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The year is 2025, nothing much has changed since 2011. The current President SIRCK has called for an immediate speech to the public about a new holiday. As he is getting ready for his speech he calls his family in. His wife MORGAN and his two daughters MAUDE and CLAUDE enter the oval office. Claude was the last one to come in because she was working on a science project. Sirck tells his family that he is about to go out and give a speech about new holiday that he had come up with. Claude yells out that she had come up with a way to make a mini explosion out of water and sodium, but Sirck tells her to be still and that she can tell him about it after his speech. At 8:55 a.m. a secret service officer comes in to tell the President that it is time for him to give his speech. At 9:00 AM in front of the White House there are tons of news reporters as well as the general public. It is a cloudy overcast outside while the guests wait to hear from President Sirck. As the president steps in front of the podium, the crowd begins to applause. The President begins to speak but the microphone is not turned on. The President’s personal advisor named WALTER comes to adjust the microphone. With a confused look on his face he finally gets it to turn on. The president then begins with his speech. Once the President reaches the line about the New Holiday “Opposite Day”, the microphone mysteriously cuts out and all that the guests hear is “New … Holiday!” The president then continues with his speech giving remarks such as, “We will go to war with Russia!. And the rest of the world!” The crowd goes crazy; throwing anything they can get their hands on into the air. The president with a satisfied look on his face returns to his oval office, his advisor right behind him. After a few minutes of bad communication, Walter with the same confused look on his

face ends up sending a war threat to Russia’s President. The press gets word of this and begins to broadcast about the war. All military bases start to gather forces and prepare for an immediate attack. The president, still basking in his glory, decides to turn on the television. He watches Fox News for a few minutes and becomes more elated. At that time, his wife Morgan bursts through the door. Morgan immediately confronts her husband. They banter back and forth for a few minutes before Morgan storms out of the office mad as a hornet. President Sirck then tells his advisor how great it is to see everyone participating in the new holiday. At dinner that evening Walter informs the president that the troops are ready for deployment. Thinking that Walter is playing along, the President tells Walter to send out the troops. Walter leaves the dining room leaving Sirck, Morgan, Maud and Claude. Morgan threatens to leave her husband if he does not stop with all of this nonsense. The President, once again thinking that she is taking spirit in Opposite Day, agrees and says that it is a good idea. After a few more minutes of confusing conversation Claude tells her Dad that she is afraid of the war and then begins to cry. President Sirck looking concerned asks Morgan to explain to Claude the meaning of the holiday. Morgan with an upset and confused look on her face goes to comfort Claude. She questions her husband about the holiday. President Sirck finally breaks character and explains to his family the meaning of Opposite Day. After a few seconds of awkward silence Sirck asks Morgan if he can speak with her privately in his office. They walk through the hallways of the White House eventually reaching the Oval Office. On their way they pass many secret service men talking in their earpieces. Everything seems to be in panic. Morgan slams the door behind her and goes off on a rant about how

ignorant Sirck has been. After Morgan stops ranting, it hits Sirck. An overwhelmed look comes over his face and Morgan to calm down. At that time Walter bursts through and says that the troops should arrive in Russia in 400

finally he asks the door hours.

In panic Sirck tells Walter to stop the troops from landing and to bring them back to the United States. Walter follows Sirck out of the oval office into the hallway. Walter runs in front of Sirck and asks him to look into a near by door. The president peaks his head in and is immediately grabbed into the darkness. Not sure where he is, Sirck begins to yell. An overhead light turns on and in front of Sirck is a table and chair, similar to an interrogation room. Walter sits in the chair on the opposite side of the table with a villainous look on his face. It is revealed that Walter is in fact a Russian spy who works for the Russian President. Walter tells how he rigged the mic system and how he Russia has setup millions of land minds for the troops to land on. Walter then gets up from the chair and leaves the room, 2 men dressed in black follow him out, locking the door behind them. Sirck sits there in the darkness for what seems like hours. He begins to get angry with himself for being tricked. He breaks the chair that he sat in against the wall. Pieces of the chair fly across the room, all making a metal clang except for a couple of pieces that land in the corner. Sirck goes to check out what is located in the corner. Being extremely dark, Sirck has to feel of the object with his hands. He grabs ahold of two cups filled with liquid. He grabs them and brings them back over to the table. He investigates the clear liquids by dipping one finger into each and then tasting them. The first liquid was tasteless and the second liquid tasted extremely salty. Sirck has a break through, he remembers Claude telling him about her science

project. He runs to the corner grabbing everything that he can and places it on the table. With a Macgyver attitude, he studies the apparatus until he figures out how it works. He puts everything in place and sets it by the door. He grabs the liquid that he believes to be water and pours it in the top of the machine. A few seconds later the device explodes and smoke billows about the room, almost covering the only light source. With a RoadHouse style kick, the President kicks open the door and heads for the front of the White House. On his way, Sirck looks out the window and notices a crowd of people where he had just given his speech earlier that day. He decides to change routes and jump out the window. In a frantic panic he makes his way to the crowd and sees Walter behind the podium about to give a speech. Sirck, using his quick thinking yells to the crowd that someone has a gun. The crowd goes into frenzy and Walter, with the confused look on his face tries to calm the crowd down. In the panic, Sirck manages to make it up to the podium where he engaged in a fight with Walter. After a few good punches the secret service restrains Walter. Sirck dusts himself off and tells the servicemen to arrest Walter. President Sirck then makes his way to the podium and does a good job calming the crowd. He then goes into detail about everything that had happened and how truly sorry he was. The crowd, anxious begins to applaud the President for stopping the spy before it was too late. The camera then pans across the crowd and zooms in on man with a stern look on his face. The last thing you black device that he holds in his hand that has a red it. He puts his finger over the button and the screen black.

an older see is a button on cuts




In the White House Dining Hall there is a round table that has the potential to seat 25 guests. President SIRCK, First Lady MORGAN, and children MAUDE and CLAUDE are all sitting near each other. The room is only accessible by 2 doors located in the back. One door is for the kitchen Waiters and the other is for entering and exiting the dining room. At this time Sirck is the only one who thinks that it is opposite day. SIRCK Looks like we’re going to have steak tonight in honor of our new holiday. MORGAN Yeah... I’d like to talk you about Gives air quotes this "New Holiday." Walter enters with a sense of importance about him. He holds in his hand an official document from the U.S. Military. WALTER President Sir, I have word that our troops will land on the shores of Magadon, Russia in 0600 hours. SIRCK Oh Walter, you never cease to impress me with your wittiness. Now go and fetch the waiter, we are hungry. WALTER As you wish sir. Walter then leaves the room promptly. SIRCK So, how has everyone been enjoying the holiday? MORGAN Dear, are you okay? Is there something that you need to talk to me about? SIRCK Oh I am absolutely awful. I have been keeping secrets from you this entire time. (CONTINUED)



Sirck gives a smile to Morgan. The waiters enter the through the left door and deliver the food. MAUDE Yummy! This steak looks absolutely delicious! SIRCK How dare you say that infront of the waiters! I bet they didnt work long and hard on this steak! The waiters leave, exiting through the left door. SIRCK Maude, you can’t make comments about the waiters food like that. They make it the worst they can, with the least possible effort. MORGAN Okay dear, this is getting a little ridiculous. What is going on with you? SIRCK Everything! Haven’t you heard that I am suicidal? MORGAN WHAT? I have never heard anything of the sort. There is something wrong with you. I am going to make you an appointment with Dr. Crusko for this evening. Maybe he can fix you. SIRCK Dr. Crusko sounds like a great idea! Wait..Dr. Crusko doesn’t not sound like a great idea. Sirck holds up his steak knife examining what is on it as he thinks about the validity of his last statement. CLAUDE Mommy? Can I go to my room and eat. Daddy is being weird. MAUDE Yes sweetie ofcourse-Sirck interrupts Maude.




SIRCK Who isn’t weird on a day like today? That’s what the Holiday is about! Don’t you get it? MORGAN No, it’s you that doesn’t get it. Don’t you understand what youre doing? SIRCK I understand completely what I am doing. Isn’t this not fun? MAUDE Why are we going to war with Russia? My best penpal is from Russia. I want her to be okay. SIRCK As you know sweetie, Russia is our worst enemy. We were once friends during the cold war, but now we are threats to one another. MORGAN ...Weren’t we enemies during the Cold War and allies NOW? I think the stress of this job is having an effect on you. Morgan stands up and slams her hands on the table. You obviously don’t care about your family anymore. SIRCK No, YOU don’t care about OUR family. Again Sirck smiles jokingly at Morgan. MORGAN Whipe that smile off your face! You are upsetting our children! SIRCK Oh yes, our children are extremely upset. Morgan almost immediately responds.



4. MORGAN I’m finished. You’re messed up. SIRCK You’re the one who is messed up! MORGAN Would you stop talking? SIRCK Would YOU stop talking? MORGAN You’re obnoxious! SIRCK You’re not being very nice! MORGAN How can I be nice to someone who is so messed up in the head?

Maude and Claude move to the other side of the table with their mother, both holding eachother in fear. SIRCK How not flattering of you to not say that. MORGAN I regret ever marrying you. SIRCK We didn’t even get married. Claude and Maude both begin to cry. MORGAN You see what you are doing to our children? If you keep this up we are getting a divorce. Sirck looks out the window and sees a group of 7 Black Hawk helicopters in formation flying to the West. Sirck sits there with a dumbfounded and overwhelmed look on his face. SIRCK You do know that it is opposite day right? MORGAN No? Honey what are you talking about?




SIRCK I ... I think I made a mistake. MAUDE Ya think? MORGAN Maude be quiet quiet for a second. Maude crosses her arms in disapproval. Dear is everything.. okay? SIRCK I sure hope so... Didn’t you hear me this morning when I said that the new holiday was opposite day? MORGAN No, you never said anything about opposite day. You just went on and on about Russia and how much they are our enemy. SIRCK Oh dear lord. Sirck puts his hands over his face. After a moment of awkward silence Sirck finally speaks. Uh, Morgan honey, can I talk with you privately in my office? I have a HUGE problem I need to fix. Maude and Claude both exit to the right. Sirck and Morgan frantically run out to the right, past Maude and Claude.

Personal Response     The  hardest  thing  about  writing  this  screenplay  was  figuring  out  how  to  end   it.  I  had  many  ideas  on  how  to  end  it  but  all  of  them  were  very  lengthy  and  would   have  been  boring  to  read.  In  the  end  I  made  the  advisor  the  evil  one,  which  allowed   to  me  to  present  a  “pipe”  in  the  beginning  of  the  story.    

It was  also  difficult  trying  to  think  of  words  that  the  president  would  say.  I  

pictured the  president  to  be  similar  to  Obama  in  speech  and  mannerisms.  I  have   never  personally  spoken  with  Obama  so  that  made  it  difficult  to  come  up  with   sayings  that  I  think  he  would  say  around  his  family.  I  pictured  him  as  causal  and  laid   back  when  he  was  with  his  family.    

I think  the  concept  of  opposite  day  is  an  old  one  that  everyone  likes  to  have  

fun with,  but  I  have  never  heard  of  a  movie  based  off  of  it.  Normally  when  someone   says  that  it  is  opposite  day,  it  is  just  to  make  a  joke  about  someone.  Never  has  it  been   more  impactful  than  what  this  story  made  it  out  to  be.    

This entire  project  was  very  fun  to  work  on.    It  allowed  me  to  be  creative,  

which doesn’t  happen  very  often.  The  program  Celtx  was  extremely  helpful  when  it   came  to  formatting.  It  made  writing  the  dialogue  section  really  easy.    I  would   definitely  recommend  it  to  others  in  the  future.        

The only  part  of  the  project  that  I  did  not  enjoy  was  messing  with  the  PDF  

files at  the  end.  I  have  no  skills  with  working  with  PDF’s  and  I  found  it  very  difficult   to  format  and  get  everything  on  there  correctly.  Hopefully,  everything  still  looks   correct.  Adobe  power!  

Opposite Day T206 Screen Play  

Screenplay for T206