had a Southwest adventure this summer, including a visit to Bryce Canyon National Park.

Ms. Fraser, “geocaching” (left) and sailing this summer.

Mr. and Mrs. Castellanos’ son Claudio and daughter Isabella got to know their baby sister Luscia this summer.

Ms. Villalobos skydived with the U.S. Army’s Golden Knights (above) and took an Alaskan cruise.

Mrs. Hiselman, husband Jason, and sons Jake and Drew vacationed at the Blue Harbor Resort in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Mr. Miller and his family visited his mom in Washington D.C. Here they pose near the Washington Monument.

Mr. Montesano and his wife Tricia celebrated daughter Mallory’s 1st Birthday.

Mr. and Mrs. Schwan hiked through the Andes Mountains to Machu Picchu, Peru.

Mrs. Spiegel attended The Global Lincoln conference at Oxford University in England.

Ms. Lam’s cousin Brian visited her at the University of Arizona, where she was doing research for her masters degree.

Ms. Pavlik visited Rome, Italy. If you look carefully, you can see the Vatican in the background. Ms. Koo and friends vacationed on a deserted beach in Papua, Indonesia.

Mr. Kaiser hangs out with son Henry at a family reunion in Freeport, Illinois.

Ms. Gallagher, Ms. Bourn, and Ms. Sadler visited Graceland.

Mr. Zielinski’s family visited the Capitol in Springfield, Illinois.

Ms. Sadler at Kiddie Land with her three sons.

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The Pioneer

September 2009

Bagel Vs. Donut

Disney buys Marvel: horror in the comic book world By Erika Oppermann What will become of Wolverine and the rest Marvel Comics’ greatest characters in the hands of Mickey Mouse? That’s what many comic book fans will be worrying about, now that Disney has bought our favorite heroes from marvel for 4 billion dollars. Many of our favorites like Spider-man, Iron Man, The Fantastic Four, X-men and Ghostrider; will now

be used to get more “boy viewers” for the Disney channels. Who knows what Disney will do to these loved heroes, will they cuteify Ghostrider? Put armor on Mickey Mouse? Or could Disney make kingdom hearts better thanks to buying marvel and adding more action? Whatever the opportunities this holds for Marvel and Disney, hopefully this will end in explosions and amazing endings not fireworks and fairy dust.

by D ‘n A

ANSWERS TO CROSSWORD Fall/Homecoming Fall/HomecomingCROSSWORD CROSSWORDPuzzle Puzzle 1

R 4R





4 5


A 7AU UT TU UM MN N U U OO 9 9 10 S S E E B B I I E ER RN NB BA 10AU UM M 12 12 H H S S R R E E C C 13 13 14 14 OO B BE EA AR RS S B B N N T T 15 15 16 16 17 17 18 P PU UR RP PL LE E MM A A B B K K I I N NG 18G 19 19 20 20 M ME E T T L L B B K K I I T TT TR RE EL LL L OO R R 21 21 22 22 T T Y YE EL LL LO OW W H H A A N N E E 23 23 WW Y Y M MI I N NE ER R C C E E 8

C C C 8C 11 11 B BA AG GO O R R U U

OO OO 25 25



OO OO 26 26


28 28

Across Across

Will Spidey be sporting Disney mouse ears in his next film?



24 24


27 27


Down Down

1. New wrestling coach/ESL teacher at M.E. 2. September 20th is its lastlast dayday [SUMMER] 1. New wrestling coach/ESL teacher at M.E. 2. September 20th is its [SUMMER] [CASTELLANOS] 3. New science teacher at M.E. [NIXON] [CASTELLANOS] 3. New science teacher at M.E. [NIXON] 5. They fallfall in the FallFall [LEAVES] 4. Where stars walk: _____ _____ [REDCARPET] 5. They in the [LEAVES] 4. Where stars walk: _____ _____ [REDCARPET] 7. Fall [AUTUMN] 6. Homecoming _____ [QUEEN] 7. Fall [AUTUMN] 6. Homecoming _____ [QUEEN] 9. New counselor in SPS department [BIERNBAUM] _____ [ASSEMBLY] 9. New counselor in SPS department [BIERNBAUM]7. Pep 7. Pep _____ [ASSEMBLY] 11.11. Faculty competition during Homecoming [BAGO] _____ [COURT] Faculty competition during Homecoming [BAGO] 8. Homecoming 8. Homecoming _____ [COURT] 13.13. Chicago's NFL team [BEARS] 10.10. Lights, Camera, _______ [ACTION] Chicago's NFL team [BEARS] Lights, Camera, _______ [ACTION] 15.15. Sophomore Color Wars color [PURPLE] 12.12. 2009 Theme: _____ Homecoming Sophomore Color Wars color [PURPLE] 2009 Theme: _____ Homecoming 17.17. Homecoming _____ [KING] [HOLLYWOOD] Homecoming _____ [KING] [HOLLYWOOD] 19.19. Flaming letters [ME] 14.14. These rooms were renovated at M.E. Flaming letters [ME] These rooms were renovated at M.E. 20.20. New P.E. teacher at M.E. [KITTRELL] [BATHROOMS] New P.E. teacher at M.E. [KITTRELL] [BATHROOMS] 21.21. Freshman Color Wars color [YELLOW] 16.16. Senior Color Wars color [BLACK] Freshman Color Wars color [YELLOW] Senior Color Wars color [BLACK] 23.23. New science teacher at M.E. [MINER] 18.18. Junior Color Wars color [GREEN] New science teacher at M.E. [MINER] Junior Color Wars color [GREEN] 25.25. _____ball Tournament [DODGE] 22.22. 50-year-old District 207207 radio station [WMTH] _____ball Tournament [DODGE] 50-year-old District radio station [WMTH] 28.28. New P.E. teacher at M.E. [DISRUDE] 24.24. _____ Week [SPIRIT] New P.E. teacher at M.E. [DISRUDE] _____ Week [SPIRIT] 29.29. M.E. HCHC Tradition: _____ Rally [FIRELIGHT] 26.26. Powder _____ Football Game [PUFF] M.E. Tradition: _____ Rally [FIRELIGHT] Powder _____ Football Game [PUFF] 27.27. New finefine artsarts teacher at M.E. [AVCI] New teacher at M.E. [AVCI]

September 2009

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The Pioneer

Halo 3 – Where’s the Master Chief?

from your squad due to the freak accident while dropping down to the planet. Since you are not a super soldier, players won’t be able to run as fast, jump

as high, or do many of the other things Master Chief could do. The fist noticeable change for players isn’t too new; in fact, it goes

back to the very first Halo game, where players had no shields, but health instead. Also, the player cannot hijack a vehicle from the aliens like the previous games. In another important change, the VISR is very helpful for the new gameplay tactics and the style of the game, due to the game’s new guerilla tactics and darker scenery. The VISR helps the player to more easily distinguish between friend, foe, and wall. Because of the style of the game and the storyline, much of the game takes place at night, which gives it a film noir-esque artistic style; this can make it hard to navigate and see

think that this new series will just be like the books it was based off of. Thought there have only been two episodes of the show so far, by the second episode you get a vibe that this show will probably turn out like twilight. The usual vampire boy falls for the human girl and same on the opposite end.

I’m not against everything in the show but since the Twilight vibe has taken ground, I’d have to say this show is not meant for people that want action, it’s more meant for the Twilight fans. I give this show at least 2 ½ stars out of 5. Supernatural’s Eric Kripkie has pulled out all the stops on this year sea-

son. As a diehard Supernatural fan it is hard for me to criticize the show but its basis on the apocalypse confuses the viewer who did not watch last season. Last season found the brothers trying to stop the apocalypse but they were too late in the last episode. Now that the show is back, Lucifer has risen from hell.

By Max Lewis

Halo 3: ODST (Orbital Drop Shock Troopers) came out in stores on September 22, and fans of the popular game are in for some changes. First of all, why isn’t the invincible super-soldier, and the focal point of all the previous halo games, Master Chief, in this game? The storyline of the Orbital Drop soldiers continues from the middle of Halo 2, when the covenant go to slipstream in the middle of New Mombasa. The ODST soldiers are inserted into the city to help with the fighting, but many of them are hit by the blast. You find yourself separated

at times. Other aspects going back to the film noir style include the role of a solitary player sneaking through an abandoned city, trying to piece together the mystery behind what happened to the city and his team, under the constant threat of attack by alien soldiers. The biggest addition to the new Halo game is the new “Firefight” multiplayer mode. This is a survival style fighting mode where players have to stand against waves of alien squads trying to survive as long as possible, racking up points and competing with, and not against friends, like the previous slayer modes.

the angels are watching mankind being destroyed while chasing dean because he is St. Michaels vessel. Even with two episodes played in this season it has captured my attention and keeps me looking forward to Thursday to come faster. And for this season of Supernatural so far I have to give it 4 ½ stars out of 5.

Vampires, Angels and Demons, Oh, My!

By Erika Oppermann

The CW is back and brings a new season of Supernatural and the new show Vampire Diaries along with it. The Vampire Diaries are supposedly a mix between the Twilight series and True Blood TV show. At the most, many of the newcomers to vampires

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The Pioneer

September 2009

2009 HO


Fall/Homecoming CROSSWORD Puzzle Fall/Homecoming CROSSWORD Puzzle 1 4 5



8 11



















15 20

19 21


12 13


2 1


17 16








23 24


25 28









Down Down

1. New wrestling coach/ESL teacher teacher at M.E. at M.E. 1. New wrestling coach/ESL 5. They fall in thefall Fall 5. They in the Fall 7. Fall 7. Fall 9. New counselor in SPS department 9. New counselor in SPS department 11. Faculty during Homecoming 11. competition Faculty competition during Homecoming 13. Chicago's NFL team 13. Chicago's NFL team 15. Sophomore Color Wars color 15. Sophomore Color Wars color 17. Homecoming _____ _____ 17. Homecoming 19. Flaming letters letters 19. Flaming 20. New20. P.E.New teacher at M.E. at M.E. P.E. teacher 21. Freshman Color Wars color 21. Freshman Color Wars color 23. New23. science teacher teacher at M.E. at M.E. New science 25. _____ball Tournament 25. _____ball Tournament 28. New28. P.E.New teacher at M.E. at M.E. P.E. teacher 29. M.E.29. HCM.E. Tradition: _____ Rally HC Tradition: _____ Rally

2. September 20th is its lastisday 2. September 20th its last day 3. New science teacher teacher at M.E. at M.E. 3. New science 4. Where4.stars walk: _____ Where stars walk:_____ _____ _____ 6. Homecoming _____ _____ 6. Homecoming 7. Pep _____ 7. Pep _____ 8. Homecoming _____ _____ 8. Homecoming 10. Lights, ______________ 10.Camera, Lights, Camera, 12. 200912. Theme: _____ Homecoming 2009 Theme: _____ Homecoming 14. These renovated at M.E. at M.E. 14.rooms Thesewere rooms were renovated 16. Senior Wars color 16.Color Senior Color Wars color 18. Junior Wars color 18.Color Junior Color Wars color 22. 50-year-old District 207 radio station 22. 50-year-old District 207 radio station 24. _____ 24.Week _____ Week 26. Powder _____ Football Game Game 26. Powder _____ Football 27. New27. fineNew arts fine teacher at M.E. at M.E. arts teacher



September 2009  

September 2009 Issue of The Pioneer, student newspaper of Maine East High School in Park Ridge, Illinois

September 2009  

September 2009 Issue of The Pioneer, student newspaper of Maine East High School in Park Ridge, Illinois