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In a galaxy not so far away, one school held a Homecoming Week dubbed MARVELous, and indeed it was...

Batman has a symbol that flashes in the sky, Spiderman has a spidey sense...

...but MEHS burns diapers to summon its Demons Super Heroes are busy patroling the hallways...

Members of Maine East Blue Regiment at the soccer game, supporting their fellow Blue Demons

...but always have time to pose for a quick pic

The Pioneer October 2010 • Maine East High School • Park Ridge, Illinois

Homecoming Royalty: King Soo Hun Lee and Queen Zenya Yap

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BOOBIE-TRAP: bracelet money goes toward breast cancer ‘awareness’, not research

By Emily Rafalik “I love boobies!” Sounds kind of odd, doesn’t it? Well, not according to The Keep a Breast Foundation. It’s their logo! This popular new accessory is being worn all around the world by a variety of age groups, under the impression that they are helping research to cure breast cancer. These wristbands – around an inch in width and available in many different colors – are sold for $3.95 each on average. The Keep a Breast Foundation has sold over 2 million of these wristbands this year, and the organization made over $500,000 in 2008. This gets you thinking, Where does all that money go? Most people presume that their money is going toward a good cause. “The money raised goes to breast cancer research to find a cure,” said wristband purchaser Melanie Hively. Unfortunately, she is wrong. This popular item is being worn all around

Maine East High School, and many buyers are being told that 50-100% of their purchase goes toward breast cancer research. However, Hively and many who have purchased these wristbands are being lied to. The founder of the Keep a Breast Foundation, Shaney Jo Darden, told NBC recently that “the foundation focuses on education, awareness, and prevention. The focus does not include funding research projects.” That’s right. He said the foundation does NOT focus on or fund research! Now this might just open the eyes of some consumers. It sure opened mine. The “awareness” that the Keep a Breast Foundation mentions, is basically having members of the foundation visit schools, teaching and educating students about what breast cancer is. That is it. Out of $495,969 raised by sales of the wristbands, only $6,723 went to breast cancer awards and grants.

This means that none of the money goes toward paying for operations, scientific research, or finding cures. The leaders of the foundation believe that “prevention is the cure.” Prevention is great,

of course, but wouldn’t it be even better to find a cure? Money should be used for treating illnesses and finding cures; just teaching or telling children about breast cancer isn’t enough! Having members of the foundation travel around the nation is expensive. How do you think they pay for their travel? How do you think their bosses pay them? With your breast cancer “donations”.

The foundation should really be clearer about where your money goes when you buy their products. Young children through the elderly buy these wristbands – it is terrible that so many of them h a v e no idea

where their money is going. Now some of you might be okay with your money being spent on sending people around the country to educate teens about breast cancer, but look at it this way: educating teens won’t treat those who already have the disease, provide benefits for families who have lost close ones to

cancer, or discover a cure to prevent another generation from experiencing the disease. The Keep a Breast Foundation should focus on what’s happening right now, and how to stop it in its track, rather than thinking about silly logos and spending its time and money on programs rather than research. Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in young women from 20-49, and girls as young as 10 years old have been diagnosed. This cancer is the leading cause of death overall for women over 40. There are several types of breast cancers, all of which are extremely deadly. Women and men can be di-

see CANCER, next page


Students purchase bracelets from the Keep a Breast Foundation, thinking that the money goes toward breast cancer research. In reality, none of the money actually goes towards research, and only $1 goes toward the foundation’s focus of educating people about breast cancer. The chart above shows where the rest of the money goes.


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Prayers answered: 33 Chilean miners survive 70-day ordeal By Michelle Gonzalez and Rafaela Stoyanova Fear. Complete darkness. No hope. Lack of clean air. Will I ever see sunlight again? These thoughts, and much more, were probably racing through the minds of the 33 miners who were discovered alive in Copiapó, Chile on October 12th, after a mining accident had trapped them 69 days earlier. The miners were not discovered until 17 days after the collapse. A 700-meter hole was made to ultimately save them, and a smaller hole the size of a grapefruit was dug to send miners supplies like medicine, clothing, and games for entertainment. The miners also received food, of course, but just half a glass of milk and two mouthfuls of canned tuna every TWO DAYS,

CANCER, from previous page agnosed, and if not treated early enough, can eventually die from the cancer. Lets say you bought a ‘’I love boobies’’ bracelet. Did you know that only ONE dollar gets donated and the rest of the money goes to the store? That one dollar is meant only for generating more awareness, and the same is true for all the products sold at the store under the keep a breast foundation? However better foundations such as “The Gate Way for Cancer’’ donates to

according to London’s The Guardian. Beginning October 12th, the rescuers dedicated all their time to help the miners escape. There was a rescue capsule that went down to the miners, and one by one it brought the miners up. It took approximately 30-50 minutes for each rescue trip. It was a slow process, according to officials, but very successful: every miner got out of the mine alive. It was a moment that some miners probably believed they would not live to see. One miner even admitted that while they were trapped, some of them thought about committing suicide. Although some suffer from some damaging health problems, most consider it a “miracle” that the miners were rescued and reunited with their families and are able to see sunlight again.

all different types of cancer research, and 99 cents of every dollar goes to pure research? Or when you donate money to the National Breast Cancer Foundation 84% of the money raised is used to supply mammograms for women and men who cant afford them. So for Breast cancer month, a fabulous idea would to stop buying those lousy bracelets, get online and donate to some real foundations. So you can know exactly where your money goes, and do something great to actually help those with cancer.

A miner rejoices as he is helped out of the collapsed mine in Copiapó, Chile.

“We have done what the entire world was waiting for,” said 54-year-old miner Luis Urzula, the shift boss when the tunnel collapased, told Yahoo! news. “The 70

days that we fought so hard were not in vain.” Because they lived in pitch black conditions for so many days, the miners had to wear special protec-

tive sunglasses as they came above earth’s surface again. But the glasses couldn’t hide the tears of joy that most of the miners had running down their faces.

The Pioneer Staff EDITOR IN CHIEF Yogi Patel EDITORS • REPORTERS • PHOTOGRAPHERS Randy Anderson Tushar Batia Michelle Choi Kaila De La Vega August Gamboa Michelle Gonzalez Sade Howell

Najlah Iqbal Teadora Ivanova Julie Joseph Iryna Klishch Aneta Karkut Emily Lapinski Micki Laws Rachel Nieva

Maria Protic Emily Rafalik Ashley Roman Brandy Rubin Lensa Sedeta Alex Sliwka Rafaela Stoyanova

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Amnesty Int’l Club raises awareness about maternal health By Ashley Roman

During 2004 and 2005, more than 68,000 women nearly died in childbirth in the United States, according to Amnesty International. Furthermore, every year 1.7 million women suffer a complication that has an adverse effect on their health. Maternal health was Amnesty International’s topic of the month. Amnesty International is a club here at Maine East that deals with the awareness of human rights. “Amnesty informs those who don’t know what their rights are and the national issues that affect them”, said Krys Chlebek, one of the club’s sponsors. “Amnesty International is the voice for those who don’t have a voice.” Amnesty’s main point is to demand dignity. This past month we demanded dignity for maternal rights. In celebration of maternal health, Amnesty hosted a

baby shower where we had a hand-print station. Those who attended could sign a petition, make a donation, and give a gift to donate to a women’s shelter. “Now is the time to celebrate maternal health because this is an issue where women’s rights are being neglected across the world,” said Ms. Chlebek. Amnesty feels that we need to draw attention to this issue because most of these deaths are preventable. So what kind of issues are we facing with maternal health? The biggest problem is the lack of access to medical care. The government sometimes neglects this important issue, so we must demand a change. Maternal health varies depending on whether you are rich or poor. For example, women face a higher risk of dying in Sierra Leone than almost anywhere in the world.

This is a serious issue that affects women worldwide. Why have a baby shower? One club member that that it would be a cute way to raise awareness. Usually, mothers-tobe and their friends gather to celebrate pregnancy and childbirth by throwing baby showers, why not celebrate it the same way?


More than two women die every day in the USA from complications of pregnancy and childbirth ••• Women of color are less likely to go into pregnancy in good health because they are more likely to have to primary health care services ••• Women of color are more likely to experience discriminatory and inappropriate treatment and poorer quality of care ••• Over four percent of women give birth without either private insurance or government medical assistance


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Fall Play entertains audiences, challenges actors By Emily Lapinski One phrase can be used to describe Maine East High School’s production of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged: Withal Comonty (Complete comedy). With this production, the actors at Maine East took their skills to the next level. They kept the crowd amused, informed, and laughing hysterically. The objective of this play was to combine all of Shakespeare’s plays into a single two-hour performance without bombarding the audience too much. Much of the humor was aimed at individuals who have a pretty good background on Shakespeare and his works. The scenes were funny to everyone, but even more so if you understood the literary context. However, the actions and creative extremes made up for the lack of understanding and gave the audience a pretty good sense of what was originally intended by The Bard. Shakespeare is very hard to process because


you not only have to understand the storyline, but you also have to understand the words and their meanings. Elizabethan English is difficult to master because we use it so rarely throughout our lives. The Fine Arts Department has many choices every year but, thankfully, Ms. Hall chose this one. “We always try to change up our plays from year to year; therefore, we decided to do a comedy with a large ensemble part,” she said. A favorite scene in the the play for many students was from Hamlet. “I thought the cast did a spectacular job with Hamlet,” said senior Samantha Sieghart, the play’s Assistant Director. “They were so focused and brought their humor straight onto the stage. It took a lot of practice but the final product was worth it.” Walking through the halls on the Monday after the performances, compliments, comments, and repeated jokes from the play could be heard. Maine East prides its self in its Fine Arts De-

partment and, once again, students and faculty did an amazing job. Congratulations to the cast and crew and thank you for providing everyone with great entertainment -- you should be so proud of yourselves! Don’t miss out on the next opportunity to participate in a Maine East Fine Arts production: auditions for the Spring Musical – Hairspray – are November 30 and December 1.

pinion: How do you like high school so far?

“Comparing to Chippewa middle school I went to, high school is harder with more homework. But I like how the school is diverse and is easy to make friends” – Susan Feliciano Ortiz

“I’m happy that I was able to find my classes in time. There is so much homework that it’s hard to make time for other things. Keep studying and you won’t fall back.” – Antonio Sanio

“I found high school pretty cool because it’s not as I thought it would be. The first day I was scared but the teachers are nice, and I made the volleyball team. So it’s great!” – Marzena Bizon

“I hate the fact that there are a lot of staircases. But I like high school because it’s diverse and there are a lot of activities to do. I think asking questions and paying more attention could help this year.” -- Nathalie Janvier

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The Pop Culture Scene


by August Gamboa

With all the new competitors that have emerged through the years, such as Apple and Android, it is not surprising that Windows Mobile will get into the fight. WinMo has dominated the smart phone world software until recent years. Once Android and Apple came into play, the majority of people shied away from Windows Mobile and into another OS. WinMo is trying to get back into the game by releasing the Windows Phone 7 later this month or early November 2010, much like the PC, the new OS has drastic changes from the past versions. Will this be enough for WinMo to regain its place at the top?

The song “Like A G6” by the Far East Movement has dominated the Billboard Top 100 Music Hits for the 3rd week of October. Knocking “Just The Way You Are” by Bruno Mars, that awed listeners from all over the world, out of first place. The song “Like A G6” by Kev Nish, Prohgress, J-Splif, and DJ Virman, widely known as Far East Movement, was the first to hit radio stations throughout the United States. Needless to say, it was a success. It has reached the top of the chart, but how long will this reign last?

Under President Obama’s administration, one of the largest arms deals was made. A sale of 60 billion dollars in fighter jets, attack helicopters, and other military equiptment was authorized with Saudi Arabia. 84 F-15 fighter jets, 70 Apache Longbow attack helicopters, 72 Blackhawk helicopters and a host of other aircraft, weapons, radar systems and equipment were amongst the firearms that were sold during the transaction. This is part of a strategic move of the United States to send a message to Iran. Andrew Shapiro, assistant secretary of state for political-military affairs, stated “It will send a strong message to countries in the region that we are committed to support the security of our key partners and allies in the Arabian Gulf and broader Middle East. And it will enhance Saudi Arabia’s ability to deter and defend against threats to its borders and to its oil infrastructure, which is critical to our economic interests.”

Originally planned that Mel Gibson take on a cameo role as tattoo artist in The Hangover sequel appears to be a no-go. Warners Bros. and the movie’s director, Todd Phillips, say that Gibson would not be appearing on the sequel, which was originally announced earlier this week. The decision did not creat much conflict because [I] “ultimately did not have the official support of my entire cast and crew” said Phillips.

** The highest grossing movie this week? That would be Jacka** 3D. Earning roughly about 50 million dollars within it’s first week of being released, the motion picture is gaining great momentum in a short amount of time. Leaving it’s competitors, for the time being, more than 20 million dollars behind. I guess there’s nothing more amusing than guys torturing themselves for our entertainment.



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By Lensa Sedeta

Three of the following four stories are TRUE, one is not. Can you guess which is the FAKE news story? (Answer on page 10)


A man in Hawaii is suing the maker of his most favorite video game. He claims that he should have been warned that the game is very addictive. His lawsuit states that his addiction interfered with daily activities such as getting up, dressing and bathing. The man is also upset that he can’t communicate with his family and friends due to the amount of time he spends playing.

2 It’s hard to believe a person would refuse $2 million for a house, but that’s exactly what happened when a billionaire made the offer on Mrs. Barbara Minole’s four-bedroom country house on the shores of Loch Golil. Mrs. Minole originally paid just over $32,000 for the house, which was built during the late 19th century. “My family has enjoyed this house for generations,” Mrs. Minole told reporters. “I’m never selling it.”



A one-armed Florida man tried to help an injured 8-foot alligator and sadly had his remaining arm bitten off. “That’s what happens when you deal with wild animals, you’re going to get bitten,” Alexander Alcantare told reporters.

Sometimes it takes a while to come to the right decision, but Tiger Woods and wife Elin Nordegren officially divorced, just nine months after she found proof that he was cheating on her. “It’s hard to think you have this life, and then all of sudden was it a lie?” Nordegren said.

Last Look Back at Summer . . .

Mrs. Hiselman with her husband Jason and sons, Andrew and Jake, at Bond Falls Upper Peninsula Michigan.

Mrs. Al-Naemi hangs out with her grandchildren (above) and with cousins and extended family (right).

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Where to find real ghosts and goblins – if you dare! By Maria Protic Halloween is here! Candy, scary stories, and of course costumes! But what about the secrets we never hear about where we live? Ghosts roaming our streets, haunted houses, and other mythical stories. Are you willing to learn some secrets, scary secrets, that might change your view on a certain area forever? Haunted houses. The phrase pops up everywhere this time of year. But are there truly haunted places near us? Actually, in Des Plaines, there are two. One rumored haunted place is the Galaxy Theater. Legend has it that late at night near the juice bar of the club, you can hear people calling your name over the loud music. Also, on the air hockey table in the back of the club, when nobody is playing, you can

hear the puck move across the board and hit the paddles. And after the club closes and all the lights are off, you can hear loud crashing noises. But when you go to look, nothing has fallen. You can even see orbs of light moving quickly through the darkness of the club. Another supposedly haunted place in Des Plaines is the Maryville Academy. Back in the 1930’s when the Academy was used as a Catholic orphanage, there was evidence that the girls’ dormitory was haunted by the spirit of a nun. There were sounds of footsteps, swishing of skirts, and the sound of the rosary beads clicking, but the nun herself was invisible. In Arlington Heights at St. Viator High School, rumor has it that one night a janitor was cleaning in the auditorium after dark. While cleaning the stage he

bumped into something – when he looked up he saw a boy hanging from a rope. People say you can hear strange voices and see odd things. In Highland Park there is a haunted building. The name might sound familiar to all the athletes at Maine East. Highland Park High School ring a bell? Many years ago, a small boy was crossing the street directly across from the high school and was hit by a truck. He died instantly. Just a few years ago, there was a janitor walking around the school on Halloween night who noticed a small boy standing across the street. The janitor went outside and saw a giant freight truck coming toward the boy. The little boy headed into the street and the janitor ran after him telling him to stop. Just as the janitor jumped at the little boy to get him out

of the way, he disappeared. Don’t cross that street on Halloween… Even though Oak Brook may not be that close to us, it has a pretty disturbing haunted area, too: the Evangelical Church Cemetery. There, behind the old Graue Mill underground railroad station, lies a church. Behind this church lies perhaps the most haunted cemetery in the entire world. The church has been around since the early settlement of the Chicago area. Buried in the cemetery’s grounds are the bodies of slaves who never achieved true freedom and died on their journey to Canada. On some late summer nights it’s been said that one can see the slaves not at rest, but stirring about in the cemetery and the church. The cemetery is mostly haunted by these restless souls, as well as many other

ghouls. The famous Excalibur Nightclub in Chicago is another place rumored to be haunted. The building that is now home to Chicago’s famed Excalibur Nightclub was once host to the Chicago Historical Society. It’s said that the victims of the Great Chicago Fire were brought to the building, which was being used as a morgue. Now the nightclub is said to be haunted by many ghosts. There have been strange disturbances, like random cold spots, broken glasses and bottles,broken and thrown when no one was near them, alarms going off from a room that’s empty, and screams being heard from places that are empty. These are a few of the better known haunted places in the area. Do you know of others? Do you have the courage to dare visit them?

Old and new Horror Movies to watch this Halloween By Brandy Rubin It’s Halloween this weekend, and everyone’s craving scary movies! But what are the best horror movies of all time? There are the classics, like Amityville Horror and The Exorcist, and who could forget the shower scene in Psycho? The newer horror movies may not be as ‘classic’, but they can still get pretty scary. This Halloween, some movies to look out for include the long awaited Paranormal Activity 2, My Soul to Take, and the final chapter in one of the longest horror movie chains, Saw 3D. Don’t stay out too late!

Horror movies overall are ranked by how scary and memorable they are. Some of the best movies are even centered around Halloween. The Halloween series is perhaps one of the most commonly known, even after they didn’t have as much success in making the second one, the third one, etc. Some horror movies are even considered to be the most famous movies of all time. Movies like The Shining, which was filmed when Jack Nicholson was young, was known for using the term “Here’s Johnny!” which was originally used on an old western TV show. It’s hard to even compare scary movies of today to the classics of

yesterday, so for the grand countdown, they’ll be in two separate categories. The classics are famous for their great actors, famous catchphrases, and mysterious storylines. The movies of today can really haunt you with updated technology and graphics. Things that pop out, wait for you to fall asleep, or just plain old slasher movies can be drawn to new extremes.

Top 5 Classic Horror Movies 5. Amityville HorrorThink about this one when you want to buy a new house 4. The ExorcistDon’t leave the window open when you go to sleep. 3.Poltergeist “They’re here!” 2. The Shining Jack is a dull boy, all work and no play... 1. Psycho Please lock the door when you take a shower!

Top 5 New Horror Movies 5. The Unborn - Don’t forget to get your eyes checked! 4. Paranormal Activity - Please walk, don’t run, down the stairs. 3. The Blair Witch Project - Camping, anyone? 2. Saw - “I would like to play a game” 1. Mirrors - You won’t sleep for a week

And a final mention to all of those great horror movies that didn’t make the list: Friday the 13th, The Sixth Sense, Nightmare on Elm Street, Chucky, Freddie vs. Jason, Halloween


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Do you have NIGHTMARES? What do they mean? By Michelle Choi As said by Sigmund Freund (1856-1939), an Australian psychologist, “The interpretation of dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind.” Everyone has had nightmares at some point in their lives. But what does it mean? People tend to remember nightmares more easily mainly because of its frightening nature. Perhaps there is something your subconscious may be trying to tell you. Killing: If you have dreamt of killing someone, it could mean that you are losing self control and do not


have a hold of your temper. Consider the person you have killed in your dream. If you dream of a killer, it could suggest that you are losing your identity or individuality. Torture: Being tortured in your dreams could symbolize that you feel helpless or victimized in a relationship. Stab: Dreaming that you have been stabbed could mean that you feel defenseless, and you are struggling with power. Alternatively, being stabbed could symbolize that you feel betrayed. Chase: A common instinct used to counter fear among many people would

be fleeing or running away. Many dream of being chased by a monster, attacker, animal, or an unknown figure. To be chased in your dream often represents feelings of anxiety in real life. So the next time you wake up in sweat, consider the symbolizations of your dream. Who is in it? Where are you? What’s going on? Remember, every dream has a meaning. You can find more quotes by Freund at http:// quotes/quotes/s/sigmundfre151778.html and interpret your dreams at


By iryna Kliscsh & julie joseph

Oby Rasho (Freshman)

Sarah Stan (Sophomore)

Jenny Joseph (Junior)

Veni Viyayakumar (Senior)

Cathy Creagh (Teacher) "Smarties!" (because they remind me of my students!)"

What's your favorite Halloween candy?


"Milky Way"

"Kit Kat"

"Anything chocolate"

What are you going to be for Halloween?

"Tipsy from the Teletubbies"

"Sammi Sweetheart (from Jersey Shore)"

"Captain Underpants!"



What's the right age to stop dressing up for Halloween?

"Never! Halloween is for "There is no age!" Gs!"

"There isn't an exact age"


"You're never too old!"

"Mrs. Creagh's crazy outfits every Halloween!"


"A safari guide!"

What's the best Halloween costume you've seen?


"Sumo Wrestler"

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224 Maine East students were surveyed. Survey conducted by Kajal Chokshi and Mashail Siddiqui.



The FAKE news story:


(from page 7)

By Randy Anderson

It’s hard to believe a person would refuse $2 million for a house, but that’s exactly what happened when a billionaire made the offer on Mrs. Barbara Minole’s four-bedroom country house on the shores of Loch Golil. Mrs. Minole originally paid just over $32,000 for the house, which was built during the late 19th century. “My family has enjoyed this house for generations,” Mrs. Minole told reporters. “I’m never selling it.”

All eyes on the Heat, but Bulls have stars of their own By Najlah Iqbal All of the off-season talk has focused on Lebron James and the Miami Heat, but the Chicago Bulls have their own star they hope can take them to the next level. Guard Derrick Rose is hot on the trail to leading his teammates to the NBA Championship; or is he? After trying in vain to lure James from the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Bulls added power forward/center Carlos Boozer on July 8. Bulls fans might already be having second thoughts about Boozer, especially after he got injured even before preseason began! Boozer told ESPN that he tripped over a big bag, fell on his hand and fractured it. Boozer had surgery on his hand and will undergo a long thera-

Will the Chicago Bulls make the playoffs this season?

106 Maine East students were surveyed during the week of October 15th

Center Joakim Noah will play an important role for the Bulls this season.

py process. The Bulls also replaced head coach Vinnie Del Negro with the new head coach Tom Thibodeau, so the team will have to adjust to the change. Thibodeau isn’t

just thinking about what the Bulls need to do or work on -- he’s actually making it happen. Critics say that Thibodeau is a good offensive coach. Thibodeau believes

that just moving the ball around can’t help you win, but good offense is all that matters. Forward Joakim Noah has been playing well on defense and Thibodeau wants him to continue playing like he is; and to help him Thibodeau initiated a new offense especially for him. Derrick Rose, the 2009 NBA Rookie of the Year, is the backbone of the team and considered by many to be one of the

best players in the NBA. “Five things we’re going to emphasize right away,” said Coach Thibodeau. “Defense, rebounding, low turnovers, inside play, and unselfish play.” In addition to Rose and Noah, Thibodeau expects forward Luol Deng to be a strong player. Thibodeau told Sports Illustrated that his biggest challenge was to make

see BULLS, next page


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The Circus is in town!

By Aneta Karkut One of the greatest things about Maine East is its variety of clubs. There are opportunities everywhere for everyone. And the Circus Club is no exception. If you love to flip, jump, move, and/ or dance, try new things and have fun, then this is the club for you! You don’t need to have any prior gymnastics or break-dancing experience to join. Students are taught everything you need to know in a relaxed setting by other Circus Club members and the sponsor, Mrs. Betty Axelson. Circus Club is all about trying new things and having a good time. There are no mandatory practices, unless you have committed to the VShow performance or a Pep

Assembly. This flexibility is a good thing for students who are busy but still want to work out in a fun way, or learn some new tricks. “Everyone looks out for each other and helps you get better,” says Paulina Dabrowska, a freshman who was hesitant about joining at first. “I’m really glad I did it – it’s a lot of fun!” Once everyone starts flipping, flying, and dancing, the movement becomes contagious and you just want to get up and join in. “Being among so many talented people just makes you want to push yourself,” says senior Marcin Glen, a fouryear Circus Club member. One of the club’s projects this year was making tie-dye shirts for the Pep Assembly and V-Show, which the mem-

bers say was a lot of fun be-

cause they were able to put their own personal touches on their shirts, as well as try something new. Circus Club did a great job during the assembly, with the highlighted by junior DelVecchio Orozco’s jump over nine girls. Other tricks and stunts preformed included jumping off the springboard, flipping over after running up a wall, and going over the Acro-Box, as well as breakdancing. Unfortunately, it’s a little late to join this year since the group is currently perfecting its act for V- Show, but be sure to come and watch! And don’t forget to join next year! You don’t need any experience and everyone is welcome!

The Pioneer

Sophomore Christine Lam shows a boatload of swimming potential By Julie Joseph As the 14-week swimming season wraps up, swimmers of all levels represent different amounts of potential. Coach Scott Guilfoil says that as a team, the swimmers have improved their skills and they continue to illustrate great progress. “If you want something in life, you work hard for it,” Guilfoil says. He encourages his swimmers to reach for their goals until they have been achieved. He also continues to recognize individual swimmers who have dived deeper throughout the season and proved their abilities and positive attitudes. One special swimmer who deserves recognition for her amazing potential and progress this season is sophomore Christine Lam. Only a sophomore, Christine has just finished her second season on the Maine East varsity swim team. She has been swimming for about 7 years now

BULLS, from page 10

The Circus Club combines gymnastics and acrobatics for a flipping good time!

the team bond make them think the same, and think together and make them work together. He said that passing the ball and having defense was also extremely important. Noah told Sports Illustrated that Thibodeau is devoted to his team. Despite an up-anddown pre-season and a

Christine Lam works out at swimming practice.

and absolutely loves it. When she’s not in the pools at Maine East, she spends her free time in the summer swimming program for a group called NASA. Christine hopes to continue her growth on the team for the next two years of her high school career to achieve her goals. “The swimming season is too short,” Christine says. Looks like this swimmer just can’t get enough of that chlorinated water! When she is not swimming, Christine is also a softball player during the spring.

loss in the first regular season game, the team is confident that they can do well this season. The last time the Chicago Bulls won the NBA championship was in the 1997-98 season, when Michael Jordan was the team’s star. Chicago fans are hoping that after twelve years the Chicago Bulls will bring home another championship.

SPORTS GOOAAL! Blue Demons kick another great season into the back of the net By Pioneer Staff The Maine East Boys Soccer team battled Mather High School in an IHSA Regional Championship Game last Friday night at Memorial Stadium, capping another outstanding season for the Blue Demons. The team won two tournaments and defeated St. Pat’s in an exciting Regional Semifinal game before falling to Mather in the finals. The Blue Demons compiled an overall record of 14-7-2, their fifth consecutive season of winning 10 or more games. The 14 wins were three shy of the school record for most wins in a season.During this streak,

the team has won eight tournaments. This season, for the fourth consecutive year, the boys won the Maine East Kick-Off Classic.   Then they traveled north and won the prestigious Badger Tournament in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, defeating the team that finished second in the Wisconsin State Tournament. The Demons were led by senior Co-Captains Petar Tijanic & Ben Vazquez. Offensively, Rami Dajani & Alexis Chavero led the way with 18 and 16 goals, respectively.   Key contributors to the successful campaign included Michal Walaszek, Inal Gamaonov, Erik Murillo, Tom Malitz, Karol Grzebien,

Erick Velazquez, Gabriel Patino, Oskar Bednarek, Edward Cisneros, Ivan Novakovic and goalkeeper Luis Carlos Ortiz. Coach DiPrizio is very proud of this team. His mantra of

“Winners Expect to Win-Life is a Self-fulfilling Prophecy” has been a constant for the past five years in the soccer program. Coach DiPrizio now has 105 victories as the

head boys soccer coach at Maine East, a feat he credits to the great play of his players. As Coach D is fond of saying, “Don’t Let Anyone Steal Your Dreams!”

Photos courtesy of LENS Yearbook

The Pioneer October 2010  

October 2010 issue of The Pioneer, the student newspaper at Maine East High School in Park Ridge, Illinois.

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