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The Unbelievable Effects of ‘PLASTIC’

What do you think the bad effects of plastic are?


We will introduce you with another dark side of plastic.

When producing plastic... involves process of burning.

Containing food and drinks


Plastic will emit ... “ESTROGEN” Sounds familiar?

Estrogen is a type of hormone produced naturally in women. So what is wrong about Estrogen?

We consume Estrogen...everyday.

By drinking from plastic Glasses and bottles

Eating food from plastic container

or eating microwavable food


In female, it makes girls reach puberty sooner.

A Mexican girl reached puberty And. . .she got pregnant. when she was 6.

In male, estrogen will increase the level of femininity.

It causes men to turn to be metrosexuals.

and when estrogen reaches certain level...

It turns men to be ‘GAY’.

This is why gay population is dramatically increase.

65In percent an anonymous of the 5th school graders in the areStates, gays.

They wear makeups to school and express themselves explicitly.

Estrogen can also cause the “decrease� in size of male repr oductive organs.

This is only one example of plastic components that can har m your body ...and SOUL.

SO... think about how much plastic products you consume per day.

NOW, it’s time to use LESS !!!



Plastic is used. there are a lot of disadvantage